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Title: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 08, 2007, 06:22:38 PM
Hello,lumaholics,thanks to some comments of cata,i decided to bring back the old "death match" topic but with a new name,as some of the people already know,this is topic where we will beat each other uy forum member,some of us wont participate,some will have to clean back their weapons,what matters is that we have fun.

Now,a little history,in the original deathmatch we couldnt have a real final battle as i suddenly started a pseudo-fic regarding kroptik and kurama,from that point onward the fanfiction became deathmatch's signature

Well,lets hope the new wave of lumaholics (cata,janus,shutaro,etc.) join da carnage as there wont be any rules at all

Have fun >:)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 08, 2007, 06:32:49 PM
one sluggish wave of dust and sand, blasting every runes in the area appears. light comes from the center of teh dust and sand dense fog, until it starts to gain form, revealing...

SandStorm possesses the power over earth and all grain materials. his shielding skills have been reinforced since the early days.
New weaponry are available, as the ultimatum spanking bonanza when in cooperation with his best spanking Partner...

SandStorm: Time for revenge, there are things that'll never be forgotten!

Dissipates again in one massive Sand cloud, forming one demonish face, with fangs and glaring eyes, emitting golden light

SandStorm: I'll only attack if attacked, as I'll defend the ones i believe will need help...

Sand is watching the old arena, the place from older fights... many blood has been spilled in the pat... stories from ate, revenge and love still in the air, but now, Sand only have in mind, the one who almost killed Kaede, and attacked her in the past...

Sand: Time for payback...
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Shutaro on July 08, 2007, 10:51:08 PM
Over the horizon rolls 62 metric tonnes of Leopard tank. Shutaro has come to show the world why you don't bring dishonour to his name.

Watching the shadows Shutaro readys the 120mm main cannon.

Shutaro: Anyone wishing to challenge me, step forward. It would speed things up if you could stand infront of the gun.

The (Dark)devil's about to get what's coming to him  >:D

Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 09, 2007, 12:05:43 AM
It's a normal day at a desert... Everything is calm... very calm... What's that? Is it an airoplane? Is it a bird? No... it's Cata, the Valkyrie... very well prepared for what's coming... some hand grenades, an AK-47, a MPK5, a Desert Eagle, a Bazooka, a SPAS12,Dragunov, a sword, armour, shield, bow and arrows, battleaxe, scimitar, AT49, Kalashnikov, lots of food, and much more weapons... With all this equipment there's no way she is going to loose... at least that's what she hopes.

Cata: Hmm, it's very quiet in here... too much quiet... I don't like this. I will keep my eyes and my ears quite open. I will fight no matter what and I will not give up, fight until the end with no fear or regrets. Just give my best and have fun... I'm starting to get hungry... fortunatelly I have brought food with me.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Jataru on July 09, 2007, 01:33:02 AM
On space-time we can see the past, present and future but nobody can enter in that dimension. Jataru guards this world from the forces of evil that dare to destroy the present and future of people. With is magical powers and his powerfull baton he cannot loose.

Jataru: The forces that dare to challenge me think about it because who defies me will not be alive
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 09, 2007, 02:31:48 AM
Victory must be mine,i still dont know the prize,but i am sure it has to do with many babes for us men,cant wait for this  :9

(I sneak in one of shutaro army computers and hack its content so the mendo army also helps me with the opponents)

1 down,now lets deal with the others

(Put some magnets at cata skirt and at jataru jacket,so they remain glued to each other)

man,this is getting easy  >:)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 09, 2007, 07:03:43 AM
From one place, Sand see Shutaro army

Sand: Identify yourself, Stranger! You aren't one of my old rivals...

But then, he see it is Ataru's old rival, Shutaro Mendo

But then, the grounds from alumxander start shaking, and one earthquake gulps him inside

Sand: cheating not funny, alumxander.

Sand: Oh, it is you shutaro, what brings you here?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on July 09, 2007, 07:44:09 AM
In a land of peace and tranquility, echoes of war are
heard, bringing back memories to the very god who controls
them, memories of a bloody battle, memories of alliances that
were forged, love that had been created, memories of past
rivalries with a pair of spanking duos, an annoying duststorm
which just gets blown away and a unworthy ninja that thinks a
pair of glasses can hide her identity, a love-struck and
heart-broken prince that drinks to much ice tea and should
get decaf, a cat that clearly needs to be nutured and is to
high on catnip to realize what he is doing, a space pirate
that cant tell port from bow and is always Falling,
and of course his biggest rival, a being that has powers
equal to his own, but not wits, a self proclaimed cosmic
that destroys randomly with his gallactic explosion
He then turns to his love, staring into her beuatiful eyes,
they both understood it was time


Forgotten: I guess it is that time

Belldandy: this time you wont be alone

Wisp: but sir, this is madness, just imagine the consequences



Forgotten: but it must be done

Belldandy: lets go



Forgotten and Belldandy: and we're not turning back

The portal opens and Forgotten and Belldandy enter, and at
the place of battle, the other end of the portal opens



Forgotten and Belldandy decend to the ground, only to find

that 2 warriors have already been defeated by an

insignificant nuisance

Forgotten: your first

Urd: please allow me to deal with this riff-raff

Belldandy: you sure

Urd: consider it a wedding gift

Forgotten and Belldandy: thank you

Urd charges up and...



vapourizing alumxander on the spot
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 09, 2007, 12:10:02 PM
The plan of Alumxander has failed. Not only because of other warriors, magicians or other kind of fighters. Cata was clever, too...

Cata: Alumxander... Cheating isn't the best way to win... He may used magnets to atract my armour and my guns, but fortunately I have put magnets, too, in my body so that could keep the armour close to me... 8). I must be careful... the enemies are close...
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 09, 2007, 05:28:06 PM
Well,shutaro is dealing with sandstorm and alumxander has been out-smarted by cata and company,so dat leaves me 2 deal with the one that almost won the first dm1,forgotten lum

In a land of peace and tranquility, echoes of war are
heard, bringing back memories to the very god who controls
them, memories of a bloody battle, memories of alliances that
were forged, love that had been created, memories of past
rivalries with a pair of spanking duos, an annoying duststorm
which just gets blown away and a unworthy ninja that thinks a
pair of glasses can hide her identity, a love-struck and
heart-broken prince that drinks to much ice tea and should
get decaf, a cat that clearly needs to be nutured and is to
high on catnip to realize what he is doing, a space pirate
that cant tell port from bow and is always Falling,
and of course his biggest rival, a being that has powers
equal to his own, but not wits, a self proclaimed cosmic
that destroys randomly with his gallactic explosion
He then turns to his love, staring into her beuatiful eyes,
they both understood it was time

I am gonna make sure u contniue yer poetic speeches and...wait,if i send ya there i bet u will only be revived by belldandy or thanks 2 lady death's favor (back in the dm1),so what to do?

Well,since we both are equals in strenght then i will have to make ya not 2 move at all

*Knocks out Urd and grabs Forgotten with a bear hug*

I am not gonna squeeze yer breath away,forgotten,i shall perform a move i wanted 2 use that fateful day of December 2nd 2006

*Channel energy in my armor,separting me from it as it nows has a solid form inside it that is still holding forgotten in a big grip*

Forgotten:I am not gonna be beaten by a living armor

Cosmic:Which reminds me to get a replica of that armor after this,well,that u r trapped,the armor will teleport randomly to all dimensions for a long time and since you are being held by it... ;D

*The armor begins to teleport with forgotten to all dimensions as in an infinite loop*

Cosmic:Well,now he will be truly forgotten and just in case i used the Mental Gun  so he woulndt use his famous mind tricks (create another set of armor and use it;notices that belldandy is there weeping) if it makes ya happy,u have da chance to blast me,but that wont return ya Forgotten-san (belldandy is about to blast me but decides not to as she will try 2 find a way to get her beloved) well,this place really will get stained with blood and tears of love,hehehe

Btw,cata,is good that you were prepared for alumxander treachery,i will be waiting 4 yer challenge one day  ;)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: janus on July 09, 2007, 06:29:03 PM
Out of the Blue appears another nemesis,

He is "Janus, the master of concealed weapons"

A.K.A. "Janus the Freak maker" (although there’s no resemblance).

a lone wanderer... whose only purpose in life is to find a worthy opponent to fight.

during his travels he studied a dark master technique that is so underground, so unknown to man

that you'll hardly find it on Google!

this "concealing" obliviously consist of hiding weapons or objects in body,

but this is a better version of Lum's hiding-under-the-bra technique.

This technique is so superior that it took 5 hours for Janus to realize that his glasses were hidden on his forehead
(ahem, well that’s another story).

Ok, to start off, Janus pulls out katana out his sleeve and jump slashes the nearest foe
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Jataru on July 09, 2007, 07:16:28 PM
Jataru finally with his magic destroys the magnets that keep him and Cata glued with each other (not that complained, in fact I liked to be glue with her   ;) ) and now he seeks for payback time. After a search Jataru finds alumxander

Jataru: I finally found you alumxander, you were very stupid to provoke my anger so now I will send you to a vacuum space where you will never be able to scape.

With is left hand Jataru stops the time of alumxander and with is right hand he opens a portal to a vacuum space, throw him inside and seels the portal

Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: janus on July 09, 2007, 07:52:00 PM
Janus jump slash didn't work out, because he being in the wrong arena,

head buts into the floor but quickly stands up as if nothing has happened and heads towards Jataru in the other arena...
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Shutaro on July 09, 2007, 09:01:23 PM
Shutaro looks around and wonders why his entire army seems to have turned up.

Shutaro yells: Wha, whats going on here?! GO AWAY, I don't need others to fight my battles for me!
Shutaro murmurs: yet....

His army leaves after a friendly fire incident involving a very menicing bird that landed on the lead tank.

Surveying the area, he picks a target.

Shutaro: I don't know who you are and I apologize in advance if you aren't the one im after.

The main cannon fires....
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 09, 2007, 10:17:59 PM
Cata is walking in the desert. SHe shows no fear or regrets of this battle. This is a new challenge for her but she doesn't seem worried at all... Cata is walking for 6 hours now. She stops.

Cata: I wonder what time it is? It's getting dark now. Time to make my own shelter. Fortunately I am a scout.

She grabs her woodcutting axe and begins to chop down some palm trees. With the wood of the palm trees, rope and some large impermeable blankets she made a nice tent. With some matches she lights the rest of the logs, and the fire stays alive until the morning.

Cata: Now, that I have a place to stay and a fire, let's cook! Oh man, I love this part! Wait a minute... OH NO! Due to my huge apetite, I ate everything I had during the trip... :'( What am I going to do?......... I know! I will hunt a cow or a goat! I am SO stupid... There are no goats or cows in the desert... Well, there isn't any other thing I can do now except hunt tarantulas and some scorpions.  

Cata searches for her night-vision-glasses and she goes hunting the big bugs of the Desert. Fortunately, she saw a camel and was able to kill it.

Cata: If I am not lucky, I don't know what am I.  Now let's get this baby cooking.

After the meal time, Cata goes to her tent and fall in sleep quickly, but even sleeping she is able to hear and smell danger...
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on July 09, 2007, 11:16:58 PM
In a forbidden winter wasteland a being begins to move


Lich King: I am free

Meanwhile another being is desturbed under ground and smashes his way to the surface


Illidan: It is time

The 2 evil fly towards each other, faster and faster easily sensing each other and when they collide, they fuse into an old rival of the UY warriors DYLAN. With his powers restored, he decides to take revenge, easy sensing Forgotten's location he opens a dimensional portal and grabs him, ripping the very armor off of him, hold him by the neck, Forgotten appears to be unconcious, when suddenly Belldandy appears out of nowhere

Belldandy: Dylan, but how...

Forgotten: huh dylan, yawn oh what a nice nap

Dylan: Damn you brother, I'll kill you

Dylan goes to punch Forgotten's face, but Forgotten grabs his hand and brakes it

Forgotten: dont you feel pain anymore

Dylan: not anymore

Forgotten: now it's time to fight, fight at my side brother and all sins will be forgiven

Dylan: never

Forgotten: how bout for 5 chocolate bars

Dylan: 6

Forgotten: fine

both shake hands and laugh miniacally

Belldandy: you truly are brothers

Dylan: so did i miss the wedding

Forgotten: no, kinda got delayed or something like that, but it doesnt really make a difference to us, now i think its time for a little wake up call for cosmic, he can be very usefull when it comes to his abilities, thanks to him i was able to release you brother

Dylan: how?

Forgotten: I needed to fall asleep, i never truly fall asleep but thanks to his ability it made me so relaxed i fell asleep and i knew you would come after me right away, so i let myself get caught, shall we go

Belldandy: lets get him and never do that again, you had me really worried

Forgotten: sorry sweety

Forgotten teleports everyone to the moon, right behind cosmic where he is overlooking the others fighting

Forgotten: just like ants arent they

Cosmic: how? and is that? no it cant be

Dylan: i'm back and ready for a fight

Forgotten: this time i'm not fighting alone and my power is even greater
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 09, 2007, 11:45:46 PM
*A gigantic battle ensues but apparently Forgotten and Cosmic end up in a draw,will a day where a true winner arrive? who knows? probabaly they got bored of battles and will only watch?,but know this,honorable reader,piss them off and you are dead meat*

Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 10, 2007, 12:08:54 AM
(Meanwhile as our brave hero is been swallowed by the vacuum,i fall on a jungle where a tribe of aliens greet me)

Alien : You are the one of the legends,the man that fell from the sky and to be greater than Alexander the Great

Alumxaner:Well,that is my name  ;D

(the aliens teach their magic to our hero and help in delivering a space pod)

Aliens:Go forth to beat that wizard and his valkyrie girlfriend

Alumxander:If those 2 thought magnets wer dangerous,wait till they get a load of  the new me,hahahahaha  >:)

(The space pod is travelling back to the arena and finds Janus watching TV)

Alumxander:I was expecting the duo that sent me in exile,but you will work nice as my warm-up
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 10, 2007, 12:42:39 AM
But then, SandStorm's PTCS Interceptor detects alumxander space pod

Sand: Look who we have here... ehehehe, the magnets fighter.

Sand turn is ship to invisible mode, and launch one paralizer beam. Thnen, teleports himself to alumxander ship, while his clone is controlling the interceptor in invisible mode.
since sand is dispersed in nano-particles, alumxander don't detect him

Sand:Marenostrum totalis!

The whole ship gets filled with sand to the top, stucking alumxander.

Sand: terracuore maxima!

The sand transform in rock, and the ship is twice as heavier. Then, he gets out of the ship, and is in the space.

Sand:Sandsoftime! (time stops, only sand sand's ship and his clone moves. everything is stopped in time.

Sand Clone: SandStat attack! Lauching plasma cannons!

several attacks to alumxander ship, seriously damaging it, and making it explode


Send back the alumxander particles and his ship pieces to the time of earth genesis, falling in one activity volcano, being licked by the hot magma.
But in the same time, some kurare vemon was stucked in the previous attacks, paralyzing any remaining micro-organism, making it death.

Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 10, 2007, 12:55:41 AM
(but thanks to the alien magic i wasnt killed by the lava as i used it as bath to clean my dirty clothes;i travel back to 2007)

Alumxander:Before you kill me with your latin called attacks,i will pulverize you so me and lum make sand castles with your body,hahahaha

Hocus Pocus,Shazam!!!

(a lightning strikes sandstorm,before he revives,i put all his body in different glass jars and throw them 2 the sea)

Alumxander:Now to invite lum to the beach  :9~

(seeing that no other worthy opponent is there,our hero departs to see lum ufo)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 10, 2007, 01:00:27 AM
offtopic: you was killed before teh lava, just read it more carefully.
Also, i am latin, so, is very normal i use latin based words.

Sand's particles start to multiply until they chatter the jars. Fast he fuse with his close, and fuse again.It was just alumxander remaining soul memory, soon vanishing and being closed in forgoten's temple, to be tortured by the devil DarkDevil
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 10, 2007, 01:10:18 AM
Off Topic:

Is that place so risky? From what i have read,he thinks he is a cat,so a escape will be piece of cake cause i brought some cat food with me  ::)

(Having tamed the devil's cat with some cheap cat food,our hero tries to find a way to escape hell)

Alumxander:(grab darkdevil tail)Tell me a way out or i will make a change sex surgery to you,darkdevil
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 10, 2007, 01:13:37 AM
one of teh Dark's minions, see this scene, and sends hell fire to alumxander.
DarkDevil releases himself, and slaughter alumxander with his claws, and lock his soul in teh hell cofins
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Shutaro on July 10, 2007, 01:19:51 AM
Recap - Shutaro fired the main gun of his tank.

Watching through his binoculars he watches the shell strike DarkDevil (Who seems to have inadvertantly 'released himself' right into its path), the enevitable explosion leaves a smoldering crater where DarkDevil once stood.

Shutaro: YES, I did it. Dare to call label ME a sissi. Mhahaha

Raising his binoculars again, Shutaro attempts to confirm the kill.....
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 10, 2007, 01:22:45 AM
(luck seems not be with our brave hero,but suddenly some demonic babes appear)

D. Babe:Are you the one called alumxander?

Alumxander:Yes,that is my name,dont worn it much

D. Babe:You see,we can help you to get out but we need a favor from you

Alumxander:What kind of favor?

D. Babe:We are part of Darkdevil's harem girls,but since he doesnt vist us anymore...

Alumxander:Dont worry,i get it and i am willing :9~ :Y
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 10, 2007, 01:23:25 AM
Sand is now glaring at that scene, because he followed dark, but is behind the thank. Then he say_:

Sand: Shuu-chan, you are my hero, but i am afraid it won't be enough to get rid of him...

whispers something to shutaro's ear, and he makes one evil grin
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 10, 2007, 01:28:13 AM
Off Topic:

This battle is getting interesting by the minute,lumaholics,keep the good fight
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 10, 2007, 01:32:24 AM
the demon girls lead alumxander to the harem. but it seems, one long time separated evil twin sister from Kaede, is managing the harem.

Suky Kaede: Well, welcome here stranger... my girls told me about you... seat yourself in that chair, we'll make the preparation...

alumxander seats

Suky Kaede: pull down your pants! i will teach you what i learn from my Earth's and goddes of spank sister, Kunoichi Kaede.

alumxander, just thing it is one pleasure joke, but...


they spank him with the most diverse materials, including one guillotine, cutting his buttcheaks.

Suky Kaede: and now, time to use the cat carrier our lord loved so much!

They place him in the carrier, and twist the handler several times, until the spike is way deep in alumxander's rear hole

Alumxander: Oh sí chica, me gusta mucho!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on July 10, 2007, 01:41:18 AM
Dark: Thank you girls. But Now it's my time to play.
/me let go alumxander, and Dark appeared.
Dark:In this game, I can play myself, by my rules, idiot.
Dark:In other words... /me cat demon turns into a dark shade
Dark: ...darkness cannot be destroyed. Ladies!
/me trys to kill Dark, but he vanishes
Dark (nowhere to be found): If you kill darkness, then light will die, and nothingness raise.
alumxander: WHERE ARE YOU!
Dark (the voice comes under alumxander feet): Here.
/me falls into an unendless pit, under his feet.
Dark: Now for Shutaru.

Posted on: 10-07-2007, 01:39:43
Offtopic: I haven't even entered here and you are already killing me!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 10, 2007, 01:54:18 AM
(falling in an endless pit allowed me to use some magic to teleport to earth,this time i fell near the desert)

Alumxander:A girl is resting here,i feel it(enters da small house) she is still sleeping ans she is that wizard girlfriend,cata,i better use her as hostage in my plan
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 10, 2007, 01:59:30 AM
In the Desert...

Cata: This sounds interesting... Alumxander died about 3 times... and now he is coming for me... I don't think that he will give up that easily. On the other hand, finally Dark is here... Time to go... the action doesn't wait for me.

Cata bought a camel and leaves the Desert.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 10, 2007, 01:59:56 AM
But, what he don't know, is that SandStorm's have a spot to help ladies in danger. Then, the desert sands start to moving around, surrounding him.
One tornado of sanded winds start crunching alumxander, leaving them out of that place. While being transported in the hair, one giant rocked hand grabs him, and crunch him in the palm

Sand: did that girl knew, her safest place was a desert?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 10, 2007, 02:04:18 AM
Alumxander:This must not be my day,owww,but i wont give up,all this pain is just giving me reasons to have my revenge,if not,how i will be able to ask lum for a date?,for now i shall use my magic to use the wind and find a safe place to sleep   >:(

(after 3 days,i decide to hunt down the valkyrie,we are reunited in Germany)

Alumxnader:Fate wont allow us to be separated,time you show me what you can do with your guns,girl,i wont hold back because yo are a woman  ;D
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 10, 2007, 02:10:45 AM
Cata knows that Sand protected her...

Cata: (thinking) Why did he protected me? Anyways, I will send him a letter (the letter will be in orange):

Mr. Sand I apreciate what have you done for me and I would like to do something for you, too. I would apreciate if you could tell me the reasons of your act. Sincerely,

Cata, the Valkyrie

Cata: Done. I will send to Alumxander a message: I am SINGLE! I may be a woman but I am not like other girls... you don't know me... I have much more than just guns...
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 10, 2007, 02:12:13 AM
B8t them, from wind, comes SandStosm's in Sand Fog form, it is seen again his evil face with glaring eyes emitting golden light and mouth with sharp fangs open, leading to the rocked hand and eating him, including alumxander, that was inside it.

The digestion is fast, and from teh organic smelling material, remaining parts of alumxander can be found.

Sand: Lum used to be our old fellow Kroptik almost wife, and i am sure he'll fight back soon...

Disperses and leave

Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 10, 2007, 02:13:43 AM
Off Topic:

Good,battles are getting more and more personal as well as dealing with many subplots,this is pure TNT,good
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 10, 2007, 02:16:58 AM
but then, Sand receives Cata's letter and read it carefully, answering back

Young lady Cata:

It is a pleasure to help someone in danger.
I saw the cheat alumxander did with you, with the magnets and that is stuff to not be done to one girl.

Also, you seems to be one nice warrior lady, that is good, because only my dear Kaede was the only war lady over here.

Anytime for help,


Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: FallinG_StaR on July 10, 2007, 02:17:15 AM
Somewhere in deep space... the most dreaded Warlord of the Universe wakes up after years in a Cryogenic pod...

F. Star: Hmm... I miss Earth... I wonder how the others are doing...

*Turns on a Spy Satellite on the orbit of Earth...*

F. Star: What the Hell!!! Damn thing keeps intercepting the Playboy TV channel... Let me try to change frequency in this damn thing... Ah... now its working... My old foes are fighting again. Time for me to make a surprise visit...
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 10, 2007, 02:21:36 AM
Cata read the letter and awnsers back:

Mr. Sand,
 If you need armour, weapons, bikes, cars, spaceshifts or stuff like that just let me know. I know where to get that kind of stuff.

Cata, the Valkyrie.

Cata: Alumxander, huh? I can't wait to fight with him!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 10, 2007, 02:22:22 AM
Alumxander: Again i am beaten,but my spirit is hard to break as it was the only thing that was saved from sandstorm carnage,so i use my glowing spirit to posses the body of a civilian till i find a way to be back to the old me;somehow i receive cata message,perhaps she is right,but i will beat her anyway since i know who is her protector

(1 week later the body of the museum guard i used makes me go to a history museum where they have many occult devices)

Alumxander:I shall use this jar containing the Powder of Fear,i only need to spray it on cata and sandstorm

(then luck struck as cata was buying some stuff for her friends near the museum i was using as lair,i got behind her and sprayed her,it is time to see if she had da guts to no become a coward)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 10, 2007, 02:25:43 AM
Off Topic:

Good thing you came back,falling star-senpai,now da battles will get more exciting as they already are,dont worry,u will find da kind of battle u practice  8)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 10, 2007, 02:28:23 AM
Now that Cata had been sprayed, she looks at Alumxander eyes...

Cata: Hi Alumxander! I guess that you aren't pretty smart, huh? You sprayed my armour, not me, you dummy! Time for you to know when to quit!

*Cata hits Alumxander with her own hands until he fall down bleeding from his mouth.

Cata grabs his AK-47 and when she was going to shoot... Alumxander teleported!

Cata: How was he able to do that? It doesn't matter... next time I won't fail... A promiss of the leader of the Valkyries!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: FallinG_StaR on July 10, 2007, 02:29:27 AM
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Yes... Its good to be back... I tried to keep up with the forum but... Summer High season brings lots of work and lots of headaches... ::) }:|
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 10, 2007, 02:32:15 AM
(appear above cata face)

Alumxander:You cant shield your face,have a taste of horro,milady

(i sprayed her with it,she falls to her knees,almost crying)

Alumxander:You gave so much trouble to track,sweetie,but now you are beaten,i want yo to yell "ALUMXANDER RULES",and after that yo can use this Sailor Moon suit all the way to your home,got it?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 10, 2007, 02:34:04 AM
offtopic: it has been on more time ago, but, alumxander, its ON now! xD

Sand was paasing my the museum, since he likes to be knowledgeable, and faith wanted to depare with alumxander's action.
Reminding one old ancient spell he learn from Kaede, he use it on Cata, removing all the cowardly that spell cast by alumxander had, still spilling from her armor, to avoid side effects

Sand: Not polite to attack a lady by her back. did you know what a gentlemen is?

Sand enables his shield, and attack alumxander


several massive energy sand balls looking like giant stars hit alumxander, craving him in the ground, making one trail of destruction where he was. it smells to barbecue hair now, alumxander's surelly will need a wig

Sand: attack me, if you can...

Sand is charging up again, and his eyes started glaring.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 10, 2007, 02:37:17 AM
Alumxander:Damn,good thing this isnt my true body,so i can battle yo to the death,however,i must ask you 2 a question,who of you will face me?,i am just willing to fight one,if not,i shall escape,so ya 2 must fight each other to determine my opponent,hahahahah
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 10, 2007, 02:39:10 AM
Sand: so, you are a coward right? haha, i always track everyone
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 10, 2007, 02:39:44 AM

Cata jumps and knocks out Alumxander.

Cata: You sprayed my helmet, dummy... No surprise that Lum doesn't want to go out with you... :& Now... the final blow!

* Cata pulls off a dagger and hits Alumxander's heart with it*

Alumxander wasn't able to resist to this attack... He died.

Cata: I hope that you stay quiet for a while. Even if you come back, I will not run from a challenge. Afterall I am the leader of the Valkyries for some reason, and I will honour my Valkyrie Clan.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 10, 2007, 02:44:36 AM
Sand: better to pierce his ripped heard. cut it to pieces :P
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 10, 2007, 02:48:19 AM
Cata: Easy to do. I'm Cata, the Leader of the Valkyrie's Clan. Nice to meet you.

*Cata cuts Alumxander heart to pieces and give them to a skinny-dog. The dog ate the cutted heart.*

Cata: I hope that you don't die because you ate a cheater's heart.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 10, 2007, 02:52:36 AM
(by consuming my heart,the dog was possesed by me,but for now i shall put a low profile and train better,but i gave those 2 a final punishment as i have urinated in front of their feet,now i must run like hell)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 10, 2007, 02:55:35 AM
Cata: I am so dumb! Oh well, bye-bye skinny-dog...

*Cata grabs her longbow and her arrows and kills the dog*

Cata: Now what am I going to do with these hearts? Any idea Mr. Sand? While you think, I will wash my leg... That was so disgusting! What an AHO!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 10, 2007, 03:00:20 AM
Sand: Damn dog!

Sand: Hey, cata, wanna eat something? Just to stress out from him. Oh, i take care from them

Sand transform the hearts in rock and reduce them to dust. then, storage it in one small tube and lock it.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 10, 2007, 03:02:17 AM
Cata: Sure! I am starving, like always. Thanks for inviting me. Good idea but are you sure that he won't get out from there?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 10, 2007, 03:08:56 AM
Sand: locked with asgardian force, one of teh safest forces in teh universe. Btw, i am SMS'ing Kaede, so, she'll join us soon this quest.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 10, 2007, 03:10:14 AM
Cata: Great! Now... what will happen next?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: janus on July 10, 2007, 03:17:27 AM
*Janus enters the scene*

after a few hours of running with no sense of direction when he suddenly encounters Sand and Cata

with a dead man and a skinny dead dog with a heart in his mouth

Janus: this tells me that you both are worthy opponents yes indeed.

Janus: ok I'll take you on both just for the pleasure of it *takes out flame thrower out his pocket*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 10, 2007, 03:20:17 AM
Sand: only time will show us my friend...

Sand looks to the horizon, and remember old fighting times. all the old fellows are appearing, sooner or later, the fight will get even more intense... he just sense it

but, his focus gets back, when janus arrives

Sand: So, are you challenging us?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 10, 2007, 03:26:48 AM
Cata: Oh great...! I am trying to eat, you know? Are you challenging us? OK show us what you got, then.

*Cata wears a enchanted armour that protects her from fire*
Cata: C'mon I don't have all day!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: janus on July 10, 2007, 03:32:53 AM
Janus: Yes indeed. I saw you from afar and said to myself, this is the type of guy who will show some endurance.

*points flamethrower at sand*

Janus: and to spice it up; I'll put this sakurambo mask (no one wants to see cherry) on to make it harder to aim at me.

*starts throwing flames trying to burn Sand*

Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 10, 2007, 03:36:54 AM
Sand enables his deflective shield

Sand: are you ready to feel the rage attack? Check this out:

controlling his PTCS Raptor from the space, sends up one grabbing beam that abduct Janus to Sand's private space craft, locking janus in one prison and sending him to the space, being catch up by one comet, and blasting the capsule in teh sun
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 10, 2007, 03:38:40 AM
Cata: That was fast! Well done. Now I can eat!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 10, 2007, 03:42:45 AM
Off Topic:

Wow,these guys are more quick than ever,it is agood thing to see this topic and probably they will have a chance to beat me,but that is an honor for falling and forgotten,who by respect,wont provoke,i will deal with them when time is for that
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Jataru on July 10, 2007, 03:53:41 AM
Jataru: Here's your chocolate cake as desert lady Cata


Jataru as employe disguised appears with a chocolate cake to lady cata
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: janus on July 10, 2007, 04:01:35 AM
Janus was prepared for this to type of situations,

so before the capsule exploded,

he took out on of his portable teleporting device (never leaves home without it)

and teleported to the nearest planet making his way back to get his revenge on sand!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 10, 2007, 04:07:32 AM
(Unknown to the 2 soldiers known as cata and sandstorm,i survived now that i live inside rocks,from here i have weak but fatal mental powers and arranged to manipulate the cooks so the cake will give cata and sand some diarrhea,then a flying man arrived)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 10, 2007, 10:57:24 AM
Cata: Thank you very much Sand!

But before that Cata could taste the cake, the flying man arrived...

Cata: Now what?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on July 10, 2007, 11:05:16 AM
Offtopic: If everyone is in the desert I'll join, but the desert is very long.
Mean while.
/me appears in the desert.
Dark: Back to the closest thing to home. An eternal place, for an eternal... Soul.
/me looks at his feet.
Dark:Only one thing missing...
/me white sand turns into black.
Dark: That's more like it.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on July 10, 2007, 01:58:53 PM
* Near the place where Cata And SandStorm are eating, sand starts spinning on its own. Sand and Cata go check it out *

Cata: What are you doing, Sand?

Sand: This is not my doing, lady Cata...

* Suddendly, from the middle of the sand circle, a being appears, someone Sand knows very well. However, he seems to have increased his power tenfold, and reached suck strength that an aura of power seems to emanate from him *

Sand: Well, well... Glad to see ya back, prince.

Kroptik: Glad I am back. So what's this i heard about Lum and a certain Alumxander??

Offtopic: The fun's just beginning...
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 10, 2007, 02:00:57 PM
Sand: Btw, i am sensing some strange activity in my materials, hang on, Kroptik:

But since sand have the power over all rock, sand, dust materials and some more in the universe, and of course, makes the rock eject alumxander to the ocean, while the PTCS army start shooting several lazer attacks to the flying man, until they fry him

Sand: some people never give up... Hey, take this little pill, it avoid possible digestive problems.

both sand and cata take that pill, and no diarrhea for them

Sand: So, kroptik, wanna beat him out?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on July 10, 2007, 02:32:29 PM
Kroptik: So you turned him into a rock...??

Sand: Hey, I didn't do that on my own...

Kroptik: You never cease to amaze me Sand. xD  Let's just leave him as a rock. This way he can't bother Lum anyway. Now if you'll excuse me, I have an old score to settle with someone else. (he disappears)

Cata: Who was that guy??

Sand: An old friend...and a desperate lovestruck... Oh well, let's go order another cake. That first one was good. :9
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 10, 2007, 04:16:16 PM
Cata: Sure. Alumxander comited suicide messing with us.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Shutaro on July 10, 2007, 07:13:17 PM
An insane grin and freezing on the spot always helps when someone fills your ear up with sand. Come to think about it, the words were interesting before the sand earplugs went in.....
Shutaro Finishes reloading the main gun. It suddenly dawns on him, he is the only one here who isn't divinly powerful and suddenly feels a little bit vulnerable.

Shutaro: I dont really have a quibble with the rest of you, so... er... can we be friends?  ;D

He serveys the horizon knowing something bad is coming, and its probably not going to be very friendly towards him    :'(
Hes going to need all the friends he can get!

Shutaro: While I'm waiting for your responses, i'll just turn the tank around and prepare to test the tanks top speed of 72 kmh.
Shutaro murmurs: Its not running away, its only a tactical withdrawal to confuse the enemy. Not running away at all...

Offtopic: DarkDevil. Its not like death is much of a problem for you, you'll only go to hell and I imagine you live there anyway!   :P
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on July 10, 2007, 07:34:32 PM
Offtopic:  In hell/heaven it's way different from living, speacily in this earth, Which is full of idiots.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 10, 2007, 07:47:00 PM
Off Topic:

Hell is like his paradise,that explains why he is always coming back

On Topic:

*While shutaro asks for assistance from the other warriors,we see that Kroptik has entered to the ruins of the old arena from deathmatch 1,when...*

Cosmic:Long time no see,tecasian prince,only ya,forgotten and falling were able to stop my victory back then,how about a friedly battle for ald times' sake?

Kroptik:Cosmic,this time i wont be easy with ya

Cosmic:Very well,show me yer supposed ten-fold increased power

*Kroptik enters in a heavy meditation that suddenly makes his body irradiate with energy,his latest transformation is been revealed*

Kroptik:Shall we?

Cosmic:Bring it on,kropman

*Both warriors begin to deliver their most fatal moves on each other,they dont battle cuz they hate each other but because they have pride,so they give the best they can*



*their enery waves demolish da arena,both are barely standing*

Cosmic:What is next? u r gonna make me a duck again?

Kroptik:And are you gonna make kurama kidnap me again?

Cosmic:Nah,i guess it is better this way,i must say u have improved a lot,took me some effort to be at yer level,this time,tecasian

Kroptik:Well,after all da problems at dm2,i had to,cosmic,i had to

Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 10, 2007, 07:54:11 PM
(again my soul is sento to hell,now that i know what those demon babes want,i satisfy their taste and escape my prison in my old body;i make myself invisible and appear in the place where Kroptik and Cosmic are battling,i am gonna need their power in my service,what a genius i am  >:) )

Alumxander:excuse me,men,but i couldnt help myself to watch your battle,tell yo what,if you help me with some pests i shall reward your help,do we have a deal?  :*)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on July 10, 2007, 07:58:15 PM
Offtopic: Hell and Heaven doesn't have bounders. Anyway it's home, but unfortunatly I'm always magneted back to life, as everybody else.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 10, 2007, 08:03:32 PM
Cosmic:Lemme give ya my answer, is NO !!

*grab alumxander and transform him into a soccer ball,and kick him out of earth's orbit,he will crash down at Pluto*

Cosmic:Damn,that was so silly,i think i lost interest for a while,kroptik,we will settle this later,i am off to my moon base,u can go visit our other friends if ya like,bye bye (vanish)

Kroptik:Well,it is true that i wanna see the other guys (leaves too)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 10, 2007, 08:13:27 PM
Alumxander :it seems one cant trust all people,but now that i am at Pluto,its cold enviroment will conservate me while i heal and see if i can find a civilization in this tiny place

(hope was being lost when a satellite from the Mendo passed by,i hop on it and hacked it to return to earth)

I am gonna need a lot of money to back up my revenge,hey,shutaro must have some spare dollars to give me and i know the kind of language he would understand  >:)

(my transport sents me to the Mendo mansion,since it is empty thanks to the war,i manage to enter the money vault,i am taking a loan of 3,000,000 dollars,i bet he wont miss them at all)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 10, 2007, 11:03:41 PM
Cata left Sand alone so that she could finish Alumxander once and for all.

Cata (screaming): I am sick of you! Alumxander show yourself! Show me all you got, right here right now! You must be afraid, afterall you are a coward...
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on July 10, 2007, 11:18:33 PM
/me  appears behind Cata
Dark: You don't need to scream, everyone can hear you, Miss Cata.
Cata: What are you doing here?
Dark: Hmmm... I don't really know, Miss Cata.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 10, 2007, 11:23:46 PM
Cata: Are you here to challenge me? If that is a chanllenge, then your challenge is accepted.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on July 10, 2007, 11:29:36 PM
Dark: You are the only one who have to choose, but I must warn you... that I'll not hit you very hard.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 10, 2007, 11:31:47 PM
Cata: You'll not hit me very hard? You know why? Because I won't let you hit me very hard. Now are you here to fight or chat?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on July 10, 2007, 11:34:36 PM
Dark: Not sure. Darkness is very long.
/me points down and Cata sees all the white sand turnnig in to black.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 10, 2007, 11:46:15 PM
Cata: That doesn't scare me, cat. Actually black is my favourite colour. If that is all you can do, you are almost easy to beat as it is that cheater punk.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 10, 2007, 11:49:08 PM
(Meanwhile that demon lord and the valikyrie battle,i decided to use one of shutaro jets to track her,i am now hidden some meters behind of her)

Alumxander:You have been a naughty girl,so i am gonna give yo a surprise

(i take a special weapon out of my backpack)


this would surely pierce her armor and send her to a hospital for a while

(and then before the cat strikes her,i aim to cata heart and i pull the trigger and down she goes)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 12:02:52 AM
Cata jumps and avoid the shot.

Alumxander: How did you do that? How did you noticed? How did you know?

Cata: Enough of questions. I have already told you to not understimate me. You sure are a coward... Only attack from behing, using dirty tricks, stealling money... I understand Lum... Ataru Moroboshi is much better than you.

Alumxander: This time I will not fail!

He pulls the trigger but Cata jumps again.

Cata: In my clan the classes are very important... Can you guess in wich disciplines was I better? No need to awnser that... I was better at Gimnastics and Living in the Wild (LW). The sound is much faster than the bullet, so when I eard the sound I avoid it. If you really want to beat me, you need to do better than this.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on July 11, 2007, 12:07:44 AM
Alumxander: Fine then, I'm out of here. (he runs off...)

Cata (to Dark): Good, now let's start our fight, you demon.

* However, unaware of Cata, Alumxander turns around and decides for another shot *

Alumxander: This time I won't miss!

* However, before Dark and Cata start fighting, Kroptik appears before them *

Kroptik: Hi Dark. Long time no see. ;D

* Kroptik gets hit by the explosion of the bazooka shot by Alumxander, but he barely flinches. He turns around slowly... *

Kroptik: You again?! Can't you leave me alone for a second?
* He goes towards Alumxander and strikes him with his 1000 Dragon Fire Fists technique, then he teleports him to Pluto's core *

Kroptik: Now he can cool off. (he returns him attention to Dark and Cata) So how's it going Dark?

Dark: Mind your business mortal. I want to finish this.

Kroptik (thinking): Now I remember why I didn't like this guy... (talking) Nevermind I asked then. Have you seen Falling or Forgotten?

Dark: No, but they must be somewhere in this desert.

Kroptik: Ok then, I'll go look for them.
* He opens the wings he had concealed in his back and flies off, leaving Dark and Cata alone again *

Cata: Weird guy, isn't he?

Dark: Weirder then you think.

Cata: (She draws her sword again) Not that that matters right now.

* They continue their quarrel, one soon to be broken by Sand *
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 11, 2007, 12:11:47 AM
Alumxander:Damn,i should have throw them a nuclear bomb,now i am trapped in the core,there is no way for me to escape,but i must not give up,i just need to change opponents

(so i began to dig my way out of pluto)

once i get my hands on that bird boy,we will see if royalty has blue blood
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 12:18:15 AM
Cata: Wait Dark! I have an idea...

Cata picks up Dark and tells him something at his ear. (Cata sended him a personal message).

Cata: I hope that you agree. I will send a letter to the other warriors, too.

(Cata sended a letter to other warriors).
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Shutaro on July 11, 2007, 12:20:17 AM
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 11, 2007, 12:31:54 AM
*Unfortunately for the  alumxander cheater,there wont be any way he gets transported back to earth as his face was broadcasted as dangerous in many space channels;but enough of him,lets head back to earth,where kropman is flying around the pacific*

Kroptik:It feels nice 2 get an early exercise here on earth,that has both good and bad times 4 me

*then a small ship gets near him,it is Cosmic King*

Cosmic:Yo,prince,in case you wanna see Forgotten,he put a giant barrier as he is now a soldier of love


Cosmic:He no longer fights,but well,we can always give a visit to the Emperor of Pirates,falling star

Krop:Well,he owes me da humilliation he gave me back in school

*so the 2 warriors fly to space,to find the imperial ship*
Posted on: July 11, 2007, 12:25:34 AM
*But then the 2 warriors sensed a huge amount of power near Pluto,it seems cata and company decided to finish alumxander*

Cata:He keeps coming back all da time,lemme evaporate him

Dark:Dunno,i kinda like da guy

Sand:Enough of this,it seems his anger toward us is what makes him fight back

Jataru:Then i shall use a spell that would make him be rid of his anger

*a spell is used on alumxander,he falls in the ground drooling;cosmic and krop witness this and leave 2 find falling star*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 11, 2007, 12:35:45 AM
(Finally my mind been purged of my killing intent,i wake up before my former foes,it is not anger i feel to them,but what is it?)

Alumxander:(taking cata hand) cata,i was so blind to try to killl yo,now my anger to ya has become love ,would yo be my partner?  ;D (i kiss her hand)

Cata: !!!

Alumxander:I feel no hate to all of yo,but if yo mess with my new found girl,i will have to beat yo
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 12:41:54 AM
Cata: Oh please...! Do you think that I would believe in that? You just made that up so that you could save your butt... Guess what? The game is over for you brat!

Cata pulls off Alumxander's "bazooka" and aims towards him.

Cata: Taste your own medicine!

Cata shots but she didn't kill him. But she hurted him.

Alumxander: Why didn't you killed me?

Cata: I will let other warriors have fun too.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 11, 2007, 12:47:19 AM
Alumxander:There is no need for that,what yo just did broke me heart,cata
,is it because of other man or what?,if that is the reason i will hunt him down till yo accept to be mine  >:(

(using my last stranght,i juump jataru and sand and use their spaceship;for the 1st time my purpose is not vengeance but love)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 12:53:19 AM
Cata: Yeah right... He peed on my leg, cheated, died about one hundred times, understimated me, attacked me from behind and now he loves me??? This a battle, not a date simulator or something like that!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on July 11, 2007, 12:54:32 AM
Dark: You're a real idiot, as anyone else here.
/me  Turns to Cata, getting ready to chops Dark's head
Dark: ...Except women.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 12:57:04 AM
Cata prepares to fight. She wields a powerfull shield and a MPK5.

Cata: Show me what you got, kitty.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Jataru on July 11, 2007, 12:57:34 AM
Jataru:Alumxander didn't just know that I putt bomb on the space ship just for precausion
and it's time to blow up Alumxander.

Jataru activates the self-destruction bomb of the space ship leaving the space ship and Alumxander into ashes

Jataru: I'll have to buy a new space ship now.    
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 12:59:50 AM
Cata: I can get you one if you want. I have some useful contacts.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Jataru on July 11, 2007, 01:01:22 AM
thank you Lady Cata.   ;)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on July 11, 2007, 01:01:57 AM
Dark: "In this game, I can play myself, by my rules." Anyway, Ladies first.
Offtopic: I'm, for now, a shade.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 11, 2007, 01:02:17 AM
Off Topic:

Today is not my day :'(,but thanks for cooperating with my nefarious plans as i will be back for my new purpose one day...probably
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on July 11, 2007, 01:03:15 AM
Offtopic: Just leave to the experts.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Shutaro on July 11, 2007, 01:14:55 AM
A Shutaro appears to be alone, he declares.

Shutaro: Victory. Bitter sweet. My enemys are all dead or have fled, I therefore need to attend to matters of more importance. I think a 50% paycut for my private army will be a good start....

Shutaro drives back home until duty calls upon him to act (irationally) again.

Offtopic: This thread is quite addictive. 2nd night in a row I've been up past midnight  ;D
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 11, 2007, 01:18:03 AM
Sand still laughing at alumxander flirting attempts
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on July 11, 2007, 01:20:17 AM
Dark: Wait here, Miss Cata.
/me vanishes, and reappears in a few seconds.
Cata: Why did you toke so long?
Dark: I had to go to the bathroom.
At Sutaru's home, there's a giant hole on the ground, with Shutaru inside all burned.
Shutaru: What happened?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 01:26:24 AM
Cata (to Jataru): THe spaceship will be with you tomorrow.
Cata (to Dark): It's nice of you but don't expect kindness from me.

*Cata grabs a flute and played it.*

Everything became dark and the Valkyrie Clan appeared to help her Leader.

Cata: Attack him without fear!

*The team of Magicians of the Valkyrie Clan make a powerful spell so that nobody could escape from there now. Then handed the legendary Light Dragon Staff to Cata and she transformed into the most powerful magician that her Clan has ever known. Her hair became yellow and she wear a white greek vest. Her eyes became light blue.

Light Cata: I bet that you weren't expecting this. I am Light Cata. I am the same Cata but only with a pure heart, pure mind, pure soul...

* Enato Silverlight!*  - Powerfull spell that casts a silver long sword and sends it right into the heart of the enemy and keeps following him until the sword is destroyed or hits its target.

The sliver sword is fast and it's going right into Dark's shade chest.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 11, 2007, 01:28:33 AM
*In other part of the galaxy after the fateful battle royale of cosmic vs. kropman vs. falling <which we had to edit>,the tecasian prince and the cosmic king return back to earth in japan,they find shutaro screaming with fury*

Cosmic:What happened,man?

Shutaro:Somebody stole 70 % of my fortune  :(

Krop:I have heard the money alumxander stole was confiscated by a secret society and it is been used as some kind of prize in Italy,something about a contest of tanks? does that seem useful 2 ya,shutaro?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on July 11, 2007, 01:31:36 AM
Dark: No harm done.
/me  spreads to the arena Wall
Dark: Now My turn.
/me grabs Cata, avoiding her to move.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Jataru on July 11, 2007, 01:33:20 AM
Shutaro just didn't know that Jataru on his brand new space ship launch a missile to Shutaro's tank

Jataru: He's very pompous now, let's see how he get's if I destroys his tank.

Then Shutaro's tank is destroyed leaving Shutaro towards the sky.

Shutaro: rrrrrr...ksama.

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Post by: Cosmic King on July 11, 2007, 01:40:32 AM
Cosmic:That missile came from above (examines the remains) it is what i suspected,this missile has magic power inside it,dats why it gave ya butterfly wings,dont worry,there is a cure

Shutaro:Cure? you mean it not only destroyed my tank but also infected me?

Cosmic:Aye,the missile has infected ya with a virus that will turn ya in a human insect,dunno what kind but i bet jataru knows da cure

Shutaro:I hope i dont turn in a butterfly,that would break da hearts of my fans,woe is me,go and find jataru,and cosmic?


Shutaro:Make him suffer

Cosmic:Well,he is not a foe of me but if he resists i will have 2 use force on him,u can ask kropman 2 keep an eye on ya

*cosmic king tracks where jataru is and travels to such zone*
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Post by: DarkDevil on July 11, 2007, 01:43:06 AM
Dark: Do you really want to resist it, Miss Cata?
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Post by: SandStorm on July 11, 2007, 01:47:58 AM
Silently Sand appears up Dark and transform him in rock


Then, is just time for cata slaughter D.Devil
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Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 01:51:34 AM
Dark with is power of Darkness changes back to a shade.

Dark: That didn't do me anything you fool!

Dark quickly grabed Light Cata again.

Light Cata: You forgot one thing... the Silver Sword still follow you...

Magicians: Kisshu Vitran!

Dark Cata appears: What the hell do you want? If it isn't that arrogant cat... now he is a shade... not impressive.

Light Cata: I present you Cata's other side: Dark Cata. We are like Ying Yang, like Death and Life, like good and evil... I can't live without her and she can't live without me.

Dark Cata: Enough of chatting!

Dark Cata multiplies herself and confuses Dark. He gets so confused that Dark Cata rescued Light Cata. Then the Silver Sword comes for Dark...

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Post by: janus on July 11, 2007, 02:04:10 AM
**Janus interrupts the scene**

Janus: where's Sand, Cata!?

Dark: who might you be?

Janus: it's none of your buisness, I'm talking to cata here!!

**looks back to cata**

Janus:you were with hin, now where is he!

Cata: I will never tell!

**takes out shot gun**

Janus:I guess then you will be taking his place.

Dark: hey this is my fight!!

Janus: but mine hasn't been finished yet.

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Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 02:23:27 AM
Dark Cata and Light Cata: Since you didn't noticed, we are two Cata's. Valkyrie Clan, ATTACK!

While the Valkyrie Clan and the Silver Sword were attacking DarkDevil, the two Cata's were fighting with Janus.

Dark Cata and Light Cata: Double Combination! Tiatrius Storm!

Threes huges storms appeared: Lightning Storm, Raining Storm and a Sea Storm. All the three attacked Janus.

Dark Cata and Light Cata: Now for the final blow: Lupus Santoro!

The shade of a rare horned wolf appears and destroys Janus' soul.

Dark Cata: The Janu's homework is done, now let's do Dark's homework.

Light Cata: You should be more nice to other people.

Dark Cata: Why? This is a battle everyone is enemy... Nobody can trust in anybody...

Light Cata: You remind me someone...

Dark Cata: Really? But now less conversation and more action!
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Post by: FallinG_StaR on July 11, 2007, 02:39:41 AM
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Well... I got to admit... I'm very, very... CONFUSED... ;D

Edit: And lost...
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Post by: Cosmic King on July 11, 2007, 02:46:09 AM
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Well... I got to admit... I'm very, very... CONFUSED... ;D

Edit: And lost...

Yeah,that is what happened too in the old DM,what matters is that u have fun doing it,falling-senpai
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Post by: Jataru on July 11, 2007, 03:08:41 AM
Cosmic after travel one dimension discouver Jataru

Jataru: Long time no see Cosmic.

Cosmic: Yes indeed.

Jataru: What brings you here?

Cosmic: Shutaro send me because of the infection caused by your missile.

Jataru: Soo is still alive.

Cosmic: He demands a potion to cure is infection and I have orders to hurt you if you resist.

Jataru: Ok, ok fine i will make the potion


After an hour making the potion Jataru delivers it to Cosmic

Jataru: Here's the potion.

Cosmic: Thank you.

Jataru: And Cosmic?

Cosmic: What?

Jataru: When Shutaro recovers tell him that I challenge him to a duel on the colosseum. And this time he will not survive
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Post by: DarkDevil on July 11, 2007, 01:18:25 PM
Dark Cata: Lets finish Dar...(sees Dark standing in front of her)... impressive. Light Cata, he's here.
Light Cata: What are you talking about? Dark is right here in front of me!
Dark Cata: ???
/me  Cata views another Dark in front of her other self.
Dark Cata: Ok... And where is the Silver Sword?
/me  of the Darks points to another place where there was a third Dark running from the Sword.

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Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 01:38:01 PM
Dark Cata: I see... We can do that too...

Both Cata's: Double Combination! Twins Multiplication Kisshu!

There aren't just two sides of Cata now... There are about 100 Cata's sides.

Light Cata: Cairn Arrow!

A mystical arrow hits the Sliver Sword and splited it. Now There are thousands of little Silver Swords that Dark needs to avoid.

Light Cata: Beat this, demon!

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Post by: DarkDevil on July 11, 2007, 01:43:50 PM
Dark: And how about this?
/me Dark Catas are swallowed by one of the Darks, that same Dark points to the sky and makes all the Silver Swords disappear.
Dark: Now How shall you fight.
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Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 01:51:42 PM
Light Cata: This arena was created by me... I controll all that happens in here... Ike!

This time, the Silver Swords are HUGE! And they are coming for the three Darks.

Dark Cata: And we have many more plans to defeat you. You are no challenge for me.
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Post by: DarkDevil on July 11, 2007, 01:58:41 PM
Dark: If you're still in play, Miss Dark Cata, I can play with this arena.
/me summons a giant shield
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Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 02:04:37 PM
Dark Cata: Gotcha!

While the Silver Swords hit Dark's shield, the other Light and Dark Cata's beat up Dark from the back.

Light and Dark Cata's: It's strategy, not cowardice.
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Post by: DarkDevil on July 11, 2007, 02:08:59 PM
Dark Cata (with the voice of Dark): I've warnned you.
Dark1: Play, and you may manage it.
Dark2: If you manage it, you cannot play with it.
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Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 02:23:57 PM
Dark Cata: Get the hell out of my body!

Light Cata: I'm impressed. But in the battle Darkness VS Light, the Light wins. Laturgis Kisshu! (Dark Cata got rid of Dark). Trinus Kisshu! [An Army full of White Knights (these knights protect the World of Light from Darkness)] Your weekness is Light. Attack!

The White Army attack all the Darks with Light Arrows, Bullets, Cannonballs, Spears, Maces and Swords.

Dark Cata: Now my turn to revenge my voice! Kisshu Semoga! Now the army is a Light Zombie Army! Ike! Finish him!
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Post by: DarkDevil on July 11, 2007, 02:29:16 PM
Darks: If you kill darkness, you'll kill light. You'll destroy everything.
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Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 02:45:11 PM
Dark and Light Cata's: We know. But... We could replace Light and Darkness. Besides we are just Cata's conscience. Dark Cata represents the evil side of Cata. And Light Cata represents the good side of Cata. We are just Cata's angel and devil. Are you quiting from the battle? If you don't want to fight with us, then what do you suggest?
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Post by: DarkDevil on July 11, 2007, 04:59:22 PM
Dark: Wait a second...
/me Zombies vanishes
Dark: Now, if Cata is that powerful, she doesn't need to be fought by you. Face your own fears, don't let others fight it for you.
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Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 06:27:45 PM
Dark and Light Cata: You just don't get it, do you? We are Cata.

Dark Cata: I am "the bad Cata". I like to fight, to eat until I blow, I get pissed off very easilly sometimes, I hate to study, I am jealous, I don't take s*** from anyone, I have no mercy,... I am... I am... I am everything bad that Cata is and does...

Light Cata: I am "the good Cata". I love animals, I like to help people, I love sports, I have a great sence of humor, I forgive, I'm smart,... I am the good side of her. I am the kind Cata.

Both Cata's: Do you understand now that we are Cata and that we are the same old Cata?
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Post by: Cosmic King on July 11, 2007, 06:29:50 PM
*meanwhile at Jataru's place*

Cosmic:i will tell him yer message,wizard but i am amazed you didnt resisted to give me the cure,well,i suppose this means you fight fair

Jataru:Right,in fact it was an accident that my missile would turn shutaro in a butterfly

Cosmic:Probably yer missile got altered thanks to the dark energy our friends cata and darkdevil r using 2 battle,well,see ya

*Cosmic returns just in time 2 administer da cure to shutaro and informs him of jataru challenge*
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Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on July 11, 2007, 07:17:18 PM
The skies are grey with clouds and rain over the battlefield and suddenly a shadow emerges from above,the Spanking Assasin Kaede has arrived to the arena

Kaede:It has been a long time,lets hope my spanking katanas arent rusty

Sand:Kaede,it is good to see you

*Kaede and Sand do their usual greeting,spank each other*

Kaede:I received notice that you found yourself another companion,is that right?  >:(


Kaede:We will talk later,it seems those 2 girls are having trouble with Darkdevil and i need my warm up

*Darkdevil was going to use his monster tail and shadow magic to impale the 2 catas,they were holding back against him*
Kaede:Yo,darkdevil,sorry to ruin your battle but your ass is mine  >:)

Dark:How dare you mock me?

*Dark jumps against Kaede that takes out the Divine Katana and slices dark chest*

Kaede:I know you are a trong cat,but the sword was bathed in sandstorm mutant blood,all your body will turn into stone,except yoour butt which i want to spank  })

*Using a giant and spiked hammer serves to punish dark for been a bad cat*

Cata:Amazing but that was my battle

Kaede:Sorry,my name is Kaede,sand's friend,are you the one that has been travelling with him?
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Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 07:38:01 PM
Dark and Light Cata: Kisshu Fusion! (Both Cata's changed back to Cata, the Valkyrie due to the spell).

Cata: Valkyrie Clan, thank you for your loyalty and you may go back now. Sorry to keep you waiting, Kaede. I am Cata, the Valkyrie and Leader of the Valkyrie Clan. And yes, I am the one that has travelled with Sand. But I left him because I wanted to get some revenge in one punk named Alumxander. Well it's a long story. You seem to be jealous. You don't have nothing to worry about. ;)
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Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on July 11, 2007, 07:43:37 PM
Kaede:Well,yeah,i am kind of jealous,but well,at least you are on his side,
now that you mentioned that you are a valkyrie,it will be good to have a sparring match,just to see your abilities,ok?

*Kaede takes out her 2 special Katanas*

Kaede:Dont worry,i wont hit you very hard,you have a chance to retreat i you want
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Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 07:54:30 PM
Cata: You won't because I won't let you hit me too hard.

*Cata wears her armor and wields her two MPK5.*

Cata: I won't kill you... I will just immobilize you. I hope that you don't mind. Even if you do, I don't care. Besides, if I injured you too much, I can get always my Valkyries' Magicians to heal you, if you want to, of course. Now, enough conversation and more action. Give me your best shot!
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Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on July 11, 2007, 08:01:53 PM
Kaede:Ok,i wont make you wait for more

*Kaede throws the katanas toward cata chest,cata evades them but she lefts her defense too open*

here is my chance

*Kaede delivers a hard kick on cata face,knocking her in the floor*

Hissou Kozan !! *kaede's hands glow,getting a sharp as a sword,then destroys the upper part of cata armor as well as slashing her but before a deathblow can be delivered,cata kicks kaede on her chest*

Kaede:Well,you are very good fighter,cata,lets continue
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Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 08:17:44 PM
Cata: You are very different from the other oponents that I have fought before... I like it. I have understimated you. Thank you. When you want to quit just say it, I don't want you to have to fight the other oponents too weak.

*Cata takes off her armour and puts some army clothes and paints her face with mud.*

Cata: Pretty disgusting, don't you think? You don't need to awnser that. My turn to attack, Kaede. Prepare your defence, you'll really need to do it. Scimmy Lectorus!

* Cata quickly wields her scimitar and makes a scratch in Kaede's neck.*

Cata: If I wanted to, I would killed you right now. I attacked you and you didn't see me doing it. You just felt a scratch but you don't know how it happened. Your turn.
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Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on July 11, 2007, 08:31:19 PM
*Kaede touches her neck,it is bleeding but not in a fatal way*

Kaede:You are quick,my friend,but i can beat that

*kaede begings to mutter some buddhist chants,her speed is amplified creating after images that are about to strike cata,cata evades them but doesnt notice the real kaede strikes from the skies*

Mega Skull Splitter !! *the attacks leaves cata with temporal blindness and confusion,leaving kaede with a achance to hit cata in her vital points,cata still stands*

Come on,that was just a basic attack,i wont kill you but that doesnt mean i wont petrify you as i did with darkdevil

*Kaede is gonna slash cata with the Medusa Sword*
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Post by: janus on July 11, 2007, 08:43:54 PM
*note* I know that reviving every single time gets old to some of you, but I'm doing it upon request

*Meanwhile all this was happening*

Janus was also prepared for this type of situations.

So in a laboratory far away a body lay dormant in a freezer, that was awakened the moment the primary host died.

This Person was........Janus?? but how could this be?

Janus knew that someday that he was going to be killed by a worthy oponent

So in order to survive Janus Made a clone of himself to avenge who ever killed him

but there was a major flaw in this

Janus had no memory of the killer, because being made some time ago, no memory of it was ever written

But that didn't take out the Idea that he wanted a worthy fight

so he set out again for an opponent........

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Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 08:54:27 PM
Cata: I... I... Man... I am feeling dizzy...

*When Kaede was just going to slash Cata, she falls and dodge it.*

Kaede: That was lucky!

* Cata is not confused anymore and hides in the sand...*

Kaede: Where did she go? What a coward!

*While Kaede was looking in the sand for the Valkyrie as Cata watches her carefully...*

Cata: Sidran Tanimius! (A huge tsunami takes Kaede away and Cata dives) Orcinus Corpsis! (The corpse of a killer whale appears and Cata rides it) Good girl. Ike!

* The corpse punches Kaede's face and she "flyes" against the Darkdevil's rock and broke it.*

Cata left her "pet" alone and went see if Kaede was alright.

Cata: Kaede! Kaede! Hey! Can you hear me? What have I done?
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Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on July 11, 2007, 09:05:21 PM
*Kaede gets up,barely breathing thanks to the killer whale attack*

Kaede:It has been a while since i had this fun,dont worry,i am still ok,i will show you not only you can use sand magic

*Kaede grabs her 2 katanas and begins 2 whirl like a tornado*

Ghost Spears Hurricane!!!

*Kaede's hurricane alters all da sand surrounding the arena into flying spears that begin flyimg everywhere,cata gets sliced by some of them and beacause sand is everywhere,she cant see that kaede is about to deliver an attack*

I am gonna make you stay quiet for a while...Sho Tenken!!!

*it hits cata,making her lose the ability to move as she if was a statue* use...a lot of magic on that are a good opponent,
cata...i guess we are in a draw...for a while

*kaede falls exhausted to her knees*
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Post by: Shutaro on July 11, 2007, 09:35:14 PM
Shutaro wanders away from the tank wreckage. Dazied by all the terrible things that seem to have happened recently, he walks to Ataru's house.

Shutaro mubbles: She must have something to fix me, let's just hope the cure doesn't need to be cooked...
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Post by: Cosmic King on July 11, 2007, 09:42:18 PM
*Cosmic arrives near shutaro*

Cosmic:Hey,mendo,here is da cure,you have to swallow it at once

Shutaro:Ok (drinks it all)

Cosmic:By the way,jataru is expecting you for a battle in his colliseum,here are the coordenates,well bye (cosmic leaves)
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Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 09:48:01 PM
Cata (thinking): C'mon! Move! Am I stupid or what? C'mon! For my Clan's sake... Move something!

*Cata finnaly could move and gets up.

Cata: It's great not being paralized, you know? Thanks for your compliments. It has been a while since I had a fight like that... I need more practice.

*Cata gives a hand to help Kaede to get up. And both shake hands.*

Cata: I want to have a second round, some day. But first, I need to eat something. I am really starving. You're a great fighter. You're the strongest warrior I have fought until now.
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Post by: Cosmic King on July 11, 2007, 10:11:11 PM
Off Topic:

These 2 girls have really showed us what a titanic battle can be  8)

On Topic:

*Cosmic observes the outcome of the 2 female warriors battle,they are getting stronger by the minute,they need to rest for now*
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Post by: cata on July 11, 2007, 10:32:50 PM
Off Topic:

Thank you very much Cosmic.

On Topic:

*After the two female warriors fight and complimented each other, Cata left that arena and searched for a good place to practice and improve her skills. Fortunatelly after 3 days acrossing the hot Desert alone, she found a forest... a huge forest. Now that forest is her home. She keeps training day after day.

Cata: I have jumped from tree to tree acrossing the entire forest in 2.67 minutes... It's slow... I will improve my speed running with a big boulder on my back... Yeah, that should do it... Then, practicing Magic, then Range, agillity, strenght, intellingence, resistance, reflexes,... and one of more hardest to improve: how many days can I stand without eating... I need to beat my weakneses! Ike!

And she still spends all her time improving her skills. The battle with Kaede teached her many things.
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Post by: DarkDevil on July 12, 2007, 12:42:00 AM
/me approaches to Kaede
Kaede: Do you want to fight me? If not, run away.
Dark: One thing, it's not polite to get between a battle, and second I'll not run away I'll only let you decide if you really wat to fight this demon or not?
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Post by: cata on July 12, 2007, 12:50:15 AM
After 2 months and a half of training, Cata feels prepared to challenge and fight again.

Cata: I am better than ever and I have learned a few strong techniques. For my Clan, I must survive in this hard war! Hey? What's this? I'm feeling Dark... No... it can't be... or... I must hurry and intercept him!
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Post by: DarkDevil on July 12, 2007, 12:59:28 AM
Dark: Why is it, Miss Cata?
Cata: ??? What? Where? ???
/me  can't find Dark.
Dark: Hey! Down here.
/me look down and see Dark in for of a small white mouse in her armour.
Dark: I'm hiding from Miss Kaede.
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Post by: janus on July 12, 2007, 01:04:36 AM
*in that moment Janus comes across  cata and dark*

Cata:It can't be, I killed you long ago!

Janus: What are you talking about, who are you?

Cata: don't play dumb with me, you know!

Janus: Really I don't know.....

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Post by: cata on July 12, 2007, 01:27:57 AM
Cata: Ok, Janus be that way! I don't care. Now Dark what were you saying?

Dark: I'm hiding from Miss Kaede.

Cata: Oh... Really? Don't say... Why?

Dark: If she finds me, she will spank me!

Cata: Excellent idea! (Cata grabs Dark by her tail and put him in a glass box).

Janus: Can I come with you, please?

Cata: Sure.

Dark: Whatever.

When they arrive where Kaede is:

Janus: Hi, who are you? ???

Cata: Hi, Kaede! Are you recovered from our last encounter? I brought you a little present. (Cata shows the small white mouse).

Kaede: A mouse???? What am I suppose to do with that disgusting thing?

Janus: Don't ignore me... Who are you and what are you talking about? ???

Cata: It isn't a mouse as other mouses. This one i...

Kaede: Let me guess! This mouse has pedigree! Stop joking around!

Cata, Dark and Kaede: Mind your own business! }:|

Cata: I'm not joking. This mouse is Dark, believe it or not.

Janus: Ok ok... sorry to bother you... :(

Cata, Dark and Kaede: Shut up!  :(

Janus: Ok! I got it! :-X

Cata, Dark and Kaede: >:(

Kaede: Are you serious? (Kaede looks closelly to Dark and prepares to spank the mouse, and when Kaede was going to spank him, Dark changes back to his cat form). You were right! He is Dark! Let the spanking begin!

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Post by: Shutaro on July 12, 2007, 01:40:37 AM
Shutaro turns up at the designated spot (after an extremely long walk) in the colosseum and pulls out Murasame. He draws a line in the sand and waits for Jataru to appear.

Shutaro: This has been a bad day... I'm going to get myself killed at this rate... All the ladies in the world I still have to meet too...
Shutaro mutters: I dont want to disapoint them by dying here..  :?

Sundenly remembering he has his (brick like and indestructable) portable phone. He makes a hasty call.

Shutaro: I need.. the agent I said i never want to see again.

The phone makes nosies but noone else can understand

Shutaro on the phone: Thats right, that agent and get him to bring me another tank!  8)

Offtopic: I always seem to be 3 pages behind! I'm sorry if this plot always seem to turn up a bit late.  :P
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Post by: cata on July 12, 2007, 01:44:23 AM
Off topic:

It's ok.
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Post by: SandStorm on July 12, 2007, 02:16:44 AM
On this, Sand appears behind the 2 girls and grab the cat by his tail

Sand: Ladies... 3...2...1... GO!

Sand creates one rocked arena around them, without place for dark escape
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Post by: cata on July 12, 2007, 02:45:29 AM
Cata: Awesome! Now I have an oportunity to test my skills! Thanks Sand.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 12, 2007, 02:54:30 AM
Sand: anytime, my friend :) Also, if you want, this arena have some 'hidden' surprises under the hood ;)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 12, 2007, 03:12:45 AM
Cata: That makes this adventure even more interesting!
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Post by: alumxander on July 12, 2007, 05:25:32 AM
(The moment Jataru's ship exploded,our brave hero ceased to exist,my soul entered a purgatory where i met some of the most powerful men ever assembled,after i told them my story,they agreed to help me)

Bruno Lee:Fear not,brave one,i shall train you in martial arts

Harry Poker:My magic will give yo the tools to success

Cyrano de Bergerac:I give my sword skills to you

(After a while my 3 masters completed my training)

Harry Poker:Our job is done,young man,the time to return home is set for you


Cyrano:We will infuse our spirits on you,you will be strong enough to escape here,each time you need our power in battle just scream THUNDER


Bruno:T=Titan for strenght
         H=Hades for magic
         U=Ultimatum for wisdom
         N=Nox for shapeshifting
         D=Diamond for endurance
         E=Eagle for flight
         R=Rashomon for speed

Alumxander:I thank you all,my masters

(So,that is how i came back to my old self,i cannot wait to use my new abilities on those who beat me)
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Post by: cata on July 12, 2007, 10:28:14 AM
Cata received a message from her Clan.

Cata: Hey, Dark, Sand and Kaede! Alumxander will return to get revenge.

Dark: How do you know?

Sand: That guy just doesn't know how to quit. It doesn't matter how many times he comes. He will get his butt kicked everytime he show up.

Kaede: Who is that guy?

Cata: My Clan is worried about me, so they have a crystal ball that shows what everyone is doing. And they saw him training and warned me. I will give you a brief summary of what happened to me while Alumxander was alive. Alumxander tried to cheat from the begining. For example: he hackered Shutaro's computers, he magnetized my armour and guns, and Jataru's jacket, he wanted to attack me while I was sleeping and making his hostage, he tried to make me very scared spraying me, he peed on my leg very disgusting), he poisoned my chocolate's cake and he attacked me from the back! And in the end he said HE LOVES ME!!! I don't think that he is normal.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on July 12, 2007, 11:38:00 AM
Dark (from Cata's armour): OK, lets go.
/me  armour turns into dark.
Cata: ??? what are you doing? ??? Shoudn't you beingspanked by Kaede?
/me  on Kaede's starats to melt.
Dark: Not really. So? Lets go?
Kaede: Not before I spank you.
Dark: Time to go, no time to wait.
/me starts to pushhing Cata to the mountains.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 12, 2007, 11:47:54 AM
Cata: Dark! Stop it!

Kaede: When we finished Alumxander, I'll take care of you. I won't forget.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on July 12, 2007, 12:15:50 PM
Dark: I can deal with time... sometimes.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 12, 2007, 06:27:57 PM
(While the 3 soldiers are arguing,our brave hero enters the place where the Cata Clan trains)

Alumxander:You girls were the ones responsible for manipulating Cata into hating me,i am going to make sure yo dont influence her again

(The valkiries ganged up against me,they began to show their strenght yet i manage to break some of their bodies with my new skills)

Alumxander:Dont make me laugh

(The valkiries then sent their best squad and some archers,i finally am cornered so i had to use the THUNDER power,from that point onward,i managed to beat those warriors to a pulp)

Alumxander:This the best you can do?,if you see cata,tell her i am back and that i will be at England

(While i was heading to England i recalled another fighter that hasnt been on action so much,i am now going to track Janus)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 12, 2007, 10:54:55 PM
Cata (receiving a message from her parrot from the Valkyrie Mountain): Oh really? ... What?... Are you sure?... Thanks for the information. Alumxander... that brat. Gunnin Ritav! (a portal opens and the Valkyrians survivors appear). Oh my! What have he done to you? This will not be forgotten. Time for payback! But before that, let me heal you: Rimical Tiliais! (the servants of Cata are 100% healed now). I will put a magical barrier on you, that can only been broken by my comand. Falica Castia! Now lets, see... England... I think I will need a ship and a crew. Let me just make some phone calls......... Hello? Cata's here. How are you?... Good. Listen, I am having here some problems keeping a cheater permanently asleep, so I will need a big pirate ship and a good Crew. Can you get me this stuff please?... Thanks, I will be waiting. I owe you one.... Ok, bye.

Cata (dresses as a pirate and takes some desert eagles and her scimitar with her): Come Sparrow (parrot's name). Good boy. In 3...2...1...

A huge pirate black ship appears and inside it a Crew with 50 sailors, bildgers, carpenters, gunners, a cooker and an informer.

Crew: Yarrr! Captain! We're ready! Jump in and have some rum with yer Crew.

Cata: Thank you. (She climps to the inside of the ship) Now head to England!

Sailor #1: Aye aye, sir. But first ye need to name yer ship.

Cata: Yer right. This ship will be called, "Furious Valkyrian".

Sailor #1: But, captain why that name?

Cata: Because I'm Valkyrian and I'm furious with a piece of Sh...

Sailor #2: With a piece of barnacle, sir?

Cata: Aye aye! Now, lets head to England! All mens to stations!

Crew: Yarrr! Aye sir!
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Post by: Cosmic King on July 12, 2007, 11:32:36 PM
Off Topic:

You made my day,cata,good to see ye knows how to speak pirate,yarrr

On Topic:

*While Cata's ship naviagtes the 7 seas,she notices that Mendo's yacht is passing by,some of the pirates are very scared by da other ship that resembles a killer whale*

Captain Crunch:Be hearty,me mateys,yarr,ye should be more brave oor our leader will fire us,yarr

First Mate Jack Swallow:Aye,aye,captain,lets dye the blue sea in red with the blood of that vessel

*The pirates proceed to gun Mendo's ship with all their weapons;all the noize wakes cata from her sleep*

Cata:What the hell is going on?

