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UY zine in tumblr!


a few days ago, or maybe not so few... but anyways, a UY project with lots of fan art has been released and its available for everyone, I did not contribute to this project sadly, but here you can download it: (No preview available just download but it works)
this was made available for everyone by "Dead piecez" so all credit to him and for the artists of the pics
this is the original web:

Awesome but the first link doesn't work for me in any of my currently used browsers...

mm thats weird, I have tested it in 2 different computers and it works for me, have you tried with chrome?

No not yet, but I don't have an OneDrive account. 'll give Chrome a try upcoming weekend. Thanks for the tip!

oh thats ok, I dont have a one drive account neither! you can still download it! but if its much trouble for you I could email it to you if you want,just let me know lum-chan.


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