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I have an idea

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This idea pop out when i try to get sleep, so i write it down and see what your response

Let see

Uhm Lum lead Mayuko to graveyard to visit Ataru's grave. Then she met Ryuunosuke when see she visit her father' grave. Then they met Ten when he having a date with Mako. See how strong Ryuunosuke and Mako are, Mayuko decide that see will become a boy hunter just like her father.

What do you think?


so hard to develop !!

We know.... better, I KNOW Mayuka as just a sweet child: we've to "build" her character from the scratch talking about her as an unchained teenager.

But, over all, we'd have to detail her so much: we haven't any design of Mayuka as teenager !

just make her like lum with few changes :P

make her like Lum and the history repeat the same as UY?

i mean visually. ;)


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