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Author Topic: FUYS Episode 1 - The Empire Strikes Out!  (Read 2135 times)

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FUYS Episode 1 - The Empire Strikes Out!
« on: October 25, 2012, 10:03:57 PM »
I've talked about my fanfic ideas for years on various forums, and decided to start cranking out some of them for the consideration of UY Fans.   This story came about after watching Star Wars Episode 5 - The Empire Strikes Back (for the umpteenth time) and considering what changes might take place if the Invasion of Hoth hadn't gone off as originally planned, ending up instead in the UY-verse.  Comments on the work are always welcome.

Start the scrolling credits!!!

Final Urusei Yatsura Season Script


By Joe Rispoli and Mike Termena

Based on Characters and Situations Created by Rumiko Takahashi in her Manga Series 'Urusei Yatsura'


The scene opens with the camera zooming in on the Planet Uru, subtitled with the note "1971 - 15 Years Ago..."

The camera continues zooming in on the planet, thru the cloud cover, and onto the home/spaceship belonging to Lum's parents...

The camera does a dissolve inside the ship, refocusing in the 3-year-old Lum-chan's bedroom, where she lies sleeping, cuddling her favorite doll.

Lum-chan wakes up, blinking and rubbing her eyes, stretching a bit, and then she hops out of bed, holding onto her doll, with it's tossled brown hair and blue jacket and pants.

Lum-chan: (Bounding down the hallway, looking for:) Momma?... Momma?...

(Talking to her doll.) Where's my Momma?

She finds her mother in a viewing room, sitting at a desk, operating a panel which controls a time scanner, projecting scenes from Lum's future.

Some of the scenes being shown are Lum and Ataru's introduction, their first game of tag, her acceptance of his accidental marriage proposal, his subsequent rejections of her amorous advances, as well as various "Darling No Baka!!" ('Darling you Idiot!!') scenes.

Momma: (Growling at Ataru) Baka, indeed!

Lum-chan: (Repeating the phrase she's just heard, she mini-zaps the doll she is holding, causing it's hair to stand on end.) Darling... No... Baka!!! (Then she giggles...)

Surprised, Momma's hand slips on the controls, causing scenes to flash by too quickly to register as much more than a blur. Lum walking very closely together with Megane, her refusal to accept Ataru's pleas to return to him, and various other quick shots from the Final Season Script, all centered on Lum. Then the scanner stops at a scene of Lum and Ataru hovering together in mid-air, kissing. A date is displayed on the bottom of the screen [April 13, 1987].

Momma notices the colors in this last scene seem to be a bit off, but the computer indicates that they are correct. She widens the viewing area of the scanner, and then she gasps as she realizes what she's witnessing. A concentric series of multi-colored rings covering most of the sky are centered on a large star-filled black sphere, located high in the sky directly overhead the floating couple's position.

Lum-chan: (Pointing excitedly at what she sees on the screen.) A rainbow! Momma, look at the rainbow!!!

Momma: (Her face reflects the wonder she feels.) No, Lum-chan, It's something much rarer than that.  It's... It's a Starbow... a Starbow!

Momma zooms the screen back onto Lum and Ataru, as Lum-chan bounces onto her Mother's lap.

Lum-chan: Momma, who's the pretty lady?

Momma: (Running her fingers thru Lum-chan's hair) It's you, Sweetheart. It's you as you will be someday...  The day a grand and glorious future begins for you and your Darling...

(Softly, to herself) ... for all of us!!!

Lum-chan: My... Darling?

Momma: (Taking Lum-chan's hand, they walk over to a doorway which leads to a veranda built into the side of the ship. Pointing up into the star-filled sky, her voice filled with pride for the great destiny she has foreseen for her daughter):

Lum-chan, do you see that little yellow star over there? The one at the tip of the tail of the Great Tiger Constellation?

Lum-chan: (Looking upward.) Yes, Momma.

Momma: That's your lucky star, Sweetheart. The star that will make all your wishes come true.

Lum-chan: My wishing star, Momma?

Momma: Oh yes, Lum-chan. There's a little boy who lives there, and he doesn't know it yet, but together with you, he has the power to make all your dreams come true. All of them... for both of you...

(A tear escapes from her eye.)

