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Post by: Lum-chan on December 04, 2006, 10:19:49 PM

To all other lurkers: Feel free to join the battle :)
Post by: Cosmic King on December 04, 2006, 10:25:19 PM
Well,in last episode we saw that Kroptik resembles an old enemy of Yasumi,lets continue,dudes

btw,hope the lurkers have da guts 2 join after this BIG topic
Post by: SandStorm on December 04, 2006, 10:38:07 PM
* SS wake up *

Sand: i am... i am... dead?

* SS vision start to work *

Sand: no... i don't feel anything inside me... i am clean! But dang, painy as hell.

* SS gets up and look around *

Sand: No one. Let me see if this old brain implant still working

* SS start the brain implant and got strange vital signals from kaede, then, he disappear in the air *

Sand: And on, i'm coming, hang on!

* SS arrives at Citadel of Marvels *

Sand: Cosmic? why the hell she's tied up? No, it can't be what i'm thinking!

Cosmic: Bad news dude... She's got possessed... And she's more powerful too, she's consuming all kaede vital resources...

* Sand goes blank as snow *


Kaede: let me go out you bastards, i'll kill all! I'll show no mercy!

* sand, with sad face, go near she *

Sand: no, you won't go behind kroptik... you won't kill nobody of us...
you destroyed my... love...
just keep us alone...

kaede: you fool, there's nothing you can do! they killed my iori! your dear kaede doesn't exist anymore, now, i control her full body!

Sand: no, no you don't, i know her, i know she still alive.
Sand: kaede... if you still alive anywhere, this is for you...

* SS kiss kaede with all possible love he could find. then, one lighting appears, and go inside SS body. *

Sand: i love you kaede...

* SS getting even weaker *

Sand: Guys, yasumi soul is inside me, now, destroy it, destroy me if needed...

* SS felt unconscious on the floor *

* kaede return to her normal status, still tied, open slowly her eyes *

Kaede: Sand... i was so weak... but i feel your love, you saved me... but... did u died?

* kaede start to cry *

Post by: Cosmic King on December 04, 2006, 11:00:56 PM
Cosmic:Time 2 face yer fate,yasumi tanaka

MEIDATSU KOHAIKEN!! (Life Steal and Death Bringer Wave)

*makes yasumi exit sandstorm body*

now u r mine,yasumi

TENMA KOFUKU!! (Evil Vanishing)

*sends her 2 da eternal winter box*

she is beaten now,sandstorm,now u may feel OK,i know u where at da bathroom while yer clone died in here

Sand:I know,but we had 2 trick yasumi,cosmic

Kaede:*crying*Sand,u r a dumb boy,u made worry a lot

Sand: Sorry (They hug)

Cosmic:as 4 dylan,he has been beat by my minions and falling's,lets go see some anime



Post by: Cosmic King on December 04, 2006, 11:10:21 PM


*The place is a 5 star hotel in France,Kroptik is serving champagne in 2 cups,one 4 him and da other 4 lum,their eyes look mutually as if the whole world stopped just 2 them,they r about 2 kiss when Kroptik's cell rings*

Kroptik:Yes,whoever u r,i am pretty busy right here

Cosmic:It is me,kroptik,i called u cuz when i was checking da Omniscreen i saw that an invasion of evil clones  has arrived,keep an eye


*he then sees an evil kroptik tryin 2 force himself on lum,kroptik just waves his hand and da clone burns alive*

Kroptik:Where were we,lun?

*conclude their date*
Post by: Cosmic King on December 04, 2006, 11:20:25 PM
*the invasion overcomes all of Russia,but they have a lot of space,so nobody notices,Kroptik awakens at his earthly home,lum is resting besides him,kroptik is about 2 kiss her when..*

Morpheus the Sandman:Yo,yo,yo,little lover,MC Morpheus is da name,from da M to da S,i hav come here 2 charge u with making yer dream reality,homeboy

Kroptik:But i never saw u

Morpheus:'Zat so,dude? u said the same shizzno about Flower Girl an u were wrong,sonny,look i need a place 2 stay cuz my momma kicked me out of ma house in dreamland cuz i never did my homework and heard a lot of MEGALLICA back then,i see u hav a horny maid,tell her to make me some waffles wit a whole damn steak over them,ok?
Post by: Kroptik on December 04, 2006, 11:26:55 PM
Kroptik: GET OUT NOW!

Morpheus: Yo dude, don't get nerved up. I'm leaving. Sheesh...Talk about hospitality in this dump. And your maid looks hot.

Kroptik: That does it!
/me teleports Morpheus to the moon *

Kroptik: Weirdo...
Post by: SandStorm on December 04, 2006, 11:33:33 PM
Morpheus: wazza dude?

* morpheus get a ride in one comet that crashes under kroptik house *

kroptik: you, AGAIN? GET OUT NOW! LUM, ZAPP HIM!

* Lum start her energy and attack morpheus *


* morpheus is looking like burnt sugar *

Morpheus: wazza that?

* Sand arrives in a hurry, crashing the PTCS under the  place kroptik, morpheus and lum are *

Sand: Kroptik, Lum, beware, my...

* SS looks at morpheus *

Sand: Oh dang, i see my cousin arrived first... Well, morpheus is my cousin, he can't stay in my house because he's damn tall, and destroyed my roof, i am fixing it now, but seems he found a place to be.
Thanks kroptik and lum for taking care of them, you guys are really good friends! :D

* SS enter the PTCS, and warp, destroying the kitchen wall *

* kroptik with a strange face *

Kroptik: but... but...
Post by: Kroptik on December 04, 2006, 11:52:30 PM
Kroptik: Oh all right. You can stay for today. But only today. And you're going to show some more respect for Lum, or you're dead meat.

