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111. The Wrathful Lum-chan!

In a fight with Ataru, Jariten accidentally burns a scarf Lum has just made for Ataru. Ataru tries to get Lum angry with Ten, but Ten goes off thinking of how he can apologize. He ask many people for help, but Sakura is ultimately the one who get Jariten to set things right.

112. Lum and Ataru, A Night Alone

Mr. & Mrs. Moroboshi win a trip for a weekend and leave Ataru and Lum alone for the first time. Ataru tries desperately to seek sanctuary elsewhere, but Lum gets him home and cooks dinner. Mendo, Megane, and Lum's Guards try to keep the two apart, but Lum and Ataru manage to get rid of them. By then it's time for bed.

113. Lady Ryunosuke

Onsenmark gives Ryunosuke lessons in how to be feminine and finally takes her to a wrestling match. The wrestlers get too out of hand and accidentally rip Ryu's beautiful dress and get her mad.

114. Document: Who Will Be Miss Tomobiki?

The school has a contest for the title of Miss Tomobiki. Lum, Shinobu, Ran, Ryunosuke, and Sakura are the contestants; and Ataru is the final judge.

115. Strange! The Wonder Medicine of Selflessness

Cherry gives Kotatsu an enchanted fish cookie and Kotatsu in turn gives it to Ataru, upon eating it, Ataru falls asleep. His spirit escapes from his physical body and he goes spying on Sakura and Shinobu in his new ghost form.

116. Shutaro, Miserable Morning

One morning Shutaro is recalling unpleasant memories Lum and Ataru's relation has had on him and how he's lost to Ataru so many times. Cherry shows up only to help Mendo remember and cause more grief.

117. Tales of the Wandering Snowman

A snowman arrives from space and accidentally gets Jariten angry at it. Ataru unknowingly saves the snowman many times so it thanks Ataru with a late night encounter.

118. Lum-chan's Ancient Japanese Fairy Tales

Cherry tells an ancient fairy tale involving kiddie versions of an elderly Lum and Ataru who have Jariten as a son who grows up to fight an evil Rei who captured a princess Lum.

119. Shine! The blessed Bra!!

First episode with Soban, the beady eyed, big lip bald goon who loves Shinobu. Soban's flunkies try to get Shinobu to date him, but Shinobu seeks safety with Ryunosuke making the flunkies think Ryu's a boyfriend. The jerks find out Ryu's a girl and bribe her with a bra to get her to pose with Shinobu for some date photos.

120. Duel! Benten vs. the Three Daughters

First appearance of Sugar, Ginger, and Pepper; the three skebans who attend the same school Lum, Benten, and Oyuki did. The skebans are trying to prove themselves greater than their seniors by humiliating them. This time their scheme is stealing Benten chain and the skebans go through utterly silly lengths.

101. Pitiful! Mother of Love and Banishment!?

Ataru's mother is knocked unconscious during a fight at the mall and has several nightmares that each begin with her waking from unconsciousness. One time she comes home to find she's grown old. Another time she comes home to meet herself.

102. The Mendo Family's Summer Christmas

Ryoko invites our cast to a summer Christmas party, where chained in pairs, they must try to climb to the top of a giant Christmas tree for a banquet.

103. Panic at the Ghost Inn

On vacation at the seashore again, Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, and Mendo stay at a hotel run by a weird old couple who like to scare their guests. But they have a real ghost of a beautiful young woman who spends a day with the kids at the beach.

104. Ah, Mother of My Memory

Ryunosuke has dinner at the Moroboshi's house after are turning Ten-chan who she found. Returning home, Ryu has a fight with her father about Ryu's mother. Ryu returns to see Mrs. Moroboshi who that night had been so motherly. Later, Ryu forces her father to show her the family album so she can see her mother, but Mr. Fujinami had anticipated this and surprises Ryu.

105. Plenty of Sun, Plenty of Sickness

Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, Ten, Mendo, and Sakura are at the beach. Jariten has a neat little wand that turns sand object into real ones. So Ataru and Mendo make 3 sand Sakura's and bring them to life. In the second part, Lum meets a dolphin and with the help of a disguising earring, She tries to make Darling jealous by having the dolphin pose as a handsome lover.

106. Big Bang! vs. Ataru

Ten has numerous little fights, all which Ataru wins. So Cherry helps Ten by convincing him to wear weighted shoes to build strength. This only succeeds in hurting Ten more, so one morning he and Ataru have a duel. Ataru arrives at school with a cast on his arm and blames Ten, but that's not quite the end.

107. Horrors! Attack of the Slimy Potatoes!

Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, and Mendo all stay at a house in the wilderness and are attacked by some slimy potatoes blobs which turn out to be delicious. They eventually break out of the house and flee, but ultimately end up where they started.