Lum-chan: Momma, don't cry! Why are you crying?

Momma: (Hugging her daughter close to her.) Oh, Lum-chan! It's all right, I'm crying because I'm happy for you and your Darling.

Lum-chan: (Looking up at her wishing star, the star Sol, which the planet Earth orbits): My... Darling...

(The scene shifts to the present... August, 1986)

Lum: (Floating in the sky, looking for...) Darling? Where are you, Darling?

(Smiling as she sees him below her.) Ahh, there you are!!!!

The opening titles start, with Lum chasing her Darling around Tomobiki-cho. Ataru is hiding in various ridiculous places (Trash bins, behind trees, bushes, park benches, etc.) while pursuing other girls.... but he eventually gets "tagged" by several of Lum's pursuing lightning bolts, and temporarily collapses. Lum flies over to her smouldering Darling and happily (and energetically) hugs him, causing him to pass out, with stars flying all over the screen, one finally covering the screen completely as the episode's title appears...

[Lightning Strikes] (Lou Christie) {Opening Song}

Listen to me baby, you gotta understand,
You're old enough to know the makings of a man.
Listen to me baby, it's hard to settle down.
Am I asking too much for you to stick around?
Every boy wants a girl he can trust to the very end,
Baby, that's you, won't you wait? But till then...
When I see lips beggin' to be kissed... (Stop!)
I can't stop... (Stop!) I can't stop myself... (Stop!)
Lightning's striking again... Lightning's striking again...

Nature's takin' over my one-track mind,
Believe it or not, you're in my heart all the time.
All the girls are saying that you'll end up a fool...
For the time being baby, let my mind rule.
When I settle down, I want one baby on my mind,
Forgive and forget, and I'll make up for all lost time.
If she's put together fine, then she's in my mind...
(Stop!) I can't stop... (Stop!) I can't stop myself... (Stop!)
Lightning's striking again...
Lightning's striking me again and again and again and again...
Honey (OWWW!!!)... Honey (OWWW!!!)... Honey (OWWW!!!)...
Lightning is striking again... Lightning's striking again...

There's a chapel in the pines waiting for us, just around the bend...
Picture in your mind, Love Forever... But till then...
If she gives me a sign that she wants to make time... (Stop!)
I can't stop... (Stop!) I can't stop myself... (Stop!)
Lightning is striking again...
Lightning is striking me again and again and again and again...
Lightning's striking again and again and again and again...

[August 1986]:

The camera zooms thru space, panning down onto Oyuki's World, with a Star Destroyer-type ship approaching it.

The scene changes to Princess Oyuki's private quarters within the palace complex. Oyuki herself is absent, but the rest of the Urusei Yatsura regulars are present, dressed in their "Rock the Planet" outfits and discussing their return to Earth.

Chibi: Geez, vacation's just about up. Who wants to go back to school anyway?

Ataru: Speak for yourself. I just wonder why Oyuki insisted we all should be here. Personally, I can't wait to get back. This place could bore a corpse.

Ataru: [To himself] Besides, I can't wait to get back and chase babes. The women here are foxy enough, but no way you can get a rise out of them.

(He shivers.) Talk about the proverbial cold shoulder..

Mendo: Selfish as usual, Moroboshi. You could at least be grateful that it's cool here, or have you forgotten what Tomobiki-cho is like in August?

Meanwhile, Ran is in another part of the room, admiring one of Oyuki's pet Sherbertos and scheming (as always) at the same time.

Ran: (To herself) If I could just find a way to get it back, I wouldn't make the same mistake I made the last time.

(Ran's thoughts are interrupted by a loud *AHEM* from nearby. Turning, she sees Lum and Benten regarding her with distinctly cool looks).

Ran: (guiltily) I was just...

Lum: Ran, whatever you're thinking about, you can just forget it.

Benten: And that goes for me, too. I remember turning into a popsicle the last time you got your hands on one of those things. If you forgot about it already, I haven't! So don't even think about it!

[See ANIMEIGO's URUSEI YATSURA OAV #2: RAGING SHERBERT for further background.]

(Ran works up a scathing reply which will remain undelivered as an alarm siren begins to wail. The group mills around in panic).