Morpheus: Ok, ok, don't worry bro, I'll behave.

Kroptik: And you're going to have to sleep in the other room. This is our and it's off-limit for you.

Morpheus: Fine, I'll leave you two lovebirds alone then.(he leaves the bedroom)

Kroptik: I don't trust that guy. I'm going to keep an eye on him while I'm sleeping.

Lum: Don't worry so much, Darling. It's just one night. Now come back to bed, you look tired.

Kroptik: Very well, my princess :)
/me and Lum lay in bed, falling asleep after a while *
Post by: Kroptik on December 05, 2006, 12:17:36 AM
/me suddendly wakes up *
Kroptik: Something isn't right here...

Lum(waking up): Hhhmmm...What's wrong, Darling?

Kroptik: It's nothing. I just need to get a glass of water. Go back to sleep, my dear.(he kisses her in the forehead)

/me goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water *
Kroptik: It sure is chilly in here. I need to repair this hole.
/me psychs up and reforms the materials, rebuilding the wall *
Kroptik: Much better. Now to check on that Morpheus guy and see what he's up too. Strange... I don't even feel his presence...
/me checks the guests's bedroom *
Kroptik:Hmm... He's not here. Now where could he be?
/me checks the rest of the house *
Kroptik: He vanished...Oh well. That's his problem. He was a bother anyway. I'll warn Sand in the morning.
/me returns to his room, where he finds another clone of himself *
Kroptik: Oh my god...Not again. AQUA ICE BURST (the clone freezes, then shatters) I'll have to be on the lookout from now on.
/me goes back to bed and falls asleep almost isntantly *
Post by: SandStorm on December 05, 2006, 12:33:34 AM
* While falling star was sleeping... *


* fallin wake up scared *

Fallin: Ah, what, what was that?

* tunr on the light, see one big hole in the roof, and see morpheus with one big grin, showing him his yellow teeths, with enourmous canines

morpheus: hai falleng, can'i stay at yer house for da moment?



* fallin awaken the neighbors, and felt almost dead of scare untill the next day in the carpet *

morpheus: Thank'ya!

* morpheus goes to the kitchen, eats all the food in the fridge, drinks the vintage wine, and go sleep at fallin bed (breaking the bed) and farting in fallin nose *

morpheus: G'nait, see'ya tomorrow.

*morpheus turn to the other side making one irritating noise, while fallin still in shock, in the carpet until the next day *
Post by: Cosmic King on December 05, 2006, 02:21:53 AM
*Lum is gonna take a bath in Kroptik tube,when she enter she sees Morpheus in there*

Morpheus:Come aboard,m'lady,here yer MC made ya a jacuzzi outta bathtub,entah while da water is hot

*farts and the water bubbles*

Lum: (crying 4 help)KROOOOPTTTTIKKK!!!!!

*Kroptik arrives with an AK-47*

Morpheus:Who 'zat at da presence of the mastah rapper? wazaa inda hissy,me kroptik-man,here i am wit da hotty mama an' we is gonna tak a jacuzzi bath but y'all kin company us,the more the merrier this shamppo tube sez

Lum:take him away'tcha!!!

Morpheus:if u wanna be all  private and all all ya hafta say was so,y'all,peace out,aym gonna eat me some snacks ya git in yer fridge,lover birds

*gets out,he is naked and lum screams a lot*

hey,hey.hey,i almost got me a strizzoke in ma brizzain 4 dat,horny beyatch,they tol'me da the lord of da blings,check it out,i got'em everywhere even in my...

Kroptik:put yerself some clothes and annoy others

Morpheus:Aye,aye,mon capitaine,i am gonna see me some porn of yer collection in ya tv room

Kroptik:i dont have porn

Morpheus:Well,now ya kin see it,me kroptik,i stole some from me dreamland,les watch it 2gether wit dis horny gal



*goes 2 kroptik tv room,then grabs the phone*

Morpheus:Hey,wazaa,me 60 cent,here aym at kroptik-man penthouse,go get the all the gangstas here cuz i am gonna throw me a party,be sure 2 bring booze and some ho's,peace out

60 Cent:See u later,MC Morpheus (hangs the phone)

Morpheus:Hey,me kroptik,lets go buy some snacks cuz me homeboyz gonna party and we hafta buy some sexy lingerie 2 da horny maid,man

Kroptik:  :( :( :( :(

*kroptik cocks shotgun then blasts away morpheus head*
Post by: SandStorm on December 05, 2006, 02:39:13 AM
* SS arrives at kroptik house,  *

Sand: hi mate, did he bored u?

*sand see his cousin dead *


* SS nerves went out to the maximum levels, and start to create radioactive rock blocks *

Sand: now, be prepared...

* SS eyes are red with fury *

Kroptik: Lum, get away from here! Sand, i, i didn't wanted to do this, i'm sorry, i'...

* Sand Blast one rock to the TV set *

Sand: shut up, lets go have a drink

Kroptik: O_o

Sand: Move, or i'll kick ya A55!

* while they walk along to the nearest pub: *

Falling: hey, guys, wait!

Sand & kroptik: Wazza?

Fallin: one strange guy invaded my home last night, eat all my food, drank my vintage wine, destroied my bed, and stole my bondage vhs tapes!

Sand: (bad humorous) Don't worry, kroptik killed him!

Kroptik: yeah, but...

Falling: THANK YOU!!!!!

Sand: whait... Bondage tapes?!

Fallin: yeah, i recorded them, while kroptik and lum were in private...

Kroptik: i'll kill you, my big m********
Post by: Cosmic King on December 05, 2006, 02:48:54 AM
Morpheus:(back from da death)Hey,hey,hey,wazaa in da hizzy,me shorties,Morpheus is inda zone,let all the punks and ho's kneel before me cuz i am da mastah rapper,y'all,dont git y'all in a battle 4 some cheap videos,dudes

Kroptik:Arent u dead?

