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Author Topic: Fanfiction: The Great Switch!  (Read 8257 times)

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Re: Fanfiction: The Great Switch!
« Reply #15 on: September 27, 2011, 11:12:22 PM »
...and this is it. If you guys want some more stories from me, just let me know!
Thanks for reading my stuff.

The great switch

Rel 1.1By Pizzigri

Chapter 5

Disclaimer: Urusei Yatsura and all characters (C) Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan/Kitty.

I felt like the story should not end like one of the Anime's episodes, and decided to write down a proper ending. The Great Switch stands quite well as it is, so reading this epilogue adds very little to the story other than satisfying my own ego… hehe. Characters in this chapter are just a bit OOC, likely because of the semi permanent influence of the switch ;-) . Warning! You could get cavities reading this. Remember to brush your teeth.

Please, please do comment, and maybe I can learn to write a bit better next time. Thank you!

Chapter 6 - Epilogue.


"Life is good."

Darkness. A very soft, dim and diffused lighting turns on in the background, revealing the dark silhouette of a teenager with ruffled hair.

"I mean, you know, how things turn out… yeah. I'm here to tell my side of things, since that big mess, uh, 'The Great Switch', as Lum called it, happened."

Ataru's half bust and face appear, illuminated by a strong spotlight, yielding quite a dramatic contrast with the dusky backdrop.

"And how it all wrapped up in the end, when I finally found my true, Beautiful Love, in a totally unexpected girl- uh, I mean, way.

I'm gonna start my story from the moment I returned in my body."

Ataru pauses, as the perspective changes to a second camera, placed on his left three quarters.

"After I passed out from the pain and damage that my body endured while in Lum's… -ahem- 'care', Mendo's goons took me to some University hospital in Nerima.

Heavens, just about every single female nurse and doctor roaming around me was young and beautiful. I believe I still was under some sort of influence from the ring, since I found a couple male doctors really handsome too - Ugh! - It didn't last long, thanks the Gods!

Well, what'cha know, all I needed to fully and completely heal and recover was only three days of rest, a whole month's worth of food and lots of female nurse's groping… uh, actually I could have recovered in just a couple of days, but the added damage sustained from the nurses curiously reacting in an utterly violent way to my kind attentions, sort of delayed my healing…"

A rustling noise and a low growl are heard in the background.

"Wait, wait a minute! Come on. After what happened, I really, uh, didn't actually hit on the nurses! I was only pretending! You know, I couldn't admit the changes, and I just wanted to keep a, uh, sorta control over things. Right, can't lose my face and my hard earned reputation all at once, you know?…"

Chuckling, Ataru scratches the back of his head.

"I did have lotsa time to think, though. To understand my feelings, to readjust.

I felt a bit guilty. It was… it's my fault, all this happened. That Lum suffered, lotsa people hurt her thinkin' she was me. I felt even worse, since Lum behaved in a really weird way after I woke up in the hospital.

Yeah, well… she caught me flirting with the girls.

By the Holy Gods, I freaked out!

But… she didn't zap me. She didn't yell at me.

Now, that doesn't cut it, you know! That wasn't my Lum. I was worried.

So I tried to do it again, on purpose, knowin' she was around, just to push her into having a- uh, any reaction!

Of course, that backfired.

She would look at me, with that hurt look in those big, blue eyes of hers, and I'd feel so bad. So-o-o guilty, I would'a buried myself."

The camera point of view switches from Ataru's face to a close up of his hands, almost imperceptively twitching - a hint of nervousness -, and then back to his half bust.

"At the hospital, Lum had been really nice, patient, caring and loving but not obsessive or suffocating, so much so that, damn, it was creeping me out. Definitely, that wasn't the Lum I knew.

Since there were other three patients with me in the hospital room, we never had a chance to talk or be alone, until the hospital literally kicked me out, and we got home.

With the firebug –uh, I mean Ten- still abroad, we finally had the chance to be all by ourselves in my room.


I felt on fire. I wanted to scream how much I loved her. I wanted to kiss her everywhere, to tear my clothes and her bikini away and wildly make love to her until we both would be knocked out silly. I actually blushed at what I was gonna do. I opened my mouth… and she froze me on the spot, simply smiling and looking in my eyes.