Various: Hey, what the... What's going on... What is it... etc.

(Oyuki enters the room, and moving with all deliberate speed, activates a switch on the wall . A previously hidden communications console is revealed. The face of a senior military officer appears, one of her Commanders, who bears a striking resemblance to Princess Oyuki, a cousin, perhaps?)

Commander Nordstrom: Princess Oyuki!

Oyuki: Yes, Commander?

Commander Nordstrom: We have detected an unidentified ship, Princess. It appeared from Hyperspace only a few minutes ago and has entered low orbit about the planet. Sensors indicate that it is a warship, similar to our GLACIER-class.

Oyuki: GLACIER-class? That would mean it is a powerful vessel.

Commander Nordstrom: Yes, Princess. We have been unable to establish contact with it, and therefore classified the unknown as hostile. What are---

(There is a burst of static in the transmission). Princess, the intruder is now firing on us.

Oyuki: Raise defensive shields. Have the surface emplacements hold fire until they attempt to land.

Commander Nordstrom: They appear to be launching transports and fighter escorts now. Princess, the shield generators are vulnerable to ground assault, as is the palace. I urgently suggest that you allow us to transport you to a safer location.

Oyuki: (Loudly, almost angrily) NO!!! I WILL NOT LEAVE!!!

(The others in the room react in surprise at her response -- the intensity of her voice is not in keeping with Oyuki's normal behavior--she repeats herself, more calmly this time.)

No. This is my home, and I will not abandon it.

(To herself) Nor will I abandon you, Kaji. If the palace is lost, so is any chance of bringing you home, ...My Love.

Commander Nordstrom: Very well, Princess.

(Oyuki now switches to another comm channel. Another officer, younger this time, appears on the screen).

Oyuki: Captain, are the palace guards deployed?

Captain: All personnel are at their posts, Princess. However, I must advise you that the enemy forces have made additional landings in this area, and also in the vicinity of the power generators. It might be wiser to evacuate while there is still time.

Oyuki: We fight HERE, Captain!!!

(The lighting suddenly flickers and goes out entirely. The picture on the comm unit goes out as well, but both the lighting and picture return after a moment's delay).

Oyuki: What happened, Captain?

Captain: There's no communication with the generating station, Princess. We must assume the generators have been destroyed. The palace back-ups will serve routine requirements, but they don't have the capacity to generate a sufficiently powerful defensive shield. The enemy is deploying heavy armor. We must assume that an attack here is imminent.

Oyuki: Once the enemy breaches the palace defenses, the assault will attempt to reach us here. Your troops are to fight a holding action. Continue resistance, but withdraw if you are overmatched. Is that clear?

Captain: Yes, Princess, but--

Oyuki: Your lives are too valuable to be thrown away in futile last stands.

(Softening the tone of her voice.)

I rely on you to carry out your orders.

Captain: It shall be as you command, Princess.

(Oyuki breaks the communication and turns to the rest of the group, who have regarded this entire sequence of events with utter amazement.)

Ataru: I didn't even think they had a military here.

Oyuki: We are a peaceful race, but we have always known that it is necessary to have the means to resist those who believe in aggression. But now, there is much to be done. This is not your world and not your fight. If we hurry, it should still be possible to send you home to safety. Then--

Benten: Bullshit! Look, Oyuki, I think your officers were right and that you should leave. But if you're not leaving, then hell if I am! Besides, (Grinning while she cracks her knuckles) I haven't been in a good knock-down drag-out fight in ages. Bring 'em on, I say.

Lum: Benten's right. What kind of friends would we be if we left you now?

Shinobu: We're all in this together.

(The others have pretty much said it all, so Ran just nods in agreement.)

(Oyuki turns to the guys.)

Mendo: To leave now would be cowardly and dishonorable. This will be our fight, as well.

Ataru: (Sotto voce) Dishonor and cowardice just might be smarter, but...

(Fortunately nobody hears and Ataru goes along with the general agreement of Megane and Lum's Guards).

Oyuki: You'll need weapons. I'll have you escorted to the armory.

Benten: You needn't bother for me!

(She brandishes her favorite auto-fire energy weapon, the bazooka-sized model that she's just pulled from who-knows-where.)