Morpheus:U did,me kroptik,it is just that da funky Gods of Asgard revived me cuz i hafta finish a goal before me goes 2 Elyseum Camps,so i need y'all help,wanna come wit da cool MC?

Falling:First,u screwed up our houses,"dude" and second,u have a greek god name and u want us 2 believe u were revived by Odin?

Morpheus:Damn straight,me falling star brotha,besides u gotta help me,there are some brats that are after me lucky charms,y'all
Post by: Cosmic King on December 05, 2006, 02:59:53 AM
Cosmic:whassup,boys? i hav come 2 return morpheus 2 da mental asylum he escaped,hope he didnt screwed up any house as he did in my citadel some days ago

Falling/Kroptik/Sandstorm:Too late,cosmic

Cosmic:Ohh,well,u can ask 4 a money retribution where he escaped,but in yer case,kroptik,i shall ask 4 both our houses as it was in da planet of Kurama


*send morpheus back 2 his asylum cell*

Cosmic:Well,guys,lets go hit the Bar,i will pay da drinks

Post by: SandStorm on December 05, 2006, 03:06:32 AM

* SS wispers to fallin *

did u have any backup?

Kroptik: what u guys are whispering?


Kroptik: ok, ok, i'm out of here, i'll get back home!

* kroptik go away *

Sand: i grabbed one tape he had in his pocket, is this that bondage?

Fallin: YES!

Sand: lets go watch this! :D

Cosmic: I'm in too!
What it have?

* drinking one more beer *

Fallin & Sand: bondage between lum and...

Cosmic: LETS GO!
Post by: Cosmic King on December 05, 2006, 03:12:05 AM
Cosmic:yet,it is kroptik/lum privacy,i feel we r doin somethin bad,friends

Falling:yes but u dont know da effort it took me 2 record it and improve quality

Sand:fascinating,falling,let me admire da video

*kaede arrives*

Kaede:whatcha doing wit dat vhs,sandstorm? let me see it...(reading) is this,sand?!?
Post by: SandStorm on December 05, 2006, 03:15:09 AM
Sand: (lost colour) this? hum? oh, this! just one broken tape, nothing more, we are cleaning the mess here. :D
Post by: Cosmic King on December 05, 2006, 03:17:30 AM
Cosmic:it is an educational video about oni alien pregnancy,that is dat video

Kaede:Yet,why it is written "Lum/Kroptik Hot Feast vol. 2"?

Falling:It is written dat cuz in oni language dat means "Learn Oni Biology",hehehe

Kaede:well,i think i wanna learn some oni biology,can we see it? i have a micro vcr,lets see it here

*puts da video,the image is blurry but not da audio*
Post by: SandStorm on December 05, 2006, 03:21:55 AM
Kaede: what that "ohhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, uhh, ahh, ohhhhhhh" means?

Sand: that is oni language, they are (ss gasps a bit) they are explaining how the pregnancy occurs, and the stuff they use, thats fertilization "in vitro" they often use it.

Post by: Cosmic King on December 05, 2006, 03:30:43 AM
Kaede:ok,but why i can see some of the things Kroptik had in his house in there?

Cosmic:Err,the director is a friend of Kroptik,that is

Kaede:seems odd but ok,it seems like a couple making love while been recorded by a perverted man that had a broken camera


Kroptik:Sweet mother of god,what r u seeing?!!?

*burns cosmic,sand and falling*

u 3 are perverted and forcing a sweet innocent gal 2 watch yer lusty video (burns it)is unforgivable,sheesh

Falling:worry not,i have plenty of em,kroptik

*then Kroptik awakens*

Kroptik:Man,i had a bad nitemare,thank god none of it happened

Morpheus:Dont bet on it,me kroptik,i hav come 2 gather ya to help me wit me goal that Odin gave me,da masta rapper

*kroptik desintegates morpheus then goes back 2 sleep,the evil clones begin 2 arrive at japan*

Post by: Cosmic King on December 05, 2006, 03:45:51 AM


*It is a cold winter day at Tomobiki High,a tall man wit a briefcase arrives at da principal's office*

Principal:So,u want 2 join as a teacher in here? i warn u,most teachers quit after 5 days especially at class 2-4

??:Dont worry,i am well prepared wit dealing wit annoying people

*then at class 2-4*

Lum:they say we will have a new teacher'tcha,kroptik

(Note:Kroptik goes 2 tomobiki wit lum)

Kroptik:He wont survive,count on it,mademoiselle lum (kiss her cheek)

Mendo:Hey,just cuz u r now miss lum fiancee doesnt give u da right 2 degradate her wit yer kisses

*Kroptik turns mendo in a girl,ataru pursues mendo*

Shinobu:it will be fun 2 see who shall be da next teacher

*door opens,the principal and the teacher arrives*

Principal:Class,let me present u yer new instructor,he is...

??:Allow me,hello students,my name is Samuel Blitzkrieg but u call me Professor Falling Star,hope we get along

*kroptik is shocked*
Post by: SandStorm on December 05, 2006, 03:57:25 AM
* Sand and Forgotten are late to class, and are making one tremendows rumble on the stairs *

Sand: run, the lesson already started, and we will get red mark if we got late!

Forgotten: keep running, hey, whach out!

* forgotten fail the foot, and felt under SS *

Sand: u did that in purpose!

Forgotten: no i didn't!

Sand: yes you did!


Forgotten: KAMEAMEHA!

* both guys destroy the door with the impact from both attacks *

Sand & Forgotten: U'LL PAY FOR THIS!

* they look around and see they are in the class. they look around and notice fallin *

Forgotten: lol fallin, you look stupid on that suit! :D

Fallin: Well well... i am... YOUR TEACHER, AND U GUYS ARE LATE!