108. Revenge of the Planetary Instructor CAO-2

Lum, Benten, Oyuki, Ran are reminiscing about a past robot teacher CAO-2. Ataru, and Mendo show up and are soon followed by CAO-2. Our friends then set up a big plan to get CAO-2 in a night fight at the school.

109. Hysterical! The Nasty Brat Shutaro!

Lum, Ataru, Mendo, Shinobu, and Ryunosuke go back in time and meet Mendo as a little boy in order to find out why he is claustrophobic. The younger Mendo proves to be more than a brat and Ataru and the older Mendo get caught. Lum, Shinobu, and Ryu come to the rescue and we find out how Mendo acquired his fear.

110. Wonderful! The Magic Mushroom Pot!

Cherry brings some magic mushrooms to school and the students cook and eat the. But these mushrooms has a strange affect on everyone except Lum; and they all start performing acts.

91. The Groom's Name is Ryunosuke

Kurama's karas-tengus meet Ryu and decide she's perfect for their princess, until they discover Ryu's a girl. So they get a sex change gun which accidentally hits Ataru.

92. Bottled Letter Seashore Mystery!

Lum, Ataru, Ten, Shinobu, and Mendo are vacationing at the seashore. The boys each get a bottles love letter from a young woman who convinces them to stay at a weird hotel run by an old woman and a giant man.

93. Dramatic Appearance! Mizunokoji Ton-chan!

First appearance of Ton-chan (Tobimaru). He is first seen hit in the face with a baseball, which he swallows. Tobimaru is Mendo's childhood rival and Ryoko's love interest as we find out in this episode.

94. Shinobu's Cinderella Story

Shinobu helps a handsome dashing young man hide from some ugly dagger street rejects. Buts the goons continue to track both Shinobu and the man. Even some police are after the man, and Ataru, Lum, Megane and friends get into the act.

95. Lum-chan the Ruthless Rebel

Lum, Ataru, Mendo, Ryu, Shinobu, and Lum's Guards make a movie featuring Lum, Shinobu, Ryu, Mendo, and Pama as super powered beings with Ataru as the saint of love.

96. The Big Showdown! Sakura vs. Sakuranbo

One day, Lum makes some of her wonderful cooking for Ataru. But Sakura and Cherry show up and have a psychic battle.

97. Ghost Story! Old Man Willow!

Onsenmark tells the students a few ghost stories related to the high school, in particular, about a willow tree. In mock of the story, Ataru writes "Mendo's an idiot" on the willow in marker. The tree sprouts forth an old man who tries to avenge itself on Ataru by tricking him into searching for treasure on the school grounds. But Mendo and Onsenmark are also at the school that night checking about ghost stories.

98. And Then There Were None

Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, Mendo, Onsenmark, Sakura, Cherry, and Lum's guard are all at a mansion on an Island by invitation. by and by our friends are each found dead until only Ataru is left.

99. Firefighter Mommy Visits!

First appearance of Ten-chan's mother who is a fire fighter. She gives Ataru a bell to ring in case he happens to find a fire that needs extinguishing, namely one by Ten-chan. Ten desperately tries to fry Ataru without letting him ring the bell, but Mother keeps popping up with a storm of water.

100. Darling's Dying!?

Ran makes some special cakes for Rei for a picnic. These act as about 10 times the food they are. Ataru accidentally eats one of these and goes under. Lum trues desperately to save Darling and ends up trying to track down Ran in another world to find a cure.

81. Getting a Queen's Kiss from Miss. Snow!

Lum gets Ataru to go on a ski trip with her, but Mendo, Shinobu, and Lum's guards find out and tail along to cause static, Ataru enters a ski contest. The one who finds a small treasure chest on the mountain and bring it in, wins a kiss from Miss. Yuki.

82. St. Valentine's Day Horror

Mako, a small girl, falls in love with Ten-chan, but Ten can't stand her. Lum and Ataru prove to be only more trouble for Jariten as both of them try to help Mako get Ten-chan; when Lum and Ataru aren't too busy fighting amongst themselves.

83. Love, Love, Catchball!

Lum brings Jariten a pair of crystal spheres which each has an eye on it; one is red with a heart for females, the other blue with a star for males. If the correctly gendered person gazes into the eye, it will reveal one's destined mate?. Lum, Shinobu, Sakura, and Ran all meet to use these crystals; Ataru, Mendo, and Tsubame also show up; and everyone ends up in a fight.

84. The Mendo Family's Masquerade War

Ryoko invites Ataru over for a masquerade and Mendo gets a billion others to also show up for a masquerade battle. Ataru tries desperately to get to Ryoko despite the attempts of Lum, Mendo, and others.

85. Space Cold Panic!

Lum catches a cold from her daddy when he visits and she wears a surgeons mask to keep the virus from spreading. Megane and friends pay Ataru to get them Lum's mask since it was on Lum's face, but it turns out the virus has a weird effect on humans. It causes contacted areas to become orange-green striped.