Captain Crunch:Yarr,nothing to be worried,lass,ye can go back to sleep,yar

Cata:I doubt it,cap'n

*Finally shutaro emerges from his ship so the gunfire will stop*

Shutaro:lady cata,tell yer men to stop attacking my ship,if they destroy it i wont be able to get my space center at Artic Lands to duel Jataru

Cata:Ok,ok,ok (to pirates) men,stop yer swashbuckling or ye are gonna be skinned with my scimitar

Pirates:Aye,aye,milady (battle ends)

Shutaro:Thank you,say,what is a girl doing...

Cata:I am going on a trip to avenge my fellow friends,i am not interested

*Meanwhile Cosmic King is checking how things are going to his friends at earth*

Cosmic:Seems alumxander found a way to tap into forbidden magic,but knowing his attitude,that wont be to hsi advantage,i am gonna make a test on him before Cata arrives to him

*cosmic teleports to the Big Ben tower where alumxander is standing*

Cosmic:Kinda ironic,cuz yer time is running fast,alumxander

Alumxander:Hey,you and that prince-dude refused to help me and sent me to Pluto,i am gonna make ya pay...THUNDER!!! (a dark blast emerges but cosmic king evades it)

Cosmic:Yer power seems too huge,yet it seems u cant tap on the wisdom and speed gifts,it is a shame...


*2 slashes appear on alumxander forehead,scarring his supposed "diamond" body*

Alumxander:That the best u can do?

Cosmic:Just a minor scar to remind ya that you arent invincible

Alumxander:Damn ya

Cosmic:A girl is coming in a pirate vessel,alumxander,she is the one that will truly give ya a last challenge and perhaps damage yer ego,for now farewell

*Cosmic leaves the place as Cata's ship is approaching*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on July 13, 2007, 12:05:18 AM
Dark: So, you are playing gods, aren't you.
Cosmic: Hm? Oh!, it's you... Why do you sneak on people that way? You should make a big entry, not just appear without anyone notecing.
Dark: Why not? I won a reputation, thanks to it.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 13, 2007, 12:14:49 AM
Finnaly Cata's pirate ship arrives.

Crew: Yarrrr! We arrive to our island.

Captain Crunch: Captain Cata, yer in Ingaland.

Cata: England, matey. I must be going. If ye see a black "C" in the sky it will means that I need help.

Crew: Good luck captain!

Cata: Thanks mateys. Sparrow! (Her parrot flies to her shoulder.) Now I'm ready to this brawl!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 13, 2007, 02:40:48 AM
*meanwhile in another place*

Cosmic:Yeah,i guess that is da way you do things,demon,now lets witness the battle

Dark:Yeah,ok,i am just gonna get a better seat (da demon appears to be floating near da Big Ben tower and remain invisible for most people)

*In england*

Cata:Alumxander,come out of yer hideout and face me if ya have the guts to it,it ends today
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Post by: alumxander on July 13, 2007, 02:50:44 AM
(Although my face was scarred,my pride wasnt and cata is going down as she is my arhcnemesis and the one that broke my heart to pieces,so i appear before her)

Alumxander:Follow me if you dare,little kitten

Cata:Yeah,yeah,whatever  >:(

(Having set the battlefield,it would be time for a battle)

Alumxander:I expect more amusement from yo than when i finished your sisters and your ancestor Catalina the Fierce


Alumxander:Well,when i travelled into Purgatory i found her and used her as training,poor woman,couldnt beat me and fell to the dark region  >:)

Cata:Ok,now you are scaring me,cant we all be friends?  :-[
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 13, 2007, 03:40:02 AM
Cata: Joking of course. I won't miss a fight for anything. Unless it is for UY or for sports or for food. But this isn't one of those cases, so shall we start it? Oh... I forgot to tell you, Catalina, the Fierce was my worst enemy from the Valkyrie Clan. Thanks for doing my homework, but now I still have some to do.

*Cata threw a rope and it grabbed Alumxander, so that he couldn't move. Then Cata attacked him with her scimitar.*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 13, 2007, 03:52:01 AM
Alumxander:This tiny rope wont stop me...Animus Serpicus!!

(the rope now it is a snake under my power,it bites cata neck while i steal her scimitar and throw it to the sea)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Jataru on July 13, 2007, 05:00:12 AM
On the Colosseum Jataru awaits Shutaro very peacefully always with a smile


After a long travel Shutaro's space ship arrives at the spot

Shutaro: At last we meet face to face sorcerer.

Jataru: Umm... It's true.

Shutaro: Why did you call me ? Do you want to fight?

Jataru: Actually I was hoping that...

Shutaro: Hoping what...

Jataru: Hoping that we could take a coup of tea together.

Shutaro: What!!!???  :(


Jataru: Calm down Shutaro it was only a joke, now talking serious I want to form an alliance with you.

Shutaro: An Alliance ?

Jataru: Yes, you see we have an enemy in comum that is alumxander.

Shutaro: Yes it's true, he bugged me in the past and he wants to destroy all the warrior that fight with him including me and you.

Jataru: Shutaro join forces with me to combine our powers, my space ships from the air and your tanks from the earth, it's a massive attack.

Shutaro: I agree with you and if we join forces we can dill with alumxander for good.

Jataru: After we deal with alumxander our alliance it's broken and we can deal with our rivalry.

Shutaro: That's fine by me.

Jataru: All we have to do now is to locate him.

Shutaro: My sensors indicate that is not far away but we better hurry because he's attacking lady Cata.

Jataru: Let's go.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 13, 2007, 11:56:08 AM
Cata: Ahhhh! A snake! It's so cute...! =3

Alumxander: What? She bited you and you're still happy and thinking that it is cute??? You're crazy!

Cata gives food to the snake and starts playing her flute. The snake starts being controlled by her now.

Alumxander: Darn! You always have a trick prepared, haven't you?

Cata: If you say so. Now the snake... hmm, I think you could be called... Kaa. Hipnotamus!

Alumxander looks at the eyes of the snake and is being hipnotized.

Cata: Kaa! Evasion attack!

Kaa's body colour green is turning into grey (I don't know what colour is Big Ben inside but I suppose it is grey). She is invisible now and bites Alumxander's "most sensible and painfull zone if something hit it" (If you don't get it send a personal message).

Alumxander: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (Every body in England heard his scream and scared himselves) And you even call me a cheater! (Alumxander falls on the floor because he couldn't take the pain) This hurts so badly! You are lucky being a girl, you know?

Cata: Kaa! Let it go! Come here, girl. (Kaa grabs to Cata's body) Kaa, don't ever do that do people, you hear me? I hope so. If I could help you, I would. But see the pain as a revenge of all you've done to me, including the almost extinction of my Clan.

Alumxander: How many times have you revenged yourself?

Cata: How many times have have you revived yourself?

Alumxander: Darn! This still hurts! How am I suppose to fight you like this?

Cata: If you say that you're powerfull, strong, quick, invencible,... just proove it!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on July 13, 2007, 12:44:06 PM
/me appears next to Jataru and Shutaru *

Kroptik: Hi guys. Hey Jataru. You sure were hard to find. Can't you control that Indetactable spell better?

Jataru: I didn't know you were here...

Kroptik: It doesn't matter now anyway. So...anything new going on?

Jataru: Yes. Me and Shutaru are on our way to kick Alumxander's butt.

Kroptik: Mind if I join? If that guy's still alive I wanna kill him.

Shutaru: Sure thing. The more the merrier.

Jataru: It's settled then. We better get going since he's in England, and it's a long way.

Kroptik: There's no need to walk... I can teleport everyone there.

Jataru: I thought you couldn't do that before?

Kroptik: Yes well, I've mastered teleportation now, so I can teleport whatever I want.

Jataru: OK then let's go.

* They all disappear and reappear instantle in the Big Ben tower, close to Alumxander and Cata, with the tanks and the spaceship conveniently placed outside *
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 13, 2007, 01:39:09 PM
Cata: What the...

Jataru: Hi! Missed me?

Kroptik: Hi.

Shutaru: Sorry I am busy taking care of my good looks.

Alumxander (recovered from the pain): Not really. I wonder what have I done to you people to hate me?

Cata: Do we have really to awnser to that question?


Jataru: That was what I thought.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on July 13, 2007, 02:01:25 PM
Dark (to Cosmic): I've seen better fights. Lets see if it will turn out exciting.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Shutaro on July 13, 2007, 03:54:33 PM
Shutaro: I suppose i should intervene at this point. I know I cannot defeat Alumxander, but I have a plan.

Shutaro: Come on down, minion Number 23.

Out of the darkness steps the infamous agent, dressed to kill.


Shuaro: Alumxander, I would like to introduce you to someone i'd like you to regard as the ulitmate intrument  of pain and suffering. Now prepare to meet your...... What are you doing?

No.23 goes over to Alumxander and starts caressing his cheek and mutters

No.23: You poor boy, what have you been doing.. Dont worry, I'm here now Alum-chan. *;


Cata: I feel sick.

Jataru: Looks like true love.

Kroptik: .......

Alumxander has been paralised since No.23 walked over,a small tear appears from the corner of his eye.

Shutaro: A tear of happiness?, truly, love is blind.... as a bat.
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Post by: cata on July 13, 2007, 05:20:35 PM
Off Topic:
I will be unable to post for a while (one day).
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 13, 2007, 06:37:32 PM
Cosmic:(to dark) You are right,demon,alumxander is cornered

Dark:Shall we help them 2 battle that creep?

Cosmic:Nah,they have kropman and jataru backing them up
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 13, 2007, 06:55:39 PM
(Distracted by one second,i grab Shutaro from the neck,break it then throw shutaro body to his death)

Alumxander:The pretty boy is dead now,i am gonna get serious..THUNDER!!

(My body power increases)

using a 60 % of my total power will be enough

Jataru:As if....Abracadabra!!!

(The tiny blast burns but not kills my body)

Alumxander:You came to battle me 100 years to early..Draconus Pyreus!!

(My magic blast proves lethal as Jataru now feels as if his body was burning from the inside)

Alumxander:And now a special treat for yo,my pirate-snake-viking girl,you refused to be together with me,now i will force youbefore yo get to strike me...Kisshu Fusion!!!

(Now cata soul and skills fuse with me,however i am the dominating mind)

I have become Alumxander the Great
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on July 14, 2007, 01:00:50 AM
Kroptik: That's 60% of your power?

Alumxander: Getting scared, are you?

Kroptik: No, actually I'm disappointed. Not only did you seem like a challenge to fight, which apparently you're not, but you're stealing the skills and attacks of other people.

Alumxander: It's a way of fighting. But I'm done talking. Draconis Pyreus!!
* Kroptik dodges the attack *

Kroptik: Too slow. (he disappears and reappears behind Alumxander, punching him in the back and sending him crashing against the wall)

Alumxander (recovered): Not bad, you're fast. But can you dodge this?? Draconis Pyreus Maxima!!

/me avoids most of the shots but gets hit by a couple of them. However, he seems unharmed *

Kroptik: Sorry, no dice. Anima Restore!
* Alumxander loses control of Cata's soul, which returns to her body *
Kroptik: It's not nice to fight using other people's powers. Now you give up or do I have to kill you again??

Alumxander: You don't scare me. I'm going to use my full powers now!

Kroptik: Oh right. You were using 60% of your powers. Well.... I was using one fourth of it. Now rethink about this fight and run away...Unless you wanna die that badly...
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 14, 2007, 02:16:22 AM
AlumxanderNever,bird prince,you are the only one standing of them,have a taste of my Solar Disc

(Small fire razors attack kroptik,since i control them they will follow him till they hit him)

Since you have to evade them that leaves you open for my punches

(7 of my best sunday punches break the prince ribs and leave him to be burned by the solar discs)

Kroptik:You are strong...alumxander..

Alumxander:Of course,in one of our late battles yo used wings,it is time yo say good bye to them

(I grab his wings and rip them to pieces)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on July 14, 2007, 05:05:05 AM
* However, some new ones grow right back *

Alumxander: What the...?

Kroptik: You really are strong......compared to a human. Shame you have to go now.

Alumxander: What do you...?

Kroptik: Pyronegrus!
* Black flames start burning Alumxander's whole body *
Kroptik: And one more thing... NEVER call me bird prince again. Angelic Blade!
* A sword of light forms in Kroptik's right hand, and he slashes Alumxander 100 times in 5 seconds. After 1 more second, the body disappears in an explosion of gore *

Kroptik: Poor guy, underestimating people... Oh well.
/me teleports Shutaru back to the tower, and revives him, Cata and Jataru, lending them a bit of his vital force. They revive, but remain sleeping *

Kroptik (to Dark and Cosmic, telepathically): So you guys enjoyed the show?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 14, 2007, 07:09:48 PM
Cosmic:Not much yer style to slice them to bits,but it was OK,it is valuable lesson me and dark learned no to make ya angry

Dark:Anyways,what about cata's pride,krop? she had to revenge her fallen friends

Kroptik:Well,she wanted alumxander dead,now she has her wish complete
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Post by: alumxander on July 14, 2007, 08:19:38 PM
Off Topic:

Another unlucky day for our brave hero  :-\
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Post by: Cosmic King on July 15, 2007, 05:02:24 AM
Cosmic:Well,enough of this chit chat,my friends,the time to go is approaching and our fallen friends need medical help just 2 check if yer health skills worked,kroptik

Kroptik:Ok,i shall transport Cata and Jataru,i bet shutaro can ask his elite force for help

(Kroptik grows new wings and carries his 2 friends back to the pirate ship,where 2 of Cata's  men watch the return of their master)


Jack Swallow:Behold,Billy,it be our master and some kind of angel,what kind of bedevilry is this?

Billy:Methinks this could be a trap from that alumxander fellow,mate (prepares da guns)

*Then captain crunch appeared*

Captain Crunch:Quiet,ye sea urchins,somehow methinks that winged lad is a friend,do not attack him
Posted on: July 14, 2007, 08:55:24 PM
*After a while in Cata's ship,the young tecasian prince invites her and her crew to stay for a while in his home near South America;they are at da main entrance*

Cata:Wow,one can notice u like privacy,kroptik

Kroptik:Of course,valkyrie,after what happened a while ago,i think one has to be extra careful

*Kroptik activates a control panel,3 giant bugles appear,kropman plays a different tune on them so the door opens;a pretty girl receives Cata and company*

Kroptik:We are home,my love,allow me to present ya some friends of mine (to cata and pirates) She is my girlfriend,Jessy (to jessy) They are the Viking Pirates and her leader Cata

Jessy:Oh,wow,it is a pleasure to meet you all

Cata:The pleasure is all ours,friend

Jessy:Well,you must be hungry,come and pass

*2 days later after relaxing at Kroptik mansion*

Captain Crunch:(to kroptik) excuse me,lad,but do ye know why our mate Jataru hasnt awakened yet? methinks he could be dead

Kroptik:Rest assured,cap'n,he is still alive,remember that alumxander attack almost incinerated his organs,it will take time even when i healed him and besides my butler,
Robot X is taking care of his health

Captain Crunch:Aye,it seems u have everything prepared and that u have what u have been fighting all along,lad

Kroptik:Almost,cap'n,almost...well,lets go the patio,this gloomy enviroment is depressing
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Post by: Kroptik on July 15, 2007, 07:35:43 PM
Offtopic: Weird part of the story... and I like it. ;D
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 15, 2007, 07:45:41 PM
Off Topic:

Well,it is good u liked it,one cant always be battling
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on July 15, 2007, 09:52:46 PM
Dark: It's getting boring around here, Cosmic... How about a new game?
Cosmic: What kind of game?
/me creates a hole in the air and an image appears.
Cosmic: It's a town... what is so great abput a tow... That's Tomoboki! What do you intend to do to Tomoboki?
Dark: See.
/me creats other holes to each UY warrior.
Dark: Now... joinning all of them we have...
/me UY warriors are trasported to Tomoboki
Cosmic: Impressive, but where's Kroptik?
Dark: That's a special case.
/me creates another hole
Cosmic: But that's Kurama's ship... Oooohhhh! Now I understand.

Meanwhile at Kurama's ship
Kurama: You're back, honey! I'm so glad!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 15, 2007, 11:47:12 PM
Cata: What the...! We are in Tomobiki! Cool! Hmm... It's better if I become an UY character... Who I should be? With my skills... Benten! Benten Animus Kisshu! (Cata is Benten now).

Benten: Hey! What's up? Do you guys like my new look?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 16, 2007, 12:37:59 AM
*The moment cata transformed into Benten was exactly when classes on Tomobiki High ended*

Ataru:Holy Cow !! It is my benten-sama (runs toward cata-benten) i knew u felt something towards me,my lady,finally u accept it (is about to kiss her when...)

Lum:Darling !!! (bites him and delivers a lot of electricity;knocking him out)

Cata:(thinking) Uh oh

Lum:Btw,what r ya doing here,benten? today isnt our annual contest,anyways is good to see ya,benten-chan,me and darling were gonna go home to watch a movie,wanna go?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 16, 2007, 12:46:42 AM
Benten: I don't think it is a good idea... (Cata copies Benten's voice)

Lum: C'mon Benten-chan! It will be lots of fun-datcha.

Ataru: Hai hai! It will be lots of fun fot sure!

Lum: Darling! What's that suppose to mean? Anyways, Benten-chan, I will don't take "no" for an awnser-datcha.

Benten: (thinking) Hmm... there will be popcorn for sure and I am starving... (speaking) Ok. I will come with you.

Ataru: Benten-chan! I know that you can't resist me! (hugs her)

Lum: Darling! (Tries to pull him off)

Benten: Hey! Let go off me you perv! (hits with her knee in Ataru's stomach)

Ataru: Ouch!
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Post by: Cosmic King on July 16, 2007, 03:35:33 AM
*In da cinema*

Cata:What kind of movie we r gonna see?

Ataru:As long as it isnt a crappy romance,i shall see it

Lum:We are gonna see a movie my friend Kenshiro starred and gave me some tickets to see,besides they r gonna show 2 movies after his movie ends,so we have a 3 combo

Cata:I have heard Kenshiro is a martial artist

Lum:Yeah,so it is an action movie,benten-chan,just da kind u love

*They go buy popcorn and soda then enter 2 watch da movie;ataru sits between Cata and his wife*

Ataru:Look,da movie is starting

*The movie is about Kenshiro's battles in Tomobiki as well as in his life as a mercenary so it includes live footage*

Cata:(munching popcorn)Wow,i never knew you and that guy ever shared adventures and going 2 da disco,lum-chan

Lum:Well,there u have it

*movie is almost finishing*


*After the movie and the credits roll,appears one extra scene where Kenshiro is near a graveyard with his girlfriend*


Cata:I hope u r glad for that,lum-chan  :9 ,u r becoming popular

Lum:Hehehehe,i am very flattered  :o

Ataru:Hey,why didnt he thanked me for his girlfriend? if it wasnt cuz i was flirting with her 1 year ago,he wouldnt have met her

*After such scene,2 more movies proceed,what will happen to cata in her benten form?, stay tuned in case more action proceeds*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 16, 2007, 03:53:58 AM
Benten: What's next? Is it a Horror and creepy movie? Or it is movie about bikes, races, cars? I know! Is it a movie about fights, brawls?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 16, 2007, 07:33:16 PM
(After my gory battle with the bird prince,my remains were rescued by my zombie followers that built another body for me)

Alumxander:I was too soft with them only using 3/5 of my power,however that bird boy injured me a lot,i will require to be more careful

Zombie:Massssteeer,hooowww thattt naugggghty giirrrrrll?

Alumxander:The one that almost castrated me and broke my heart?


Alumxander:Dont worry,after i was temporaly fused with her i gained a way to find her,she is at Orient,later on i will visit her
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 16, 2007, 10:17:32 PM
Lum: The movie is... about a girl and a boy who fall in love with each other-datcha.

Benten: What?!?! But Lum-chan that is boring!

Ataru: But Benten-chan, while we are together nothing is boring, right?

Lum: What's that suppose to mean Darling? (shocks him)

Ataru (screaming): AAAAAAAAAH! STOP IT LUM!

People in the cinema: SSSSHHH!

Ataru, Lum and Benten: Sorry.

*The movie begins and Benten falls asleep. Lum hugs Ataru's arm and both watch the film.*
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Post by: alumxander on July 17, 2007, 06:55:45 PM
(Finally my wounds healed,i fly towards tomobiki and luck smiles to me as i find cata trying to buy more popcorn)

Alumxander:Good evening,miss cata,did yo miss me?

Cata:Somehow,alumxander  :'(

Alumxander:Thanks 2 ya i had to be 12 hours in a surgery after one of your attacks injured my d1ck ,i am not without mercy so here is how i will revenge my honor


(My magical mist enters Cata clothing and begins to tickle her for eternity)

Be careful not to wet your pants,little girl  ;D

(A strange feeling passed in my mind,nearby was Lum,what a lucky shot;i enter the hall where she is,ataru is sleepy so i swiftly copy his figure and throw him nearby before Lum notices,i sit down near her)

Alumxander with Ataru form and voice:Hey,lum,this romance feeling is making go hot,how about we renact some scenes here? how about a Full French Kiss for your darling? :9~

(Lum and me are about to kiss,the thought of jataru been in coma and kroptik in space adds excitement for what will happen)
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Post by: cata on July 17, 2007, 07:38:47 PM
Off topic:

To Alumxander: I was Benten and I was sleeping... You need to read the other replys with more atention...

Benten (thinking and laughing at the same time): I can't... let that... basss... tard ... you'll never... win this way. Enough of... dirty tricks!

Benten runs to the cinema room and sees what was going on.


Lum: Benten-chan... You were watching us-datcha... :@

Alumxander: Damn it Cata! }:| Lum-chan let us continue what we were doing... :9

Lum: Cata?:? What is that - datcha?

Benten: I will explain it later to you Lum-chan, but now I have got to solve an annoying issue.

Lum: What do you mean Benten-chan?

Benten: It's a long story.

Alumxander: Lum... Ignore her, let just kiss each other, shall we? :9

Lum: Darling...

Benten: Lum-chan! You know Ataru better than me but we both know that he would never ask you to kiss him in public.

Lum: Maybe you're right... :-\

Alumxander: Lum, don't listen to her. She just want to destroy our romantic moment.

Benten: C'mon Lum! We are friends since we were little kids and you don't believe me? Can't you see it with your own eyes?

Lum: Darling... :'( Who are you and what have you done with Darling? (Lum flyes away and hides behind Benten)

Benten: Glad that you were able to see the truth.

Alumxander: Cata! I can't take it anymore! Say your prayers!

Benten: Say yours, jackass! (Benten hits him with her chain)

Alumxander was K.O. now.

Lum: Benten-chan! I'm tired of being confused-datcha! Explain me right now-datcha!

Benten: Ok... Lum you won. But first... (she lights up the cinema and Lum saw that "her Darling" was Alumxander... the guy who treated her even worse than Rei).

Lum: You! Thanks Benten! But you still owe me an explanation-datcha! (shocks Alumxander)


Lum: Well, Benten-chan... I'm waiting for your explanation-datcha. >:(

Benten: Let me just put Ataru to sleep with this sleeping potion. (Benten made Ataru drink it while he was asleep) He will be able to wake up tomorrow by 10 o' clock. We need to get out of here. (Benten clicks a button in her right boot and her new red flying bike appeared. Benten grabs Ataru and ride her bike). C'mon Lum. Hurry up.

Lum: Where are we going-datcha?

Benten: We're going to my spaceship. When we arrive I will tell you everything about what happened today.

Lum: I hope so-datcha.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 17, 2007, 09:50:47 PM
*once inda spaceship*

Lum:Benten-chan,this doesnt look yer spaceship

Cata/Benten:The exact reason for my explanation,lum,as i am not who you think i am (channels her magic to become back 2 cata)

Lum:Hey,you are that valkyrie Darkdevil mentioned,Cata,right?

Cata:Yeah,but how did told ya? last time he became a stone statue

Lum:He is way more sneaky than u think,besides he is my cat,anyways why were ya dressing as benten? u got me tricked

Cata:Well,i needed a disguise to explore tomobiki,sorry for all disturbing aspects

Lum:No need for excuses,cata,you are a funny girl,besides i owe ya for saving me from that alumxander creep

Cata:Which reminds me,you called him almost as worse as rei,why?

Lum:He is a stalker,always doing strange things and calling all da day;i mean,i respect my stormtroopers,but that alumxander goes beyong tolerance,cata

Cata:Aye,well we better return 2 da cinema

Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 17, 2007, 10:26:49 PM
Cata: Wait! OMG! I almost forgot something very important! :o

Lum: What is it-datcha? ???

Cata: I'm starving. All this action and reveals left me hungry. :9

Lum: But you ate 6 popcorn and 7 cola's a while ago-datcha!  :o It's incredible. And your belly hasn't changed at all. You remind me of Sa---

Cata: Sakura. ;D

Lum: Yes. Well, as your reward for saving me from that disgusting guy I shall cook a huge dinner for you-datcha! :)

Cata: N-n-n-n-n-no. It's ok. The-e-ere's no need for tha-a-a-at. I've lost my apetite. Really. 8|

Lum: But you were starving seconds ago... Are you saying that my cooks are awful?!?! >:(

Cata: Hehehe... Of course not... How could that be...

Lum: Good. Wait here. Be right back with your meal. :)

Cata (thinking): Me and my big mouth! What should I do? :-X

Lum: I'm back! Here. (The food is little blue stars with a green dust on the top) Eat all you want. :D

Cata: Thanks Lum-chan... I'm sure that is all great but isn't time to go to watch the movie? :&

Lum: EAT IT! :(

Cata: Ok, ok... (Cata fakes an injurie) AAAAAAAAH! My arm! It hurts so badly! :'(

Lum: Poor Cata-chan... That's not a problem. Say "AAAAH". :D

Cata: AaAaAaa *gulp* YAAAAAAAAA! (Cata jumps and smashes her face in the ceiling and her back on the ground).

Lum: Glad to see you liked it. I'm going to bring more for you.

Cata: @_@
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 17, 2007, 10:53:40 PM
(Our brave hero watches with some binoculars the weakness of his foe)

Alumxander:So you hate that kind of food,delicious

(using my magic speed i steal some samples of Lum food as i see the girls going back to the movie,however cata needs some more food and goes 2 buy some Nachos and Popcorn,i take my chance dressed as the salesman)

Alumxander:(squeaky voice) What do yo want,girl?

Cata:Just give me some Popcorn and some Nachos,please

Alumxander:Right on

(I mix lum's food on the popcorn and nachos' cheese)

Enjoy them,little girl,they are 10 dollars

Cata:Keep the change (leaves)

Alumxander:Mwahahaha,and you can keep some indigestion
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Post by: FallinG_StaR on July 17, 2007, 11:00:01 PM
Offtopic:  Well in my opinion... I think our friend Alumxander should try his luck with someone else... its becoming pityful (and funny) seeing him getting beat up by the same girl (and all others) over and over again... LoL

Meanwhile at The Space Pirate... The collision alarm sounds... but... Falling Star is... well lets say he's busy at the Bathroom...

Falling: Damn thing... always turns on when I'm in the bathroom... Same thing happened when I accidently rammed that Tecasian cargo ship... Oh well what ever it is... I hope I dont kill anyone... :&

At the moment the ship crash landed in Earth right on top of the Cinema destroying the entire block...

Falling: Guess... that means we landed...  ;D
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 17, 2007, 11:12:38 PM
Off Topic:

You were at da bathroom in that moment too,senpai?

Anyways,good entrance

On Topic:

*After falling finishes what he was doing at da bathroom*

Soldier:Sir,we have landed

Falling:(sarcasm) Really? who did we crushed this time,soldier?

Soldier:A cinema,sir.our technicians are already making a casualties report

Falling:(thinking)I can sense another celestial judgement,better fix this before this gets worse

*Falling and his soldiers descend on the ruins,and during the exploring,he found cata and lum,unconcious*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 17, 2007, 11:20:01 PM
Cata (awakening): What happened? Lum-chan! Wake up already.

Lum: hmm... What?

Cata: C'mon! We are here to see our movie, remember?

Lum: Yes, but what happened to this place.datcha?

Cata: We talk about that later but now can we go and watch the movie?

Lum: Calm down. You're more electric than I am, sometimes!

Cata: Hey, Lum-chan there are our seats. 8)

Lum: I'm right behind you-datcha. :)

But before Cata could seat and enjoy her popcorn, someone pushed her and the popcorn was smashed.

Cata: AAAAAAAH! MY POPCORN! Hey you! >:(

?: So---rry. Food.

Cata and Lum: REI! What the hell are you doing here? }:|

Rei: Lum! (Hugs her) ;D

Cata (picks up some popcorn and throw it away): Go get it Rei!

Rei transforms into a cow and chases the popcorn. (Rei is an Oni, so when he ate Lum's food nothing happened to him)

Lum: Thanks.

Cata: No problem.  ;) If you excuse me, I have got to buy more popcorn.

Lum: Do you have enough money to purchase so many popcorn-datcha?

Cata: Who said that this time I would pay with money? })
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: FallinG_StaR on July 17, 2007, 11:36:44 PM
As Falling walks around the ruins of the cinema he comes across Cata running towards the destroyed Popcorn Stand...

Falling: Are you ok???

Cata: (ignoring Falling) Must buy food... Must buy food...

Falling: (thinking) Hmm... Weird girl...

At that monent Falling notices he's steping in something that is not a rock...

Falling: Wth??? Moroboshi??? (pokes him with a sword) Is dead... Damn... Need to hide his body before someone sees him...

As Falling Star was carrying Ataru body Lum shows up...

Lum: Sensei!!!

Falling: Lum!!! (thinking) Damn (talking) What you doing here??? Are you ok???

Lum: Yes, what are you doing here, and what are you doing with darling, sensei?

Falling: Oh... I just returned to visit my old students and friends... as for Moroboshi I just found him on the floor... I didn't kill him... I just got here...

Lum: He's not dead... He's just sleeping from a drug we gave him...

Falling: You sure??? He's looks dead to me...
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Post by: alumxander on July 17, 2007, 11:42:08 PM
(Barely surviving those drunk pirates crash,our brave hero decides to take revenge against their leader)

Alumxander:You their leader?

Falling:Yeah,i am,kid,you writing a book or what?

Alumxander:You are gonna pay for almost crushing me


(His body turned into glass,i just had to kick it to break it;his followers were now praising me)

Alumxander:Look,guys,that girl besides Lum is your enemy,get rid of her

Cata:Oh,my god,i am cornered

Alumxander:This time i win  >:)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: FallinG_StaR on July 17, 2007, 11:51:17 PM
Falling: Yes... Indeed... You win a trip to the nearest black hole...

Alumxander: What??? But I killed you...

Falling: Yeah... Yeah... right... wathever... Besides they are not pirates they are my Elite force you think they accept a new leader that easily??? Get him boys...

The android soldiers attack Alumxander that runs away beaten...

Alumxander: I will return to have my revenge in all of you...

Cata/Falling: Yeah... Yeah... Whatever... :& ;D

Offtopic:  Btw, don't try to kill me at my 1st apearence... and I was thinking to be your... lets say allie on this thing...  :-\
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 18, 2007, 12:01:37 AM
*Running desperately for his life,alumxander's pants fall off and he gets hit by a Trailer*

Falling:That had to hurt...a lot

Cata:Btw,sir,what is yer relation with Lum? she called ya "sensei"

Falling:She and me go way back,cata,right? dont ask me how i knew yer name,my friend

*Falling Star uses his super cell phone 2 call many robots that begin building again what remained of the cinema*

Robot:It is gonna be 56,700 credits,sir

Falling:Do ya accept credit cards?


Robot:Of course,sir

Falling:Once again the power of plastic saves my rear side from lawsuits
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Post by: cata on July 18, 2007, 12:11:33 AM
Cata: Ok... I'm gonna buy more popcorn. :9

But before Cata could smell her popcorn, Alumxander appeared...

Alumxander: I'm back! The Alumxander that you kicked out of here was a clone. It was to test your abilities and I have to say that I'm not Impressed... 8)

Cata: Ok Alumxander... NOW I AM MAD! I CAN'T EVEN EAT SOME POPCORN BECAUSE OF YOU! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! :( >:( ATAROSHI KISSHU! (Cata changes into the most powerful character that UY ever met: Ataru Moroboshi!)

Cata/Ataru: I will finish you off once and for all! :(

Lum: Cata??? Darling...???

Falling: How did she do that???

Alumxander: But you are a girl anyways, so... :/

Cata/Ataru: That's what you think... Now I have the same personality and skills that Ataru has.

Alumxander: The exactly personality and the same skills? ::)

Cata/Ataru: Yes.

Alumxander: Easy to beat! >:)

Cata/Ataru: What? ???

Alumxander: Nechanko! (Alumxander transforms into a pretty girl)

Cata/Ataru (Runs and hugs her/him): Juusho to denwa bagou wa?  :9 What am I doing?  :?

Alumxander: Let me go! :(

Lum: Darling!!!! (Shocks them)

Alumxander, Cata/Ataru: Bad idea...

Cata/Ataru: Wait Lum! It's me Cata! :o

Alumxander and Cata/Ataru: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH (while being shocked)

Lum: Sorry Cata-chan, but while you're Ataru I can't help it-datcha. ;D

Cata/Ataru: Don't worry pretty girl...  :9(grabs her/his hand) as long as I am with you, you're safe. What am I saying? :?

Lum: Darling!  >:((Shocks them again)

Alumxander: Geez... Cata-chan... I never imagined you saying those things to me... How about a kiss? :-*

Cata/Ataru: Sure! ;D No way!  :oI will change back to normal!........ AAAAAAAAH!

Lum: What's wrong Darling? ???

Cata/Ataru: I can't change back to normal!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 18, 2007, 12:35:27 AM
Alumxander:(back to normal) unfortunately,i can return to my old self,my little pest girl...THUNDER!!!

(using the 70 % of my strenght i knock out cold Cata and spit a sleeping mist over Lum)

My punch contained memory manipulation,my fallen cata,once you wake up you will believe you are ataru,i am taking the real ataru with me,so be happy with lum  >:)

Falling:Hey,you arent gonna get away  :(

Alumxander:Catch me if you can  ;D

(Using my super speed i grab the real ataru and accomodate cata near the sleepy lum;i escape falling's elite)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: FallinG_StaR on July 18, 2007, 12:50:17 AM
Falling: Wow... I know I landed in a Cinema... but this really starts to look like a really bad movie... All right men... back on the ship... We need to get altitude... to track him down...

Soldier: Yes sir...

The ship rises and the sensors easily find Alumxander trail...

Falling: Well... know we wait... he will have to stop somewhere...
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Post by: cata on July 18, 2007, 12:50:51 AM
Cata/Ataru (opening her/his eyes): My head hurts... I am feeling dizzy... :? (Tries to stand up but she/he is only able to sit) What happened? ???

Lum (dreaming): Darling... Darling... :(

C/A (C/A= Cata/Ataru): Lum? ??? Why is she sleeping, too?  ???Lum! Lum! Wake up sleepy head! :?

Lum (awakening): Hmm... Darling! I mean Cata-chan. I am confused... :?

C/A: Cata-chan? Who is she? (thinking) She must be a pretty girl for sure...  :P(speaking) I'm Ataru.

Lum: Darling! (Hugs him) You're back to normal! (Starts crying) Glad to see that you are good-datcha! :'(

C/A: Yeah... Lum...? ???

Lum: Yes, Darling?

C/A: What happened Lum? ???

Lum: It was just Ran who came here and made this mess... ::)

C/A: WHAT?!?!  :oHow could that be??? Ran was here and I don't even remember it!

Lum: Darling! You could forget your girl-hunting, too! >:(
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Post by: Cosmic King on July 18, 2007, 01:05:00 AM
*Meanwhile with Darkdevil and Cosmic*

Cosmic:Is that happening right now,demon?

Dark:Yeah,amigo,dont worry falling will get him

Cosmic:Yeah,yeah,i know,any of us can thrash that alumxander,but right now he has made cata become ataru and has da real one as hostage

Dark:So ? we have seen worse

Cosmic:Aye,but i must take action at least with da problem of the valkirie

*Cosmic travels 2 Japan,he spots "Cataru" and Lum,in that moment lum goes buy some ice cream*

Cosmic:Yo,ataru,wanna play some videogames?

C/A:sure,why not?

Cosmic:(revealing a cyber helmet) put this in yer head,"ataru",so i start the game


*Once the helmet is in her head,it begins 2 slowly cure her from the failed metamorphosis as well as downloading cata's memories,but,alas it began to rain and da helmet malfunctioned,leaving her with 45 % of her true memory and aspect*

Cosmic:Damn,next time i am gonna build better helmets or ask Forgotten

C/A:What i have become?

Cosmic:Dont worry,i have tools to cure ya at my moon base

C/A:What about lum? i still ignore if i am Cata or Ataru,i wouldnt want to break her heart

Cosmic:True,take this Cosmic Cube (trademarked,of course  ;)) this will emulate ataru form on ya while i get what can help ya,,i ask ya 4 patience

*Cosmic leaves as cata uses the cube 2 emulate ataru form in time when lum return with some ice creams*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 18, 2007, 01:28:50 AM
Lum: Darling, here is your ice-cream-datcha. :)

C/A: Thanks... :(

Lum: What's wrong, Darling? ??? Don't you like that ice-cream-datcha? :(

C/A: It's not that. :(

Lum: What is it, Darling? ???

C/A: It's nothing. :(

Lum: SAY IT! :(

C/A: Ok ok...  :o When you look at me... who do you see? :?

Lum: Lol, Darling. :D

C/A: Please... It's very important to me. Awnser, Lum. :(

Lum: I see you, Darling. :/

C/A: What's my name? :(

Lum: Darling, are you feeling ok-datcha? :?

C/A: Awnser please... :(

Lum: Ataru Moroboshi, Darling... :? Are you sure that you're ok, Darling? ???

C/A: Thanks, Lum... I need to go to the... restroom. :(

Lum (thinking): Darling is weird today... ???

In the restroom...

C/A: I will take off the cube and ask Lum what she sees... :-\

In the park...

C/A: Hi... :/

Lum: Hi... You look familiar... have we ever met-datcha? :?

C/A: No... I don't think so... See ya... :/

Lum: I'm sure that I know that guy, but from where-datcha? ???

Back in the restroom...

C/A: Lum didn't recognize me... With 45% of my total memories, I can't remember who I really am... I remember Benten, Rei, Ataru,... Wait a minute...! I can remember Ataru! Does it means that I really am who I am now? ???

Back in the park...

C/A: I'm back... :/

Lum: Great! Shall we go for a walk together-datcha?

C/A: Yeah... :/
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Post by: SandStorm on July 18, 2007, 01:50:53 AM
In another very far dimension, SandStorm and Kaede are training together.

One of their new moves will be "Kaand" (or Saede, or... whatever.) When both fuse in one only corpse...

Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: FallinG_StaR on July 18, 2007, 01:52:47 AM
Offtopic:  Corpse??? Your final move will be a dead body??? LoL
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 18, 2007, 01:53:32 AM
Off topic: Lol.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on July 18, 2007, 01:56:27 AM
Off Topic:

Interesting move,sandstorm

On Topic:

*cosmic king arrives at his moon base to start the Omni Screen*

Cosmic:I just need to make a contact to get the antidote ready for cata

Alex the Butler:And who do ya expect to call,sire?

Cosmic:Since the antidote requires 2 alien substances,i need first to call Oyuki

*The connection is established as Oyuki answers da video call*

Oyuki:Yeah,cosmic,what is it?

Cosmic:Oyuki,my sweetheart,i require to ask ya a favor,do ya know a substance called "Cystalium X-9"?

Oyuki:Of course,why?

Cosmic:Jolly good,oyuki,can you deliver me some samples?

Oyuki:I dunno if i can travel towards the moon right now,cosmic



Cosmic:I see,i forgot about that annual problem,tell ya what,i am gonna go 2 yer planet,
have the Crystalium ready,ok?


Cosmic:Bye bye,sweetie and take care  :W(ends the connection)

Alex the Butler:What else is needed?

Cosmic:Some of Jataru magical herbs,please contact him while i go 2 neptune

Alex the Butler:Right on,sire,btw,do ya want any drink,sir?


It is my secret drink recipe

Cosmic:No,thank you,i am gonna drive

*Cosmic King travels 2 neptune to get the substance as Alex went to contact Jataru,but apparently jataru isnt home and that is no good news when cosmic returns*

Alex:His servants told me he went on vacations on South America

Cosmic:Hmm,it seems he hasnt recovered from his injuries,what a bummer


as long as Cata isnt having any troubles,i can find a replacement for the magic herbs

Alex:Now that u mention it,John Shaft brought this weed,will it work?

Cosmic:We will try,alex

*Completes da antidote and beams it to cata,she will be cured in 1 day*
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Post by: SandStorm on July 18, 2007, 01:57:26 AM
ooops, that was a doomed typo :P
lolol, i mean in only one body :P
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Post by: cata on July 18, 2007, 03:01:55 AM
Off topic: Lol.
Posted on: 18 July 2007, 02:08:01
C/A: Hey Lum! What's that light? :o

Lum: I don't know, Darling. I don't feel the presence of an Oni or another type of Alien-datcha... ???

The blast of light hits "Cataru".



"Cataru" is extended on the ground... Lum goes see if she/he is ok.


C/A: What happened to me, Lum? :?

Lum: I'm glad that you are fine, Darling. I will take care of you in my UFO.

In Lum's UFO...

Lum: Hi Ten-chan! I'm back from my date with Darling-datcha. :)

Jariten: Lum-chan! I don't understand what you see in him... Hey! Ataru! Lum-chan he doesn't seem to well... :?

Ataru: Jariten... :/

Lum: Listen Ten-chan, I will make some medicine for Darling, so be a good boy and take care of him for a little while.

Jariten: I'm a good boy!  :D

Lum-chan goes to the kitchen.

Jariten: I don't know what happened to you but I'm sure that you desearved it! >:)

C/A: You little brat! If I had enough energy... ;(
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on July 18, 2007, 06:37:48 PM
Lum: Where are you, DarkDevil! You should be here, you idiot! :(
Dark (emerged from Lum's shadow): What is it? You don't need to shout!
Lum :(: Where were you?
Dark: On vacations.
Lum: When was the last time you took Vacations?
Dark: One hundred years.
Lum: Oh! :/
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Post by: alumxander on July 18, 2007, 06:53:45 PM
(Having escaped those elite guys,i enter a ship to Hong Kong,where i bought a house using the money i stole from shutaro,in my way there i noticed a bar brawl,one skinny guy against a gang of bikers,the guy was pretty good but cornered)

Alumxander:Kid,need help?

Kid:Get lost

(He got distracted and received a hit with a crowbar,i then step in the fight and used my crystal magic to break those thugs)


Alumxander:I am not your nisan,boy,but you can count me as friend,what is your name?

Kid:Well,i was born on january,so they call me Janus

Alumxander:My name is alumxander the great,how about i help yo to improve yer kung fu?
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Post by: cata on July 18, 2007, 07:12:11 PM
C/A (thinking): I've got to get out of here... but how? Jariten is sleeping... Lum is in the kitchen... I have to crawl and jump.

"Cataru" crawls to the spaceship's gate and jumps. An alarm rings and Lum appears.

C/A: AAAAAAAAH! I forgot to bring a parachute! Lum!  8|

Lum: Darling! ("dives" and grabs her/him) What are you doing here outside-datcha? You need to rest, Darling.

C/A: I needed to catch some fresh air and you were taking a long time to make your medicine...

Lum: I need to go buy some stuff to my medicine and you're going with me, Darling-datcha.

Lum and "Cataru" go to the shopping mall and there were pretty and young girls there.

Lum (thinking): Darling isn't girl-hunting today...  :? If he wasn't ill I would say that he loves me, but this illness must be dangerous.  ??? (Speaking) Darling, we are going to see Sakura-chan-datcha.

C/A: Ok... :-\
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on July 18, 2007, 08:39:09 PM
Offtopic: Wow,a lot has happened

*Lum and "Cataru" suddenly find Kaede on the street*

Kaede:Konichiwa,Lum-san and...Ataru? you dont seem so well

C/A:Long story

Lum:What were you doing,kaede-chan?

Kaede:I just went t see sakura-san to check my arm,it broke during my battle with Cata,well sakura isnt there as she probably went to see her boyfriend Tsubame

Lum:Ohh,we were just on our way to see her  :-\
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 18, 2007, 08:45:01 PM
C/A: Kaede-chan, I need your help!

Lum: Darling! So you weren't ill afterall? You're gonna pay me-datcha! (Shocks her/him) That's for fooling me! And this is for girl-hunting!

C/A: AAAAAAAAAAAH! Kaede-chan I need to talk to you in private...

Lum: Darling! Enough! How could you keep flirting with her in front of me-datcha? (shock again)

Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 18, 2007, 08:46:33 PM
From the air, Sand appeared.

Sand: Did i heard broken arm? Dang, lemme check it!

Sand uses one spell and cures Kaede.
Then, he cast another spell, and give kaede some self regenerative powers

Sand: This shall be ok. :) But about Ataru, i am afraid i can't do nothing. :P
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on July 18, 2007, 08:49:53 PM
Kaede:Stop shocking him like that,lum,if he tries to flirt with me i shall spank him with my katana,let him speak

Lum:Ok,but i will be watching

C/A:oK,kaede-chan,come with me,it is imperative that i talk with you

Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 18, 2007, 08:54:23 PM
C/A: Thanks... But Lum can't ear anything... }:|

Lum: Oh really? Why-datcha? }:| >:(

C/A: Because... because... becau--

Lum: Darling, your personality need an extreme change-datcha!

C/A: You don't understand... Sand... Kaede-chan...  :'(

Lum: Darling we're leaving and search for Sakura-chan! (Lum grabs "Cataru" and fly away)

C/A: Wait! Kaede-chan! Sand! Daskete kure!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 18, 2007, 08:58:45 PM
Sand: I sence strange waves coming from him.

Sand dissolves in the hair, and grabs ataru, making lum heavy, and slowly, landing.
On this, Sand enables one shield to avoid being shocked

Sand: Lum, don't worry, i also want hear him, i'll be mercyless if he do something to kaede!
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Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on July 18, 2007, 09:04:07 PM
*Kaede grabs Lum leg to slow her down,the 3 fall in a pool area full of girls in bikini*

Lum:Now darling is gonna get crazy here

Kaede:Look,lum,your darling isnt girl hunting even when he is surrounded by women,now i know why you needed sakura-san help

C/A:I dunno how to say this but i feel as if i were surrounded by my sisters


Kaede:Hmm,that is sounding not like ataru,what kind of mystery is hid on ataru-kun?

*After that incident,they go and try to find sakura at Tsubame house*
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Post by: SandStorm on July 18, 2007, 09:06:14 PM
Sand: so, ataru... don't tell me you turned out! O.o

Ataru: I like boys, NO, I mean, damn, this is hard to explain!

Sand: Nothing a good Spank can't solve... (takes out his sticks)
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Post by: FallinG_StaR on July 18, 2007, 09:39:37 PM
Offtopic:  Poor Ataru... Everyone forgot about him... (the real one that is...)
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Post by: Cosmic King on July 18, 2007, 09:44:14 PM
Offtopic: aye,falling star,i guess alumxander ditched him when he went to hong kong,poor ataru
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C/A: Wait! Please keep those thing in your pocket!

Sand: First explain yourself, then I will see what I can do...

Kaede: I'm listening.

Lum: Darling, I'm waiting...

C/A: Ok... I don't know who I am.

Lum: What do you mean Darling?

C/A: I can't remember 55% of all my memories. I am not sure if I am a girl or a boy. The only things I remember are everything that happened after I woke up with Lum at my side and I remember Ataru, Lum, Kaede-chan, Cosmic, Jariten and someone who calls himself "the great"...

Sand, Kaede and Lum: WHAT?!?! How did that happen?

C/A: I just said that I don't remember...

Lum: Oh right-datcha...

Sand: You said that you woke up with Lum by your side, right?

C/A: Yes...

Sand: Then Lum should remember something...

Lum: Yes... I remember Benten was with me and you, Darling (looks at "Cataru"). I'm confused... Well, someone tried to kiss me, a former husband-datcha.

Kaede: Rei?

Lum: No, not Rei. Alumxander was his name. And Benten protected me from him. But then I found out that Benten wasn't Benten.

Sand and Kaede: Huh? ???

Lum: Benten was Cata. She was able to transform into Benten.

Sand and Kaede: Oh... O_O...

Lum: As I was saying, Benten put Ataru into a sleepy head for a whole day and took me into a spaceship that was different of Benten's spaceship and explained to me the whole situation-datcha. We returned to the cinema and when Cata returned from buying more popcorn, the cinema exploded and we were unconscious. Cata woke me up and we started watching a movie but before she could ate one little popcorn Rei pushed her and she left the popcorn lying on the floor. Rei hugged me and Cata got rid of him. Then she left to buy more popcorn. I followed her and there was Falling sensei, too. And then Alumxander appeared and almost killed Falling sensei and got his ass kicked. And Cata was so happy because she could eat her popcorn without interruptions. She was wrong-datcha.

C/A: What happened then?

Lum: Alumxander appeared and said that the other Alumxander was a clone. Cata was so pissed off that time because she wanted to eat! Even if Oyuki was there, I'm sure that she would have been scared. So she transformed into Darling and combined Darling's skills and personality with her skills and personality. Then Alumxander transformed into a pretty girl and Cata or Darling or whatever couldn't resist her/him. Then I shocked Darling that shocked Alumxander, too. Then, when Alumxander was finished, Cata couln't change back to normal. And then... I... I...

Kaede, Sand and C/A: Yes... You... You...

Lum: I... I... I falled asleep-datcha! Ehehehe...

Kaede, Sand and C/A: YOU WHAT?!?!?!?!

C/A: Wait I haven't told you everything. See this cube? Cosmic gave it to me. When I left him, my appearence changes like this ("Cataru" demonstrates). See?

Kaede and Sand: O_O

Lum: I saw you on the park! You look like my Darling! But he is much more handsome-datcha!

C/A: Who do I look to you?

Kaede: Ataru.

Lum: Darling.

Sand: Moroboshi.

C/A: Am I really Ataru? If I am, then why did I say those things?
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*back in hong kong
*to alumxander

Kid Janus: Feh!

*throws clothes up in the air unveiling his true self
Janus: Well as I said before, GET LOST! you killed my prey, you know how long it took me to set the trap.

Alumxander: but you were cornered..

Janus: that was part of the trap, It was my way of training, thanks alot }:|

*Janus creates a smokescreen and disappears
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*Inda moon*

Alex:Sir,why isnt da antidote working?

Cosmic:It is working,now it depends on Cata willpower

*Back on earth*

Sand:Ok,i am getting confused,why did that cube made ya look as ataru with some women features?

C/A:I still dunno,my mind is like puzzle,i remember battles on the mountains and sea as well as haviing weird adventures with Lum

Lum:Darling,what have they done 2 ya?  :'( :'( :'(

Kaede:Why dont we go pay a visit to forgotten? he is able 2 give back memories to amnsiac people

*Suddenly Cataru begins to have a headache,both the ataru and cata personalities fight each other for control and the result is that accidentally Cataru purges her/his evil,Dark Cataru is now free,all of cata and ataru dark emotions r alive*
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C/A: I'm feeling weird...  :/

Sand: We're on the World of UY, afterall... ;D

Kaede: And you are Ataru Moroboshi, the most unlucky guy, now. :&

Lum: What do you feel-datcha?

C/A: I don't know... Why are you fading? ???

Sand: Fading?

Kaede: Nobody is fading...

Lum: Let me see if you have fever or a cold-datcha. ...  He is quite hot for him-datcha-

"Cataru" falls and close her/his eyes. She/he fainted.

Lum: Darling! Hang on! I will call Sakura-chan right now-datcha.

Sand: It might be a good idea, because I'm feeling a strange presence of someone...

Kaede: Do you know where it cames from?

Sand: Not really.

Lum picks up Sakura from a date with his UFO.

Sakura: What is going on? Don't do that ever again! Can't I have a peaceful date with Tsubame?!?! >:(

Lum: Ohayo Sakura-chan!

Sand and Kaede: Hi! We are S---

Sakura: SSSSH... I am feeling the presence of something... this calls for an exorcism... it comes from... MOROBOSHI? Is that Moroboshi? :?

Lum: Yes, for now-datcha...

Sakura: What do you mean? No time for explanations. (Sakura takes of her dress and starts the exorcism. Suddenly a white shade comes out from "Cataru's" mouth).

Kaede, Lum and Sand: YOU!!!! >:(

Sakura: Do you know this guy? ???

Lum: Yes! He was my husband for a while... Unfortunatelly-datcha. :(

Kaede and Sand: He is Alumxander. An annoying cheater. >:(

"Cataru" wakes up.

C/A: What happened?  :? YOU!!!! >:( :( I know you! I don't know who you are but I'm feeling an incredible anger... AAAAAAAAH! I'm gonna take my revenge! ("Cataru" chases Alumxander)

Lum: Darling...! He is mad because Alumxander was my husband! He is mad because Alumxander was going to kiss me! He is jealous! He really loves me the best-datcha! ;D :*) :D
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Sand: Care to stop him?

Sand and Kaede joins 'Cataru' in the pursuit

Sand: Marenostrum!

Stucks alumxander

Kaede: Heavenly buttcutter!

With her katana 3000 GTS moving at 12.000 RPM, slices up alumxander butt cheecks


on this attack, finally Cata releases herself from ataru's form, leaving ataru unconscious, while see terminated alumxander
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Dark (entering the room): What is all this nooooiii... (sees Sakura)
Sakura: Huh! What are you? (Looking at Dark)
Dark (reducing size): M-m-m-me? I-I-I-I'm no one. (starts leaving)
Sakura: You're a demon.
Dark: Me, a demon! Don't make me laugh! HAHAHahahahahaha... :-[ True.
Sakura: Time for you to disapear demon!
Dark: No! Wait! (turns back into a cat) Re-re-remember me?
Sakura: D-d-Dark!
Dark: Yes!
Sakura: You might be a demon tricking me! Sorry, but I will not fall in that one!
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Post by: cata on July 18, 2007, 11:45:30 PM
Cata: Good to be back!

Lum: Cata-chan, everytime that you change into someone warn me first-datcha. Bye, I will take care of Darling now-datcha.

Sand and Kaede: Bye.

Cata: Uh-oh... Oh no... OH NO!!!

Sand, Kaede and Sakura: What now?

Cata: I still can't remember 55% of my memories... What am I going to do now? I can't be with almost-half-amnesia!
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Post by: SandStorm on July 18, 2007, 11:49:10 PM
Sand: Well, when someone gets anmesia, by one hard head impact, another impact might solve it, but...
Are you willing to travel back in time?


one light swirl involve our brave heroes and heroines and time steps back...
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Post by: cata on July 18, 2007, 11:55:42 PM
Cata: This is Tomobiki. Isn't that Shinobu playing with Ataru? Kawaii! But... I've never been in Tomobiki in this time. How this is going to help me get back my memories back?
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Post by: DarkDevil on July 19, 2007, 12:07:13 AM
Dark: I don't care about that. I only care about getting away from Sakura.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on July 19, 2007, 12:09:30 AM
Cata: But she is right there. xD


Dark: Well, got to go! AAAAAAAAH!

Sakura and Dark disappear quickly.
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Post by: Cosmic King on July 19, 2007, 01:13:41 AM
*After a long trip thru all of Tomobiki,cata and company decide to enter a bar to drink some beverages*

Cata:Bummer,at this rate we are not gonna find a way to regain our memories

Sand:Dont give up,cata,we will find it,lets rest a while

Kaede:Btw,where did sakura and dark went?


*Suddenly the 3 warriors feel a massive energy surge,it seems time has stooped in the drinking bar*

Sand:What the hell?!?

??:I heard you guys wanted to get Cata 55 % memories back,am i right?

Kaede:Who said that? (throws a shuriken but fails)

??:Tsk tsk,do we have to rely on violence always? i daresay,anyways i can help ya get that memory amount

Cata:How will ya get what we have been trying to do?

*The mystery man reveals himself to the 3 warriors*


??:My name is Daniel D'Arby,i used to be Cosmic King's butler but he exiled me into this timeline as i was growing powerful,the memory amount u want was stolen from memory's data bank by an alumxander fella,however i stole it from him (throws a defeated alumxander to the floor)

Cata:(sarcasm) Yeah,right

D'Arby:(draws out a portafolio) Here it is yer memory (opens it,a glowing orb is there,cata touches and begins 2 remember when D'Arby closes it) the first sample is free,my dear,you have to earn da rest

Sand:How much money?

D'Arby:Money goes easy as it comes,what i want is the thrill of a bet and games,tell ya what,if some of ya 3 beats me in a game,i shall give this lovely girl her memory back but i ya lose i shall collect yer souls to make them into golden coins,i am only running fair games that require strategy,capisce?

Kaede:Bring it on,Barbie

D'Arby:D'Arny,that is my name,not Babrbie...anyhow,who will start with me?

Kaede:I will,mister

D'Arby:GOOD (brings 2 pieces of steak) i am gonna throw these 2 meat pieces,this cat is gonna eat them,choose which one will da cat eat 1st?

Kaede:The right one is more big so i choose that one

D'Arby:Ok,i choose the left one

(The cat begins to run towards the right meat piece but in the last second jumps to the left one and then towards the right one)

Kaede:That is impossible

D'Arby:Yet,it is highly possible if you had remembered that cat was with me all da time,i am his friend,yer lack of strategy has given ya a high loss,farewell  :W

*An energy being appears from D'Arby body,grabs kaede and crushes her with its 2 unholy hands*


*Kaede has become a gold coin*

D'Arby:Another one for my collection


D'Arby:I see you cared for her,sincei kinda respect ya all,i am gonna return it to life and give cata memory if ya win at least once

Sand:So be it,crazy casino guy

D'Arby:Next gamble will be this (brings a huge glass of wine and fills it to the top and draws out some coins from his pocket)


Take 5 coins,the purpose of this game is to throw a coin in the glass without spilling the wine,you may start then i proceed,ok

Sand:Lets go


*Sand throws da first coin carefully,no wine is spilled*

D'Arby:My turn (throws it,no wine spilled yet) care for a chocolate bar,amigo?

Sand:No thanks (another coin is thrown carefully,wine begins to move but no spilled yet) that was close

D'Arby:(munching the chocolate bar) Ok,time for me coin (stands up) lemme get into another position (throws the coin into absolute care,wine moves but alas,no spill)

Sand:(thinking) that was impossible,the tension on the glass should have spilled the wine,maybe this could mean i still have a chance (throws the coin and the wine spills) oh my god,what have i done?

D'Arby:Probably you dont know that this wine contains a degree of chocolate,that is what absorbed the coin weight and avoided the spilling at first,when i was sitting i was blocking the lightbulbs from melting the chocolate mini-bar this wine always contain so when i stood up i allowed the bar 2 melt at a quick pace,my last coin was the last one that got absorbed its weight,this strategy has gained me victory,adios,amigo  :W

*D'Arby creature crushes Sandstorm into a coin*

D'Arby:Only you remain,my dear cata,i reserved Poker for us,win and you get the triple combo of yer memory + kaede and sand soul,deal?

Cata:Ok,lets go and play poker

D'Arby:One thing before we start,the 5 chips you are gonna use at first represent yer soul,you can ask for 10 more chips as we are only allowed to have 15 chips,those last 10 are the souls of other 5 people,please write their names so my creature get their souls in case you lose,ok?

Cata:Ok,i choose Kroptik,Shutaro,Jataru,Janus and Alumxander

D'Arby:(brings out some poker cards) GOOD,lets begin with da last game  >:)
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Offtopic: this is so pointless, if anyone wants to include me in this, DON'T
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Cata (thinking): They lost their bodies and souls because of me... It was all my fault. I will win this game and get them back! :'( :(

D'Arby: You're right, except for one thing. You will not win. >:)

Cata: Huh? ???

D'Arby: Yes, dear... I can read your mind. Not only your mind. I can read all minds that I want. >:)

Cata: You cheater! You're lieing! >:(

D'Arby: Think of a number of anything you like. :&

Cata (thinking): chips, ice cream, chocolate, cookies, bread, rice, noodles, cow, burger, cheesecake, milk, strawberries, bananas, turkey, chicken, rabbit, cheese, colas, pud--- :9 :P

D'Arby: Stop! You're making me hungry! You really are a starving person... }:|

Cata: Damn! I have a new deal to make with you: Let's paly a game named "Survivor". While I am inside a board game you controll the dice and each spot has a hard challenge for me. If I made it to the last spot you release all person-coin you have. Do we have a deal?

D'Arby: You really are good dealing with bad guys... Are you sure that is that what do you want? >:)

Cata: Read my mind! >:(

D'Arby: Let the games begin! >:)

A huge board appears and Cata shrinks and falls in the "Start" spot.


Cata: Not so loud! >:(

D'Arbie: I will let you roll the dice... >:)

Cata: But the dice is huge! :(

D'Arbie: Are you quiting? >:)

Cata: Never! I can't think too much because he can read my mind... :?
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Offtopic: How can I enter in the story now.  ???
If anyone wants to include me I apreciate
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But before that Cata could have an idea, someone knocked...

D'Arby: Damn! (to Cata) Don't cheat I'll be watching...

D'Arby goes to the door and opens it. A blond guy appears...

D'Arby: And you are...?

??: Jataru. I heard that someone that I'm looking for were here. Have you seen them?

D'Arby: Yes. Come in and play with me... If you win, I shall tell you where they are.

Jataru: I don't have time for games.

D'Arby: Ok... Then leave.

Jataru: But if I leave, I can't find them!

Cata: JATARU! (her screams can't be heard as screams because her size is pretty small)

Jataru: What was that?

D'Arby: What was what?

Jataru: I think I heard someone calling for me. And cames from that board game.

D'Arby: Don't be silly, boy!


Jataru: What? I can't understand what you're saying...

D'Arby: That does it! Ok! I got your friends. If you win, you keep them, but if I win, I keep them and you. (D'Arby closes the door and blocks it)

Jataru: If I win what?

D'Arby: This. (D'Arby shrinks Jataru and puts him on the board game).

Cata: Jataru! I told you to stay away from him and to get out!

Jataru: Oh... it was you. Why are you here?

Cata: I was here for my memories, now I'm here for the same reason as you.

D'Arby: She will explain the rules to you.

After Cata explained the rules to Jataru...

Cata: Got it?

Jataru: Yes.

Cata: Let's team up. I can't move this dice alone.

Jataru: Maybe I can.

When Jataru was ready to use a spell, D'Arby took all his powers.

D'Arby: No cheating. You can only use your intellingence and bodies. Some skill are forbidden.

Jataru: Fine!

Cata: I have an idea! (Cata picks up her baton and puts it below the dice) Now it's just lift up the baton and the dice should move.

Jataru: Good idea. Let me help.

Both push but the dice rolls just one number...

Cata: Damn!

Jataru: We need a better idea.

D'Arby: I am getting tired of this. I will help you. (D'Arby summons a ramp and puts the dice in it) Now you push the dice.

Cata: This should be a lot easier.

Jataru: Let's try then.
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*The dice shows 6;Jataru and Cata proceed to walk some 6 spaces and enter a house*

D'Arby:Now it is my time to throw the dice,my Creature shall become a piece of the game,wheter it gets ya or you fail the game challenges,i win

*D'Arby thorws his dice,it shows 2*

Cata:Phew,now lets see what is inside this house

Jataru:Ok (opens da door)

*The house contains a black void and 5 people standing there*


Jataru:Who are you?

Leader:We're the Spice Boys,protectors of this area,one of us carry a key for ya to use the double dice and one of us carry a key for D'Arby to use it,however we arent gonna let ya kids get them so easy

*The Spice Boys put themselves in a battle position*


*The 5 blasts almost kill cata and jataru*

Spice Leader:You are swift,amigos

*Jataru uses his magic to divide himself to evaporate 2 of the Spice Boys,none of them had a key*

Jataru:Damn (to cata) they arent so tough,cata-chan,try using yer guns

*Cata guns down two other spice boys,none of them had the key*

Cata:That leaves their leader to us

Leader:I must applaud ya for beating my shadows and increasing my power


*Both jataru and cata try to strike him but they suddenly get paralyzed for some seconds*

Leader:DEATH CANNON!! (knocks them out,cata accidentally breaks a crystal pillar) uh oh,i should have not made her fly that way

Jataru:(spitting blood) why? what has that pillar?

*From the Pillar appear one Afro guy and a midget*

Leader:Those are my sworn enemies...Pedro and Cucurumbe,i sealed them away a long time ago

Cata:Then that mean they can help us

Pedro:(latino accent) Of course,señorita,we have unfinished business with this maricon,
once we finish him u can have da keys...


*However the Leader manages to counter Pedro's kamehameha with his Death Cannon*


*Cucurumbe joins the battle with another Kamehameha*



Leader:Yer power is still great,but mine is bigger

*The leader focuses all his energy*



Cata:Jataru,they are gonna be crushed as well as us

Jataru:Well,we can lend them a part of our power so they beat him,however in yer case you are only accessing to yer 45 %,that would leave ya exhausted

Cata:Doesnt matter,lets do it

*Jataru uses a spell that allows Pedro and Cucurumbe drain enough energy from Jataru and Cata 2 kill da leader,Jataru also summon some golden ghosts for back up*

Pedro/Cucurumbe/Jataru/Cata: KAMEHAMEHA !!!!


*The Super Kamehameha vaporizes the Leader*

Leader:ADIOS,AMIGOS!!! (dies,the 2 keys fall to the floor)

Cata:Which key will help us? the golden or the silver one?

Jataru:We will have to risk ourselves and try,cata
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Cata: Hmm... Let's take the gold one because you have golden blong hair.

Jataru: What a weird way to choose.

Cata: I know. Do you have a better idea to decide wich one?
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Post by: DarkDevil on July 20, 2007, 12:59:16 AM
Jataru: How about both?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on July 20, 2007, 01:52:01 AM
Cata: We can only use one.
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Post by: FallinG_StaR on July 20, 2007, 09:14:00 AM
Jataru: So why don't we combine both?

Cata: You're right knowing how tricky that guy is probably that's the only way...

Cata and Jataru approach the key and they start glowing... and fuse together...

Cata: Wow... that was something...

Jataru: Lets try it know...
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Suddenly they were surrounded by 9 locked doors.

Cata: Great... Now what?

D'Arby's voice: Well done. But now you have 9 doors and only 3 attemps to open the right one. By the way, all the doors are distructable, including the right door for you.

Cata: Any idea to solve this?
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Jataru: Let me try to open

"Jataru with his mental powers open the door wich stands Jataru and Cata face to face with an angry cow tiger


Cata/Jataru: REI!!

Rei: Buki!

Rapidly they close the door

Jataru: It's not the right door for us

D'Arby's voice: 2 chances now and 8 doors to go, what door you will choose?
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Cata: That scared me...! Hmm, let see... I have an idea! If we could look through the doors we could choose the right one quickly.

Jataru: And how are we going to do that?

Cata (showing a couple of glasses): Here.

Jataru: Glasses? How are these glasses help us?

Cata: These aren't ordinary glasses. With these glasses on, we can see things through the doors, furniture and many other stuff.

Jataru and Cata put the glasses on and begin searching through the doors. After searching all the doors, they noticed that all of them has monsters, traps and enemies.

D'Arby's voice: It's not so easy, huh? WAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahaha!

Jataru: They must be illusions...

Cata: I guess you are right, but if we use magic to destroy the illusions, we destroy the doors to, as the spell acrosses the doors. We need a better plan.
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Post by: Cosmic King on July 20, 2007, 07:34:37 PM
Jataru:It is a shame we cannot be more small to check every door

Cata:Wait,you are a magician,why dont ya make super tiny so i enter thru the door knob,that wouldnt count as opening

Jataru:Well,i will give it a try

*Cata becomes more tiny,she enters thru tiny spaces in the other doors,she only gets to examine 5 doors,none of them da real one,D'Arby makes her again to her current size inda game*

D'Arby:Good strategy,maiden,but it is time you really use those 2 chances on the 3 remaining doors

Cata:Which one to choose? i shall try the 1st door of the 3 (opens it,nothing) dang it

D'Arby:Last chance

Cata:the middle door or the last one? damn,what to do?

(Cata is gonna open the last door,a feeling of emptiness pass thru her heart,will this one be just a decoy?,she then touches the the middle door,alot of energy is behind it,there is no doubt,it is the last door,cata opens it,she was correct*

D'Arby:It seems my energy trap couldnt trick ya,my dear,u get to use the double dice

Jataru:Yay,lets throw da dice

*First dice shows 5,da second one shows 6;11 steps for the 2 warriors as
they go quickly,they find themselves with a divided path*

Cata:One side says Happyland and the other says Horrorland

Jataru:Lets split so we investigate,ok,cata? i shall take happyland,hehehehe  :P

Cata:So that leaves me to Horrorland

*The warriors split;Jataru enters Happyland*


Each day those unholy screams filled the iron curtains of despair,hundred of thousands crawling for freedom and alas,they wont never achieve it,they are just memories of the past,eternally damned to be prisoners at...Happyland


Jataru:This place looks like a cheerful amusement park,dunno exactly if there is something to achieve here,i shall try the roller coaster

Roller Coaster Manager:(resembling a skeleton) Wanna try the ride,mister?

Jataru:Ok,why not,but try to eat something,dude

*Jataru tries all da games,but it seems most people have a ridiculous grin on their faces as if they were mindless zombies trapped*

??:You arent happy,mister,dont ya know this is happyland? this is a place that should be filled with happiness and happiness alone

Jataru:Dude,i cannot be happy all day if you look like smiling zombies,i am getting out of here

??:That wont be possible,mister,you have violated the Happyland law 2 times,u werent happy and trying to escape

*The smiling zombies call the Happyland Police*


*Jataru is very exhausted after a whole day at da park so he couldnt resist;he wakes up in an iron house filled with a lot of desperate people*

Victim:Another unlucky lad into our ranks,welcome

Jataru:Where am i?

*from those people appears Janus*

Janus:This is the prison for the ones that werent happy enough at Happyland,jataru

Jataru:What are ya doing here,janus?

Janus:I was training in Hong Kong when i heard Cata voice betting my soul and voila,i am at Happyland,you know da rest

Victim:You better get used to this,friends,there is no way all of us can escape

Janus:Aye,i tried all my attacks but my powers were decreased in this boardgame

*The house door opens,one of the Happyland Police arrives*

Police:Our king desires to speak with the ones called Jataru and Janus

*They arrive at Happyland castle*

Police:Sire,here are the 2 foreigners

The King:(breathing as Darth Vader) Good,you can leave

Janus:Ok,what ya want from us,chico?

King:Allow me to show myself (comes out of shadows) my name is King Ricky Mouse


Ricky Mouse:Enough (hits them with a electric whip) you 2 were the most hard to capture at Happyland,i am willing to let one free if he wins in the upcoming Colliseum Games at Happyland,the loser shall be granted eternal happiness via our lobotomy devices,does this deal look good 2 ya?
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Post by: cata on July 21, 2007, 11:07:12 AM
Jataru: Fine with me, if you let me escape because I am going to win the game.  8)

Janus: No way! It's me who is going to escape from here.  :*)

Jataru: Me!   }:|

Janus: Oh yeah? Why?  >:(

Jataru: Because I am teaming up with Cata she needs me to win the other game. Besides, if we win, your soul will be safe.  8)

Janus: You may have a point there, but... I'm a better partner than you. I am more useful to her than you. You can stay here: happy. ;)

King Ricky Mouse: There's no need to fight now. Besides, in Happyland people don't fight. People have fun and laugh.

Janus: If we aren't gonna fight, how are we going to compete?

Jataru: Maybe a race?

King Ricky Mouse: You guys are funny. To be the winner, you must be the one that had more fun in a whole day.

Janus: Sounds easy. 8)

King Ricky Mouse: Oh... And one thing: if one of you stops having fun or laughing, you'll be desqualified. And a whole day in happy land are 78 Earth's Hours.

Janus: That's gotta be a joke! O_O

Jataru:That is a lot! When the competition begins?

King Ricky Mouse: Oh... it will be in a long time, like... NOW!

Janus: WHAT??? Huh... I meant (forcing his smile) eheheheheh.  :/

Jataru (forcing his laugh): yahoo... I'm having so much fun... ahahahahahahah -_-

King Ricky Mouse: You don't need to be laughing here if there isn't anything funny. Go outside and ride and play everything you want. And remember the rules, because I'm watching.
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Post by: Cosmic King on July 22, 2007, 02:44:34 AM
Janus:Of all things i have to endure,i better exceed my happiness level

Jataru:No hard feelings,mate,wheter i win or ya,lets promise we will return for da other,deal?


*But alas none of them could be happy as they were already nervous regarding the creepy happyland*

Ricky:I know what those sad faces mean,you wanna spend all yer life at my place of eternal smiles...bring the lobotomy device

Jataru:Wait wait wait,ricardo mouse,it is just that we are not in da mood,cant ya give us another challenge?

Ricky:Hmm,there may be a chance 4 ya,do ya know what a comedy skecth,my slaves?