Her words came as boulders.

"I want you to be free, now, Darling", she said to me. "Free, to find and choose the woman of your life, your true love. I will never force you to do something against your will ever again, and I'll accept whatever you decide."

If she pulled out a gun and shot me, it would've hurt less. I was appalled and totally terrified, I really can't describe what was flashing through my mind.

She caressed my cheek, her hand was so warm, and her smile so sweet… I pulled myself together, somehow, and stammered: "I… thought that after all we've been through… I…"

Lum then placed her finger on my mouth, and she said "Sshh, Darling. I just want you to take your time. To look at other girls… and choose…" and she winked to me, still smiling.

Flabbergasted, I thought, Lum wants me to actually try other girls…?

You can guess I was now officially confused and, well, royally pissed off. I mean, how could she? And I was ready to finally relieve two years plus of unresolved sexual tension just moments before! Man, was I pissed.

I chided, "What the fuck are you talking about? I…"

But, before I could end the sentence, Lum's eyes struck me. She wouldn't show it, but she was in great pain inside, I could see that. There was something more, a lot deeper, too.

My mind overclocked, going in supervectorial mode, as I instantly reviewed all possible scenarios.

The most obvious option would be that I could just pretend to accept, make her believe I was girlhunting for a while and return to Lum and scream how much I loved her, kiss her everywhere, tear my clothes and her bikini away and wildly make love to her until we both would be knocked out silly.


She was serious, real serious. I mean, I realized that ain't what she was expecting of me. Lum wanted me to be serious 'bout dating other girls!

That's when it came to me, that I still didn't know what happened to her during our switch, and maybe all this thing could have something to do with that.

By the Holy Gods, I thought. Did… did she do something I'd have done in her place?

This scared me stiff.

Pretending was not an option. I had to be serious with dating… and keep my love for Lum intact at the same time.

Sure, when we were in each other's body, I finally admitted I loved Lum more than my life. But now, again in my shoes, and without the help and support of her resolve, commitment and energy, and most importantly, her one tracked mind, I doubted myself. Yeah, I know, I got a one tracked mind as well, but mine's set on a… different goal. I did not trust myself…

… what if I enjoy it? What if I fall in love with someone else?

I'm sure I didn't voice my thoughts at this point, I mean only two fifths of a second had elapsed since I overclocked, but she startled me, levelly and calmly answering: "…of course, in that case it would mean she'd be the right girl for you, instead of me", as if she read my mind!

Shit, if there was a time to panic, that was it!

"Y-you wanna leave me!" I shouted, almost crying.

"Of course not, you silly. I love you more than anything, Darling. I'm just going to temporarily move out to allow you your privacy and freedom. I'll be in my UFO, and I promise I wont spy or butt in if you invite some sweet company in your room. And, you can call me anytime; you have my number and address in that little black book of yours, I wrote it down myself."

Then she kissed me on my cheek and left, smiling.

"Bye-bye, Darling. 'Remember to do your homework.'"


By the time my mind had rebooted from the most devastating divide by zero crash I've ever experienced, she was already gone.

It took me the rest of the week to figure out what Lum really wanted me to do; and I still had no clue what else happened to her during the switch!

Then, Saturday night, I woke up right out of the blue, cold sweated. I had an epiphany, I think that's what you call it, yeah, well, I had seen the light!

"I know what she wants", I said to the empty room.

And because of that I, uh, I hated her.

I hated Lum, despised her more than I've ever hated anyone in my life. And loved her, at the same time, loved her so much for her sacrifice, that I cried the whole night, until I gave in and fell asleep again."

Ataru uncomfortably shifts on the chair, turns to briefly glance to his right, bows his head and stares towards the ground. The camera takes a close up shot of his shimmering dark eyes, partially covered by a bang of his unruly hair. He pauses, before continuing the story; the scene changes again to his half bust.

"The following morning, I woke up with the sun shining high through the half draped curtains and splashing on my face.

I threw away the pillow and I thought, Oh well, it's Sunday. Might just as well get dressed and go girlhunting… after a good soak and breakfast, that is.

