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Author Topic: "RINNE", the new manga of R.T.  (Read 772 times)

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"RINNE", the new manga of R.T.
« on: July 30, 2009, 05:40:54 PM »
Here  you are some images about the new manga of R.T.: "KYOUKAI NO RINNE", started on april !!

Here you are a copy & paste of the first episode (I had a great ride on google to be able to find an acceptable translation in Italian).

"Chapter 1: Nazo no kurasumeto
(The Mysterious Classmate)
When she was a small child, Sakura Mamiya saw a mysterious wheel floating in the air. An attractive, gray-haired woman warned her that she was not to get to close to it, before suddenly disappearing and telling her that she was to forget everything she saw there. In the present, Sakura goes to school where the spirit of a young man attempts to ask her out. She quickly brushes past him, as she races to class. Sakura thinks to herself that ever since her encounter with her aunt's spirit she has been able to see ghosts. At school one of her classmates comments that the boy who sits next to Sakura, Rinne Rokudo, has never made it to class. Just then Sakura sees him, an unusual looking boy with bright red hair and a strange jacket. It soon becomes obvious to her that Rinne can not be seen by the other students, and therefore he must be a ghost. When Rinne arrives he throws dog treats all over the floor and a large chihuahua spirit flies in. Rinne calls the spirit Chihuataro and tells the spirit that it needs to find "the wheel" and move on to the next world. Chihuataro promptly eats Rinne and flies away, much to Sakura's shock. On her way home from school, Sakura runs into the lovelorn boy spirit she saw earlier, and then sees Rinne. Believing him to be a ghost, Sakura rams her head into him, and is shocked to find that Rinne, now not wearing his unusual coat, is actually a living, breathing, human being. Rinne promptly tells her that he can send the boy spirit (and the now much smaller chihuahua spirit that is following him) into the afterlife for the paltry sum of 50 yen. As they talk, the boy and the chihuahua's spirits merge into a large boy/chihuahua amalgamation. Rinne warns that they are now an evil spirit and quickly tosses his coat on, grabs Sakura by the hand and pulls her into misty, mountainous landscape with the massive wheel from Sakura's childhood looming overhead. Rinne tells her that because the spirits are now evil, he will have to charge her 500 yen to dispose of them, which he says he knows a costly sum (it isn't). She quickly pays the fee and Rinne tosses the 500 yen coin down to a little hut below. From the hut someone tosses him a miniature version of the wheel which is burning with mystical flames. Tossing the wheel, Rinne calls out "Kasha Retsudan" as he divides the spirits back into their original form and they ride off on his small wheel. Rinne explains to Sakura that he "sort of" a Shinigami, a god of death. After his explaination, it's time to leave the afterlife and Rinne holds up a coin and tries to hypnotize Sakura, telling her to forget everything she has seen. The next thing she knows, Sakura is back home, but still remembers everything. At school the next day, everyone is surprised to see Rinne has finally come to class, and Rinne is shocked that Sakura still remembers him and his hypnotism failed."

Here you are a pair of snapshots:

What can I say ?

Oh, well, almost this: some things never change !!


in anyone of her histories the main theme is always the same: the opposites are trying to attact each others;

It remind me something....

... OH, YES: THIS ONE !!!

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