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1/7th LUM figure by Kotobukiya

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FINALLY! Photos of the figure fully-painted; pre-orders can't be far behind. New figure of our queen Lum from figuremaker Kotobukiya. I know it's a big picture and maybe I should have spoilered it for that reason, but I'll let it go and see what the mods say.

Some grumbling on that she looks too modern. Me? I'll take it!

I'll let everybody know when she's available for pre-order.

Awesome! However there is something off about her... Maybe its the eyes? Or maybe its her really skinny arms?

Her whole "look" is somewhat modernized. For better or for worse ....

and, HERE SHE IS! Up for pre-order, expected to ship in September.

Upon close inspection, I'd say I'm a bit disappointed in the hair coloration. Teal - to - BLUE??? And. not very artfully applied. Still, I have already pre-ordered my copy.

77 bucks in USD, not bad. Ye now that I can see the back I think the reason she looks different is because of the hair. You never really seen Lum's hair spread out like that.

I don't really see the blue your talking? It looks like the same color, but a bit lighter.

daniel bush:
Man, I'm 'bout to lose some money.

Why do you take all my spare money that-I-don't-spend-on-music-or-MLP anime?



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