Lum: We have our own weapons...

(Electricity crackles about her form. Shinobu and Ran are cracking their knuckles in anticipation.)

...but Darling and the other boys will need something to fight with.

Oyuki: (Calling out for an assistant.) Lieutenant!

(A door opens and a young and attractive female officer enters the room. Ataru decides that perhaps war isn't hell after all, and bounds over to her).

Lieutenant Frost, please escort these young men to the armory.

Ataru: How do you do, miss? Permit me to introduce... YOW!

(The lieutenant, it seems has a small measure of the same power over cold which Princess Oyuki has, and also a correspondingly smaller amount of control in restraining it. Oyuki says nothing, but notes approvingly that the warning, and the frostbite, are quite mild.)

Lieutenant Frost: Gentlemen, if you'll follow me...

Ataru: (Drooling as he grabs at the delectable young woman.) I'll follow you anywhere!

(Swearing as he restores circulation to a few frostbitten fingers.) War IS hell!

(The guys and their escort leave the room, and Oyuki turns to the girls).

Oyuki: It is now time for me to take a more active part in this battle.

Ran: (Obviously frightened.) Oyuki, you don't mean you're going out there?!

Oyuki: No. Physically, I shall remain in this room. However, my power will be felt on the battlefield. I must focus myself completely on this task, however, so I will seem to be in a trance. I will be unable to talk with you or divide my concentration except for an emergency. Lum...

Lum: Yes, Oyuki?

Oyuki: While I am occupied, I need someone to act in my place with my people. Would you handle communications for me?

Lum: But, Oyuki, how will I know what to do?

Oyuki: Though unable to communicate directly, I shall be able to observe what is happening. When an answer is required, I shall give you a telepathic prompt. You'll know exactly what to say. Will you do it?

Lum: Yes, of course.

Oyuki: Thank you, Lum. And now, I must carry out my duties.

(Oyuki stands very still and closes her eyes. After several moments, she opens them but they appear to be unfocused, or more accurately, focused far beyond the walls of the room. Various transmissions are coming in through the comm unit. The overall situation appears to be a stalemate, but the enemy force assaulting the palace is steadily gaining ground.)

Lum: (repeating Oyuki's prompting) Continue resistance, but don't let them overrun you.

Communicator: We've pulled off into side corridors. They aren't pursuing, they seem content to restrain us. They're continuing to advance on your position.

Lum: Acknowledged.

(Lieutenant Frost and the guys race through a side door and into the room. The Lieutenant studies a monitor and throws a switch mounted next to the comm unit).

Megane: What's that?

Lt. Frost: It's a last-ditch barrier for this chamber. You can think of it as a polar shield.

Lum: Polar shield?

Lt. Frost: Yes. In order to breach the door of this room, they'll have to eliminate the shield first. It's a form of super-cold, capable of absorbing tremendous amounts of heat or energy.

Mendo: Will it stop them?

Lt. Frost: Probably not, with the firepower they're deploying. It's a delaying tactic. Our only real hope now is the Princess.

(The others give the Lieutenant a baffled look.)

(The scene now switches to the corridor outside Oyuki's chambers, where armored figures have clustered. Firing can be heard in the distance, but here things are quiet. An officer rushes over to a hulking figure clad in black armor and delivers his report).

Officer: We've driven off all resistance from the palace troops, my Lord, but the entrance way is blocked by a most unusual shield.

Lord Invader: What is its nature?

Officer: A form of super cold energy, my Lord. Sensors indicated at least two turbo-lasers will be required to override and penetrate it.

Lord Invader: Get them down here at once!

Officer: Yes, my Lord!

(The required weapons are quickly transported in on anti-grav sleds and brought into position. They are huge in the confines of the corridor and have an air of menace about them even before they are activated).

Gun Commander: The power leads are connected, my Lord. We're ready to fire.

Lord Invader: Then do so.

Gun Commander: Yes, my Lord.

(To gun crews) Fire!

(The weapons fire at full intensity into the barrier. For long moments, nothing happens--then a digital readout held by one of the troops shows a slow increase in the barrier's temperature. Meanwhile, the weapons are nearing critical limits. It is questionable which will fail first, the lasers or the shield. At the same time, the black-clad figure is receiving most unwelcome news from the surface).

