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Author Topic: The first UY rpg storyline here  (Read 15227 times)

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Re: The first UY rpg storyline here
« Reply #60 on: October 23, 2004, 02:50:52 PM »
By Parias on Tuesday, December 14, 1999 - 07:51:
Nice stuff.. I think it's about time we got to wrapping this up..

After Terra finished talking with Ryouko, she found herself alone in the room for a few moments, which she used to reflect on what had happened, and she began considering other avenues of life.

The door creaked open at what seemed to be a pathetic attempt for an unnoticed entrance. Terra looked up.

"Stealth never was your strong point Hayes. How's your hand?"

"Pretty good considering the large hole that was torn into it, your aim is, as usual, deadly.."

As Hayes walked over to the desk and sat down, Sergei came in, muttering. "This is a damn stupid idea, I say we kill her now before she pulls another stunt!"

Hayes gave Sergei a death glare and pulled up another chair. Sergei sighed and sat down.

They stared at each other uncomfortably a moment. Hayes coughed.

"So, you finally came around eh?"

"If you're thinking I surrendered because I had thousands of guns aimed at my face, I can assure you that wasn't the reason. You saw what happened on there.." Terra turned away, embarassed at her weakness on that day.

"Well, I'm glad we're not at each others throats anymore..." Hayes said, rubbing his bandaged hand. "It was becoming rather unhealthy..."

Terra laughed. "Heh, well I always told you I'd kick your ass if you slacked off.. but yea, being able to move around without wondering what the hell you're up to does put my mind at ease..."

Sergei glared at Terra. It was seen in his eyes that if Hayes wasn't there he would be taking extreme pleasure at unloading the ammo from his pistol into Terra's body. He simply sat there with a scowl on his face.

"Charming, as always." Terra looked him in the eye, smiling.

Sergei growled, stood up, and stormed out the door, closing it behind him with a slam.

"I never really liked him in the first place.." Terra sighed.

"Ah, don't mind him. 3 years of straight war has had it's toll on him.. can't really blame him. Anyways, I guess I should go give my usual 'What the hell were you thinking' chat.. gotta find some way to maintain my superiour figure. Just wanted to check in and see how you were doing, I'll cya around, you got my number." Hayes stood to leave.



"Take care. I mean it."

"I ain't dead yet!" Hayes chuckled and left the room. Terra noticed a small object on the desk where Hayes was sitting. She picked it up and read the note sticking to it.

"Here's something if you ever need to vent..managed to record this during one of our more unsucessful missions... hopefully it'll keep your mind off of things like mass destruction for awhile."

Curious, she picked up the device and pressed the button. A holographic image of Sergei appeared, showing him begging for his life.

Hayes walked down the hallway of the Mendou mansion, and smiled as intense laughing was heard behind him that didn't let up for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, deep in his hidden lab at the far end of the galaxy, the true form of Ginkobot chuckled as it prepared another specimen.

"Thissss one will better..." Ginkobot hissed. "Thisss one won't have any weaknessssessss..."

Down in town, which had somehow rebuilt itself overnight, Zard groaned and stood up, and noticed two things. One, that he was still alive, and two, that there was nobody in his immediate vicinity.

Getting up, he walked down the street, and hear bickering ahead. Leaning around a corner, he noticed Shinobu chasing Ataru around, once again, while Lum looked on in disgust, with her back turned to him.

Zard took a deep breath. "I must be either insane or suicidal, but I've got to try." he said to himself. Walking forward, he touched Lum on the shoulder, who turned around and gasped, then scowled.

"ARGH! You again! I thought I had you last time!!"



"I'm not here to fight..."

Lum's face softened slightly, but she was still angry. Behind her, Ataru and Shinobu had stopped and came over behind her to watch.

"Go on."

"I was sent as part of a force to... assasinate you. But when things started to go to hell, I decided to stop fighting... now I just want to live in peace. I came to you because I didn't want to maintain any bad relations between us."

Lum nodded. "Well, I'm glad that's out of the way then.. but wait, if you were in that big robot... weren't you the one who tried to hurt darling?" Lum looked annoyed.

Zard rubbed his hair. "Well.. uhh.. heh, he was kind of.. just.. in the.. way.. or.. something.."

Lum snarled, and lightning was seen going around her hands. Zard screamed and took off down the street, with Lum in hot pursuit. Zard painfully noted from the lightning zaps that managed to hit him that Lum wasn't really trying to kill him... at least he had managed to make some progress. Shinobu looked on in worry. Ataru laughed.

"Heh, well, it looks like I found a new distraction for Lum...."

Shinobu grabbed Ataru's arm and they walked off together.

Meanwhile, at the Mendou mansion front gates, a guard looked on in worry as he saw a truck approach at an insane speed through his binoculars. He screamed and dove out of the way as the truck smashed through the gates and worked it's way through the main compound itself.

In front of the mansion, Terra was emerging from the building with Hudson and Ryouko, and was waving goodbye to Hayes and Sergei (much to his disgust) as they boarded the Under New Ownership, preparing to leave.

Suddenly they heard a scream, and watched in horror as a massive truck burst through the gates and came right for them. Shoving Hudson aside, she found to her delight that her sword was still with her. Pulling it out, she screamed a war cry and rushed towards the truck. Leaping at the last possible second, she pointed the sword downwards and tore the truck in half, landing gracefully behind it. The two pieces split, then slowed down and harmlessly stopped in front of the mansion, smoking. A very annoyed Jeriten 6000, which now had all of it's synthetic skin torn off, rose above the compound and looked for the source of it's trouble, upon spotting Terra, it aimed a large rifle at her face. Terra looked stunned.