Janus:Hell yeah

Ricky:Well.i want the 2 of ya to make a comedy sketch against my unbeaten champions,The Loonies


Drugs Bunny:What is up,motherf***ers?

Janus/Jataru:   8| 8|

Corky Pig:That is all for ya,folks (evil laughter)

Ricky:May da contest begin

*Corky starts delivering his sketch*

Corky's Act (

Janus:This is gonna be hard 2 beat,but i shall try it

*Janus uses some of his power to turn into austin power and some of the happyland slaves into sexy girls*

Janus' Sketch (

Ricky:Damn,both sketches are so damn good,we need a tie breaker,yer friend Jataru vs. Drugs Bunny

Jataru:Here we go.. :-\
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Post by: cata on July 22, 2007, 12:25:05 PM
Off topic: I am here to tell you that I will not be able to keep up with the Forum for a month. I will be on vacation during that time. I have a computer portable but not internet wireless. Sorry for the bad english but is the best that I could do.
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Post by: Cosmic King on July 25, 2007, 06:59:33 PM
Offtopic: Here comes another part of the boardgame battle

*Jataru feels hunger and asks to have a Beans Burrito*

Jataru:That was delicious,now time 4 my sketch

*Then jataru accidentally farts* (

Janus:(barely breathing)Dang,i forgot 2 tell ya that in happyland all the beans are treated with nuclear materials

*They look the surrounding,apparently the atomic fart vaporized Happyland to nothingness*

Janus:It seems we are free already,lets ditch this place and go find Cata

Jataru:Aye aye,dude

*They run quickly to Horrorland,they see that D'Arby Creature is approaching them but still so far to nab them;the 2 amigos enter horrorland,which is apparently been consumed by flames;they find cata sitting in several monsters' corpses and eating some beef*

Cata:Hi,friends,what took ya so long? *burp*

Jataru:You dont cease to amaze me,cata-chan

*In that precise moment,D'Arby creature is just 2 steps away from them*

D'Arby:I made my dice throw,it is time you 3 do it or my creature will swallow ya

*Janus kicks da dice,it shows 5,the trio run like hell and they fell in a pit that leads them to be inside a Subway Train*

Cata:Now what?

*But meanwhile far far away Darkdevil is escaping from sakura*

Dark:Sakura-san,desist with this situation,it is true that i would die for ya,but this is very ridiculous

Sakura:Sorry,but i must vanish you,demon (waves her magic wand over darkdevil)


*Dark tries to counter her magic but only causes a feedback of energy and he explodes;not been truly alive his energy wanders the universe*

Dark:If only i didnt have this demonic heritage,i would lead a way more normal life,but i really love 2 torment souls,what 2 do?

*then darkdevil brother arrived*

Nameless One:What happens,brother? i thought u loved to be a demon warlord

Dark:Silence,i dont need yer help,i will just wander till i find the body i ordered thru mail

Nameless One:That is so? know this,brother,you have only 2 days to claim that body or i will take yer spirit form and trap it in my Paradise,far away from Caroline

Dark:I better hurry

*Back to the boardgame,Cata and company are sitting in a subway train*

Cata:Owwie,where is here?

Stranger:(to cata)Wow,what is going on in heaven that i am seeing angels falling down?

Janus:Who are ya?

Stranger:My name is Quack Kent,sergeant of Otsuu Terakado army,and ya are?

Janus:I am the romantic shadow of mystery,the guardian of...(keeps talking)

Cata:His name is janus and the wizard is Jataru,my name is Cata

Quack:Indeed you are a cute girl as my pop idol Otsuu,hehehehe

*Suddenly Quack is lifted by the nose by some dude*


??:What did ya say,Quack?!?  :( :( :(

Quack:Sorry,captain,i didnt mean to offend Otsuu popularity

Jataru:(jumps and kicks the Captain)Take it easy,pal,you dont need to be so aggressive with yer friends

Captain:All of the followers of Otsuu Terakado must complete a vow to never flirt with other gal till we are 22 years old,i see you 3 are foreigners

Janus:Right,we are on a boardgame extravaganza

Captain:I see,i know a shortcut to finish the game but i am not inda mood to tell ya

Cata:C'mon,tell us

Captain:Since Quack said you were as cute as our pop idol,i wanna prove that,how about a karaoke duel after the concert me and my gang are goin?


*3 hours later,the karaoke bar is opened*

Captain:Ladies first,show me what you can do

Cata:You better keep yer word and tell us about da shortcut if i win,4 eyes

*Cata begins to sing*

Song Title:Tonogata Gomen Asobase (

Teguchi wa mieteiru kedo
soko ga totemo kawaii wa.
Gobu ni haru ki de iru nara
uketeageru jootoo yo.

Takaku ashi o kumikae
wink moo hitooshi ne.
Mabushii deshoo.

Makiagatta binetsu.
Hitomi ga urunderu.

Soo yo... You are watching me,
I am watching you.
Miryokutekisugita kashira.
Tonogata Gomen Asobase.
Anata konya nemurenai woo.

Onna o rikai suru no wa
hotondo muda na doryoku yo.
Keiken nanka ja nai wa.
Maru de chigau iseijin.

Anata wakatteinai
soko mo daisuki dakedo
homeru to hora.

Watashi o miru metsuki
ikanimo sukisoo yo.

Itsumo... You are watching me,
I am watching you.
Munasawagi ikaga kashira.
(You, I Love You)
Tonogata Gomen Asobase.
Kanjisugite okinodoku woo.
(Baby, I'm So Sorry)

Soo yo... You are watching me,
I am watching you.
Miryokutekisugita kashira.
(You, I Love, Oh!)
Tonogata Gomen Asobase.
Anata konya nemurenai woo.
(Boy! I'm So Sorry) (Woo, Baby)
(Woo, You are Mine Baby)

*So,what was the captain's reaction to this?,lets see*


Captain:Oh,heavenly bliss,oh queen of the nymphs and angels,that was the most beautiful singer since Otsuu (kneels down) my master,your wishes r my command

Janus:Start telling us where the shortcut is

Captain:Ok (they arrive in a skyscraper building) here is a cannon,enter there and i will program it so it shoots ya till 4 spaces before winning,good luck

*The trio finally arrives,but alas,also D'Arby creature,a final game is gonna start*
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Dark: And By the way, I've chosen not to follow your false path on rule breaking and everything else. I were the one who treats me as the one everyones hate and fear, just because I respected the first rules, and you didn't.
Nameless one: Ye, I know, just beat it kid.
Dark starts running
Dark: a body... A body... A body... ??? Wait a seccond I can creat my own body! MY FIRST BODY ONE THIS MISERABLE PLANET.
Dark: Now I'm ready.
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Post by: FallinG_StaR on July 26, 2007, 01:08:08 AM
But for some reason that body started to reject Dark's soul... and he's spit out of the Dragon body and accidentally ends up at an other body...

Dark: What the hell!?!


Nameless One: So that's the body you choose for this milenium??? So be it I'll grant you 1000 more years of immortal life... in your new body... Enjoy... Muahahahahahaha...
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Post by: DarkDevil on July 26, 2007, 11:48:50 AM
Dark: Wait a second... Let me try again, you idiot.
Nameless one: No way, I gave you one only chance.
Dark: So I'll break the rules, as you broken the first ones. One laST TIME
/me turns back into the dragon form.
Dark: Where's a mirror, a mirror?
/me finds a puddle of water
Offtopic: Still looking for a pic
Dark: It worked! I'm a human!
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Post by: Cosmic King on July 27, 2007, 12:22:25 AM
*Meanwhile at da boardgame,it has become a super smackdown,the 3 warriors vs. what appears to be the other 176 challenges they have skipped*

D'Arby:I wonder what will nab ya,all you skipped or my monster?

Jataru:So much to do,so little time

Cata:There must be still hope,for one minute i saw some dude wearing a golden crown above us,maybe he is da last challenge as if this was chess

Janus:(fighting the challenges) Well,i shall shield the 2 of ya so u get 2 him,hurry up

*Janus uses his recovered power to grow gigantic and defend cata and jataru who arrive with da king,D'Arby creature is after them*

King:Well done,boys,however this where you die


*Turns them into stone*

Now i shall decapitate ya

*He is about to do that when he accidentally trips on cata statue feet,accidentally impaling the soul creature who in return blasts him 2 ashes,both apparently die*

Cata:(back 2 normal) Ok,that was so stupid

Jataru:Yeah (jumps in the Goal space...GAME OVER)

*Da 3 warriors come back to their original size*

D'Arby:Ahh,the irony of yer strange victory,heheheh,anyways i shall keep my promise

*Releases sand and kaede,gives back the other 50 % of cata's memory)

You teenager truly gave me an exciting game,we shall play another day,adios (leaves)

Sand:Well,lets head back to our timeline,i am so hunger

Cata/Kaede/Janus:So we are

*The 5 warriors return to 2007,meanwhile with dark,he is sitting inda ruins of Blackheart hell*

Dark:(chanting a strange spell) Hamra maditadora Hoggoth kaiitadora Diabolos sekazam

*mystical thunder strikes darkdevil,he arises*


Dark:Well,at least i am not a chibi girl nor a strange pet  ;D
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Offtopic: I wanted to post the pic from this site ( but each time I do, it turns back to that horrible kid.
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Post by: Cosmic King on July 27, 2007, 09:03:38 PM
*9 days have passed since the battle vs. D'Arby,most of the warriors decided to travel around to clear their minds,the one named Janus decided to travel to China,to the cursed waters of Jusenkyo*

Guide:(watching from above)Why do people still insist to train here? *sigh*

Janus:(thinking) It has been a while since i came here (jumps to the pole sign where the red haired curse water is;Janus starts training and balancing himself) this is way to easy,i shall try balancing with one foot (does so)

??:Ya better take care,friend,or you will become a girl for life

*Janus loses balance but evades been touched by the cursed water*

Janus:Who are ya?

??:Allow me to present myself,i am James Rolfe

Janus:(amazed) The Angry Videogame Nerd !!!!!


AVGN:Correct,my young fellow (throws his customized tshirt on)

Janus:What do ya want from me,nerd?

AVGN:I can feel yer hatred,janus,it is like a fine wine and i am looking forward to get drunk on it....IN COMBAT

*Releases all his energy and becomes as a Supersaiyan*


Janus:Have at you,amigo


*Janus punches barely hurt "True AVGN" body*

AVGN:Cologne truly taught ya well,janus,but that isnt enough


*The attacks makes janus becomes a nes videogame,where AVGN uses him to lose all of janus lives and continues;janus is back 2 normal but weakened*

This is becoming to boring,you came to battle me 100 years too early,i shall finish ya with one of yer master techniques


*Janus is defeated and the last attack makes crash into one of the cursed water pits*

Guide:Holy Shit !!! that was the Oni woman water,legend says that one oni crashed there and drowned,now anyone that falls there becomes that when touched by cold water,too bad luck for that foreigner

*Janus wakes up,he looks more or less like Lum,except he has golden brown hair,more big horns and fangs*

Janus:(female voice) WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME ?!?  :( :'( :( :'(

Guide:See it in a more optimistic way,young one,now you need not to watch XXX magazines  ;)

Janus:Spare me the jokes,i have become a girl,tell me da cure

Guide:There isnt  :P


Guide:Besides the temporal cure with hot water,only super magic could cure ya as we no longer have da antidote,have a nice day
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Post by: janus on July 27, 2007, 10:53:34 PM
female Janus: What!  >:( (lifts guide by his shirt) there has to be a cure for this, my whole life is ruined!

Guide: me told you already, we are all out of antidodes, previous guests always come back unhappy and always try to kill me, so I give them all antidote. only partial solution is rinse with hot water and you turn back to man

female Janus: but that's only a temporary one!

Guide: Well too bad guest

female Janus: ARGH!

*female Janus throws Guide into a cursed spring out of anger and becomes Jusenkio raccoon guide

female Janus: that al teach ya!

AVGN: HA! you are weaker than before. That makes it 300 years too early to battle me. Besides it would be too selfish of me to attack a defenseless girl.

female janus: WHY YOU! :(

AVGN: Until you're ready I'll be waiting

*AVGN makes a flashy exit

female Janus: I'm not done with you yet, I can still fight! (later drops to his knees exhausted)

*female Janus takes out Jusenkio raccoon guide who was still in the spring, by his shirt

female Janus: there has to be another way to cure this or you'll pay big time! }:|
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Guide:Me told ya already,crossdressing one,you should rejoice

Janus:I am not willing to be a woman,nor an oni,tell me da cure or i am gonna rip yer eyes and put them in yer mouth

*the guide begins to get a lot of fear*

Guide:Acckk..ok...ok...the phoenix mirror in Tierra del Fuego is one part and da other one is.....accckkk (dies of a heart attack)

Janus:Dang,he is dead apparently and with him the secret to cure me,i will have to try and find a cure by myself

*Janus picks up his/her things,showers in hot water and travels toward America,first he must pass Japan to do so;he arrives what seems to be a giant house*

Janus:Probably this is a hostel,it says K-U-N-O above,probably just a fancy name

*Janus knocks the door,a trap below him activates,he falls in a room full of black flowers,one crocodile appears and tries to bite him,janus jumps it and knocks the alligator*

Janus:Where da hell i had to appear?

*A security system activates and fills the room with knockout gas,janus tries to escape but he falls asleep near what seemed to be da escape door,2 people arrive with gas masks*

Sasuke:Ms. Kodachi,here is the intruder,he was beaten by the gas,shall i throw him into the spikes pit?

Kodachi:No,he seems good looking 2 me,almost as my beloved ranma,bring him to the living room # 23 after ya feed my sharks,i need to question him when he awakes (leaves)

Sasuke:Aye aye,milady

*Sasuke grabs Janus while he is about 2 feed da sharks,but alas,Janus,not been weak,awoke and tried to escape,Janus falls in the private cold lake of the kuno family,but meanwhile with Tatewaki Kuno*

Tatewaki:Oh,woe is me,i am but fate's puppet as i love 2 women,pig tail girl and akane tendo,it would be better for me to drown into this lake than suffering to be apart from them

*He launches to the lake exactly when Janus was there floating ( as a oni girl),Kuno feels somehow attracted and rescues Janus*

Janus:(woman voice) Thank you...i was been attacked by a gnome and a witch

Tatewaki:Probably sasuke and not fear,fair maiden,you are safe here with the Blue Lightning of Kendo,Tatewaki Kuno,btw,what is yer name,nymph?

Janus:(thinking) i better come up with a name (normal) My name is Oniko Matsudaira,i thought this place was a hostel but it seems it isnt

Tatewaki:Oh,you poor girl,you are trying to find shelter,worry not,i can sense you are a innocent girl (kisses Janus hand) allow me to give ya home for all da time u need


Janus/Oniko:Why,thank you,hehehe (thinking)  :r :r :r i am gonna need of this place for a while

Tatewaki:By the way,oniko,why do ya have those horns in yer head?

Janus/Oniko:Err,they are some accessories my mother gave before she died,i swore never to take them out

Tatewaki:You look kawai,somehow those horns made me think i have seen ya before,anyways i am sure you will be a sure hit in Furinkan High


Tatewaki:Aye,oniko-san,you require me to be yer personal bodyguard,that means you have to come with me 2 school to make ya safe from my evil sister,i suppose u r hungry,lets go 2 eat


Tatewaki:(thinking) god be praised,in my moment of despair i got to meet a girl that is as beautiful as akane and foxxy as the pig tail girl  ;D ;D ;D ;D

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(Our brave hero is sitting near a pool in his home,remembering those old days against the valkirye and friends)

Alumxander:I feel so nostalgic all of a sudden,what should my heart feel after losing so many times?

Zombie:But,ssir,they may have beaten yo many times yet you only need one victory

Alumxander:You are right,zombie,it is due time i settle this with all of them


Alumxander:Send them invitations to enter a contest at my house in France,that way i will only fight the best of them,right now leave me to mourn in my sanctaury to cata  ;(

Posted on: July 28, 2007, 08:32:29 PM
(I fall sleep in the waters of the pool,i get to see a vision of one of my enemies as a fair girl as lum,that foe was accompained by a young boy,both them were going to a church,i wake up)

Alumxander:Zombie,what did yo put in the pool?

Zombie:Some water we collected from the river of time,bossss

Alumxander:Then i saw something that will happen,what an excelent irony that those who negated me to have my girls now are girls,i must know more of this,hahahahahaha

(After a while,our brave hero finds that it is Janus)

Alumxander:So it is that boy,since hot water will return him to be a man,i shall see for him never to grab it...Shazam Abracadabra!!!!

(My magic spell travels towards Janus and covers him without he/she notices)

Zombie:What did ya do,bosssss?

Alumxander:That spell wont allow him to get touched by hot water all time,if he gets near it,water shall become cold instantly,besides he must look better as a girl  >:)

Zombie:Boss,you are the best

Alumxander:I know  ;D
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Cata: What should we do now? Chase Alumxander, the cheater? Chase Dark? Battle each other now?

Suddenly appears a flying pink letter and Cata catches it.

Kaede: Open it!

Sand: Read it. What does it say?

Cata reads the letter:

Cata: Dear friends: Kaede-chan, Sand-kun, Janus-kun and my beloved Cata-chan, I'm here to invite you to a party. Tomorrow night by 21 o' clock at my house in France. In the envelope you will find a map of the all way to my house. Please come. There will be music, food, dance, and much more. Please come.


Alumxander, the Great

P.S.: It is a costume party.

Kaede: I don't know if we should go.

Cata: Well, there will be food, so... Let's go. :P

Sand: How can you be so sure?

Cata: Maybe you're right. But it is a party. Or at least it is supposed to be a party. Besides, I kinda miss him.

Sand/ Kaede: WHAT? So... YOU LIKE HIM! :D

Cata: WHAT?! I don't like him!  >:(

Sand/ Kaede: But you just said that you missed him.  :?

Cata: Well, that's not what I meant. I meant that I missed to kick his butt out of this battle.  }:|

Sand/ Kaede: Yeah... right... Sure thing... ::)  :-*

Cata: I'm serious! >:(

Sand/ Kaede: Sure you are... ::) :-*

Cata: Whatever. So are you coming or not?
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*note: Janus=Oniko
* back at Kuno's estate before leaving off to school

Tatewaki: Fear thy not by beloved maiden, for am I the one to nourish and protect....

Janus/oniko:(interrupts) when are we eating?

Tatewaki: indeed my dear (shouts) Sasuke Bring the edibles will you!

Sasuke: Sorry for my delay master it was because that....

Tatewaki: no excuse Sasuke, next time do it with more haste!

Sasuke: but...

Tatewaki: no buts!

Oniko: All right let's eat! :9

*after the first two servings of rice, Tatewaki drops his sticks, trembling unable to move

Sasuke: what I was trying to tell you master, that my delay was because Miss Kodachi offered herself to make your meal.

Tatewaki:(struggling to speak) How dare she, mixing a paralyzer on our rice!

Oniko: wha da you know, this doesn't affect me :P

*Kodachi enters the room

Kodachi: :> did you like my cooking brother dear?

Tatewaki: not I did!

*kodachi quickly turns to oniko

Kodachi: }:| who might you be!?

Oniko: it's none of your business!

Kodachi: Little respect huh!? you shall see! hahahaha!

tatewaki:(in the background,still paralyzed) wait!

*kodachi pulls a lever and brings out guard dogs that beguing to chase Oniko

Oniko:(while fleeing) when did I think this was going to be a good place to crash, better turn into a guy so i'll get a better chance with the hounds

*while running away, oniko/Janus stumbles with tatewaki's hot springs

Janus: I've hit the Jackpot! I was getting tired of this body anyway!

*Janus jumps and takes a dive, surfaces out, but realized that Hot spring water becomes cold spring water Leaving him still as a she oni

Janus: What happened!? I'm supposed to be back to my elder self! O__o

*Janus hears the hounds coming close, so he/she hides underwater until the dogs come and run somewhere else
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Post by: Cosmic King on July 30, 2007, 08:09:26 PM
*Janus runs away to find Nekohanten Cafe to track his old teacher,Cologne*

Janus/Oniko:Cologne-sensei,i need yer help

Cologne:Who are ya,little girl? you remind of the guy that was my student and refused to marry my grandaughter

Janus/Oniko:It is me Janus,ya old fart,i fell into one jusenkyo pit and need yer help as someone put a spell over me,i cannot touch hot water

Cologne:I see,you came to me after what i did to Ranma Saotome,since you and me go way back i shall help ya,to remove da spell i need to press a special pressure point but since it could stop yer heart-beat i need ya to swallow one of the Dragon Pills

Janus/Oniko:Ok,what ya waiting for? gimme the pills

Cologne:Cant do,last time i had some was on 1985,but i call prepare them right here,i just need the Blood of One Wishing upon a Star as main ingredient

Janus/Oniko:That sounds as "moroboshi",i suppose i need samples of ataru blood

Cologne:Well,since u know have a woman body it shall be a piece of cake 4 ya

Janus/Oniko:Well,i shall get access to him...somehow,bye for now

*As Janus goes outside it begins to rain,he meditates how he who was the Romantic Shadow of Mystery has fell into such strange aspects of life;suddenly he is spotted by Cosmic King wearing one of his multiple disguises*


Cosmic:I presume you are the one named Janus,right?


Cosmic:Take this envelope,it is for an event Alumxander is preparing,i suppose there we will meet some of our friends,btw,why you look as an oni girl?

Janus:Long tale,right now i hafta return to Kuno house and then track Ataru

Cosmic:Good luck on that,janus (leaves)

*Janus sneaks into Kuno House's basement as he knew they stored food there,4 days have passed and Janus finally gets some info of Ataru whereabouts,just when he was gonna leave for him,Kuno appears*

Kuno:Ohh,oniko,truly i thought u were gone forever,fair maiden,may the gods be praised as you have returned

Janus/Oniko:(nervous laugh) Yeah,i was also worried about not seein ya

Kuno:It is a shame you couldnt come for school,i daresay,but dont worry you can come with me as i am representing Furinkan High as Kendo champion versus one fella named Shutaro Mendo at Tomobiki High,it is gonna be at the Niou Tower

Janus:(thinking) what a lucky shot,exactly where ataru is gonna be  ;D (normal) ohh,thank you,tachi,of course i am gonna go

*Once they arrive at the Niou Tower,janus/oniko splits from Kuno group to track Ataru*

Janus:Now where is Ataru?

*Janus overhears some of the classic Lum/Ataru discussions,apparentlly Ataru goes to the balcony nearby*

Janus:This is me chance (takes out a small blade,test tube and a demon mask) this way he wont recognize me even in my female form (begins to sneak behind ataru and speaks to him in a gentle voice) ohh,ataru?

Ataru:Yeah,who is it?

*Janus jumps to attack ataru*


*Lum notices this attack*

Lum:Stay away from my darling!!!!!!


*Lum's attack knocks out Janus/Oniko,and mounts him/her to deliver some punches*

Lum:Look at this darling,each punch i give to her is just how much i love ya (begins to deliver very strong punches) and I LOVE YOU A LOT !!!  >:)

*Lum breaks Oniko mask*

Lum:I think i over-reacted  :P

Ataru:Hey,it is just a pretty girl....with horns? could she be one of yer relatives,Lum?

Lum:Darling,i havent seen her before

Ataru:No matter,lum,i know u attacked her defending me,i appreciate that,but she needs some medical help (grabs Oniko in a lusty hug) allow me to pass you some of my vital energy,what is it ya say? that yer chest is where i should rest my face and pass da energy? so be it  :9~ :9~ :9~ :9~

Lum:DARLING !!!!

*Lum grabs him and delivers her classic Heaven Punishment*
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Post by: alumxander on July 31, 2007, 12:15:35 AM
(Our brave hero witness this thanks to the waters of time)

Alumxander:That will teach Janus-ary,no one messes with me


Alumxander:Remind me of sending another spell to make him fall in love with Kuno later,right now what worries me is the costumed dance


Alumxander:Were all the invitations sent?


Alumxander:Well,i dont see any problem if i visit my old foe

(I become wind and travel to Cata department,she is there cleaning the same sword she used to kill me)

Cata:It is you !!

Alumxander:Yeah,you have no idea how much i wanted to see you,how about a warm up before the costume dance?
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Post by: cata on July 31, 2007, 12:36:40 AM
Cata: I am busy, you know?  }:|

Alumxander: I see. But my party is much more important.  8)

Cata: As if...!  :&

Alumxander: So, do you accept my dance invitation?  8)

Cata (shy laugh): eheheh... you see... eheheh... there's no music.  :-\

Alumxander: That's not a problem. (claps his hands twice and suddenly both of they begin to hear "music for couples") 8)

Cata: Wow... I can't dance with you anyway because this is a battle!

Alumxander: Well, it's a battle but we can make a break, right? I bet that you don't want to dance with me because you can't dance.  8)

Cata (lieing): I can dance! In fact, I'm a great dancer!  :*) (thinking) Why did I say that? I'm so doomed!  :-X

Alumxander: Then show it!  8)

Cata: Ok!

Cata aproaches Alumxander and he grabs her hand and back and both start dancing.
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Alumxander:Probably it is your first time dancing,cata,relax

Cata:I am trying but there is a feeling in my heart that makes me feel...

Alumxander:If it makes ya comfortable,i shall lead you in the dance,just dont step on my feet with those boots

(Our brave lead the young girl into a couple song,she remains very shy but follows the steps i teach her)

Alumxander:I will say you still need practice,tell you what,come to my home at 6 pm for dance lessons,i can teach you in one week all you need as the festivity will be in 2 weeks

Cata:Thank you

Alumxander:Now if you excuse me,i have business with a friend,an oni pal

(I return home,i witness how "Oniko" is returning to Kuno House,it is very easy for me to spray him with the Cloud of Cupid,ohh,it is so easy i dunno if i attack him right now)
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*Oniko enters his secret house on da Kuno Family basement,there he/she recuperates from Lum's attack*

Janus:I was lucky to gather some of ataru blood when lum bit him with her fangs,now that i have delivered it to Cologne,i just have to wait so i can touch hot water again

*later on Janus goes with Cologne*

Janus:Is it ready,old fart?

Cologne:Yeah,yeah,just swallow it and pray that i dont kill you with the pressure point

Janus:(eats da dragon pill) gimme yer best shot i go...TENHA NO KAMAE!!!

*Janus feels a giant agony around 3 minutes,he falls unconcious*

Cologne:Shampoo !!! bring him to a bed,he needs to rest as the operation was a success


*2 hours later Janus awakens after cologne throws hot water on him*

Janus:Arrrrrgghhh,it hurts,i finally can touch hot water,i am a man again

Cologne:Aye,but only as long as cold water dont touch you all da time,i shall keep researching on yer curse's cure

Janus:Domo arigato,is there a way to repay ya?

Cologne:Well,u can marry Shampoo


Cologne:I was joking,janus....but seriously one day i am gonna make you marry Shampoo when you become one of the strongest on earth

Janus:...Ok,bye bye
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(Witnessing that somehow Janus had a trick under his sleeve,i leave to my house to gather all the material i am gonna need to teach Cata how to dance as she has the reflects of a baby)

Alumxander:I am such a good teacher,after i finish teaching her,she is gonna dance on the winds,i am sure of it

Zombie:What about your vengeance on Janusssss?

Alumxander:He is already doomed cause all this week is gonna be rainy days with a lot of cold

(I return back to cata department)

Cata:You came back

Alumxander:Yeah,and i came to give you double dance lessons,think you can keep up,little valkyrie?
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Cata: Little Valkyrie?  >:( Watch your mouth. You are just a newbie around here. The party is tonight and I have learn all I needed to learn.  :*)

Alumxander: You must be joking. Yesterday you couldn't even dance without watching your feet.

Cata: Well, it is going to be party. And I will do everything I do in other parties: eat, eat, chat and eat.  8)

Alumxander: Don't you dance?  ???

Cata: Not really.  :-\

Alumxander: What a weird girl you are.  8)

Cata: I'm not weird. I'm unique.  8)

Alumxander: Let me tell you, in my party, everyone has to dance. And it's me who is going to make the dance pairs.  8)

Cata: Whatever. For food, I'll do anything...  :P :9

Alumxander: We shall see tonight.  8)
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Alumxander:For food? I see,so be it

(I magically summon a Cake,i put it into a mine field that can only be passed with certain steps of solo dance)

Alumxander:Show me you can get to the cake,one wrong step and BOOM

Cata:It seems dangerous but i am not gonna chicken out

(Still having fear,cata barely survives my little test)

Alumxander:Have a small piece of cake,little valkyrie,i see you still need my particular teachings,first of all,the way you dress

Cata:(full mouth) What is wrong with it?

Alumxander:Dont speak with the mouth full


Alumxander:Ok,well,you dress as if you were some kind of Vampire Queen,in a party you arent allowed to go like that,i am afraid we will have to go shop you the proper clothing of a lady
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Cata: What?!?! You said it was a costume party. So it is supposed not to be dressed with a normal outfit, you know?
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Post by: alumxander on July 31, 2007, 02:23:36 AM
Alumxander:My apologies,miss cata,it isnt a costume party,one of my zombies must have typed a wrong message in the invitations,now lets go to find you some nice clothes and some boots that dont have blades hidden
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Cata: Chotto Matte! You're not thinking in a dress and heels are you?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on July 31, 2007, 02:41:58 AM
Alumxander:Correct,cata,i have friends in some of those dress stores,lets waste no time,we need to get you one that goes accord to the innocent girl that is crying to be free from the Vampire Valkyrie

Cata:Ok,lets go,i need a new look anyway

(Our brave hero and his disciple go to the store,they are surprised to see Jataru as a salesman there)
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Cata: Vampire Valkyrie? You sure have a big imagination. Listen this carefully because I will not repeat it.

Alumxander: Say it then.

Cata: First: I don't like dresses, make-up, heels, etc. Second: I don't know how to walk with heels. Third: my personality doesn't fit in a stupid dress or stupid jewellery or stupid heels or other girly stuff. Fourth: The body is mine so I chose what should I wear!
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Post by: alumxander on July 31, 2007, 02:54:26 AM
Alumxander:Dont worry,cata,i am gonna let you choose both the dress and heels,we have no time to get you make up and jewelry anyway and also this

a) Imagine the day you get married,of course you arent gonna go all full of blood and bones,will you?

b) it is time to show the world your real beauty,at least just this time

c) we are already at the store

(i slap cata) For once in your life let that kawai and innocent girl to arise

Cata:Gee,you are kind of right,Alumxander,i suppose i cant be all day a warriror woman,maybe i should give this a chance

Alumxander:Ok,lets carry on

*Cata goes exploring the store to find nice clothes*
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Cata: I'm feeling really weird. I think your cake was poisoned.

Alumxander: Why do you say that?

Cata: Because I'm saying things that I would never say.

Alumxander (thinking): Dang! She's right.

Cata: Well, let me awnser to your statements, then.

Alumxander: Bring it on!  8)

Cata: a) I will never marry! You waste money in the wedding and waste money in the divorce!

b) Why should I want to show my real beauty? The personality is what is important.  8)

c) We could leave the store.  ;D
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Alumxander:That is why i bought this nice purple dress for you in case you told me what you just said,i heard it is one of your favorite colors

Cata:Sugoi,i think i over-reacted a bit,thanks anyways

Alumxander:Btw when i told you about you marrying,i was meaning some secret your sisters decided to hide from you


Alumxander:You were secretly engaged to the one named Janus,both of you ignore this as you are supposed to meet each other when both are 18, that is the reason i wanted him to marry Kuno,such a beauty as you cant be wasted with any man

Cata:You are lying

Alumxander:I may be a cheater but this time i am not lying

(Our brave hero and cata stare at each other fro 1 minute)

Well,lets return to your home,i need to continue teaching you some dance skills and table manners
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Cata: First: I don't like purple This fact prove that you're lieing. In fact, my favourite colour is black. I am the one who will decide with who I will be, and I'm not gonna marry! Guess what?

Alumxander: What?

Cata: I'm leaving! I'm tired of this nonsence! Bye!

Alumxander: Wait!

Cata: Too late! (Cata whistles and a brown horse appears. Cata climbs up and makes the horse run). Ike!
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Alumxander:Such an innocent gal,it is a shame she evades reality as what i told her was truth...and damn,she took the dress with her,i havent paid for it yet !!!!!!!!!

Jataru:Sir,it is 100 dollars

Alumxander:(Nervous laughing)

(Meanwhile the valkyrie has entered her friends home,nobody is there so she explores a bit and there she finds what seems to be a hidden paper explaining that is true that the valkiries want her to marry Janus)

Cata:Oh my god,for the first time ever Alumxander was saying the truth,maybe i should go apologize a bit,probably he is my sworn enemy but he tries to his way

(Cata returns)

Alumxander:I knew you will be back,are you ready for another session of dance? this time i will use machineguns and blades if yo commit mistakes

Cata:Bring it on
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*As Janus takes a leave he hears footsteps, it was from kuno's!

Janus: Geesh! and he had to appear now! It's time to split!

Cologne: Use this Son-in-Law (hands down a bag containing a costume)

Janus & shampoo: stop joking already!

*as Kuno enters the Room

Kuno: who might you be?

*Janus, shampoo dressed as two collectionist as Cologne was nowhere to be seen

Janus: I'm Very sorry sir for Trespassing your property but I could help myself notice all these fine antiques you have here.

Kuno: Yes indeed, some are gifts from some very important people, but that doesn't exempt you from the fact that you trespassed my estate.

Shampoo: Ok, now plan fail! (as she makes up a smoke screen and Knock out Kuno in the process)

Janus: (as they run out) You didn't have to do that y'know!

Shampoo:(giggles) yes I know, I didn't want to wait as much

*Janus and shampoo escape heading towards the Cat cafe, to catch up with Cologne.   

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Meanwhile at Valkyrie Village...

Cata: ... But I can do that later! Now I have some serious issues to solve in my village!  >:(

Cata returns to her homevillage and everything is a mess: children aren't learning Valkyrie's techniques, survival training, etc. There aren't jobs for the population,...

Cata: WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?!? >:( (all the village hears her and stops) Who is the responsable for this mess? (silence) WHO IS IT?!?!?! :( (the village points to the "castle". Cata jumps off from the horse and changes her armour to the Valkyrian Battle Outfit (Bear helmet and Bear cape). Cata weilds her long sword and her kiteshield and runs to the inside of the castle. She keeps runing until arriving to the throne room.

???? - Finally, you're here.  >:)

Cata: You! I knew it! Kishami! Get off of my throne and leave this village for ever, before I lose my mind!  >:(

Kishami: Never! It is you who has to leave.  :/

Cata: Oh really? Why?  :&

Kishami: It was you, who forgot about our people. Who left us here without protection. And you used our magicians warriors to help on your duties and you did it without careing about us.  >:(

Cata: You're right. But I didn't take you with me, because you would be safer in here.  :/

Kishami: Are you sure? What about the dicisions? You were our leader. We believed in you. You were always cheering us up and then you leave for some stupid fight and then you came and expect that things could be normal?  >:(

Cata: You're right. I'm sorry! I didn't meant to do it.  >:(

Kishami: It's too late, Cata. You're not "Cata, the Valkyrie, the Leader of the Valkyries", anymore. Leave this village and never come back.  >:(

Cata: Bu-  ;(

Kishami: No but's! You know the rules don't you? Then respect them. 8)

Cata: Ok... I understand. But I have just one question to make.

Kishami: Hurry up then. I don't have all day.

Cata: What is that story about Janus and I getting married???  >:(

Kishami: You know the rules: one of the ways to someone being expeled from the Clan is to marry someone that isn't from the Clan.

Cata: But if you want me to go, I'll go.  :(

Kishami: You can't. I changed the rules. No one can left the Clan without being killed. And a Leader or a former Leader can't be killed.  8)

Cata: I'm not gonna marry and that's final!  >:(

Kishami: If I was you, I wasn't so sure...  ::)

Cata: What do you mean?  ???

Kishami: You will see.  >:)
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Cata:Enough of this treachery,Kishami,i am not going to allow this  >:(

Kishami:Getting scared?

Cata:Never shall the valkyrie leader be afraid of backs-stabbers like you  :(

Kishami:(drawing out 2 scimitars) I was hoping you would say that,now you will see how strong i am ;D

*Both valkyries fight each other,Cata has more experience and manages to kick Kishami in the face,Cata takes away one of Kishami scimitars,both are now in equal state*

Cata:You havent learned still how strong is my will,traitor

Kishami:Bullcrap,cata,yer logical succesor has to be me,in my hands the valkyrie clan will awaken to a new era,the Era of Millenium

HYDRA LASHER!!! (using a whip and scimitar,Kishami manages to deliver 8 strikes on cata)

Cata:That is all you got ? That is quite a basic attack (spits blood and enters a pose) death's sweet release will be too good for you,traitor,it is better for you to live in defeat

NIBELUNGS STORM!!! (cata's scimitar moves as thunder,slashing and shocking Kishami)

You are beaten,kishami,desist on this coup d'etat of yours mills23...san (faints)

Cata:You are working for Mills23?!? I need explanations

*Jack Swallow appears*

Jack:I can tell you what the problem is,cap'n


Jack:After you left for Japan,an evil man arrived here and using his unholy magic and hate propaganda managed to convert many of our valkyrie friends to his movement,he left Kishami in charge thinking she would be able to kill ya,savvy?

Cata:I understand,and i thought i had enough with that alumxander weirdo

*Meanwhile at japan,Janus managed to gather all his money to buy a house near the snow mountains,but alas,many people went there to ski,so he had to re-use his Oniko form to gain some money and attract more tourism*



Janus/Oniko:(thinking) well,at least here i wont be bugged by Kuno and Co.  :)
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Offtopic: I can't stop posting for a few days, and you turn this up side down! Anyways, good continues.
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Cata teleported to a planet named Gajic in another dimension. Planet Gajic is a medium sized planet and is full of red "sand" and there isn't anything there similar to Earth things like water, food, wind, clouds, etc. Suddenly appears a black strange creature...

?!?!?!: ,:;,..'=/&)/]§

Cata: What? ... Oh yeah, I forgot to put my translators braces. (She puts her braces and now she is able to understand and being understand by Gajicians - citizens of Planet Gajic) Hi. I'm Cata. I'm here to see to boss, Terisse.

?!?!?! - Hi, stranger. I'm Hellius. I don't know if you're someone that I could trust...

!?!?!? - Hellius! It's ok. She is an old friend of mine. Please, come in Cata. You're so different since the last time we saw each other.

Cata: So are you, Terisse.

Terisse: You seem worried. Can I help you?

Cata: I have a tiny problem... (Cata explains the whole situation to him)

Terisse: I see... well, lets see what the sky tell us...

Terisse points his staff to the sky and Terisse's father appears. His name is Galord.

Terisse: Please, my father help this friend of mine.

Galord: Cata, Mills23 isn't in your dimension or in our dimension... As for Janus, SHE and I meant she, has huge problem to solve. She may need your help to solve it. Kishami will be back even more powerfull than you could ever imagine. Goodbye...

Cata: Wait! Can't you tell me more about Mills23? Like where is he? And what about Kishami's future power? And what about Janus? Why is he a she, now?

Terisse: Too late. I hope that you haven't any more doubts.

Cata: Unfortunatelly, I have. I am more confused than I was.

Meanwhile at an unknown place...

Mills23: She knows too much now. I will blow that planet right now!

Suddenly the Planet Gajic explodes and it seems to have no survivals... But Cata was able to teleport to his home at the Brazilian Forest (Amazon Rainforest).

Cata: That was close! Fortunatelly, Terisse and his "people" have a great body constitution. I will train so hard from now on to be prepared to battle that crazy Kishami and that bastard of his boyfriend. I will send a falcon with a message to Janus. To help the falcon find Janus, I will send a phot of him to the Falcon's memmory... It should work.
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*Cata proceeds to train in her home till it is midnight,she and one of her south american friend go to feed her horses and cows,by the time she arrives she sees something weird nearby as they hear many animals screaming,they point the flashlight towards a certain area and they find...*


Friend:What the hell is that monster?!? (prepares shotgun)

Cata:(drawing out her sword) Could be a vampire,he must pay for preying on my animals  >:(

Friend:Ready when you are,señorita Cata


*As the two of them were prepared to ambush the unholy being,it turned towards them*


*A green light emerges from its eyes,it turns into stone cata's friend,cata gets saved as her armor protected her from dat beam,with that distraction the monster flees into the night cloak of mystery*

Cata:This isnt gonna end like this,that thing can serve as a training partner

*Next morning she is buying some food at the community market,she comes across an old beggar*

Beggar:You saw him,didnt you?

Cata:Excuse me?

Beggar:I mean if you were to see "El Chupacabras" (Goatsucker)

Cata:Well,yeah,how do you know? who are you?

Beggar:I can sense that you survived his Medusa Stare as i witnessed your attempt on its life after it devoured yer animals,it was thanks to him that i lost my right leg some years ago,my name is Francisco Corazon del Diablo by da way

Cata:That thing wont be around much,Francisco,i will try to capture him and understand him

Francisco:Good luck on it

*After cata went to eat at a buffet,she decided to trap the Chupacabras*

Cata:This place is huge,i better try to multiplicate myself to find it quickly

*Doing so,the chances to find it increased,after a long journey she heard several animal screams in a cave*

Cata:Finally,i am close to the goatsucker

*She sneaks into the cave and witnesses two other creatures besides the fiend*


Cata:Oh my goodness !!

*They overhear her*

Goatsucker:An intruder !! lets seize her before she alerts the authorities

*The other 2 creatures seize her and throw it to the rock floor*

Cata:Damn,they have advantage flying (One creature removes cata neck protection)

Creature 1:Finally a taste of pure blood after consuming those filthy animals crimson fluids (it is about to bite her)

Cata:You want blood? how about this? (plunges her sword thru the creature mouth)

Creature 2:That wench has injured Vlodarr,i shall avenge him (strikes Cata with a huge horse bone)

Vlodarr:(removing cata's sword from his mouth) Thanks for the help,Gorki,how about we 3 feast over this beatiful maiden?

Chupacabras/Gorki:YEAH !!!

*Cata then realizes one last attack before the unholy monsters kill her*

Cata:Excalibur Slash !!! (she cuts away Vlodar and Gorki feet)


Cata:Ok,that saved me some minutes

Vlodarr:Foolish girl,we may be without feet but we still can fly

Cata:(spitting some blood after Gorki's attack) Good thing i brought this (shows a whistle that emits ultra sound waves;she proceeds to use it to deafen them)

Gorki:Arrrghhh,the pain....isnt....enough.. ..taste the Medusa Stare !!!

*Cata closes her eyes and grabs a small mirror to reflect the beam,making Gorki into a statue that falls to the floor,smashed*

Vlodarr:DIE !!

*Cata regains some of her strenght and jumps Vlodar,then grabbing him from the neck,she plunges her sword thru his chest*

Cata:Ok,chupacabras,it is only you and me

Chupacabras:Good,wench,that way i wont share yer delicious blood

*The monster becomes mist that begins to strike Cata mercilessly,cata tries to impale it but to no avail since its body is just cloudy*

Cata:Have a taste of ice (she launches some freezing spells,the monster is trapped as cata slices him into bits) dat was so easy

*Chupacabras reforms itself from all his pieces,he spits fire on Cata body then jump kicks her*

Chupacabras:You are amazing,señorita,i shall regale you with a small tale before i drain you,i am not a mystical monster,i was created by some alien science,my creator was a girl named Ran,she is my goddess,i was made to kill a horned girl that she despised but alas,i ended up here and now i prey in what reminds me of my foe,Gorki and Vlodar were just failed experiments that lived with me,their superior,DIE NOW !!!!

*Cata grabs chupacabras jaw and breaks it before it bites her,then da monster begins to choke her and stabs her with its claws,cata is unable to resist as she is very hungry*

Cata:Strenght...fading....fro m me...i shouldnt have come without eating...

Chupacabras:Soon you will become part of me,hahahahahaha

*Cata is begining to lose conciousness,but she still has an ace under her sleeve as she uses a jedi trick to make her sword impale the monster,she gets free and ready to kick ass*

Cata:You had yer fun,here i come...Bazooka Punches!!!

*Cata multiple punches strike the monster and losing no time Cata cuts its wings and delivers one of her secret attacks*


*Her energy lance impales the monster out of the cave,where it seems it is already morning,the monster agonizes as he is immortal but light hurts him*

Cata:You are beaten,amigo (cleans her injuries) i am pretty sure i will find a way to make you less violent and more useful,so i shall sent you to my special zoo area (cata ties da fiend with energy ropes)

*Meanwhile at Japan*

??:Miss Ran,i have news for you regarding Experiment C-666


??:It was beaten by a valkyrie and sent to a special zoo

*Ran is angry*



??:take it easy,chief


??:I better hang up,bye bye (hangs up phone)

*Ran tries to relax,then she proceeds to use her UFO to get to the snow mountains as Benten invited her to go there,the devilish angel known as Ran is sitting on the Mountain Inn restaurant*


*Will Ran-chan accidentally meet Oniko? be sure to stay tuned*
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Offtopic:  there seems to be many of masterminds around here ;D
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*Ran begins to get pissed after noticing Benten isnt arriving*

Ran:Why i ought to fill her lungs with hot sauce,how she dares to ditch me here?!?  >:(

*In her wrath she breaks some of the wine bottles,Oniko,who is Janus and da co-owner of the restaurant,decides to act*

Oniko:Yo,take it easy,girl,there is no need to get angry count to 10 and relax


*Oniko had enough of this and slaps Ran*

Oniko:Many people come here to relax and you begin to act as some crazy b****,this is my last warning,liitle girl,next time i wont be so gentle

*Ran remains silent,Oniko returns to her/his table*

Oniko:(to waiter) Hey,man,i am starving,bring me the ice cream i ordered

Waiter:Coming up,chief


Oniko:(thinking) As a man i was so shy to order this but now i can do it,now i know some of the advantages of this,well time 2 eat  :9

*Ran-chan sees this,somehow her heart beats so fast after dat girl scolded her and began to eat like...Rei,somehow it reminded ran of her beloved Rei,but alas Oniko is a girl,it cannot be,so Ran departs full of shame,Oniko doesnt seem 2 care*

Oniko:(finishing) That was delicious,well back to work

*Oniko returns to give ski classes*

Student:Yo,sensei,i think i found Big Foot's baby (points towards a small man)

Oniko:That isnt boigfoot's baby,that is human...i think

*The small man turns to them,it is Cherry,he suddenly falls unconcious*

Oniko:(holding cherry and giving him some little smacks) Wake up,liitle fella

Cherry:Owwie,who are you?

Oniko:My name is Oniko Adachi (Note: Janus decided to change surnames to evade kuno)


Oniko:Something wrong?

Cherry:Not at all,you reminded me of 2 peope i know

*3 hours after the ski class,cherry spots oniko outside the Inn*

Cherry:Can i have some words with you?

Oniko:Ok,tell me

Cherry:I sense you arent what you look,many magic and mystery i feel inside you,just like my niece Sakura and Lum

Oniko:(thinking) uh oh,what if he realizes i am really Janus? (normal) What makes you think that,mister? hehehehe,probably it is just the cold,which reminds me,what are you doing here all alone?

Cherry:I heard there was some gold hidden here guarded by magic,so i came to find it

Oniko:Ohh,i never heard this place had such treasure,maybe you mean the gold the leprechauns hide in Ireland,monk

Cherry:No way,you mean i came all da way here just to know i was wrong all da time?

Oniko:I am afraid so  ::)

*Suddenly they hear giant steps coming toward them*

Oniko:What could that be?

*An ice monster arrives screaming*


Ice Monster:SAKURAMBO !!!!

*It throws Oniko aside and grabs Cherry,then runs away to the dangerous areas of the mountains*

Oniko:Oww,and here i thought nothing unusual will happen,i better go investigate this

*Meanwhile with Cherry and da Monster,they arrive into what seems to be an ice castle inside the upper mountains*

Cherry:What do ya want with me?

Ice Monster:Dont play games with me,sakurambo,dont ya think that just cuz you are old now you wont have to keep yer promise to her


Ice Monster:Aye,mortal,dont you remember what you did in 1958?

Cherry:(remembering) Uh-oh,now i recall what you mean 

*Oniko has finally arrived where the footprints of the monster end,but alas there is no way to enter*

Oniko:Darn,as Janus i could smash this ice wall but i have no powers in this mode and there is no hot water around here  :'(

*Oniko decides to take a nap as she feels sleepy,she begins to dream,suddenly the Angry Videogame Nerd arrives in Onko/Janus dream*

AVGN:So what,Janus? Chickening out when things get tough?

Oniko/Janus:Shut up (tries to hit him)

AVGN:It is true that yer power has decreased a lot but you can still tap on it as Oniko, you may have lost strenght but you have gained something else,think on it,adios

*Oniko awakens*

Oniko:Weird dream,but what if that is true? there is only one way to prove it...


*Strikes the ice wall,making it crumble a little*

Oniko:Agggghhhh,i almost broke my hand

*Although the strike wasnt strong enough,suddenly the small fissure it left begins to glow as if fire were slowly destroying it,somehow Oniko has found a way to melt solid with her/his fists*

Oniko:Ok,that was amazing,i shall try the Hiryu Shotenha this time  8)

*While Oniko is breaking the ice walls,cherry is tied by the Ice Monster*

Cherry:Look,man,it was just one of my old days of young adventures

Ice Monster:Doesnt matter,mortal,a promise is a promise

Cherry:But think what will this mean to all my fan-girls

Ice Monster:Worry not,you will gain more than losing,sakurambo

*The mosnter strikes the floor,revealing a small hot spring*

Ice Monster:Bathe on it,mortal,it shall make you regain yer young looks,meanwhile i shall go and awaken her,do not try to escape as i put a spell on you that will turn ya into an ice cube if ya try 2 escape

Cherry:....ok....(as soon as he touches the hot spring,he feels somehow rejuvenated)

*Oniko breaks the final ice barrier that was in fact a ceiling,she falls on the hot spring that cherry was using,due that of its mystical properties and the oni girl curse,it only makes oniko back into Janus*

Cherry:Hey,that water turned you into a man,Adachi

Janus:Long tale,cherry,i hope that now that you are young you can run like hell,we are getting out of here

Cherry:I would love it but the monster put an ice spell on me,i have an antidote in my backpack but he took it

Janus:Well,i shall go for it but you owe me an explanation

Cherry:Ok,lemme tell you,back in 1959 i came here to train my magical powers then i accidentally found a beautiful ice spirit,we became friends and i accidentally proposed to her in marriage

Janus:I see

Cherry:That ice monster is her father,i was so scared of him and of compromise that i escaped them,i suppose they were waiting the day i would return

Janus:(thinking) Just like Ataru Moroboshi  ;D (normal) Ok,wait here while i get yer backpack

*Janus sneaks into where the Ice Monster has the ice spirit that is gonna be Cherry's wife,Janus lights a small TNT and throws it,da monster accidentally drops cherry backpack,Janus grabs it and runs like hell*

Ice Monster:Come back here,insolent fool :(

*Finally using his real power,Janus manages to hold back the monster with small energy blasts,but the monster is still hard to beat as he punches Janus with his ice fists and launches several ice spears towards Janus,who manages to evade some of them*

Janus:To be honest with you,i would leave cherry to marry yer daughter but since u tried to impale me,this is personal


*It knocks out the monster and a part of the ceiling,making it fall over it*

Janus:If i hadnt jumpedin time,i will be sharing the same tomb as him,better get back to Cherry (Janus notices the sleeping Ice Spirit) what to do with her?

*Janus uses of Cherry magic devices to shrink her,he puts her and the defeated monster in a small music box then he adds one final incantation*

Janus:Each time Cherry misbehaves,the Monster and his daughter will appear before him,i cannot leave him without punishment  })

*Not wanting to make Cherry ask why he turned from girl to man,Janus grabs some cold water nearby,drops it into himself to become Oniko then goes to meet him to escape;once they are outside and sealed the mountain*

Oniko:Btw,they wanted to give you this gift before i pulverized them,a music box

Cherry:Looks nice,even after this madness i shall keep it

Oniko:You dunno how much that will make them happy,wherever they are  :D)

*After this,everything all returns to normal,well Janus is still Oniko but he manages to get by with work*


*Time is getting closer to a more huge event that will affect da lives of the warriors*
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Post by: SandStorm on August 01, 2007, 11:52:58 PM
But far from them, the usual Duo + 1 is training hard... So hard, that we can see someone crying in the background!

Kaede: Well Sally, I believe you understand now, the Strafegator Spanking Attack.

Sand: Yeps, it rocken your buttcocks so hard, that no one (except us) will be able to hurt your rear side. xD

Sally: big masters, thank you so much for this lesson.

Kaede: anytime. you can go now, and make sure to do your homework. ;)

Sally: Yes, spank 120 persons in less than 5 minutes.

Kaede: Yup. a proper master can do it in 1 minute only, but for you, will be fair enough, e guess...

Sally: Well, see ya soon, masters!

Sally leaves, walking with open legs

Sand: Hey, did you saw this invitation from Alumxander?

Kaede: Hummm, lemme see it...

she reads it

Kaede: A costumes party?

Sand: and lots of food :P

Kaede: Music... We can dance together, very close!

Sand: And spank who get in front of us!


Kaede: Hon, I believe i have the proper costume for that...

After a while, she appears, oh my God, what a wonderful sexy your girl!

Kaede: How do I look?

Sand: The kind of woman I wouldn't mind to have a 'accident'

Kaede: This kind of accident? :D (handles now one wip in her hand)

Sand: You read my mind! Lets the torture in teh party begun!

Kaede: and teach that guy a lesson!


the laughs get louder and louder...
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on August 03, 2007, 08:37:25 PM

This small summary is for the ones that claim they are lost in this topic,it also includes what it has been happening to them lately to encourage some replies

-After losing his cat body,Darkdevil managed to gain one more human body,he still resides with his girlfriend Caroline,little he knows that he is gonna receive an unexpected visit from one of the Nameless One's hunters,the name is Watashi

-Having witnessed that the uy warriors quest to reclaim Cata's memory from D'Arby was a success,Cosmic King has decided to take some small vacations at Neptune,although he seems relaxed there he knows something wont be ok and a big threat is upon the earth

-Kroptik was teleported to Kurama ship,there Necron99 (kurama's husband in DM2) managed to distract her long enough to allow the tecasian escape.Kroptik is still training  at his house,some days ago he received news that there was a coup d'etat in his planet and they plan to conquer earth,will a prince battle his own armada?

-After paying the bills for what he destroyed,Falling Star has continued his space explorings and to avoid troubles but alas,the vast space is boring him a bit so he decides to resume his role as teacher at Tomobiki High not before visiting his friend Benten,who apparently has gone missing

-Sandstorm and Kaede are planning a special diversion for the party,spank you very much

-Janus is still cursed to be Oniko but manages to get a lot of money working at the mountains,lately he has found an unusual ally in Cherry,that has become around 40 years more young.Will Janus the freak maker return to his old days?

-Jataru has retired to continue his multiple businesses after the D'Arby battle,he has been lately watching strange visions on his dreams,one regarding what he has decided to call "The Child of Two Worlds",will it be soon that his magic discovers this?

-After having his neck broken by alumxander and then healed by Kroptik,Shutaro has managed to see that the battle is getting so hard for him,will the man that has everything be denied of victory?,he muses himself with that idea.His answer to this is NO,he wont give up,he will have a chance soon

-Cata still is conquering what challenges her as she proceeds her training at South America,not even the mythical chupacabras has managed to break her spirit as she now burns with the purpose of making mills23 pay for what he is doing slowly to the world and alumxander for been a creep that insists she must be more "femenine"

Well,this wraps it up a bit,so you have something to start with  8)
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Post by: alumxander on August 12, 2007, 08:11:08 PM
(Our brave hero has decided to deliver several vainilla cakes to Janus,Cata and Jataru)

Zombie:Why ssssend them cakesss,bosss?

Alumxander:I put a special drug on the ingredients,that will be their last supper,i put some cameras where they live to check they eat them

(It takes few time for the 3 fighters to consume the special cakes)

Alumxander:I will tell you what certain cake does,zombie:

Cata Cake was made with a fear induncing drug i prepared so she would be more docile and accept to wear a dress

Jataru Cake will make him believe that everyone is a fiction girl named Mayuka,driving him crazy

Janus Cake contains potent magic elixir,he will turn into Oniko and lose any memories that he is a man and the hot water method to become a man again

Zombie:Excellent plan
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Post by: Jataru on August 12, 2007, 08:46:06 PM
While Jataru is meditating very peacefully in his garden arrives to his house a special delivery to his house.

Jataru: Who send me this package - he thinks.

Jataru: Ah it doesn't matter let's see what's in it.

As he opens the package he sees a very peteculiar cake.

Jataru: Whaaa, chocolate cake with vanilla one of my favorites.


From is magical mirror alumxander sees Jataru

Alumxander: When he eat that cake will be easy to defeat him

zombie: Excellent plan master.

Jataru: Hmmm, I think it needs something I know more magical sugar to give a really good taste.

Alumxander: Naniiiii?!

Jataru: Now, Itadakimasu!! Hmm, it's perfect.

Alumxander: Dammmm.

zombie: what's wrong master?

Alumxander: The drug only have effect if he eated like it was but he put another ingredient so the effect of the drug dissapeard.

Alumxander: Dammm you JATARUUU!!!
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Post by: Cosmic King on August 12, 2007, 11:19:54 PM
Offtopic: I see that yer love for sweet things has saved you,Jataru-san
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Post by: janus on August 13, 2007, 01:26:03 AM
*Meanwhile, back at where Oniko was teaching, he/she was heading for the cabin to take a rest after a hard day's work

Oniko(exhausted) HUF! it's been a terribly long day, Let's hope I make it to the bed :Z

*as she opens the cabin door the first thing she sees is............CHERRY?? Oniko almost falls in the cabin entrance but barely grabbed the doorknob using it to stand up while in the siting at the edge of the bed eating off something he found at the fridge

Cherry: Hello there(munch) young child(munch) why(munch)the long face?(munch)

Oniko/J: WHY are you Here and Why are you eating my dinner!!??

*as Cherry finishes Oniko's meal he begins to explain

Cherry: is that the way to treat someone who is about to save your life, Today I saw that something ominous was happening to you, so I came right away to wait for you outside your cabin. But seeing that you were taking longer than I expected and I was Cold and hungry, I took the liberty to enter your house and eat what ever I could find to survive.

Oniko/J: Gee thanks }:| Now GET OUT!! >:(

*as Oniko grabs Cherry by the back of his shirt and throws him out in the snow

Cherry: But you are in grave danger, please hea....(as oniko slams the door on Cherry)

Oniko/J: (shouts at the door) You are the Greater threat! (turns around and sits at the door) finally I can get some rest.

*Oniko takes a hot bath, converts back to Janus and goes to sleep :z)

*the next day, oniko is ready to teach her perverted students

Oniko:(sights) Another day another burden

*when Oniko is heading out the door, someone knocks. as oniko opens the door she sees there is a box  just ouside and brings it inside

Oniko: hmm :-\ how odd, it says its an apology gift from Alumxander; a cake, sweet I was hungry since yesterday, I'm  eating it :9~ 

*as oniko is about to eat Cherry crashes the scene

Cherry: noo! don't eat that it's evil!

Oniko: I aint giving you a piece, so scram!

*oniko begins to eat the cake as quickly so cherry doesn't get a bite

Oniko: there, none for you! :9

Cherry: I was gonna tell you that, the cake was poisoned and I was going to bury it.

Oniko: as I was gonna believe that story :> well get out cause I'm leaving off to work

*as all this happens Alumxander was observing the situation

Alumxander: what?? it didn't affect her?? why!?

Zombie: may bee massterr becausse She'ss an oniiii, and Oniss have a differeent metabolissm

Alumxander: ARRG? My plans are failing! maybe the third won't fail this time.

zombie: Yess Massterr!

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Offtopic: The Valkyrie has returned,lumaholics  >:)
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Post by: cata on August 15, 2007, 05:18:44 PM
Off topic: Oh yeah! I'm back and nobody can stop me! 8)

*A flying package appears at Cata's garden.*

Cata: What the... (She hit the package with an arrow and the cake is destroyed.

*She opens the package...*

Cata: Damn! I can't believe it! How could I destroy this delicious cake! Well, I can still eat it... Itadakimasu!!

*But before Cata could put a piece of that cake in her mouth, her dog, named Trane came running as hell towards the cake and smashed it.*

Cata (exploding of anger): eheheh... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I can't stand it! I can't calm down when I can't eat! TRANE IF YOU WEREN'T AN ANIMAL, I SWEAR THAT YOU WOULD BE DEAD MEAT! Now... let's order a pizza.

*The cake was eaten by some crows...*

A little while later at Alumxander Mansion that was full of crows with dresses...

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Post by: SandStorm on August 16, 2007, 12:33:54 AM
Alumxander: hum... maybe i shall try that sneaky sand boy friend... what it's her name?

Zombie: kaeeeeeeeeeeede, masssssssssssterrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrr

Alumxander: Ok, send one gift package to her, poisoned, to check if i can grab that girl...

Zombie: masssssssssssssssteeeeee errrrrrrrrrrrrrr, she isssssssssssssssssssss skilled in disguisessssssssssssssss ssss

Alumxander: brunette, blond, readhead, i don't care, bring her here! She once fought with cata, and i will use her to bring cata to me. hehehehehe

meanwhile, Sand already knows who oniko is, and in team with kaede, are trying to find one solution
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Post by: Cosmic King on August 16, 2007, 12:44:18 AM
*A while later,Alumxander is watching TV when his Zombie arrives*

Alumxander:Have ya sent da cake to her?

Zombie:Yessssssssss,in fact she is way too close to ya


Zombie:Turn around,bosssss

*When alumxander does so,the zombie reveals to be Kaede in disguise,she shoots the cheater with a special dart*

Alumxander:I cant move

Kaede:Dats what i planned,that way you are gonna feel each and every of my super spanks (draws out a super spank hammer) ready?

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Post by: cata on August 16, 2007, 01:05:03 AM
Zombie: Maaaaaasssssssteeeeeeeee r... diiiiiiid youuuuuuuu juuuuuusssssssst screeeeeeammmm?

Alumxander: Instead of loosing time talking that way, wouldn't you mind helping me out?

Zombie: Suuuuuuuureeeeeee Maaaaassssssteeeer.

Alumxander: What are you waiting for you bastard? Take me out of here!

Zombie: Sooooorryyyy Maaaasssssssteeeeeeer.

*The Zombie grabs Alumxander but the Zombie's arms falled off. Alumxander falls on the floor paralized.*

Alumxander: Idiot! You good-for-nothing! I should have known that your rotten bodies were just trash.

Zombie: Sooooorryyyy Maaaaaassssteeeeeer... Iiiiiiiit'ssss myyyyyyyyyy naaaaaaatuuuuuuureeeee.. .

Alumxander: What are you doing? Take me out of here!

*The Zombie's arms return to his body*

Zombie: Ceeeeertaaaaiiiinlyyyy, Maaaaaasssssteeeeeeeeer. ..

*The Zombie assumed control and he was getting prepared to activate the alarm.*

Kaede: Oh no you don't!

*Kaede spanked the Zombie and he was reduced to dust. But she activaded the alarm accidentaly*

Kaede: Ups... Eheheh... I better get prepared to action.

Alumxander: Dumb girl!
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Post by: SandStorm on August 16, 2007, 01:13:36 AM
Kaede: Dumb, heh? Bring it on!

more and more zombies appeared, the katana is out, shinning in blood rage
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Post by: Cosmic King on August 16, 2007, 05:16:28 AM
*Although they are many zombies,Kaede manages to slice them to bits*

Kaede:Anything else you have for me to kill,dumbo?

Alumxander:(taking out a shotgun) Eat lead,señorita!!!

*One shot injures the ninja but she still manages to knock out him*

Alumxander:I just need my magic word to beat ya...THUN..

*Kaede jumps over alumxander and forces him to swallow an apple to evade da THUNDER magic,while doing this she  gives him one last blow that makes him go unconcious*

Kaede:Dat was quite easy (takes out one burning iron to mark alumxander ass) here is my signature...SPANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

*Kaede leaves alumxander castle or whatever it is,she spots sand and they decide to travel 2 south america,they need 2 see and train with cata*
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Post by: cata on August 16, 2007, 11:06:56 AM
*The next day at 10:00 am in South America, Cata is sleeping on her improvised bed...

Cata:........ hm....hmm............. (sleep talking) I... wooondeer... why and... Kro....pti...k...take sooo long... to... (waking up) huh? I almost forgot! They arrive this morning! (falls of her bed) Ouch! (looks at her watch) I'm so late! I need to take a bath, to dress up, to eat, to wash my teeth, to comb my hair, to take care of the farm, to go to the station and in only 10 minutes!

*While Cata was doing her duties, in the Station the train arrives. Kaede and Sand leave the train and begin to search for her training partner.*

Kaede: Cata? ... Oh excuse me. Cata! Upps, sorry. Excuse me. Hey Sand do you see her?

Sand: Not really. Cata! Cata? Sorry, I thought that you were a friend of mine. Kaede? This station is overfull, we will have to wait untill this station be more "empty".

Kaede: Ok, but how long do you think it will take?

Sand: I don't know. I never been in here before.
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(After been punished by that crazy ninja,i return to heal my injuries and rebuild my zombies)

Alumxander:They insist in thwarting my plans all the time,i shall give them a taste of my wrath,zombies,prepare my Colt Python

Zombie:Asss you wisssh,bossss


(Having prepared my weapon of choice i travel towards the station where Kaede and her sadistic pal wait for Cata)

Kaede:Hey,it is Alumxander the Great

Alumxander:Right on,this time i came prepared now that i wield the Maybe Gun

Sand:the what??

(To demostrate its power i shoot Sandstorm,he loses his power and begins to grow older each minute,he will become dust in 2 days)

Kaede:What have you done?

Alumxander:This gun effects vary but i can undo them if ya manage to tame Cata into been more effeminate,it is time you pick the destiny

Kaede:I dont need to harm her while i can still kill you

(The stubborn ninja is about to pierce my chest with her katana)

Alumxander:Do that and sandstorm is a goner

Kaede:...ok,i will do what you said...but i will hunt you after this  >:(

Alumxander:Whatever,go and tame that savage amazon  ;D

Offtopic: This is it,cata,now i have an unwilling ally that almost killed you,better give up
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Post by: SandStorm on August 17, 2007, 02:13:16 AM
Sand: that is just a hologram you shoot.


(teh spell transforms alumxander to go back in time, and transformed into one baby.)

Sand: Now, sonny, you are alumxander, the great blow. hehehehehe do you see this?

(show the so famous cat carrier)

Sand: DarkDevil always wanted to test it in humans, we will be gracefull to know you was teh first.

(some twists, and alumxander have a big torn spike really inside is A55)

Alumxander: si, me gusta mucho cariño!

Kaede: heh, besides annoying and n00b, he is gay... FURY OF DRAKO!

(kaede spell nullify alumxander to dust particles)


(sand attack, divide the particles from alumxander in nano atoms, and both blast it to the space, landing in one comet that is distancing itself from the sun, freezing for 10000 years)
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Post by: cata on August 17, 2007, 02:21:55 PM
*Cata finally arrives to the station*

Cata: Sorry guys. I didn't meant to be late. I'm so sorry. I hope that you made a good trip.

Sand: Hi Cata! The trip was nice but you took too long. }:|

Cata: Sorry. I falled asleep. When I woke up I just got 10 minutes to get here.

Kaede: I understand but try to make it in time next time.

Cata: I will. So, let's get going.

Sand: We should be there already. We have wasted lot of time while we could use it to train ourselves.

Cata: Indeed... Well, we could use a shortcut. Teleportation.

Kaede: You can teleport?

Cata: Yes I can.

Sand: Then why didn't you use it to be here faster? }:|

Cata (nervous laugh): eheheh... I... I... I... forgot...

Kaede: You forgot? How can someone forget that? >:(

Cata: I couldn't think of anything else. I just wanted to be here in time.

Sand: Enough of that. So teleport us, Cata.

Cata: Sure. You two grab me. Not pervertly of course. ELET KISSHU!

*The trio was teleported safely to Cata's South American Farm.*

Off topic: Alumxander if you truly loved me you wouldn't want to change me. And looks like that you're R.I.P.  
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(My body broken,i had to find another host,so i took a small sample of sandstorm body to inhabitate it,during 4 days i was able to rebuild a new body out of it)

Alumxander:Now that i have sandstorm powers,i am gonna get my revenge since they already returned to their house,i will put kaede against him

(I enter sandstorm and kaede house,destroy everything related to spank sticks then sign as "Sandstorm was here and i hate spanks",that moment kaede arrives alone,watches with horror,10 minutes later the real sand arrives)

Kaede:How could you,Sandstorm?!!? You broke everything including my heart

Sand:But wait...

(Kaede slaughters him,i retire to find my other victim,Janus,he is drinking some tea in the mountains)


Janus:You again

Alumxander:Look,man,i have been to bad with you so i brought you a present....1000 brides waiting to marry you right now


(Janus gets trapped by all the ladies i hypnotized to marry him,everyone wants a piece of him)
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Post by: SandStorm on August 19, 2007, 07:56:42 PM
SandStorm evoke the power of earth and track down who is using only 1% from Sand's power. he find alumxander, and on that same moment, the entire ground shake, and one rocken hand grabs alumxander

Sand: Not pretty to tr to steal powers from others, anyway, you are a sissy and can't properly use what i have.


This spell sucks all alumxander vital force, making him one skinny skeleton, begging for water

Sand: Also, my nick is SandStorm, and for my honey, i am Sand, soooo.... TERRACUORE!

transforms alumxander in rock


one brital nuclear force destroy the rocken body from alumxander.


one energy swirl surrounds the place, colors lost form and all looks live UV light in dark room. the place transforms in one small arena without escape, several souls can be seen, and alumxander soul is trapped inside the Box of Winters, where it lay frozen, with every grain of memory erased, making it one shadow soul, vegetative like dead grass, without energy like one dead star, the power of DarkStorm is the true Mr. Dead even for immortals

Sand: (returning to normal) You still ages ago to be a worth opponent... and you call yourself a brave hero? heh, you are a brake sucker...


Sand: Janus, do not fear my friend, hypnosis can be broken...

Sand sends the dust of hollow to the ladies, than soon lost the hipnotism. they are then, lead to their respective places

Sand: There are guys that really never learn...

Janus: I will get my revenge, sure i will.

Sand: then, join me with Cata, we will have some more training.
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Post by: Cosmic King on August 19, 2007, 09:22:28 PM
*Having defeated twice the cheater alumxander and after explaining the situation to Kaede,sandstorm and friends went to find a peaceful place for they to train,the Siemens Planet,where many of Sand associates were willing to battle janus,cata and kaede to test their skills*

Luigay:I demand to battle the other male,sandy,he looks so delicious i would eat him

Sand:Silence,you queer

Luigay:But sandy...

*Sandstorm uses his sand abilities to petrify his strange partner*

Sand:My apologies,Janus,luigay is very silly,dont mind him,i have another partner for you to train


*From the shadows emerges Janus training partner,it is...*


50 CENT !!!

50:Yo,yo,yo,mothatruckers,50 cent is inda hissy,i pity the fool that wants to mess me,y'all

Sand:50,i want you to train with my friend Janus,is that ok 4 ya?

50:You know we are cool,my sand brother (to janus) Ok,white boy,ready to dance with da master rapper?

Janus:Hey,i am not caucasian,and yes,bring it on,maricon de mierda

50:Zat so,homes? Ok,you just awoke the dragon,biatch,lets get this started already

*Both men battle each other with normal blows and energy blasts,but Janus seems kinda tired as 50 Cent body seems as if it was made of steel*

50:Suprised,little janus? I guess so since after 9 murder attempts i had to train my body to gain this shielding,now pardon my french but you are going down

*50 cent delivers a knock out hook to Janus,but the young man still stands*

Janus:I also have found a way to withstand superblows,50 Cent,you wont find me easy to beat

50 Cent:Dats da frickin' spirit,homes

*Both men continued training till midnight*

50:Well,that was fun,Janus,here have this cold water for you to regain yer strenght


*50 Cent sprays Janus with cold water and janus becomes oniko*

Janus/Oniko:Now you know why i told ya 2 wait?

50:That is some serious shizznit,man
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Post by: SandStorm on August 23, 2007, 01:15:03 AM
poor janus :D
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on August 23, 2007, 06:24:14 PM
(Even in the winter box,our brave hero can defend himself )

Alumxander:Now to get out of this place

(I traded my clothing with some of the ghosts there so i could get a magical machine gun)

Alumxander:I just need to yell THUNDER while using it so i make my escape from here

(Doing that after some shooting created a small exit to a jungle,i find a man that was already eaten by some monster pants,so i dont take his clothing)

Alumxander:Maybe i should make another alliance to defeat my opponents,but first i need clothes

(After a while,i find a cloth store nearby,fully dressed i teleport to Falling Star ufo)

Alumxander:I heard you wanted to be my ally


Alumxander:Ok,we are a team,now let me get revenge with Cata for a final time

(I appear in her home,we shall fight using swords)

Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on August 24, 2007, 01:54:06 AM
Falling cross his arms, and speak to alumxander

Falling: go ahead, i'll only enter if you are really pissed off.

Alumxander: bah, ok, but you gave your word, and i already paid you zillions dollars to help be up, man, i am broke!

Falling: shut up, and go, you horny guy.

