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Hi to all!
as you may have figured out from the topic title, this is abput the little utility which is avaible in the download section.
For the ones who don't know what it is, well, it's a notepad for MS Windows created by Scott Hogue.

The point is: it's an old 16 bit visual basic application, so it won't run on newer 64 bit OS, and since i liked it i wanted to create a clone of it wich works on newer systems.

So, here's what i came up with.
I'm trying to write a copy of it in Visual C#, and i wanted to share it with you.

Here's the file:

It's still buggy and unfinished (all images and sounds are missing), in fact, it's just the backbone of the program, but i wanted to share it with you, since it's all working and i wanted to get some feedback about it.

I think that, in about two weeks, i should find enough time to finish it with the sounds and all.

Let me know!

Good start. I'm a 64 bit user too. Not much lum stuff for newer ones yet.

If you want to try it, i uploaded a newer version which includes more sounds AND Lum picture's from the original 16-bit program in the open/save dialog box.
Hope you like it, and sorry for the delays, but i have all of my afternoons busy because of various school projects.


Lum no Notepad .NET


*Added pictures in the Open/Save dialogBox
*Added more audio notifications


*Settings save
*Recently opened files list
*Some other audio file

One Suggestion:

* Multilanguage Support

Why multilanguage support? English isn't good enough? (joke)
I'll see what i can do, but the audio files will remain in japanese, since all i wanted to do was to make a clone of the original one.
Anyway, the only languages I know are Italian and English, so, here's what I may do:
The program starts, if it finds a file named "lang.ini" in its own directory, it will reload all of the labels's texts from that file, otherwise it will be in English.
I really can't think to other ways to add "Multilanguage support". Any comment is welcome, and thanks for the suggestion


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