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Hi everyone, here you have various versions of Lum!,they were created to accompany each of the Urusei Yatsura reprinted manga volumes, 34 in all. I have been checking out the forum, and couldnt find any mention of this so, I thought it could be a good post!, maybe a lot of you already know about this but, for those who dont, here you go:
My Lumx34 was a section that featured  mangakas, who were inspired by Takahashi's first series, these talented creators each contributed their own interpretation of our favorite Oni .
here are the ones I found:

well these are the only ones I could find, the ones missing are nowhere to be found, hope you enjoy at least this ones, what do you think? do you like them? I will have to say, they are really interesting but, I prefer my good old lum...
by the way, the first one was drawn by takahashi herself, I think she put a little to much of inuyasha in her dont you think?  :P
Edit: ha!, I found the missing ones! they are now complete! 34 in total, enjoy! (I also found, there is an old topic about this, but the pics are gone by now, so, technically this is not a repeated topic)

Nice! Thanks for posting \(^_^)/

glad you liked it lum-chan! and since we are on topic with alternate versions of lum, here you have, what its considered to be, the proto versions of ataru and lum, from the one shot manga "kattena yatsura" (considered the proto of urusei yatsura), in this pic, we can see kei(future ataru) and akane(future lum). if anyone would like this manga in english, let me know.

another alt. version of lum, I found this lum cubism style and just had to share it!, pic its not mine, I dont know who the author is but all the credit to him.

I think this is a must have for every lumaholic!


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