Cata: Enough talk, you are invading my property alumxander, what you want from me now?

Alumxander: my dear, i gave you enough chances for you to become a delicate lady, and then, marry with me... If you won't go at good, i am so sorry, but i will use brute force to tame you...

Cata: Marry? with you? HAHAHAHAHA! alumxander, alumxander... I have one terrible secret, and i am so sorry... really sorry...

Alumxander: What? come on, explain your self!

Falling: ***whuuuaaaahaaaaa...*** boring...

Cata: I am LESBIAN!

Alumxander: WHAT? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Oooooooooooooooooooooooo oo...


falling uncross his arms, wink at Cata. alumxander, yells THUNDER with the gun pointed in his head to suicide himself, but since he got no brain, is just a headless walking body

Alumxander: my head, my head! damn, i don't see nothing! heeeelp!

spamming against several walls. Cata is laughing out loud, but Falling, grabs on sword and pierce it in alumxander chest.
Then, with his own hands, he takes out Alumxanders heart, and squeeze it with his hands...

Falling: I pitty this fool...

sends the heart to the fire, that gets destroyed. then, falling kick out alumxander body to the fire, and he got incinerated

Falling: lucky me, got rich without effort. well, i was rich, but this extra will help my empire. hehehehehe.
Time to check my old UY palls. Btw Cata, are you really a lesbian?

Cata: Hell, no! it is just  for that looser to disappear for once and all!
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Post by: Cosmic King on August 24, 2007, 02:20:19 AM
Falling:Phew,you almost got me there,Miss Cata,well,since the cheater has perished,I have been thinking if ya wanna eat something,i know a good buffet at "Land of the Damned"

Cata: What?

Falling:It is a restaurant,dont mind the strange name,well,i will met you in 10 minutes since i am all covered in blood  >:)

Cata:Oki,i shall wait,mr. blitz

Falling:Btw,could ya wear this flower around yer hair? it is a custom i have with my friends that r girls


*After a while the 2 warriors go to the giant buffet,meanwhile lets return with Darkdevil,he is enjoying life at a far island when a woman arrives*

??:Are you Darkdevil?

Dark:Yep,why,fair lady?

*The woman draws out a flaming sword*

??:My name is Watashi,i am one of the Nameless One's elite,i have come to elminate you so yer brother delivers justice to yer soul

*Dark cannot move as the woman is about to slash him,after a second,only silence remains,it is lets head with Janus*

Cherry:Yo,janus,have ya seen dat girl named Oniko? she looks kinda cute

Janus:Nope,cherry,i heard she returned to her hometown at Hokkaido,so dont bother me

Cherry:Janus,have ya ever felt as if life had a greater purpose for one,yet we cant achieve it?

Janus:....ok,no more cigars for ya,maybe ya should return to yer former love,sakurambo,that would heal yer mind

*cherry goes to sleep,a messenger arrives,it has a pack 4 janus*

Janus:It says Alumxander died for real and he wanted to leave me 100000 dollars,i wonder why?

*a same message goes 2 sandstorm and jataru,what will they do with da money?*
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Post by: SandStorm on August 24, 2007, 02:26:25 AM
Sand: what the hell? this is fishy... What you think, hon?

Kaede: Well, marriage say you anything?

Sand:  Who's getting married?

kaede slaps sand face

Kaede: you silly, you understood what i mean. ;)
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Post by: alumxander on August 24, 2007, 02:46:04 AM
(My soul wanders in the spiritual harem when lots of women try to make me happy,still i cannot smile)

Alumxander:I never knew that from Cata,i guess if i reincarnate in a woman then she will accept me and i have an idea of the body i am going to use,besides i shall use it to punish these 2 and put the blame on other

(I use my arcane power to hypnotize Janus from far far away,force him to become Oniko then exchange souls with him,now he resides as a ghost while i get his young body)

Alumxander:Now to track Cata and that traitor falling

(I seduced one of Mendo soldiers to use a rocket to the space restaurant,luck is at my side since Falling is alone)

Alumxander:(with oniko voice) Hey,handsome,want to have fun?

Falling:Say what?

Alumxander:C'mon,you know you want it,big boy


(Since he doesnt react,i beat him with an iron bat,then drug him with a elixir so he thinks he is a monkey,then i go for cata)


Cata:Do i know you?

Alumxander:Of course,you and me were partners at valkyrie school,i can still remember how your kisses tasted and how we loved


Alumxander:Oh no,you dont remember,dont do this to me or i shall leak some intimate photos of us 2

Public:Dont break her heart,cata,be a good girl

Cata:But i am no lesbian

(I pretend to cry so the public supports me)

Alumxander:Ok,i must go to tell the world how immature you behave with our love,so you dont forget that you hurted me,Oniko

(I leave and return janus soul to his body while i am safe at my harem,problems are going his way)
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Post by: Cosmic King on August 24, 2007, 03:04:16 AM
*3 days later alumxander tries again his body switch trick,but this time Janus was prepared and used one of his magic items to send alumxander soul to a french poodle *

Janus:That will teach you,cheater,now i got ya a boyfriend since ya like to be a girl

*reveals a rabid chihuahua dog *

Have fun,mother trucker  ;D
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Post by: FallinG_StaR on August 24, 2007, 03:33:38 AM
At that time... Somewhere in is spaceship Falling Star wakes up after a long nap...

Falling: Wow... man my head hurts like hell... what the hell happen to me?! And why is this ship full of bananas??? I need to check my memory recording device... (connects to the ship computer) Hmm... So that's what happen so I was a monkey for 3 days... Someone going to pay for this insult on the Emperor of Blitzkrieg... I guess I should start by finding that girl...  >:)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on August 24, 2007, 07:30:31 AM
* The screen in Falling ship turns on, revealing Krotpik *

Kroptik: Ah, you're awake. How are you feeling?

Falling: My head hurts a bit but besides that I'm ok.

Kroptik: Well, at least you won't be assaulting any more grocery stores...

Falling: What do you mean?

Kroptik: Let's just say you were acting like a monkey yesterday, wanting to take all the bananas... But, anyway, we have bigger problems.

Falling: What is it?

Kroptik: There's a huge fleet of ships coming towards the Earth, and they're not on a peace mission.

Falling: How do you know?? Are they the rebels from your planet?

Kroptik: No, they're not. There were no rebels at all. Apparently it was fake info. My planet is as peaceful as always. I think someone just wanted me away from Earth for a while, and now I'm sure of it, because those ships are from Elle and Kurama.

Falling: We better prepare for a war then... How much time we got?

Kroptik: I'd say about a day, but you better prepare your troops soon anyway. I already called for my army, but that's a whole lot of ships those two have there.

Falling: Ok, then count me in. I need to have some fun and blow some things up anyway. (speaking on the ship's communicator) All units prepare for combat. We have a war in 24 hours people, and if we lose I'm going to be very angry...

Kroptik: See ya in a bit, I need to ready my troops too. (he turns off his intercom)
(Thinking)I know they came here for Lum, but I won't allow them to hurt her. I'll make sure this battle ends quickly...

* Meanwhile, on Earth everyone is oblivious to the war about to happen in the sky, but Sand and Kaede only have eyess for each other at the moment *
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Post by: alumxander on August 24, 2007, 05:23:27 PM
(I kill the rabid dog,then jump on Janus as i will bite his face unless he changes me back which he does,now i reside in his body again while he becomes the poodle)

Alumxander:You were a bad dog,stay put,i heard that an invasion is arriving for my Lum,maybe a trading with elle and kurama will save this planet

(I fly to find Kroptik,Jataru nd Ataru,so i drug them to remain sleeping and send them to the 2 queens,they stop the invasion and although angry,Lum congratulates me)

Alumxander:Ok,that wraps this mess
Posted on: August 24, 2007, 05:18:36 PM
Alumxander:That trio should be grateful that i allowed them to have girls,they sacrificed themselves for peace

(Falling Star comes near me)

Falling:have you seen this girl?

Alumxander:Never,my good man

(The moment he turned his back,i returned Janus soul to this body then forced him to become Oniko,falling star now wants her blood)

Oniko:NO WAIT......ARGHHH!!!
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Post by: FallinG_StaR on August 24, 2007, 06:00:24 PM
As Oniko walks away slowly scared from Falling he puts his hand in is pocket and pull out a... notebook...

Falling: Can I have your adress and phone number??? And the name of such a beautiful lady...

Oniko(relieved): O-Oh... S-Sure...

Falling: I must say... That I didn't enjoy being hit on the head but... I guess you must have confused me with some one else...

Oniko: Yes... That's what happen... (thinking) What the hell is he talking about???

Falling: Lets go for a walk so I can get to know you better...

Oniko: Sure why not...
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Post by: Cosmic King on August 24, 2007, 06:09:37 PM
*During the trip towards planet Elle,the royal ship is stopped by a legion of mechas and other war machines*

Elle:What is the meaning of this?

*From one of the ships,emerges Benten*

Benten:We are under the command of falling star to stop yer invasion,evil queen

Elle:Wait,but the invasion has been stopped,we received what we wanted after all}

Benten:That is just a lie so you and yer henchmen find more powerful weapons,attack

*Blitzkrieg forces easily overpower the tengukarasu ships and make them explode;elle and kurama barely escape with their prize but they are finally stopped when cosmic king ship accidentally crashes with them*

Cosmic:Another invasion? i better take ataru,kropman and jataru with me before these 2 nymphos awaken from da shock

*Cosmic King fixes his ship and takes his 3 friends back to safety,after 3 hours...*

Kroptik:Owww,my head hurts,last thing i recall was a dude poisoning him

Cosmic:It could have been alumxander,krop,but dont worry he has been take care of

Kroptik:Didya kill him?

Cosmic:Not exactly,apparently he became  ghost and arrived to my lair and used the Omniscreen for watching porn as our old nemesis MC Morpheus would have tried so i used a spell to send that ghost where he wont bother anyone

*Meanwhile inda dimension where alumxander soul was sent*



*now he has become a baby and cant use his trickery for a big while*

Off Topic:

As Kroptik said in DM2,this is still an alternate universe,but alas,one of these days there will be a crossover
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Post by: FallinG_StaR on August 24, 2007, 06:18:52 PM
Offtopic:  I like the Muppets...  :@  :&
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Post by: Cosmic King on August 24, 2007, 06:31:56 PM
(Having resolved the invasion issue and exiled the cheater,the uy warriors return ataru to where he should be,with Lum)

Cosmic:Here is yer "darling",lum

Lum:Thank you guys,i thought he was a goner when that alumxander creep trade him to elle,hey,how about i give ya a reward after all these months of watching our safety? i am gonna prepare ya a feast  ;)


Cosmic/Kroptik:Errr,thank you Lum but that isnt neccesary at all  :P

Lum:Ok,but if ya want me to cook ya some food,just tell me  :)

*After a while*

Cosmic:You know,alex,lately most of the UY warriors have split towards different areas of the planet,for example it has been a while since i returned to earth,sand and kaede r gettin engaged,darkdevil dissapeared as if he died,forgotten and lady belldandy decided top leave this plane of existence and the tecasian prince has a glimmer of hope and sadness in his eyes and falling has become a galaxian tourist,i guess time do changes people

Alex the Milkman:Truly,sire

*Meanwhile with Falling and Oniko they receive a suprise visit*

Cherry:Finnally i have found you,miss snow teacher (remember that cherry ignores that oniko is another aspect of janus)

Oniko:Uh Oh
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Post by: alumxander on August 30, 2007, 04:48:04 PM
(After i murdered the muppets,i return to earth again as a spirit and contact falling)

Alumxander:Although you betrayed me,you judas,i will give you another chance to help me in my vengeance,you can name your price anyways i put an hypnno disc in your food so you are my slave

Falling:I dont need money right now,tell me who to bash

Alumxander:Go and destroy the bird prince Kroptik,then return for more orders later

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Post by: cata on August 31, 2007, 02:33:18 AM
*In that moment, Cata was watching a weird TV from Lum's UFO. In case that you're confused, let just say that Cata was visiting Lum.*

Cata: Hey Lum, you're TV is huge! Were did you bought it? Can I have popcorn, please? :9

Lum: Sure, datcha! It isn't just a TV. It has TV, Phone, Radio and Video. :*)

Cata: Cool. You've got to get me one.  ;D

Lum: Ok. Here's your popcorn datcha.  :)

Cata: Thanks... Did you made them?  :P

Lum: No. It was Darling who made them datcha.  :)

Cata: What? Darl--- I mean Ataru cooked? Well, thinking again, I understand why.  :D

Lum: What do you mean? >:(

Cata: Nothing really.  ::)

*Cata accidentally changes the channel with the popcorn bowl and appears Alumxander on TV. The TV's voice will be in different colour.*

Cata: Alumxander? Since when he is a TV star? ???

Lum: You put in the Channel of Danger. :o

Cata: What do you mean? ???

Lum: In this channel only appears live-shows. And these shows are full of creeps, and crazy and bad people. If that creep appeared on my TV, it means that you or some of our friends are in danger. Let's hear what this creep has to say.  >:(

Alumxander: WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now that I have one great ally, no one can stop me!  >:)

Zombie: Whaaat'ss theee plaaaaan, maaaasssteerrr?  }:|

Alumxander: The plan is to use Falling to destroy all except me and my crew!  >:)

Zombie: Whaaat aaabouuut Miiisss Caataaa?  }:|

Alumxander: I haven't decide what to do with her, yet.  :/

Zombie: Who wiiiiill beeee the fiiiiiiirst ooooneee to gooo, masssterrr?  }:|

Alumxander: That tecasian prince!  >:)

*Suddenly the TV shuts off.*

Cata: Oh my dear popcorn! We've got to do something!  :o

Lum: I have one idea! Come with me to the crafting room.  8)

Cata: Great!  :)

*Lum and Cata build a some kind of metallic remote that has super resistance to imans, water, electric shocks...*

Lum: This should do it! Let's send it to Kroptik, datcha. :)

*Lum clicks in one orange-tiger-striped-button and now Kroptik has a blue and purple orb around him. But only Lum and Cata are able to see the orb.*

Cata: Are you sure that this would protect him?  ???

Lum: Sure. Don't worry about anything! Don't you trust me? :)

Cata: It's not that... :/

Lum: What did you say?

Cata: I said that Kroptik looks fat.

Lum: No he doesn't! }:|

Cata: Just joking! ;D

Lum: Oh... Eheh. :>
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Post by: Cosmic King on September 02, 2007, 08:50:09 PM
*Exactly in dat moment,Falling Star tries to kill kroptik but da moment falling grabs kroptik,the oni device in kropman abdomes starts working and delivers a super electric shock that stops the hypnosis alumxander put on fallin*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 02, 2007, 11:41:05 PM
*At Alumxander's mansion/castle...*

Alumxander: Dang! Why my plans never work out as the way I want?

Zombie: Maaay--

Alumxander: That wasn't a question.

Zombie: Ooooh...

Alumxander: Why there's always someone ready to interfere in my evil plans?

Zombie: Beeeca--

Alumxander: That wasn't a question.

Zombie: Oooh...

Alumxander: What do I have to do to,at least, eliminate one of my oponents?

Zombie: Thaaat ain't a questiooon iiiisss iiiit?

Alumxander: No.

Zombie: Thaaaat'sss what Iiii thought.

*Suddenly appears an unknown person in the room.*

Alumxander: And you are? I don't remember calling here someone.

Unknown Person: My name is Alfred Madeinstein (inspired in Albert Einstein). I am a scientist and I'm willing to help you, for a price.

Alumxander: Why do you want to help me? Is it only for the money?

Madeinstein: No. I have other reason. I need to revenge myself.

Alumxander: Revenge? That's a dish that is best served cold. I like that.

Madeinstein: Tell me who is the one that screwd you?
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Post by: Jataru on September 03, 2007, 01:06:19 AM
Alumxander: I want to revenge on that valkirie girl named cata but now my attention is on an old enemy.

Madeinstein: Who?

Alumxander: A wizard called Jataru.

Madeinstein: I see. You want him alive with pain, dead or flaid?

Alumxander: Just do your worst, He will be an example to not messing around with me.

Madeinstein: As you wish.

Zombie: what about me master?

Alumxander: You? Go make a tea. My throat is dries.

*Whitouth knowing the possible danger Jataru is taking a rest on is garden just listening the wind passing by the trees*

Jataru: I really enjoy this.

*Suddenly a giant net falls to Jataru but Jataru avoids it*

Jataru: Who did this?

Madeinstein: Your skills are good as your reputation says.

Jataru: Who are you?

Madeinstein: I'm Madeinstein a scientist at orders of Alumxander.

Jataru: Alumxander? Why don't he just give up?

Madeinstein: You don't have a chance against me and my robot. Appear Mega-Robot.

*And so from the sky a giant robot appears in front of Jataru*


Jataru: Whaaa!! So big but when bigger they are bigger the fall.

Madeinstein: Will see. Mega-Robot attack with your missiles.

*Jataru avoids with his teleportation skills and appears on the back of the head of the robot*

Jataru: You seem to be a little tense, let me give a shock wave.

*The circuits of the robot exploded and falls on Madeinstein.*

Jataru: Give this note to Alumxander, he can send the best of it that he will always leave with the tail between the legs
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Post by: cata on September 03, 2007, 03:08:31 AM
***At Lum's UFO...***

Cata: Lum?

Lum: Yes?

Cata: Now that Kroptik is safe, what will Alumxander do?  :?

Lum: I don't know. Why don't we ask him?  :)

Cata: Don't be silly! If we ask him about his plan he will never tell us.  }:|

Lum: But he doesn't need to know that it's us. ;)

Cata: What do you mean? ???

***Lum takes something out of her bra***

Cata: Seriously, how can you keep all that stuff on your bra? :-\

Lum: It's easy. Don't you "Earth's People" keep your stuff on your bra? Anyways, this capsule makes everyone who eats it saw what we want.  ;)

Cata: Cool. That could work. How are we going to make Alumxander eat your capsule?  :/

Lum: Easy. First we are going to cook a delicious marmorium cake (marmorium is a fruit from Lum's Planet). Then we hide the capsule in the cake and send it to him.  ;D

Cata: Why don't we ask Ran to cook?  ;D

Lum: Why to bother Ran when we have me to cook?  :/

Cata: Because... Because...  :?

Lum: Because...!  }:|

Cata: Because... Because you need to spent some time with Ataru. How long have you been without him around?  ;D

Lum: Indeed. You're right. I'll take the rest of the day of to go on a date with Darling. Thank you Cata-chan!  :D

Cata: Enjoy!  :)

***Lum gives the capsule to Cata and leaves the UFO. Then Cata calls Ran on the phone (the phone conversation will be in red).

Ran:... Moshi moshi?  :D

Cata: Hi Ran! How are you? Cata's here. Can you come to Lum's UFO please? :)

Ran (nice mood): Hi Cata! I'm good. :D (bad mood) Wait a minute! Why should I come to that B****'s UFO? >:(

Cata: C'mon Ran! Don't be that way. Let's make a deal. 8)

Ran (sly): A deal? What's your offer? :/

Cata: If you come to Lum's UFO and cook a nice cake for me, I'll set you up with a date with Rei. How about that?  ;D

Ran (happy): Deal! Ran-chan is so excited! :D (bad mood) Don't try to trick me b****!  >:( Bye!
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Post by: alumxander on September 03, 2007, 04:40:17 PM
(After the wizard beat Madenstein,i appeared behind him with my trusty Colt Python and shoot him in the kneecaps)

Alumxander:You left your guard open and that almost costed you your legs.right now i can blow you but if you help me with Janus,i shall forgive your life


Alumxander:I knew you will say that

(i shoot him with an hypno dart,he is now my drooling slave)

Alumxander:Go forward and make Janus be forever in his oniko form and make him fell for Falling

Jataru:Yesss masssterrrr
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Post by: Jataru on September 03, 2007, 04:51:10 PM
*Offtopic: A little help here Cosmic?*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 03, 2007, 05:03:21 PM
*The hypno dart never entered jataru skin,he was just pretending 2 be a zombie and the moment alumxander turned around ,the wizard cast 10 lightnings over him,burning him to a crisp*

Jataru:Since he revives a lot,i shall keep his ashes in a jar for safe keeping

*With alumxander disposed,Jataru decides to travel towards Japan to meet this man named Janus,not to kill him but to cure him from the oni curse,Jataru finds janus in his oniko form in the snow mountains*

Jataru:Are you janus?

Oniko/Janus:How didya know?

Jataru:That is my secret,anyways i heard you are under a Jusenkyo Curse that makes ya in an oni girl when touched by cold water,right?


Jataru:Look,i know a lot of spells but rest assured we shall find a cure if we work together

Oniko:Okey dokey,can i ask you a favor?


Oniko:Do ya know how to prepare food? i have an inn resort and my cook just died of pneumonia

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Post by: cata on September 03, 2007, 05:57:52 PM
***At Lum's UFO, Ran arrives and quickly cooks a delicious cake.***

Ran: Here. It's done. Where's my date?

Cata: Rei is waiting for your sna-- I mean, he is waiting for you at the park.

Ran: It's better for you that this isn't a prank! Bye!

***Ran leaves the UFO and Cata prepares the trap to catch Alumxander. But before that she could send it to him, the "Good news Channel" appears in the "TV" and says that Alumxander is gone for good.***

Cata: Yahoo! I'll keep this cake for good. Knowing that brat as I know he won't be quiet for too long.
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Post by: Jataru on September 03, 2007, 05:59:56 PM
*In Japan*

Jataru: Ok Janus I will prepare a special food. Just sit and relax.


Janus: Thank you Jataru.

*After a while in the kitchen Jataru cals Janus to the table and he was amased with the food.


Jataru: I hope you enjoy my sukiyaki.

Janus: Whoaa!! It smells very well.

Jataru: I know, so lets eat?

Janus: Of course, now Itadaki....

Jataru: Wait a little Janus.

Janus: Why?

*And then Jataru cites a spell to the food of Janus*


Jataru: This will cure your curse Janus.

Janus: Thanks Jataru, now Itadakimasu!!
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Post by: cata on September 03, 2007, 06:04:02 PM
Off topic: Now that is everything "OK", what will we do? There's no Alumxander to bother us, so... I don't know what to do now. Lol.
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Post by: DarkDevil on September 03, 2007, 09:10:00 PM
Janus and Jataru hear something like eating right besides them. They look to the sukiyaki.
And they see cherry eating the sukiyaki.
Cherry: More please.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 03, 2007, 10:17:31 PM
***In that moment, all most important characters appear with hammers and hit Cherry untill he pass out.***

Ataru: You should try it too. (Hands over two hammers to Janus and to Jataru).

Janus and Jataru: OK! Here we go! (Cherry receiver the beating of his life)
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Post by: alumxander on September 03, 2007, 11:59:46 PM
Offtopic: You cant leave me for dead so easy,kids

(Jataru thought his thunders killed me but i escaped in the last second,i was weak so i decided to go nab an easy target,cata,it took me some hours to arrive at her home)

Alumxander:I wont leave yo that easy,little amazon

Cata:Yeah,yeah,bring it on

(She and me battle using the swords,in one moment i slice her with my poisoned sword,she falls asleep so i bring her to a special rocket i prepared)

Cata:owwwie,where am i?

Alumxander:This nuclear rocket is prepared to explode in the next 6 minutes,cata,only way to deactivate it is yelling a special password that  your voice must say

(It is normal as she jumps over me and begins to bash me ,that wont save her from the explosion)

Cata:Ok,i shall try to guess your password....ALUMXANDER RULES

Alumxander:Thank you but that isnt the password

Cata:(sweating) CATA ISNT STRONG

Alumxander:Incorrect,look,i shall give yo a chance,check one of your pant bags

(Cata looks where i told her,she now has a small paper with some letters)

Cata:(her face is all red) yo dont expect me to say this,right?!?

Alumxander:Not if you want to die in here with me,that is

(She begins to slowly cry,she has no other choice but to say what the paper says before she blows,She takes a deep breath then yell)


Alumxander:Good girl

Computer:Explosion deactivated
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 04, 2007, 12:05:43 AM
***Are you scared? Well you shouldn't be because this was only the last Alumxander's dream. Don't worry, as he doesn't exist anymore, he won't have those scary dreams.***
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on September 04, 2007, 12:09:48 AM
(Cata awakes inside her house,what she experienced was alumxander last revenge on her,how much she wished he were alive she would kill him,now she can only weep,she can thank merlin Jataru for this)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 04, 2007, 12:21:57 AM
Cata (thinking while she haves her breakfast): Well, it's kinda boring without Alumxander around but I kinda miss him. He was a UY fan so, it's always sad but thinking of all that he made me and my friends pass through, he desearved it. From his first appearance, he didn't do anything nice. Well, it's a battle but not a battle with no mercy or that kind of battle. It was funny while he was here but everything has an end and this was Alumxander's ending.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 04, 2007, 01:54:36 AM


Rumiko:Hello,this is Rumiko Takahashi from Japan to announce the release of the first dvd boxset of NIGHTMARE BATTLE,here are da contents,lumaholics

Gathering Storms

(The new era of warriors arrive to start the mother of all battles)

Thou shalt not cheat

(Alumxander begins to annoy Cata,Jataru and Sandstorm while they are in eastern Europe)


(Quick battle between Cosmic and Kroptik)

Ride of the Valkyrie & Magical Mystery Tour 2007

(Cata and friends adventures are just gettin interesting as many things happen)

Gender Bender Act One

(After several battles,the warriors decide to take a deserved rest but what will happen when one of them fuses with ataru moroboshi)

Life is a Contest

(The warriors must fight for their lives in a gigantic board game)

Summer Break and Gender Bender Act Two

(Again another attempt to rest a bit from alumxander plans,while cata and co. relax,janus has to adapt been an oni girl in the snow mountains)

The Last Call

(It seems things are gonna finally wrap up and one of the warriors will be no more)

And also including the following extras:

-5 audio possibilities as well as subtitles
-Commentaries from all the fighters
-Interactive games and menus
-Signed by all the fighters as well as alumxander book "I,Cheater",cata book "The Ballad of the Amazons" and janus book "Freak Making"

but wait,the dvd includes also the following extra episodes

Dance Dance Revolution

(The fighters and all uy characters enter a dance contest)

Heaven and Hell

(Watashi the Slayer from Heaven has found her next target :Darkdevil)

UY Mafia

(Footage about the infamous gang of lumaholics and their crimes)

All of this available in September 9th


Offtopic: ok,lets proceed with da nightmare battle
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on September 04, 2007, 11:00:23 AM
Very good Cosmic.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 04, 2007, 12:37:08 PM
Excelent Cosmic. Now that the battle is over (I guess):

 - The battle was supposed to be a battle royal. Everyone is an enemy. That didn't happen. The only real enemy here was Alumxander.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on September 04, 2007, 01:58:52 PM
Very true
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Jataru on September 04, 2007, 09:16:14 PM
The warriors who fought battles ones against others have united to battle an enemy in common.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on September 04, 2007, 11:35:59 PM
i only say: LG.

(life's good)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 05, 2007, 02:39:35 PM
The warriors who fought battles ones against others have united to battle an enemy in common.

And that made their friendship even stronger.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on September 05, 2007, 02:45:47 PM
Offtopic: That is very true, Miss Cata.

In the high tops of the clouds, at the gates of Heaven, an angel guards it.
Angel: You may pass.
A girl with dark grey hair passes the golden gate.
She sees a bright light.
Light: Step forward.
Girl: I'm at your command, my honorable master.
Light: I want you to kill... (The girl was distracted by the colorful clouds around the light) PAY ATTENTION!
Girl: Ya, ya, just get to the point.
Light: You should treat me with more better, because I'm your creator!
Girl: Ok, ok, daddy, who do I've got to kill this time.
Light: I want you to kill The one who has and ...
Girl: You want to me to kill your brother, so I'm off.
The girl leaves.
Light: She'll be the end of me.

At Tomoboki
The girl arrives at the midle of the street
Girl: Finnally, I've arrived. Now, where is he?
Dark: Gain way!
Dark was running in the girl's direction, so she assumed battle position. Dark jumps, transnforms into a small white mouse and entered in girl's clothing.
Girl: Hey! get out of there you pervert!
Dark: Please, hide me.
Girl: Wha...
Caroline (surrounded by a flaming aurora): WHERE ARE YOU, YOU UNFAITHFUL BASTARDS!
Caroline passes by the girl and Dark and and goes around the corner. Dark gets out and turns himself in back into his human form.
Dark (Holding her hand): Arigato, you saved my life. What is the name of the one who saved my life, Miss.
Girl (thinking): It's better not to lie. (speaking) My, name is Watashi.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 05, 2007, 04:52:47 PM
Dark:So yer name is watashi,kinda odd but i am in eternal debt with you and (a group of cats appear all of sudden distracting watashi) hey,i am over here

Watashi:Sorry,i get distracted a lot,was that angry girl your girlfriend?

Dark:Yep,lately she has been gettin mad at me a lot,i cant help myself that i love women and they love me too  :D)

Watashi:(thinking) maybe this is the one Nameless One wants me to kill,i better do it quickly while he is distracted (she draws out a small dagger but just then a thief grabs her from the throat and points her wit a gun)

Thief:Gimme yer damn money or i kill ya,mother-sucker

Dark:You shouldnt treat girls like that,mortal

*Dark spits a huge needle that once enters da theif body,melts him*

Dark:Now it was my time to repay u for saving me,you can hide yer dagger and stop working for the Nameless One

Watashi:T-thank you (thinking) even when he apparentñy knew i was gonna kill him,he still forgives my life,maybe i should reconsider my mission

*Meanwhile Cata is at her south american villa,sleeping after a long long day,she begins to dream she is at one garden when an armored man arrives*

??:Cata...cata....the time has come for accept...destiny

Cata:Who are you?

??:That doesnt matter now,child,soon i shall come for you to embrace chaos which is yer birthright

Cata:Look,mister,i dont get what you are telling me and...(cata notices that the garden now is full of the corpses of Lum,Ataru,UY characters,valkyries and the other warriors) what does this mean?

??:Very soon what you see here will be reality,very soon this world will drown in its blood (the corpses arise)

Corpse Lum:Why cata? we tought you were our have robbed us from our peace


*Cata wakes up,it was just a nightmare,a pretty bad one,da next day she goes to Japan as she was invited to Jataru party at Tomobiki High backyard*

Jataru:Glad you could arrive,Miss Cata,the party couldnt be complete without you


Cata:I see,happy birthday,jataru-kun (hugs him) so,who made the cake this time?

Jataru:Well,ran got sick so Lum had to bake it,dont worry it isnt all full of spice,most of the gang had to supervise what ingredients she would have 2 use

Cata:Phew,thanks for dat,last time i ate lum food,i got amnesia and...

Lum:Hey,my food isnt that bad  >:( >:(

Cata/Jataru:Uh oh,we were refering Agnes Lum food,hehehe

Lum:Ok  :) (leaves)

Kroptik:Hey,jataru,when is the buffet arriving?

Jataru:It arrived already but ya better grab food right now before the uy gang finishes it all


*It turns to be quite a jolly good day*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 05, 2007, 07:49:35 PM
Cata: Itadakimasu! (Cata starts do dig in all the food that she can grab)

Sakura: Hey, young girl?

Cata (with her mouth full of food): Who, me? Do you want a little bit?

Sakura: No, thank you. Can't you be more polite when you're eating? Besides, look at your apetite. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Cata (still with her mouth full): Look who's talking... Well I'm sorry for my behavior but the food is so good that I can't think about anything else.

Lum: Thank you, Cata-chan!

Cherry: I feel something strange.

Lum: Hey! Cata liked the food.

Sakura: You're feeling it, too?

Lum: You too Sakura? Mou...!

Cherry: She knows something that we don't know.

Lum: No I don't.

Sakura: It's not you Lum. It's her (pointing to Cata). So, young girl, are you going to tell us peacefully?

Cata: Well my name is Cata. And I don't know what you're talking about.

Cherry (aproaches to Cata): Are you sure?

Cata (scared): Kyaaaaa! Get your scared face of me! (Kicks Cherry's face).

Sakura: Calm down. Let's go to a place more private. Let's go to the kitchen.

***Sakura and Cata go to the kitchen, drink some tea and Cata begins to speak.***

Cata: Ok. Here it goes. I had this dream... (Cata tells the whole dream to Sakura)

Sakura: I see...

Cata: That's all you have to say?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 10, 2007, 02:41:02 AM
Sakura:I am afraid so,cata,i apologize for dat but we will get to the bottom of this


*After the party,Lum and Ataru are walking alone when unknown to them a mist covers them,next day at school*

Onsen-sensei:Ok,boys,lets continue our studies,Lum,please be a dear and read page 76



*As Lum reads,she notices that some kind of uknown demons are trying to devour ataru and he isnt even looking*

Lum:DARLING,LOOK OUT!! (sends one of her lightnings,it only shocks ataru)

Ataru:What the hell r ya doin,lum? i wasnt girl hunting

Lum:B-but i saw a monster trying to eat you,darling

Ataru:Yeah,right  >:( (the stormtroopers attack ataru for yellin at Lum)

Lum:But it is true,darling,lemme try to explain it to you (thinks) ah,i got it


Maybe it is because you have the IQ of a rock

Mendo:That would be an insult to a rock IQ


Ataru:Are you saying i am stupid? :( :( :( (leaves all angry)

Lum:No,wait,darling,i didnt meant to say that,it is as if someone was putting words in my mouth,wait  :'(
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Vernamon on September 10, 2007, 02:46:34 AM
*sounds like its going to be very good I don't dare ruin it*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 10, 2007, 04:24:08 PM
Offtopic: You wont ruin it at all,vernamon,show us what you can do  8)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on September 14, 2007, 10:50:40 AM
Offtopic: indeed
Posted on: 10-09-2007, 18:26:00

Dark: If she says you're an idiot, she's right.
Lum: Dark.
Ataru: Where's Caroline? And who is this cuty? (starts hugging Watashi)
Dark: She is Miss Watashi. (Watashi starts torturing Ataru) And she came to Tomoboki to kill me.
Lum: To kill you?
Everyone starts laughing.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: watashi on September 15, 2007, 08:29:54 PM
the sky darkens and a shadow appears, a girl appears
girl: who has called me?
watashi: nobody [starts getting nervous] NO ONE GO AWAY!!!!
girl: what is your name?
dark: she is miss watashi
girl: ?? watashi?? what?!! that CANT be!!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on September 16, 2007, 04:38:42 AM
Falling: Do you mind leaving?? I'm trying to run a class here... :-\

Random girl: Sorry sensei. :@

Watashi: Well I'm not. Where's Dark??

Lum: He's here, but why are you looking for him??

Watashi: For revenge. He killed my brother!

Everyone: What?!?!

Dark: But I'm innocent....
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on September 16, 2007, 11:40:29 PM
Dark: I'm always innocent.
Cherry: It is fate.
Dark: Stay out of this! (to Watashi, while checking his agenda) When was it?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Vernamon on September 17, 2007, 05:40:46 AM
A strange girl walks in carrying two longwords and dressed in very sexy battle gear. Looks over everyone and spots Ataru.
Strange girl: ATARU THERE YOU ARE!!!
Ataru looks over and drools coming closer to the strange girl: Yes?
Strange girl: Ataru You will be mine. I'm taking you away from that witch called Lum. My name is Vernamon Rakashi Demon Slayer. No one can kill me and I only have one weakness can you find it?
Lum: HOW DARE YOU TAKE AWAY MY DARLING!!!! Lum screams and shocks Vernamon.
Vernamon laughing hysterically: See even your lightning attacks can't hit me.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on September 17, 2007, 12:27:01 PM
Offtopic: Do you really pretend to play as a woman?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 17, 2007, 07:39:56 PM
Off topic: What is your problem if he wants to play as a woman? You don't even play as a man or woman!

Back to topic:


Vernamon: Who's there? ??? >:(

Cata (entering the classroom): Cata, the Valkyrie. Sorry for taking too long to get in here. I was busy. ;)

Ataru (grabing, speaking and looking at Vernamon): Sure you can take me! Let's go to some place where we can be just the two of us.  :9

Lum: Enough of this! (shock. A BIG SHOCK) I won't let you take Darling away from me!  >:(

Cata: Lum calm down. Vernamon are you stupid or what? 8)

Vernamon: Watch your mouth. You don't know with who you're talking. 8)

Cata: Neither you. Why would someone like you take someone like him (points to Ataru)? 8)

Chibi: The teacher is coming! :(

Ataru: Vernamon sit next to me! :9

Lum: Darling! (Shocks Ataru) >:( :(

***Vernamon touch Ataru's arm and Lum's electricity atacks don't affect Ataru anymore.***

Vernamon: I warned you. :*)

Lum: Masaka! ( It can't be!) :o :(

Chibi: The teacher is here! The teacher is here! :(

***Everyone sits and shut their mouths. Onsen-Mark enters in the classroom.***

Onsen-Mark: Good morning class. We will start this school year with the presentation of the new students. You, can start (looking at Cata).  :/

Cata: M-m-m-me?  :?

Onsen-Mark: No. My gramma! Of course it is you! :(

Cata: Ok ok. Chill out sensei! 8) Well, I'm Cata and I'm a Valkyrie. :*)

Onsen-Mark: Thank you. Who wants to be next? :/
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Post by: DarkDevil on September 17, 2007, 08:29:10 PM
Offtopic: I'm a male cat. >:(
Dark: What do you mean by that, Sensei?
Onsen-Mark: I mean... Hey! (points to Dark) You don't belong here.
Dark: Nor her. (pointing Vernamon).
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 17, 2007, 09:50:46 PM
Onsen-Mark: Who owns this taling cat?


Onsen-Mark: WHO OWNS THIS TALKING CAT?!?!?!?!?

Watashi: I own that cat.

Onsen-Mark: In this school, animals aren't allowed. Get rid of that cat right now!

Watashi: Hai sensei!

*** Watashi grabs Dark and leave the classroom***

Onsen-Mark: Who are you?

Vernamon: I'm Vernamon Slayer.

Onsen-Mark (after checking the class list): Are you sure that you belong to this class?

Vernamon: Yes, I'm sure. I just got transfered from Ishakar High. I have this document that proves that I'm on this class.

Onsen-Mark: Let me see it.

***Vernamon gives a yellow paper to Onsen-Mark***

Onsen-Mark: I see. Welcome to Tomobiki High. Introduce yourself to your classmates.
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Post by: Cosmic King on September 17, 2007, 10:07:12 PM
Vernamon:Ok,my name is Vernamon,i come from the West and (to cata) you owe an explanation of yer maniac laughter,punk,nobody mocks the Slayer and gets away wit it

Cata:Bring it on

Onsen:Girls,try to behave,this is yer first day,cant ya get along?

Cata:Forgive me,sensei,i still dont adapt to tame my warrior rage

Onsen:Ok,now shake hands,you 2

*Just not to anger onsen,da 2 women shake hands but just when classes finished they decided to battle inda roof*

Vernamon:Here no one will annoy us

Cata:Fine to me

*Both women are equally fast and strong*

Cata:We are gonna end in a draw if dont act quickly (brings out a flute to summon her giant flying whale) ike,Cetus!

*But before cata could end the summoning tune,ataru jumped over her*


Lum:DARLING!!!  :(

*Lum shocks both cata and ataru*

Vernamon:Shit,our battle got interrupted,i guess i shall wait for another day,bye bye,cata (jumps from da roof and lands in a motor bike)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 17, 2007, 10:19:38 PM
Cata: It's not over yet! Lum watch where you aim your lightnings!

Lum: Sorry, Cata-chan!

Cata (whistles and Benten appears on his bike): Hey Benten! Can you give me a ride?

Benten: No. Sorry, but I have a better idea.

Cata: Idea?

Benten: Yeah, here' s your new bike [Benten whistles and Glaydia (member of Benten's gang) appears with a brand new black bike.

Cata: Thanks a lot Benten!

Benten: Enjoy!

***Cata jumps to her bike and chases Vernamon for another fight.***

Cata: Come back here!

***In Tomobiki...***

Lum: Benten you and Cata are so alike...

Benten: We're very different. Wanna go for a ride?

Ataru: I want! (jumps and grabs Benten)

Lum: Darling!

Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on September 17, 2007, 11:11:14 PM
Dark (in human form): Damn, I sure forgotten to turn in human form... Oh, Hi, Miss Lum, Miss Benten.
Benten: Hi! Dark
Lum: What are you doing?
Dark: Showing Tomoboki to Miss Watashi.
Benten: So, where is she?
Dark: She is right over...??? Where is she?
They see Watashi starrying at katsu-Neko.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 17, 2007, 11:33:47 PM
Kotatsu:(telepatically) I am yer master now,to prove yer loyalty i want ya to kiss me inda cheek and fetch me some beef bowls

Watashi:Ok,my master (is about to kiss him)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 17, 2007, 11:37:12 PM
Dark: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm the only cat that she can kiss! (jumps matrix-style and he receives Watashi's kiss.

Everyone: O_O
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 17, 2007, 11:39:37 PM
Kotatsu:(first time talking as a human) My work here is done,have a nice day you 2 (he is leaving)

Megane:What do ya mean by that? How can ya talk?

Kotatsu:It is top secret,satoshi,lets just say someone wants watashi and dark as a group (leaves)
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Post by: cata on September 17, 2007, 11:40:59 PM
Everyone: O_O
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Post by: Kroptik on September 17, 2007, 11:45:18 PM
Offtopic: Caroline isn't in this universe, right??
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 17, 2007, 11:47:13 PM
Offtopic: I think she left Tomobiki.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 17, 2007, 11:51:54 PM
Offtopic: she exists as one of darkdevil posts mentioned

*Kroptik follows the ghost cat*

Krop:Why ya did that?

Kotatsu:(lights a cigar) Tecasian,long have i remained in silence and secretism,i shall tell ya why since you know how a heartbreak feels

Krop:Tell me already

Kotatsu:Some years ago Aphrodite visited me and told me that if i wanted to go to da afterlife paradise,i needed to make 1,000 couples,in a few words I am the local cupid of Tomobiki,now that ya know i must erase yer memory or ya will die single
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on September 17, 2007, 11:56:51 PM
Kroptik: My memory or my wedding?! Fine then, erase it, but tell me something first: will the same thing happen to me?

Kokatsuneko: With time yes...

* He erases Kroptik memory about the conversation and teleports him to the school roof *

Kroptik: Hi guys. What's going on here?? A secret meeting?

Lum: Dark just kissed Watashi.

Kroptik: WHAT?! O_O
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 18, 2007, 12:12:55 AM
Ataru: Yeah it's true! I'm gonna kick his a55!

Kroptik:Kick his tail instead.

Ataru: His tail? ??? Anyways I'm going to punish him!

Lum: Darling! Leave them alone. You should kiss me more often!

Stormtroopers: More often??? Does that mean that Lum-san and Ataru ever kissed???

Lum: Well ::) I can't lie...

Mendou: MOROBOSHI..." HOW DARE YOU!?!?!?!?!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 18, 2007, 12:19:22 AM
Ataru:If ya want to kiss Lum,ya hafta pay me 5000 yens per kiss


Mendo/Stormtroppers:Seems kinda expensive but is worth it (all pay to ataru)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 18, 2007, 12:28:19 AM
Lum: Darling! I'm not a prostitute! You can't sell my lips!

Ataru: EHEHEHEHEHEH with this money I can take Shinobu and the otehr girls to nice places!

Lum (remembering Pigmo..): Ok, I'll kiss you.

Ataru (thinking to himself): She won't kiss them. But why am I worried about her?

Mendou/Stormtroopers: I'm the first! I'm first!

Lum: Take it easy. I'll kiss each one of you...

***Lum prepares to kiss Chibi... but Ataru grabs Lum quickly and runs from there as fast as he cans***

Lum: Darling! You do love me!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on September 18, 2007, 12:31:32 AM
Offtopic: Poo, I wanted that post. :'(


Mendo: Forget it. That's lost money now...

Megane: Easy for you say. You're rich.

Kroptik: He's not that rich...

Megane: But you're a prince!

Kroptik: Oh, right, I forgot. :P
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 18, 2007, 12:38:49 AM
Ataru:Dont be silly,lum,i just...took you...away...because...

Lum:Are ya feeling ok,darling?

Ataru:Yeah,well,i just wanted ya to be all pretty when the guys kiss you (ataru pretends to be calm but he cannot hide a small tear in his eye) now lets get ya all dressed as i made a deal with some other guys that want to take ya on a date

Lum:darling,why you doin this?

Ataru:Dont worry,this is a win-win situation,i will make sure to reward ya when this is over
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on September 18, 2007, 04:22:17 AM
Lum: Darling, why can't we have a date instead?

Ataru: I already spent the money on... err...stuff, so you'll have to do it.

Lum: I refuse. We're suppose to be a married couple. I won't date other people.

* Just then, a weird UFO appears above their heads from nothingness, and beams up Lum and Ataru into a sealed chamber *

Ataru: HEY! Is this some kind of a joke, Lum??

Lum: I'm not responsible, Darling. And I don't see an exit anywhere...
* She looks around, but there seems to be no way out at all. Then she looks at Ataru *
What exactly did you say you spend the money on??

Ataru: That isn't important right now Lum. We need to get out of here...

Lum *sly look*: Come on, DArling, tell me. I won't hurt...much. ;D


* Meanwhile in the roof of Tomobiki High, the stormtroopers and Mendo are still discussing a way to get back their money, or to have their deal done *

Kroptik: Can't you guys get over it? It was only 5000 yen... I bet you guys payed 1000 each only...

Megane: But that's my entire allowance... Now I can't buy what else I want...

Cata: C'mon guys, stop whining. Besides...
* However, before she can end the sentence, the same ship that abducted Lum and Ataru appears over them, and beams up Kroptik and Cata (Watashi and Dark had already left). In the ship, they see Ataru getting a high voltage shock therapy by Lum *

Kroptik: Guys??

Lum: Hi Kroptik-kun, Cata-chan. You think you can help us out of here da'tcha??

Kroptik: I'll see what I can do...

Ataru: Cata-chan, save me. *hugs her* She wants to kill me.

Cata: Get off me, you hentai.

Lum: Darling no baka!

* While Ataru gets beat up by Lum and Cata, Kroptik makes a hole in the room's wall, allowing access to a corridor *

Kroptik: You girls done?? Because we need to find out what's going on here.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Vernamon on September 18, 2007, 06:01:09 AM
Vernamon: hahahahahaha!!!!! now that your all here Ataru my darling wear this it will protect you just make sure you don't ever take it off ok.

Ataru looking a little shocked reluctantly went over to Vernamon and started to grab for the armor.

Lum: DARLING!!!!!!!!

Lum starts to shock Ataru when Vernamon steps out in front of the shock and absorbs it all up.

Vernamon: You can never hope to defeat me I'm practically a goddess wearing this armor here and with my two longswords. BARBANE!!! Vernamon calls out. Then suddenly a large grizzly bear comes running out.

Everyone: w...w...wh...what is that thing doing here!?

Vernamon: Hey Barbane wanna play with my friends for a bit? Oh yes just to make sure you all better be careful he can be a bit rough. Dontcha my sweetie?

Barbane: nodes hoping to get something to eat.

Vernamon then takes Ataru forcefully to another room on the ship and locks the door shut.

Ataru: What are we going to do?

Vernamon: You'll see. I've been watching you for sometime now and I like that in a man. she teasingly growls.

Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on September 18, 2007, 01:09:31 PM
* Meanwhile, Barbane is already beaten up *

Kroptik: That was insanely easy...

Cata: Not even good for a warm-up.

Lum: We need to go save Darling da'tcha.

Cata: We do??..

Kroptik: OK, let's see how well this queen can resist our attacks. Let us handle this Lum, it seems your lightning doesn't work on her.

Lum: And you guys think you can do anything??

Cata: You bet on it. After all, a valkyrie never gives up.

* They follow Vernamon through the door and reach a room...with 10 more doors *

Cata: Now where do we go??

Edit: Mistyped "valkyrie" :@
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on September 18, 2007, 04:32:29 PM
(Just then the ship begin to fall)

Cata:What the hell?

(Lum grab cata and kroptik so they dont crash,they break the 10 doors to find ataru)


Cata:look gang,ataru is sleeping and vernamon is unconcious

(After they escape they dont notice that i was also in the ship,i jump in my jet)

Alumxander:that vernamon wasnt a big deal once i found her weakness,but i had to beat her before she killed cata and the birdboy
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on September 18, 2007, 09:05:01 PM
* Back in safe land, Kroptik lands Cata and Vernamon, while Lum drops Ataru, waking him up *

Ataru: ???  What happened?

Lum: Darling, you're OK. ( * she hugs him *

Kroptik: The ship crashed. How did she put you to sleep??

Ataru: No idea... I don't remember anything after she took me.

Cata: By the way, what are we going to do with her?? * she points at Vernamon * Why did you bring her anyway??

Kroptik: Sorry, was instinctive. :@

Lum: Still, how did she fall unconscious??
Cata: Maybe there was someone else on the ship.

* Alumxander lands near them *

Alumxander: It was I that did it. I found her one and only weakness in order to help you, my dear valkyrie.

Cata: Eerr... thanks.... :-\

Kroptik: So you say she has only one weakness. Can you tell us?

Alumxander: Ah, wouldn't you like to know. Well, I'll tell you, but I have a price.

Kroptik: Name it. I have money...

Alumxander: It is not money I seek, birdboy. What I want is a taste of the valkyrie's lips.

Cata: :(

* Meanwhile, Lum is hug-shocking Ataru, but no one is paying attention *
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 18, 2007, 10:32:56 PM
Cata: You want my lips huh? Well you can't have them. We don't need your help, anyway.

Kroptik: Who needs some help here is you.

Ataru (in the back): AND ME! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Alumxander: Is that so?

Cata: Yes. We can defeat her without you interfering.

Kroptik: How can you be alive?

Alumxander: Long story.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on September 18, 2007, 11:15:05 PM
Cherry: T'is fate.

* He get's a mallet in the head by everyone around *

Lum: Can you stop doing that please?

Cherry: Sorry, it's a bad hobby, I need a new one...

Kroptik: Anyway, what is fate?

Cherry: T'is fate that he would return once again to face you two.

Alumxander: And I'm sure it's fate that I will be victorious over them this time.

Cherry: Actually, you will get a worse beating then last time...

Alumxander: 8|

Cata/Kroptik: Don't mind if we do. ;D
/me and Cata process to tear Alumxander apart... AGAIN *

Kroptik: See ya next time.

Cata: I wish there wasn't a next time. It's getting too easy. :P

Lum: Shouldn't we wake Vernamon?

Ataru: I'll do it... with a kiss * gets shocked by Lum again *
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 19, 2007, 12:41:16 AM
Vernamon (wakes up scared): N-n-n-no kisses! :-X

Lum: No kisses? Why? ???

Kroptik: It seems that you are afraid of being kissed. >:)

Vernamon (nervous): Don't be silly! The thing is... aaaah... I have a... boyfriend... Yeah! That's right! I have a boyfriend. :*)

Cata: Really? What is his name? :P

Vernamon: ... Mind your own business! >:(

Kroptik: Looks like we have hit a nerve. ::)

Cherry: Sadame ja (T'is fate) ;D
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on September 19, 2007, 04:39:49 PM
Offtopic: I think we should let Vernamon choose his own weakness...

Just remember that although you have one weakness only, you're dealing with forces you've never seen before (us :P), so don't except the "one weakness" factor to help you. ;D
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Vernamon on September 19, 2007, 04:53:49 PM
*offtopic* that may be and that boyfriend I already have the one in mind that i've been using so i'll introduce him sometime*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on September 19, 2007, 07:25:16 PM
Offtopic: Well then, in that case, be our guest.

Why not make him the one that comes pick you up?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 19, 2007, 11:58:54 PM
Offtopic: I didn't write that Vernamon's weakness was kissing or something like that.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 20, 2007, 12:04:45 AM
*2 days later,cata is summoned to the moon*


Cata:What is it ya wanted to see me?

Cosmic:I summoned you because i wanted to test how strong a valkyrie you are,hope you dont mind a battle

Cata:Bring it on,i am always ready (she draws out her sword)

*Her speed allows her to scratch Cosmic right cheek*

Cosmic:Interesting (licks his own blood then spits it) i wont hold back as Darkdevil or Alumxander

*Cata is gonna deliver another slash but Cosmic evades it and sends an uppercut to her jaw then kicks her inda face 12 times*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 20, 2007, 12:13:09 AM
Cata: That was not what I was expecting. I like it. It's always good to inovate. Inovation...

Cosmic: Shall we start our little battle?

Cata: I'm sure that it won't be a little battle but an intense one. Start!

***Cosmic King and Cata prepare themselves to battle eachother. Cata strikes first. Cata kicks him but it looks like it makes no harm to Cosmic.***

Cosmic: You will have to do better than that.

Cata: I won't give up.

Cosmic: My turn.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 20, 2007, 12:17:34 AM
Cosmic:I see that a part of yer power lives in that speed and fireceness

*Cosmic slides behind Cata and uses the suplex on her,the floor crumbles*

Cosmic:Dat would crush yer skull if ya were normal,dats why i am gonna add more damage 

*Cosmic lifts her and delivers the Electric Chair move on her*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 20, 2007, 12:31:18 AM
Cata: Ouch! You have been watching too much WWE. Let me turn this into a more realistic Wrestling.

***Cata uses a talisman to summons the WWE company to the Moon.***

Lilian Garcia (Introducer): Welcome to the WWE newest Pay-per-view: Nightmare Battle!

***The crowd screams.***

Lilian Garcia: The following match is settled for one fall. Introducing from this side of the ring, the King of Cosmos: COSMIC KING!

***The Crowd screams and Cosmic does his entrance.***

Lilian Garcia: And introducing his opponent, she is the Valkyrie: CATA!

***Crowd screams and Cata enters the ring.***

Joey Styles and JBL (the annoying guys that are always speaking about the matches): What a great match we have here!

***The referee says to ring the bell and the match begins.***
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 20, 2007, 12:39:22 AM
Cosmic:You have prepared well da battleground,i give ya that,kiddo

Cata:Less words and more battle...Super Reppa Syoryu

*Cata jumps and twists cosmic neck a bit so she can send a lot of her punches to his abdomen then she launches a fireball*

Cosmic:(fixes his neck) Ouch,taste Excalibur

*Cosmic raises his left hand as it was a sword then slices Cata chest,no blood comes nor her armor is destroyed*

Cata:getting tired this fast?

Cosmic:Not at all,you will see in

*Cata suddenly feels a stinging pain on her body,she is bleeding inside*

Cosmic:Excalibur harmed yer intern organs while making yer body look uninjured,there is no need for  excessive bloodstains even in serious battle,dont ya think?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 20, 2007, 01:00:44 AM
Cata: I can't regenerate myself if I'm just a human can't I?

***Cata casts a blue orb and she disappears slowly.***

Cosmic: I don't know what are you doing but I won't let you do it.

***Cosmic attacks Cata but no effect. He keeps trying but no harm done.***

Cata's voice: Don't waste your energy and time. It's useless.

***Cosmic tries to find out from the voice comes from but the voice is too confusing.***

Cosmic: All you can do is battling without showing your face or body?

Joey Styles: What a hell of a match we are having. And Cata is using a dirty tactic.

JBL: Shut up Styles! Cata is smart. He is confusing his opponent. She uses his brain, something that you can't.

***Cata casts a fire ball towards Cosmic and heals herself.***
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 20, 2007, 01:05:59 AM
Cosmic:(sensing where the voice comes) Gotcha?

*Cosmic grabs Cata from the neck,begins to slowly strangle her but then he just slaps her,she ends up crashing to one wall*

Cosmic:Yer power saved ya from crashing outside this place,well lets take advantage that you are down

*Cosmic puts his foot over cata's back and adds pressure*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 20, 2007, 01:09:58 AM
***Cata reaches the ropes and Cosmic has to let her go.***

Cata: Well done. But I have many more tricks for you. PO KISSHU!

***Cata is now dust and can become whatever she wants to***
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 20, 2007, 01:25:49 AM
Cosmic:How about mud?

*a magic spells sprays the ring wit water,cata gets stuck as mud,cosmic launches fire on here,soldifying her then breaking her body*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 20, 2007, 01:30:33 AM
Cata: I can regenerate myself. No harm done. My turn.

***Cata blinds Cosmic and throws some knifes to his vitals areas.***
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on September 20, 2007, 01:33:12 AM
Kroptik (from the stands, screaming): C'mon guys, this is getting boring. Pin each other already!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 20, 2007, 01:39:07 AM
Crowd: Pin! Pin! Pin! Pin! (and so on)

Cata: They're right. Let's finish this.

Cosmic: I'm afraid that you'll be crushed when I'll pin you.

Cata: Don't worry because that ain't happen.

***Cata creates an illusion and Cosmic sees Cata coming towards him from behind and the real Cata spears him. Cata tries the cover and...

Referee: 1... 2...
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on September 20, 2007, 01:44:02 AM
* But Cosmic lifts his shoulder, along with Cata, before the 3 *

Cata: It seems you're not ready to lose...

Cosmic: Apparently, neither are you.

Kroptik: That does it! (he jumps the ropes and joins the fight) I need some practice anyway.

JBL: It seems this has become a triple threat match ladies and gentlemen. But can he do that??

Joey It's his problem. Let's continue the match.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 20, 2007, 01:48:42 AM
Cosmic: (takes out all da knifes and spits all da blood) this battle no longer is wrestling so say bye to yer pals,cata (teleports all wwe staff and kroptik 2 China;cosmic enters in a battle stance) i shall use the Tenha Kouryu style on ya

*Cosmic hands glow with energy*

Taste the Metsuto Kosei Jin

*the energy blast blinds and hurts Cata,she gets distract and cosmic fist pierces her armor,almost close to her heart*

Lets see how you heal from this

*Cosmic delivers a lot of strong punches to cata body,smashing her chestplate then grabs her from the face*

Ho-Oh Youko Tensho!!

*the last energy blast sends cata flying upside,she is about 2 plummet in 3 seconds*


*Cata hasnt fallen,in fact she just decided to deliver an air attack even when she is bleeding*

Cata : Ikarus Comet!

*it crashes over cosmic,leaving a crater,however both warriors are still alive*

Cosmic:Good comeback,cata,try it again,lets see if it works again

Cata:You asked for it,hyahh

*she tries again her ikarus comet,this time cosmic looks confident*

Cosmic:(extending his right arm) Atemi Nage (catches Cata from her feet,countering her attack,cosmic throws her to da floor ) Power Geyser (a pilar of fire consumes cata,she is barely breathing but her battle aura is beaten) you are quite a fighting girl,good
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 20, 2007, 01:54:23 AM
Cata (thinking): It burns... aaaaah It hurts and burns a lot. I need to absorb this energy... in one attack... (screaming) MEREKETEKE KISSHU!

***Cata absorbs all the energy and turns it in one enormous attack and fires it to Cosmic. Cosmic wasn't expecting this so he didn't blocked or dodged the attack. Cosmic had to sit and gain some energy before the next attack. This gave the time Cata needed to regenerate herself.***
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 20, 2007, 01:59:10 AM
Cosmic:Those knives weakened me a bit,i daresay,but it is good 2 see you are back on track ,how about we check if yer body is 100 % healed,eh?


*Cosmic cuts some of cata nerves,slowing her hands and legs,then delivers a magic spell that makes her feel all the weight of earth over her back*

Painful,isnt it? dont worry,the moon wont fall because of dat,only you can feel it

*cata begins to sink in pain,she falls to the floor but cant get up*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 20, 2007, 02:04:21 AM
Cata: I have an idea to counter-attack your move. IKAKUSHI KISSHU!

***The gravity is now much different and the heavy things become as heavy as a butterfly.***

Cosmic: Good plan but that doesn't mean that you can defeat me.

Cata: But it means that you have to work harder to win.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 20, 2007, 02:10:07 AM
Cosmic:True,cata,but how are you gonna defend yerself with yer arms and legs all bleeding after i cut da nerves? are ya gonna use magic? i doubt it

SEIKIRAIDAN (It means Thunder Snap and Magic Killer Wave)

*Cata doesnt feel pain from the wave,but her magic is gone)

One of the side effects is that yer body wont feel anything i do to it,observe

*Cosmic kicks cata back,she feels nothing*

Try to break the seikiraidan seal if ya can,to do that yer will-force must be great,cata
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 20, 2007, 02:16:42 AM
Cata: You're good. Very good indeed. I may not have magic right now. I may don't have sensibility right now. But that doesn't mean that I can't do anything about it.

Cosmic: You're right but what will you do about it?

Cata: Watch and learn.

***Cata wears a metal glove and grabs a wooden plank.***

Cata: There. It's done.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 20, 2007, 02:38:21 AM
*Cata strangely regains sensitivity and healed use of her extremities*

Cata:You caused me a lot of damage,time for a payback


*Cata performs an attack that blends her fierceness,speed and energy manipulation,it traps cosmic in a tornado of fists then she ends da technique by striking cosmic face with her metal glove,cosmic plummets to the ground*

Never mess with this girl or you will die like the rest

*It appears as if cosmic was beaten but he arises,he heals his broken bones and injuries,then summons his armor*


Cosmic:No more mr. nice guy with you,mademoiselle


*multiple razor light beams fly towards cata,some of them slice her but the rest destroy a part of the moon,rocks are falling towards the 2 fighters,they both jump and deliver all their best punches but cosmic evades da last cata blow and punch her in her face,she kicks him in his ribs,both are still concious*

Cosmic:a shame a face as cute as you had to be tainted after all da punches you have been thru,shall we end this?

Cata:Hyahh,here comes my last attack


Cosmic:My turn....GALAXIAN EXTINCTION!!!

*Both attacks crash each other and go equally,but just for one second Cata attack ceases and cosmic puts more pressure and delivers all his attack,cata receives a rain of punches and is cosumed by cosmic energy explosion on her,she falls to her knees*

Note:The battle ending goes more like this (

Cata:I..i...still...can battle...(tries to land a punch on cosmic but she is too tired and falls asleep)

Cosmic:Sleep well,valkyrie,you fought well,if it havent been that yer body was tired you could have beaten me,now i know all yer potential and must say you are quite good

*Cosmic gives an elixir to cata,it replenishes her health,she remains tired but safe from death embrace,later on she awakens on Tomobiki,not dressed in her battle gear,but with her uniform*

Cata:owwie,my head hurts

Ataru:Hey,cata,now that you are here,can ya gimme yer address and phone number?


*Cata decides to go home and eat something*

Offtopic: Quite a good battle you offered,cata  ;)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 20, 2007, 02:50:23 AM
Cata: Man! I'm starving. After all this battle, let's have fun but in other way.

***Cata, the UY warriors (UY Forum) and the UY gang settled to go the cinema on the next weekend.***
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on September 21, 2007, 07:37:50 PM
Dark: Cosmic, you're a coward.
Cosmic: Why you say that?
Dark: Do not harm the weak. You're pathetic.
Cosmic: At least I fight, while you... what you do.
Dark: Because the world doesn't need me to waste my energy, for now.
Cosmic: What happenned to Watashi and Caroline?
Dark: I don't know where Miss Watashi is and I'm running away from Caroline. She has found a very good spell to torment me.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 23, 2007, 07:48:42 PM
Cosmic:Getting weak in yer old age? i thought u were magically inmune

Dark:I was  but nowadays i have barely 30 % of my power,you can blame my brother 4 dat

Cosmic:Well,dat explains why you havent been in action lately,y'know you shouldnt be a coward and try to run away from caroline,you are just expanding yer upcoming pain,you cant run away from problems and expect them to be away,ya hafta fight back

Dark:You are right,i shall start focusing how to deal with her and...

*Just then Caroline arrives and grabs dark from behind,she puts an obedience collar on him,it has TNT adorned on it*

Caroline:This will stop ya from girl hunting,honey,and if ya dont behave i shall use sandstorm gift,the cat carrier

Dark:Nooo!!! (they leave)

Cosmic:Hmph,i told him to apologize before things would get ugly (leaves to his house)

Offtopic: For the record,me vs. cata was me first battle in NB,I had to to think a bit on da strategy,demon,cata wasnt a weak opponent (nobody in here is,except alumxander i guess)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Vernamon on September 23, 2007, 08:14:38 PM
Argoth: Vernamon Vernamon where are you? Hey you there.

Ataru looks up to see a large dark skined elf and stutters "Yea?"

Argoth pulling out a picture of Vernamon asks: Have you seen her around here boy?

Ataru: YES though I wished I got her number.

Lum: DARLING. Lum screams out as she shocks Ataru with Vernamon's picture. "Ah I know her she tried to take my Darling away."

Argoth: where is she now?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 24, 2007, 02:25:42 AM
Lum:We dunno,she was with us then dissapeared in her bike

Argoth:Damn,well thanks for da help (leaves)

*Argoth travels towards the space bar known as Land of the Damned,there he founds Vernamon playing World of Warcraft in her laptop*

Argoth:We meet again,vernamon

Vernamon:Oh,hello,argoth-kun,be with you in some minutes,i am on a strategy reunion for da last level

Note:the following is da gameplay

Game Leader:Well,first we need to think how shall we attack,this wont be easy


Other Gamer:I suggest we prepare our personal items so...

*Then suddenly one of the online players shout*

Leeroy:OK,LETS DO IT ! LEEROY JENKINS!!!!!! (runs to battle when nobody was ready yet)

Leader:No,stupid,wait for us...  :(

*Leeroy action summons all enemies to da game,all players die on battle easily <this small event was based on this (*

Vernamon:Damn that bastard,here goes 4 hours playing to da crapper  :'(


Vernamon:Oh,yeah,sorry 4 makin ya wait,lets go home
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on September 24, 2007, 05:27:49 PM
Offtopic: I don't girl-hunt, they just appear in my way. I can't waste a chance like that.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 24, 2007, 10:19:14 PM
Offtopic: Sure it is, Dark.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on September 24, 2007, 11:22:47 PM
Offtopic:  It is.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 25, 2007, 12:05:50 AM
Offtopic: We know Dark.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on September 26, 2007, 05:00:55 AM
(I decide to invite all my enemies to my mansion close to Mendo State for a costume ball)

Kroptik:What do you want?

Alumxander:It is just a party,birdboy,dont get all maniac,why arent you wearing clothes?  ???

Kroptik:I am the invisible man,cant yo tell?  })

Alumxander:Creepy,and little cata,why the karate outfit? that doesnt seem related to you,the valkyrie princess

Cata:I guess i am the Karate princess too

Alumxander:Why dont you like dresses?  :( If i get to beat you at whatever you ask,will you wear one?

Cata:Yup,why not? try some soccer

Alumxander:Meet me outside in 10 minutes


(Cata and me clash in the soccer game,but she ate too much and couldnt handle me,she loses)

Cata: :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Alumxander: ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D I left you a dress in the dining room

Cata:Ok  >:(
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on September 26, 2007, 10:27:14 AM
Offtopic: He's back!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 27, 2007, 01:23:33 PM
Cata: Chotto matte! You cheater! This game wasn't fair! We didn't had a referee! I wan't a new match. Right here, right now!

Alumxander: Lol. You can't accept your defeat.

Cata: Eat my shorts (soccer shorts)! You are just with your a55 between your legs!

Alumxander: Ok, ok. Whatever you say.

Cata: Pierluigi Colina (the best referee of soccer of the World and of all times. Too bad that he has retired.) will be the referee. Are you ready?

Alumxander: I'm always ready to put a dress on you.

***Colina starts the game with the challenged with the ball. Cata does a 360º and Alumxander was so confused that he couldn't move and Cata scores***


Alumxander: You got lucky!

***Alumxander runs with the ball but when he was going to shot, he misses the ball and falls with his a55 on the field.***

Cata: Thank you!

***Cata runs with the ball and she shots but the ball hits the post and comes back.***

Alumxander: YESSSS!

***Cata jumps and bycicle-kicks the ball and it's a goal.***

sorry for the bad english...
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 27, 2007, 04:35:02 PM
Offtopic: Go and kick his ass,mademoiselle cata,dont worry abou yer english grammar,it is OK
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 27, 2007, 09:53:10 PM

Alumxander: Sheesh! Only 10 minutes have passed and I'm already loosing 0-2...

Cata: Are you quiting?

Alumxander: No. I have an idea.

Cata: Do whatever you want but you can't win. You should already know it.

***Colina restarts the match. Alumxander runs with the ball and shots to the other side of the field. But there wasn't net there. Alumxander teleports to the other side, where the ball was heading to and shots the ball and scores.***


Alumxander: 1-2, little Cata. Get ready for your dress time.

Cata: Good strategy, but I'm still winning. Besides, I can avoid it.

Alumxander: Let's see if what you say will be true.

***Colina restarts the match and Cata runs, feints Alumxander and runs even faster to the goal. Alumxander teleports to the position of the goalkeeper and prepares to save. Cata runs and pretends to shot the ball to the left, Alumxander falls to the left. Cata shots to the right, right into the net but Alumxander realizes his mistake and teleports to the right and saves the ball. The ball comes back, Cata runs and shots again to the other side and Alumxander teleports again and saves the ball again, but this time he grabs the ball.***

Alumxander: You can't score now. But I can.

Cata: You might be right, but I will find a way to counter-attack your plan.

Alumxander: Keep dreaming my dear. But be sure the be awaken when you wear the beautiful dress that I have picked just for you.

***Alumxander kicks the ball and teleports to where the ball is going. Cata couldn't do anything to avoid it. Cata runs as fast as she can but Alumxander scores.***


Alumxander: 2-2, little Cata.

Cata: GRRRRRR! The last laugher is the one that is the best laugher.

***Colina ends the first half and sends both players to the dressing rooms.***
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on September 27, 2007, 10:17:03 PM
Dark: Do you need any help, Miss Cata?
Caroline: You stupid bastard! (Clpas her hands and Dark starts burnning) Feel the fire of my anger over you!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 27, 2007, 10:40:18 PM
Cata: I think that you're the one that needs help right now.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on September 27, 2007, 10:49:47 PM
Dark(in agony): Indeed.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 27, 2007, 11:21:25 PM
Cata: I wonder how did I know that you were going to say it.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on September 27, 2007, 11:42:33 PM
Offtopic: You must know, as everyone in the forum must.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Jataru on September 27, 2007, 11:45:53 PM
"After the fire extinguish Cata accepts the help of Devil because any help is welcome"

Anouncer: And the 2nd half will start with a substitution entering Dark Devil to the field. We will see if can give something to the game. Collina starts the game with Alumxander running with the ball, he wants to end this game but Dark Devil with a good entrance to the ball and starts running to the other side, Dark is very open and SHOOTS the ball. Alumxander is far away and this might be an easy goal but WOW Alumxander teleported himself and defends a difficult shoot. What game we are seeing ladys and gentlemams.
Cata with the ball facing Alumxander, Cata try's to feint Alumxander and his stopped by an hard entrance of Alumxander but the referee say's that is legal, Alumxander starts running and his already in the 20 m.

Alumxander: This will be another goal.

Dark Devil: Not if I stop you.

Anouncer: Whow what a entrance in Alumxander by Dark Devil, and the referee says that is penalty, PENALTY KICK for Alumxander score. Cata's ready in the position of goalkeeper, Alumxander shoots and scores. The score is now 3-2 to Alumxander.

Alumxander: What you will do now Cata?

Cata: I will not quit, never.

Anouncer: Cata starts the game and passes to Dark Devil but when he receives the ball he starts to complain about his leg and in pain shoots the ball to off the 4 lines.

Cata: What is Dark?

Dark: I think I broke my leg.

"After the medical assistents saw Dark they say that he cannot play anymore."

Cata: What I will do now?  I cannot play with one player left.

Anouncer: Looks like Dark Devil will not be able to continue and Cata will player with one left but what's this. A person from the lockerroms is heading to the field, I can only see his blond hair and the nº 10 in the back, his name is....

Jataru: Konbawa (Hi).  
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on September 28, 2007, 12:27:11 AM
Announcer: And the game restarts, with the ball going for the new player Jataru. He passes one, he passes two, he passes three! Three zombies have been left behind and Jataru shows greaty skills with the football.

Alumxander: Not so fast, magician boy.

Announcer: And that was a hard entrance by Alumxander on the nr 10, but the referee says it's legal. He moves ahead, no one to face him except Cata, but Alumxander passes to a teamamte, who shoots ahead. Alumxander teleports again and, as quick as a bullet, shoots and... HE SCORES. 4-2 for Alumxander's team.


Alumxander: Get ready to wear a dress, miss Cata.

Announcer: But wait, what's this?? No, it appears the goal was not legal. The assistant referee seems to have raised the flag. Indeed, Alumxander was offside.

Alumxander: WHAT??!!

Kroptik (A.K.A. one of the assistant referees): I better keep a closer eye on this game...
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 28, 2007, 12:37:07 AM
Colina: Sorry but my mind isn't what it used to be. I only noticed now that Cata's team has 2 players and Alumxander's team has only one. Alumxander please pick your partner.

***The available players didn't want to team up with Alumxander, but then appears Vernamon.***

Vernamon: I'll team up with you if you help me with my evil plans.

Alumxander: I don't know you and I don't know if I can trust you. But I have no choice but to team up with you to make Cata wear a dress. Dress up and warm up quickly, please.

Colina: Now the game can proceed.

Anouncer: Looks like we have new blood in the field.