Officer: My Lord, surface conditions are deteriorating rapidly. Exterior temperatures have dropped 30 degrees in the past 15 minutes, and surface winds are now a steady 60 kilometers per hour and increasing. The conditions are already affecting our scout armor units. If it gets much worse, even the quadruped transports will be unable to function.

Lord Invader: How can this be?! Our instruments and weather probes have given no indication of severe weather anywhere on the planet's surface!

Officer: Yes, that's true, my Lord. Nonetheless, conditions are getting worse by the minute.

Lord Invader: (To himself) The cause is inside that room, I can feel it.

(To Officer): Commander, pull your troops into a defensive perimeter and get them under cover. Once we are successful here, I feel that the weather will cease to be a problem.

Officer: Yes, my Lord!

(The lasers have been firing steadily through all of this, and have gone beyond their critical limits. One of the lasers and the shield fail almost simultaneously).

Anonymous Trooper: We did it, the shield's down!

(Moments later) Look out!

(The right side laser erupts in a series of sparks as combat engineers hastily put out the fire. The Gun Commander examines it and reports to the dark figure).

Gun Commander: It's completely burned out, my Lord.

Lord Invader: Will one laser be sufficient for the door?

Gun Commander: It should be, my Lord. The shield was the primary barrier. However, we should operate the laser on low-power for safety's sake. It will take more time...

Lord Invader: Time, lieutenant, is a luxury we do not have. Put the laser on overload if necessary, but I want that door down as soon as possible!

Gun Commander: (Gulping nervously) Y-Yes, my Lord! At once!

(Inside Oyuki's chambers, Lt. Frost notes the occurrences just outside the room on a monitor, and turns to the assembled group).

Lt. Frost: Well, that's that. They just overrode the shield.

Mendo: Now what?

Lt. Frost: The door will be next. You'd better find firing po--
(The lieutenant whirls. A low hum can now be heard and the door is starting to glow a dull red).

Lt. Frost: They'll be thru any minute now! Get ready!

(The guys, along with Shinobu and Ran, vary in expression from determined to nervous. Lum looks grim, Benten positively thrilled with the idea of mortal combat.)

(The scene switches to the corridor outside as the door rapidly overheats and starts to glow from dull red, a cherry red, then yellow, and finally, white. There is an explosion as the overstressed metal gives way and slags down to flow over the corridor floor. Combat engineers quickly spray the molten metal with a formula that cools it down to where the armored troopers can safely cross it. Vapor from the mix of super hot and super cold wreaths the now open doorway in mist as the first armored figures advance toward it).

Lord Invader: (murmuring to himself) Soon, now, very soon.

Officer (On comm unit): My Lord, surface conditions are now nearly off the scale. All surface transports are immobilized, and survival limits are nearly reached!

Lord Invader: Hold your position, commander. We should soon see an end to the weather problems any moment now. Eh?

(The last remark is in response to a growing commotion coming from the other side of the door way. It is growing in volume and sounds remarkably undisciplined and unmilitary).

Lord Invader: Scout unit, deploy a scout-bot thru the doorway, let's see what is on the other side.

Scout Leader: Yes, my Lord!

(He sets down one of the "mouse-bots" a small rectangular wheeled bot with heavy duty sensors. It scurries thru the doorway, and disappears from view. Sensors on the leader's monitor show the locations of the Urusei members, and the scout bot is picked up by Ataru, who is amazed by the gadget.

Ataru: Hey, guys, look! A toy robot! I thought those things were only on TV or in the movies! Gee, I wonder what this button does?

Megane: Ataru, DON'T....

(A soft click is heard as he presses the button, then shortly thereafter, an explosion occurs and a large cloud of smoke occupies the space where Ataru had been standing previously.)

Lum: (Startled): Darling... Oh, NO!!! They've... killed Darling!!!

(An electrical aura starts building up around a very agitated Lum, not a pretty sight at all.)

Lord Invader: So, they found our scout-bot. They must be very near. Advance!!! We must find the secret of their weather control device!

(The troops advance thru the doorway in pairs to be met by):

Mendo: (Brandishing his family sword) Excuse me, gentlemen, but would you mind stopping right there?