Forgotten: o_O

Sand: Freakin hell... o_O
Post by: Kroptik on December 05, 2006, 03:52:23 PM
* While Falling_Star is screaming at SandStorm and Forgtten_Lum *

Kroptik (after turning Mendo back to normal): Guys, this teacher ain't gonna be like the others. I know the guy and he's a hard nut to crack. Time to execute the move 51.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 05, 2006, 03:54:35 PM
Forgotten: oh well

*takes his seat*

Forgotten: get on with the class
Post by: DarkDevil on December 05, 2006, 04:13:20 PM
/me also seats
Post by: SandStorm on December 05, 2006, 04:40:57 PM
/me also take a seat, and start munching chocolates, while trowing papers to Mendo head *

Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 05, 2006, 04:51:44 PM
Falling: Trying to sneak in to the class room??? DarkDevil is that your name??? And you Sandboy stop that...

DarkDevil: Yes, I'm DarkDevil I was on Holidays... and I only arrived today... that's why I was late...

Falling: Hummm... Holidays??? With a name like that It probably was Unholidays... Well never mind you will go join Sand and Forgotten in detention... Now move it you 3...

Sand/Forgotten/Dark: Yes Sir... Falling...

Falling: Now that we have some peace lets continue the class... 1st. we'll start the introductions... I'm Sam Blitzkrieg... your new English teacher... Now you guys start...

The class starts to Introduce them self's

Falling: Ok... Now that everyone knows everyone lets start today's lesson... Page 6 of your English books... Now who wants to read the 1st text??? Humm... No one??? Ok then, you there... (points to Kroptik) what's your name again???

Kroptik: Its Kroptik... Sir...

Falling: Ahhh... Kroptik... Ok read the text...

Kroptik starts reading and is suddenly interrupted by the Teacher...

Falling: You call that English what book are you reading from... you look like you were reading from a alien book... It's better I start with a test to see how much is your English knowledge...

Everyone starts to look at Kroptik with anger while they receive the tests...
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on December 05, 2006, 06:07:45 PM
Kaede:Professor.we dont have to do exams just cuz Kroptik knows more alien language than english,sir

Falling:Yet,my love for my students is so big that i wont let any of you to be prey of ignorance,now lets carry on with the exams,come on

*all students make threatening poses to kroptik,yet they do the exams*

Falling:i have here with me the results of the exams,my students,i gotta say that only miss Lum and a few others passed with a score 100,but fear not,i shall give you as many extra-classes to make be updated in this matter,lets begin with lesson 16 ¨Compound Subjects & Predicates¨

*3 hours of class pass*

Megane:Falling-sensei,i have a question

Falling:Do tell me

Megane:are you Superman? cuz most teachers lose sanity in 30 minutes
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on December 05, 2006, 06:27:35 PM
Falling:Well,i am not superman,yet i am flattered you called me like that,Satoshi Megane,ok,now lets have a little quiz to prove your advancement,class

Chibi:How about sandstorm and the others in detention,sensei?

Falling:They got what they deserved for messing with the class,oh woe is me,to see that the spring of youth has been blackened in those boys hearts,now they have welcomed sad winter in their minds

*the class applauds Falling little poetic moment*

Post by: SandStorm on December 05, 2006, 06:30:32 PM
* Sakura enter the lessons room *


Sakura: stop, you moron! (hit ataru with one karate move, followed by one big hammer)

* sand leaves the detention *

Sand: i can't stand those dudes anymore, ROCKWAVEDUST!

* tons of rock blocks, dust and sand take over all place in the classroom, submersing some classmates *

Sand: lets have one normal class, at least once?

* SS sits *

Sand: What, why are all looking at me with those faces?
Post by: Kroptik on December 05, 2006, 06:34:51 PM
* After all the rubble is removed and Sand is placed back in detention... *

Kroptik (whispering without Falling_star hearing): Guys I have a better idea. Before move 51 how about we let Mendo have a shot at this guy?

Mendo: What are you talking about?

Kroptik: I know you love to show your sword skills, so how about challenging the sensei? He's good with the sword, but you can beat him.

Mendo: Very well.

* After five minutes *

Mendo: Sensei...

Falling: What is it Mendo?

Mendo: I challenge you to a sword fight. (he draws his sword)

Falling: If you insist... (he creats a sword from nothing) But let's hurry. I have a class to run here.

* After 2 minutes, Mendo leaves for the infermery, severely hurt *

Falling: Let's carry on with the English, shall we?

Kroptik (whispering): Now that that guy's out of the way, let's go with move 37. You guys agree?

Nearby student: Ok, your move then Kroptik.
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on December 05, 2006, 06:39:46 PM
Ataru:Hey,falling sensei,is it normal that you give us 4 straight hours of English?

Falling:Not really,just 30 more minutes and i will off to eat my lunch at the teachers lounge,young moroboshi

Kroptik: (thinking)This might look like my chance

Kaede:Teacher,i think it is time we vote for another class president cuz mendo is injured

Falling:You're right,kaede,let us proceed with that,kroptik,you shall be the one that counts
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 05, 2006, 06:47:06 PM
Falling: Every one writes a name on a paper and place it in this box on my desk...
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on December 05, 2006, 06:49:41 PM
*after the voting finishes,the winner is none other than Lum*

Falling:Very good,Miss Invader,you shall be the president till next summer

Lum:Thank you,sensei,i will do my best  :D

Falling:Ok,let me advise you not to let your fiancee Kroptik manipulate your desicions,got it?

Lum:err...OK  :)

Ataru:Yo,teacher,how about we make a little xmas party before the semester ends?