My gaze fell on the sliding Shoji door of the closet where Lum used to sleep for the last couple of years.

I opened the door with a sigh, shoved the rolled futon and bedding in the closet, and I shut it closed again.

That Sunday morning I took a much longer time than usual preparing in the bathroom. Most of it, I spent soaking in the hot water of our small Furo, thinking. I had a mission; everything was crystal clear in my mind.

Today I will find the right girl for me, I thought.

So, instead of grabbing whatever garment happened to be lying around, as usual, I pulled out of my drawer a freshly pressed white shirt, blue jeans, white socks, and my pair of brand new running shoes."

Ataru chuckles, a smirk on his face. The scene changes perspective, switching to the first camera, a three quarters perspective of his bust shot from his right.

"After breakfast, I made a strategic phone call. I told Lum I'll be girlhunting for the day. All I got for a reply was: "Oh. I guess I'll have to wish you good luck, then."

I walked away from home, takin' a deep breath of fresh air. After last week's heat wave subsided, the temperature turned to a pleasant 79° degrees, sunny and very dry. A glorious day!

I looked up at the blue sky, my gaze gliding along the elegant curves of Lum's Class III Oni Spacerunner ship, hovering soundlessly forty feet above the roof of my home thanks to gravity inverters. A solitary figure in a bikini, standing on the superstructure of the ship slowly disappeared inside the massive bulk of the tigerstriped vessel.

Weird, to think of it.

Only after returning in my own body, I discovered that more than a few odd notions and abilities stuck to my mind, slowly surfacing as totally random thoughts. Things like multidimensional space cartography, basics of impulse curvature hyperdrive, subspace stabilizing theory, and more. Stuff that Lum knew, including correctly identifying her ship's make an' model.

I'm still not sure, but I'd probably be able to operate Lum's ship, now. Not that it matters.

In how many other ways have I changed in those incredible two days? Lum's changed all right… even too much, I thought.

Those friggin' rings totally turned my life upside down and around. I thought then that Lum's people must be really crazy, to devise, build and casually sell things like those. Of course, little did I know at the time that they were never meant to be used by Earth humans, only by the Galactic Federation's humanoid races, and that the side effects if used by other races, the manufacturer said 'could have been unpredictable'. Sure, the understatement of the century."

Ataru's expression darkens considerably, as he pauses tensely in front of the camera.

"Well, I wandered leisurely around Tomobiki's park, occasionally whistling whenever a beautiful girl walked or jogged by.

The park was absolutely packed with outrageously gorgeous women, more so than I could ever remember.

Uh-hu, wait a minute. I know what you're thinking. Honestly, I did not hit on every girl I saw! I had my mind set on my mission; I was looking for the woman of my life. Not that I actually care if you believe it or not.

It was early afternoon, when I found myself heading for the park's clock square, where everything started.

I mean it, there must be something, about that place… that attracts stuff. Too many important things happened there to be a coincidence, you know. It always ends up there!


I don't wanna say I was tired, but I've been looking at close to a hundred beauties by then, and suddenly I felt my heart stop, as I froze beholding a heavenly vision.

Under the clock, only a few steps away, five unearthly beautiful girls dressed with a Seifuku were chatting. There was something… magical about them. I saw that they had a critical eye on the boys swarming around them, of course such beauty would attract males like flies to honey…

At that moment, four of the girls started to move, leaving the one with a big book behind, leaning on the clock's pole. I heard them say: "See you later on, Aimi-chan, we're heading back to Azabu-Juuban!"

The four girls brushed past me, and they were absolutely gorgeous, almost unreal. But I was attracted to the lone girl reading the book.

Now, let me describe this girl. She was stunning. Her mane a distinctive lavender, kept braided and tied in a pair of buns. Sporting a perfect body and a silky white skin, the quite skimpy white and blue Seifuku school uniform enhancing her every curve, she kept a casual, innocent appearance, as if she was not aware of her blazing beauty.

But what really attracted me were her unbelievably deep aquamarine-green eyes. They say that the eyes are windows to a person's soul. I know better, as I know this to be an undeniable truth.

