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well today I found an article about anime references in star trek, Im not really a big fan of the series, so I was really surprised to find out this:
--- Quote ---In the episode "The Icarus Factor," the Enterprise's first officer, William Riker, has to deal with personal issues concerning his estranged father that he thinks can only be achieved by whaling on him with a stick. Hence Riker challenges his father to Anbo-jyutsu, a made-up Japanese-esque martial art played in an arena with the Japanese character for "star" written in the middle and the words "Ataru" and "Ramu" beside it. There is also a Japanese banner in the back that reads "Urusei Yatsura."
--- End quote ---
here they are:

here its another reference, same show, different episode or movie I really dont know:

and yet another one! but this time in the series futurama!:

I guess there are a lot of lumaholics hidden out there!
if anyone find any other interesting or funny reference to UY or lum, post it here!

Lost Shapes:
Urusei Yatsura did a lot for the popularization of "consumer" sci-fi -- serialized, self-aware and digestable series. It's great to see these things paying homage.

yes it is lost, its great even non anime related series respect this great work, although I don't think a lot of people catch the references!

Mmm there was a thread on here somewhere that had UY cameos. I think I posted a couple, can't remember exactly; but there was one with Lum and Ranma on a bag and shirt respectively.

hi foxhead, I havent come across that topic yet, Im currently reading all the topics on the forum so it will eventually show up, Im sure I have seen that cameo you speak about, I will try to remember where...


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