Falling:Looks ok to me,but i am still new,you should ask your other teachers like Onsen or Mr. Hanawa

Kroptik:Hey,falling,how about you show us your other skills besides English?

*draws a sword then writes ¨FALLING¨ in kroptik shirt*
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 05, 2006, 06:52:39 PM
Falling: Is that enough for you Kroptik... (with a big grin on is face)
Post by: Kroptik on December 05, 2006, 06:53:24 PM
Kroptik (thinking): Time for my move.
(He creats a small invisible clone near Falling_Star)

Falling: Let's carry on, shall we?

* After a while *

Kroptik: Teacher, could you come here, please? There's something I don't understand.

Falling: Very well, Kroptik.
* He starts moving towards Kroptik but trips and falls. Everyone notices his shoelaces are tied to each other *

Kroptik: Nevermind. I already understood it, Teacher Falling.

* The whole class bursts laughing *
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 05, 2006, 06:56:09 PM
Falling: Hahaha... Very amusing indeed... but wait a minute... I hear something... Could it be... yes its a big ZERO  that's coming for you my young clown... next time remind yourself this is not a circus...

Falling: You are staying here after class to clean up and do your homework with me... })
Post by: SandStorm on December 05, 2006, 06:58:51 PM
Kroptik: (severelly angry, but controlling the nerves) Thank... you... sensei...
it... was... nevermind.

Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on December 05, 2006, 07:00:00 PM
Lum:Teacher,let him be,he was just making a little joke,forgive him just this time,i take responsability for any of his acts,sensei   :'(
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 05, 2006, 07:03:27 PM
Falling: I don't no... he should be responsible for his own actions... Its probably because of kind people like you that he became what he is today... a disrespectful brat...

Edit:  I added pics from "Catch the Heart" OVA on the gallery...
Post by: SandStorm on December 05, 2006, 07:07:09 PM
Kroptik: hey, she's a good person!

Lum: No worry darling, don't do anything
Post by: Kroptik on December 05, 2006, 07:07:50 PM
Kroptik: Don't worry, sensei. I know I did wrong. I won't do it again (he looks ashamed)

Falling: Fine. But just this once.

* The bell rings for lunch *

Falling: Ok, that's it for now. (he leaves the room, heading for the teachers' lounge)

Lum: Darling, I made you lunch.

Kroptik: Thanks, Lum ;D

Ataru: Hey, Kroptik. Good one with those shoes man.

Kroptik: It was just the start. After lunch it's your turn, Shinobu.

Shinobu: Ok, I know what to do ;)

Kroptik: And after her it's Sand's.

SandStorm: Don't worry, leave it to me :)

* After 45 minutes the class continues *
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on December 05, 2006, 07:12:54 PM
Ataru:Yo,teacher,do you have any girl in your life?  :*)
Post by: SandStorm on December 05, 2006, 07:18:09 PM
Falling: none of your business, young moroboshi. :|
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 05, 2006, 07:20:52 PM
Falling: If you really want to know... Her name its Kaede... yes you heard it...

Everyone looks shocked after that...
Post by: SandStorm on December 05, 2006, 07:25:34 PM

* SS control his nerves *
Post by: Cosmic King on December 05, 2006, 08:12:20 PM
*Cosmic arrives mounted in one space bike*

Cosmic:hold yer horses,me brothers-in-lum,falling means Kaede the Ninja,right?
Post by: Kroptik on December 05, 2006, 08:14:48 PM
Kroptik: C'mon teach, tell the truth. You're with Benten, right?

Ataru: What's that about my Benten??

* Ataru gets a mallet on the head from Shinobu (since they're dating now that he and Lum broke up) *
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 05, 2006, 08:22:23 PM
Falling: Yes it's true my true love is Benten... I was just teasing you...
Post by: SandStorm on December 05, 2006, 08:27:34 PM
* SS slam falling head with a table *

Sand: very funny professor!
Post by: Cosmic King on December 05, 2006, 08:36:17 PM
Cosmic:Then why did i saw u one day with that girl,Falling?

here is a pic u took her back then


she was just an innocent child that fell 4 u,yet u couldnt answer 2 her love cuz u already gave yerself 2 benten,so this kaede tried 2 follow u


but she failed and decided 2 one day impress u wit her ninja skills


isnt that right,falling?

*Falling just sighs*

Falling:That was time ago,it is better 2 forget dat

Cosmic:Indeed,well,i leave u 2 yer students

Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 05, 2006, 08:45:16 PM
Falling: No way... Don't think you'll vanish before the class ends...

/me grabs Cosmic cape before he vanishes and tells him to sit down...

Falling: Now lets continue class...
Post by: Cosmic King on December 05, 2006, 09:03:10 PM
*Falling then realizes he grabbed Shinobu skirt as Cosmic really vanished away*


Falling:Forgive me,Miyake

Kroptik:Btw,sensei,cosmic left u this VHS in yer desk

Falling:Let me see it,little class clown


Ataru:Is it porn?is it?!?!?

*falling knocks ataru*

Falling:Lets carry on,class,we r about 2 see some Japanese Literature,can u tell me what u know about the Tale of Heike?

Dark:Isnt that the tale of how Joan of Arc conquered America?

Falling:No,young darkdevil,that is not da tale of heike,anyone who knows some literature?

Post by: Cosmic King on December 05, 2006, 09:10:43 PM
Ataru:Do Superman or Batman apply as literature?


Ataru:Mystery Science Theater 3000?

Falling:That is a tv program

Ataru:The Smurfs and Garfield?


Lum:(thinking)and to see once i loved him *sigh*
Post by: Kroptik on December 05, 2006, 09:22:32 PM
Kroptik: Sand, your move. Time to annoy this teacher some more >:)
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 05, 2006, 09:27:11 PM
Falling: Well, don't tell me no one knows literature!!!! Anyone???