***The 2nd half proceeds from where Dark was injured and Cata passes the ball to Jataru.***
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on September 28, 2007, 12:38:50 AM
Offtopic: What about the zombies I said in my topic...??
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 28, 2007, 12:42:08 AM
Offtopic: Zombies aren't players... I guess.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on September 28, 2007, 01:01:09 AM
Announcer: Wait, what's the referee doing now?? He's heading towards Alumxader and... he showed him the yellow card.

Colina: No zombies allowed, boy, now play by the rules before you get another card.

Offtopic: Fixed. ;D
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 28, 2007, 01:02:58 AM
Offtopic: Thanks.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 28, 2007, 01:05:40 AM
Alumxander:Well,i choose Falling Star as my partner

Cata:Ok,lets start already,gang
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 28, 2007, 01:07:22 AM
Offtopic: Vernamon was Alumxander's teamate...
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 28, 2007, 01:09:29 AM
Vernamon:Wait,alumxander,i am yer partner already

Alumxander:Ooops,i forgot

Vernamon:Hope ya dont forget how to win,buster,or i am gonna get kick yer ass as Bruce Lee would do

Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: FallinG_StaR on September 28, 2007, 02:47:06 AM
Announcer: And the game is almost ending...Team Cata is losing by 2 goals and only 20mins left to play... What can they do to turn this around??? And the referee awarded a free kick to Alumxander Team after a dangerous tackle from Jataru on Alumxander... and its a yellow card... Jataru must be careful now...

Alumxander: Damn you wizard... You almost took my leg off...

Jataru: HaHa... that's for all the trouble you caused...

Colina: C'mon... I want a clean game... or else *points to red card*

Alumxander/Jataru: Ok... Sir...

Alumxander: Now Cata prepare yourself for my powerful Tiger kick... Muahahahaha...

Cata: Tiger kick? Whatever scum bag... just shoot...

Annoucer: And Alumxander places the ball on the spot and prepares to kick the ball... it's still a long way to the goal but it seems he's going to do is... Tiger kick?!? The ref gives the ok... and Alumxander shoots the ball and its... Go... No it it the crossbar... and the ball is flying back to Alumxander that looks shocked for missing that kick... and whats this... Jataru is going for the ball... He jumps and bicycle kicks the ball to Alumxander goal... and he scores... a magnificent goal by the soccer wizard Jataru...  ;D But where the hell is Vernamon??? Oh there he is... and it looks like he's still... warming up?!

Alumxander: WTF? Why are you still warming up?

Vernamon: Hey... leave me alone... I don't want to get muscle injuries... I need to do a good warm up before I start playing...

Alumxander: Oh god... I was better playing alone...  :-\

Announcer: Now the game is 4-3 and still 15mins to play... Can Team Cata beat the powerfull Alumxander Team? That's what we are about the see... as soon the ref restarts the match...

Offtopic:  I suck as game announcer... LoL  ;D
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on September 28, 2007, 03:54:41 PM
Offtopic: You sure do Falling. The score was 3-2 and with one goal it became 4-3??

I think your Announcer issues are in the maths. xD
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 28, 2007, 06:11:58 PM
*The game starts again,vernamon begins to kick the ball*

Vernamon:Try to beat these,punks,this move i learned after watching Captain Tsubasa (note: dat is a soccer anime of the 80s)....Tiger Comet!!!

*vernamon kicked it so hard it broke the time-space continuum,destroying multiple realities at once,but who cares,when it returned to this reality it caused a mini explosion on the game place,it collapsed*

Kroptik:(lifting cata and falling) holy crap,now the game is over since we dont have where to play

Alumxander:Yeah,but since my team was winning therefore cata has to wear a dress

Cata:Chotto mate,alumxander-kun,cant ya give me another chance? all this soccer game was full of cheats and explosions

Alumxander:Ok,but i choose the challenge,it will be...boxing
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 28, 2007, 08:08:03 PM
Cata: Boxing? Are you sure?

Alumxander: Oh, I see. You want to take back the challenge and wear the dress without fighting.

Cata: No. I just asked if you really wanted to fighting me, because after the match, you will have more problems to be photographed than Dark.

Alumxander: Very funny, my dear.

Colina: I can't judge a boxing match but I know who can. I'll calling him right away.

***Colina grabs his cellphone and calls to Mitch Halpern (one of the bests boxing referees. Too bad that he is already dead).***

Colina: Ok, he will be here in 20 minutes. While you wait, you can prepare yourselves and chose your coaches, and build the ring.

Jataru: I don't mind to be your coach.

Cata: Thank you, coach. Now we have to dress ourselves in a way more appropriate to next match.

Colina: What about you, Alumxander?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: FallinG_StaR on September 29, 2007, 01:02:05 AM
Offtopic: You sure do Falling. The score was 3-2 and with one goal it became 4-3??

I think your Announcer issues are in the maths. xD

LoL... Nice one Kroptik... You and your offsides are the one making this hard to follow...

Announcer: And that was a hard entrance by Alumxander on the nr 10, but the referee says it's legal. He moves ahead, no one to face him except Cata, but Alumxander passes to a teamamte, who shoots ahead. Alumxander teleports again and, as quick as a bullet, shoots and... HE SCORES. 4-2 for Alumxander's team.

The time I finished reading and started my reply I forgot about the Offside... that a corrupt assistant referee... called Kroptik... saw... and I think he needs glasses...  because how the hell a guy passing the ball to himself can be a Offside??? A 1 on 1 match... and Alumxander passes the ball to a teamate??? at a point that he was playing alone against Cata and Jataru...  ;D

And btw, Cosmic... stop placing me in the middle of the action... I'm not there... LoL
Posted on: September 29, 2007, 12:55:28 AM
Btw, that's all just my review of this game... lets hope the boxing game is better... LoL
And lets hope Kroptik doesn't come up with more Zombies... that magically appear in the middle of the ring... Hahahahaha
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on September 29, 2007, 02:00:52 AM
Announcer: And that was a hard entrance by Alumxander on the nr 10, but the referee says it's legal. He moves ahead, no one to face him except Cata, but Alumxander passes to a teammate, who shoots ahead. Alumxander teleports again and, as quick as a bullet, shoots and... HE SCORES. 4-2 for Alumxander's team.

The time I finished reading and started my reply I forgot about the Offside... that a corrupt assistant referee... called Kroptik... saw... and I think he needs glasses...  because how the hell a guy passing the ball to himself can be a Offside??? A 1 on 1 match... and Alumxander passes the ball to a teamate??? at a point that he was playing alone against Cata and Jataru...  ;D

Well, I'm sorry if I considered the zombies as teammates and I made it look that one of them passed the ball to Alumxander. Maybe you're the one needing glasses.... ::) ::)
Posted on: Saturday 29-September-2007, 00:58:49
It's not my fault that when I think of a football match, I think of 11 vs 11 and not 1 vs 1.
Alumxander's teammates could be the zombies and Cata's teammates some fellow valkyries...
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on September 29, 2007, 02:25:09 AM
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: FallinG_StaR on September 29, 2007, 02:32:25 AM
LoL... Kroptik I think no one needs glasses... I think its just that we need to read the previous posts before posting your fictional reply... LoL
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on September 29, 2007, 11:52:24 AM
Very true.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 29, 2007, 12:04:01 PM
What about if we get back to the topic?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 29, 2007, 06:59:41 PM
And btw, Cosmic... stop placing me in the middle of the action... I'm not there... LoL

Offtopic: sorry,kiddo,i was trying to increase the characters interaction

On Topic:

Cosmic:Ok,ladies and gentlemen,here is the order:

Cata's Coach = Jataru

Alumxander's Coach = Vernamon

Unfortunately Colina had to leave the ring since he is needed in a spirit box match of Heaven vs. Hell,so the referee will be Kroptik

*The boxing round 1 starts,Cata delivers some hooks but alumxander counters them,he tries to give a jab to cata but she blocks it*

Alumxander:Dont ya get tired? it is just for ya to wear a dress for gods sake

Cata:Never !!! (hits alumxander jaw with an uppercut)

Alumxander:(although dizzy he doesnt fall) I wont give up either !!! (hits her in the stomach)

*Cata and alumxander begin delivering themselves one hit at a time during 12 rounds with no rest;all their faces are full of bruises and blood,the bell rings,they go to their corners*

Jataru:(passing a water bottle to cata) You ok,cata? yer face is all black and red

Cata:glub glub,i have seen worse,jataru,can ya make me a favor?

Jataru:Tell me

Cata:All this blood is blocking part of my eyesight,can ya do something about it?

Jataru:Ok,but is gonna hurt a lot the method i am gonna use

Cata:(spits her mouth protector and puts a wood piece in her mouth to endure pain) do it

*Meanwhile in alumxander corner,vernamon suggests her pal to hide iron brass knuckles in the glove cuz the next round will decide the winner,after a while both fighters return to the ring,both of them are gonna use all their strenght in one straight blow,who shall be the winner?*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on September 30, 2007, 03:10:34 PM
Cherry appears in Cata's front.
Cherry: Hi!
Cata hits cherry, and cherry flew towards the sun.
Cherry reappears in Cata's front, again.
Cherry: That wasn't very nice.
Cata: For someone that never stops startling everyone.
Cherry: T'is fate.
Cata: What do you want?
Chery: To give good luck and this package.
She opens the package and takes out a pair of old gloves.
Cata: What am I suposed to do with this?
But Cherry was nowhere to be seen.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on September 30, 2007, 10:01:48 PM
Cata: Meh, what the hell. I'll try these on. Knowing Cherry, they probably have something special.

* Cata puts on the gloves and goes back into the ring, ready for the last round. As the round starts, Alumxander tries to uppercut Cata, but she blocks and punches Alumxander straight in the face *

Alumxander: Not bad, but you're going to wear that dress no matter what.

* Alumxander keeps trying to attack Cata in every way, but she always blocks and punches back. However, she doesn't break a sweat *

Alumxander: When did you get so good all of a sudden.

Cata: I was just holding back the other times. Now I'm going serious.

* Cata attacks and finishes off Alumxander. Kroptik does the 10 count and Cata wins the match. However, when Kroptik goes to raise her hand and declare her the winner, she punches Kroptik *

Kroptik: What was that for Cata?? You already won, you can stop punching.

Cata: I'm sorry, it wasn't my intention.

Jataru: What's wrong Cata??

* He goes towards Cata, but she punches him too *


Offtopic: Remember the magic gloves Ataru got once?? :P
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on September 30, 2007, 11:16:15 PM
Offtopic: It was only one of them, the other one fondles the oponent.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on October 01, 2007, 12:15:17 AM
Offtopic: No one said these ones were the same. I just made a lookalike reference
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on October 01, 2007, 04:31:21 PM
*Suddenly cata grabs jataru as if she were gonna hug him but then strikes him inda face with fury*

Cata:Sorry,jataru,i cannot control them anymore

Jataru: oww that is oww okay owww

*Kroptik grabs her from behind to control her*

Kroptik:Guys,take the gloves out of her hands

UY Warriors:Ok

*However the war glove made itself hard to remove*

Janus:As long as she is concious,the gloves will still act on their own,we hafta KO her,remove da gloves then ask sakura to burn them gloves

Dark:Maybe a small smackdown will bring her down (magically turns his arm into rock but before he could strike,cata gave him a left hook 2 da stomach) yiarrrhhh

Vernamon:Enough is enough (takes out a shotgun and some darts,shoots cata with some anestesia) that is because she cheated

UY Warriors:WHAT?!? She didnt knew her gloves were magical,besides alumxander had hidden traps in his gloves,he is da cheater

Vernamon:Well,still she wasnt playing fair and ....

*Cata awokes suddenly still wearing the war glove*

Cosmic:Wow,she has a lot of stamina

Ataru:Perhaps,but sooner or later she has to fall,i have an idea (puts the Love glove on his right hand) Lum,you know what to do

Lum:What do ya mean,darling?

Ataru:You will see (goes running towards cata) Come to papa,cata-chan !!!  :D)

*Ataru grabs cata and begins to hold her into a powerful hug,he tries to endure the war glove strikes while doing what he knows best,resting his face on women chest*

Ataru:(muffled voice since he is well...resting on cata body) Lum,bring the Heaven Wrath!!!

Lum:Ok,darling,but there had to be a better way

*Lum heaven wrath stuns and shocks ataru and cata,it gives the uy warriors enough time to take away the gloves*

Jataru:Finally over
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on October 01, 2007, 05:38:21 PM
Lum: Why is Cosmic wearing wrestling shorts?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on October 01, 2007, 07:04:44 PM
Cosmic:I am not wearing any wrestling pants

Lum:Ohh,sorry,i got confused

*the man in shorts revealed himself as Onsen*

Onsen:Damn,i wanted to see if i could fool ya,kids

Ataru:Ya almost got me there,sensei

Cosmic:Anyways,since cata was unaware of the gloves magic,i declare her the winner,now lets head towards the house

Dark:What about alumxander?

Kroptik:He can wear the dress since he lost,dont ya agree?

Dark:Maybe i should take da dress,it shall be a gift for caroline to calm her wrath

Cosmic:Ok,do as ya please

*All warriors return to the party*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on October 22, 2007, 10:59:57 PM
* One week after the party and the fighting, the arguing, the battling, etc. were again taking over the Forum. Well, at least Cata, the Valkyrie and DarkDevil, the evil thing inside a cat's body, were having a little issue between them.*


Dark: I know.

Cata: That's all you have to say?

Dark: What do you want me to say?

Cata: What you feel? Your opinion? I want you to open up your "wings" and show your trueself.

Dark: Wings? I don't have any wings. I'm a cat!

Cata: Way of expression.

Dark: I know.

Cata: Here we go again... It's impossible to have a serious conversation with you! If this isn't going to be solved by the easier way, it's going to be by the hardest way.

Dark: You wan't to fight me?

Cata: Yes! Let's settle our differences. I'm going to let my weapons and my tricks speak for themselves.

Dark: Ba...ka.

Cata: You'll be sorry for saying that to me.

*Both of the warriors left Tomobiki and travelled to Sahara Desert. Their time has finally arrived.*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on October 22, 2007, 11:18:39 PM
Dark: Good place, like it. So, When shall we fight, Miss Cata?
Cata: Now!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on October 22, 2007, 11:33:18 PM
Cata: From the last times we fought against each other, I have noticed that you don't fight with me as you would fight against a male member of the Forum. How disrespectful, don't you think?

Dark: I didn't disrespect you. I'm a gentleman. I don't hurt women or girls.

Cata: Is that so? We can fix that.

Dark: Are you going to turn into a man?

Cata: No. I'm not going to change at all. But you are...

Dark: I want to see what are you going to do.

Cata: You'll see and feel...

*Cata throws a smokeball and the purple smoke of it surrounds Dark. Dark can see pretty well in the dark but not in the fog. Dark tries to escape from the fog but the purple smoke isn't an ordinary smoke. It makes people dizzy and tired. But that's not all. Dark has begun to change his appearence. He has now the shape of a human. Dark's hair is becoming more long each minute that passes. His voice is more keen and his chest has become bigger. His hips are growing to the sides and he is loosing his body hair. His muscles are disappearing. Dark is now a "she". Quickly Cata catches the smoke ball and sticks to it a sticker. With that sticker, the spell won't be able to remove.*

Cata: Now we can have an interesting and fair match.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on October 23, 2007, 02:18:21 PM
but, sahara was the place for SandStorm's meditation


One huge sandstorm blows in the desert and changes the shape of the desert

Sand: that wasn't me, it was the 'natural' sandstorm desert storm, not me... O.o'
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on October 23, 2007, 03:21:09 PM
Cata: Now lets start!
/me  jumps in the air, ready to punch Dark, but he starts blowing smoke from his mouth, covering him and Cata.
Dark: I knew this *cof* would be *cof* useful.
/me smoke starts to dissipate
Dark (in his male human form): Back to normal. Hey, Miss cata, are you ok? You look different? Is it your hair? ::)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on October 23, 2007, 09:46:17 PM
Cata: My hair? What do you mean?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on October 24, 2007, 12:01:19 AM
Dark: To tell you the truth, I wouldn't say it was just your hair. ::)
Dark: Now, are you ready to fight?
Cata: Not in this conditions. >:(
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on October 24, 2007, 12:57:18 AM
Dark: What are you going to do, then? Quit?

Cata: No way! K'sama!

*Cata "explodes" and punches Dark in the chin. Dark flyes, transforms into a cat and lands on his paws.*

Dark: I'm a cat. I never fall badly.

Cata: That's right but a cat has its weeknesses.

* Cata grabs Dark and tries to throw him to a near oasis. Dark, to avoid the water, scratched Cata's eye and she threw away Dark, but before that he could reach the sand, Cata kicked him and he was flying all the way to the oasis and took a dive. Dark swims to reach the sand and the rocks but she couldn't climb the rocks.*

Dark: How am I supposed to get ou from here?

Cata: Don't ask me! Now, let's talk about business. Change me back to normal.

Dark: Give me a good reason to do it.

Cata: You need me to get out from here.

Dark: Why do you ask me to change you back to normal? Can't you spit the smoke?

Cata: Nope. There isn't any more smoke inside me. The smoke has vanished. Now change me back to normal.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on October 24, 2007, 01:06:34 AM
Dark: You want me to fight you as a man, isn't it? (starts to have difficulty to stay on the surface) As you are *brbrrbbr* so we can *brbrrbbr* NOW GET ME OUT OF HERE!
Cata: But I want a real challenge in my feminine form... (Dark drowns) Dark? Where are you?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on October 24, 2007, 01:15:59 AM
Cata: Oh geez! Dark! Hold on!
*Cata dives and grabs Dark.*

Cata: Dark wake up. You're safe now.

Dark: Thank you, Miss Cata. I mean, Mr. Cata.

Cata: Why you...!

*But before that Cata could punish him, Caroline appears and she is quite mad.*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on October 24, 2007, 01:31:09 AM
Dark: De-de-dear, honey, M-m-master...
Caroline (pointing a finger at Dark): You think you can hide from me at the desert?! You are so predictable. (fire starts coming out from her finger)
Dark: Help! (hides himself under the sands)
Caroline: And you. (points to Cata) You were helping him.
Cata: ME! :o
Caroline: You'll die! (fires again, and Cata also hides under the sands and finds Dark)
Cata (wispering): How the hell you put up with her? She's crazy.
Dark (calm): She hasn't been around for a few years, it's reasonable.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on October 24, 2007, 01:37:46 AM
Cata: Why would she want to kill you, Dark? Have you been cheating on her?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on October 24, 2007, 01:52:33 AM
Dark: She thinks so.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on October 24, 2007, 01:56:23 AM
Cata: Geez... What are you going to do about it?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on October 24, 2007, 09:53:00 AM
Dark: Just sit back and relax until she leaves.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on October 24, 2007, 09:46:16 PM
Cata: Do something! Calm her down. Offer her chocolates and tell her that you love her more than anything in the whole universe. You can give her flowers, too.

Dark: What for?

Cata: To make her leave.

Dark: That way, she won't LEAVE me!

Cata: This way, she won't leave US either.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on October 24, 2007, 11:00:51 PM
Dark: Ok, ok, I'll get us out.
/me Starts diging downwards
Cata: Where are you going?
Dark: To an ancient passageway, that I've stopped using it to escape, I don't remember why.
/me and Dark fall into an egyptian tunnel.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on October 25, 2007, 12:43:59 AM
Cata: Egypt! Here's Ra and Orisis, egyptian Gods.

Dark: Good for you.

Cata: Hey Dark, where is the exit?

Dark: I can't remember.

Cata: YOU DON'T REMEMBER?!?!?! Then how are we going to get out of here?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on October 25, 2007, 12:55:13 AM
Dark: Start walking, Miss Cata.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on October 25, 2007, 04:00:22 PM
*Apparently inside the building Cata returned been a girl,suddenly a minotaur steps on their way*

Minotaur:Halt,mortals,the likes of you arent allowed to roam the Hall of Osiris

Dark:Lemme handle this,cata (breathes fire on the minotaur,but da fiend still lives)

Minotaur:You will pay for that (tackles dark then crushes him with a giant hammer)

Cata:Hey,i was the one supposed to beat that pussycat

Minotaur:What are ya gonna do about it,wench? Slap me to death? hehehehe

Cata:(drawing out her swords) Ok,you just made me angry,you cheap clone of Rei,i am gonna turn ya in a cow

*Cata manages to outspeed the monster and slashes him in the chest,however it doesnt hurt him at all*

Minotaur:Merely a scratch (grabs cata arm,begins to strike cata with multiple strikes,throws her in the air,channels his energy and blasts her) that was just a warning,wench,leave here with yer pussycat or prepare to go to Lady Death realm

Cata:(recovering) Oww,it seems yer body can endure normal weapons,lets see if ya can do da same against magical swords
(cata draws out her 2 other swords : Souledge and Nirvana) Shall we dance now,cow-boy?

Minotaur:So be it (draws out a flame sword and an ice sword : Agni and Rudra) it shall be yer last waltz,milady

*Cata and Minotaur begin to battle,both are in equal levels,no one grasping victory sweet prize yet as they are both been damaged in near fatal ways,cata is able to cut the Minotaur horns while he was able to stab her right leg and left arm,both warriors scream of pain*

Cata:Yeooww,he nailed me allright,i dont think i am gonna last longer but if this be my last chance,then i wont waste now that i see his achiles heel isin his horns (grabs her swords and begins to charge against the minotaur)

Minotaur:I hope ya made peace with yer maker cuz ya r gonna meet him,valkyrie (charges against cata)

*Both fighters are about to snuff away their lives with one last desperate attack,then cata throws Nirvana in mid-charge and uses her left arm to do a "kamehameha behind her to increase her speed,finally both warriors strike,cata was able to impale the monster as he only could slash cata stomach*

Cata:(spiting a lot of blood)Owwww

Minotaur:(removes Souledge from his chest and heals himself) You have proved yer worthiness,valkyrie,you and yer pussycat can pass towards Osiris Hall,but before that since yer battle skills really amazed me i am willing to give my spirit and weapons to ya since you will need them eventually (he converts into energy and enters cata body,healing all her injuries and allowing her to wield Agni and Rudra as well)

Cata:Neat,this doesnt happen all day (grabs her weapons and dark)

*Once they access Osiris Hall,they notice a rope,they climb it towards freedom*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on October 25, 2007, 05:57:06 PM
God: That was pathetic. If he wanted he could have finished him a long time ago.
Watashi: So what? Don't you want him to die?
God: He would have already died, if you wouldn't fall in love with him.
Watashi: What do you want, I have a crush for cute cats.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on October 26, 2007, 06:23:38 PM
Offtopic: Where did Watashi come from??? O_o
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on October 26, 2007, 10:22:16 PM
Offtopic: Remember she works for the Heaven Elite,she can appear anywhere...i guess
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on October 27, 2007, 12:47:03 AM
Offtopic: Just play along.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on October 29, 2007, 03:49:57 PM
(Once they got free,they found themselves in my house)

Alumxander:We meet again,little cata and her cat

Cata:Ahh jeez

Alumxander:I have something for you,darkdevil

(I open a door)


Dark:Save me,god

(Caroline takes darkdevil,leaving me alone with cata)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on October 29, 2007, 05:33:02 PM
Offtopic: Damn, you're anoying.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on October 29, 2007, 11:20:41 PM
Cata: Well, well... It's been a while since the last time that you ran away from me.

Alumxander: I didn't run away from you. I was in vacations.

Cata: So, you were taking a little rest, huh?

Alumxander: You may say so.

Cata: Good for you. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got better stuff to do right now than being here alone with you. No offense, but I've to study.

Alumxander: Study? I can help you with that.

Cata: Oh really? Do you understand anything about 10th Form of Geography?

Alumxander: Huh--- Well, I...

***Suddenly, Cosmic in his weredog costume or whatever that costume is, appears breaking the wall.***

Cosmic: Trick or treat?

Alumxander and Cata: O_o

Cosmic: Just joking. What are you doing in here? It's Halloween. Lets go meet the others. Lets trick and get the treats.

Alumxander: Fine. Next time, remember to use the door instead of the wall.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on November 06, 2007, 04:11:43 PM
(1 week later,darkdevil comes to my home,he is armed with a broken glass bottle)

Darkdevil:You are gonna die,bitch

Alumxander:What?!? i cant hear you with my stereo on (i turn it off)


Alumxander:Ohhh (I take out my shotgun)


Dark:Ohh,hell (he tries to run away)

Alumxander:See you in hell,cat (i shot him in the chest,all his body splatters) damn,you had to explode on my living room,it is gonna take centuries to wash all the blood but you wont annoy me
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on November 06, 2007, 09:28:53 PM
Offtopic: No fun...  :/


Dark: I'm not that easy, you baka. >:(

***Dark gets up and his body regenerates quickly from the shot.***

Alumxander: You must be dead from that shot. It was right into your heart. ???

Dark: My anatomy and stuff isn't like humans'. 8)

Alumxander: Look, a female cat! ::)

***Dark looks behind him to see the female cat, but there was nothing there.***

Alumxander: But your brain is even worse... Like Ataru's. :D

Dark: Don't you compare me to that jerk! >:(

***Dark jumps forward Alumxander's chest with his claws pointed out and scratches Alumxander's chest. His shirt is stained by his blood. Alumxander screams and Dark "smiles". Alumxander laughs and rips off his own shirt.***

Alumxander (acting tough while he is in pain): Is that all you can do?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 07, 2007, 12:31:02 AM
Dark: Not really.
/me spit fire until he was less then dust.
Dark: It was so easy. What a pity. :&
Offtopic: We need to start counting your death, Alumexander.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on November 07, 2007, 03:35:42 AM
one girl, it a digital placard start counting down the seconds

SexyGirl: 3.... 2... 1...! the cute kitty won!

Dark: now, where is my reward?

SexyGirl: come here!

she grabs dark near her chest, and hug him

Dark: hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. . life's gooooood!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on November 07, 2007, 04:24:32 AM
*Dark and the sexy girl left the bloody house,they went to a disco*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on November 07, 2007, 04:35:56 AM
(The sexy girl turned to be one of my agents,she injected dark with a special drug)

Dark:What happens to me?

Girl:You will see,dear

Dark:Meeeoooowwwww (bleeds then falls tired,i make my scene)

Alumxander:That drug crystalizes your blood into tiny thorns
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 07, 2007, 10:21:57 AM
Dark: Good. })
/me start covering Dark's body
Dark: Here it goes.
/me thorns are fired in everydirection. They hited hited no one, the women were safe, but all men were surounded by them.
Dar: Damn :(, I've missed every men in the room.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on November 08, 2007, 07:32:51 PM
Alumxander:Behave,psycho-cat (i smash him with a huge hammer)


Alumxander:What you need is to get neutered,come with me

(I bring dark to sakura office,she starts the painful operation)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 08, 2007, 08:24:11 PM
...On alumexander)
Alumxander: Damn, how did I get in this situation?
Dark: Miss Sakura already know my innerself. :D) Isn't it right, Miss Sakura?
Sakura: Not now dark, I'm operating. HE doesn't have even one organ attached to his body.
Dark: Interesting.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on November 08, 2007, 08:50:38 PM
***Cherry appears at the office***

Cherry: What are you up to?

***Explosion. Alumxander's open and "empty" body flies and its situation gets even worse.***

Sakura: Uncle! How many times do I have to tell you that you can't come to the school?

Cherry: Relax, Sakura. I'm just checking if everything is fine with Tomobiki students.

Sakura: What do you mean?

Cherry: Haven't you feel anything strange lately?

Sakura: Now that you mention it, I've felt something really weird but I thought it was because the students were having a field trip during this whole week.

Cherry: Then, they should be with the other students instead of being here with you.

Sakura (to Dark): Is your friend skipping classes? :(

Dark: I guess, so... ::)

Sakura: Well, in that case...

***Sakura kicks Dark and Alumxander to Amazonia, the tropical forest in Brazil, where the other Tomobiki High School's students were having their field trip.***

Cherry: Should we go eat something? ;D

Sakura: What a fine idea, uncle Cherry. This whole action, made me hungry.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 08, 2007, 09:29:14 PM
Offtopic: What a hell of a place for a field trip.
Dark (while throwing him and Alumxander from a plane): BUT I'M NOT A STUDEEEEEEEeeeeeennnnnn. ..
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on November 08, 2007, 09:30:29 PM
It's called a "Survivor Trip"
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on November 08, 2007, 11:19:53 PM
*In Brazil,the students are surrounded by the Chupacabras and his pals*

Cata:Didnt i kill them already?

*But before they could attack the Tomobiki students,a plane fell over the monsters,it seems Dark cant pilot with his paws*

Ataru:What a cat-astrophe

Lum:(picking up dark) Oh,poor pussycat

Onsen:Very well,guys,try to pick partners since this is gonna be a big trip and we dont want any lost person
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 08, 2007, 11:29:37 PM
Ataru: I pick Shinobu.
Shinobu:I pick Mendo.
Mendo: I pick Lum.
Lum: I pick Darling.
Stormtroopers: I pick Lum!
All female student's (except Lum, Ryonnosuke and cata): WE PICK MENDO!
Alumxander: I pick Cata.
Cata: I pick anyone except Alumxander.
Dark: I pick every girl! :D)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on November 09, 2007, 08:29:58 PM
Onsen:*sigh* This way we are not gonna finish,i guess i shall choose,here it goes:

Lum - Megane

Mendo - Shinobu

Ataru - Cata

Ryuu - Darkdevil

*Then the rest of the students*

Are ya happy now? Let da trip begin
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 09, 2007, 08:35:30 PM
Megane: Yes!
Lum: No!
Shinobu: Yes.
Ataru: Yes!
Cata: No.
Ryuu: Is he really a student?
DarkDevil: Yes (to Osen-mark) and no (to Ryuu).
All women: NO!
All men: YES!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: FallinG_StaR on November 11, 2007, 01:30:24 AM
Falling: WTF?!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on November 11, 2007, 11:56:11 PM
Ataru: Hey Cata-chan! We'll have a good time don't you think? (hugs her)

Cata: No! But it's better to be with you than with Alum...

Ataru: How about a little kiss? (tries to kiss her)

Cata: No way! Get off me...!


(shock... ok ok.... a BIG SHOCK)

Megane: Lum-san! Get back here, please.

Mendou: Lum-san! Leave that bastard right where he is, please, and come with me instead.

Shinobu: Mendou-san! You're my partner!

Ataru: Shinobu! But I love you...!

Lum: Darling! You're supposed to say those things ti me! (shocks him, once again)

Mendou: What have you just said, Moroboshi?!?!?! I'll kill you! (drags out his sword and tries to crush Ataru but he stops the sword with his bare hands just like he always do).

***A fight is being created.***

Lum: Leave Darling alone! (enters the fight)

Shinobu: Lum, don't you get any closer to Mendou! (enters in the fight)

Stormtroopers: Lum-san! (enter in the brawl)

Ryu: I could practice a little bit to fight better against my old man. (jumps in the fight)

***Ataru manages to escape temporarly from the fight.***

Ataru: Cata-chan! (hugs her)

***Ataru pulls Cata, Lum pulls Ataru, Mendou pulls Lum, Shinobu pulls Mendou, Ryu pulls Shinobu, Stormtroopers pull Ryu. Cata was trying to stay away from the fight, with no reason for that.***

Alumxander: Stay way from my Cata!

Cata: I'm not "your Cata"!

***Cata punches Alumxander in the face and both of them enter in the fight.***

Dark: So predictable...

Onsen: Class! Behave yourself! Moroboshi! You're responsable for this!

Students: SHUT UP! (make Onsen enter in the fight)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on November 12, 2007, 12:05:17 AM
Onsen:Keep fighting and all of ya will fail this semester

Students:Damn ya,onsen mark (the brawl ends)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 12, 2007, 12:09:54 AM
Dar: What's supose to happen now?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on November 12, 2007, 12:30:38 AM
Onsen: Now, if you please join your partners... we may proceed with our journey. ... Thank you. Do all the pairs have a tent, two sleeping bags, a swiss army knife, food, hygiene stuff, warm clothes, match box, flashlight, ropes,...

Students: Yes!

Lum: What are those things for?

Megane: Don't worry Lum-san, I have all we need in my camping bag. (Megane's camping bag is huge and full of things. It's really heavy, too.)

Ataru: Yo, Megane! Need help? You won't impress Lum if you can't lift your own stuff.

Megane: ... For... Lum-san! (he lifts his bag and joins the other students who were already walking towards the middle of the forest).
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 12, 2007, 12:37:57 AM
Dark: This forest looks familiar.
Cherry (comes out from Ataru's bag): Why do you say that?
Ataru: What the hell are you doing there!
/me  hits Cherry
/me looks inside the bag.
Ataru: Where's my food?
Cherry: It was dilicious.
/me lifts a tree.
Ataru: I'M GONNA...
Lum (with a smile): Don't worry, Darling, I brought extra.
Ataru: I think I'm gonna die.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on November 12, 2007, 12:56:27 AM
Cata: My bag sounds a little less heavier... (looks inside the bag) YOU CREEPY MONK! You ate all my food! You're gonna pay for what you've done!

Cherry: I did you a favour! I made you walk a little faster and getting more resistance now that you have less weight.

Lum: You can have some of my cookings, too, Cata-chan!

Cata (to Ataru): Me too. 8| (to Lum) No need to bother, Lum. I can wait untill I get home.

Lum: Don't be silly, Cata. I know you already. You can't keep 5 minutes with your stomach empty. I've food enough for the three of us. :)

Onsen: Sorry, Lum-san. But a team is a team, and I cannot allow teams helping out other teams. That's a rule. :/

Lum: :(

Ataru and Cata: Whew, that was close! ;D

Cata (to Ataru): We need to find Ran-chan to get some nice-cooked food.

Ataru: After half-hour of the sleeping time, we go to Ran-chan's tent and we ask her for some food. With some luck, I can get a kiss or to see her naked while she is sleeping, or... :9~

Cata: Whatever, but the most important thing is to get food withou getting caught.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on November 12, 2007, 04:40:25 PM
*At Midnight ataru goes to cata so they can go and ask Ran to give them food*

Ataru:Lets hurry,my tummy still aches

Cata:You dont say (they find Ran tent and whisper in her ear) hey,ran-chan,wake up

Ran:(getting up violently) :( WHAT DO YA WANT?!? CANT YA SEE IT IS 1 O'CLOCK IN THE DAMN MORNING!?!?!?! :(

Cata:(laughing nervously) We just wanted a small favor from ya,can ya cook something for us? Cherry ate all our food

Ran:Why dont ya ask Lum? She would love to cook ya something

Ataru:Pretty please !!!! (he does the sad doggy face) We promise to kidnap and brainwash Rei when we return to Japan

Ran:.....Ok,give me some minutes and i shall cook ya something (begins to check her backpack,2 glowing eyes can be seen inside)

Cata:What is wrong?

Ran:There seems to be an evil midget inside my bag (they check it again and they find Cherry sleeping,his face is stained wit food,a small explosion happens)


Ran:(grabbing Cherry from da head) Bastard,today is the day ya meet yer maker (she is about to shoot him when he awakens)

Cherry:Wait,wait,i can explain

Cata/Ataru/Ran:The time of explanations is over,sakurambo,it is time for yer execution,fatso

Cherry:Wait,my death shall only provide ya a small degree of happiness,but i can give ya some vital info if ya lemme live


Cherry:Thank you,i almost thought i was a goner,phew

Ran:Tell us yer info already,cherry

Cherry:Ok,nearby there is a place called Raven Spire,there resides a magical set of Food called Ambrosia,it can become any food ya like and the best thing is that is limitless,only problem is that is been guarded by a beast called the Gorlion,dats why i started looting yer food,so i could gather energy to beat that beast

Ataru:Interesting,how do we know u arent lying?

Cherry:Kid,i cross my heart that i speak da truth

Cata:Ok,you shall guide us tomorrow after the school trip (she ties Cherry,preventing him to escape)

Ataru:There is still a problem,i am so hungry

Cata:So do i

Ran:Here take this...(Cata and Ataru are so hungry that they just swallow da only food remaining) was some beefbowl Lum-chan made,i was using it to kill mosquitoes but ya seemed so hungry

Cata/Ataru:Oh no

*they begin to feel a burning sensation on da tongue as well as some headaches,exactly in dat moment they hear Onsen-Mark approaching since there has been a lot of noise*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 12, 2007, 06:15:13 PM
In the next morning.
another student: Me too.
a third student: Me three!
Shinobu: This is unforgivable!
Perm: It must have been Cherry!
Cherry (Surrounded by everyone): No, wait I?ve done nothing.
Osen: Calm down you all. (cheking inside his bag) I think I've... (hiting Cherry) YOU STUPID BASTARD.
Ryuu (inside her tent): WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE!
/me Hit's Dark (in his human form). Jumps over him and starts punching him.
Lum: Calm down, Ryuu-chan. His Dark.
Ryuu ???: Dark?
/me  unconcious.
/me obscured by the trees appear
Someone (feminine voice): Surrender. You are all surrounded.
/me dark-skinned catgirl reveals herself.
Catgirl: I'm Aisha Clanclan Chief of the Kutar-kutar tribe.
/me appear surrounding them
Cosmic: We are surrounded.
Megane: We can see that! Now do something.
Aisha Clanclan (points at Ryuunosuke): You are under arrest.
Ryuunosuke: Me? What for? :(
Aisha: For hurting my dear beloved husband.
/me Clanclan hugs Dark.
Everyone: HUSBAND! ???
Dark (awaking): huh... YOU!
Aisha (hugs him harder, breaking him some ribs): Yes, my loved.
Dark: How...How can you be alive... It was centurys ago
Aisha: I promise that I would be with you for ever. :D I, basically, had to do the ritual of eternity, as the rest of my men did and I've awaken a few months ago. I couldn't die without you, as you couldn't die without me. ;)
Dark (in agony): Ture.
Kroptik (whispering to Forgotten): Dark is so screwed when Caroline founds out.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on November 12, 2007, 06:34:26 PM
Dark:Mortals,do something quickly

Cosmic:I am afraid the only one who can save ya is Caroline,Aisha seems as determinated as her

Megane:True,but she is at Japan

*Lum sneaks behind Aishi and shocks her into submission,dark is free*

Dark:(while kissing Lum's feet) Thankyouthankyouthankyou

Lum:Start speaking,dark-chan,how many girls r ya hiding from Caroline?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 12, 2007, 06:46:23 PM
Dark: Idon'tknow. Ijustknowtheyallshouldha vebeendeadalongtimeago.
Aisha: Do you think those puny shocks hurts a Kutar-kutar! Arrest her!
/me catmen grab Lum but she's shocks everyone, or atleast she tries to.
Aisha: Knock her down, she's harming my beloved.
/me knock her down
Aisha: Now, where were we?
/me Ataru's face
Ataru: A kiss.
/me kicks Ataru away.
Aisha: It's time to go, take them all to the village.
/me goes with others, but Aisha grabs his arm and pulls him.
Aisha (with a smile): You're coming with me, Darling.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on November 12, 2007, 06:56:40 PM
Cosmic:Shouldnt we follow them and save Darkdevil?

Forgotten:He knows how to take care of himself,besides he loves women,doesnt he?

Cosmic:You could be right but ...

Lum:(recovering from the knock out) I shall follow them (grabs ataru) come,darling,i am gonna need yer services

*They follow Aisha,however Aisha does notice that and sends her catmen after them,Lum drops Ataru over Aisha while Lum fights the catmen horde,it is getting tiresome for Lum so she uses the Spacializer to send all the catmen towards the Stone Age,meanwhile ataru has his hands full of work*

Ataru:Oh,my god,ya have such a soft skin,milady

Aisha:Get down from me,weirdo (begins to kick him)

Lum:Dont ya release her from yer grip,darling,here comes the Heaven Wrath (gathers all her electricity)

Ataru:Wait,you never told me ...!!!!


*Lum's attack subdues Aishi but causes the ground to crumble as she,ataru and dark fall towards a river below,Lum only manages to rescue ataru*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 12, 2007, 07:08:21 PM
Aisha (drownning): I can't... I can't swim...
Dark: Not again.
/me grabs Aisha and starts draging her, but he remembers something
Dark: I don't remember how to swim!
/me starts swimming clumsly until he reachs shore
Dark: I need to remember that I don't remember how to swim.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on November 12, 2007, 09:08:23 PM
Aisha: You saved me, Darling! (hugs) :D

Dark: Yeah, yeah, whatever... }:|

Aisha: You haven't change a bit. :)

Dark: People don't change. }:|

Aisha: This is so romantic... You... Me... Together... Alone... :@

***Ataru had activated his girl-hunt-radar and heard Aisha saying kind things to Dark.***

Ataru: Lum! Hide! There's Rei over there! ;D

Lum (scared and confused): No! Where is he? Where is he, Darling? 8|

***Lum dropped acidentaly Ataru and he ran away as he always do, towards the cat-couple. Quickly, Ataru manages to escape from Lum and get rid off Dark for a couple of minutes. Aisha was with her eyes closed prepared to kiss Dark.***

Ataru (serious voice): Yes, it couldn't be more romantic than this. I've missed you so much, my beloved. I won't let you go anymore from now on. Let's be even more together, making our lips touch. *; :9~

Aisha: Oh Darling...! *;

***Lum activated her Darling-Radar and found Ataru and at the right time, he knocks him down.***

Lum: Just in time!

Aisha (opens her eyes): What are you doing here, again? What have you done to my Darling? Where is he? >:(

Lum: There's only one Darling, in here! And he's mine! >:(

***Aisha and Lum were arguing about both Darling's. While they were distracted, Dark grabbed Ataru and ran away and got cover.***

Dark: Wake up, you idiot! }:|

Ataru: What ya want?

Dark: Help me! I don't wanna to stick together with her. ;(

Ataru: Then, I can add her to my future Harem... ;D :9~

Dark: Yes, probably. But only if you help me getting rid of her! >:(

Ataru: Deal. ;D

***Both of them shake hands and start making a plan.***
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on November 12, 2007, 10:47:53 PM
Ataru:Let us hide inside this cave,dark,that way we can plan without been discovered


*Once they are inside,the entrace closes down*


Dark:Look,moronboshi,there seems to be some light in the other side of da caxe

Ataru:Lead the way,i dont wanna end as Mendo with his claustrophobia

*The moment they try to arrive to the other side,they are ambushed by a huge Gorilla thing*


Gorlion:Mortals,your presence must mean ya want to steal Ambrosia,only thing ya will get is death

*The moment Gorlion is about to murder them,he is stopped by an unknown person*

??:Leave the ape-boy alone,just bring me da orange cat

Gorlion:As you wish,master

*knocks out ataru and grabs dark,he brings it toward the end of the cave where seems to exist a secret jungle citadel*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 12, 2007, 10:56:49 PM
Dark: Ok, let me see, you want Aisha, right.
??: Right.
Dark: And the only way you can have her is by killing me, am I still right?
??: Yes. How do you know that?
Dark: Because that's what you've tryed to do last time.
??: So, you remember me.
Dark: yes, the only thing that I could never remember about you was your name.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on November 12, 2007, 11:15:13 PM
Offtopic: Never would imagine Dark as a Casanova. 8|

??: Of course you don't remember my name... I've never told you what it was.

Dark: Well that explains.  }:|

??: My name doesn't matter anyway. You won't be alive enough to ask it.

Dark: Bring it on. (draws his claws) I'm ready for you.

* Meanwhile, the other students found Lum giving mouth-to-mouth to Ataru to wake him up *

Stormtroopers: You baka. (they all hit Ataru with hammers, making him wake up)

Ataru: What was that for??

Lum: Guys, where's Dark??

Aisha (waking up): Where's my love??

Lum: We were wondering about that too.

* Suddendly, Cherry appears from the bushes, bringing Caroline with him *

Cherry: He's right this way, miss.

Kroptik: Oh boy... This is gonna be interesting.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on November 12, 2007, 11:19:55 PM
Caroline: what are you doing here?

aisha: i'm dark's love.

Caroline: you'll bite your tongue!

Aisha: you wanna fight me?

Caroline: no, i want to kill you!

draws out one bazooka and start firing
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on November 12, 2007, 11:27:12 PM
Aisha: Haven't you ever heard "A cat always fall in his paws?" It's true.

Caroline: So? "A cat has 7 lives" This is your last one!

***Both girls fight fiercefully each other***

Lum: Oh boy... This may turn ugly for us...

***Caroline shoots and hits on a rock who was maintaining the cave still, but now the cave was self-destructing.***
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on November 13, 2007, 02:42:32 PM
But then, someone lift some rocks in the air, allowing the team to escape, then, he let it fell

??:Long time no see, dudes! xD
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 13, 2007, 03:09:27 PM
/me cuts the bazooka.
Caroline: You're good, no wonder he was married to you.
Aisha: >:( He's still married to ME!
/me jumps, when she was going to attack Caroline an invisible shield was rased by Caroline.
Aisha:You're fast, what a shame you could never have been engaged to MY Dark.
??: But... Ladys, can I interrupt?
Caroline and Aisha: SHUT UP!
Jataru (whispers to cosmic): Who should appear, right now, would be...
/me light comes from the sky, and Watashi appears.
Watashi: Hi guys, Where is my dear Dark.
Aisha: A nother one!
Caroline: Stay away from this, this is a fight between us.
/me and Caroline continue fighting.
Watashi: What is this about?
Cherry: Come here. (He whispers something to watashi.)
Watashi: What!?
/me comes out from Watashi's cape.
Aisha :-X: Oh hell!
/me was hit by a ray gun fired by watashi
Watashi: He'll be mine!
/me starts firing, like hell breaks loose.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on November 13, 2007, 03:46:39 PM
*That battle is been broadcasted towards the Heaven Database*

St. Peter:Tsk Tsk,methinks you sent Watashi on purpose,kami-sama

Nameless God:Regardless of that,may this be a lesson for my "brother" and his womanizer ways,he wanted to be with many girls,however now he will understand why hell hath no fury as a scorned woman

St. Peter:I pity Darkdevil,he is gonna be ripped to pieces if they try 2 claim it
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 14, 2007, 09:19:56 PM
Dark (voice): Do you think I can die because of all my good lookings and my illusive heart that I had throughout the milleniums. The women that I dated, I've engaged and married. I...
God: St. Peter.
/me pushs a buttom from the remote control and Dark's voice was silented.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on November 15, 2007, 12:55:11 AM
Cata: We should think about fiding a way to get out of here, instead of trying to decide with wich girl should Dark stay... :-\

Alumxander: Say, my dear Cata, would you do something like what they're doing for Dark, but for me? :P

Cata: I wouldn't need to. There's no competition... }:|

Alumxander: Then, if there was competition, you would fight for us. :P

Cata: Ye-- :/ Hey! There isn't "us"! There are "you" and "me" but separated. >:(

Alumxander: Sooner or later, you'll fall into my arms. 8)

Cata: Keep dreaming... }:|

Lum: Don't they ever get tired? :)

Shinobu (to Lum): And you don't ever get tired to have all guys around you? >:(

Lum: I'm only with Darling! >:(

Ran: Rei is mine! :(

Shinobu: Once, he proposed to me. ;D

Ran: WHAT?!?!?! I'LL KILL YOU! :(

Lum: I don't like Rei! :(

Ran: You liar! >:(

Shinobu: You like Mendou don't you? :(

Lum: I love Darling more than anything in the universe! >:(

***They keep arguing and the other trio (Watashi, Aisha and Caroline) too.***

Cosmic: I feel something weird in this cave... ???

Forgotten: I feel it, too. You stole those words from my mouth. }:|

Cosmic: I just said it first. :*)

Forgotten: You just want to get the whole atention, smart boy. }:|

Cosmic: You're being childish. :(

Forgotten: You're always so selfish! >:(

***Another fight...***

Janus: Wow... So many fights in just one place and time... 8|

Kroptik: I'm amazed, too. :)

Janus: You know? You're kinda pissing me off... >:(

Kroptik: Oh yeah? Why? :(

Janus: You're always agreeing with everything. That makes me sick! :(

Kroptik: They're just my opinions! :(

Janus: You cynical! :(

Kropyik: Why you...! :(

*** Yes, another issue here. Quickly, the whole class were arguing about ridiculous things.***
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on November 15, 2007, 03:09:11 AM
in a moment, all of them are surrounded (stuck) in sand until the neck

Sand: (unifying his particles, and starting to be visible) Care to do less noise? Dang, one guy comes from a long journey, and when wants to see ol'mates finds this crap???? (

Forgotten: shut up!

Sand: No comments on that, but i'll help ya soon. (creates one apple, and stuff it on forgotten mouth.

Kroptik: you are there acting as a prayer, care to help me knocking out this b*stard?

Janus: What the hell, you fat icedtea drunker? (punch kroptik)

Sand: Jesus.... what bug bitten you, guys?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on November 15, 2007, 04:10:59 PM
*Sand imprisons the students in sand cells,they note that slowly their hate is fading*

Kroptik:Why would this been happening?

Cosmic:(sitting on forgotten) Probably this cave is da answer for our strange behavior,it increases hate in the hearts of good people or not so good people as us,we should just leave it before its toxic enviroment ...

*Ran takes out her bazooka while Shinobu prepares to deliver a big beating while Lum charges herself to do the Heaven Retribution*


*Everybody goes flying as a result of da explosion,but still aishi,watashi and caroline insist on fighting*

Dark:Girls,behave,there is enough of me for the 3 of ya,dont be selfish  :P

*After a tiresome battle,the 3 girls finish their battle,the 3 of used a stabbing technique on each other's hearts,they were badly bleeding*

Cosmic:Yer such a heartbreaker,dark,hehehe

Janus:Lets better tend their injuries before they die

*Then the unknown man that also loved Aishi grabbed her before the students could,his stare to dark meant that their feud wasnt over*

Ataru:Weird (sighs) well,at least i finally could prove that i am quite popular

Mendo:What do ya mean,moroboshi?

Ataru:Dont play dumb,mendo,you saw clearly that Shinobu and Ran fought Lum just to get me,i cant control my sex appeal

Mendo:(sarcasm) Yeah,right

*everybody returned to their tents*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 17, 2007, 12:38:08 AM
*At night, everyone is asleep, except four persons.*
Aish: He married me!
Caroline: But that was ages, now he is engaged to me!  >:(
Watashi: If you even could marry. They say, "Until death breaks you apart.". You've already died.
Dark: Please, Ladies. There's a man trying to sleep here. :P
Aisha: How can you try sleep during something like this.  >:(
Caroline: You should be defending me. >:(
Watashi: You two are really premitive.
Aisha: Premitive! :(
Caroline: You sahll die by your words. :(
Dark: I must end this. :/
/me digs a hole on the ground and burries something inside. Starts waving his arms over the the small burryed area
Girls: ???
/me plant grows and starts spitting a gas, which makes the women faint.
Dark (surrounded by the gas): Finally, They've...(sleepy)
/me faints. Suddenly Aisha wakes.
Aisha (Awaking): AAAAAAAHHHHHhhhhh...What happen? ??? (notice they are still all asleep) Finally I've got a chance to take my love to my tribe ;D.
She grabs Dark and starts running.
Aisha: Now we can complet the one hundred nights with no interruptions ;D!
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Post by: Cosmic King on November 17, 2007, 06:06:09 PM
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: MooseChangerPat on November 18, 2007, 01:33:56 AM
...Whoa wait a sec are you saying that this has become the new deathmatch fanfic thread!?  What the hell man?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: janus on November 18, 2007, 01:52:55 AM
Offtopic:  yes, this is the successor of DM for the "others" take part of contributing on fanfic match. Although there hasn't come out much from myself   :-\ sorry guys
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 19, 2007, 12:06:05 AM
Offtopic: And stay away from them.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on November 20, 2007, 03:41:53 PM
*Darkdevil had to be strong and endure the restless 100 nights,his body was feeling broken but he wasnt gonna give up,then one night a hooded man dressed in glowing clothing appeared before Dark*

Dark:Who are you?

??:(talking in lower voice) Will ya lower yer voice,dark? You are gonna awaken yer bride

Dark:(also in low voice)Sorry,who r ya?

??:I think ya have seen me before (removes his hood) as i am St. Peter,i have come to give ya a proposition from thy brother,the Almighty

Dark:Cut to the chase,petey

St. Peter:God thinks ya have learned yer lesson by now,so he is willing to erase the memory of only one of yer lovers in exchange for ya to stop defiling his name,choose wisely,demon (leaves)


*Meanwhile at da camp*



Ataru:I am hungry

Cata:So do i,but i dont know how to cook and we cant go asking Ran

Ataru:Ohh,but ya are a warrior,arent ya? You could go and hunt something,leave the cooking to me

Cata:You know how to cook?

Ataru:More or less,Ran taught me how in case i was left alone wit Lum

Onsen:Quiet you 2!!!! It is midnight already,go to sleep!!! :( :( :(


*Meanwhile Lum is flying around the jungle as she couldnt sleep and needed to meditate,she founds a moose-man creature*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on November 21, 2007, 04:45:54 PM
Moose-man:I want to suck your blood


(Then i appeared and shot that demonic creature with my rifle)


Alumxander:Dont mention it,lum
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on November 21, 2007, 09:57:21 PM
Ataru: Lum! Cata come with me! (drags Cata to the place where Ataru heard the scream) 8| :(

Cata: Hey! Don't treat people like that, you idiot! >:(

Lum: Darling!  O+ (hugs Ataru) Hey Cata-chan!

Cata: Hey Lum! ;)

Ataru: Lum let go off me! :( Anyways, I heard you screaming. What happened? ???

Lum: Moose-man tried to suck my blood but "our friend" (looking at Alumxander) saved me. :)

Ataru: WHAT?!?!? :( >:( I ran miles to see what was going on and it wasn't a big deal at all!

Cata: Shut up... }:| Anyways, Lum, have you just said that Alum-creep saved you? ???

Alumxander: Yes, I've rescued her. Are you jealous? >:)

Cata: Not really. I'm just surprised that you could do a good deed. ::) Well, guys, I'm tired of being here. Let's return to the camp.

Ataru: Yeah. It's always better than to be here without nothing to do.

Alumxander: We could explore the jungle. It would be like a double-date. ::)

Lum: Good idea, Alumxander-kun! Let's go Darling! (sticks to Ataru's arm) :)

Ataru and Cata: WHAT!?!?!? 8|

Cata: But Alumxander and I aren't even a couple! :-\

Alumxander: Soon we'll be so, don't worry about that. ;D Besides, if you don't want to be with us, you can leave...!

Cata: I prefer to hang out with you than with Onsen-Mark!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 21, 2007, 10:31:53 PM
/me  an hour later, Lum, Ataru, Cata and Alumxander,were at the middle of the jungle.
Cata: Let me go, you pervets!
Alumxander and Ataru: Why? We do such a lovely couple.
Lum: DARR... What is that sound?
Everyone: ???
/me noise comes behind a tree.
Cherry: HI!
/me hits Cherry with a wooden hammer
Lum: What is that other sound?
/me see St. Peter and the gorilla hoding Dark
St. Peter: Now that it's done I can get of this horrible fat monk disguise.
/me  Peter Takes of of his disguise and a woman appears
Aphrodite: FinallyI, Aphrodite, will have my revenge, on you, DarkDevil, that shall feel the pain and headache that I felt for you, a long time ago.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on November 21, 2007, 10:53:19 PM
Offtopic: Omoshiroi,darkdevil
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on November 22, 2007, 12:32:29 PM
***Athena (Goddess) appears.***

Atena: Nice to see you again, DarkDevil. Now, I can make you pay for everything you've done to me.

***Apollo, Poseidon, Zeus, Ares, Artemis, Demeter, Dionysus, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes and Hades appeared.***

Aphrodite: What are you doing here?

Zeus: I'm here to make this catman pay!

Athena: Dad?

Zeus: Yes?

Athena: Leave it to us. I've defended a whole city so, I can take care of it. Besides, you have nothing to do with him. We have.

The Female Goddesses: Yeah!

Hermes: But Athena... We are family. Family must stick together and...

Zeus (whispering to Ataru, Cata, Alumxander and Lum): Don't piss her off. She can be really scary, sometimes.

Athena (really angry): I SAID GO!!!!

Male Gods: Yes, ma'am!

Lum: I think we got that, God Zeus...

***All male gods have vanished.***

Hera: Let's go get him girls!

***Ataru runs to grab Athena but the Gods can't be touched...***

Ataru: Athena-chan! (falls down) That hurts...

Lum: You will never learn...

***Goddesses run after Dark, Dark run away from them. Ataru joined Dark to know a little bit more about what was going on.***

Ataru: Yo!

Dark: No time to chat.

Ataru: What have you done now?

Dark: Nothing.

Ataru: Have you cheated them?

Dark: No.

Ataru: Then, what have you done to them?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 22, 2007, 02:53:03 PM
Dark: Lets just say I was them most wanted titan/god they ever wished.
Ataru: Admit it, you're just like me.
/me stops suddenly, as also Ataru after he sees Dark stopping
Dark: I'm not like you... :/ I just got more charm :&. and I'm not a per... :(
/me sees the goddess.
Dark: Less Chat more running (starts running).
Ataru: ???
/me starts trampling Ataru.

Edit: This "everybody" are the goddess, plus everyone you can imagine.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on November 27, 2007, 04:49:55 PM
(i capture Darkdevil with a rubber mouse,then i present it to the goddesses)

Alumxander:Do what you want with him
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on November 27, 2007, 10:26:25 PM
***The goddesses thank Alumxander in a "less-apropriate way"***

Everyone: @_@

Cata: I'm gonna cut their heads off!

Alumxander: Feeling jealous, little Cata?

Cata: No! Are you out of your mind? Why the hell should I be jealous of you? Hey Ladies! Dark is waiting for your atention!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 28, 2007, 06:54:58 PM
Cata: But... Where is he?
/me was nowhere to be found.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on November 28, 2007, 07:15:21 PM
*Dark kidnapped several orange cats,gave them some intelligence via his dark magic and send them to the gods,aishi,caroline and watashi;all of them would thought they had da correct darkdevil*

Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on November 28, 2007, 08:19:26 PM
Aisha: What are all this cats doing here?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on December 07, 2007, 12:18:01 AM
Watashi: I don't know but... I want them all!

***Watashi goes nuts and hugs a few cats and then chases the other ones.***
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on December 07, 2007, 08:37:54 PM
Caroline: Don't you know? Dark it's a cat.
Aisha: A...a... A CAT! (to Dark, not knowing where he was) If you wanted to be a part of our tribe you didn't had to turn yourself into a cat.
Caroline: So, that means you're gonna leave him? :*)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on December 09, 2007, 06:54:35 PM
*Darkdevil succesful escape from his marriages was finally upsetting The Nameless One and the Olympian Gods*

Zeus:Something must be done

Nameless One:I have an excellent idea,i shall transport him and "his brides" towards Pluto,dat way he wont escape

Zeus:Seems like a great idea

*Days later,many of Zeus loyal guardsmen began to hunt down the mischevious cat*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on December 09, 2007, 10:05:05 PM
Dark: This is ridiculous!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on December 09, 2007, 10:41:23 PM
(I appear before dark,drug him and deliver him to Zeus,some time later i send my zombies for Benten,i need her to train me at kung fu)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on December 09, 2007, 10:55:07 PM
Offtopic: I really hate you.
Dark: I really hate you.
Edit: I really hate you.
I really hate you.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on December 09, 2007, 11:23:04 PM
***Alumxander appears at Benten's UFO, where Cata were playing some videogames and relaxing with the other Benten's Gang Members. Alumxander knocks the door.***

Benten: I'll get it! (opens the door) Do I know you?

Alumxander: Kinda...

Benten: Your pitiful face is familiar to me...

Alumxander: You look great, too. I'm here to ask you a favour. Won't you let me in?

***A voice is heard coming from the living room.***

Cata: Hey, Benten? Why are you taking so long? You're making out with your boyfriend, right? Don't be shy and let us know who's the lucky guy!

Benten: Shut up you brat!

Alumxander: Cata??? What the hell is she doing here?

Benten: Forget that. You said you need a favour to ask me.

Alumxander: Won't you invite me in first to discuss it?

Benten: No. We can discuss it in the entrance.

Alumxander: Ok... I want you to make me into a Kung Fu Master.

Benten: What do you want?

Alumxander: You heard me. I want you to be my Master in Kung Fu.

Benten: Look pal, I don't have much time to deal with these jokes. Do you really have a favour to ask me?

Alumxander: Yeah! I'm saying it for the third time: I want to be your apprentice in Kung Fu.

Benten: Oh you were serious all the time?

Alumxander: Yeah! So, what do you say? We got a deal?

Benten: The only problem is... I only teach girls. Boys usally don't have good behaviour during the train. But... we can negotiate... What is your offer?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: alumxander on December 09, 2007, 11:29:20 PM
Alumxander:I am willing to become a girl for a time just for yo to train me,benten

(i use my magic to turn myself into a girl for 1 month,i am now Alumxandrine)

Benten:Cool,remind me to ask you to teach me that magic

Alumxandrine:Sure,babe,lets get kung fu-nky already
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on December 17, 2007, 07:15:17 PM
Benten: Ok, put this Kimono, this gloves and helmet. And turn back in to a man.
Alumxander: Ok. :*)
Benten: You've been registered as... Alexandros Nikoladis.
Alumxander: What? ???
Benten: And there's you're opponent go on.
Alumxander: Where ... where are we?
Benten: Fight as you've never fought Tae Kwon Do!
Alumxander: What? ... hmm,Ok.  :?
Alumxander's fight. (
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on December 19, 2007, 03:27:33 PM
***After the match***

Benten: Yo! Alumxander are you there?

Alumxander: ??? hmmm... zzzzwhat?

Benten: What have you learn from this fight?

Alumxander: Watch my head?

Benten: Wrong. An attack comes from everywhere. Hurry up. I have another training for you. We should be there already!

Alumxander: What?! But I need to rest! I'm too tired to fight now.

Benten: No one said that becoming a great Martial Arts Master was easy. Put these gloves and these black shorts on and this teeth protection. You are "Joe Alexander" and you're in 1974. You're opponent is Jerry Quarry. Good luck, "chump".

Alumxander: It's "Champ"!

Benten: We'll see.

Alumxander's fight #2:

#Invalid YouTube Link#
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on January 11, 2008, 06:46:00 PM
Benten: You're still up? What else can I do with you?
Alumxander: May I...
Cata: And if (strats wispering to Benten's ear).
Benten: Ok, let's try it!
Alumxander: Try what? ???
Benten: Come.
/me is taken to somekind of old western town.
Cata: Now, we want you to mark Blacky.
Alumxander: Blacky??
Benten: Yes, the horse. Right over there.
/me points to a beautiful stong and quiet horse.
Alumxander: What does that has to do with kung fu? :(
Benten: Just do it and you'll see.
Alumxander's marking the horse (
/me  is ko.
Benten: Now that is that, we can go back playing videogames.
Cata: Finally! I thought he would never faint.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on January 12, 2008, 09:00:13 PM
Alumxander (after a quick sleep): Hey! You promised me!

Benten: So? You wanna get stronger, you do for it. Don't beg, just work hard. See you later looser.

Cata: Good luck Alumzombie. You'll need it.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on January 18, 2008, 03:08:29 AM
*2 weeks later,all da fighters receive an invitation to meet a man called Kyo,he appears in what seems to be a huge theater*

Kyo: ladies and gentlmen boys and girls lovers and rivals
we gather here today to prove my love for lum i guranteed no one will die but there will be missing some teeth ,let get this show on the road who first ?

Offtopic: Ok,kyo is now part of the nightmare battle
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on January 18, 2008, 03:15:08 AM
suddenly, someone not seen at many time before appear in the crowd

Sand: well, i will rather fight for lum's current love life, she's taken by ataru, or you didn't knew? ready for oldschool fight?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on January 18, 2008, 03:29:23 AM
Kaede:Let him be,sandstorm,he wont be have her with ataru watching Lum

Sand:I know but i wanna fight so bad

Kaede:Behave or i will spank you so hard you wont have a rear
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on January 18, 2008, 02:30:07 PM
Sand: I really missed it for long time :D

Kaede: Saaannnnd...

Kyo: No more? bring it ON!

Kaede: I warned you! SPANK!

Sand: only in private dear, now, it's show time!

sand goes to the arena

Sand: No magic, no dirt moves, no weapons, only bare hands!

Ataru: (whispering to lum) what the heavens  goes on here?

Offtopic: i am happy to see u r  back Kaede :)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on January 18, 2008, 03:31:37 PM
Kroptik: Sorry Sand, but you're going to have to come down from there. That's my spot.

Sand: Why do you say that??

Kroptik: In case you forgot, I'm still their best-man. My job is to make sure their wedding works.

Sand: OK, I understand.

/me and Sand swtich places *

Lum: Good luck, Kroptik-kun.

Ataru: Thanks, man. Ataru grim

Kroptik: Now bring it on, punk.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: kyo on January 18, 2008, 10:48:54 PM
Sand: I really missed it for long time :D

Kaede: Saaannnnd...

Kyo: No more? bring it ON!

Kaede: I warned you! SPANK!

Sand: only in private dear, now, it's show time!

sand goes to the arena

Sand: No magic, no dirt moves, no weapons, only bare hands!

Ataru: (whispering to lum) what the heavens  goes on here?

Offtopic: i am happy to see u r  back Kaede :)
wait i get spank ?
Posted on: January 18, 2008, 03:47:13 PM
kyo : okay... kroptik you do know that there a two out of three chance you gonna get your ass handed to you right ? :D
kroptik : do you know that you talk a lot of crap ?  }:|
kyo : touche    ;D
( kyo ran at lighting speed toward sand who than ducks)
kroptik : you missed.
kyo : oh but i was not attacking... I was evading  ;D
(kroptik stare blanky at  kyo until he turn around' coming at full speed was a pie, sadly sand got hit with the pie)
(staring at kroptik, kyo, break out singing) kyo : pie in your face you big degrace gonna whip your ass all over the place !
(using combination of kicks and still singing) I WILL I WILL BEAT YOU!
(kroptik is now on his knees when kyo take out his sword Zantetsuken)
kyo : listen to me ! i dont' want to fight you i am here to take my lum home !
lum: i am not leaving with you !
kyo: you are not my lum, you may look like her sound like her feel like her. but you are not her.
kropitk: than why you attack us ?
kyo: because it fun :D
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on January 19, 2008, 12:04:08 AM
Kroptik: Fun?! I'll show you fun!

/me grabs Kyo's sword and breaks it like a toothpick *

Kroptik: I see you don't want me to go easy on you...

/me grabs Kyo's arm and makes it bend in strange angles, while Kyo tries to get distance *

Kyo: OOWW, my arm!

Kroptik: Pretty amusing. ;D
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: kyo on January 19, 2008, 12:06:47 AM
kyo: my getting better (kyo arm start to heal with amazing speed)
kyo:that was not a nice thing to do to my sword (picking the hilt of the sword up) regrow Zantetsuken ! (the sword return to the orginal length)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on January 19, 2008, 12:45:06 AM
Dark: Kroptik, get out, it's my turn.
Caroline: No you won't!
Watashi: You'll stay here with us...
Aisha: Where you belong.
Dark: Come on, let me have some fun.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on January 19, 2008, 12:57:55 AM
*Dark uses his black magic to temporaly exchange bodies with kroptik for 10 mins*

Dark:It is not as powerful as my original body used to be,but this will work (Dark tests his fire-breath on the arena)

Kyo:I thought magic wasnt allowed

Dark:Kid,you are so naive,the real fun of fights resides in matter what

Kyo:Well then,have at thee

*Both warriors duel using their swords,meanwhile kroptik (inside dark body) is seen trapped i the clutches of 3 ladies)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on January 19, 2008, 01:27:46 AM

(well, kyo got stuck in a sand sea until his neck, then, got petrified into rock, and the last blast, shattered him into pieces.)

Kroptik: you messed my fun, sand!

Sand: Well, some vacuum cleaner might clean him :P wanna a pie? this one is strawberry.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on January 19, 2008, 01:32:17 AM
Kroptik:I reckon i am hungry,sandstorm,but while i am at dark's body,i am afraid i cant escape these 3 women,any help?

Sand:Just a minute (sand is about to unleash a sand tsunami when he is stopped by Darkdevil)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on January 19, 2008, 01:39:25 AM
dark: you won't hurt the girls, won't you?

Sand: nope, but better you exchange bodies with krop again, and have your fun out there xD
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on January 19, 2008, 01:46:53 AM
Dark:Ok,but i wanna ask ya a favor,oh great ass-asin

Sand:Cut to the chase,dark,soft talking wont work on me

Dark:I want ya to mold me a  body for me to inhabit

Sand:I will see what i can do,demon

*Dark returns to his original body*


Sandstorm:Yer welcome,oujin kroptik

Dark:Yeah,yeah,now start building this new body,sandstorm,i want it yesterday

Sand:Take it easy,pussycat,those things cant be made so easy

Kaede:Well,there is a place i know,it is located nearby the Styx Spire,in such place we can find material to give dark a more human body
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Post by: SandStorm on January 19, 2008, 01:52:01 AM
Sand: If he really want a human body.

Dark: Of course i want a human body, get out fast and do it!

Kaede: We will need your blood sample, you don't want to be rejected by your body, won't you?

Dark: This pussy body didn't rejected me, and i didn't spent my blood!

Sand: We are talking about one new, souless body... That cat, was one hell of a victim.

Dark: shut up. OUCH!

Kaede: Blood sample collected, now, let's go on.

Sand: Gimme a list how you would like it, kitty.
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Post by: Cosmic King on January 19, 2008, 02:07:31 AM
Dark:Dunno,amaze me,ass-asin,as long as it isnt so fat or skinny or bald

Sand:Well,i shall take those points in consideration

Kaede:Off we go (sand and kaede summon a flying carpet to bring them to Styx Spire)

Sand:It seems lonely around here,are ya sure it is here?

Kaede:Of course,they announced this place at "Spankboards Illustrated"

*Suddenly an old weird man arrives behind them,kaede screams*



Sand:Are you the one in charge of here?

Old Man:Aye,foreigners,my name is Conan

Sand and Kaede:(they try to hide their laughter) Well,Mr. Conan,can ya help us devise a soul-less body for a demonic friend of us

"Conan":Well,my services dont come cheap,my friends

Kaede:Dats ok,we brought a lot of gold (throws a huge bag of gold coins)

"Conan":Then it is settled
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Sand: So, care to guide us to the bodies "warehouse"?

'Conan': hehehe, follow me, young ones, hehehehe

once they get, the choice is very few, or very fat, or very thin, and dark stated no one of those...
They kept searching on, and found old old man body (near 80 years old) but with full hair, white with yellow edges, all teethes on, but, yellowish, normal body, 1,75m tall

Sand: well, at least this one is complete, no missing or rotten parts...
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"Conan":Is this the one ya want?

Sand:Hmm,yeah,i see no problem with this one,can ya wrap it up so we take it home?

"Conan":Sure (puts the body inside a sarcophagus) may yer friend enjoy it

Kaede:I bet he will,bye bye

*The 2 ass-asins leave Styx Spire*
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Offtopic: Hmm... Nice... The action returned... XD
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Offtopic: It couldnt be stopped as you may notice now,falling star


*Conan grabs his phone and calls Falling Star*

"Conan":Sire,they got the body as ya predicted

Falling Star:Excellent,once Dark enters that body,a rift in the worlds would open,allowing us to study the dimension that is Kyo's home
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Sand: mission accomplished, or at least, almost.

Kaede: I can't stop trying to see dark's face when he gets this body xD

Sand: Yup, now, we need to make the preparation with his blood. It will take a long time. If any memories are remaining on this folk brain, they need to be erased.
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*After "formatting" that body's memory at Forgotten Lum house,the 2 ass-asins bring it before darkdevil*

Sand:Here is what we promised

Dark:Ohh goody,lemme open it (he opens the sarcophagus and gazes its interiors)

Kaede:Didya like it,pussycat?

*Darkdevil jaw drops to the floor,his eyes are becoming red*


Sand:But it aint a fat body nor a skinny one

Dark:True,but this looks like a mummy,i cant use it for my double date
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Sand: yes you can, wear it, take a bath, dye your hair, wash the teeth, put some skin regenerative cream and you are done.
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Post by: Cosmic King on January 19, 2008, 02:58:16 AM
Dark:This body doesnt need skin regenerative cream,it needs to be cremated
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Falling Star: (coming out of the shadows) Don't worry my demon friend... as soon as you possess that old body your powers will kick in and will transform him into its youthful form...

Dark: Wow... Where did you come from... I thought you where dead...

Sand/Kaede: Huh?

Falling: Well... Who knows maybe I am dead... maybe I was never alive... that's something we don't need to discuss at the moment... just do as I say and all will be well.

Dark: Ok... I'll do it... But... (Falling Star is gone)... WTF? Where did he go?

Sand: What the hell are you talking about... we are the only ones here... Me, you and Kaede...

Dark: What? Man I must stop smoking that stuff... Well Whatever... Lets do this....
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*The moment Dark sends his spirit towards the soul-less body,a burst of light comes and a body rises fully clothed*

Dark:Did it worked? has my spirit turned this senile body into some something more young?

