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Everyone check this.

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This site have all the op/ed themes from the anime and OVAs, movies previews, musics and more stuff. Lum-chan you may want to check this out to add some new goodies to your site, It's one the best site with UY goodies that I have ever seen.

Thanks Pac,
I'll pay this site a visit tomorrow after finishing up the last rpg stories which aren't put online at this forum yet...

Ok Lum-chan, hope you find it interesting.

Just to warn you guys: a person I know's downloading the UY game: Stay With You for the PC engine so once he's done downloading it I'll download it from him, then if someone's interested in the game I could provide it since it's a very rare ROM.

Hmmm. Sounds interresting. Should be for download to any Urusei Yatsura Fan and/or Lumaholic!
Is there any more info available on this game?

I think I have some info about the game but now I'll have to go to bed so I'll post it tomorow.

I also have the UY: My Dear Friends game if anyone's interested.

Edit: Well, I found some info in Tomobiki-cho:

Stay With You: Stay With You, which was released June 29, 1990 was an read-as-you-go adventure game from Hudson for the Turbo Graphix CD system.

My Dear Friends: This is a MegaDrive CD (Sega CD) similar to games like Snatcher and Time Gal. It has character designs by Atsuko Nakajima and very lucious graphics. Released April 15, 1994 by Game Arts.

Edit 2: Hey Lum-chan, what do you think about puting this UY games ROMs online in your site? Ho, hope you find that site usefull.


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