Kaede: I know a little about that story...

Falling: Good... now can you please explain what's the story about to your ignorant colleagues..

Kaede: Certanly... Well the Tale of Heike is an epic account of the struggle between the Minamoto and Taira clans for control of Japan at the end of the 12th century in the conflict known as the Gempei War. It is considered one of the great classics of medieval Japanese literature.

Falling: Very good... Indeed... an excellent description of the Tale of Heike... Now you ignorants read the resume that's on page 45 of your books...
Post by: SandStorm on December 05, 2006, 09:30:49 PM
Sand: thats my tale, the tale of my great grandgrand grandgrandgrandgrandgran dgrandgrandgrandgrandgra ndgrandgrandgrandgrandgr andgrandgrandgrandgrandg randgrandgrandgrandgrand grandgrandgrandgrand(...)grandgrandgrandgrandgran dgrandgrandgrandgrandgra nd father
(strangelly enough he didn't had sand powrs, oh well)

Sand: and thats all i know. oh, and i did one small search about your past, sensei-chan, and i discovered that your origins came from the camp rats, and that your great grandgrandgrandgrand mother was a marijuana seller, that married, well, not the usual marriage, but married with one prisioner of askaban (where i read this?)
Post by: Cosmic King on December 05, 2006, 09:42:01 PM
Falling:That is enough,sand,i want u 2 be on detention till u learn yer lesson,just 2 make sure

*sprays him water*

now u wont dissolve,my clownish student,yet i must admit u wouldnt come with such a nasty tale,who told u  2 say dat? was....

Kroptik:Look there is a student dancing naked

*all get distracted*
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 05, 2006, 09:47:59 PM
*Forgotten returns to the class from detention*

Forgotten: thanks for the break teach, i needed it

*Forgotten sits at his desk and puts his feet on the desk*

Forgotten: (not realizing that everyone is distracted by a naked student) What did i miss?
Post by: Cosmic King on December 05, 2006, 09:49:06 PM
Mendo:Nah,that is just Fujinami-san dancing naked,the usual

Forgotten:Yet,i lost my appetite....and vision (pukes as most of da students)

*the last bell rings,all try 2 escape 2 their homes*
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 05, 2006, 09:50:48 PM
Forgotten: oh well so much for that day

Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 05, 2006, 09:57:40 PM
Falling: Kids these days... Don't even know how to use a door... they just keep vanishing... and him not killing them like I did in the other school...
Post by: SandStorm on December 05, 2006, 10:21:50 PM
Sand: Sensei, do you think i still mud?

* falling looks at the mud *

Falling: Yes, and soon you won't dry.

Sand: Look behind you.

* falling look behind *

Falling: well, well, how u managed?

Sand: Do you think i would disturb the class? that was just one of my clones.
i was watching it all over the place, i was in the air as dust.

Falling: so, why u created that clone?

Sand: Because there's someone in this class that want to see me punished. just keep your eyes open, sensei.

* SS vanishes *
Post by: Cosmic King on December 05, 2006, 10:43:06 PM
*falling goes 2 a cafe 2 dink some vintage wine while reflexing,a message is given 2 him*

Falling:Lets read,it comes from my former ninja clan,The Iga Clan,here it says that some rival gang attack my brethren and asks me 2 fight em 2 restore the ninja honor,it was written 2 days ago and has blood on it,i must avenge my friends,yet i also have a teaching duty,what shall i do?
Post by: SandStorm on December 05, 2006, 11:01:48 PM
* Cosmic, Kroptik, Frgotten, Sand and other team mates are in another table doing one festival *

Megane: hey, it's sensei-chan other there!

Chibi: he sure looks worried.

Sinobu: worried about how to handle our class

Cosmic: No... it isn't that.

Forgotten: My senses are receiving dark energies from his mind... something strong if consuming him now
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on December 06, 2006, 01:37:39 AM
Kaede:What is up,guys? trying to annoy falling sensei when we arent in class? what a shame

Sand:It is not like it,kaede,we think Falling might feel a little stressed,that is it


*suddenly Falling appears*



*suddenly a rain of shurikens go towards falling,he evades them with swiftness*

??:You have improved,Blitzkrieg

Falling:Show yourself

??:It wont be necessary as you are a dead man already

*throws a spear to falling,falling grabs it then re-launches it thru the ninja chest,the ninja dies*

Students:Ok,that was way cool,sensei

Falling:This will only make the other clan to hunt me,farewell,students,hope you made your Literature report,it is due tomorrow

Post by: SandStorm on December 06, 2006, 02:54:26 AM
Sand: i presume we shall investigate what is behind that...
even if he's the sword master, what can he do alone with one full clan against him?
Anyone agrees we shall help him?
we can always cheat a bit the literature, and do it in group...

Kaede: cheating is not good.

Kroptik: Ok, lets do the homework now, and then, we decide what to do!

* the students leave the bar, and go to the library *
Post by: DarkDevil on December 06, 2006, 05:57:35 PM
/me cleans everyones minds  excewpt the girls
/me are behaving like baboons.
Post by: Cosmic King on December 06, 2006, 06:01:02 PM
Cosmic:Well,at least da homework would be more easy now,demon

*restores da minds 2 normal*

yer powers need 2 be re-fueled,demon,perhasp it is cuz u need more people devoted 2 u
Post by: DarkDevil on December 06, 2006, 06:05:15 PM
I've lost imagination.
Post by: Cosmic King on December 06, 2006, 06:14:09 PM
Cosmic:You need then a little motivation,demon

*travel thru hyperspace*

here is Disney Dimension,here u will sharpen yer fading demon powers

Bambi:Time we give ya a beating,demon

*dark snaps bambi neck then impales him with his horns*

Dark:You r as weak as yer mother


*Dark grabs pinochio nose*

Dark:Tell me,are u da living image of been high in cartoons?

