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Hello to everybody/Info about Lum Doll

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I saw on internet this doll made by tsukuda hobby..someone know the exactly year of production?Or anyway if doll is made in eighties or more recent?
Thanks for help

Hard to say but if you go on eBay you will find a ton of stuff available if you type in "Lum figure" don't use the quotation marks. I have not seen that particular doll listed on eBay. No telling how old some things are. That one looks in good shape. Want to sell it?  ;)


i haven't this doll..i'm trying to understand if she is vintage or new because i collect only vintage figures/dolls.. ;)

I think shes Vintage cause i rem seeing the date it was made and it said the 80s(or was it 90s?) my rem is foggy :X

My guess is she is vintage because the modern ones are PVC and this one is more like an older action figure type of plastic.
I have no idea as to how you can date the doll unless it is stamped either on the doll or on the box.
They usually have markings somewhere.


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