Turning a page of her book, she licked her lips. I swear, that small gesture sent me on hyper drive.

I thought to myself, this is the perfect occasion! Before anyone else does it!

A couple steps away from her, I started breathing her scent. It was exalting, it actually made me close my eyes, before I committed myself.

"Hello!" I attempted one of my most successful pick up lines, "I… was curious to ask you what are you reading, it must be very interesting…"

The girl seemed startled, and pulled her gaze up to meet my eyes.

A faint and shy smile blossomed on her lips.

Yes! I shouted in my mind, as my heart raced.

I smiled broadly and scratched the back of my head. I must confess I felt slightly embarrassed.

"Ah… sorry, how rude of me! I'm Ataru. Aimi-chan, is that right? Would you care to join me for something to drink?"

She smiled fully to me, slowly and silently closing her book, all her attention focused on me! She drew near, her scent overwhelming my senses. Gods, her eyes… I was gonna drown in the ocean that are her eyes. And her lips, so full, soft, and…

"Get lost."


"I said, get lost. Scram. Come on, you surely don't think you're going to pick me up with lame lines like that?"

The girl sidestepped me, shaking her head. "Boy, are you fresh", she added.

"No, wait! Please, let me try again!", I almost shouted.

She stopped and turned slowly to take a good, long look at me, cutely tilting her head.

"What? You can't be serious?"

At that point, I suddenly found my feet incredibly interesting; I was unable to bear her gaze. Hell, I felt confused, and I started stammering, "Yeah, I am. I… look, I really… Uh. You're so beautiful, and… you, and I, well… uh, you know, we could uh…"

Then I raised my eyes to look to the girl, only to find she was gone.

I spotted her walking away at a brisk pace, smiling to a very handsome boy leaning against a wall ahead of her.

I thought, No! That can't be! I have to act, now!

So, I sprinted after her.

"Hey, look, I'm sorry, say I want to make it up to you! Please! Come on, slow down!"

At that point, I instinctively grabbed her left hand. I meant no malice, but Aimi-chan froze on the spot, instantly turning on her heels and one handedly smashed that heavy bound book, I believe it was an unabridged version of 'War and Peace' with both Russian original text with the Japanese translation and full notes, right here on my face, yelling "You lecherous pervert! Let go of me!"


She seriously put some stamina in that blow, I'm telling you, I saw all sorts of stars flash in my mind. Then, I felt the familiar slick scent in my nose, and I realized that I had blood dripping from my nostrils.

Hey, I know it's lame, but all I could think about was, Gods, my shirt! Oh, no! It's white and brand new!

So I bowed low, trying to stop the flow with my hands and avoid staining my shirt.

I heard the other boy say something like, "Lady, is he bothering you?"

A moment later, I looked up to Aimi-chan, now joined by Mr. Charming, and watcha know, I expected, dunno, irritation and anger… I was surprised to see concern and a guilty expression etched on her face, instead!

I smiled to myself, thinking, Hey! Maybe this is the break… -yeah, what else could I call it?- that I was looking for!

She said, almost whispering to me, "Hey… are you all right?"

"Uhhh… Ouch… that hurt!"

Yeah, I outright lied. No way a book, however thick n' heavy, would possibly ever be close to cause pain to me… unless I was forced to read it, that is.

"Ah… here, take this. I'm sorry, but… you… you shouldn't harass girls like that." Then, Aimi-chan gave me a handkerchief, and she dismissed the boy she smiled to before.

I used my ultimate weapon to deal the final blow. I looked at her with my patented 'Beaten Puppy Expression No. 3', with my immensely sad eyes.

So the girl sighed loudly, and then she surrendered. She said, "OK, I'll accept a drink. Only one. And keep your hands off. Let's pretend I'm pleased to meet you."

I'll try to make this short, so I'm not going to delve into long details.

We never went for the drink, I took her to a popular teashop I know nearby, instead.

Big mistake.

I was real lucky I brought all my cash savings with me, since the landlady was really upset, hey, she almost chopped my head off sayin' I didn't pay my last tab! Talk 'bout crazy people. At least Aimi-chan laughed her ass off for some reason.