Armored trooper: (Laughing) Come on, kid. Get out of the way before you get hurt.

Mendo gets agitated at this, imagining Ataru in front of him, he does a slice and dice shredding routine on the armor the trooper was wearing.

Megane holds a blaster, tapping it against the helmet of the other trooper, who drops his rifle as he gets the message.

The two captive troopers are unceremoniously pushed into Mendo and Megane by their backups, who are accompanied by the Dark Lord and more troopers. Mendo and Megane wisely surrender to the superior force surrounding them.

Lord Invader: (To himself.) If this is the best they have to defend the area, I'll have the palace under our control in no time!

(As he rounds the corridor, he comes face to face with:)

Lum: (Crackling and seething with megawatts of energy): You...You...Darling-KILLER!!!

Ran: (Pushing a button which sets off previously placed explosives, ripping up the right side of the wall as she yells out.) For Lum's Darling!

Shinobu:(As she barehandedly rips up the left side of the wall.) Poor Ataru, we'll all miss you so.

Benten: (Aiming her auto-fire energy bazooka at the largest concentration of troops.) I hope your insurance is paid up, boys!

Oyuki: (Having awoken from her trance after accomplishing the immobilization of the enemy forces planet-wide.) FREEZE!!!!

The scene is utter pandemonium as:

Lum's mega-zap hits Lord Invader and his eyes (as well as the rest of his suit) light up. He is hit by Benten's Macro-Bazooka blast, and falls into the crater created by it. He is partially covered by the pile of rubble Ran's explosives dump on him, and completely engulfed when the other half of the hallway, tossed by Shinobu, hits its target. Then Oyuki's Freeze-blast coats the entire area with 2 feet of ice, entrapping the Armored Troopers as well as the entombed Dark Lord.

Benten: (Reaching under the pile, pulling out a severely dented helmet, and turning it upside down, she spins it nonchalantly on one finger.) Well, that takes care of them....

Lord Invader (From under the pile of rubble and ice, as a hand weakly protrudes): Impressive... Most impressive.

(Crawling out of the smoke-filled hole created by the scout-bot's self-destruction, we see Ataru, somewhat the worse for wear, but still alive.)

Ataru: Hi, girls! Did I miss anything?

Lum: Darling! You're ALIVE!!!

(Ataru grimaces as he receives a 50,000 volt hug from the overjoyed Lum.)

(Outside the palace, a bemused Strike Force Commander is trying to restore order to a very disorderly retreat from the recent scene of battle.)

Strike Force Commander: Now listen to me, men. I want you to...

Troops: (Trampling over the body of their leader.) RUN AWAY!!!! RUN AWAY!!!!

As the invading forces attempt to withdraw from Oyuki's Planet, among various scenes of pandemonium we see a disturbed nest of Sherbertos attacking a Quad Transport, and after a short skirmish, the Sherbertos emerge victorious.

Lum: (Looking at Lord Invader who is slowly crawling out from under the pile of items he was buried under.) Uncle Darth! What are you doing HERE?!
Ten: (Looking in exasperation): Dad?  What are you doing on Neptune?

Lord Invader:  (Looking up at Lum and Ten with a sheepish grin) You mean this ISN'T Hoth?

(Bowing to Oyuki and her friends.) I must apologize for the error my Navigator made. Rest assured, he shall PAY! And our family will cover reparations for any damages due to this mistaken aggression.

(Reaching out to Jariten) Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as Father and Son!!!

Ten: (pulling out his cell phone)  Let me check with Mom first!

Lord Invader: (Looking panicked) Your Mother!?  (regaining his composure)  Hmmm, perhaps later then!

Reaching out, he pulls his battered helmet into his hands, then places it back onto his head, and with a grandiose swirl of his cape, he turns and exits the room.

Going back into orbit, we see the Star Destroyer finish collecting its shuttles, then engaging hyper-drive and flashing away into deep space.

(Back in Princess Oyuki's throne room, the gang is grouped around her. The Princess is receiving a report on the battle from Commander Nordstrom.)

Oyuki: What of our casualties, Commander?

Commander Nordstrom: Overall, remarkably light, Princess. Our deception tactics and weather control seems not to have been to the liking of their scanner and fire control equipment. The damage is more to property than to lives, fortunately.