Pinochio:No (his nose grows a lot),uh-oh,have mercy,(whispering)god,pls help me

Dark:God is not here 2 answer yer request,punk

*incinerates pinochio*

Cosmic:I shall leave u here till u have perfected yer moves 2 help falling (vanishes)

*a whole army of disney characters try 2 get darkdevil*

Dark:this will be a brief warm up
Post by: SandStorm on December 07, 2006, 05:00:10 AM
* while falling was crossing the street with hurry step *

Falling: i must get ready, the clan is closer to me... and i don't want to put my students in danger...
mas, this is really destroy my teacher work!

* nearrly 20 black dressed ninjas appear from nothing *

Ninja 1: the final countdown has set, now, we'll revenge our honor!

Falling: bring it on! but the streets aren't the place for this issue.

* automatically they are teleported to the DM arena *

Ninja 2: now, let the fight begin! but there's one simple rule:

Ninja 14: we'll fight using the ancient methods, only sword is allowed, no dirty moves!

Falling: ok, bring it on!

* he gets ready, and his shinny sword are faithful for blood *
Post by: Cosmic King on December 07, 2006, 05:20:34 AM
*seven hours pass,Falling falls at the school door,he is bleeding*

Kroptik:Sensei,what happened 2 ya?

Falling:Long story,take me 2 see a doctor or leave at sakura's office

Forgotten:Lets go 2 da hospital,dudes

*once there*

Dr. Akula:Hmm,i think we need 2 make a blood transfusion,he is AB +

Kroptik:Where will we find da same blood?

*lights go off,a ninja wit glasses grab Falling*

Forgotten:The ninja  left a note,it says "YOU WERE OUTSMARTED BY KAEDE*

Sand:It must be da other cuz my friend is wit us
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 07, 2006, 05:28:02 AM
Forgotten: oh well, nothing we can do now

*forgotten begins to leave the room*

Sand: hold it Forgotten, how bout you lead us to where falling-sensei is

Forgotten: well um uh hehe

Kroptik: well

Forgotten: Sorry guys

*runs out the door*
Post by: SandStorm on December 07, 2006, 05:47:37 AM
Sand: he might be hidding something.


* forgotten get stuck into one sand sea *

Sand: Will you 'please' explain a bit more?
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 07, 2006, 05:51:13 AM
Forgotten: I know nothing...
Post by: SandStorm on December 07, 2006, 05:57:54 AM
Sand: ok... i just doubted about why u was going away

* ss removes all the sand *
Post by: Cosmic King on December 07, 2006, 06:00:26 AM
Forgotten:You wont get crap from me,sandboy,it is due time Falling pays 4 insulting his ninja code,i say he stays wit da Kaede gal and hav some ninja babies  >:)

*forgotten teleports 2 McDonalds ruins*

Sand:I need 2 go save falling-sensei

Ataru,Lum,Mendo and Kroptik:We''ll help ya
Post by: SandStorm on December 07, 2006, 02:57:27 PM
Sand: Ok guys. Mendo, i know you are good at sword, contact your army of swordmans, it might be handy.

Mendo: Ok Sand

Sand: Ataru, there might be some ninja babes too, u know what to do. use your lusty skills to them.

Ataru: (with big grin) ehehehehehe, got'cha!

Sand: kroptik and lum, you guys take care of the strategy field. Lum war knowledge will be useful.
Post by: DarkDevil on December 07, 2006, 06:03:56 PM
Is that all?
/me seated on all Disney dead character
I couldn't even warm up.
Post by: Cosmic King on December 08, 2006, 02:48:18 AM
*the Falling sensei save squad arrives at da rival clan HQ*

Kroptik:I have planted some hydrogen bombs at da village,in 3 minutes all will be BOOM!!,once we save falling,he shall owe me to pass me 4 da whole semester as 2 u


*the ninjas attack em,yet mendo army and ataru lust overcome em:lum,kroptik and sand enter the main room,Falling is drinking tea with Kaede*


Sand:Werent ya kidnapped?

Falling:Nah,my ninja brothers exagerated a bit,they just wanted 2 make a ninja reunion with da rival clan as u see

*a silence remains,all grab their weapons,falling might not see tomorrow*

Lum:Well,at least we had fun'tcha

*meanwhile at a mysterious HQ*


Dr. Strangelove:(German accent)Gentlemen,i have come 2 you 2 solve once and for all of dat annoying alien invasion,do hear me as those called benevolent beings are ganging against us,here i have a disk containing Project Ragnarok


soon we shall strike those creatures,gentlemen

*meanwhile at da nearest cafe*

Sand:Hey,guys,i hav heard there is a nice hot spring nearby,how about we go there tomorrow?

Kroptik:I dont see why not

Lum:Yay,i love hot springs'tcha

Sand:Then da tomorrow we''l go
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 08, 2006, 03:47:49 AM
Meanwhile Falling ( the sexy teacher), Benten ( the sexy warrior) and Kaede (the sexy Ninja) are walking in the park chatting about wars they frighted in the past... Suddenly, Falling notices something...

Falling: Ohh... Look there a Mixed Hot Springs house... Do you girls want to go???

Benten/Kaede: Ohh... yes we would love to...

Falling: Ok, then... we go get our towels and we meet back at the entrance...

Benten/Kaede: Ok... my love

After getting his stuff Falling hurry back to the Springs... and manages to get a private hot spring pool...
Meanwhile Benten and Kaede arrive...

Falling: Well ladies its all ready for us... we got champagne and fruit and a private spring pool just for us...

Benten: Oh... baby that's great... as a reward I will show you my new tattoo that I got yesterday...

Kaede: Oh... and I will show you the birth mark that looks like a Shuriken...