Anyway, after tea and pastry, Aimi-chan and me walked along the park.

I swear, I strived to be the perfect gentleman; I could not afford to blow it after the teashop's near fiasco, plus, I had to fight for her attention, she had a wandering eye for the other boys… I knew I wasn't first choice.

But, on hindsight, I think I managed to keep her entertained and cheerful for the whole evening.

Sure enough, Aimi's tense and wary attitude towards myself slowly changed, and she turned lots friendlier, finally focusing herself on yours truly.

Well, at some point, must have been, dunno maybe three or even four hours later, we found ourselves in a small but cozy café, having a light dinner.

I remember talking a lot. You know, small talk, nothing important. I kept concentrating on her eyes; I wanted to commit myself, but I still had a hint of a doubt, in my heart.

Then, I looked outside, through the window. That's when I saw her. Half hidden in the shadow, inside a taxi parked on the other side of the street, the familiar silhouette of a long haired, horned Oni girl.

I ended the conversation that instant.

"…So, that's what I told him. It was hilarious!"

Aimi-chan happily clapped her hands, laughing; and she commented, "Oh, come on, Ataru-kun, even though I can't believe a third of the things you told me, it does seems that you have an incredibly full and active life!"

"You can say that, Aimi-chan", I replied.

We paused.

I stared into her now carefree, luminous and sincere eyes. I could actually see what she was thinking, her dreams, everything; I could see her soul. I swear, I caught a glimpse of her soul.

The silence kept building up to the point it was almost solid. I had to break it. It felt like shattering glass.

"You are absolutely gorgeous," I said.

"Excuse me?"

"I said that you are the most beautiful girl I've ever met in my life."

Aimi-chan mildly blushed. She attempted to sidetrack me, giggling.

"But, Ataru-kun, you've got quite a reputation! Sure, I've had a very good time tonight, but I know you hit on every girl in the park, every day! You surely say the same thing to all…"

"No. This time I mean it. I came to the park today to find my match, my true and only love, the girl that's right for me. You see… a week ago, something happened to me, something that turned my life inside out, literally. I now know I'm not the same man I was. Not any more."

I steeled my resolve; it was all or nothing, my only chance.

"I… don't understand what's t-this got to do w-with me. I-I…", she stammered, but I had to hammer home my point. So, I committed.

"It's got everything to do with you. You are that girl."

"Uh, but look- it's getting late, and…", she replied, attempting to stand up and leave.

I panicked, so I got up as well, almost yelling, "P-please wait, don't go!"

Then I placed my hand over hers, and continued, "Please. Stay only a little more. I want… no, I really need to talk to you."

I remember every word, gesture, subtle movement we made during those moments. They're, like, etched in granite, here in my mind. I stared at her so intensely, that I'm sure that if my gaze fell on anything else, it would catch fire.

Aimi-chan sat down again, she looked dazed, confused, almost mesmerized. It nearly hurt me.

"I'm sorry. I apologize if it looks like I want to rush things. But, I firmly feel and believe, deeply here in my heart, that this is the most important moment of my life."

I felt my wrists shiver slightly, as I curled my hands into tight fists, my knuckles turning white. I was so scared; there was no going back. I breathed deeply, it took all my courage and strength, but it had to be done. I thought, You can do it, man. Go for it.

I stared right into Aimi's eyes. In her deep, beautiful shimmering eyes, in which a whole universe kept shining.

And I said it.

"I love you."

Aimi stood speechless. Suddenly, the teashop disappeared. The background noise faded, and we were alone, lost in a sea of nothingness, I could tell she felt dizzy, like, shell shocked, glued to my gaze.

I stood before her. I saw she couldn't talk, and that tears were rolling on her cheek, and I realized that she wasn't even aware she was crying. I know what she was feeling, right then. Pain… and betrayal.

But, I stepped forward, circled her waist, and, holding her tight, I whispered it in her ear.

"I love you, Lum."

I was, like, so attracted to her lips. I couldn't help smiling… and I kissed the woman of my life.