Sand:Nay,demon,just take a look (hands him a mirror)

Dark:Lets see how bad i look now

*Dark gazes at himself inda mirror*



Kaede:It is not THAT bad,darkdevil,some women love that old biker aspect
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/me another Dark (in cat form).
Dark: Hi, how ar... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!
Sand/Kaede: Huh? ???
Dark (in old man's body):Sorry, sir... I...
Dark: Urusei! I've orded you to substitute mee while I went to Africa!:(
Dark (in old man's body):Sorry, but...
Dark: No "but's"! I'll go and see what you've done to Caroline, Watashi and Aisha, while you go back to your old duties. And take off that stupid and ugly body.
Sand/Kaede (to Dark in old man's body): Busted!
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hidden voice : stop me it i miss a plot point here but arnt' you the s.o.b who thought it will be fun to encase me in sand ?
sand: no way, i took you down way down !
kyo: really now than why am i here ? >:)
(sand rush to attack kyo but was frozen by a unknow female)
kyo: now how do it feels ? :*)
(turn to woman)
kyo: thank you oyuki :D
oyuki: send the check to my account
kyo: will do
(turn back to sand)
kyo: i should crush you to pieces (offtopic did i spell that right ????)
but i am a very nice man you going to make a wonderful gift to my wife  :D
kaede: where the hell are you taking sand ?
kyo: to this address (fling a card toward dark) and do bring kropitk ataru and lum. we not done our dual
(kyo carried sand away)
(by  the way anyone seen cata?)
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*Kyo hires a ship so he could visit exotic places before meeting Lum and Ataru again*

Kyo:Hope ya like yer suite,sandstorm,it is a cool one,there is no doubt on it

*Sand is unable to speak,he cannot get awy since kyo sent him to the ship freezer section*

Kyo:(to the Captain)Yo,cap'n,bring us to the Java Island,i wanna collect something there

Cap'n:Aye aye,sir kyo

*The trip was gonna take 1 day to be completed,but during such trip they get attacked by a Pirate Ship*


*Kyo was sleeping when the pirates destroyed the ship and kidnapped him along all the crew;he then awakens on a far away island,he is chained to a column in a cave *

Kyo:Where am i?this isnt the S.S. Kusanagi (he hears a voice from a dark side of the cave

??:Of course not,laddie,ye and thy crew are at Skull Island

Kyo:Who are ya? Why did you and yer men kidnapped us?

(the mysterious voice reveals himself)


??:Allow me to present meself,i am Captain Akashachi,leader of the Proteus crew,me and my crew kidnapped all of ya on a way to please our "mistress"

Kyo:Mistress? Explain yourself

Akashachi:Long time ago,a being of great power arouse from the Pacific Ocean,her name was Kurumu,she is a succubus with gigantic magical powers but with a lust for young men,she has promised us fame and fortune in exchange for us to bring her young men to keep her company,thats why we kidnapped ya

Kyo:Uh-oh (tries to break the chains)

Akashachi:No need for ya to try breaking them,they are unbreakable chains as only Kurumu-sama knows how to free ya,ye and thy crew shouldst be grateful to become mates for a goddess

*Akashachi gathers all his pirates,one of them is wielding a bell*


Akashachi:Summon Kurumu,me mateys

Pirate:Aye aye,mon capitaine (rings the bell,the sea nearby begins to move violently)

Kyo:(thinking) next time,i am traveling via my flying powers
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*** Lum, Darl--- I meant Ataru, Kaede and Kroptik travelled to the wierd adress given by Kyo. Once they arrived, they went exploring the rest of the island. They found Cata relaxing a little bit.***

Kaede: Long time, no see.

Cata: Hey guys! Are you on vacations, too?

Ataru: I'm skipping classes to go on a date with you, Cata. Will you go out with me?

Lum: Darling! We've got business to take care of da-tcha.

Cata: I would prefer to date Cherry... (Cherry appears suddenly and a huge explosion happens)

Cherry: You're on my beach spot.

Everyone: Don't sneak up on us like that! (Cherry is beaten)

Cata: I need to think before I open my mouth. Anyways, what business were you talking about?

Kroptik: I'll explain: there's this guy named Kyo who's an half-Oni and claims to be Lum's husband in another dimension. He fought us and he kidnapped SandStorm. He gave us this adress and we were searching them when we found you.

Cata: Why am I the last person to know about these things? Anyways, I'm gonna join your quest. Vacations are boring when there's no action.

*** Our Heroes begun gathering information by asking the population of the Island about Kyo.***
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Kaede: Wait! The ring Sand gave me is blinking! he set a locator on it, we might be close!

Ataru: I bet, it is for him to avoid you, while going out with other gals!

Kaede punch ataru, lum shocks him

L & K: no one is like you!

Ataru: (mumbling) you don't know...

Cata: less talk! Ataru, come with me, and carry all those weaponry, now!

Ataru: They are heavy!

Cata: well, then i shall ask awesome mendo for it... and reward him...

Ataru: OK! I carry! :(
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Cata: That's more like it! ;D

Lum: Where are they now?

Kaede: The coordinates are 8478, 2369

Kroptik (looking and searching on a map): But they were supposed to here, instead in the middle of the Deep Blue.

Lum: Deep Blue? What's that?

Cherry: Deep Blue is an Ocean. A very dangerous one. Many few came back from there alive.

Ataru: Yeah, yeah. Whatever old creepy monk. Let's go.

Lum: Darling, it sounded dangerous.

Ataru: That's because the explanation came from Cherry. Anyone would be scared just by looking at his face.

Cherry: You should have more respect for the older people.

Ataru: Who says you're a person?

Kaede: Stop that guys. We gotta get a ship: fast, big, good and prepared ship.

Cata: I have a ship. It's not big, though. In fact I travelled from Tomobiki to here by my ship.

Kroptik: So, that means you have a crew, too, right?

Cata: Ah... no. Well, you see... I got here all by myself.

Kaede: No problem. We have a crew now. Let's get going. Where's your ship?

Cata: At the Port of Kahola. 3 Km from here.

Kroptik: Alright. We don't have any much time to lose.

Ataru: What?! We're leaving already? I didn't even get 5 minutes to meet and get the phone number of any cute girl!

Lum: Darling! When will you learn I'm the only girl you need!

Cata: Less chatting and more moving.

*** And so, our brave young men and women---***


***Sorry Cherry... As I was saying... Our brave young men and women and creepy ugly monk arrived at Port of Kahola***
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back at the pirate cave kyo sings to keep from going insane)
kyo: in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight...
pirate 1 : if you sing that song one more time ...
kyo: you do what ? your boss would not like it if you hurt me ...
pirate 2 : oh let him sing it quite cute ;)
kyo : did i just get hit on by a pirate ?  :?
someone better save kyo !
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Offtopic: I would perfer to save the woman from Kyo, than kyo from the pirates
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Post by: kyo on January 21, 2008, 08:13:51 PM
Offtopic: I would perfer to save the woman from Kyo, than kyo from the pirates
how cruel
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Offtopic: I know.
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a strange group of people are on the island looking for kyo

jet: how in the hell can he get kidnapped by pirates ?

benten: calm down baby, kyo can handle himself

kyo father: he one dangerous kid he can handled those bakas
lum : he not a kid, he is my husband and he is trapped.

mendo: like a rat  ;D

( everyone point a weapon to mendo)

everyone: shutup or we poison you... like a rat

lum : wait... darling is down in this cave

mendo : how do you know that !?

lum : there a tracer in his wedding ring

(koga and jet look shock  :o)

kyo father : and why did you put a tracer in his wedding ring ?

lum: after what you did to his mother... i dont' want history repeating itself.

(kyo and sand is sitting right next to each other)

kyo: are you mad at me ?

sands: ...

kyo: cheer up mr .gumpy gills

sands : ...

kyo : keep on swiming keep on swiming dark like those bone-legs women.

sand : (simles a little)

pirate 1 : i can take it anymore !
( running out the lower part of the cave with pirate 2 in tow)

(kyo and sand laugh out loud, kyo put his head down)

but raised it really fast to show devil like eyes)

kyo: showtime ! >:)

( kyo get up and free sands)

kyo: unbreakable chains my ass

sands: you was free the whole time ?

kyo: hell yeah' my friend jet taught me how to picks lock.

( off topic : anyone knows how to insert images ?
i had pictures of dark devil lum and
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*** On the sea...***

Cata: Do you see anything now, Lum?

Lum: N-- Wait! I'm seeing something... It's big and dark. I can't see quite well because there's this huge grey cloud in front of me!

Kaede: What is it?

Lum: I don't know. It's moving towards us.

Kaede: Hey! My ring stopped... Sand must be inside that... thing.

Cherry: It's dangerous...

Cata: So? Danger never was a problem for us. Besides, we laugh in front of danger. Kaede, prepare the cannons. Ataru, go get our weapons. Lum keep us informed about that thing. Kroptik, you take the lead of the ship.

Cherry: What do I do?

Cata: How about getting out of my ship?

Cherry: How rude it is to talk like that to a good old man! What are you going to do, then?

Cata: I'm going to get ropes, sheets, the anchor and rum. We need to have everything ready for an escape or an attack.

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Post by: kyo on January 21, 2008, 10:17:45 PM


lum ( uyx version) Kurumu, and ... dark devil !?
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kyo and sand is exploring the cave where they meet kyo group)

 lum urusei yatsura x: darling ! my love' you are okay... but what that on your arm ?

(kyo check his arm to see a puncture mark where someone withdrew boold

kyo father :  it a needle mark .

kyo: who ask you ?

kyo father : your mother.

kyo : oh you are so done.

(kyo run toward his father and tackle him like a football pro plumming him with punch after punch)

jet: kyo, wait, hold up hey koga, a little help ?

koga : on it.

(koga and jet with the added help of oyuki and benten pull kyo from his assualt on his father.)

kyo father: you are lucky you are my son or i have send to jail for battery and assualt.

kyo: oh you have freed me "father", no one will care if I kill you!

lum uyx: darling calm down !  what is that sound ?

(the ship that carried cata and her crew crash into the cave)

cata: lum ?

orginal lum : yes cata?

cata : you cant' be lookout anymore.

sand: hotdamn ! it kroptik and cata !

kroptik : you okay sands ? oh it time to dance

(kroptik toss six daggers at kyo who dodge them with style, kroptik then pull out a pie and toss it at kyo hitting him)

kroptik : sweet sweet irony. pie in your face, you big degrace-

(kyo punch kroptik in the stomach)

Kurumu: STOP IT NOW !

kyo: you are kurumu.

kurumu : and you are my lover

lum uyx : DARLING ! explain yourself !

kyo : lady I am NOT yours. I belong to lum

darkdevil : wait a second that not fair you have two beautiful girls after you that sucks  :(

kurumu: I can *share* you both

(everyguy has gotten a foutain of blood shoot out their nose)

kyo father : son we never agreed on much but take this woman up on her offer .

kyo: NO.

everyguy: WHAT !?

kurumu : that to bad, y-ko kill them

kyo : y-ko? who- oh snap i should have know. a clone

someone get us some fight music !

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Sand: Now, that's what i call weird... Kyo, grab my arm

Kyo: What?

Sand: Trust me.

kyo grab sand, and using SandStorm powers, several kyo and Sand clones appear

Sand: (whispering to original kyo) come with me and the mates, they'll have a hard time with the clones...

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Post by: Cosmic King on January 22, 2008, 03:04:35 AM
*Before they could react,someone shoots Kyo and the rest from behind with an entropy beam*


*The culprit reveals himself as Kyo's father*

Kyo Father:I am afraid i cannot allow ya to escape Kurumu's embrace,my son


Kyo Father:Think well,kyo,you are but a hybrid denizen of 2 of worlds,neither human or oni,it is time for ya to marry that succubus woman to enhance our species,do ya really think i would allow ya to remain with Lum?


Kyo Father:I always wanted a grandson and since  Lum doesnt seem to cooperate,i decided to find ya a better mate,kyo

*Kurumu reappears and claims Kyo,leaving the others to their fate*

Lum X:(to kyo father) how could ya do this to yer son?

Kyo Father:Nothing personal,miss lum,but try to see the good side of this,he is about to enhance our species while you,an oni princess,would return to Uru

*As he is about to activate a teleporter for he and koga,jet and lum x to return Uru,he is struck from behind by lightning,it is none other than the original Lum*

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Dark: Now...If it's all, I think we should leave.
Cata: Why is that? We can't leave them like this!
Cherry: Yes, we must. It's a... (Dark hits Cherry)
Dark: I was the one to explain! We are obligated to leave those who don't belong to this part of the universe, or reality, as you sometimes call it, follow their own path. In other words, We cannot interact with ourselves. Am I not right Dark?
/me Dark appears out of the darkness.
Dark (the other one): You are completely right Dark.
Everyone: ???

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Post by: kyo on January 22, 2008, 09:22:11 PM
as the two dark devils (do we really need two ?)
converse the orginal lum explain her actions

kyo father : what are you doing ?

lum: stoping you t'cha.  from what i gather this kyo seem to be the ideal husband just trying to please both his races you are full oni while he is half oni. let him decide who to married

kyo father : you.. cant' do this

lum : i already did
underwater in a strange castle kyo look around his new room
kyo : why cant' nobody leave me alone

hidden voice : dont' worry ky' i got your back

(sand appear out kyo trench coat)

kyo : sand !?

sand: dude when we get out of here , you and i going have a long talk about your manju wrappers

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Post by: Cosmic King on February 11, 2008, 06:44:26 PM
*Sand transforms into a giant rock monster,he creates a huge entrance for kyo to enter*

Sand:This way you wont drown,kyo,i shall seal myself and begin to swim to freedom

Kyo:Ok,but how da hell am i gonna breathe?

Sand:That,my friend,will be something we are gonna find out

Kyo:Ya really know how to make people feel calmed,dont you?

Sand:(sarcastically) Ha-Ha

*Kyo enters sand rocky body;sand seals himself and starts to swim away from the castle,he is surprised by a elite of shark-men*

Shark:What were ya doing inside Kurumu-sama's castle?

Sand:Err,i am the new butler,my name is Alfredo,i went there to deliver my curriculum vitae to Kurumu,hehehehehe

*1 minute of silence happens*

Shark:Hmm,ok,ya may go on wit yer business,alfredo (they leave sand alone,he proceeds to escape with kyo inside him)

*Meanwhile Kurumu enters inda room where kyo was supposed to be and finds it empty,she prepares herself to find her hybrid soon-to-be mate;On the island,the original Lum releases everybody from the entropy beam effects and once they are released,they beat  kyo's father to an inch of his life*

Lum X:We will make sure to imprison him for treason to the oni royalty and kidnapping,but what matters right now is to save darling

Original Ataru:Are ya refering to me,my sweetie? (gives a little pat to Lum X's butt)

Original Lum:Darling,dont be cheating me with an alternative version of me !!!! (shocks ataru)

Original Ataru:Oww,ok i get it,she meant kyo,owww
Posted on: January 23, 2008, 12:38:33 AM
*After a long and titanic battle,whose result would alter the course of life in the galaxy,ended,Kyo decided to live with his Lum in a temple he and Koga bought via EBay,however some uninvited guest arrives*

Dark:I have heard that ya keep offending me,kyo,well,prepare to meet yer maker (coughs up a flaming sword) arrrrrghhh

Kyo:Are ya Ok,pussycat? That will teach ya not to put weird weapons inside yer body

Dark:Silence,mortal,you should worry for yerself (he moves as swift as lightning and slashes Kyo's t-shirt)

Kyo:Hey,that shirt costed me 20 dollars and was my favorite

Dark:Fear not,soon you wont have to worry about anything,all that remains for ya is eternal rest

Kyo:Why are ya attacking me again? Just because i said you dont look tough enough to be a devil?

Dark:Shaddup already (Darkdevil jumps and tries to enter Kyo's body via his mouth so Dark could destroy kyo's entrails...)

*But just then Lum-X appears wielding a big gun (as in Kyo's avatar),however Kyo and Dark are fighting so fiercely that she accidentally blasts them both towards the XV century,in one of the ships of Christopher Columbus*

Dark/Kyo:Owww,where are we?

Pirate:(note : some of Columbus' crew were pirates) Arrr,looks like we fouind a new species,mr. columbus

Columbus:Yeah,this looks better than trying to find a new way to the India,lets return to spain to present this horned man and the taling cat to the Kings
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Post by: DarkDevil on February 11, 2008, 07:56:01 PM
Offtopic: Why there must be always pirates, when we are surrounded by water? And damn the spanishs.
Dark: Damn, I hate this rewinds in time. I never know if this is really our part of the uiniverse or not.
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Post by: kyo on February 18, 2008, 08:12:19 PM
To tell you the truth, I love this story but we need to get on with the Show !!! ;D

let see to get rid of the current  plotline I need to reboot it (sorry comsic king :-\) so we back at the begininng (No double lums or pirates)

kyo vs whoever come forward
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Post by: DarkDevil on February 18, 2008, 10:17:24 PM
Dark: I will. I'll face every man, if I've got to, to eliminate every mistake that was made to this world, that was suposed to be perfect.
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Post by: Jataru on February 19, 2008, 12:00:23 AM
To tell you the truth, I love this story but we need to get on with the Show !!! ;D

let see to get rid of the current  plotline I need to reboot it (sorry comsic king :-\) so we back at the begininng (No double lums or pirates)

kyo vs whoever come forward

You are very confident brave warrior, But beware the enemies may be closer than you think. Battle with your mind and heart if you want to win, if you battle with arrogance you lose everything.
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Post by: SandStorm on February 19, 2008, 01:03:58 AM
kyo have one good heart inside, he just need to see the light...
and he'll be trained to join the uy warriors good side. ;)
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Post by: Cosmic King on February 19, 2008, 05:13:41 AM
let see to get rid of the current  plotline I need to reboot it (sorry comsic king Undecided) so we back at the begininng (No double lums or pirates)

Offtopic: It is ok,young kyo,we can leave da story behind as some kind of weird dream ya had before truly entering 2 battle,ok,now that everything is settled,get ready to rumble

On Topic:

*Jataru was training some of his sorcery swordsmanship when he received an unexpected visit,it was Kyo,a man wielding a headband that said "World's Number 2" in kanji symbols nad that was after Jataru's Number 1 headband,the ultimate throphy*

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Post by: cata on February 19, 2008, 10:26:31 AM
Cata: Hey Dark! You said that you would face any men... What about facing girls?

Dark: Why would I? I love them.

Cata: I'm gonna make you regret your macho attitude.

Dark: Not now.

Cata (sarcastic): Why? Are you busy because you had to chase some mouse? Or because your mother told you to do some domestic tasks? Maybe you are going to meet some female cats... (now serious) Stop running away. I challenge you but you've to fight seriously with your full strenght and there won't be mercy just because I'm a girl.

Dark: I won't need to.

Cata: What? What is what you won't need?

Dark: My full power.

Cata: You're gonna eat my weapons...!
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Post by: DarkDevil on February 19, 2008, 01:24:52 PM
Dark: I've already did, Miss Cata
/me points at a box where Cata had her weapons
Cata: WHAT, YOU ATE THEM ALL?! (Cata starts strangling Dark) I'M GONNA KILL YOU!
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Post by: Jataru on February 19, 2008, 05:31:07 PM
"The best warriors will soon face each other"

Jataru: Who are you brave warrior?

Kyo: I'm kyo, the best warrior that the world have ever seen and I want challenge you ~

Jataru to be know as the man who defeated the legendary swordsmanship.

Jataru: You're not ready.

Kyo: What!?

Jataru: You battle with arrogance and you're only goal is to be better than anyone else. When you understand to battle with honour come and we will battle.

"Jataru was preparing to continue is training when...."

Kyo: Are you afraid of me? Or is because you have lost your powers?


Jataru: What?!

Kyo: I know that you're eyes are the source of your magic skills and after your bloody battle time ago you have lost your left eye and half of your magic.


Jataru: Indeed I lost half of my powers, and that's why I continue training. I keep training to protect the ones I care, instead of you that just want to battle for glory. Leave and come when you understand these words.

Kyo: You will see Jataru, you will see.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on February 20, 2008, 01:57:11 AM
Sand: tsk, tsk, tsk... Kyo my friend, i think you are facing the wrong guy... if you want to join the good side, you need to choose your foes carefully, but, good luck.

Jataru: So, Sand, do you wanna fight?

Sand: hmmm, not today, i have one 'loving' meeting. ^_^
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on February 21, 2008, 11:02:48 AM
*** So, Kyo was having a few troubles finding his opponent while Dark was having some difficulties keeping Cata far away. But, Dark finnaly set free and ran away. Cata chase him and catched him in front of a Restaurant***

Dark: Hey, let me go! I can scratch you... :*)

Cata: Try me. I have this grey armour for some reason...

Dark: Then... I shall rust your armour...

***Dark licked the whater from a random bucket who was near him and throwed it at Cata. Cata's armour was rusting in an amazing speed. In 3 seconds, her armour was completely rusty.***

Cata: I can barely move! You'll gonna pay for it! :(

Dark: What are you going to do now?

Cata: Undress, dumb cat. ;D

Dark: What?!?!?!  ???

***Dark cheeks became red and his eyes bigger as he watched Cata undressing her armour slowly and with all her strenght.(Dark was like this: :o ;D >:) :Y 8| :D) >:D }) ) When she was able to get rid of her armour, Dark was disappointed and fell off in a funny silly pose. Cata was wearing underneath her armour an army outfit. (Dark's face: }:| )***

Cata: What is wrong with this cat? ???

Dark: Nothing at all, Miss Cata. }:|

Cata: So, you're just gonna sit there and don't do anything?

Dark: I was thinking of dating some pretty laddies in that Restaurant.

Cata: You'll always be the same...

Dark: How many times do I have to tell you that people don't change?

Cata: As many as you'd like but now... let's just have fun in my own way.

Dark: As you wish, Miss Cata.

***Cata ran faster than when she was wearing her armour and caught Dark unawares. Cata kicked Dark and he was sent out flying but when he was going to rotate himself to land on his feet, Cata grabbed him by his tail.***

Cata: Got'cha. ;D

Dark: I can still attack you.

Cata: I'm waiting... :O|

***Dark showed his claws and scratched Cata in her right arm that was grabbing his tail.***

Cata: That doesn't hurt me.

Dark: How about this?

***Dark bited her in the same arm, that was already bleeding but Cata seemed to don't feel pain.***

Cata: I guess it is not worthy to fight you.

Dark: How come when I scratch or bite you, you don't feel anything?

Cata: Well, I do feel your claws and teeth but I'm used to that so it doesn't hurt me. I own a cat, that's the reason.

Dark: So... this is going to be harder than I ever thought. Anyways, you didn't even see 5% of my power.

Cata: I know dummy. I already fought you once. But now... I'm a lot different.
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Post by: Cosmic King on February 21, 2008, 05:06:01 PM
Dark:That is so,fraulein? Well,you better get ready to see 10 % of my power

Cata:Are you gonna do it or bore me to death with all yer threats? ::)

*Dark slips away from Cata`s steel grip*

Dark:(chanting an unholy mantra) Varumba rumba rumba rumba Epsilon rumba rumba Arkoru rumba rumba ...

*His cat-like body begins to power up,his muscles grow as he gains a quasi-human appearance,his body glows with a crimson aura*

Cata:(munching some onigiris (rice balls) and drinking some coke) Impressive,i have seen dat before,though

*Dark ends chanting,he is ready to battle*

Dark:I can mantain this state for around 15 minutes,dont dissapoint me now,capisce?

Cata:(finishing her onigiris) Ok,bring it on

Dark:One last thing,loser has to pay a big dinner to da winner,deal or deal?

Cata:Yeah,whatever ya say,pussycat

*To cata surprise,this improved dark has good speed as he almost managed to rip off her arms if she werent so fast either*

Dark:Getting scared,my darling? Ya better give up (Dark slashes the wind,creating a shockwave that slices Cata`s army vest,she had a t-shirt underneath it,though,but that doesnt stop some of the bleeding)

Cata:Just a scratch (puts her hand on her wound,taking some blood with it,she licks her blood stained hand then spits as she puts herself in a kung fu stance) you wanna play rough,kitty,ok,i`ll play with you

*Battle turns out as the first 2 minutes and 24 seconds of this (*
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Post by: DarkDevil on February 21, 2008, 08:44:02 PM
Offtopic: Hey, Miss Cata, I'm not so perverted. :(
And I would never mke Miss Cata bleed :N, I might scratch her t-shirt O-), but never bleed :N.

Dark: Come on, Miss Cata, you can hit harder.
/me  Cata hit's Dark's face, which is destroyed as plasticine.
Dark (with his molten face): Not that hard.
/me reconfigures his face
Dark: You've always wanted to see the worst of me, didn't you? (darkmatter starts flowing out of Dark's body and surrounding him) It's the part that doesn't think!
/me  turns into a black dragon.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on February 22, 2008, 12:08:09 AM
*Dark's tail knocks away Cata into the restaurant kitchen,there she has to choose to use some knives or pepper to battle the dragon*

Cata:This is quite an easy decision

*grabs da pepper and throws it to Dark's nose,he is going to sneeze some hellfire but cata seals his nose and mouth with some ropes.Hellfire consumes darkdevil entrails since it couldnt leave his body*

Dark:That hurted a lot,lady

*Dark summons his shadow to become solid and to grab cata with wrestling headlock,Dark then  creates a red mist that is capable of turning anything into cats*
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on February 22, 2008, 07:54:12 PM
Cata: What the...
/me  becomes into a human-cat.
Cata: You've turned me into a CAT.
/me  shadow set free Cata.
Cata: What is this! I can still fight!
/me lays, with his nose right ahead of Cata
Cata: Is that so?
/me nails Dark's nose, but nothing happened, because his skin is made of a realy strong rock.
Cata: Great, what will you do, smoke me to death?
/me  starts purring and shuts his eyes.
Cata: ???
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on February 22, 2008, 08:52:54 PM
***Dark creates another kind of mist. This time its colour was dark blue. It can make anyone fall into fatal illusions. Suddenly Cata is surrounded by some kind of a fire cage and she couldn't get out of it. What she didn't know, is that that cage is also an illusion. Cata was caught by the dark blue mist and she soon fell on her knees and seemed to be sleeping. The truth is that in her illusion she was being beaten up by some weird shadows that no one had ever seen. Then, the shadows disappeared and she thought she was safe but she was wrong. She saw a completely different Tomobiki of the Tomobiki she knew. It was a dark, ugly and dirty place. She was in "her" home and it was time to wake up and go to school. She looked at the window and the Sun was shining. Could it be that the Tomobiki she saw, was just a dream? She dressed herself with her School's Uniform (Kinda like Ryu's but with a few differences). She climbed down the stairs to eat breakfast but all of her family was already eating and there was no space for her. She thought they couldn't hear or see her but the fact is that they could. Her family was mad at her and they yelled at her, too. She took her lunch and went outside her home. She opened her eyes to see the shinny day she saw when she woke up but... there was no Sun. There was no blue sky. There were no birds. Instead, there were a grey sky, grey clouds, rain and a huge thunderstorm. She felt really disappointed. She rushed to Tomobiki High and when she got there she was totally wet. No one cared. Not even her classmates or Sakura, the nurse. Ataru was studying English. Mendou was poor and was wearing red rags. Shinobu had a bad behaviour. Ryu was wearing a dress and was all in pink. The Stormtroopers were addicted to Ataru's Mom. Lum was a normal girl that was the best student in the whole class. Everything had changed. When Onsen-Mark came in inside the classroom he looked cheerful and everybody except Cata loved him instead of hating him. What was going on? During the break, Cata argued with Ryu and she noticed that Ryu or herself couldn't fight anymore. Cata tried to wake up from her dream but it was no use. Meanwhile, in the fight scene, Dark was already claiming for victory. Cata fell back and was uncounscious. At least it was what it seemed. Cata remained still for half an hour.***

Dark: Sweet dreams, Miss Cata. You might wake up in 16 hours.

***Dark was leaving the scene, when a fur ball hit him in his head. A voice could be heard, then.***

Cata: Don't you run away again you coward.

Dark: You must really be special for waking up now.

Cata: The secret is the brains. Something you don't have.

Dark: I don't need it to fight against you.

Cata: You're right. You would only need it for winning against me.

Dark: So, what did you use to make the illusion disappear?

Cata: Dark, Dark, Dark... Haven't you heard yet this: "Curiosity killed the cat"? But I shall answer to your question. In my dream, I was trying to wake up when I remembered that if I caused pain to myself, it would be a lot easier to wake up.

Dark: Very good, Miss Cata. But I don't see any wound not caused by me.

Cata: That's because it's in my back.

***Cata turned around and she had a cut in the middle of it. Dark used the opportunity to attack her while she was unaware. Dark was very quick and beated her with 58 blows. Cata fell on the ground with some wounds.***

Dark: Miss Cata, haven't you heard yet that you shouldn't take your eyes off of your opponent?

Cata: You shouldn't have adopted a cat's form. You're more like a cow-ward.

Dark: That joke is very old...
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on February 22, 2008, 10:01:54 PM
Dark:..., but I'm older.
/me turns into a cow and jumps over Cata, with the intention to suffocate her
Cata: I can't breath... of me...
Dark: Don't worry, Miss Cata, it's just until you are unconscious.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on February 23, 2008, 11:26:53 AM
***Cata starts thinking of a way to get rid of "Darcow" but she couldn't resist for much longer. She had to come with something very quick.

(What is in orange is Cata's thoughts)

Cata: I gotta get away from him... Cow - Milk - Food    Stupid hungry stomach! Let's try again... Cow - Beef - Food    Not again! I'm going nowhere if this continues like this...!
Dark: It's a wonderful day, isn't it Miss Cata?

Cata: Yes... specially... for me!

Cata: Cow vs Cat = Horns vs Claws, Speed and resistance Hmm, I might have a shot if I can hit him in his teats.

***Cata tried to reach Dark's teats but it was just too far away for Cata's arms... Cata was about to choke when she noticed the Cow's tail. Cata grabbed it with one paw, then she pulled herself a little bit but Dark was aware of her plan. Dark moves his tail violentely so that she could remain underneath him. Cata was hanging on by one little paw and she was starting to slip. It looked like she was going to split in two parts. Cata kept holding on the tail and then, surprisingly she caught the tail with the other paw. Cata was now closer to being free. Dark pulled his tail with lots of strenght but Cata was able to not let it go.  Dark lost sensibility on his tail so he thought that Cata had released it. Dark was still with his derriere in Cata's body and he looked at "her". Dark couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing... Cata had escaped from a huge cow while she was choking... Dark searched for her but he couldn't find her. Cata was still on his tail and then she jumped to Dark's head. Dark jumped and moved and ran trying to get rid of her. He looked up and saw 5 claws pointed at his eyes. But when Cata was going to blind him, Dark turned himself into...***
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on February 23, 2008, 01:55:31 PM
... his cat form.
Dark: How about some kitten kung-fu?
Cata: Bring it on!
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Dark: Quit, Miss Cata, you've already lost.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on February 24, 2008, 12:10:43 AM
*Cata fells exhausted,her cat body doesnt allow her to exploit all her skills,her conciousness begins to dissapear when...Alumxander appeared with an antidote,she regains her true form*

Dark:Hey,that aint fair,ya little whippersnapper  :(

Alumxander:She is not yours to be defeated,cat,i would see that yer ass is kicked

Dark:(making some warm up exercises) You sure about that,kiddo? I dont need a big effort to rip yer eyeballs and putting them in yer mouth,y'know

Alumxander:Benten's training has improved my skills,but i shall let my fists do my speaking now


*Both warriors clash,dark manages to slice Alumxander's chest 12 times as well as burning him with soul-fire, but the former cheater delivers 10 straight punches to Dark ribs,breaking them,Alumxander then grabs Dark and performs the German Suplex*

Dark:(vomiting blood) Impossible,you were nothing but a wimpy mother-sucker,benten's training doesnt give this kind of superhuman deeds,answer me

*Dark doesnt receive any answer,alumxander is barely breathing after delivering his attacks to the demon lord*

Dark:I see,the power of yer passion allowed ya to overcome me,even for a small degree of time,and now you lay before me,so fragile

*Dark is about to deliver the coup de grace (finishing blow),but he just simply turns his back to the 2 motionless warriors,he claims his prize (some of cata's money) and proceeds to girl hunt some more*
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Post by: DarkDevil on February 24, 2008, 01:01:18 AM
Caroline: Dark!
Watashi: Where are you going?
Aisha: Come back.
Dark: Damn... tries to find a place to hide Where to?... I've got it!
/me turnsAlumxander into an orange cat, just like Dark, and hides himself in the bushes
Caroline: There you!
Watashi: We've been looking all over for you.
/me grabs alum-cat, and sees Cata fainted.
Caroline: What is Cata? Have you've two been fighting again
Watashi: Don't worry, I'll take her.
/me grabs Cata
Watashi to the suposed Dark: You'll apologise to her as soon as you awake, young man.
/me  and Watashi continue their path carrying Cata and Alumxander with them.
/me gets out of his hide out.
Dark: Finally! Now to...
/me sees Aisha staring at him.
Dark:I...I...I was...
Aisha: I'm hungry, lets go to eat.
/me grabs the real Dark and takes him to a restaurant, in the opposite direction of Caroline and Watashi.
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Post by: cata on February 24, 2008, 01:38:37 AM
Offtopic: You're always running away...!  :(

***Cata wakes up at a place that she had never seen. She thought she had died and she was in the so called "Heaven". Suddenly someone appears. It was Watashi carrying some food and some medicine.***

Watashi: Good to see that you are finnaly awaken. Eat up, take your medicine and leave this place. I wanna have a date with my dear beloved Dark.

Cata: Nice to see you, too. You can have him all for yourself but I have some unfinished business with him first.

Watashi: After all of what you made him suffer?

Cata: Made him suffer? He was always turned himself into weird things and I was just trying to keep myself alive!

Watashi: Oh yeah? Then how do you explain his faint?

Cata: He fainted? Maybe he fainted because of his joy for seeing you... ???

Watashi: Nice try. Hurry up, Miss.

***Watashi left the room and went to Da--- I meant Alumxander's room. He was still sleeping***

Watashi: Honey! I'm back. I'm going to take good care of you. I'm sorry to have left you with this crazy woman that claims to be your wife or whatever she says.

Caroline: Hey! Don't you say such lies in front of him! Deep inside he knows I'm the only one good enough for him.

***Watashi hugged Alumxander's head. Caroline's reaction was to hug his chest. Both of them were getting pretty upset with each other while Alumxander was getting choked and couldn't breathe. Cata opened the door and got surprised for their behaviour. Cata splitted them and restored Alumxander's health condition. Alumxander opened his eyes and saw Cata. Somehow, Cata felt Alumxander's presence in Dark's body but she didn't care much and she was ready to leave the room. Alumxander didn't know yet he was a cat so, he jumped right out of bed, loosing his balance but landing on his paws to stop Cata from leaving him there "alone". Watashi and Caroline got really pissed off with Alumxander's behaviour and got caught and locked in his bed. Cata was kicked out from Watashi's home because they believed that Dark was cheating with Cata. What will happen to Alumxander?***
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Offtopic: He will die...again.
Oh, Miss Cata, just one detail, when you said the name Aisha, I think you meant Caroline. Aisha wasn't in the present moment with Alumxander.
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Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on February 27, 2008, 08:53:10 PM
**Aisha removes her face,it is Kunoichi Kaede,and the restaurant is full of spanking students**

Dark:Oh,damn  :-X

Kaede:Smile,dark-chan,you will be of great use for us spankers  ;D ;D ;D
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on February 27, 2008, 08:58:03 PM
Sand: Welcome dark, you are our VIP guest... Sally Spanknovitch it's here, our top student, will do the graduate in you. ;)

Dark: No!

Kaede: Oh, C'mon dark, she's a gal, with a big front equipment like you like.

Dark. hmmmmm, tasty!

Sally: So cute, this kitty, are you ready? heheheheh
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on February 27, 2008, 09:34:26 PM
Dark: Nope.
/me creates a large quantaty of smoke.
Sand: What *cof* are you doing? *cof*
Kaede: I can't breath.
/me in the restaurant faints.
Dark: Hey, I don't stink that bad... do I?
/me gets out of the restaurant and meets face to face with Cata. They stare to each other for a while.
/me Cata is about to draw an axe or a sword. She searchs for them, but she remembers that Dark has eaten them all.
Dark: What are you doing, Miss Cata?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on February 27, 2008, 09:44:49 PM
*Distracted by Cata,Dark is captured by some of Sandstorm's followers and after 8 hours of endless spanks,darkdevil loses conciousness and is sent to an hospital.Then after his operations,he is finally awakening*

Dark:Ohh,what the hell...? (notices he is all covered by bandages and surrounded by doctors)


Dr. House:I wouldnt try to move if i were you,kitty

Dark:Gregory House?!? Didnt i took away yer soul eons ago?

Dr. House:That is what everybody says,kiddo

Dark:Why am i on a hospital?

Dr. House:What? you prefer to be in a veterinary clinic? Nah,i dont think so,you were sent here after by some goons sent by Shutaro Mendo and a girl named Aisha if i am not mistaken (takes a sip of his coffee)

Dark:I see,how much was my body damaged by that gang of spankers? some bones broken?

Dr. House:(imitating a buzzer) Wrong,all of them were broken as well as 78 % of yer muscles,but dont worry,me and my gang of disciples have managed to save all we could

Dark:All you could?!?

Dr. House:You wont be able to function as you used to,mi amigo,but dont lose hope,just look at the success i am even when my injured leg

Dark:(sarcasm) How helpful  :-\

Dr. House:(grabbing dark and sitting him on a wheelchair) How about i take you for a ride,kitty? there is something i wanna show to you

*After 10 minutes,they arrive into a obscure room*

Dark:What is here?

*Dr. House turns on the lights*


Dr. House:All of this are the medicines you are gonna need to "recover" some of yer body functions

Dark:I cant pay for all of that,i have no wallet

Dr. House:I will find a way for you to pay  })
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on February 27, 2008, 10:23:45 PM
Dark: You want me to revive your left leg muscle?
Dr. House: That would be a strat, but that would only be possible if you were a god or something as powerful as him.
Dark: Two things. Point one, when you treat god as "him", you should treat the other as "someone", not "something". And point two, pass me those drugs.
/me points at some meds and D. House gave to him.
Dark: Have you ever seen drugs coming from a tree in a few moments?
/me takes the meds, and his upper torso strats psining around slowly. A few minutes later Dark was a tree.
Dr. House: Great, now what?
/me branch of the tree reachs a flask and empties it. a straw comes out from the middle of the leafs and a white liquid comes out from it.
/me tree starts burning and revealing Dark holding the flask.
Dark: Put a small amount of this in your coffe every day.
/me  gave the flask to Dr. House.
/me the way out, Aisha was carrying Dark, they see Ataru, with some bandages around his head, flirting with a nurse, while Ten was biting his leg.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on February 28, 2008, 01:39:34 AM
*As they were paying attention to that,aisha and dark didnt notice the stairs and fell,breaking again all of their bones,this was saw by Dr. House*

Dr. House:(asking for a nurse's assistance) Hey,Jane,bring me 2 stretchers,Mr. Sunshine and his girlfriend just injured themselves again,thank you

*After been sent to recover from her injuries,Aisha awakens on a hospital room,darkdevil is nowhere to be seen*

Aisha:Hey,where is my husband?

Nurse:If by "husband" you refer to that talking cat,he is at room 23

Aisha:Thanks (goes running to such room,he finds Dark sleeping calmly as one of the doctors is injecting him with a medicine) what are you putting on my beloved?

Doctor:Well,it is just one of the various medicines Dr. House recommended to this particular fellow,nothing to worry about,lady,it will make him sleep for around 3 hours,he needs that rest (leaves)

Aisha:(sitting aside darkdevil) I wonder if he ever dreams while sleeping

*Meanwhile in Darkdevil's dream*

Note:His dream will be shown in blue colored font

*It appears to be WW2,Darkdevil is chief commander of some unknown army*


Soldier:Boss,we are getting outnumbered by the Fascists,is it worth the effort to nab that man known as Giovane Dinamitardo?

*Dark simply guns down his coward underling (soldier) and commands his army to double the effort.It doesnt take much time for Dark to use his magical powers to make the Fascist Army into cockroaches.Dark's army decides to rest in a mountain nearby*

Soldier:Master Dark,is it true what they say? that Giovane is almost yer equal?

Dark:Look,lets leave things clearly,nobody is my equal,there cant be 2 masters

Soldier:Hmm,ok,if ya say so

*suddenly something comes*


Dark:Dont panic,gentlemen,it is just one of Giovane's monstrous servants,you can take him down while rest here

Soldier:Why arent you gonna help us,master?

Dark:I dont wanna waste my magic in such silly monster,you can have the all the fun

*30 soldiers perished killing the monster but inda end the creature fell before their gunfire*

Dark:Good,now off to Giovane's castle,i have to finish some business with him

*But before he and his army could move any further...*

*Darkdevil awoke on his hospital room*

Aisha:What happens,my love?

Dark:I have to leave here,gotta find Giovane Dinamitardo

*Dark is stopped by Dr. House*

Dr. House:Calm down,little muppet,you arent in conditions to leave the hospital,and what is all that talkning about finding Giovane?

Dark:You dont know him,get away

Dr. House:Ohh,but i do know who you are refering,he was one of the founders of this hospital

Dark:Tell me all you know,Gregory House


Dr. House:Do i look like a historian to you? You better lay down on yer bed (grabs dark and ties him to the bed) dont ya feel more comfortable now? hehehehe
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Post by: FallinG_StaR on June 30, 2008, 01:35:41 AM
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on June 30, 2008, 01:14:50 PM
Offtopic: We know.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: FallinG_StaR on September 23, 2008, 01:19:41 AM
Offtopic: What the hell???

No one died Miss Cata... at least I think so...

The RIP sign was for the Nightmare Battles Topic... because no one posted there anymore... since you, Cosmic, Sand and Dark stoped posting...

So... please don't go killing inocent people...  :icon_mrgreen:
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on September 23, 2008, 01:32:30 AM
maybe we shall start a new plot? :P
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 23, 2008, 10:35:05 PM
Oh...!  LOL I'm such a silly head! So let's include the new members and those who weren't battling along with us. Any ideas for the new NB?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: FallinG_StaR on September 24, 2008, 12:37:52 AM
Start 10 years later...

Tomobichi is facing a new danger from out of space... and the only ones that can save earth (Tomobichi) are the forgotten UY Warriors... Only one problem... they don't know where they are... until they remember a name that could lead them to find the UY Warriors and save Earth... That name is... Cherry... XD
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on September 24, 2008, 12:41:53 AM
We are gonna die. }:|
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on September 24, 2008, 02:19:55 AM
Tomobiki citizens heads to Cherry, who try to avoid his way to summon the lost warriors...
Well, it was enough a payment of 1ton of food for Cherry to change his mind.
He used to like the old warriors, only when they didn't sent his flying out the sky.

In his attempts to locate them, he gets intercepted accidentally by Dark's spirit, who's in meditation in hell.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: FallinG_StaR on September 25, 2008, 12:25:11 AM
Wait Sand I have an Idea...

Who wants to join in this saga should make their own intro... for example...

What he was doing until now... How Cherry found him and bring him back to Tomobichi or Earth...

Its better than we going arround trying to find everyone at the same time... as for the rest we will insert then in the story as it progresses...

But this is just an idea...
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on September 25, 2008, 12:59:23 AM
yes, it's a good one...
who starts? and... what about we include in the plot our team partners too? like ody with belldandy and so on
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Post by: FallinG_StaR on September 25, 2008, 01:25:38 AM
LoL... yes that's would be good to... because you want to be Sand and Kaede... LoL
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on September 25, 2008, 01:37:52 AM
yeah :P
she was a fun person to team up btw, wish one day she would appear  ^_^
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Post by: cata on September 25, 2008, 01:55:56 AM
So... may I be the first?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on September 25, 2008, 02:09:30 AM
yes please, ladies first.

Sand winks at his 'old' friend
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 25, 2008, 02:58:31 AM
Ok... Here goes.

***10 years after the 1st UYWFB (Urusei Yatsura's World Fan Battle) began some warriors took trips and left the known land to never been seen ever since. Some warriors kept training. Others enjoying peace and resting. A group of scientists discovered a group of VOS (Vandals of Space) that were planing to harm Tomobichi. The VOS' reputation is based on the families and the people that they have bothered and murdered. Actually The VOS are responsible for destroying 38% of plantes on the Universe. The Police can't do anything about it. No one can. Tomobichi is doomed. Or am I wrong? In fact there's a solution but to find it... we have to speak to the one that provoques vomits just by looking at his face. Yes, you got it right. I'm talking about Cherry. Our second adventure begins with Cherry travelling around Tomobichi to inform the UY warriors of the danger. Cherry first stop is in front of a closet in the middle of an abandoned art school.***

Cherry (thinking to himself): Hmm... I sense a strong energy coming from this closet. This ain't no ordinary closet.

***Cherry knocks at the closet's door to get some answer or to make the door open but nothing happened. Cherry knocked harder... and even harder but the Closet remained closed and silent.***


Closet: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

***Cherry grabs a huge hammer and aims it towards the closet, then prepares to hit it and then the closet's doors open widely. Someone in a PJs comes out and everyone could see she was really sleepy.***


Cata: Dude... chill out. I was taking a nap.


Cata: Huh? You serious? Well in that case... see you again in 10 years.

Cherry: I have something important to tell you! You can't go. You have a mission.

Cata: A mission you say? What kind of mission you have for me?

Cherry: Maybe breakfast would help me to explain it better to you.

Cata: Forget it creep. I know you too well to fall for that one. Now, if you'll excuse me I'll go to sleep.

Cherry: You must not go. Tomobichi is in danger! You and the rest of the warriors must fight to protect it!

Cata: Keep dreaming but watch out for the bedside table.

Cherry: I'm serious. Would you like if our planet were destroyed?

Cata: What? Who and how are he or she going to turn our planet into shreds?

Cherry: Have you ever heard about The VOS?

Cata: Yeah once or twice but I wasn't paying any atention. I was at my Spaceshift Driving Lessons.

Cherry: You fool! You should always have your ears and eyes really open and always looking for information.

Cata: Whatever. What else can you tell me about this mission?

Cherry: The VOS aren't 163 members anymore. They're 402284 members now according to the data of yesterday. Everyday 245 members are added now. Only 29 dies of old age.

Cata: Old age? I wonder why after 10 years you're still alive.

Cherry: You should respect the elders.

Cata: I know but you don't desearve respect. You desearve being hit. Thanks for the visit but I'm really tired. Have a nice day Cherry.

***Cata locks herself inside of the closet but she could still hear Cherry's voice.***

Cherry: Then I guess you don't want this letter from Tomobichi's Government and Secret Services. Aw well... So we're really doomed.

***Cata quickly gets out of the closet.***

Cata: Alright I'm out of the closet. Give me the letter and explain whatever you want that is important for the mission because I accept the mission.

Cherry: Good! And I accept your lunch's invitation.

Cata: I didn't invite you to anything at all.

Cherry: Nowadays youngsters can't remember what they said 5 minutes ago.

Cata: Here's an apple. Now hurry up with the details because I have lot of stuff to do.

Cherry: In this letter you'll find everything you need to know.

*** Cata read the letter and packed her stuff and went to the Training Forest to get herself ready to some action. After Cherry's meeting  with Cata, he decided to meet...
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on September 25, 2008, 03:41:52 AM
*After battling some zombies at the forest,Cata decides to eat some chicken at a restaurant nearby and after she finished eating,she realizes she has no money on her wallet*

Waiter: Is there any problem,mademoiselle?

Cata: Well,It seems I dont have any money :o

Waiter: I am afraid you will have to come with me

*Cata and the waiter arrive at the last floor of the restaurant,Cata feels a strong and demonic aura nearby,the waiter presents himself before an unknown man*

??: What have you brought me now?

Waiter: Another deadbeat customer,my lord

??: I see,you may leave now

Waiter: Ok (leaves)

??: (talking to Cata) I must admit you have guts for trying to eat without paying,kuso,but now you must suffer the consequences of such offense (using a quick movement of his hand,he manages to destroy Cata's armored chestplate)

Cata: Cant we solve our problems without violence?

??: Silence,baka onna,you sealed yer fate when you decided to cheat me (reveals himself) COLONEL SANDERS!!!


Cata: WTF?!?!?

Sanders: I am capable of destroying you with the weakest of all my ougis,but I will give you a chance to live if you become a spokeswoman for my restaurant,you would look absolutely cute with a dress

Cata: NEVER!!!

Sanders: I see you decided to become the bride of death instead of my offer of fame and fortune

Cata: Even if you beat me,you would only gain my flesh,not my soul,cabron (prepares to battle)

Sanders: Good,I will chisel that phrase in your gravestone,prepare to sleep forever

*Both fighters start their bloody battle without realizing they have an audience*
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...well, Cherry decides to meet the spanking maniac named SandStorm.
He travels to the last knew spot from Sand, to Portugal. Cherry infiltrates himself in the kitchen from one commercial flight Jet from mendo's air service, that's leading to Portugal.

Once they arrive, or let it be, Cherry was discovered and kicked out in flight from the plane (don’t ask how the plane didn’t lost his cabin pressure at 1000 feet’s high, and cherry survived the fall) he arrives, or better, crash in what was Sand house

Cherry: hmmmm… this house looks abandoned for ages… Let me see the fridge… Ah, spam food BANZAI! (and starts eating all the food there, even if some got their validity expired 10 years ago)

he keeps walking around each corner from the house, he see one letter, and some routes in one plasma powered laptop

Cherry: Now I understand the sadness around this place… I shall give up on him, nowhere to be found near…

in the moment cherry was to leave, he get’s stuck in one trap that enables the spank-the-invader 1420TR-S Limited Edition spanking machine who start’s spanking violently Cherry, sending him in flight, crashing in the upper level of the house, and hitting one self-destroy button












Cherry: Who dear lord, might every soul around this place rest in…


Cherry: I have no regret in my life styyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyleeeeeeeee …

And disappears in the sky, leading to space.

>>>ATTENTION! Intruder approaching, intruder approaching<<<


in this moment Sand see cherry in the PTCS sky-rover windshield

Cherry: sorry about your house we need to talk!

Sand: No way I’ll let you in, I almost had one accident, and I need to take care of my 15 children and…

Hon, let him in, I have one surprise for our old monk friend. And Kaede appears, grinning, one evil grin

Cherry: tomobiki is in great danger. We need your help to protect it from the VOS. Have you heard about them?

Sand: Yeah, when I taught Cata how to drive one spaceship I told her…

Cherry: Oh?

Sand: Well, time’s over, thank’s for the visit appear anytime soon, we gotta stuff to do.

Cherry: Stop! Help us please!

Kaede: Or?...

cherry gulps, seeing her and the kids with diverse masochism artefacts

Cherry: (murmuring) no one respect the old man anymore… (now normal) OR I WILL BLOW YOUR HOUSE! (and does one angel face)

Sand: ok old folk count me in, we need some good distraction anyway.

transform cherry into one rock statue, and kaede spanks him back to Earth, making him land in his tent.

Now, it’s time for another visit…

Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 25, 2008, 10:13:50 PM
***Meanwhile... Cata is busy running away because Sanders doesn't give her any chance to attack.***

Cata: Won't you ever get tired?

Sanders: How about you missy?

Cata: I ain't a fat ass so it's hard for you to keep up with me.

Sanders: How insolent! You'll pay for the meal and for your lack of education!

Cata: But I won't pay for your hospital bill after this.

***Sanders keeps chasing and trying to hit Cata with an iron chain. Cata keeps running and evading Sanders' attacks. Cata noticed the lamp in the center of the room's ceiling. Cata ran towards the wall and jumped from the wall to the lamp. Sanders kept throwing the chain to harm Cata but she balanced like Tarzan on the lamp and evaded the attacks. Cata's weight made the lamp falling and her balancing made the lamp land right on Sanders. Sanders didn't die but was realy hurt. Cata fell on the ground but she could handle the landing.***

Sanders: Get me out of here! NOW!

Cata: Nah... the lamp suits you.

Sanders: Stop joking around and help me!

Cata: How would that be a good deal for me?

Sanders: I'll let you leave for free.

Cata: Dude... I can do that right now. If that's all you have to offer, I'll decline it.

Sanders: What do you want?

Cata: Hmmm... Nothing I guess.

Sanders: So you're gonna let me here all by myself?

Cata: I guess so. Have fun fat ass.

***Sanders screams and yells for someone to help him but Cata locked the door and took the key with her. Meanwhile, Cherry was travelling to meet with another Hero...***
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Kroptik: And this is the Eiffel Tower, one of Paris' landmarks, built over 100 years ago.
/me and Iridia are touring around the world, sightseeing and enjoying the time of peace *

Iridia: It really is tall, but... what's that on top.

Kroptik *looking too*: Dunno, let's get closer.
/me approaches his spaceship to the top of the tower, and they both see a statue of what looks like Cherry *

Iridia: Isn't that the deranged monk from Tomobiki? Didnt' know he was famous around here too.

Kroptik: He's not... Besides, that's not a normal statue. Can't you sence life from it?

Iridia: Now youm mention it...

* They use the ship's tractor beam to bring the statue to the ship and Iridia breaks it with a powerful kick, releasing Cherry from his rocky prison *

Cherry: Thank you miss. Glad I found you both. The Earth needs your help.

Kroptik: Whoa, whoa, calm down. What happened to you?

Cherry: You can thank your friend SandStorm for that, but it doesn't matter right now. Have you ever heard of the VOS?

Kroptik/Iridia: Of course we have.
Kroptik: They attacked Tecas some years ago, but fortunently we won, at great costs though.

Cherry: Well, they've grown, and they're coming to destroy the Earth.

Kroptik: OK, so I guess you're reuniting all the warriors again?

Cherry: Yes, you're needed back in Tomobiki.

Kroptik: Very well. Need a ride back to Tomobiki?

Cherry: Don't mind one at all.

Kroptik: OK. (Kroptik opens the ship's hatch) Sis, can you do the honors?

Iridia: Sure big brother!
* She gives Cherry a kick that sends him flying towards Tomobiki *

Cherry (fading away): No one respects the elders anymore...

Kroptik (telepathically to Cherry): Ti's fate.
(normally): Nice kick, sis. Now let's head back home.
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***Kroptik, Iridia, Cata and SandStorm were having a meeting in Tomobiki. One of the problems that was discussed was that they need more members to have a chance to defeating the VOS and saving the Planet.***

OFFTOPIC: care to join us veehive, dak, oni, uruseineo, etc?
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Post by: DarkDevil on October 06, 2008, 10:56:35 PM
Offtopic: I'm always here, Miss Cata.
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Post by: cata on October 06, 2008, 10:59:47 PM
Offtopic: Dark care to join us in our battle?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on October 06, 2008, 11:08:59 PM
/me  Tomoboki Highschool, Kroptik, Iridia, Cata and SandStorm were about ti sit to start the meeting. Suddenly the center of the table starts burning
Cata: Dark, enough of the "evil entering" and sit down.
/me  comes out of the flames and does as he's told.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on October 06, 2008, 11:10:14 PM
Offtopic: Thank you Dark. Who's joining? Anyone?
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Post by: DarkDevil on October 06, 2008, 11:11:49 PM
Offtopic: I'm still waiting for Cosmic.
Another #666 post.
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Post by: veehive on October 06, 2008, 11:42:06 PM
Offtopic: (I can't type that fast [and I definitely don't think that fast] ! If the right moment in the story presents itself and I think I can actually contribute something worthwhile, I may jump in ....)
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Post by: cata on October 07, 2008, 10:50:01 PM
Offtopic: Veehive just introduce your character now and whenever you want to join the fun, just post.
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offtopic: yup. just waiting for more warriors to post here. ;)
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(an hour later ... boredom has set in.)

Cata: " ... Waiting ...."

SandStorm, Kroptik and Iridia: "... Yeah ...?"

Cata:  "It's my least-favorite thing to do."

Sand, Kroptik & Iridia: "...yeah ...."

Dark: "Very true"

SandStorm -- (takes a breath) "Well, let's get started we can't wait too much longer for .... " He stops mid-sentence, listening.

They all hear it.


"Out in the hall"

"and ... voices? ... no, no: one voice"

Kroptik and Iridia (to each other): "someone talking ... to himself?"

Sand: "It's either the noisiest dumbest VOS advance scout ever ...

(the klink of weapons being readied stirs the air)

"... or it's one of those damned otaku-tourists."

(Everyone groans and slumps back into their chairs)

Dark: "Anyone got a pre-emptive aspirin?"

A figure appears in the doorway, stops, and leans into the room, looking around wide-eyed: "Wowww ... so, this must've been .. the old school stores ... (sees the group sitting there) Oh! Sorry! Sorry! Didn't mean to interrupt. Is, umm .. is this part of the tour? Does anyone know?"

The five sit in stony silence, hoping the otaku-tourist can take a hint.

"... 'cause, this was ... the old school stores (if I'm right) ... which meeeeans ... it was also ... the Fujiname's Hama Tea Shop when they moved into the school."

still no response.

"... 'course, I don't know what's become of it since they turned the school into a museum, although I hearrrrd ... that it was going to re-open as a Mister Lum-Chan's Takoyaki Shop. Nothing says Goooood Morning like the taste of Fried Octopus Balls, don't ya think?"

Suddenly, ....
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: FallinG_StaR on October 08, 2008, 06:51:20 AM
Suddently, ... a eerie looking, masked man puts his hand on the otaku-tourist shoulder and pushes him into the room... while closing the doors behind...

The five still sit in stony silence... as the Masked man starts to remove is mask still facing the doors... while the otaku-tourist takes photos of the room and from the other 5 Warriors... faces...  :P

The mask is off and the man suddenly turns around...

Falling Star: HELLOOOOOOOO... Did you guys missed me???  :icon_mrgreen:

Everyone falls of the chairs... and still the otaku-tourist taking photos...

Falling:  :-\ I'll take that as a "Yes"...

Otaku T: That was a great entrance... Sir...

Falling: Yes, I know...

Cata (getting up): Why you son of a ...

Falling: Easy there Miss Cata... that's not the way a lady should talk...

Cata: I'll give you the lady... (picks up her sword and jumps to the table)

But unfortunatly... for miss Cata... Cherry pops up and an explosion occurs... and makes Cata fall to the ground again... as well as everyone else...

Cherry: Oh... I see you already here... I wanted to tell them... (Gets hit in the head from several types of blunt weapons)

Cata: Dammed monk...

Sand: Crap... I broke my spank stick... and it was brand new... Anyway... Welcome back Falling-senpai.

Kroptik: Speak for yourself... I wish I would never have to see is face again...  :/

Falling: Haha... Btw, I think I destroyed your ship while landing... You need to get something bigger... Oh... Look... if it isn't the beautiful Miss Iridia... How are you, my sweet? (kisses her hand)

Suddently a big crash is eard and a red hoverbike is standing where once was a table...

Benten: Why you dirty womenizer... I turn my back for a sec and you already after other girls... (pulls out a chain) prepare for some goddly punishment...

Sand: Ouch... now thats some real spanking...

Kroptik: Yeah... now thats unlucky for him...  :P

Dark: Another doomed soul...

Cata: Haha... he deserves it...

After a few minutes of beating...

Benten: Well I think that's enough... Don't try to do it again... Or else...

Falling (all bruised): Yes dear... I wont do it again...

Everyone: Dear???

Benten: Yes... dear... isnt that what married people call each other???

Everyone: Married?

Falling: Unfortunatly...

Benten: What did you say?

Dark & Otaku: Please don't hit us but he said "unfortunatly"...

Benten: He did???

Starts beating Falling again...

Falling (screaming): Damm you Evil cat demon... and you Otaku guy... you'll pay...

A few minutes later... Falling is in the floor more black than white... XD

Iridia: Are you ok Mr. Falling? Do you need any help?

Falling (instantly recovering, grabs her hand): Oh... this must be heaven... I must be dead... cause I'm seeing an angel before me...

Benten: DARLING!!!!!!!

Falling: Oh... Crap... I forgot she was here...  :-X

And so while the other warriors watched scared in a corner... Falling was getting beat up... by his lovely wife... But while they wait for the other heroes to show up...

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Post by: cata on October 08, 2008, 12:57:01 PM
***Someone comes in with a huge plate of tasty-looking food. It was a lady in a maid costume and she said that someone who didn't want to be recognized sent it to them as a "welcome". Everyone stopped what they were doing except for the lovely couple and sat around the dining table in the room and got ready to enjoy the delicious meal.***

Cata: Yo Benten! Take care of your stuff at home. Besides, we need all your energy when we face the VOS. Anyways, WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME ABOUT YOUR MARRIAGE WITH FALLING?!?!!?

Benten: Aiight (alright) but only because you asked. Next time I won't stop this early, you hear me honey?

Falling:... ite... hai dear.


Benten: If I didn't tell you it's all because of you don't you think?

Cata: WHAT?!?!

Benten: Yeah you were sleeping for 10 years just like a rock! You didn't even answered the phone!

Cata: Oh... hehe... oops... Anyways, let's just enjoy the meal! =D

***Falling and Benten sat at the table. Falling tried to sit right next to Iridia but Benten took that sit first.***

Cata: Itadakimasu! (Cata grabbed a huge turkey and right when she was about to bite the first piece of the turkey, Sand hit the food and it fell to the floor) Hey! If you wanted the turkey you could have asked for it!

Sandstorm: Haven't you noticed?

Cata: Noticed what?

Dark: Cherry isn't eating.

Cata: O_O Huh? (staring at Cherry) You're right... Is he sick? That's impossible!

Sandstorm: Cata no baka. Something must be wrong with the food that the mystery person sent us.

Cata: O_O That means I could be dead right now if I had ate a little piece of that delicious-looking turkey? *gulp*

Falling: Exactly.

Benten: Cherry, stop meditating and tell us what is wrong with this food.

Cherry: I sence an evil spirit in this room. It probably is inside the food that nice beautiful maid brought us.

Kroptik: Aren't you a monk? What the hell are you waiting for? Exorcist it!

Cherry: I can't.

Everyone: ?!?!?! You can't? What do you mean?

Cherry: I'm taking a vacation.

*** Exlosion, UY warriors falling, rage, mallets, tables, chairs, hammers, etc flying...***

Benten and Cata: A vacation!?!?! You damned monk! I'll sent you to a nice vacation called "Coma" !

Dark: Everyone! Quiet now!

*** Silence invade the room. Dark was sencing a strange presence. Dark was feeling watched (due to his cat skills). Dark noticed security cameras in every part of the room: windows, food, books, floor, ceiling, doors, walls, paintings, magazines, broken TV set, etc.***

Dark (telepathy): We are being watched from every single part of this room. Act normal. I can't find out if "they" can listen to us or not, that's why I'm using telepathy.***
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: FallinG_StaR on October 09, 2008, 12:49:13 AM
Falling: (whispering) Act normal?! There's a freaking camera coming out of the turkey ass...

Edit: Sry... couldn't resist...  :icon_mrgreen: ;D
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on October 09, 2008, 03:07:35 AM
Sand: Spank the turkey A55 instead!

not a spank, but was a kick in it, the turkey got fragmented, and the camera hit several parts of the hall, ending in the table, sparking

Falling: your mom never taught you to not play with food?

Sand: Blame Dark, i learnt some bad manners with him, lol XD
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Post by: dak on October 09, 2008, 09:00:34 AM
From the dark corner of the room, dak walk out, noone notice him, look like they are busy with watching Benten beat out FallinG.
He standing there, look at the group.
And without a word he retreat back to darkness.
In his mind: I will return when the circus show done, and they start the meeting.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on October 09, 2008, 09:57:25 PM
Offtopic: Dak* you didn't introduce yourself, you weren't even in the goddamned room dude... =S


***The other cameras set the alarm and a bunch of VOS grunts entered the room. Each VOS Unit had armor made out of nomex and the brand new Gravity Melting Laser 720 Gun "GML720" for short (here's a pic of it):


Sand broke two chair's feet and got two improvised spank sticks. He was ready for some action. Cata grabbed her 2 handed addy sword. Benten let her hair wild and grabbed her chain as a weapon. Dark get back to fight them using strategy and smarts instead of brute force. Cherry was now ready to eat the blasted turkey. The rest of the gang got ready to escape the trap the VOS have set for them. Btw, here's a photo of a VOS:


Falling: Thanks Sand... --'

Sand: A little exercise once in a while is good for you. You don't wanna get fat do you?

Falling: I'll never get fat. I can't get fat because there's lot of gir... I mean there's lot of work to get done.

Benten: Grrr... watch your tongue honey...

Cata: Cut it out you two! We need you to focus on battling THEM! Not battling each other!
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: DarkDevil on October 09, 2008, 11:06:49 PM
Dark: It doesn't matter, they would die anyway.
Kroptik: Now, who will we start first?
Cata (already fighting): MAYBE ANYONE OF THEM?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: SandStorm on October 10, 2008, 03:37:24 AM
offtopic: nice avatar dark, good choice

Sand: Bah, some spells on the way! SANDSTAR ATTACK!

the energy ball blast one vos, the others conter attack with their guns.
Kroptik sprout his wings and protect them.[/b]

Cata: Wings?

Kroptik: Long story. Anyway, I am one living battery so, i could absorb that energy, but...

Sand: Watch out, batteries when overcharged and without protection circuit explode.

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Post by: FallinG_StaR on October 10, 2008, 04:06:55 AM
Offtopic: WoOw... Sand had to go back to the past (Deathmatch) to find Kroptik powers... XD
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: dak on October 10, 2008, 04:20:39 AM
Dak: look like it getting hot here.
Without a word he sneak behind one VOS and stab it with his dagger. Look down at his fallen opponent, he vanish in the dark and sneak behind another VOS.
Offtopic: Where battle for our gooddess is, there i am. ;D I will introduce myself later, my lady
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Post by: FallinG_StaR on October 10, 2008, 05:28:22 AM
Offtopic: Well just to tell him not posting here anymore... I was making an exelent post and after so much work I pressed "post"... and what happened??? Session timed out... my heart almost stoped... I rapidly loged in again... to find out that all was gone... only this message was there... "The following error or errors occurred while posting this message:
The message body was left empty."

I almost killed... the computer... and modem and keyboard... that I will need to buy a new one...  }:| still amazed it works broken in half... ;D

But yeah... I'm so depressed right now... that I don't want to see this topic again... and the stress of the thing... erased my memory I dont remember anything... God Damn Internet Explorer...
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Then someone turned on a big light and the shadows disappear as well as the mysterious guy... while the warriors run to the front door. Then one of the VOS soldiers trows a grenade at them but Sand creates a sand wall that protects them from the explosion but not from the shock waves that send the warriors flying out the door

Kroptik: Ouch! My wing! its broken

Cata: Is everyone Ok? Besides Kroptik...

Everyone: Yes!

Benten: Oh My God! Where's Falling???

Kroptik: Where's my sister???

Dark: Hmm! this doesn't look good!

Sand: Hehe! Falling! runned away with Iridia ;D

Cata: Shut up Sand… don't make things worse…

As the dust settled down… they see Iridia sitting on top of Falling…

Kroptik: Are you ok sis???

Iridia: Yes… I am… I landed in something soft…

Falling (muffled voice): I can't breath… Get off…

Iridia (surprised): Oh… I'm sorry mister…

Falling: Pheww… I tough I was going to die… Btw, nice panties Miss Iridia ;D


Falling: What??? I didn't do anything…

Dark: Here we go again…

As Benten was about to hit Falling… the dust cloud cleared and what our heroes saw was not to their liking…

Cata: Uh-Oh… Where in big trouble now…

The heroes see them self's in the middle of hundreds of VOS soldiers and above them hundreds more ships where hovering above them…

Cata: Quickly grab your guns… (looks around her waist) Oh… no… I droped all my guns…

Sand: Don't worry… start running… I'll hold them back…

Suddenly a loud noise of a powerful V8 engine… is heard… and soon after that a bright red race car comes down the street and stops in front of our heroes…

Falling: WTF?!... It's you…

Dark: You?? Who?

Sand (looking at the driver): Omg… it's the camera guy…

Cata: You mean the Otaku tourist???

Kroptik: Looks like it…

Otaku: Hi there… thanks for leaving me behind…

Cata: Hehe… Sorry… you know in that situation… we kinda panicked… and you know…

Otaku: No I don't… Anyway I'm here to help you guys… and girls…

Falling: Hmm… and what's your name friend?

Otaku: My name is Veehive the greatest Racing pilot in the world…

Cata: So??? What are you waiting… to help us…

Veehive: Oh right… sorry…

Veehive presses a blue button on the dashboard and activates a force field around them…

Sand: Cool… I want one too… ;D

Next Veehive presses a flashing red button… and a red bright energy pulse erases every VOS on sight…

Kroptik (sobbing on his sister lap): Is it over yet??? Are the bad guys gone?

Dark: Ah… nice hero you turned out to be…

Kroptik: Oh yeah… so what the hell are you doing inside the trunk of the car???

Dark: Was just making sure there are no VOS in here…

Everyone: Yeah right…

As the sun set in the horizon… our heroes… survived another hard battle… but the war wasn't over yet…
In space… on the VOS Mother ship… a dark and sinister figure… is watching our heroes on the main screen…

Unnamed: You may have won the battle Tomobiki scum… but you will never win the War… Muahahahahahahahahahahah a Muahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahaha…

And so the Next day…

Offtopic: Remembered almost all of it... but its different... the other one was funnier...  :icon_mrgreen:
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Offtopic: Falling* no problemo! =D It's awesome!


*** The next day, our brave heroes were hiding (strategicaly hiding themselves) from the VOS inside of a dark cage. Inside, they found computers and many small devices. Benten analysed the gadgets and the computer and noticed the VOS mark.***

Benten: Holy gun!

Falling: What?!? What?!?! What have you discovered?!?!?!

Benten: This--- This--- This used to be a VOS' base.

Cata: Are you sure?

Cherry (suddenly appears between Benten and Cata): Yes, she's sure.

***Explosion! Everyone taking their frustrations out on Cherry.***


Veehive: We could try to get more information about the VOS from the computer and these gadgets.

Falling: Nice idea. Let's see...

Benten: I can handle this.

***(Half-hour later...)***

Benten: Eureka!

Cata: Is it done?

Benten: Yep! I got the coordinates of the other bases but they could be old just like this one.

Kroptik: What else?

Benten: I have here the prototypes of their weaponry, armor and vehicles.

Veehive: But those could have been improved after they left this area.

Dark: Very true...

Iridia: Isn't there a date or something in those documents?

Benten: I can't read this. They use a code and the key to it isn't stored in this CPU.

Cata: Then how do you know the coords and the prototypes stuff?

Benten: The prototypes are drawed. I can get an idea of what they're using. The coords are universal for every planet, except the Earth.

Cata: You racists! xD

Veehive: Anyways, we could go to these bases and investigate there. We just gotta be very careful because we don't know which ones have troops and which ones haven't.

Kroptik: We'll have to find out.

*** The warriors were preparing to leave the cage when Cherry activated the alarm when he tripped on a red wire. The entrance to the cave got shut down and a bunch of robots came from the walls, floor and ceiling.***
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Someone turn on the big light, without darkness, dak have to retreat from the fight.
He appear again in a tree's shadow not far from that place.
Dak: damn they are surrounded. I can't fight in daylight so you guys have to deal with them all by yourself.
He said that and vanish.
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Cata: Dak... Dakoward (the coward). Sorry... no time to be joking around.

Benten: You're right. We can't joke but we can play.

***Our brave and ONLY brave warriors kept fighting the robots. Cherry sat and drank a cup of tea.***

Kroptik: Hey! Creepy monk! How about doing something useful?

Cherry: I am helping you.

Kroptik: Really?With what? Let me guess... Oh I know! You're saving a place for the rest of us.

Cherry: No you fool! I'm analysing the robots' movements so I can predict them and teach you the best way to deal with them.

Kroptik: And you have to be there sitting and enjoying a cup of tea?!?!

Cherry: I can't do it with an empty stomach.

Cata: What about your empty head?

Cherry: Insolent! No one respects the elders anymore.

Dark: Indeed.

Sand: Which one is your side Dark?

Dark: That one. The Darkside.

Sand: -.-'  Aside from that side...

Dark: Oh. The truth.

*** Finally the robots were all defeated and the warriors could prepare the next mission.***
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offtopic: how can you know me when i haven't introduce myself?
That night is a no moon light. Dak walk back to that place. The VOS army have gone but they left a small group to guard that place. They set a a small camp near that place and don't use light, look like they think those warriors will back.
Dak: Fools.
He enter the house, it a mess but empty. Corse of those fallen VOS have been removed, no human's blood on floor.
Dak: look like they were able to run or ... be caught alive.
He walk around and pick up a gun.
Dak: this thing must belong to one of them.
Suddenly the door open, those VOS get in.
Their leader: search carefully, one of them must back to pick the gun, it didn't have change to left the house.
They separated and search each inch of floor.
After a while, one of VOS grunt: sir no sight of life sir
Another one: sir the gun disappear sir
Their leader: impossible, how...
He don't have change to finish his words. Dak pull his dagger out of that VOS back.
One of those VOS knee down: sir what wrong sir... he's dead.
The rest: what? How?
One of them: there are an assassin ...
He is the second one, silence, dak kill them, one by one. The last one try to run to the door, he succeed but when Death has his prey, he will never let it go. Dak's dagger hit its target.
He walk out, pick up his dagger and look at the sky.
Dak: Mother darkness, guide me.
And vanish.
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/me creatures in the darkness, they've been watching Dak.
One of the creatures: Pathetic! Such a waste of energy he used. No wonder that he's such a low level being.
/me other character just look at the first, no sound have been emited.
One of the creatures (still the first one): I know we must find him.

