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Alternate ending to Love Attack! The Romance Never Stops! 170

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In episode 170 Lum grows a plant that a cherub sprouts from and Lum tries to get the cherub to fire a love dart at Ataru.

In my alternate ending Ataru gets hit by an arrow but nothing happens, because he is already in love with Lum.

That's a pretty cool idea but... I think the way Rumiko made that story was better because, in my case, it made me want to keep watching the series because I really wanted him to declare his feelings.

But I like your idea. Why don't you write a fanfic? =)

I understand what you mean, but the aliens' love devices always tend to work differently.

In the OVA "Catch the heart" when Ataru grabs the heart above Lum's head her reaction is completely different from usual, and we all know Lum already loves Ataru...

Yes, Lum acts like all she sees is Ataru and nothing else in the World. Good point, Kroptik. =)

In my version of the ending, I'd see that Lum would think the arrows weren't working so its not too obvious that Ataru really loves Lum.


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