"Wait, wasn't that Ginkobot's invention? He must have set up a few plans in-case I was to become useless to him... but.."

Suddenly a bang was heard, and the cyborg-baby tilted as multiple bullets impacted against it's rear. One of them finally punctured it's armour, lodging itself deep within it's generator. The Jeriten 6000 emitted a kind of high-pitched scream, then fell to the ground, where it promptly exploded.

Hudson brushed off the shrapnel and grinned, patting his gun. "I've been looking for a good reason to use this thing for a long time..." Terra looked over and smiled.

As the UNO departed, Terra heard another scream, and turning around, saw Zard, being chased by Lum, running towards the mansion.

Terra simply stood there out in the open, with a neutral face, untill Zard, who was looking over his shoulder, tripped over a small twig and looked up at her feet.

At first, seeing tiger-skinned boots in his face, he cringed thinking it was Lum. Looking up, he then noticed the Shaithan insignia.. he gathered himself, stood up, and gawked.


Terra gave him a death glare for a few moments, building up suspense. When she saw Lum approaching the mansion a distance away, she summoned up her best command voice and said "Well Zard what the hell are you standing around here for with your jaw on the floor? Get a move on, she's catching up damnit!"

Zard's jaw seem to drop even further, before he turned and took off. Terra watched intently as Lum drew closer to the compound. "This is it.." she thought to herself. "Any second now.. this will prove most interesting.."

Right on cue, Lum stopped chasing Zard long enough to notice Terra. She gasped and landed. Terra simply stood and looked at Lum, who's eyes went wide in recognition, then lowered into anger.


"Terra, yea. Ex-leader of the Shaithan rebellion."

"Ex? But.."

"Yea that's right." Terra checked her hip-pouch, and sure enough she had a massive sum of yen she had collected over the years sitting there, waiting to be spent. She smiled.

"Come on Lum, lets go grab something to eat, my treat, and I'll explain it all."

Confused, Lum just nodded, and the 2 began to walk towards the gate. Suddenly Zard was seen tearing across the compound. Terra quickly rose her finger and fired a swift ice-bolt at him, freezing him in his tracks. Lum gawked.

"I said I'll explain it over lunch. Now come on, lets go. He won't be going anywhere, and I figured he needed to cool off anyways."

Laughing, the 2 walked into town, while Hudson and Ryouki watched the proceedings from the front doors of the mansion.

Hudson smiled. "Well, despite the hell this past month has been, I'm actually feeling good for once!"

"As am I. We have done quite a bit of good here..what say we have some lunch of our own, shall we?"

"Sounds like a plan to me, I'm starving!" The two walked inside, and the doors closed.

The month of August had ended, and brought many good things. While Ginkobot remained at large, he wasn't going to be bothering anybody for a few months, possibly years. As usual, the governement of the USA simply covered up the entire incident to the uninformed public as an "Unexplained phenomena".

Lum and Ataru lived out their daily lives. Terra tried her hand at many careers, including assisting Sakura as school nurse, which failed miserably, as the students, who mistook her for Lum, doubled their injuries, and also due to the fact that she was "too aggressive" from Sakura's point of view. She eventually settled upon becoming a cook, making, as most customers in Tomobiki put it, "the best damn food on the entire planet!"

Captain Hayes took the UNO in for extensive repairs and upgrading, and later joined the interplanetary defense force. He was declared MIA 20 years later, when he was ambushed by a squadron of pirates. Word has it it was sabatoge...

Sergei retired almost as soon as he could, quoting to asking onlookers (in regards to Hayes) as "Damn stupid kid, going to get us killed!" He then seemed to vanish from the universe, as most people were never able to get ahold of him again after that.

Zard never got a chance to settle down with Shinobu, as he accidentally ended up winning the World Olympics with Lum's unwanted help.. she spent an entire month tirelessly chasing him around the planet.

Invader's ship the Body Smasher, was rebuilt within a few months and put into service again. Invader is still holding the Oni throne, and for some odd reason, never seemed to age a day.

I think it's about time we ended this bad boy, been going on for quite some time. Hope you guys don't mind me ending it, but we were getting close anyways, sooo.. >)

I'd like to thank everyone for contributing to this, and while it sure didn't turn out as I expected (it kinda took off into a more "tense" direction) it was great to do. For the next one I'll try and concentrate on humor a bit more, but it was a lot of fun working with you guys to bring this up.

Jocko, like I said above, I really enjoyed your introduction of Hudson, I found him to be a rather funny and witty character ("Cut me in two? Hoho!" was pretty funny) and you did a good job with him.

And BladeofKintaro, while your spelling could use a bit of work, you did a good job at keeping us on track and reminding me in your posts not to take this too seriously. You did a good job getting us all started off as well, nice one!

And of course special thanks to Lum-Chan for bringing this forum up and giving me a great reason to spend hours sitting here smacking refresh on my browser, waiting for another post. And as always, special thanks to Rumiko Takahashi (hope I got that right, I'm not Japanese) for making UY to begin with. Nice work everyone! Looking forward to our next!