/me  our heros seems to be unable to proceed to the next VOS Secret Base, for they are surronded by VOS warriors.
Benten (sarcasm): "We must move on quickly to the next base.", "But Kroptik needs to heal his wing", "No, it's ok, I can make it", You can't even run!
Kroptik: Soorry, but I've lost the habit of running when I gained these wings!
Cata (Finding no way out): This is no time for argues!
Sand: Lets end this! SANDSTAR ATTACK!
/me Large energyball is created and thrown against the VOS! But the VOS had a machine that was similar to an earth vacuum-cleaner, which reduced the energy ball until it could only light a small leaf that was on the ground, near the VOS.
Sand :o: How... How can this be?
/me throws cherry and fortunatly he hits a VOS, but still there was too many.
Iridia (Finds a doll on the floor): What is this?
Falling (looking at the skeleton doll): It's just a doll. And look, it's smiling at you, Iridia.
/me was going to grab the cute doll, when, just the touch of her finger on the doll, made a green and red eletric charge start spinning around the toy.
Everyone: ???
Dark: hum... I wasn't expecting them so soon.
/me  ground starts opening in half, as bats with strange glowing eyes appear from the sky and flying by the side of the electrify doll. Appearing too female demonic creatures from the underworld.
Dark: Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you, my personal bodyguards from the Underworld, Miss Mimi and Miss Minnie
Minnie: Master, we've returned to you as promised.
Dark: I wasn't excpecting you two so soon.
Minnie (Embracing Dark from one side, While Mimi was embracing by the other side): We tryed our best to hurry ourselves up, but sooner we weren't able to come.
Dark: There was no wo...
Kroptik (interrupts dark speech, while being stangulated by a VOS): COULD YOU ATLEAST HLP US!
Dark: Oh, ok.
/me nods at Mimi. Mimi's eyes start glowing red. Every weapon that the VOS had blowed up, half of the VOS died. Than she opens one of her claws and a beam comes out of it destroying almost all of the VOS that survived. The VOS started retreating, but Minnie's eyes strated glowing green, tentacles comes out of her back And she starts hunting each and every last VOS, like a... some impossible creature that makes no effort of killing them in a very savage way.
Everyone:  :o
Cata: How... How..
Minnie (back to her aspect, with Mimi imitating her movements): We are above any kind of demons you all have ever faced, and we've got only one objective to protect and serve our Master, The highest Demon of All, Our beloved DarkDevil.
Everyone: :/
Minnie: He could have swift such insignifican aglomeration of pest, not even moving on finger.
Everyone (looking at Dark):  }:|
Dark: What?! It was so easily that it wouldn't be much of a fight.
Falling (holding Mimi's... claw): Hi, I'm the Unstopable FallinG_StaR.
/me says nothing, just onpens her claw, and closes it squeezing Falling's Hand.
Minnie: She never speaks, she doesn't know how to speake.
Falling (in agony): :-X
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offtopic: i knew that i should turn on the energy detected system sooner but anyway it never too late.
Dak: look like those strangers stop following me. Who are they? They are much more powerful than those VOS.... Damn, let those strangers follow in such a long time, i so careless.

He say it at the same time he thrust his dagger into his hand. He pull out his dagger, something come out from the wound, it not blood, it dark, look like smoke. He look at his wound and that strange thing coming out from his body. Slowly, the wound close. And that thing has made a small smoke on the group. He knee down and look into it, slowly, an imagine appear, it not very clear.
It look like a group of people. Suddenly the smoke vanish. He stand up and look around slowly, so sight of strange energy or life except some rats and birds. And he vanish.

The next day, Dak walk slowly inside the cave those Heroes used to hide. Lying on the group is the remains of some thing look like somekind of robot, a lot of one.

Dak: a swarm of robot, fools, if such a thing could take them down, they wouldn't have lived until now.

He search around, and find a machine, a computer, he type on the keyboard. A screen appear, it a map, the one who did work last time didn't shut down what he was doing.

Dak: uhm, i have to search every place on this map.

He touch the screen for a while.

Dak: done, i got the map. Time to go ... or not

He look back and wait. For a while, a group of VOS enter the cave, this time they go with a big VOS:
( (

Dak smile: so they serious this time.

He get something out of his back, it is a big scythe.

Dak: hope this damn thing can do some damage to that " Big Daddy".
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Sand: Ok well, let's try another thing: EARTHQUAKE!

one earthquake with the power of several earthquakes, thyphoons, etc strickes the place
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Offtopic: Why did I grabed the red one hand/claw??? I don't like red colored people... I'm more of a white & green guy... XD
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Falling you mean Lum or Sporting fans? xD (Sporting is a portuguese soccer team.)
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Offtopic: SCP FTW!!!!!!! XD
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Offtopic: is better you be from sporting than porto.

regards from one benfica fan! xD
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Offtopic: Well portuguese people that had my ex-e-mail MUST know that I'm a Sporting supporter. Anyways... I like Porto more than Benfica... =X Maybe it's just because of its colour. xD

So does anyone have an idea for continuing the story? I can't think of anything right now. X_x
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Offtopic: I need a week to understand Dark and Dak posts... (really don't go bringing up daemon girls that come out of dolls... and giant minotaur/dragon guys... we kinda get lost in your stories... still good job...)... then I'll see what I can do... XD

Btw, try going along the time line... set up in previous post...
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Offtopic: i try my best to keep up with the group but servant of darkness can only work in darkness so when i came you guy have already left, such a slow turtle i am  ;D
and i though have more kinds of VOS will make the story more interest
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Cata: "The tremors are doing as much damage to us as they are to the VOS!"

Kroptik (being showered with debris):  "Ow! You're telling me?! Hey, Sand! Stop the -- ouch! -- stop the -- OUCH! -- CUT THE QUAKE, SAND!

Sand (disappointed, but shutting down the earthquake): "But, it was a really good trick. Right? Right?"

Falling: "We were moved. Literally."

Benten: "We better "move" , and now! The VOS are getting back on their feet. Anyone have any ideas? What are we going to do?"

"Get out of here." It was Veehive

Cata: "We are not retreating, damnit!"

Veehive: "We're not retreating, we're ... making a ... strategic re-location and re-grouping...."

Dark (to Cata): "... meaning: we're retreating." Cata growled her displeasure.

Kroptik: "But how? Your racecar is only good for one, and Benten's airbike can only carry two."

Veehive: "Have to switch vehicles. We'll take the O.B.V."

all: "The O.B.V.?"

Veehive: "... The Old Beater Van."

He pointed to an old cargo van. Beaten, used & abused, covered with 30 years worth of dents and rust.

Sand: "THAT?!? THAT ... THING ???? It's a death trap!"


Forgotten: "I call frontsies!"

Veehive: "JUST GET IN !!!"

The UY Warriors dive into the old van. Veehive jumps into the driver's seat, pulling the door shut while reaching under the dashboard with his right hand. "Once .. the security system recognizes my fingerprints ... there (a green LED appears on the gauge cluster) .. it'll take a couple seconds for the turbines to spool up ..."

"The ... turbines???"

"... Yeah ... umm ... can't help tinkering, y'know? Anyway, once they're up to speed, the fields will initialize and then ... unify .... "

"Fields?" "Unify??"

"Yep ... there we are. Forgotten? Pick out a VOS base location on that laptop screen in front of you."

Forgotten: "So many ... which one?"

"Any one but THIS one! Quick!"

Forgotten touches the location of a VOS base on the screen, and ....
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*** the OBV disappears in one blink of eyes. The VOS were confused and thought the warriors were still in that area. Actually, our heros weren't better either because they were surprised and in a human pyramid because they weren't ready for the speed they were about to get.***

Veehive: Hang on guys!

Benten: And now you tell us?!?!?

Veehive: Yeah now comes the full-speed way.

Kroptik: Even faster?! It's ok with me as long as the road is straight.

Veehive: Not really. We have to make the VOS lose our track.

Falling: That's a good strategy.

DarkDevil: Indeed.

Cata: Cut the chat! (cough) How about (cough) getting off (cough) me?!?!

Iridia: I'm sorry Cata-chan. Are you alright?

Falling: I knew that if my landing was so soft it could only be you Miss Iridia.

Benten: Why you...!

Sand: Imagine how she must have felt Falling.

Falling: I'm sorry Miss Iridia. Please forgive me the fact that I couldn't help myself but to sit on your lap.

Benten: We'll see who's getting on MY lap!

Sand: If that's how you want to call it, Falling...

Cata: You're (cough) not (cough) moving!

***On the top of the human pyramid there was Cherry who wasn't worried at all about Cata's little problem. Kroptik kicked Cherry out of there but the first turn made everyone fall again, switched places but Cherry was on the top again and not moving at all. DarkDevil threw him away but then came the next turn and the same happened. When the journey ended. Cherry and Veehive were the only ones that weren't bruised.***

Veehive: Did you enjoy the ride?

Cherry: It was very calm.

Everyone: You have no idea...! (KO Cherry for 5 seconds).
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Offtopic: I appologize for breaking the Forum's rule but I had to because no one posted a new episode in two weeks so I decided to continue my post.


Kroptik: Where are we?

Veehive: Get out and see for yourself.

***Our heroes did what Veehive said and they noticed they were... inside a volcano.***

Forgotten: Usually I like hot stuff but not this one.

Veehive: I know that you're wandering what the heck are we doing here, right?

Cherry: Wrong. I'm thinking about heating a cup of tea.

Benten: Just shut up you idiot!

Kroptik: Is this just a safe place to hide or is it because there's something here to explore?

Cata: Hiding?!?! You said that we weren't hiding! >.<

Falling: It's just an expression...

Veehive: Well, this is a volcano.

Dark (ironically): Really? You can't be serious.

Veehive: You didn't let me finish.

Dark: Go on. Sorry.

Veehive: As I was saying, this is a volcano but it's not a common one. This one has a secret active VOS base somewhere inside.

Iridia: So you're saying that we must explore and find the base without being detected, right?

Falling: Oh miss Iridia. You're so smart and beautiful.


Sand: Falling will never change. xD
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Sand: Anyway, wheevie...

Veehive: my name is veehive

Sand: ok, sorry beehive. We got a little problem here, because i sence this volcanoe will regain his activity.

Falling: So?

Sand: that's one reason for so much heat, and you are directly in the secondary chimney of the volcanoe. This one is a explosive one.

Cata: But it won't start his activity that soon, wont we?

Veehive: Well, the VOS have their base in the magmatic chamber. If this volcano will start his activity, then we need to hurry.

Kroptik: so, not that safe anyway!

Dark: I like heat, it will remind me my lovely hell fire...

Sand: anyway krop, don't worry, at least i can block some lava conducts, but nature power is always unexpected about what it can do...
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Offtopic: LoL... I was just wondering... How the hell did Forgotten get in there? XD
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Offtopic: Mengo mengo! My bad. I forgot he wasn't part of the cast (yet?) pun intended, naturally XD
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Offtopic: It was my fault too because I thought that he was in our adventure too despite non-posting. =X
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Offtopic: As you requested, milady: a post. I'm truly sorry, I just don't know where to take the narrative from that point (and I'm so glad that you do -- that's why you are My Empress _/-\o_). I'll try to contribute as I can, I foreswear it. :angel:
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veehive:ok kids, less talk more action, just keep on walking.

kroptik: does it take long? i'm starting feeling creepy.

Sand: Dude, since when you are a sissy?

kroptik: hey, are you looking for a fight or what?

Sand: Yes, because, well, just look behind you.

behing kroptik, one VOS is pointing him one weapon

Cata: all right there, it is show time!

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***Cata jumps and tries to slash the VOS' head while in mid-air. Unfortunately for our favourite Valkyrie, this Vandal was a stronger one and it was much more prepared and better equipped and got no harm.***

Cata: Damn!

Dark: Shall we run away?

Kroptik: No way!

Sand: We got more tricks up on our sleeves.

Falling: What sleeves? =S

Kroptik: It's a way of expression. It's not for taking it literally...

Dark: Indeed.

Sand: Less talking, more spanking!

Veehive: I don't think it will work...

Iridia: Cata hit the creature but he didn't even care about it. I have to agree with Veehive.

Falling: Miss Iridia, you're so clever. Your intelligence makes me feel the dumbest man in the World.

Kroptik: Oh you hadn't noticed yet?

Dark: Indeed.

Benten: You're asking for some, honey! =@

Veehive: Stop fighting eachother and fight that... thing!

Cata: But our physique attacks won't work...

Sand: Any idea?

Iridia: Water could slow it down.

Dark: I don't think we have water.

Sand: But we have lava... Hot temperatures could make iron, steel, etc melt.

Kroptik: I don't think that armour is made of meterial known to us.

Cata: Benten have you ever saw armour like that?

Benten: Nope. I guess this will be the first time facing this dude.

***Suddenly the Vandal got tired of chit & chat and attacked the gang***

Veehive: Down!

Falling: Miss Iridia, I'm sorry to land on you again. You're so soft and...

Iridia: You didn't land on me.

Falling: Really? Maybe it is Cata-chan? The cutest Valkyrie I've ever saw...

Cata: Negative but thanks. =)

Falling: Then...

Benten: Honey... it's me!

Falling: Oh...! Hey sweetheart.

Sand: We really have to hide and come up with a plan for gathering Lava without harming ourselves!
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suddenly, cata feels one creepy touch in her felgs

Cata: HHHHg, what the hell??????


Ataru: cata-chaaaaaaaaaaaan! i missed you so much, you look so nice now, wanna have a date with me tonight?


Veehive: Stop it! If he got here without being got, and with that burnt look, he might know where to gather lava!

Ataru: Well, i passed by a lava river just right there... (and points to where darkdevil is taking a bath)

Ataru: Cata-saaaaaaan, let's go on a date!

with his so famous grin. he starts running behind cata. Falling is murmuring something, cata is punishing ataru but he don't get loose.
The other guys are cooking some sausages and meat, in the lava, while watching that show.

Cherry: this meat tastes odd, but it is good!



The volcano explodes in one intensive activity... Everything is being destroyed and the dusty clouds are surrounding all over the land. has the volcano keeps in eruption, several earthquakes take place, panicking every being living near the volcano
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Offtopic: Glad to see someone picked this up again. xD

* Suddendly everyone appears a mile away from the volcano *

Kroptik: Good thing I've been practicing my teleportation. Everyone ok?

Everyone: Think so.

Cata: OK, Ataru, now let me go!

Benten: But he's bothering me. GET OFF ME YOU LECHER!

Falling: Get away from my wife, you moron.

Benten: Honey, you're really defending me?

Cata: I hate to break it up guys, but we have worse problems!

* While everyone was distracted with Benten, Falling and Ataru, no one noticed the VOS "thing" was right there with them *
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Ataru: I have an idea!

Cata: Wait! Let me guess! A double date featuring you, Moroboshi Ataru the most lecherous boy in the World and the two tomboys of the gang.

Ataru: That would be an awesome idea but for that to happen I must accomplish my idea first.

Everyone: What? =S

***Ataru grabs Cherry and throws him towards the VOS patrol squad and they become confused and begin discussing what to do with Cherry.***

Kroptik: What now?


Dark (calm): Good idea.

***Everyone starts running but Cherry that was busy eating sausages.***

VOS1: nuhfoj dhfbdsaf yiatrgvru aegrki (translation: I think this is rotten food)

VOS2: oashdiuq eiw ouweiwqhbdg ijuuosy oiwued (Nah I think this is garbage)

VOS3: oiwurbr owuyre oy oiyewe oye uyedwjh (It's obvious it's human poop)

***The VOS patrol squad begin arguing about what Cherry was made of but they're interrupted by a VOS General (VOSG).***

VOSG: oyoiewb ouwyevb ouyed ue uwgre? (Where are those brats?)

VOS1: pqhbd oieue uyrrgsahf (They were right here one second ago)

VOSG: qiqoue ksheiwq ayteio ueyg! oauekeuh uiaygo ugte ohe po eg? (I asked where are they now! Are you damned def?)

***The VOS General picks up the trash... Huh... I mean Cherry and Cherry points at a direction. The gang was watching what was going on on there from a little hole on a small cave.***

Falling: What's happening?

Veehive: The big brown guy is holding Cherry.

Sand: Cherry must look like a female VOS. XD

Kroptik: What are they doing now?

Falling: Maybe they're kissing? YUCK! X_x

Cata: AAAARGH! (throwing up)

Sand: Ehivbee, what's going on there?

Veehive: Veehive! My name is Veehive! Anyways, Cherry is pointing at us.

Benten: That bastard! He's giving us to them! Only after my death!

Ataru (serious face): Benten-chan, I won't let you die. (Pervy face) But if you want you can pass out in my arms.

***Ataru gets punched twice by Benten and Falling.***

Dark: I see something.

Cata: What?

Dark: I don't know.

***Everyone falls down but Dark.***

Veehive: We're in trouble! Everyone get ready to fight or think quickly on a way to escape from here! The VOS patrol squad is about to blow this cave, including us...
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A deep wound on its neck, the big VOS use its hand try to cover the
wound but nothing can stop blood from falling. Hopeless, it turn and
run torward dak, open its pincers and aim at his head.

Dak: sorry but i didn't intend to die with you.

and he vanish, reappear again on that big VOS back and give it last

Dak: sayoonara hope you understand Japanese.

Last cut, its head fall to the ground and roll to a dark corner of the
room . Its body fall, blood eject badly

Dak: look like a blood fountain, kill you may be tired but it worth.

He put his hand on unhead body of that big VOS and the place where he
touch light up, his hand sink deep into that light.

Dak: here

He pull his hand out and drag something along with it, something big,
slowly he pull it out, it that big VOS but something different, it look
weaker, no flesh, and can see through it.

Dak: do not worry, i will put your soul in good use.

He reach his another hand toward his head and pull his something down,
and he swallow the soul he holding.

Dak: good, much better. Time to go and find those heroes.

Walk out of the cave, Dak use the same power to search the area, after
make sure that none strange creature around. He vanish.

Offtopic: should have post it sooner but i run out of idea until now sr
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kroptik: i am too young to die... :'(

Falling: i haven't make out with the other  luckgods girls...

Benten: Falling, you creep, eat this!

(start firing her inaccurate bazooca, but it start demolishing the cave. some vos try to escape, but everyone gets grounded in the rocks)

Cata: sand... ouch... why you didn't stopped those rocks from falling on us?

Sand: Oh? O.o I was playing one racing game in my cellphone and didn't noticed the cave was ruining!

everyone falls upon sand

Cherry: 'tis fate.
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Cata: You play games at a times like this?!?! O_O

Sand: It keeps me from panicking.  ;D

Cata: I'll show you the panicking!  >:(

***Benten after Falling, Cata after Sand and the cave on demolishing state.***

Ataru (funny flirty face): Benten-chan!  ;D (serious face) Leave that lecherous creep and let's live together for ever and ever.

Falling: Look who's talking!  >:(

***Falling was running away from Benten and Ataru was on his way so he punches and sent Ataru flying towards Cata.***

Ataru (funny flirty face): Cata-chan! Kiss me!!!!  ;D

Cata: NOOOOO WAY!  >:(

***Cata sends Ataru back but this time Ataru finds a red switch on a rock that didn't fell.***

Ataru: Eh? What's this?  ???

Cherry: I have a bad feeling about this...

Dark: So do I... -.-

***Suddenly, a huge crushing sound is heard and it starts raining. But it's not raining water. The raining is made of... BOULDERS!***

Veehive: RUN!  :-X

Falling: To where?!?!  ???

Sand: Anywhere!  :nosmile2:

Cata: There's no place to run or hide!  :(

Dark: Ataru has found a switch.

Falling: I guess it's our only chance.

Cherry: Push the button!

Ataru: No. Unless Benten kisses me.  ;D

Benten: WHAT?!?! How can you be thinking about something like that in such a situation?  >:(

Falling: You'll kiss her... BUT ONLY OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!  >:(

Ataru: The decision is on Benten's hands. Better saying... it's on her lips.  ;D

Dark: We're doomed.  }:|

Benten: Keep dreaming creep! >:(

Ataru: Ok. It was nice meeting you guys and beautiful girls. :(

Veehive: Wait! Let's negotiate! :nosmile2:

Benten: There's nothing we can negotiate with this creep!  >:(

Ataru: Negotiate you say? What is your offer? ???

Veehive: What's in your mind, besides kissing Benten? :-\

Cata (thinking): I feel that something bad is going to happen to me...  :-X

Ataru: I want... CATA! I want a kiss from Cata!  ;D


Veehive: We accept your offer. :)


Veehive: Well... Benten is with Falling but as far as I'm concerned Cata is single. :angel:

Sand: True, since Alumxander ran away with a Zombine (Zombie girl xD )  :-\


Sand: But Ataru is with Lum.  :bulp:

Dark: Not true. Lum is with Ataru but Ataru isn't with Lum.  8)

Veehive: Whatever. It's already a deal.  :)


***Ataru pushed the button a suddenly a windstorm formed and took our heroes to a strange room...***

Edit: Just edited my name
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
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/me  The room
Ataru: HEY! Cata! I'm ready for my kiss now.
Cata (whispering to Dark): Can't you make a clone of me or something?
Dark: If I would make a fake clone of you, Miss Cata, it's most probable that she would ask me the samething.
Cata: So?
Dark: Then I would make another that would also asks me to do the samething and the story repeats until one of you quit, Miss Cata.
Cata  :'(: So, I'm doomed.
Dark: Not yet. (to sand) Hey Miss Cata are you ready to kiss Ataru? (puts a wig on Sands head).
Sand???: Wha.. What?
Ataru (Jumps over Sand): Cata! Here I am!
Sand: Hey! WAi...(Ataru kisses Sand)
Everyone:  :o
Cherry: The horror.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Kroptik on December 02, 2008, 02:36:24 AM
Ataru: Your lips taste weird, Cata-Chan.

* Meanwhile, Sand has fainted *

Falling: Anyone know where we are?

Offtopic: Couldn't resist adding that. :P
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on December 02, 2008, 10:06:20 PM
Offtopic: AHAHAHAH I'm saved! I owe you a big one Sand. ;) Anyways... I can't think of anything to continue the story. :\
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Post by: veehive on December 02, 2008, 10:37:39 PM
Offtopic: I can't believe ... you guys ... made me PIMP CATA!  :'(

WHAT must you think OF ME ?????  XD
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Offtopic: It was me because I had nothing else on my mind to post and I just needed something to post or the NB dies (again). xD Sorry Veehive!
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Offtopic: S'Okay. I realized (after I left the Library) that it was YOU who posted that. XD

I would never EVER sell you out. After all, it was YOUR POTION that helped me lose 40 pounds this year! :*) :Y _/-\o_ 

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Offtopic: My potion?!?!? =S I'm seriously confused. x_X  Does anyone have ideas to continue our adventure? :)
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I have... something... but everytime I find a nice continuation... someone comes and posts something that ruins all my work LoL

So I need some time to edit and add new things...
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then post it already, because i still thinking how i will recover from that trauma!!! :(

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Offtopic: So, Sand, how was the kiss? ;D ::)
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: veehive on December 13, 2008, 12:41:44 AM
Offtopic: Lum says he's no lips and all tongue XD
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Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 13, 2008, 12:49:00 AM
Offtopic: Lum?!?!? I think you mean Ataru... XD
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: veehive on December 13, 2008, 12:51:57 AM
Offtopic: Lum says that about Ataru ...

Poor Sand  XD XD
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Ataru: Your lips taste weird, Cata-Chan.

* Meanwhile, Sand has fainted *

Falling: Anyone know where we are?

Offtopic: Couldn't resist adding that. :P

Our heroes get up and find themselfs in another dark room/cave...

Ataru: Hihi... Lets play hide & seek... 1st girl I grab gets a kiss...

Falling: Just stay away from me and Benten... perv... grab my hand Benten...

Benten: Hey!!! Thats not my hand you're grabbing...

Falling: Hehe... I know... (gets hit in the head)... Sorry... my hand sliped... hihi...

Kroptik: Only you to do something stupid like that in a time like this... Iridia where are you?

Iridia: Here nii-san...

Cata: Now anyone has a flashlight?

Dark: We should check the walls to see if theres a switch...

Veehive: Can't you see in the dark... Dark?

Dark: Unfortunatly... no... The place I'm from as plenty of light...

Benten: I thought that in Hell it was dark?!

Dark: No... there's to many hellfires burning... so kinda ruins that logic...  :-\

Cata: Enough chit-chat... we need light to see where we are... I'll check this side...

Falling: Hmm... This sucks... It's going to take forever...

Falling keeps walking along the wall and trips on something... and while falling (  :P ) hits a switch on the wall... as the lights iluminate the room the heroes get a very, very big surprise...

Kroptik: What? Why is everyone looking at me?

Iridia: Oh... My!!! Nii-san!!!

Falling: Hahahahahaha... (ROTFL)

Cata: I'm not against it but... can you guys at least get a room?

Kroptik looks to is side to find Ataru almost trying to kiss him...

Kroptik: What the... hell... Get off...

Ataru: Eww... What the hell!!! Why did you try to kiss me?

Kroptik: Me? You're the one that was trying to kiss me...

Ataru: No way... I was going to kiss Miss Iridia and you're the one grabbing my hand...

Kroptik: I thought it was Iridia... You pervert...

Cherry (pops up between them): Now, now, You can kiss me if you want... for good luck...

Ataru/Kroptik: GO TO HELL... (punch Cherry)

Cata: Enough... Now that we can see... can someone tell me what is this place? Looks like a giant... living room?

Falling (getting up): Interesting... (looks down to see where he triped) OMG!!! A dead body!!!

Benten: A dead body... You idiot... that's just Sand... he's still passed out...

Dark: Indeed... After beeing kissed by Ataru its lucky for him to still be alive...

Ataru: What? I never kissed him... (looks at Sand and sees a wig on his head) OMG!!! IT CAN'T BE!!! I KISSED A GUY?!?!

Benten: Hahaha... Now that's heavenly punishment... Hahaha

Sand starts to wake up...

Sand: What happend? Where are we? What... AAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHH HHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Falling: I think he figured out what happend... Hahahahaha

Dark: Indeed... (Evil Laugh)

Edit: I'll continue this later... have work to do... Please don't post anything weird...

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Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: veehive on December 14, 2008, 03:13:21 AM
FallinG: (astonished) That's the biggest spank-stick I've ever seen!

veehive: (smirking) That's the power of a Moroboshi kiss, I guess ....  >:D
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Offtopic: OMG! You guys are hilarious. xD This makes my day everytime I get a 6 out of 20. =\
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Offtopic: What? !!!
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Offtopic: schoolmarks dark, i know its been awhile but try to remember, oh wait i dont think you ever went to school hehe, just incredible how this all began
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Offtopic: So Falling when will you post the next part? I'm anxious to read it. ^^
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 18, 2008, 12:47:51 AM
I'll try my best... but like I said... I have lots of work in front of me...

You know... X-mas... New Year... and all the other paper work... Working in a hotel its kinda hard in this season... XD
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Offtopic: Considering that nearly 4 months have passed since the last part of the saga,I would have to give my contribution

*Just before Sandstorm can deliver sweet vengeance upon Ataru,a giant man sporting a kung fu suit and a katana arrives to the strange room*


Unknown: Who dares disturb the slumber of Kaine the Great?!?!?

Ataru: (whispering to his comrades) Guys,lets get the hell out of here or we will be crushed by that weird dude,I am way too sexy to die so young

Cata: No way,Jose

Ataru: But my name is not Jose

Cata: Whatever,we should at least try to talk to that giant,it could be our way out of here for good

Falling: Ok,gang,I will try to contact that David Carradine clone (grabs Sandstorm and makes him into a megaphone) YO,GIANT DUDE,WE ARE THE ONES THAT DISTURBED YOUR SLEEP!!!!

Kaine: Foolish worms,I shall crush you for this offense (his right foot is about to smash Falling and company but Benten and Cata manage to catch it before it crushes them)


Kaine: State your business now or be gone


Cherry: (speaking like E.T.) Yeah,we wanna go home

Kaine: (looks surprised at Cherry) Indeed,I shall help you get to the exit but that bald imp must remain here for his execution

Ataru/Kroptik/Dark: Seems fair to us

Iridia: (taking the Sandstorm megaphone) MAY WE AT LEAST KNOW THE REASON FOR HIS EXECUTION?!!!

Kaine: Betrayal and murder against the race of the Elder Titans

Cherry: I do not remember any of that,good sir

Kroptik: How come Cherry is not using a megaphone?

Ataru: Dude,Cherry is such a pest,he can be seen or heard in a ratio of miles

Kroptik: Ohh

Cherry: (trembling with fear) Probably you are confusing me with another bald monk called Cherry,Mr. Kaine

Kaine: Do not attempt to hide your crime,wizard,it was you who betrayed the love of the daughter of Cryogenos,the ice titan, and then ordered some she-devil called Oniko to send him to some arcane dimension within a musical box

Cherry: But that ice monster is not dead,he is just trapped there

Kaine: He is mystically linked to his icy mountain,he needs to be close to it to survive,the moment you and Oniko trapped him there was the exact moment when his life force began to fade away

Cherry: But I did not know about that and,besides,it was not me who exiled him there

Kaine: Making excuses will not save you,Sakurambo,the time of retribution comes now (Kaine is about to cut Cherry with his giant Katana when he is punched by Benten)


Kaine: I see that you want to protect that criminal,little godling,and for that you will suffer the same fate as him (crushes Benten with the fall of his fist)

Cata/Falling: BENTEN!!!!!!

Cata: I MUST AVENGE BENTEN!!!!!! (jumps on Kaine's katana and casts a huge fireball to his chest,Kaine counters it with a wave of his hand creating a small hurricane)


Kaine: Aye,you are right,little man,something must be done in this matter considering that both your comrades and me seek retribution (with a wave of his hand,Kaine turns Cata into a 50 feet girl)

Cata: Why did you do that?!?

Kaine: Retribution is a dish that cannot be savored by 2 people at the same time,mademoiselle,we will have to decide who truly is worthy of it on combat (throws his katana and prepares himself for combat)


*Both Cata and Kaine begin to battle,it becomes a fierce battle as both fighters are way too experienced with the deadly poetry known as Kung Fu,Cata manages to leave 3 scars on Kaine's face but in the end he manages to deliver the finishing blow by nearly crushing Cata's ribs with 100 punches at the same time*

Kaine: It is over,little grasshopper

Cata: (trying to get up) Nay,Kaine,it is not over yet,as long as there is a spark of life on me,I will not give up (gets up and manages to deliver a punch to Kaine's face,Cata falls down afterwards and returns to her normal size)

Kaine: It has been a while since I fought such a valiant foe,my fists,as well as my soul,probably have gone rusty with the pass of time,I guess in the end the true winner was this valkyrie (using his magic,Kaine revives Benten)

Benten: Ohhh

Kaine: I will allow all of you to get to the exit but you must promise me to return Cryogenos back to his mountain before he perishes,now come with me

All: Ok

Author's Note: In case you are wondering,the story of Cherry and Cryogenos can be found here (
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Offtopic: So it finally returns... and he starts of with a fight... LoL

I see your skills didn't fade away...  ;D
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on April 16, 2009, 10:19:10 PM
Offtopic: Cosmic! =D


Cherry: Thank you Benten and Cata for saving my life. Afterall there's hope in this generation!

Benten: I didn't do it for you. I just needed some action!

Cherry: I'm sure Cata was worried about an old monk, weren't you?

Cata: Monk? Where the heck did you get that idea? Benten is a God-race biker girl!

Cherry: So no one was worried about this poor old man?

Everyone: NO!!!

Cherry: This generation is doomed afterall...

Kaine: Cut the chit chat! Take this bag. There are 7 items inside. Each item can only fit one person. It's up to you to find what item belongs to each one.

***Falling grabs the bag.***

Falling: Then what do we do?

Kaine: Search.

Sand: Search for what?

Kaine: Search.

Ataru: Yeah but what do we search for?

Kaine: Search.

Veehive: Forget about it guys. This won't take us anywhere.

Kaine: Seems like you have no questions. Farewell and don't forget
your task.

***Kaine disappears in his shadow.***

Cata: Okay, what do we do now?

Kroptik: Search I guess.

Cata: The question is... for what?

Cherry: I have an idea.

***Everyone gathers around Cherry, silently and anxious to hear what he had to say.***

Cherry: We shouldn't search for something without eating first.

***Everyone falls to the ground and gets mad at Cherry! Suddenly, they hear something.***

Kroptik: Shut up! I heard something!

Iridia: I heard too!

***The sound kept going.***

Ataru: Maybe it's some pretty princess trapped in a tower, crying for me, Ataru Moroboshi, to go save her!

Falling: Correction: crying for me, FallinG_StaR to go save her.

Benten: Darling!!! (Getting extremely pissed)

Falling: Honey, I'm just saying that she needs my help. We can't let a prett-- I mean a person trapped and in need right?

Benten: Don't fool me!!! I know your intentions!

Iridia: All you do is argue. :(

Falling (getting close to her, holding her hands close to his chest): Miss Iridia, don't be sad. Your beautiful eyes must not get sad. Your smile is all I need to get us out of here.

Iridia: Oh Falling...

Benten: Darling, all you need to get us out of here is a taste of my brand-new RF7392 bullets.

Falling (whispering): That too...

Cata: Oh my god! Benten! Where did you get those?!?!? I thought they would only come in July 2063!

Everyone: 2063!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Dark: We are forgetting what's more important: finding the source of this annoying water drops noise and getting out of here.

Kroptik: Dark!

Dark: What?

Kroptik: You're right! It does sound like drops.

Sand: Now that you mention it, it sounds like someone left the water running.

Iridia: It seems that the noise comes from behind that bookcase.

Dark: How smart of you to have noticed it, Miss Iridia.

Iridia: Thank you but I think it wasn't that hard to find out.

Veehive: How original. I even bet there's a book that's actually a switch and that we're going to end up inside the wall.

Cata: You've been watching many movies but it could work out. How do we know what book is the switch?

Veehive: We don't. Experience is the right method.

***Everyone began searching around every book to find something that could be the switch.***
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: FallinG_StaR on April 17, 2009, 01:53:31 AM
Dark: This bookcase is huge... We're going to take forever!!!

Sand: Maybe if you stop complaining and help us search it would take less time.

Kroptik: Indeed.

Falling: Just look for something out of the ordinary... Something that doesn't belong here like this book for example.

Cata: What book? I knew it... can you stop thinking about those things?

Falling: What?! Don't tell me this doesn't look suspicious to you. "Kamasutra for Dummies".

Ataru: Hehe... that sounds like an interresting book... (pulls out the book)

The switch activates and the bookcase moves to the side revealing a dark and eerie corridor.

Falling: See I was right.  ;D

Veehive: Ok... What are we waiting for? Lets go...

Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: veehive on April 17, 2009, 02:14:53 AM
Veehive: (half to himself, as he enters the corridor) And I was so sure it was this book entitled "The Compleat Idiot's Guide to Switches Hidden as Books"

FallinG: Where was that one?

Veehive: Right next to "The Compleat Idiot's Guide to Books Masquerading as Hidden Switches"

FallinG: You are so strange.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on April 17, 2009, 12:23:46 PM
***The gang began to walk the dark corridor. It leads to a well-decorated room.***

Iridia: What a pretty room. I wonder who this belongs to?

Falling: Not as pretty as you. (Benten hits him)

Cata: All I can say is that belongs to a girly girl.

Ataru: A girl heh...? Let's find her!

Veehive: There's no one here. This room is empty.

Cherry: The fridge isn't.

*** Mallets to Cherry's face.***

Kroptik: Ataru, how are you going to find "the girl"?

Ataru: It's quite simple.

Everyone: ???

***Ataru jumbs to the bed, grabs a pillow, hugs it and buries his face in it and stays like this for a while.***

Sand: What an idiot! xD

Benten: So, Ataru, hugging to a pillow is how you're going to find "the girl"?

Ataru: C'mon follow me guys!

***Ataru smells around the room and then starts running towards the ceiling.***

Cata: Ataru! What the heck are you doing?!?!

Ataru: The beautiful scent of a beautiful girl hides inside the ceiling.

***Suddenly, from the roof, comes a perfume. A pretty sweet perfume.***

Dark: This smells nice.

Veehive: Correction: it smells really nice.

***Cherry farts. YES! HE FARTS!***

Falling: Not anymore. x_x

Everyone: X_X

Cherry: T'is fate.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: FallinG_StaR on April 17, 2009, 06:39:17 PM

Dark: This smells nice.

Veehive: Correction: it smells really nice.

***Cherry farts. YES! HE FARTS!***

Falling: Not anymore. x_x

Everyone: X_X

Cherry: T'is fate.

Hahahahahaha... This one almost killed me... I was laughing so hard I couldn't breath... ;D
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Post by: Cosmic King on April 17, 2009, 08:01:48 PM
*Nevertheless,Ataru tracks down the source of the perfume*

Ataru: Hey,guys,I found what was creating the perfume,it was this weird orb (picks it up,everybody get sprayed by that nice perfume)

Veehive: Dunno about you,friends,but I am starting to feel...sleepy...zzzz (falls down as well as Kroptik,Iridia,Cherry and Ataru)

Falling: Damn it,this perfume is...some...kind of...sleeping...gaszzzzz ... (sleeps)

Cata: We gotta find cover from this bloody gas (covers her nose to avoid the gas but finally succumbs to its effects)

Sandstorm: Do not worry,Cata,I will get rid of this perfume in an instant (becomes a giant fan to blow away the perfume,suddenly his body freezes and cannot move at all)

Benten: (grabs the orb while trying to hold her breath,she smashes the orb but a trapdoor opens below her) AHHHHHHHH (falls to an unknown place)

Dark: Ok,I guess it all depends on me now,genuinely (swallows all the perfume scent and quickly expels it as some kind of giant hairball,he is then suddenly captured by an unknown guy wearing an armor suit)

*Moments after this,Ataru awakens on a beach*

Ataru: Ohh,where am I? (a guy wearing biker clothes appears before Ataru)


Unknown: You are on Ken-Oh's Island,my friend

Ataru: Kenshiro?!?!

Kenshiro: Aye

Ataru: What are we doing here?

Kenshiro: I came here to rescue my beloved from the hands of my brother,Ken-Oh,as well as freeing all the women he has captured for his harem and... (Ataru interrupts him)

Ataru: Harem?!?!?,what are we waiting for?,those ladies need saving

Kenshiro: You are not well versed in martial arts,Ataru,you would not survive this adventure and Lum will not forgive me if something happened to you

Ataru: I can take care of myself and what I lack of brute force,I have it on agility and guile

Kenshiro: Ok,I guess you can come with me

Ataru: :icon_mrgreen:

*Meanwhile Sandstorm and Falling awaken on a village close to a volcano,they are received by a witch doctor named Bombu*


Bombu: Welcome to my citadel of joy,strangers,it is quite unusual that foreigners come to this place

Falling: Thanks,Mr. Bombu

Sandstorm: (whispering to Falling) Keep an eye on that weirdo,sensei,he probably is gonna use us for some kind of sacrifice

*Cata and Benten awaken in what appears to be a girls school,both of them were forced to wear sailor suits*

Cata: Maldita sea mi suerte,they took away our battle gear

Benten: This place looks like Tomobiki High but somehow I feel something sinister coming (Benten turns around,an old woman appears before Cata and Benten)

Unknown: Should not you girls be on your classroom already?

Benten: Who the heck are you,old hag?

Unknown: My name is Clamp-sensei,headmistress of the Shoujo School for Delinquent Girls,and you,my dear,need to improve your manners (Clamp snaps her fingers and Benten receives an electro-shock)

Cata: How did you do that?

Clamp: Your sailor suits were made with a special technology to punish you if you were to show lack of discipline (Cata tries to rip her sailor suit but fails)

Cata: Do not tell me,they are also made to attach to our skin,right?

Clamp: Indeed,that will keep you noisy girls from escaping the school

Benten: Damn you (gets shocked again)

Clamp: It may be difficult,but soon I will create 2 perfect ladies out of you (makes 2 robots escort Cata and Benten to their classroom,Clamp arrives at a dark office)


Weird Guy: I suppose everything went as planned,am I correct?

Clamp: Indeed,master,those 2 war mongers will soon get their spirits broken and will become 2 polite ladies

Weird Guy: Excellent

*Darkdevil awakens on a forest,he is inside a backpack,he is in company of a knight and his assistant*

Dark: May I ask who are you,good sirs?

Knight: My name is Sir Spamulus and he is Pachinko

Pachinko: Howdy

Dark: I am Darkdevil,prince of the hellish pits of Tartarus and loyal servant of Lum Invader

Spamulus: Ohh,so you are one of those otakus,right?

Dark: Surely you jest,Spamulus,do not confuse with those geeks

Spamulus: My apologies then,my love

Dark: (angry) HOW DID YOU JUST CALLED ME?!?!?!?!?

Pachinko: Forgive my lord,Darkdevil,he usually says some nonsense as that is the curse of the Spam Family and he cannot control it

Dark: Ok,why did you weirdos captured me?

Spamulus: We brought you with us because it has been foretold that a black cat will guide the true heir of the Spam Family towards Spamalot

Dark: I have no idea what you are talking about,mortal

Spamulus: Regardless of that,all your base are belong to us

Dark: Ok,that is it,I am gonna gut you like a fish (Pachinko stops Darkdevil from killing Spamulus)

Pachinko: Remember that he is cursed to say nonsense,Darkdevil-san

Dark: I guess I could use the exercise by helping you arrive at Spamalot

Spamulus: Jolly good,my love,let us advance towards adventure

Dark: This is gonna be a long trip (Darkdevil and company begin their quest towards Spamalot,they soon encounter an obstacle in the form of a Black Knight)


Black Knight: None shall pass beyond this point

Spamulus: Finally,a little action...IMMA CHARGING MAH LAZER!!!!! (pretends to be charging some kind of energy)

Pachinko: We did not brought the lightsaber,my lord

Spamulus: Hush,nigga

Dark: Yeah,let that dolt jump to his death,Pachinko

Spamulus: (finally he is "charged up") WRYYYYYY,IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZER!!!!!!!!! (he farts and burps at the same time)

Dark/Black Knight: Pathetic (the Black Knight begins to maul Spamulus)

Spamulus: This pain is over 9000!!!! (faints)

Darkdevil: Once again I must deal with the affairs of the mortals (spits some hellfire to the Black Knight)

Black Knight: I see that you are also well versed in the ancient spells of the Lloigoroth Clan,have at thee (his eyes begin to glow green,he shots 2 giant laser beams towards Darkdevil)

Darkdevil: (countering the 2 laser beams) Well,at least you will give me some entertainment (both warriors begin to battle with magic)
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Offtopic: As always... We are waiting for the continuation of this Cosmic...

So please continue... I want to see where this goes... XD

Falling (thinking): Still why did I have to end up with Mr. Bombu... and Sand? Couldn't they have left me in a Island with lots of beautiful girls... (imagines Iridia in a G-string bikini...) ;D   :9~

Sand: Hello?! Sensei?! We need to stay alert stop day dreaming about girls and G-Strings...

Falling: Huh... G-Strings... I wasn't thinking about that... pff... Who do you think I am???  ::)

Sand: Yeah... I wonder what you are... sensei...

Falling: Any way I've used my Interweb and I found out some interesting stuff about our "host"

Real Name: Bombu

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Oobagon VIII)

Base of Operations: Currently unrevealed

Powers/Abilities: Bombu was incredibly powerful. He could cause animals to shrink to several times smaller than their normal size. He could cause objects to levitate in the air. Bombu also could teleport large items, including skyscrapers and could command storms to form.

Sand: I see... se he's more than meets the eye... I knew there was something weird about that guy...

Falling: Well... coming from a guy that turns into sand and stone... and has a S&M fetich... that a rather unusual comment...

Bombu: Please guests... come this way... We will prepare a feast in your honor...

Sand (whispering): Ah Crap... I knew it... we're going to be eaten...
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Offtopic: Falling I'm glad you liked it. I thought that something funny should happen. =)


***At Cata and Benten's new "school"... By the way, Crobot is Cata's robot and Brobot is Benten's***

Cata: This robot is annoying me.

Crobot: I-hur-de-that (I heard that) Ee-oo-ah-re-mis-bee-hay-vin-gue (you are misbehaving)

***Cata gets shocked.***

Cata: OUCH!!! That hurts!

Crobit: Mor-wal-kin-gue (more walking) leh-se-tal-kin-gue (less talking)

Benten: Shut up you talking piece of trash! Quit bossing around!

Brobit: Bee-koo-ah-ee-uh-t (Be quiet) oh-bay-ee-or-soo-pee-ree-ur (obey your superior)

*** Benten gets shocked multiple times. Cata gets some too. They keep on arguing because of the multiple punishments and their uniform. A group of three students are staring at them. Our heroines look at the girls but keep moving.***

Benten: Quit flirting Cata! =P

Cata: WHAT?!?!? Wait Benten! I'm not like that! I mean I kinda am... No wait! That's not what I meant to say. What I meant to say was that I'm not a flirt!

Benten: Yo, Cata. Chill out. I'm just joking around. I know you. xD

Crobit: No-se-cree-min-gue (No screaming)

***Cata gets schocked.***

Brobit: Diss-iss-ee-te (This is it)

***Cata and Benten stop in front of a blue door with a number in it. It's number 66.***

Brobit: Wee-le-pee-ke-ee-oo-uh-pe-lay-tuh-re (We'll pick you up later)

Crobit: Geh-te-ee-ne-sah-ee-de (Get inside)

***Cata and Benten are pushed and fall in front of the class. The door closes and gets locked.***

Cata: Oh man...! I hate school!

Benten: Not as much as I hate skirts!

Teacher ?X?X?X? : You two, you're 1.3876252 seconds late. You brown eyed lady can take a sit next to Yurenai and you green eyed lady can take a sit next to Makiko.

Cata: Name's Ca--

***Cata looks at her new classmate, Yurenai.***

Cata: --Ta.

Teacher ?X?X?X?: Okay Ca---Ta, sit down now.

Benten (who's already on her sit): Yo. I'm Benten.

Makiko: Hello. I'm Makiko, nice to meet you.

Benten: Same.

***Meanwhile at Cata's desk...***

Cata: Hey, I'm not Ca---Ta. I'm just Cata you know? Like no ---. Every letters all together. Like... (thinking) OMG! She's stunning!

Yurenai: I know what you mean. n.n

Cata: Oh... Okay. :$ (thinking) OMG! I don't want to be sent out of this class!

Yurenai: I'm Yurenai. It's a pleasure to meet you, Cata. ^.^

Cata: It's a pleasure to meet someone like you, too. I mean! Someone who's NICE as you. :x (thinking) Damn! What the heck am I doing?!?!

Yurenai: Oh... I have something to tell you... :$

Cata: Oh what is it? (thinking) Please god if you truly exist! Please! Let her be into girls...! PLEASE!!!!!!! I'll never "forget" about studying ever again!!!!!

Yurenai: Well... it's something that most people see as offensive...

Cata: Oh... don't worry. I'm open-minded. I can't say I'm normal either. It's okay. You can tell me. (thinking) YES! YES! SAY IT!!!!!

Yurenai: It's something I cannot control...

Cata: I'm sure I'll understand. Don't be afraid. You can tell me (thinking) C'MON! SAY IT FOR LUM'S SAKE!!!

Yurenai: I was born this way...

Cata: Believe in me. Trust in me. I won't make fun of you, or tell anyone either. (thinking) YOU'RE KILLING ME!!!!!!! SAY IT ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!!

Yurenai: I can't change it...

Cata: I don't want you to change. I've been here with you for 5 minutes and I can say that I really like what I see. I mean, what I see so far!! I mean what I see of your personality!!! (thinking) IF YOU DON'T SAY IT NOW I SWEAR I'M GONNA PASS OUT!!!!!

Yurenai: I hope you don't get mad at me or disgusted or ran away from me because I really want to be your friend.

Cata: Tell what's going on. You're killing me with so much mystery! (thinking) OMG OMG OMG! I'M THE LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD!!!!

Yurenai: I'm able to read minds.

***Cata faints. Meanwhile, Benten and the rest of her new class are having a surprise written test about cooking.***

Benten (writing): Cooking is like riding a motorcycle: you can go anywhere you want but making good stunts takes a lot of hard work and practice.

Teacher ?X?X?X: Well done, you may leave.

Benten: Yo, sensei. Ya didn't tell us ya name.

Teacher: ?X?X?X?: My name is Mrs. Hard. Also, young lady, one week detention for you and for your friend, too.

Benten: WHAT!?!?! Why?!?!?!

Mrs. Hard: First, it is not allowed to faint during classes. Second, only propper grammar and words are allowed inside this college.
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Yurenai: I'm able to read minds.

***Cata faints. (...)

Offtopic: OMG XD
I laughed so hard. XD

By the, how come me and my sister were left behind?
same for Veehive and Cherry...
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LoL now that you mention it... XD

You can try and make your own adventure... Or you can wait and see if Cosmic has any special plans for you...
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Offtopic: No worries -- I'm still relatively new here and Cosmic doesn't know me well enough yet. Figure I'll turn up again when the time is right.

As for Cherry --  :?(shudder) :? he'll turn up when there's food to be found.
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Cata, i loved it! xD

somewhere in... somewhere, veehive and cherry are knocked out

Stranger: salamalek ztrangerz, velcome to pastipan

Veehive: (waking up) where i am...?

Stranger: pastipan.

Veehive: EEEEK, but u look like cherry!

Cherry: I'm here.


[offtopic: i'm out of idead, everytime i think on cherry i have a memory collapse]
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Offtopic: I'm glad you enjoyed. I wasn't sure about what you were going to think about it but I was like "what the heck...?" and I went for it. Also, Sand focus on your storyline. I think I might come up with something for Cherry tomorrow or so. ;)
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*Sandstorm and Falling arrive at Bombu's palace*

Bombu: Soon the feast will start and all your doubts will be solved,gentlemen

Sandstorm: Mister Bombu,can I ask you a question?

Bombu: Sure,tell me

Sandstorm: What will we eat in this feast?

Bombu: Nothing but the best,amigos,we have prepared around 34 turkeys and 100 gallons of wine just for this day

Sandstorm: So,you are not gonna eat us,right?

Bombu: What made you thought such silly ideas,Sandstorm-san?

Falling: To start with,I did a scan on you,Bombu,and it showed that you wield such an amazing power,that is why me and the kid were worried you were gonna eat us

Sandstorm: Hey,I am not a kid!!!!

Falling: Regardless of that,we wanna know the exact reason of this feast you are holding for Sandstorm and moi

Bombu: Those were the orders from my master,the one called Woten

Falling: Do you mind escorting us to him?

Bombu: All in due time,friends,first we have to celebrate the feast

Sandstorm: Ok,if you say so

*After the feast (Yeah,we had to cut some scenes due to lack of budget,lumaholics)*

Falling: (whispering to Sandstorm) Yo,Sandy Bell,I bet that purple corridor may lead us to this guy Woten,wanna come?

Sandstorm: Ok,sensei

*They arrive to a room filled with clocks and weird orbs*

Falling: Reminds me of the Omni-Screen room back at Cosmic King's citadel

Sandstorm: Aye,sensei,whatever happened to him?

Falling: It has been around a while since these old eyes of mine took a look at that weird,but nice,guy

Sandstorm: Indeed,he suddenly went MIA (Missing In Action) after the Infinity Nightmare of Beyond that ravaged around 3 galaxies

Falling: (senses a powerful aura) Hush,Sandy,someone is coming (Falling uses one of his devices to cloak his and Sandstorm's aura from the unknown hooded man that has just arrived)

Unknown: (sighing) There is no need to cloak your auras,mates,I could sense them even if you were planets away from here

Sandstorm: (no longer hidden and so does Falling Star) Holy Toledo,Batman,how did you manage to do that?!?

Unknown: That is quite simple,friends,but there was a time when I could not achieve this feat so easily

Falling: Are you the boss around here?

Unknown: Aye,I am the one called Woten

Falling: Well,I guess it is time you answer us some questions,first,why do you need us,Woten?

Woten: You have something that I require so dearly,there are forces beyond your imagination and they are plotting the worst holocaust you would ever see,that is all you need to know for now (he is about to leave but Falling tries to stop him,Woten blasts Falling and traps him into an energy prison within an orb)


Falling: Hey,lemme out!!!

Woten: You will be released once this orb drains you of your power,my impulsive friend,such is the price of your mindless bravado

Sandstorm: Release my sensei,punk,or you will get stoned

Woten: It would be useless to try,Sandstorm,you are way to important for my project and I would not like to hurt you

Sandstorm: SANDROCK METEORS!!!! (a bunch of spiked rocks fly towards Woten,he turns them into bananas)

Woten: No matter how hard you try,that will not even scratch me,give up already (turns Sandstorm into glass)

Sandstorm: (breaking free) MJOLNIR TERRA QUAKE!!! (crushes Woten,or so he thought)

Woten: (becomes a giant) You asked for it,Sandstorm (delivers a mental blast towards Sandstorm,it makes Sandstorm body to melt and "lobotomizes" Sandstorm)

Sandstorm: (remaining motionless) Ahhhhhhhhh

Falling: (breaks free from his energy prison,he only has a 50 % of his power) What did you do to my friend?

Woten: I broke his mind,he will remain motionless as long as I like,he was warned and yet he defied me,what a pity

*Suddenly Sandstorm stands up and blasts Woten,burning his ritual robes*

Falling: Wow,how did you do that,Sandy?

Sandstorm: Probably thanks to the Odin Force that Thor's dad gave me back when we battled Ares

Falling: Oh,I did forgot about that,but right now lets see who this Woten guy really is

*They get closer to where Woten is,he is barely injured and he really is ...*


Sandstorm: Hey,you look just like me!!!!!

Woten: Surprised,Sandstorm?

Sandstorm: Well,yes

Woten: I guess I will not need to hide the truth any longer,I am yourself from the future,this is the year 234 a.d.

Sandstorm: What?

Woten: After Doomsday

Falling: Care to tell us what kind of doomsday,future Sandstorm?

Woten: It happened back in 2009,an unknown cabal plotted an universal apocalypse that claimed the lives of 98 % of the cosmos' population,most of the UY warriors perished in such holocaust

Sandstorm: Even Kaede?

Woten: Aye,she fought valiantly but in the end the fire of her life was snuffed,all that remains of her are memories and her spanking sticks

Falling: Ohhhh

Woten: After that holocaust,I began to wander the universe in an attempt to find survivors,I finally found them in the few planets that remained and managed to bring them to this planetoid I call "Eden"

Falling: Do not you feel yourself kinda lonely since you lost Kaede,Woten?

Woten: Not at all,my wife Diana has helped me overcome the grief

Falling: Was not there a winged girl called Diana on one of Lum's parties (

Woten: Yep,that is the one that is my wife

Sandstorm: Damn

Falling: Anyways,how come you became powerful enough to take on me and sandstorm with little effort?

Woten: I perfected my demonic sand powers as well as the Odin Force for around 100 years,heck,I could defeat all the other warriors if there were any Deathmatch tournament,hehehe

Sandstorm: If you are so powerful,how come you do not simply undo that universal apocalypse?

Woten: To undo the murder of the cosmos is a feat not even a god can do,what I can do is to train you to be ready for the coming of such event considering that I cannot alter the course of time at all

Falling: Bring it on,future Sandstorm

*Meanwhile,Kroptik and Iridia awaken in what seems to be an office close to a church*

Kroptik: Ohhh,my head hurts,where are we?

Iridia: Dunno,brother,but it sure smells like cheap cigars

*A fat man appears*


Fat Man: Coño,chica,mas te vale no estar insultando como huelen mis habanos (it means "Damn it,girl,you better not be insulting how my Cuban cigars smell" in Spanish)

Iridia: Who are you,good sir?

Fat Man: Elvis is the name and marrying people is my game,cabrona

Kroptik: Hey,I cannot marry my own sister!!!!

Elvis: Who is saying you are gonna marry her,pendejo?

Iridia: Then who?

Elvis: Your groom will arrive soon,dulce niña,do not worry,hehehehehe

Kroptik: Not if I take her away from here...NOVA SPECTRUM!!! (Elvis dodges the blast and blinds Kroptik with the smoke of the cheap cigar)

Elvis: Tsk,tsk,such a naughty pendejo,you need to get punished....ZANEI TENMA HA!!! (delivers a single blow to Kroptik's chest,it stops the functions of Kroptik's legs and arms)


*The office's door opens,the groom has arrived*

Groom: Yo,yo,yo,mother-truckers,the world's hottest rapper has arrived on the day of his wedding,MC Morpheus is ready to tie the knot,niggas

Kroptik: (screaming in terror) NOT YOU AGAIN,MC MORPHEUS,NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

MC Morpheus: YES!!! YES!!!! (

Elvis: So,are we ready to start the ceremony?
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***Meanwhile, Cherry wakes up in what seems to be a beach.***

Cherry: Where am I? Boys? Girls? Guys? (sigh) Guess they ran away from me while I was getting my beauty sleep... Disrespectful youth.

***Cherry wonders around the beach and realizes that he's in a desert island. He keeps on exploring the island and founds a cave. Cherry walks to the end of the cave and accidentaly pushes a lever. The darkest wall becomes a huge TV screen and colourful levers appear (Red for Benten and Cata, Yellow for Falling and Sand, Green for Kroptik and Iridia, Black for Cherry, Orange for Ataru and Veehive).

Cherry pushes the orage lever. The huge screen turns on and Ataru and Veehive appears on a small room full of men with no doors or windows.***

Ataru: Yo Beebive, how did we end up being in a room full of ugly men instead of a room full of pretty and sexy girls?

Veehive: Not every guy is ugly.

Ataru: Woah... Wait a minute... You're not saying that you're... (Ataru gets further and further of Veehive)

Veehive: Of course not! What I'm saying is that I'm not ugly! I'm quite handsome don't you think?

Ataru: I can't appreciate men. o.o

Veehive: xD

Ataru: Yo Mendo! Megane! Chibi! Kakugari! Perm! Come here!

Veehive: They didn't notice us. Weird...

Ataru: Maybe they didn't heard us. What's so weird about it?

Veehive: Well... you're so noisy that everyone should have looked at you. Instead, no one in this room seems to have heard you.

Ataru: Why you...!!! Hey, you're right. Maybe you're overreacting. I didn't scream that loud. (Screaming his longs out) HEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYY! MEEEENDOOO!!!! MEEEGAAAAANEEEE! CHIIIII---

Veehive (screaming his longs out): SHUT UP!!!!!!!! (normal) Damn... Yoy want me to go deaf? Anyways there you have the proof that something fishy is going on here...

Ataru: You're right...

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Meanwhile at Woten lair Sandstorm and Falling start their training.

Woten: Now, both of you have unique powers and abilities, but lets face it: they won't help you in the doomsday battle.

Falling: O, rly?!

Woten: Haha! Enough of your sarcasm! I'm going to teach you guys how to use very powerful attacks that could save the future.

Sand: Wow! are we going to be as strong as you after this training?

Woten: Yes! 100 years from now! Hahaha

Falling:  Hmm. How long is this training going to be?

Woten: 2 or 3 Decades.

Falling/Sand: What?!

Sand: By that time the apocalypse will already have passed; and all the training will be useless.

Woten: No, If you guys stop interrupting me I may be able to explain everything.

Falling: Please, continue.

Woten: There is a place that you can train where time is irrelevant. It's a room where you can train for all infinity, and still you won't age.

Falling: Hmm. I wonder if.

Woten: Yes, you are right. It was made by Forgotten Lum, before he disappeared to God's realm with his wife.

Falling:  Wow! so he run away from the battle and left us to die?

Sand: Well technically I survived. XD

Woten: Ok. Enough of this; prepare yourselves to learn the techniques that will change the future, 1st we'll start with the powerful Genki Dama.

Falling: What's that?

Woten: It allows the user to borrow energy from all the things around him. The energy is gathered by the user raising their arms upwards, this however does leave them open to attack as the strength of the attack is proportional to the time it takes to charge.
So that is why I need both of you to learn this skill; in case one of you die while trying to prepare the attack.

Falling: Ok then, lets do it. I'm ready to go.

Sand: Btw, before we go in the room can you tells us something.

Woten: Sure. What is it?

Sand: Who's the enemy that we will face?

Woten: That is something you don't need to know for now. So, Let the training begin.

Next chapter: Release date  09/01/09
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Can't wait for the next chapter! :P Thanks Falling. =)
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Post by: FallinG_StaR on August 16, 2009, 01:46:06 AM
I try my best...

It's hard work to make something like this... and I blame it all in Cosmic King...

It would have been good if he could at least leave some tips... to where he wanted this to go...

So prepare your selfs for the weirdest story of Nightmare Battles... where all plots are... well... weird... XD
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So prepare your selfs for the weirdest story of Nightmare Battles... where all plots are... well... weird... XD

I think the UY has played that one particular song many times, enough for the message to be numbed into our brains.
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Offtopic: Ok,I am back (again),my brothers-in-lum (and sister,of course)

Regarding Falling's mention of me not leaving hints,I can only say that I am here to help with what was left of this sage

Lets begin now

*Not so far away from Woten's lair yet not so close,a meeting is been held and in the center of such meeting rests a machine that has the Tomobiki Students,Cata,Benten,Cherry,Kroptik,Iridia and the rest of the gang sleeping over it*

Unknown: I gotta admit it,Herr Doktor,I never dreamed that you could capture those pesky punks after so many gruesome defeats to this organization

*Doctor Strangelove,archnemesis of the UY Warriors,appears*


Strangelove: Ja,Mein F�hrer,it was quite difficult to nab these kids for good but in the end it was quite easy to drug them with the latest version of my Ragnarok Virus,only thing I lament was not trapping the Space Pirate Pimp,the Spanker and the Weird Guy in Golden,but now their friends will serve as the ultimate weapon for the organization they swore to destroy,The Council of Shadows

Unknown: And I suppose that machine holding them is the key to such weapon,right?

Strangelove: Indeed,this device,the Morpheus Neural Chamber,is trapping their minds on weird and half-baked fantasies while "copying" their unique powers into these robots over there,it wont take long for us to have an invincible army

Unknown: What if they realize they are trapped in a fantasy world and try to find a way out?

Strangelove: Not a problem,the moment they attempt any foolish resistance,the device will start a lobotomy process,frying their brains and leaving them like mindless puppets like those other "not so lucky" subjects (shows a room with a drooling Alumxander and Necron99)

Unknown: Excellent

Strangelove: No need to thank me,all this could have not been possible without the assistance of them

*Some guys appear*

Darkdevil: This cosmos is gonna have one hell of a time

Forgotten: Indeed,old friend,this will be an event they wont forget

*The four villains begin to laugh*
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Offtopic: I kind of feel bad for Alumxander being in the same place as Pseudo-Necron99. :(

Glad to have you back, your majesty. =)
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offtopic: cool, the sequel is going! xD
ahhh, that weirdlove guy is back!
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Offtopic: Sand, that sounded really funny! xD
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Offtopic: Time to continue the tale,lumaholics

*Our warriors keep struggling to escape from the weird fantasy that is consuming their soul,suddenly the HQ of the Council of Shadows is invaded by a guy with a cool afro*


Shaft: Ok,mother-suckers,John Shaft is inda house and he is fixing to kick himself some evildoer ass (starts shooting randomly)

Strangelove: American swine,you are gonna end up destroying the Neural Chamber (summons a Cyclops to stop Shaft)


*Both Shaft and the Cyclops battle,but the most wonderful battle is been fought in the minds of the noble UY Warriors,and so we proceed what is going on with Cata,who just "awoke" on her school-like prison*

Cata: Owww,why does my head hurt so much? (she is received by a robot)

Maid-atron Delta: That would be the Feminoserum that is been injected to your blood every night,young missy,you and your biker friend will get used to it

Cata: Damn school and its weird attempts at making me a "proper lady",I am getting out of here (tries to escape but she is stopped by an invisible force)

Yurenai: Why are you trying to escape,Cata-chan?,I thought you cared about me

Cata: I do but believe me when I tell you I have to destroy this institute of madness

Yurenai: I find that hard to believe,Cata-chan

Cata: What do ya mean by that?

Yurenai: Deep down in that maze you call mind lies the whole truth,what you truly want is this,you desire the live of a simple girl who has the respect and care of all the people around,so get rid of that valkyrie's bravado,it does not suit you

*Cata begins to suffer a mental attack,she falls to her knees trying to fight this as well as her sailor suit's punishment system*

Cata: Long enough have I tasted the dismal dregs of defeat...I am...quite see you have already become one of their minions, I will have to awaken you with this fist of mine... (breaks the mental control and the punishment system,her nose is bleeding like hell)

Yurenai: Impossible!!!

*Cata hits Yurenai in the back of her neck,knocking her out*

Maid-atron Delta: Tsk tsk,such behavior is not the one a lady should exhibit,I guess we will have to use the ultimate program on you,Miss Cata (summons an army of guards)


Cata: That is all?,I thought you really wanted to enslave here but you only brought some soon-to-be-corpses,well,beggars cant be choosers

*Cata beats all the guards with ease*

Cata: Had enough?
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Maid-atron Delta: Had you?

Cata: Huh?

***Maid-atron Delta says something weird and doors on the ceiling, walls and floor open up and several lipsticks come from them.***

Cata: No... Oh no... Don't you dare...

Maid-atron Delta: Oh, so you will?

Cata: In your dreams and in my nightamers you girly-piece of junk!

Maid-atron Delta: We'll see about that.

***The lipsticks are attached to mechanical arms and they work like a snake, which means that they are guided by body heat. The more Cata moves, the more she gets noticed. Suddenly, they start to move towards Cata and she panicks.***

Cata: Stay away!!! Don't touch me!! I'll melt you!!!

***Cata runs from one side to another trying to get rid of them but the more she moves, the more they get near her. Suddenly, Cata notices that if she runs around in circles and then jump at a certain point, the mechanical arms will form a knot. She goes around running like crazy and yelling like there's no tomorrow while she gets taunted by Maid-atron Delta. Finally, the knot is done and Cata is safe. Or... is she?***

Maid-atron Delta: Kudos to you because I thought your abbility to think would be asleep while you were terrified.

Cata: Don't underestimate me or anyone else because that'll cost you. Now, return Yurenai and myself to normal.

Maid-atron Delta: What do you mean "normal"? You're normal.

Cata: No, we're not! I mean, we are but you did some crazy stuff to us. Undo it!

Maid-atron Delta: But I thought you wanted to be normal.

Cata: What do you mean by that?

Maid-atron Delta: Normal girls are girly and normal boys are manly. That's normal. But you are mixed up.

Cata: So? Being mixed up or whatever is my normal self. Give my tomboy-hood back right now! Oh and give Yurenai's mind back to her, too.

Maid-atron Delta: I don't want to do that, I can't do that and even if I could, I would never do it!

Cata: I'm tired of you stupid people!!! GRRR!!! Prepare for being destroyed into LEGOs you stupid robot!

***Cata goes to punch the Maid-atron Delta's sensor but Cata's fist gets electrocuted with this massive power. Cata faints.***

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*Cata awakens in what seems to be a Roman Circus*

Cata: Now what?

Headmistress: Your foolish bravado has proved to be quite a thorn in our sides since you came but now your spirit shall be broken,missy,for now you will suffer the fate of all of those tomboys

Cata: What do you mean,you old hag?

Headmistress: Right now we have taken away around 85 % of your skills and created a living representation of that brutish soul of yours,meet your executioner


Cata: Hey,I do not look like that!!!!

Headmistress: Regardless of that,once he finishes you,you will fully embrace your inner desire to become a lady and perhaps marry a doctor,hahahahahaha

Cata: Never
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Cata: so this is 85% of my tomboyishness? Well, I still have 15% left plus my intelligence... That will be your death sentence.

Executioner: Your should be pink.

Cata: Keep dreaming you prick!

***Cata stays on the defensive studying what her opponent is capable of and his tactic. Cata his hit a few times and seems to be struggling to not be defeated. A few minutes later, Cata's already in a pinch since she can't deal which such an agressive force against her. Suddenly, she remembers that the bigger the foe, the bigger the fall and that she can make the strenght that the Executor uses, against him.***

Cata: Is that all you got? Try harder you cheap clone!

***The executor bashed toward Cata and at the last moment, Cata dodged, kicked him in the leg and the Executor loses his balance. However, he doesn't go down at first. Cata climbs to his neck and pressures him down. The executor is struggling to not fall down but Cata ends up making him fall down. Quickly, Cata puts her arms around the executor's neck and starts suffocating him. But with 85% power against 15%, it's quite easy for him to get up and throw Cata away. She hits her head against a wall and ends up unconscious.***
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Post by: Kroptik on September 06, 2009, 04:49:50 AM
You sure end up unconscious a lot don't you Cata? xD
You're head must be lump-proof by now. o.0
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 06, 2009, 01:36:14 PM
Offtopic: Not really because I'm already used to it. LoL I just didn't want that "bad guys always lose and the main characters always win, you know? Just to keep the story more interesting. But maybe it didn't work out. =\
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Post by: ferrango on September 06, 2009, 01:50:03 PM
answering @ cata:
what about a story where the main characters ARE the bad guys, and they win anyway.
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Post by: SandStorm on September 06, 2009, 05:44:37 PM
offtopic: because we are the good guys? xP
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Post by: ferrango on September 06, 2009, 06:19:15 PM
offtopic: no, I'm not. xD
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Post by: SandStorm on September 06, 2009, 07:38:09 PM
offtopic: i was not counting you in. xP
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Post by: cata on September 07, 2009, 12:18:27 AM
Offtopic: But Ferrango can join the story and be one of the bad guys and TRY (mwhahahahah) to win the Nightmare Battle.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: ferrango on September 07, 2009, 10:52:55 AM
offtopic: i'd like to, but i have to read over 50 pages before i can join, or u can explain me how does this story work.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: cata on September 07, 2009, 01:23:05 PM
Offtopic: Basically, you create your own character (abbilities, skills, weaknesses, race, weapons, tastes, appearance, etc.) and you go around continuing the plot that the previous person left un-done (posts above). You can also create characters (and even put UY characters in the story) to make the story even better. Got it?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: ferrango on September 07, 2009, 05:17:11 PM
so it's a sort of RPG, averyone continuing the story from the point the others stop??
if it's so, i already played something like that. it will be fun. and i'll have something to do during english lessons. :)
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Post by: cata on September 07, 2009, 10:08:18 PM
Offtopic: Okay then, you can pick up from where the story was left.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: ferrango on September 08, 2009, 05:21:45 PM
Offtopic: ok. let's try it. I'll need some time to adapt to the style of this history but...

A man, wearing a black suit and carrying a bag, was walking somewhere in un unknown place, looking for something that he knew only the existance of.
When, suddenly...

Soldier: stop you can't go further than here. Dr. Strangelove's orders.

Man: hey! you! watch out!

Soldier: what? Aaaargh!

Man: hah, so weak and easy to beat. Your superiors should have choose someone better. So, the entrance should be right here...


Dr. Strangelove: Muahahahaha!

Man: hello, mr Strangelove, i have a proposal for you that you won't refuse.


Man: at time. What about arguing our deal, uh? would you? It wouldn't be fun if your big and fancy dream-machine stops working and the UY Warriors wake up.

Dr. Strangelove: you got my attention. what do you know about my machine.

Man: later. I want something in excange before. otherwise i'll wake them up.

Dr. Strangelove: I'm listening.

Man: I want a starship. and also a BFG9k if you have one. I also want to take part to your hell party.

Dr. Strangelove: Uhm, mein F�hrer wouldn't be happy at all. Ok, you got the deal. Who are you anyway?

Man: I am Ferrango, King of the Thiefs and Software bugs!

and gave him his presentation card.

Dr. Strangelove: So, Ferrango, why do you want to join us?

Ferrango: I always wanted the bad guys to win. i couldn't make your great plan fall just because of an error on your machine. here is the fix.

Dr. Strangelove: Excellent.

Ferrango (thinking): hahaha, soon you'll see what the King of Thiefs's power is about.

and started laughing.
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Offtopic: Nicelly done, Ferrango. =)
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Post by: SandStorm on September 09, 2009, 10:05:30 AM
offtopic: that's a good way to start, conngratz ^^
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Post by: Cosmic King on September 18, 2009, 11:05:08 PM
Offtopic: Welcome to the jungle,Ferrango

I really liked your introduction to the adventure

*Ferrango is guided towards a temple nearby*

Strangelove: You have showed us your worth,Ferrango,but first we need to test your title of "King of Thieves"

Ferrango: What do you want me to steal?

Strangelove: 2 light years away from here resides the planet known as Sharkara II,there lies a man called Isunza,he is the guardian of the Eye of Surtur,an sphere capable of giving infinite energy to any device

Ferrango: Ok,consider it done

Strangelove: Good,step into this teleporter and you will find yourself there

*Ferrango enters the device and appears on Sharkara II,it is a barren wasteland full of sand and several corpses*

Ferrango: It appears this is a dead planet,it wont be so hard to find this Isunza guy

*He spots a half-naked man sitting on top of the corpses,he is holding a butterfly net*

Unknown: Thou art foreign to this cursed land,young lad,state thy business here

Ferrango: I am looking for a man called Isunza,old man,do you know him?

Unknown: Aye,many warriors came before thee and he smote them hip and thigh with a great slaughter,but,alas,he lives no more and I am left to guard his treasure

Ferrango: Surrender the item you are holding and I will spare you,mister

Unknown: The name is Argul,remember that name when you get to meet thy maker at the land of the damned

*Argul stands up*


Ferrango: You had to choose the hard way,did not you?