Oyuki: Please give my congratulations to your troops, commander. They acquitted themselves well.

Commander Nordstrom: I'll do that, Princess, and thank you.

(She hesitates, as if unwilling to continue the report, then proceeds.) Ah, Princess Oyuki, there is another matter.

Oyuki: Yes?

Commander Nordstrom: Among the damage to our facilities, I regret to inform you that the power sources and psionic amplifiers for the palace were damaged. Most of the burned-out equipment was replaced quickly, but...

Oyuki: But surely, we have sufficient spare components in storage?

Commander Nordstrom: That's true, Princess, but our off-line units were older models, not of modular construction. The burn-outs were not sequential, but rather occurred at random throughout the systems. Our technicians estimate replacement will take days, possibly weeks before we have the units back on-line.

(She bows deeply and sincerely.) I'm honestly sorry, Princess.

Oyuki: Do not blame yourself, Commander. Who could have foreseen this? See that the rescue and medical operations have priority. The psionic-amplifiers will take the next priority after that.

Commander Nordstrom: I'll see to it at once, Princess.

(Oyuki breaks the viewscreen connection and as she steps away, she falters. She puts a hand out to support herself. Although shocked by the news she just received, she tries not to show it, failing miserably. Lum and Benten rush to her side, beating the maids who come running to the aid of their Princess.)

Lum: (Worried) Oyuki-chan, are you alright?

Benten: (Alarmed) 'Yuki!

Oyuki: Please forgive me, my friends. I must rest after my recent exertions.

(Facing the whole group.)

You are all my guests. The palace staff will see to it that you receive anything you may require. I will see you all after I have recovered some of my strength.

(With that, Oyuki leaves the room in company of several of her ladies-in-waiting).

Lum: (Worried) I've never seen her like that.

Chibi: Could she be that tired? It's not like she was actually fighting that much.

Megane: Idiot! You think the planet's weather got worse by chance? That was HER, controlling the whole planet's climate!

Ataru: No wonder she's worn out. And the same goes for me. Where's a bed in this place anyway?

Lum: (Snuggling up behind Ataru.) I'm sure WE could find a bed around here somewhere, Darling.

Ataru: (Noticing the heavy weapons and sword which suddenly seemed aimed his way.)
Not tonight, Lum. I... I.. have a headache.

(Ataru's remarks seem to strike a responsive chord. With much yawning and stretching, the group is lead off by Oyuki's servants to the guest sleeping quarters.)

[End of Episode 1]

Closing titles roll...

[One Fine Day] (The Chiffons) {FUYS Closing Song / Lum's Theme Song}

One fine day, you'll look at me,
And you will know our love was meant to be.
One fine day, you're gonna want me for your girl, oh, yeah.
The arms I long for will open wide,
And you'll be proud to have me right by your side.
One fine day, you're gonna want me for your girl...

Though I know you're the kind of boy who only wants to run around,
I'll be waiting and someday, Darling,
You'll come to me when you want to settle down, Oh...

One fine day we'll meet once more,
And then you'll want the love you threw away before...
One fine day, you're gonna want me for your girl...

One fine day, you're gonna want me for your girl...
One fine day... Oh, Yeah... One fine day...

Notes: The initial opening and closing songs for the "Final Season" are rock classics from the early/mid 60's, and when I was initially exposed to Lum and Ataru's situation, they immediately came to mind.

If you'd like to hear them, call your local "oldies" station and ask for them. "One Fine Day" is still played quite often, but "Lightning Strikes" isn't quite as popular. (2008 update - Or hit the internet oldies stations.)

I'm definitely looking forward to everyone's comments on this monster. I plan on killing some sacred cows (or is that Tiger-Bulls?), and tweaking things a bit here and there. There are some rough times ahead, (I knew there was a reason I chose Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Bad Moon Rising" as Cherry's Theme), especially for Ataru and Lum, but it all ends (?) happily for everyone, including the readers, I hope...

The series picks up steam as we get background information on Oyuki's "Dream Lover", as well as Oyuki and Kaji's "rescue" by the gang, in Episode #2, entitled: "The Dream is Still Alive".


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