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This feels like, a travel back in time!

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I don't remember when was the last time I logged.
And I miss many of my old friends. I domn't know if they visit here regularly or not.
Cosmic King, Kaede <3, Dark Devil (was the kitten on catnip, no?), Uncle Gio (i remember he was AMAZING with his stories, Kroptik, or kitpork, i don't remember, and many, many more!
I wish all of you are doing well, and want to wish everyone a joyful new year :)

welcome to the UY time machine! :)
Happy new year to you and everybody else in this forum too

I don't now how this occurred, but (for reasons unexplained) this site was not bookmarked on my laptop!?! Whatever. This oversight has been corrected. Good to be here (once again).

I'd love to hear from some of the gang that was here when I joined. Cata, Cosmic, Kroptik, Forgotten .... I see you, Sand, on another site (as you well know), and I'm pretty sure Gio is still here, but the rest ... wow, I wouldn't even know how to reach them.

Hi, everybody!

Lol i havent been on here in a long time Hi all lum fanatics!

Welcome back, all of you!


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