Argul: Hehehehe,do not flatter thyself,lad,this will be but a mere warm-up for me

*Argul moves as fast as lightning and gives an uppercut to Ferrango*

Ferrango: Not bad (spits blood)

*The battle rages on for hours,Argul gaining the upper hand when he suddenly stops moving*

Argul: What kind of knavery is this,foul hellspawn?

Ferrango: Did you really thought I would play fair when my mission is to steal your treasure no matter what?

Argul: Damn

Ferrango: Even though you seem to be my superior at physical skills,you still lack the mental abilities to challenge me,that is why while you were punching me I was infecting you with a nanobot virus that takes away your body control for a while giving me enough time to take the Eye of Surtur

Argul: Art thou not gonna silence my shame with the gift of death?

Ferrango: I just broke you,that is worse than death,do not you think?,you will carry the memory of been beaten by a young lad

Argul: Hehehehehehe,it seems this old dog still needs to learn some tricks,take the treasure,lad,and pray to the gods that we do not meet again for my vengeance will know no limits

*Ferrango departs after stealing the Eye of Surtur*
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Ataru: "...Definitely something fishy about this."

Veehive: "About what?"

Ataru: "Have you forgotten already?"

Veehive: "Hey, you mean what we were talking about back on page 51? That was last year and I didn't even write that!"

Ataru (low voice, mockingly): "Not much for memory these days, eh Old Man? (closer now, leering) It's hell getting old, isn't it?"

Veehive (embarrassed, turning away)"I'm only middle-aged, I'm not old yet, I'm only middle-aged ...."

Both turn to regard the four figures of Lum'sStromtroopers before them...

Ataru (calling out as he approaches them): "Oi! Megane! Paama! Never thought I'd be glad to see your ugly faces (bwaa-aah-aah-aah-aah)!"

 Ataru reaches out to grasp Megane's shoulder, then recoils in horror. "Wh - wha - what ???!!"

Veehive: (realizing also) They're ... all stuffed ... like hunting trophies!"

Both stand paralyzed as the full horror of the scene  washed over them. Their paralysis was broken by a small child-like voice from a far corner of the room

"They can't play any more"

Ataru and Veehive turn in the direction of the voice. In the doorway leading to a well-lit hallway stood a girl, about 10 years old. Only her silhouette was clear in the doorway. She was wearing a dress and an old-fashioned mop cap, and appeared to have twigs attached to her back with Christmas ornaments hung from them.

"They can't play any more. (sadly) Now I don't have anyone to play with."

"Can YOU play with me?"

Veehive: "Can you show us a way out? Can you help us find a way out?"

The girl confirmed, "If you play with me."

Veehive and Ataru looked at each other, confirming the gravity of the situation. Seemed like they were making a deal with the Devil himself.

Veehive: "Okay. Let's play."

A smile could be seen on the girl's silhouetted face. "Okay!!"

Ataru and Veehive began making their way towards the doorway and the girl. Ataru asked, "Hey, little girl, what's your name?"


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Post by: FallinG_StaR on July 26, 2010, 04:32:49 AM
Wow... I had a nightmare that looked like that...  :/ No wonder this topic is called Nightmare Battle  :9

Good to see someone injecting life into this... So... now what should we do?!
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I don't even know if we can/should continue with this. :S
Most members aren't even active recently. D:
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I quote the small dialogue from the movie 300...

 - This is madness!!!

 - Madness?! This is Nightmareeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

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Post by: veehive on July 26, 2010, 12:56:45 PM
I don't even know if we can/should continue with this. :S
Most members aren't even active recently. D:

Like all good threads, it will sit quietly awaiting its next post and it will morph into whatever shape the fates see fit.

(Now I'm wondering -- how am I going to write my way out of this? Hmmmm. I know where I want to go with it, just how do I get there....)
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I'll definetely post something once I come back to my home. =D
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cata chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aan! 8D

marry me. o3o
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Entering the doorway together, Ataru and Veehive (god I wish I'd picked a better screen name) saw that the bright illumination was confined only to the doorway. Beyond the doorway was a corridor which streched into inky blackness.

Flandre: (in a little-girlish sing-song) "Follow me!" (giggles)

The 3 began walking through the unlit corridor, our heroes following the jingling of the little girl's crystal-jeweled wings. With no illumination, they couldn't see but noticed they were stumbling into things as they went.

The girl began humming a strange song as she skipped along ahead of our heroes
#Invalid YouTube Link#

Ataru: "That song sends shivers down my spine."

Veehive: "Catchy, 'though. OOP!" (Veehive stumbles across something in the hallway) "Can't see where I'm going in this darkness. Hey, Ataru, you got a match?"

Ataru (smirking): "My Ass - Your Face"

Veehive: "You know what I meant (smartmouth)...."

Ataru (proud of his witty reply) "Try this ...."

Ataru pulls a Zippo lighter from his pocket and strikes the flint. The Zippo fires immediately.

In the dim light of the Zippo, Ataru and Veehive could see that the corridor was lined with corpses (and decayed skeletal remains of corpses). "So, THAT's what we've been stepping on", whispers Ataru.

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Post by: Cosmic King on August 05, 2010, 06:31:47 PM
* Ataru drops his Zippo lighter, darkness reigns supreme one more time *

Veehive: Way to go, Moroboshi, now we are gonna be dead meat

Ataru: At least our executioner is a girl, you may say this was Karma all the time

* Veehive tries to search for the lighter and then something grabs him from behind *

Flandre: Peekaboo! (Flandre bites Veehive's shoulder)

Veehive: Help me, Moroboshi!!!!

* Ataru grabs one of the bones of the corpses and tries to beat Flandre *

Flandre: Your little "love taps" are useless, mortal (Flandre summons fire to engulf Ataru)

Ataru: Arghhhh!!!

* Flandre resumes drinking Veehive's blood *

Veehive: Damn it, I never thought I would fall in such bizarre manner

* Veehive grabs Flandre from her hair and throws her towards a wall *

Flandre: I see that I was right by choosing you as my playmate, Veehive

* Flandre unleashes a sonic scream that stuns Veehive *

Flandre: Your blood is the best I have tasted in years and I intend to get drunk with it, Veehive-chan

* Flandre is about to maul Veehive when she is suddenly injured by some sword that Ataru grabbed from one of the corpses *

Ataru: Sorry, Satanic Lolita, but I am the only one allowed to be hot

* Flandre melts the sword and attempts to bite Ataru's head off *

Veehive: Look out, Moroboshi! (Veehive finds the lighter and a bottle of wine) This gives me an idea (Veehive creates a Molotov Cocktail Bomb and throws it to Flandre)

* Flandre doesn't seem injured *

Flandre: You truly amuse me, Veehive-chan, I suppose it is time I stop using only the 20 % of my power

Veehive / Ataru: F**k

* Flandre is about to unleash all her power when several men in black invade the building *

Flandre: Meddlesome invaders, I shall teach you not to mess with my games

* Flandre attacks the men in black *

Ataru: I think this is our chance to get out of here, Veehive

Veehive: Agreed

* They are stopped by a man wearing a gas mask *


Hunk the Mercenary: Freeze, both of you are coming with us

Veehive: We didn't do anything, Officer, it was all the fault of that psychotic Lolita

Hunk the Mercenary: Regardless of that, I have orders to take with me the men known as Ataru Moroboshi and Duke Veehive Lovecraft Gradius Miku

Ataru: Is that your real name, Veehive?

Veehive: That is barely one third of my name, Moroboshi

* Flandre attacks Hunk *

Hunk the Mercenary: I also have orders to take you with me, Mademoiselle Flandre

* Hunk throws a bomb that unleashes a living metal that traps Flandre *

Flandre: I can't move

Hunk the Mercenary: That is because you are covered in Plotakus, a Tecasian metal known for its hardness

Flandre: What do you want with me?

Hunk the Mercenary: The Scarlet Family has ordered us to capture you as well as sending you to a disciplinary school, Mademoiselle


* Flandre is knocked out *

Hunk the Mercenary: I have to admit that we were lucky today for she is known for her lust for blood and power

Veehive: Excuse me, Mister Mercenary, I think I missed the part where you told us the reason you need us

Hunk the Mercenary: All in due time, Mr. Veehive

* Veehive and Ataru are sent towards a giant school in the middle of a forest *

Hunk the Mercenary: You'll soon find out why you are needed

* A man arrives *


Veehive: Jean Reno?!?!?!?

Unknown Man: I get that a lot, Mr. Veehive, but my name is Professor Paul T. Geist

Veehive: What do you want from me and Ataru?

Geist: I am the principal of the Seele Academy, a school dedicated to help people with special powers, and I need you to work as teachers

Ataru: Why?

Geist: You are known for your affairs with the culture of other planets, Mr. Moroboshi, and Veehive is known for his vast knowledge of mysticism

Veehive: We are not so good as teachers, Geist, you will have to find better men for such roles

Geist: Did I forgot to mention that Seele Academy is a school that only allows female students?

Ataru / Veehive: It would be our pleasure to help you, Mr. Geist })

Geist: I knew you would understand

Veehive: When do we start working?

Geist: Tomorrow

Ataru: Excellent

* One day later *

Veehive: It appears that Ataru got up early, I better prepare myself for my first day as teacher

* Veehive proceeds to take a shower, change his clothing, eat a healthy breakfast and then he leaves for work *

Veehive: The first impression is always important, I better not screw my chances at this school

* A voice calls Veehive *

Veehive: Who is it?

Unknown Girl: I suppose you are the new "teacher", I hope you last longer than the one called "Ataru"


Veehive: Look, I don't wanna fight you

Unknown Girl: Hold thy tongue, O Enemy of Women, you dare to defile this most sacred of schools with thy black magic

Veehive: You got it all wrong, I am not that kind of man

Unknown Girl: Have at thee!!!

* The girl creates several spheres of fire *

Veehive: You could have injured somebody with that!!!

* Veehive evades several of those spheres and grabs one fire extinguisher *

Veehive: This fight ends now!!!

* Veehive extinguishes the flames and grabs the girl *

Unknown Girl: Do your worst, foul villain, I am not afraid

* Veehive starts spanking the girl *

Veehive: You could have endangered the whole school with those tricks of yours

Unknown Girl: Owww

Veehive: Look, you are a pretty girl and I am quite sure that you will find a boyfriend if you change your attitude a little bit

* The girl blushes *

Unknown Girl: Sensei?

Veehive: Yes?

Unknown Girl: I am sorry, I was a fool to believe that a man like you was some agent of evil

Veehive: I am glad to hear that

Unknown Girl: Thy spanks opened mine eyes, O Wise Mage, and I have realized that an ally of justice like yourself is the one that I should love O+

Veehive: Look, you can call me "Veehive" or "Teacher" and about you suddenly loving me ...

* The girl suddenly kisses Veehive's cheek *

Unknown Girl: You can call me Azaka Kokuto

Veehive: Well, Azaka ...

Azaka: Please take of care of me!!! (Azaka bows down like a typical lady)

* Veehive doesn't know what to do *

Veehive: You don't need to bow down, Ms. Kokuto

* Azaka stands up *

Veehive: Well, I gotta go to class and I am sure you have other things to attend

Azaka: I will see you later, Sensei, Fare thee well


* Azaka leaves the place while singing a love song *

Veehive: What a weird student

* Veehive goes to the school *

Veehive: I hope I survive my first day here
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Haha... Nicely done Mr. K, that was like... a tornado... so many twists... and then... BOOM... love story... XD

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Hmmm hmm hm hmm we will meet again, my precious Veehive hmm hmmm hmmm what a stupid name hmm hmmh mmmm such sweet sweet sweet blood hmm hmm I will make you hmm hmm hmmm alll mine hm hmm all miiine hmmm hmmmm hmmmm ...

Spoiler (hover to show)
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Post by: FallinG_StaR on August 09, 2010, 07:00:11 AM
Well... lets see... a filler post... XD

Meanwhile, somewhere in another dimensional plain... a man sits on top of a pile of ruble looking tired and beaten...

Woten: Uhf... I guess you guys are ready... you finally managed to beat me. I will now send you back to your time and dimension. Now we can hope for a better future... Farewell.

The two men disappear in a flash of light and instantly appear in a town in front of a school...


Falling/Sand: It's good to be back...

Edit: It's been so long I didn't even know where the hell I was... ;D
Had to read a few pages and still I'm confused... but who cares... filler is done, its all yours Veehive
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15 minutes of walking and a few wrong turns brought Veehive-sensei (still a dumb name) to his destination: "Room 413. Second period. Hope they're settled in by now ..." he mused as he slid open the door and stepped inside ....

To be met with a hailstorm, a barrage, a danmaku made up of every conceivable projectile: bullets, knives, razor-sharp icicles, arrows, laser beams, even (how can this be?) suppositories (??!!), all hurling at 60fps and aimed straight at Veehive-sensei. Old dance training kicked in: Veehive moved deftly and quickly through the barrage, contorting his body this way and that to avoid being hit by the projectiles (suppositories .. yeesh!), and made his way to the teacher's desk ungrazed.

The barrage stopped momentarily, gasps of "Oh my I don't believe it! He made it through!" came from the back of the room. Veehive took the opportunity afforded by this lull in the action, grabbed a handful of blackboard erasers, and returned fire, filling the air with his own danmaku of chalkdust-laden death. The erasers hit their marks, a thick cloud of chalkdust subduing the attackers massed at the back of the room.

Veehive-sensei stood and surveyed the situation. The cloud of chalkdust slowly settled, revealing ... a group of girl students, now coughing and blinking away the dust, at the back of the classroom. They were, as expected, an eclectic bunch: most dressed in old-fashioned dresses, a couple of small ones in pixie-like outfits complete with wings and pointed ears. A not-so-young woman was in a wierd maid outfit. And one particular young lady -- nicely attired in blazer and tie -- had rumpled rabbit ears apparently buttoned to her head.  

"I'll assume Moroboshi-sensei (god I never thought I'd have to put those two words together in the same sentence, *gah* leaves a film in my mouth ...) was just here?"

The group of girls stiffened at mere mention of the name, their eyes widened with fear and anger, their bodies attaining poses of defense , preparing to attack once again.

Veehive-sensei took a deep breath, stood at full height, faced the mob, and bellowed:

The girls stood frozen in position for a few moments, considering the statement ...  Their tensions began to ease after a few minutes (Veehive could see that they were starting to breathe again). He then continued:

"I am NOT here ... to obtain your address and telephone number. I am NOT here ... to ask you out for tea. I am NOT here ... because I have an obsession with your "three-sizes"."

"I am ONLY here ... to instruct you, so that I may Go Home at the end of the day with a clear conscience, knowing that I have instructed you to the best of my abilities.."

"I promise you that I will do my very best to instruct you." He bowed deeply to the class. However, he couldn't resist a parting twist, and as he arose from his bow, he added:

"LEARNING, however, will be strictly YOUR option."

This strange speech seemed to calm their fears, and they (and Sensei) breathed a collective sigh of relief.

"So. If you will finish dusting yourselves off, please retake your seats, and (his face breaking out in a small smile) ... we can begin."
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(w00t i need to read this all, later I shall write something)
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Veehive-sensei begins his class about mages and everything goes smoothly.

Meanwhile, Ataru begins his teaching in Class B. This class is know as "B" because the students from this class are Beautiful Beachy (you know what I meant) Babes.

Ataru enters the door. "Good morning, pretty ladies! How have you been?"

Student 1: Aw men...!!! I can't believe they sent another teacher!!!

Student 2: Yeah, they never learn! We don't want to be in this stupid classroom! We want to be outside!

Class: YEAH!!!

Ataru: Me too!!! YEAH!!!! C'mon ladies! Let's have some tea and get to know us better! (I never thought I would meet such babes)

Student 1: You don't fool us. You're not the first idiot to try to get along with us and then teaches something.

Student 2: Hey, teacher!

Ataru: Yes, miss?

Student 2: Do you know Pink Floyd?

Ataru: Of course! Everyone knows them. Why?


Ataru: AHAHAHAH Man, I have to try that once I get back to Tomobiki! I love your sense of humor girls! So what do you say? How about a walk in the park and giving me your phone numbers and adresses?

Student 1: Piss off!

Ataru: Okay, if you don't wanna go to the park where do you beautiful babes want to go?

Student 1: We're not going anywhere with you, right class?

Class: YEAH!!

Ataru: Then what do you wanna do? =)

Student 2: What do you mean?

Ataru: Like, what do you feel like doing? We could have launch right here, right now. Or we could have a food fight... It's the things we used to do in Tomoboki.

Student 1: How about a brawl?

Ataru: Sure, it will be fun! (eheheheh I'm gonna feel your bodies, girls!)

Student 1: Fun for us!

*** The brawl begins and Ataru takes advantage and humilliates the girls by lifting up their skirts, touching and groping their bodies. Ataru evades the punches and kicks and gropes everything in sight. The girls screamed "PERVERT!" and "LEACHER" but Ataru kept on going. In the end, he took 0 hits and won the brawl. ***

Student 1: You're good at evading attacks. It's been a while since we had a teacher that put up a fight.

Ataru: eheheheheh

Student 1: I bet you only got hired to make us leave school.

Ataru: I thought you didn't want to be here. I thought you were obliged to be here.

Student 2: Geist-Jerk has a protocole with the Government that keeps him from expelling students. He wins money from the students he keeps. If he expels a student, he'll lose money. If a student leaves on their own decision, Geist won't lose anything. By having less students, he won't need to hire that many teachers. And finally, good grades lead to higher money prizes for him. He only accepts female students because usually girls have better grade than boys.

Ataru: That's horrible! But wait... Why doesn't he try to take advantage from your skills to get high grades?

Student 1: Because none of us have had grades above 50%. We're a waste of money for him.

Ataru: How did you got in, then?

Student 2: Because the Government wanted us, a former street crew, to be in a good college.

Ataru: I see. Then all we need is to make you get high grades, right? It's easy!

Class: HUH???

Ataru: This is a different class. We'll have different subjects that will be picked by you. Here's your first assignment: tomorrow, each one of you will have to write on a piece of paper your phone number and what you're good at. Then, we'll discuss what you wrote and pick the right subjects for all of you. It can be anything! From sleeping to rocket science! Class is over! Bye girls! BY THE WAY!!! I'M STAYING AT ROOM NO. 4!!!!!! I'M ALWAYS AVAILABLE!!!!

(Outside the classroom)

Student 1: What did you think?

Student 2: I don't know.

Student 3: I think we should give it a shot.

Student 4: No way! Teachers are all the same!

Student 1: It's true that we have nothing to lose but it's also true that we've been deceived too many times...

***And so, Ataru was gaining some trust from the students. ***
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The morning class periods concluded and the lunch break for room 413 was at hand. Students formed up into their various lunchtime circles,  bento were brandished and the room was filled with the sounds of girlish chatter and the clicking of hashi.

One student had perplexed Veehive. The one in the maid costume. While trim and well-kept, she looked too old to be a student herself. Indeed, a closer inspection revealed some signs of age about her face: her lips were a bit too thin, her eyelids had a slight droop, a few too many lines and wrinkles around her mouth for a teen-ager.

As the lunch period commenced, the maid collected the notes she had been taking all morning, picked up a large expensive-looking bento and began making her way out of the room.

"Ano ... Excuse me ... miss ... ehm ... miss ... ehmm ...." Veehive trailed off, realizing he hadn't gotten her name.

The maid stopped mid-stride and turned her head sideways to regard her inquisitor with a look that was both polite and disdainful by turns.

"I'm sorry, miss," Veehive continued, "but I can't find your name on the attendance sheets. Who are you?"

"You cannot find my name on your attendance sheets because my name is not there," she replied coolly. "I am not one of your students."

"I am here in place of a student who is unable to attend class," she continued. "Her sister, MyLady, sent me here to gather class notes so that she should not fall behind in her studies. I am also here to deliver her meals, as she has very specific dietary requirements that even your Miss Haruhiya cannot meet."

Another new name. Veehive stumbled, "Miss ... Haru .. hi ... ehhh, who  is Miss ... Ha*"

"My charge, the younger sister of MyLady, is waiting for her midday feeding," the maid interrupted. "Time is important. Do excuse me," she said as she turned to leave.

Eager to get answers, Veehive suggested, "Perhaps if I walk with you, we could continue our conversation," as he started walking toward the maid.

"I doubt you could move at my pace", she replied, a slight self-satisfied smile curling the corners of her mouth.

This comment caught sensei off-guard and he slowed his pace for a moment. Quickly regaining his self-confidence, he continued walking towards her. "Well, then, I should walk quickly, I think; perhaps I could ... share your load for you?" His gaze fell to her armloads of tablets of manuscript paper and that unusually large ornate bento. "I could carry your notepads for you or*"

zzzzzzzzngTNNNG-G-G-G-G-G-G!!! Sensei was stopped mid-sentence by the impact of a cold steel knife into the wall beside him, a mere centimeter from his left temple. The classroom fell silent. All eyes were on the two figures of the new teacher and the maid.

"Pa-a-ads, pa-a-ads. He said pa-a-ads," a small voice chided from the room. Another, then another joined in the chant until the whole of the class was murmuring "Pa-a-ads, pa-a-ads" in childish mockery.

The maid's eyes had narrowed in anger, her mouth a thin grim line as she glared at Veehive. Veehive tensed, returning her expression. Neither of them flinching nor blinking. Veehive didn't know what exactly the maid's problem was, but he vowed that he was going to be the solution.

Finally, it was the maid's expression that changed. "Perhaps you will accompany me ...," she said. "Here -- you carry these" as she shoved the notebooks and bento into Veehive's hands. She then took a pocketwatch from her apron and, holding it in her right hand, placed her left hand on Veehive's right shoulder. She quickly uttered an incantation.

Darkness. No, more like reverse imagery. Shapes and shadows of places and beings. A negative image of the world. And through it Veehive and this maid walked. Only it seemed that they were walking at incredible speeds, the corridors and stairways of the school rushing past them as they walked down, down, ever down, ... to the basement of the Seele Academy.

                                             ... to be continued ...
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(i'm liking to read this|! yet, trying to regain inspuration to contribute)
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Meanwhile at the school gates... Sand and Falling are still trying to know where they are when they see someone approaching.

Unknown man: Hello there gentleman. You seem lost, can I be of any help?

Sand: OMG!! Jean Reno!?!?!

Unknown man: Hahaha... I get that a lot... but never twice in one day... anyway, my name is Professor Paul T. Geist. I am the principal of the Seele Academy, a school dedicated to help people with special powers.

Falling: Nice to meet you Mr. Geist. Can you help us get to the nearest city we have urgent business to take care and we are a bit lost.

Geist: I'm sorry Mr. Falling Star, or should I say... Emperor Falling Star, but I can't help you with that.

Falling: huh? H-How do you know who I am? And why can't you help us?

Geist: I know everything... didn't you hear what I said...  I'm principal of the Seele Academy, a school dedicated to help people with special powers. The moment you set foot in front of our gate we already knew everything about you.

Sand: Everything?

Geist: Yes... Everything... Mr. SandStorm... aka the Spankinator.

Sand: Hahaha... Been a long time since someone called me that.

Falling: Anyway... Why can't you help us out?

Geist: Because our location is secret and only I know the way out of here.

Sand: Well then if you're not telling us the way out... I guess I'll have to spank you till you tell us... ;D

Geist: Calm down Mr. Sand... I'll tell you how you can leave this place but 1st you'll need to do me a favor.

Falling: What kind of favor?

Geist: I need you to work as teachers.

Falling: Teachers? Why? And for what reason?

Geist: Well being this a school for people with special powers normal teachers don't last too much...

Sand: Hehe... so you need a super teacher to teach them, right?

Geist: Huh? Oh yes... yes... that's basically it... So are you up for it?

Sand: Hehe... I'm good to go... I always wanted to be a teacher.

Geist: What about you Mr. Star? I know you where once a teacher this should be easy for you.

Falling: I don't know... This situation... just doesn't feel right...

Geist: Did I forgot to mention that Seele Academy is a school that only allows female students?

Falling: Where do I sign? It will be my pleasure to help you.

Geist: Splendid... Follow me... I will get your rooms ready... please feel free to use the school onsen to wash yourselves and I'll arrange some new outfits for you gentlemen. You start tomorrow.

Sand: This will be awesome...

Falling: Indeed. But stay alert... I have a weird feeling about all this...

... to be continued ...
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while they are signing the contract, Sand spot a figure at many time he don't see. A catgirl, actually one featured in a long time story...

Sand: *thinking* omg, it is Cindy! Cindy Chupapau!

Sand: Hey Falling Sensei, or shall I say, Falling partner, look over there!

almost shoved Fallen, who see the cat girl back features

Falling: Man... I know that girl! She'll is...

Sand: She'll chupayourpau. ^^
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Offtopic: I'm so dumb! xD Only now I realized what chupapau/chupayourpau means! xD
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Falling Star is amazed with the curvaceous body lines of the girl but now he's a teacher again... he needs to act as one...

Falling: That's really immature of you... there's no way she could be here... I'm going to take a bath... you can go do whatever you want.

Sand: Ok... Falling-sensei... (lol I'm like Veehive now... should have chosen a better name ;D )

Now at the onsen Falling is relaxing and enjoying the moment when suddenly he hears girls voices...

Falling: Huh? Girls?! They must be entering the female side... Hehehe... I wonder if its going to be like in anime and they start groping each others boobs... ;D

Unfortunately for Falling there is no such thing as a female side to this onsen... being an all girls school... there's only a female side... ;D
But he quickly figured that out as soon as the girls started entering the changing room...

Falling: Oh crap... This is a All girls school... this doesn't have a man side of the onsen... I need to get out of here...

He quickly jumps out of the water and using his ninja skills goes into the changing room... and clings to the ceiling... as he waits for them to go in the onsen...

Girl 1: Another hard day of training...

Girl 2: Why do we need to gym classes here... not all of us have super strength...

Girl 3: Maybe it's those big boobs that get in your way... Hahaha

Falling: Oh no... must resist... don't look down... don't look down...

Knowing how much of a hentai Falling is... its obvious he looked down and when he did... he lost his focus... and some blood... and fell to the ground...

Girl 1:  ... What was that?

Girl 2: ... A-a n-naked m-man...

Falling: Hello there ladies... don't mind me... I was already leaving... so don't need to... panic...

All girls: (scream in panic)

[Note: There's lots of girls there not just 3... XD]


Meanwhile Sand was looking for the girl he thought was Cindy...

Sand: I'm sure she went this way... Oh... what do we have here...

Sand spots what looks to be (for him) a nice big bootie... and approaches to make conversation...

Sand: Hello there my nubian princess... do you want me to teach you the kamasutra???

Black dude: What did you call me?

Sand: Oh... Fish sticks...

The black dude was one of the martial arts teachers of the school... and instantly gave Sand a course of Kick-ass 101...


to be continued
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curses you falling sensei! xD

while having him rear bumper being kicked out by a black killing machine, some walls are smashed with San's own head, finishing stuck in the gymn changing room, unconscious
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I hate when I can't come up with something! Vacations are bad for my brains but... I like them. xD

Also: that was hilarious, Falling. xD
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Black Dude: "AND DON'T EVER CALL ME FISH STICKS AGAIN!!" stomps off out of the room.

FallinG_StaR: "Wow, talk about a tsundere ... Hey, Sand! SAND! Wow, he sure gave you a shellacking. SAND!! ARE YOU ALRIGHT???

(completely delirious) "No MoRe FoR mE tHaNkSh ... I'm DrIvIn'!" ... and passes out on the floor.

FallinG_StaR: Ohh, brother. Well, we can't just stay here, we've got classes to teach".

SandStorm: "cLaShEzzzzz ...."

FallinG_StaR: (sarcastically) "Come on, my Nubian Princess. Uuuuppp!" as he hoists the battered SandStorm up across his shoulder, and starts walking down the hall.

SandStorm: (sing-song, still delirious, of course) "ChUpA-pAu, ChUpA-pAu, ChUpA-cHuPa ChUpA-pAu..."

FallinG_StaR: "Stop singing that! You're gonna land BOTH of us in trouble."

SandStorm: (still singing) "FiSh ShTiCkSh FiSh ShTiCkSh FiShIe-FiShIe FiSh ShTiCkSh!!!"

FallinG_StaR: "That's worse! URUSEI!!!"

SandStorm: "Yatshurah!"

FallinG_StaR: (turning a corner in the hallway) "Man, if you don't quiet down old buddy we're gonna be in a lot more trouble than ...."
 FallinG abruptly stops talking and walking as he looks up the hallway and sees ....
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... a Zombie woman...


Sand: huh...?

***Faling grabs Sand and runs away. The woman also screams and follows them.***

Faling: oh crap! She's hunting us!!!! If you had only shut up she wouldn't find us!!!

Sand: hey Faling...

Faling: what! Can't you see I'm busy?

Sand: I never thoughtz you would be running away from a chick. ah ah ah...

Faling: She's a zombie for Lum's sake! She doesn't count as a chick!!! Besides! SNAP OUT OF IT AND RUN FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!


Sand: Me thinkz someone ziz calling you...

Faling: oh god help me. LEAVE US ALONE BAD ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!

Zombie Woman: OMG!!!!!!!!!! A zombie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!

***Faling stops running and the Zombie Woman bumps into him and falls on the floor***

Sand (whispering): thatz not like yuuuu... you alwayz helpz gurlz

Faling (whispering): shut up! She might bite my hand off!!!

Zombie Woman: Why did you stop? Didn't you say there was a zombie after us???

Sand: oh he wuz talking aboutchuuuu... ah ah ah!!!


***Faling hits Sand on the head. Sand returns to normal.***
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Sand: Forgive my rudeness, Fair Lady, but I am afraid that you are the foul fiend that we call Zombie

Falling: (Grabbing a Katana and his Crucifix) Who is your boss, Zombie Woman? Is it Doctor Weirdlove again?

* The Zombie Woman doesn't answer such question *

Zombie Woman: I am not a zombie, dear teacher, I am human like yourself

Sand: What made you into a zombie, my child?

Zombie Woman: I don't remember, all I know is that I woke up like this on a lab or something like that

Falling: We better go investigate, Sandstorm, or they will have to change this school's name into "The Highschool of the Dead"

* Sandstorm hits Falling Star *

Sand: Quiet, Falling, or we will end up getting sued for making such bad joke

Falling: (To the Zombie Woman) Take us to the lab where you woke up and we might be able to cure you

Zombie Woman: Very well, follow me

* They arrive at the Lab's entrance *

Falling: Sometimes I get the feeling that we are all part of a weird fantasy tale, Sandstorm

Sand: Enough of those strange commentaries, Falling, and help me find a way to open this entrance

Falling: Can't you open it with your divine powers, Sandstorm?

Sand: I got beaten by Mr. Fish Sticks and that would explain why I need your help

Falling: Funny, Isn't it?

Sand: What?

Falling: This is a school that admits only girls yet most teachers are men

Sand: You think we fell into a trap, Don't you?

Falling: It is a possibility

* Falling Star and Sandstorm finally open the door *

Sand: Time to check what's inside this Lab of Horror

Unknown Girl: I wouldn't enter if I were you

Falling: Show yourself!

* The Unknown Girl shows herself *


Unknown Girl: That place is not an ordinary lab as it is the place where all naughty girls are "fixed"

Sand: What do you mean?

Unknown Girl: I used to be a naughty girl that refused to study and that is why they "fixed" me by making me into a smart cyborg

Falling: Holy Cow!

Unknown Girl: That Zombie Woman used to be a girl that refused to eat at the cafeteria and they "fixed" her into having an endless hunger

Sand: How can we cure the two of you?

Unknown Girl: I can't be "cured" but I am sure Azaka can "cure" that Zombie Woman

Falling: Where can we find her?

Unknown Girl: She is part of the Disciplinary Team and she might be having classes at Room 45-B

Falling: I will bring Azaka here while Sandstorm enters that creepy lab

* Falling Star goes to find Azaka *

Sand: Damn you, Falling Star!!!!!

Unknown Girl: It was a pleasure talking with you and I hope we get to see each other in the afterlife

Sand: Hey, I am not going to die so easily

Unknown Girl: That's what they said before they were "fixed" for their foolish bravado

Sand: You are starting to scare me, little girl, and I will spank you if you keep saying weird things

Unknown Girl: You will try and fail, hehehehe

* Falling finally arrives at Room 45-B *

Falling: There is no time to lose, I need to have an audience with the girl named Azaka

* Such girl stands up *

Azaka: Why do you need me?

* Azaka gets a good look at Falling Star and proceeds to kick him *

Falling: What is the problem with you?

Azaka: Despair, O Foul Villain, for I will smite thee after thy attempt of raping mine classmates at the hot springs

Falling: I can explain that

Azaka: I won't be deceived by thy trickery, Fallen One

Falling: Stop talking like that! Nobody speaks like Shakespeare anymore, Azaka

Azaka: You better be prepared to die


Falling: This is going to be a long day
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* Falling fought bravely and he was about to win when he suddenly had a nose bleed *

Falling: What the hell just happened? Why am I bleeding?

Azaka: Thy shame will be silenced by death, O Defiler of Purity

* Azaka is about to murder our favorite space ninja pirate teacher when both of them fall sleep as someone has released knockout gas *

Unknown: I will finally have my revenge upon the Urusei Yatsura FBI, hahahahahahaha

* Falling and Azaka awoke on an abandoned tavern *

Falling: Where are we?

* They are received by a priest *

Priest: Would you care to complete some tests that will determine if you are fit for salvation?

Falling: Sorry, Padre, but last time I had one of those tests I had to pay over 1000 dollars to get "salvation"

Azaka: What kind of trickery is this, Falling-sensei?

Falling: At last you stopped talking like that, Azaka (Falling speaks to the Priest) Could you, good sir, provide us with our exact location?

Priest: You are at the tavern known as "The Land of the Damned"

Falling: This appears to be one of those random twists that Cosmic loves to put on his tales, go figure

Priest: What did you say?

Falling: Nothing, Padre

Azaka: Any idea why we are here?

Priest: You have been chosen to be "fixed", naughty perverts

Falling: Wait a minute, Why the sudden change of attitude?

Priest: My apologies, children of sin, but I am supposed to be one of the main villains of this story

Azaka: Nobody is perfect, Mr. Priest, let me give you a hug

* They hug each other *

Priest: Let me present you the rest of your comrades

* They enter a room with a lot of people and zombies *


Drunk: Finally some company after several weeks

Priest: (To Falling and Azaka) His name was Giovanni Caballeri and he used to be a Cosplayer that was accidentally confused with a horse by a veterinary and ......

Giovanni: Silence, you commie, nobody here talks about how I got an enema (

Priest: That will teach you never to dress like a horse, Giovanni

Azaka: Isn't alcoholism a worse problem than an accidental enema?

Priest: He isn't drinking alcohol, Ms. Azaka, but drinking the medicine that Doctor Hanato gave him to reduce his pain

Azaka: I can see him smoking illegal substances

Falling: (To the Barman) Could you give me one Scotch on the Rocks?

Barman: Coming right up

Azaka: This place doesn't have sense, How are we going to be fixed when this place is full of junkies and drunk men?

Priest: They be but lost sheep that must return to their flock, Ms. Azaka, and that is what Doctor Hanato will do with them and you

* A robot appears *


Robot: Doctor Hanato would like to see the people called Falling Star and Azaka Kokuto right now

* The robot grabs Falling as well as Azaka and sends them to a garden where they are received by a cute woman *

Unknown Woman: Welcome, my children, I heard you have been quite naughty at school and I have the perfect solution

Azaka: You are Doctor Hanato, Aren't you?

Unknown Girl: Bingo, I am Doctor Kobato Hanato at your service and now I will fix you with a special potion I like to call "Purity"


Falling: What will your little potion do to us?

Kobato: It will clean your soul from any impurity and you will become perfect citizens that love justice and truth

Falling: Why would you try to brainwash people?

Kobato: It all happened some years ago when I was surfing the Internet and found a site that glorified all kinds of evil (, that is when I decided that I would destroy all evil and start to spend my fortune to fully develop the cure to the sickness that is evil

* Kobato shoots 2 darts that paralyze our 2 friends *

Kobato: It is time to save your souls, hahahahahahahaha

* "Purity" is injected into the bodies of our poor friends *

Kobato: Do not try to resist, my children, and you will see how soon all your worries will go away for good

* Stay tuned to see what would happen to our friends, Lumaholics, and now enjoy one cool blast from the past that most of the old Lumaholics might remember : A Parody Ad *



Bat-Boy: Greetings, Lumaholics, today I have been summoned from the deepest pits of the hell known as 4chan to tell you about the release of the newest set of DVDs related to the UY Forum as well as some other cool things

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- A Treasure Map (Don't ask, everybody loves Pirates)
- The Complete UY Forum OST
- A Neat Album of Photos of All the People involved at the UY Forum
- 5 Original Paintings by Uncle Gio
- Kobato's Book called "All the Shocking Evils of the World and How to Vanquish Them"
- Veehive's Car (Don't tell Him)
- 5 Anime Pillow Covers (No Refunds on the Pillow Covers)
- The UY OVA from 2008 (Finally with some Subtitles)
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- And Many More Surprises

And now it is time to make another announcement, Lumaholics, for soon the Mod Squad and some of the old members of the UY Forum will unleash an ambitious project that will shake the heavens

Yes, finally you would have in your hands the "Official Handbook of the Deathmatch and Nightmare Battle Universes" as a way to fully understand the phenomenon that started in 2006 and that denies to die

Expect all of these treats on December 2010, Lumaholics

Have a nice and weird day

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Post by: FallinG_StaR on October 03, 2010, 04:13:10 AM
At that moment Sand was "exploring" the secret lab... When he found himself in front of a door that said "Party".

As he open the door he sees people having fun at what it seemed Cosmic King birthday party.

Sand: What the hell?! Falling? What are you doing here?

Falling: Hey Sand finally you arrived...

Kroptik: Hahaha... Sand Old buddy... Did you got stuck in your spanking machine???

Sand: Kroptik?! Whats going on here... all the UY Warriors are here... even DarkDevil?!

Cosmic: So Sand what did you got me for my birthday? I hope its not a spank stick...

Everyone starts laughing...

Sand: Present?! What present?! What's going on here?

Cosmic: So you didn't bring me a present?

Sand: No...

Cosmic: Then you shall die...

Everyone eyes turned red and started mobbing around Sand...

Sand: Guys? Guys... snap out of it... cata?! What are you going to do with that Mallet? eheheh... It's not funny guys...

As the UY Warriors going to finish him off... he hears a voice calling him...

Voice: Sand? Mr. Sand?

Sandstorm wakes up sweating alot and very confused...

Sand: What!? What happened?!

Unknown Girl: You where knocked out... when the door opened automatically and slammed in to your face...

Sand: Owh... Who the hell makes a door open outward...

Unknown Girl: Japanese?!

Sand: Oh right... weird bunch... of people...

Unknown Girl: What's this smell?

Sand: It wasn't me...

Unknown Girl: Shh!!! Someone coming... hide!!!

Sand turns into a pile of... sand... and immediately falls victim of the gas.

Unknown: Poor Sand... That gas is more effective when you guys use your powers... I'm one step closer to have my revenge upon the Urusei Yatsura FBI, hahahahahahaha Now... I need a shovel and a bucket...

* Stay tuned to see what would happen to our friends*
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Post by: Cosmic King on October 03, 2010, 10:00:40 PM
* Falling Star tries to resist the effects of the potion known as "Purity" *

Falling: Must think mud....

Kobato: It is useless, Mister Blitzkrieg, since there is no mind strong enough to resist been purified

Falling: K...Kobato.... (Falling Star's eyes go blank)

Kobato: You fought bravely, my friend, but maybe you should have used your courage for goodness instead of spying girls

Azaka: I knew it (Her eyes go blank too)

* Falling Star gets up violently and releases himself from the paralysis he had *

Kobato: You used your metabolism to neutralize the effect of "Purity", Didn't you?

Falling: It was the only trick I had against your potion, Kobato, and I am not sure if I would able to do it again

Kobato: You won't have a second chance

* A tall man arrives *


Tall Man: Do you want me to finish him, Mistress Kobato?

Kobato: Indeed, Raoh, but try to give him a merciful death

Raoh: Agreed

* Falling Star and Raoh fight *

Raoh: You are quite a good fighter when you aren't sneaking into the rooms of young girls, Falling Star, but you must perish so my master's wish becomes a reality

Falling: She won't be able to subdue all people with her potion

Raoh: Wrong, Falling Star, for she has been scanning your mind and now she knows how to control most of your giant spaceships

Falling: Holy Cow, Batman! She is planning to use them to quickly subdue all the people of this planet

Raoh: As well as all the habitants of the universe, Falling Star, so goodness and peace reign supreme forever

* Falling Star and Raoh strike each other with their best attacks *

Raoh: She is waiting for you at the private airport of this estate, Falling Sta... (Dies)

* Falling Star arrives at such airport and notices several gigantic spaceships there *


Falling: Your little crusade ends here, Kobato Hanato

* Falling hits her with a blast of energy *

Falling: That will be enough to knock you out

* Kobato gets up *

Kobato: Is that all? I thought you were stronger yet you barely tickled me with that blast of yours, "Sensei"


Falling: What the hell are you, Kobato Hanato?

Kobato: You would be amazed if you knew it, Falling Star

Falling: Damn it

Kobato: I could fight you all day but I have a mission to complete (She teleports away from there)

Falling: I think I will have to stop those spaceships before Earth becomes "Pure"

* Meanwhile with Sandstorm and the Unknown Girl *

Unknown Girl: It appears that we were kidnapped, Mr. Sandstorm

Sandstorm: Indeed, child, and this place looks dark (Sand lights a torch)

Unknown Girl: Where did you get that torch?

Sandstorm: Don't ask, little girl, because I don't even know what kind of powers I have till I have them

Unknown Girl: That is a poor explanation

Sandstorm: Hush, child, and help me find a way out

* They are received by a weird man *


Sandstorm: Who the heck are you?

Unknown Man: I suppose it has been a while, Sandstorm, and that explains why you can't recognize one of your friends, hehehehehe

Unknown Girl: Aren't you the one called "Jester"?

Unknown Man: Bingo, little girl, you have won some free tickets to enter a funny place I like to call "Murderland"

Sandstorm: Jester?!? Murderland?!? ( I thought we killed you years ago, clown (

Jester: Indeed, Sandstorm, but I must say that been dead was quite refreshing to me and that I would like the UY FBI to experience such marvelous feeling, hehehehe

Sandstorm: How many of us have you captured already, bastard?

Jester: Only you and this young girl but I will get the others soon

Unknown Girl: (Talking to Sandstorm) Do you want me to spank this clown, "Sensei"?

Sandstorm: (Crying with joy) Nothing would make me more happy

Unknown Girl: Thank you, "Sensei", and you can call me Sandra Spankatrovski if you like

Sandstorm: That explains why you weren't afraid of been spanked by me

* Both warriors try to spank Jester *

Jester: Time to have some unhealthy fun, hahahahahahahaha

* Sandstorm and Sandra fall into a trapdoor leading to Murderland *

Sandstorm: I wonder what kind of sick torture is awaiting us

Jester: (Talking from an intercom) Today we will start your "Fun-eral" with a cool game I like to call "Danse Macabre"

* Sandstorm and Sandra arrive at an old discothèque *

Sandra: Care to explain us what the hell you want us to do, Jester?

Jester: All you have to do is dance once the music starts or a mechanism will trigger a nucler explosion on your location

Sandstorm: That isn't very dangerous if all we just need to dance for a period of time

Jester: That is the spirit, Sandstorm, and that is why your first song will have a duration of 17 hours, hahahaha

* Music starts and Sandstorm starts dancing *

Yakitate!! Japan Second Ending (
Sandstorm: (Thinking) I hope my legs don't fail me or we will be doomed
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Post by: Cosmic King on October 07, 2010, 06:45:59 AM
Offtopic: I want to dedicate the following post to my dear friend and "Senpai", Falling Star

* Falling follows one of the spaceships to one strange island *

Falling: KAMEHAMEHA!!!! (The spaceship is destroyed)

* A blue beam emerges from the island and it traps Falling Star *

Falling: Trapped again? I am quite sure Cosmic is scheming all of this nonsense

* Falling is received by the ruler of such island *


Bizarre Ruler: My name is Gnik Cimsoc and I am the ruler of Ecchi Island

Falling: Nice to meet you, dude, my name is Meoff but people call me Jack

Gnik Cimsoc: I won't fall for such childish pornographic pun, Mr. Falling Star, for we already know who you are

* Gnik Cimsoc opens a door leading to a baseball stadium *

Gnik Cimsoc: You will participate on our Annual Erotic Baseball Tournament, Mr. Falling Star

Falling: What if I don't want to play?

Gnik Cimsoc: Do you remember Giovanni Caballeri? ( You will share his same fate if you refuse to play against our dream team

Falling: What if I win?

Gnik Cimsoc: You will leave the island unharmed and with no enema

Falling: I am glad to hear that and I won't ask what will happen to me if I lose

* The enemies of our gallant friend arrive and they are a bunch of hot babes *

Gnik Cimsoc: Allow me to present you our dream team, "The Furies of Lesbos Incestimus"

Falling: That doesn't sound well

Gnik Cimsoc: They will start first and I suppose you will have to provide some "balls" for they to play

Falling: I think I am not going to like having my balls struck by a iron bat

Gnik Cimsoc: I meant the baseball spheroids, Mr. Falling Star

Falling: Good, Who is playing on my team?

Gnik Cimsoc: (Talking to the audience) Who wants to play with this fellow? Say "Yes" if you want to join his team

* One member of the audience agrees to join Falling Star's team *

M. Bison "Yes Yes!" Widescreen HD reupload (
Falling: ...I suppose it is good to have some enthusiasm...

* Gnik Cimsoc chooses more members for Falling Star's team *

Falling: Who is in my team now?

Gnik Cimsoc: Some girl named Cindy Chupapau as well as some twins called Sora and Haruka (

Falling: I just hope they know how to play

Gnik Cimsoc: Allow me to show them an educative video about baseball

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (
Falling Star: I think I am going to kill you before the game, Gnik Cimsoc

Gnik Cimsoc: I am not sure my lawyer would like that to happen to me

* The lawyer arrives *


Falling: I think I will kill you...eventually

Gnik Cimsoc: Jolly good, Falling Star, now it is time to start playing

* The tournament goes terribly wrong for Falling's team since he is the only serious player and all the rest of his players are consumed by lust *

Falling: (Destroys his enemies and "allies" with a laser beam) I am done playing games

Gnik Cimsoc: Wait, that is not fair, you had to have more ecchi moments

* Falling grabs one of the bats and beheads Gnik Cimsoc *

Falling: That will teach you not to mess with me, punk

* Falling discovers one Jumbo Jet on the island and uses it to escape such silly place *

Falling: That creepy fellow had Cosmic King's name spelled backwards and somehow methinks it was one of those crazy clones we never faced on 2006 ( (Starts reflecting on the subject when he is received by Kobato) You again?!? I won't be merciful this time

Kobato: You saw Ecchi Island, Didn't you?

Falling: Aye and I must say I am glad I left such place

Kobato: Places like that island are the reason we must destroy all evil, Falling Star, and that is why I want you to join me on my crusade

Falling: I will never join you or your crazy crusaders, Belle Dame sans Merci (

Kobato: Benten already joined me and I am pretty sure that you still love her no matter what

Falling: I will follow you for now, Kobato Hanato, but I will make sure that you are delivered to true justice one of these days

Kobato: I am pretty sure that you will try to betray me eventually, Falling Star, but for now we are partners, hehehehehe


* Falling Star and Kobato soon became the scourge of the underworld *
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Offtopic: First of all... thank you Cosmic... but I'll get you... sooner or later... XD

Now that Dr. Kobato had managed to acquire the power of the Blitz Empire her 'purity' madness could now reach the far ends of the universe at least that's what she thought.

Kobato: Hahaha! Now all universe will be freed from perversion and indecency, and a new and pure universe will rise with me as supreme ruler.

Falling: Yes! enjoy your time, because will all end very soon!

Kobato: You still think you can stop me? Must I remind you I have Benten under my control?

Falling: You fear my power that much that you need to resort to such tactics to stop me from obliterating you?

Kobato: Oh please? I've been planning this for so long, some of your friends are already under my control!

Falling: What?! Who?

Kobato: Hahaha! You'll meet them soon enough, just enjoy the ride.

Falling leaves the space ship bridge and heads to his cabin when he, hears someone yelling.

Falling: What the hell? (walks down the corridor) I know that voice.

Falling sees 2 of Kobato's henchmen guarding a door.

Guard: Stay back we have orders not to let you go in this room.

Falling: Oh really? Unfortunately for you I'm a very curious guy.

The guards move to block Falling path but he quickly disappears and reappears behind them, the guards just stay there motionless.  they fallen victim to the ultimate weapon from Falling, the Mangekyou Hentai Sharingan.


Falling: You will see so much pervertedness that your pure brain will explode from it, that's the power of my Sharingan. ;D Now lets see who's the damsel in distress.

He unlocks the door and enters the room and by doing so the he senses a object coming from behind, and it connects, sending him, falling to the ground. XD

Falling: Ouch!!! What the hell? (looks behind him) Oh! It figures it had to be you.

Azaka: Ah! it's you? so you joined the evil Dr. Kobato and are here to finish me off?

Falling: No! I'm here to save you, and I see you're not brainwashed by 'purity'?

Azaka: Guess I already had a pure mind.

Falling: Strangely I find that hard to believe, but whatever, now that you're free, I need a favor from you.

Azaka: No way! I'm not having sex with you! (blushing)

Falling: Pure mind indeed! K No. I need you to go to go to this coordinates and find this girl (shows picture) Her name is Benten, make sure she's ok she's been 'purified' so you'll need this (hands her the antidote for 'purity'.

Azaka: What?! That's just a porn magazine! how dare you show me such filth?!

Falling: I'm serious here that's the only antidote, you need to leave quickly now will be approaching our destination very soon.

Falling grabs Azaka hand and runs towards the shuttle bay� and explains the details of his plan and how to operate the shuttle.

Falling: You just need to do exactly as I said and everything will work out fine; you're a smart and strong girl! you'll be fine.

Azaka: (blushing) O-Ok? I'll do it.I have to say, my view about you has changed.

Falling: Really? Are you falling for me?

Azaka: N-no way! I would never fall in love with a guy like you.

Falling: Hahaha! Ok! Ok! Now, I'm counting on you. Oh right one more thing: (turns around and kisses Azaka and leaves quickly) That's for good luck! ;D

As the shuttle doors close Azaka is still standing in the same spot, looking dazed and confused, as the shuttle undocks she comes to her senses and looks out the window.

Azaka: (whispering) What's this pain I feel in my chest?1 Is this what they call love?

The ship alings itself to and shoots into hyperspace.

Falling: Now then, lets see what that crazy Dr. is up to.

As Falling walks into to the ship command bridge he sees Kobato looking to the main screen where he could see something that looked like a small moon.

Fallng: So this is our destination: a barren moon?

Kobato: Hahaha! That's no moon my dear sir, that's my ultimate 'purity' weapon!


Kobato: My dear Falling, I give you the 'Purity Star'

Falling: Looks more like a moon than a star to me, it should be 'Purity Moon' right?

Kobato: Enough of your sarcastic remarks; by the way get ready to meet your friend. I'm sure after so long you guys must have so much to talk about.

The ship docs in the PS (purity star) and as Falling leaves the ship he sees lots of girls wearing only school uniforms (sailor suits)

Falling: Weird choice of battle uniforms' no?

Kobato: Well besides the ultimate weapon this is also where it all began. Welcome to the best female school in the universe!  Shoujo School for Delinquent Girls (a woman approaches them). Let me introduce you to Miss Clamp the headmistress of the school.

Miss Clamp: So this is the detestable and perverted Mr. Star?

Falling: Hmm. friendly aren't we?

Kobato: Miss Clamp can you please show Mr. Falling to where his friend is?

Clamp: Sure! It will be my pleasure showing him my greatest achievement in purifying minds!

They arrive at a garden, and by a tree there was a girl dressed like a princess making a flower necklace.

Falling: Oh My God!!!! Cata?!

Cata: Yes?!  Oh, Falling?! Is that really you? Its been so long? How's life?

Falling is speechless and stunned with the view of Cata in a girly dress doing girly things.

Kobato: I told you would be surprised, now, lets go we have things to do.

As they walk away from Cata, Falling still  speechless and in disbelief keeps looking back to see if it was really her, thinking how did they managed to transform her so much and how can he turn her back to normal.

Spoiler (hover to show)
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Off-topic: OMG!! Oh no, I won't! x'D

Falling: How did you do that?

Kobato: I told you I was powerful.

Falling: yada yada yada but HOW did you manage to capture Cata AND change her that much? She's not even a human anymore!!!
*** Cata's skin is now green. Not like Shrek's or Hulk's though. xD ****

Clamp: Is that one of your delinquent schemes? 'Cuz if it is, I'll stab you with a gun and shoot you with a knife!!!

Falling: Hum... shouldn't that be the way around? Anyways, how did you do it? O.O

Kobato: Ahem, Miss Clamp. I'll handle this for now. You may go to room 720 to treat Benten.

***Clamp leaves, keeping an eye on Falling***

Falling: Treat?!?! You mean exactly the opposite!!!

Kobato: Now, now Falling. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. What do you mean with "she's not human anymore?".

Falling: Huh? Can't you see? You turned Cata into a zombie!!! A girly zombie!!!!

Kobato: What are you saying? My research can't turn people into zombies!!! Clamp was right, this is a scheme!!! But you won't get away!!!


Kobato: ... no. But be careful with the way you talk towards me, boy. You don't want to see your beloved Benten in danger... do you?

Falling: Sorry... but I'm serious. Cata WASN'T a zombie before!!!

Kobato: If what you say is true...

Cata's thought: that idiot!!!! Blewing up my cover like that!!!

**** Cata was hiding in a bush. Before Kobato could finish her sentence, Cata jumps from the bush, grabs Falling and manages to escape. ****

Falling: Non-zombie Cata!!!

Cata: shush! We can't let them hear us.

Falling: oh sorry. Why are there 2 Catas?

Cata: Alumxander made a zombie clone of me.

Falling: O.O

Cata: creepy, I know. Anyways, it finally came in handy. I was able to gain some time and memorize the hospital here.

Falling: hospital?

Cata: yeah, this is a hospital where the perviness is treated like a desease.

Falling: ahah, I knew it. xD

Cata: O.o Why are you grinning?

Falling: Because I knew Benten was a perv. xD

Cata: Oh... O.o  Anyways, we have to get moving. We can't sit here all day.

Falling: Wait, why are you here?

Cata: Isn't it obvious? To save my best friend: Benten!

Off-topic: Yay, I restored my pride and dignity and you, Falling, got yourself a real teammate. xD

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* Our 2 heroes sneak into the Database of Kobato's Headquarters *

Cata: It was a good thing that Kobato trusts you, Falling Star

Falling: I suppose she believes that any lack of trust can lead to evil, go figure

Cata: (Hacking into the main computer) According to this information, 'Purity' is a special variation of the 'Ragnar-k Virus' that Dr. Strangelove made to kill all aliens (

Falling: Perhaps Kobato changed the formula so it could kill all the evil that dwells in our hearts

Cata: There is also information detailing the use of Nanobots on the 'Purity Moons' as a way to subdue the Milky Way Galaxy in mere weeks

Falling: Make sure to copy all those files, Cata, for we will need a lot of help to create an absolute antidote in case pornography doesn't work

Cata: I see

* Cata copies the files and both heroes escape from Kobato's Headquarters on a Chinook Helicopter *


Falling: We will go see a new 'friend' I met during my pilgrimage since she can provide us with a safe house

* They arrive at Azaka's room at the Seele Academy *

Azaka: Greetings, O Defiler of Purity, I welcome thee to my homely domain

Falling: Yeah, I missed you too, Miss Tsundere 2010, Where is Benten?

Azaka: I was searching for her when some guards discovered me and I had to fight to escape

Falling: I see

Azaka: My most sincere apologies for failing you, Sensei

Falling: Don't be sorry, Azaka, because at least you got away safely

Cata: (To Falling Star) I will go search for someone capable of producing an antidote before Kobato unleashes her Master Plan, Falling Star, try not to die easily (She leaves)

Azaka: It appears that we are alone, Sensei

Falling: (Thinking) My vast knowledge tells me that Azaka wants to get intimate with me, Will I allow this cute flower to finally bloom or Will I resist temptation?

* Somebody knocks at the door of Azaka's room *

Azaka: Damnation, I forgot that this place is off-limits for all men

Falling: Do you want me to hide?
Azaka: Please do

* Falling Star hides under the bed and Azaka opens the door before been received by 3 of her friends *

Friend 01: Wazzap, Azaka, Watcha doin' lately, homey? They tells us that ya been hiding some us some hot goods

Friend 02: I hope it isn?t like the last time when we found you tying your brother to your bed, you sick incestuous girl

Azaka: Hold thy viper's tongue, Harvester of Lies, for I have never tied my brother without his consent

Friend 03: Anyways, Why does your room smell like cologne?

Azaka: That's because I bought some cologne for my brother and I decided to spray my room with it, hehehehehe

Friend 01: That is quite unhealthy

Azaka: Could you, Dear Friends of Mine, tell me the reason of thy visit?

Friend 02: We went to see if you were ok since you haven?t been coming to school lately nor that teacher called 'Stars Fell'

Azaka: His name is Falling Star and I haven?t been coming to school because I haven't been feeling well lately

Friend 03: OMFG! YOU ARE PREGNANT, AREN'T YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?

* Azaka burns her friends with some magical blasts and ends up burning her own bed, destroying Falling Star's hiding place *

Falling: Hello, young girls, I was just checking under the bed to find one sick fellow that is stealing all the girls' dresses so he can sell them on the Internet, hehehehehe

* Azaka's friends don't believe such bizarre excuse *

Friend 01: Why is the teacher in your room, Azaka?

Azaka: Well, I had some problems studying Astrophysics and Sensei is helping me understand such cosmic concepts, Right, Sensei? (She pulls Falling Star's ear)

Falling: Aye

Friend 02: I thought we weren't studying Astrophysics till next semester

Falling: Well, Miss Azaka sure seems ready to experience new knowledge and that is why I am helping her become a woman of wisdom

Azaka: ??

Falling: Too suggestive?

Azaka: Well, I am getting hungry so we better have something to eat

Friend 03: Didn't you had enough of Sensei's knowledge, Azaka?

Friend 01: Well, Azaka, we will help you prepare some food for the teacher since he seems so tired after teaching you some Astrophysics

Falling: (Thinking) Yay! Free food done by cute girls

* The girls prepare a feast for Falling Star *


Falling: It's good to be the teacher, hehehehehe })

* Meanwhile with Cata *

Cata: My pirates told me that there is a man whose knowledge is almost a match to the intelligence of Dr. Weirdlove and that I could find him at the Isle of Silence

* An old man approaches Cata *


Old Man: State thy business here, foreigner

Cata: I am looking for a man called 'Spooky Spiegelman'

Old Man: I know that man, foreigner, but I am afraid that he doesn't want any kind of visits

Cata: But I need to see him

Old Man: Many have come in search of his wisdom and many have failed, What makes you think you will be an exception?

* The Old Man prepares himself to fight Cata *

Cata: (Thinking) Whatever happened to been friendly?

* Both titans clash and Cata finally wins after several hours of fighting *

Old Man: You are strong, foreigner, but raw strength is not enough yet I must praise thy courage

Cata: Would you tell me where to find Spooky?

Old Man: Aye

Cata: Good

Old Man: Follow me, foreigner, for I am Argul and I am Spooky's butler

* Cata and Argul arrive with Spooky Spiegelman *

Argul: Master, some foreigner has come to ask for thy aid

* Spooky Spiegelman appears *

img here

Spooky: How can I help you, Miss Cata?

Cata: How do you know my name?

Spooky: I am a telepath and I also knew your mother during the War against the Sorrow Screamer in 1991

Cata: Regardless of such information, I must ask you to help me create an antidote for a potion called 'Purity'

Spooky: I will see what I can do

* Spooky analyzes all the information *

Spooky: It seems that 'Purity' is an amalgam of science and celestial sorcery since some of its components are the 'Tears of the True Angels' and that could explain why your friend Falling Star was capable of enduring the effects of 'Purity'

Cata: Explain yourself

Spooky: Falling Star and his friends have entered many times into Hell ( and somehow they are 'impure', they can't be affected by celestial magic and satanic magic since they defeated Satan by flooding Hell with a rain of Holy Water (

Cata: Does that mean that we can create an antidote with their blood?

Spooky: Not at all, Cata, since the final version of 'Purity' seems to contain more 'Tears of the True Angels' and our only hope is to use the blood of Lucifer himself

Cata: That won't be difficult, Mr. Spiegelman, because I know where to find Lucifer

Spooky: Good

* Meanwhile with Falling Star, he is now sleeping after a huge feast *

Falling: (Talking on his dreams) Yes!...Yes!...

* Azaka uses her magical fire on Falling Star *

Azaka: Time to wake up, Sensei, I want to show you something

Falling: Can't you let me sleep a little bit? I haven?t been sleeping since Kobato kidnapped me

Azaka: Come on, Sensei, I am pretty sure you will like what I will show you

Falling: Let me sleep a little bit more and then I will see whatever you want to show me

Azaka: I guess I will have to use my Love Gun on you, Sensei

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* Falling Star wakes up instantly *

Azaka: I am glad you finally woke up, Sensei

* Minutes later, Falling Star and Azaka arrive at the Seele Academy's Gym *

Falling: What do you want to show me?

Azaka: I read the magazine you gave me to cure Benten and somehow I decided to confiscate all those magazines from the alumni, Sensei, and I would like you to become the guardian of this mountain of pornographic magazines

Falling: Sensei is proud of you, Azaka

Azaka: I guess I will leave you to enjoy your well deserved treasure (She leaves)

* Falling Star opens the first pornographic magazine *


Falling: What the f**k is this garbage?!?!?!?

* Azaka re-appears laughing out loud *

Azaka: Sorry, Sensei, I couldn't resist tricking you into reading Yaoi magazines after you made me blush a lot these days

Falling: That was mean, Azaka Kokuto

Azaka: That will teach you not to mess with the heart of a pure maiden, Sensei

Falling: I suppose we are even now, Aren't we?

Azaka: Indeed

* Meanwhile with Doctor Kobato *

Robot: Mistress Kobato, there is a report saying that Falling Star and a girl that looked the same as Cata hacked into the main computer of Zone Delta

Kobato: No need to fear, my friend, for they are but mere ants who will be crushed under my foot, mwahahahahahahahaha

Robot: Isn't that supposed to be the laughter of an evil scientist?

Kobato: Silence

* The robot leaves *

Kobato: Soon the whole universe will become a true Eden, mwahahahahahaha


Kobato: I think I should stop laughing like an evil scientist, hehehehe


Meanwhile... at Seele Academy... (I think) ;D

Falling: Where did she hide all my porn?! Hmm... maybe this room...

Opens the door and...


Falling quickly closes the door and keeps moving as if nothing happened...

Hen to hen o atsumete
motto hen ni shimashoo.
Hen na hen na uchuu wa
taihen da! da da ...

Note: My brain went blank... XD
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Offtopic: I laughed SO hard. xD
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Cosmic King on December 04, 2010, 10:18:32 PM
Offtopic: Time to reveal the conclusion of this dramatic saga, Lumaholics, as well as starting a new chapter for our heroes

Considering that we have not enough funds for epic dramas as we used to have back in 2006, I will provide a brief resume of the following events:

* Cata and Spooky entered the section of Hell that is under Darkdevil's rule; They manage to convince Darkdevil into giving them some of his blood in order to create the antidote for 'Purity'

* Sandstorm and his new ally remain trapped on Murderland for at least 12 hours but they manage to overcome all the traps as well as spanking Jester

* Veehive hasn't returned yet from his mysterious disappearance

* Ataru has been infected with the latest version of 'Purity'

* Cata provides Falling Star with the antidote and both of them prepare themselves to destroy the plans of Kobato once and for all by boarding her 'Purity Star'

Falling: Give it up, Kobato Hanato, we have come well prepared with all the Valkyries and my Ninja Pirates as well as the 'Dusk Bombs' that contain the antidote of your evil virus

Kobato: It is a shame that you and your minions chose death over everlasting peace, Falling Star, for you will now embrace oblivion

* Kobato takes out her hat and unleashes her hidden power, disintegrating most of Falling Star's henchmen *

Cata: What the hell are you, villain?

Kobato: I have walked upon this earth for more than a billion years since I am part of a race of Angels; I shall remember the names of all those henchmen I had to kill for they are the cornerstones of my masterpiece

Cata: I have no more words for you, villain, since my sword will do all my talking

* Cata and Kobato fight; Cata gives her best to endure the titanic power that Kobato had been hiding so far while Falling Star prepares the Dusk Bombs *

Kobato: You won't destroy my dream!!!

* Kobato uses her powers to make Cata's body to start flying without control till she is out of the atmosphere as well as burning Falling Star with a huge amount of mystical energy, taking away most of Falling Star's might and senses *

Kobato: I have left you with only your mind, hearing and voice, Falling Star, to see if you can still display your foolish bravado when defeat is upon you

Falling: You speak of making the universe into a better place where evil reigns no more but all you have done so far is quite the opposite

Kobato: (Pummeling our hero) Silence! You don't know what you are saying!

Falling: Good and Evil have always been part of a cosmic balance for they co-exist with each other and if you manage to destroy all Evil then you would also murder all the true Good that remains in the universe; Even if all people become good, one of these days there will be somebody that brings evil back into the universe; The only way in which your plan would work is if you were to kill all the life in the universe and the after-life, Kobato, thus destroying any hints of evil and bringing true harmony; Your plan will never work because, in your quest to make a Pure universe, you have tainted yourself

* Kobato stops pummeling Falling Star after hearing such words; She had never taken into consideration such facts; She now saw herself as the villain instead of the savior of the universe; It was ironic how she, a woman with good intentions, had made a big part of the universe unite against her *

Kobato: Maybe you are right, Falling Star, but this is my dream and I would gladly die for it

* Kobato grabs her hat and smiles at Falling Star *


Kobato: Both of us have been the puppets of powerful entities, Falling Star, and today we will see who shall drink from the Ambrosia that is Victory; Try to activate your bombs while I try to unleash 'Purity', then we'll know for sure who shall win; Farewell

* Kobato enters her ship while Falling Star does his best to activate the Dusk Bombs; He succeeds in time and he is saved by a now freed Cata from dying in the explosion on the Purity Star; Kobato's body wasn't found, only her hat remained *

Cata: I know she was our enemy but I just hope that she finally found her peace

Falling: Same here, Cata; Now let's get back to our heardquarters and start delivering the antidote to all the people missing

* Victory and Peace reigned supreme once again *

- 4 Days Later -

* Falling Star is grading some exams when he is interrupted by Azaka *

Azaka: Sensei, Methinks there be some foul knaves that be leaving some graffiti on the walls of the school

Falling: Did you see the people responsible?

Azaka: Aye, Sensei, they were leaded by a pink haired girl wearing an old school uniform and I believe she is called Simca

Falling: Well, this isn't really my responsibility, considering that you are the head of the Disciplinary Committee, but I will try to tame this rebel and get her phone number

* Our valiant lecher proceeds to confront the wild girls that are tainting the honor of the school *

Falling: I am looking to the one that calls herself Simca as well as pleading you to stop painting the walls with obscenities

* Simca appears *


Simca: So finally in this school has the cojones to face us instead of cowering in fear; I am Simca, dude, and you just signed your death warrant if you think you can beat me

* Simca tries to strike our valiant lecher but she is unable to land one single hit while he manages to grope her and take her measurements *

Falling: You are quite a ripe fruit, my sweetie, and it would be a shame that such a pretty figure like yourself ends up at jail; Today was just a friendly warning, Simca, but next time we meet under these circumstances I will have to spank you

* Falling leaves the scene *

Simca: Today you may have won this battle, Sensei, but tomorrow I will have my revenge no matter what comes in my way
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Offtopic: Time to reveal the conclusion of this dramatic saga, Lumaholics, as well as starting a new chapter for our heroes

Considering that we have not enough funds for epic dramas as we used to have back in 2006, I will provide a brief resume of the following events:

... Veehive hasn't returned yet from his mysterious disappearance ....

*heh* Gomen ne, minna-san. I sort-of painted myself into a corner and have to "buy more paint" (do some research) to continue. I also realized that my portion sounds like a fanfic and not the rapid give-and-take of the Nightmare Battle, but that's my thinking style and my writing style; gomen ne once again. I'll get off my a** (or get ON it, in front of my computer) and get my part up and running again (another confrontation with Flandre Scarlet, now in her lair deep beneath the Seely Academy?).
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Is it just me or there's parts missing here?
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
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Uwaa! The thing's all discombobulated. Went in and fixed the quote tags. Reads right now.
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
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The question is... was it you that discombobulated it or was it the forum speed fix?

Because besides your post the other 2 of Cosmic seem like they miss something... and I think its letters... XD
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Hmm, looks like something went wrong when upgrading to the latest security update. Odd.
As far as I can see, only ';:", and sometimes . are missing or malformed.
Text is 'missing' but available in the database. Strange enough, when you edit your post, all text comes back except for those punctuations. It shows those 'questionmarks' instead... I don't get is yet.

I think I got it fixed
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* Kobato Hanato was defeated on December 2010 and our heroes have decided to continue with their lives; Falling Star has been teaching at the Seele Academy till these days and he has been asked to go the Principal’s Office *

Principal Geist: Mr. Blitzkrieg, it has come to my attention that you have been spying the girls’s gym and hot springs in more than one occasion

Falling: I assure you that I have been the victim of vicious rumours and fake statements, Milord

Principal Geist: There was one girl that said you gave her your autograph and that you would give her better grades if she allowed you to be her “buff buddy”

Falling: Maybe she confused me with another teacher

* Geist is not amused *


Principal Geist: You are our only male teacher on Campus, Mr. Blitzkrieg; Anyways, the reason I asked you to come was to send you and some of your students to a German island known as “Wunschliste Island” because there have been reports of an unholy sect that has been kidnapping tourists so they can be part of a ritual; You may consider it as part of your Summer Vacations’ Trip and I will pretend that you haven’t been acting like a peeping tom if you succeed

Falling: Aye, aye, Cap’n Jean Reno!!!

Principal Geist: Yeah, I get that a lot

* Falling Star proceeds to go seek the help of his friend Cata as well as asking his student/love interest Azaka Kokuto for assistance on this matter at hand; Our heroes are traveling at one of Cata’s ships, ”The Furious Valkyrian” ( *

Cata: It’s good to finally see some action after almost half a year of inactivity, Falling Star, because I was starting to get bored only studying Law and drinking Tecasian Iced Tea

Falling: I am glad of been of service, Cata, but Do you know what exactly is in Wunschliste Island?

Cata: They say it used to be a paradise for all kinds of artists but they were soon consumed by an evil cult mere months after we defeated Kobato and her Purity Stars/Moons; I guess we should have checked that place before but, as I have told you, I needed to finish my studies

Falling: I see, Cata, and I was just asking because my Spaceship detected some Alien energies coming from that island; Methinks it might be more menacing than a mere evil cult
Cata: By the way, I want to present you one of mine new comrades, Falling Star

* A mysterious man appears *

Cata: His name is Kasaioni and I found him wandering at that tavern known as “Land of the Damned”; This poor fellow appears to suffer from amnesia and seems to possess some kind of fire powers like your little student Azaka

Falling: Nice to meet you, Kasaioni

* Kasaioni remains silent but smiles at Falling’s greeting *

Falling: What a strange fellow you got this time, Cata, but, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to the bathroom and I hope no alarm starts buzzing while I am there enjoying myself like the last 1000 times

Cata: Don’t worry, Falling, I will make sure that this trip is free of problems

* Meanwhile, a fallen hero whose name is Veehive has finally awoken on a crimson dimension filled with blood and darkness; There he is received by a blonde fellow and his female companion *


Veehive: Who the bloody hell are you, good sir?!?!?

Unknown Man: I am Dio Brando, my friend, and I have noticed the sleeping power within yourself; Long have you been burdening yourself by not allowing yourself to use your full power and now old age has stopped you from achieving such state of perfection; Luckily for you, Veehive, I know a way to restore your power without many consequences

Veehive: I will never kneel before you, Dio!!!

Dio: Don’t you want to have your full power and glory, Veehive? Don’t you want to get your youth and hair back? I can grant you those wishes if you join my cause

* Veehive tries to resist but such gifts are too convincing and he succumbs to Dio’s offer *

Veehive: I accept thy offer, Dio Brando

Dio: Good, Veehive, and now my friend Izayoi will give you a kiss that will return you to your former glory but more shining than before

* Izayoi gently grabs Veehive from the neck and opens her mouth *

Izayoi: It would hurt but an instant and then a world of pleasure will be yours, Veehive

* Finally, amigos, let’s check what is happening on Wunschliste Island; The leader of the cult, a man known as Alpha or “AtaruLumFan” if you’re nasty, has been preparing some final elements for this monthly ritual *

Alpha: O Wise Lightning Goddess from the Stars, soon you will feast with the blood of several infidels that will restore you to your former glory upon the Heavens themselves!!!

* A new adventure is about to begin *
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
Post by: Jataru on June 21, 2021, 12:47:15 AM
This was so fun back in the day T_T
This and Deathmatch...
Title: Re: Nightmare Battle
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Yes, brings back good but old memories...
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