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Hello. Here is being seen from the past by me.
I got much MP3 from this site. It's  always heard, thank [] very much.
I'm sorry! I don't understand English. These sentences are translation.
An answer can't be written on a question. Because a sentence can't be read.
I wish that everyone is happy.  Lum-chan is all fan's love.

[ Lum-chan from the "Dancing Star" ] 1920x1080

The test on which a picture is stuck continuously.
[REPLY]button is for re-upload?・・
Let's try!

 [ Lum-chan  "La Nascita di Venere"? ]  1920x1080

[ Lum-chan fly at in the flowers of a cherry tree. ] 1920x1080

[ Lum-chan and  The U.Y. characters ] 1920x1080

----------- Horus up text -------------------------------------------
Can an movie be uploaded?
Let's Test!

[embed src="http://***********************************" ][/embed]

***** A boy is writing a diary ******
I went to Tomobiki Town today.
In Tomobiki Town, I met a Boy and Girl.
A boy is very fond of women, and very interesting.
Girl is hot-tempered but, She has a very tender heart, Good-looking girl.
We played together.
We promised to play again.
I'm looking forward to it.
(Net translation)

----------- Re: Lum-chan -------------------------------------------
Let see I I can get this to work again
« Edit: April 10, 2015, 06:13:27 pm by Lum-chan »

----------- Re: Horus ------------------------------------------------
> Let see I I can get this to work again
 Yes! my master.
 Files setup ok again, to that url.
 What do I do next?
 and..... I'm sorry! URL was hidden.
« Edit: April 13, 2015, 07:07:10 pm by Horus »

----------- Horus -----------------------------------------------------
Thanks master(lum-chan_san).
Youtube could be uploaded now.
I tried that, but it was NG absolutely of my movie player.
When that was considered deeply.
That wasn't [Nico nico]or[Youtube]tag.
It seems to be [Flash]tag.
* I use JW Flash Player.
* Movie data is being sent from my HP area.
* I don't use Youtube and NicoNico at all.
It's also all right on current state.


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