Gods. From then on, I only remember a blur, it just blew my mind. We both had our eyes closed, and I think I felt her surrendering to me. We kissed passionately, savoring each other's taste as if it was the most precious elixir, holding each other tight for a time that felt like forever, oblivious of everything around us.

Aimi-chan then leaned back, confused. She studied my face for a little while, breathing deeply.

"I… how…did you…" she stuttered.

"Sshhh. I knew it was you, Lum. I always knew, all along… and I've made my choice. I don't care in which form you disguise yourself, how much you change… I'll always be able to see, to find you… love you. I wanted to prove it to you."

Her eyes faded for an instant. Suddenly, she was embarrassed to be in my arms, blushing wildly.

"Ah… look, Moroboshi-san… I believe Miss Lum is now outside. I…"

She stepped back, with a shiver, and then sat down, placing her ring on the table, her hands somewhat shaking.

She looked up at me, her eyes now missing that special… spark.

"I… my name's truly Ralia, I am a maid at Lord Invader's Mansion. Please, forgive me… Miss Lum asked for my help, I could not refuse."

Then Lum shyly entered the Cafè, head bowed, her gaze to the ground. I could tell she felt guilty and embarrassed.

"D-darling… I'm so… so ashamed…"

She took both rings, and placed them in her bra.

"Don't. See, I understood your game. You wanted me to find you among all the other girls, and I did. I found my Beautiful Love. 'Sides, as an added bonus, I got to kiss your gorgeous maid, too", I told her.

"I was inside my maid that moment…"

"Still, her body…", I teased.

"You're messing with me", she growled, and I saw a couple of sparks fly.

"You're easy to mess with."

"So I am. That hurts…" she said, pouting, and I felt a complete asshole.

"Lum? I… hey, wait! I'm sorry"

"Ha! You're easy to mess with, too!" she exclaimed, suddenly smiling. But I could see the tears falling.

I playfully grabbed her, and held her tight, silently embracing her, a lump in my throat.

I think I started crying too.

Just don't tell anyone, okay?

Anyhow, later on, we walked holding hands on the high panoramic road above Tomobiki-cho, there's this place that overlooks all of Nerima prefecture, and there was this flawless sunset over the horizon.

You know, just like in one of those sugary and steaming romantic bodice-ripper soaps my Mom watches on TV all the time.

Accordingly, we both stood there, bathed in the golden light, to watch the sun slowly sink below the city line, in a perfect silence.

That's when we started telling each other everything. The events we lived in each other's place, our thoughts. What we've experienced, and done. Her shocking experience girlhunting! Hilarious. Then, Lum told me about the cockpit recordings of her Spacerunner, and how deeply my words touched her.

She gently wrapped around me, resting her head against my chest… And then she surprised me. She huskily whispered something in my ear…

That moment I knew that Lum was mine. Forever. I could only nod, as words left me.

She took out the remote from her bra, and her Spacerunner appeared above us, then effortlessly scooped me and carried me bridal style in the direction of her spaceship.

Wanna know what happened next?

Wanna know if in her ship I actually screamed how much I loved her, then kissed her everywhere, tore my clothes and her bikini away and wildly made love to her until we both were knocked out silly?

Sorry… Ain't none of your business."

Ataru pauses for a few seconds, keeping his eyes low and sighs.

Then, he smiles broadly, looking straight in the camera.

"As I said, life is good. Really, really good."

Ataru stands up; the camera and the spotlight follow him, panning, as he walks a couple of steps to his right.

Lum, sheathed in a magnificent evening dress, embroidered with a complex black and gold tigerstripe pattern, the same Ataru was clothed in when he attended Benten's party, awaits for him, tears fighting to come out, glimmering in the corners of her incredibly beautiful eyes.

They embrace lovingly and kiss passionately. The whole theatre roars with a standing ovation.


A/N. Obviously, "Aimi" (愛美) means "Beautiful Love".

This is my first attempt at something a bit more waffy than usual. Let me know what I did wrong. BTW, if you're wondering, yes, Lum changed too… and if I get requests, I may write down "Lum's side of this".

Please comment and review, it is thanks to your feedback that I am encouraged to write new stories!


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