86. Ryunosuke Arrivers! I Love the Sea!

First appearance of Ryunosuke and her father Mr. Fujinami. Ataru, Lum, Shinobu, and Mendo go to the beach and meet Ryu and her dad who break into fights every few minutes. Next day Ryu and dad show up at school for Mr. Fujinami just got a job running the bookstore, and we continue to hear more of Ryu's problem of wanting to be feminine.

87. Goodbye Season

Ataru and Megane spend an afternoon talking and Shinobu eavesdrops on the conversation which makes everyone think Ataru is going to give up Lum to someone. Shinobu believes Mendo will be the first choice so she sends a secret force out to intercept Ataru but Megane shows up to see Ataru gets to school and deliver a speech that shocks everyone.

88. Ran-chan's Great Date Plan

Ran meets and falls in love with Ryu and asks Ryu out on a date. Ryu agrees because she wants to learn how to be feminine by watching Ran. Despite Lum and Ataru's efforts, Ran refuses to believe Ryu is a girl.

89. Happy Birthday My Darling

It's Ataru birthday and Lum wants to know what he wants. He wants to be free from her for at least his birthday. So Ataru goes through the entire day never meeting Lum till an accidental meeting at night when he's happy to meet her.

90. Seeing Shangra-La as a Hell Camp!

Lum, Ataru, Mendo, Megane, and Pama are camping. Mendo, Megane, and Pama painfully find out Lum's cooking is terribly hot and spicy; and Ataru, Mendo, and Pama set out at night to go hunting. They find a rabbit, bit it tries to offer other meaning of getting food. Next day, the kids are fishing and discover a huge peach and Cherry, Cherry shows them where to get the peaches and they end up meeting some priests and having a race.

71. Princess Kurama's New Challenge

Kurama has her subjects place her in suspended sleep again in the hopes that some prince may awaken her. Although Ataru is the one to really kiss and revive her. Kurama thinks Mendo did and she goes through great efforts to get him to be her mate.

72. Terrible Toothache Wars!

Jariten has a weird toothache. It can spread like a disease by biting someone, and he bites Ataru, who the starts to spread it among his school mates and Onsenmark. As Lum demonstrates on Onsenmark, the cure is very painful; so they continue to fight.

73. The Mendo Older Brother & Younger Sister!

This episode introduces Mendo's younger sister Ryoko. On he way to school, Ataru is scared white by Ryoko in her Death guise. At school, Ryoko tries to feed her brother lunch; but Mendo is wise to her tricks. Ataru nobly offers to be fed the lunch, but Lum intervenes. Ryoko then makes an offer for Ataru to visit her for a Romeo and Juliet rendezvous. Mendo and Lum try their best to stop this meeting.

74. Cat on the Stairway

First appearance of Kotatsu cat, the giant white half ghost kitty. Jariten meets kotatsu and invites him home. Upon seeing a kotatsu, a heater table, in the house; Kotatsu cuddles up beside it, blocking the stairway. Sakura and Cherry arrive to expel Kotatsu and find out that kotatsu died of cold many years ago and that is why he wants heat. Ataru tries to leave his room, Mrs. Moroboshi tries to leave Mr. Moroboshi; but everyone, including Kotatsu, ends up staying home.

75. Can the Raccoon Return the Favor?

Ataru helps a wounded bird who transforms itself into a raccoon and move in to repay the service to Ataru. The raccoon tries to do good, always makes a mess of matters, do it changes back into a bird and flies away.

76. Desperate Sub-Space Part-Time Job

Lum takes Ataru down an alley into an weird ancient Japanese town. After getting lost, Ataru does some running around and meets Lum again. Lum then introduces Ataru to a being who gives Ataru a job in a bath house for aliens and Ataru tries desperately to get over to the female's side.

77. Lum-chan's Great Year-End Celebration!

Lum brings two dimensional doors to class that take the students to a crazy fictional world where they temporarily forget themselves and take new identities; Mendo becomes Sherlock Holmes, Lum becomes a genie. Onsenmark show up and Ataru and Mendo try to help him remember who he is.

78. Children in Vain, Musashi, Signs of the Times

The normal cast is again put into an ancient Japanese story with Ataru as a food thief with Onsenmark and Cherry as his occasional companions. Ataru ends up running from Sakura, Lum and Mendo with a giant monkey. In the end however, it is Onsenmark who comes out ahead.

79. Risking One's Life in Class

Ataru and friends defeat Jariten with a barrage of snowballs, so Jariten seek to take revenge in the classroom. Unfortunately, today Onsenmark demands complete silence in the class and the students do their best to comply.

80. Is a Husband & Wife Quarrel Survival of the Fittest?

Lum's mother boots father out of the house, so he comes to stay with Lum. He then visits the school for a day and gives a speech about being married, which ultimately gets interrupted by Lum's mother.
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