Falling: Oh yeah... I hit the jackpot... I'm in heaven now...
Post by: Cosmic King on December 08, 2006, 03:59:38 AM
*back 2 da mystery HQ*

Strangelove:Gentlemen,i have sent one of my tracking robots 2 find some of those pestilences,they are at a japanese hot spring,it will take us some time 2 capture'em but it will be worth 4 gettin rid of em


*back 2 da hot springs*

Forgotten:Man,this really is relaxing,i just pity that this aint a mixed hot spring

Sand:It is a mixed one,forgotten,da girls r over there

Forgotten:Ok,i thank god 4 givin me eyes 2 gaze these galateas

Kroptik:Be quiet and try 2 relax inda water
Post by: SandStorm on December 08, 2006, 04:16:46 AM
Sand: man, this is heaven... let me make one water slide

* SS creates one slide for the buys have fun *

Sand: enjoy it, i can create loops if someone wants.

Kroptik: let me try it, whooooooooo who! Fast n'burning!

Sand: lol. forgotten, wanna a ride?

Forgotten: Of course, just...

* forgotten finds one little box sealed with one lock *

Sand & kroptik: what's that?
Post by: Cosmic King on December 08, 2006, 04:23:06 AM
*suddenly a waiter arrives*


Alex the Waiter:A gal bought ya some drinks,have them,gentlemen

Post by: SandStorm on December 08, 2006, 04:29:31 AM
* SS and the guys joins falling bath *

all: Hi there falling!!

*they spill water to falling *
Post by: Cosmic King on December 08, 2006, 04:32:05 AM
*the bath fumes dissipate,revealing...*


Bat Boy:Why thank you,sandboy,i was feeling lonely
Post by: SandStorm on December 08, 2006, 04:35:25 AM
Sand: shut up, you abnormality


* the batboy disintegrates, and is breathed by falling *

Post by: Cosmic King on December 08, 2006, 04:41:18 AM
*a robot appears near Falling*


Robot:Greetings,human,i need 2 take yer little friend known as Benten wit me
Post by: Kroptik on December 08, 2006, 04:44:09 AM
Falling: And what for??

Robot: That's not your problem, human.

Falling: Why I oughta...

* Suddendly the robot blows up *

Falling: Weird...Oh well...
Post by: SandStorm on December 08, 2006, 04:46:58 AM

* all the hot springs got invaded by one sand sea, making all te persons there stuck *

Sand: lovely day...
Post by: Cosmic King on December 08, 2006, 04:58:29 AM
*suddenly is sprayed sleeping gas in da hot springs,all da gang collapses,then they wake up in da mystery HQ*


Dr. Strangelove:Welcome,you little rascals,to my secret HQ (to Benten and Lum) sorry for the little harsh travel,Frauleins,but it was needed so we could succedd in our goal (to da whole gang) i shall let u witness Project Ragnarok,my friends

*clicks a button,lum and benten fell violently as they now hav a high fever*



Sand:What have u done?


Dr. Strangelove:I made an alien killing virus,i decided to prove it using Fraulein Lum and Fraulein Benten DNA,they will die in 8 hours,by then Ragnarok will be totally ready,farewell

*activates a self-destruct device in da HQ,he escapes thru one of his jets*

Forgotten:Guys,we hav problems now
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 08, 2006, 05:18:44 AM
Suddenly the ground starts to shake and the roof starts collapsing...

Falling: We better get out of here before we all get killed...

/me picks up Benten and grabs Kaede(the ninja) and teleports out of there...

Kroptik: God damn it some one help me with Lum...

Sand: Ok, I'll open a portal for us to escape...

Sand opens a portal to the school gates and everyone escapes in time

Forgotten: Wow... that was close... Btw, where's Cosmic...

Kroptik: I don't care about him now... I'm worried about Lum... She's not waking up...

Sand: Don't worry she's still breathing... We will find a way to cure her... and stop that crazy Dr. Weirdlove
Post by: Cosmic King on December 08, 2006, 05:30:56 AM
Dr. Strangelove:(from telecomunicator) Pathetic fools,i have implanted a virus device in yer skulls,i shall activate it at once


as 4 yer lovers,they r already dead
Post by: SandStorm on December 08, 2006, 05:36:11 AM
Sand: We'll see! forgotten, do you still have that box?

Forgotten: yeah, its here. locked.

* kroptik grabs the box, forces the lock, breaking it *

Kroptik: time to discover what is inside here...

Sand: several objects here... look, one neddle!

Falling: is this...

Kroptik:... the cure?

Sand: we just have to try!

* ss injects a bit from the needle vacine in lum *

Sand: if she gets better, we'll do it at benten, and if he active our virus, we'll use it too.

* sand leaves a bit from his own under the school, with one strange device in countdown *

Kroptik:  hey, what's that man?

Sand: no time to explain, lets go!

* lum fever dissapears *
Post by: Cosmic King on December 08, 2006, 05:43:13 AM
*at another HQ*

Soldier:Herr Doktor Strangelove,we got news that da uy warriors and da alien girls are safe


Dr. Strangelove:Hmm,those guys seem 2 be quite a challenge,i shall postpone Project Ragnarok till i find a better killing virus,i shall ask for more time,gentlemen

Unknown Member:Yet,professor Strangelove,we demand action with da project,you know how much i specially want the annilation of those aliens

Dr. Strangelove:I know dat fact,Fraulein,it will take some days 2 perfect Ragnarok 2.0 and this time there wont be any accessible cure 4 da aliens,soon those pests will succumb


*back 2 wherever the gang is*
Post by: Cosmic King on December 08, 2006, 07:22:20 PM
Kroptik:It looks like da girls health has been restored,i feared da worst i in heaven..?

Kroptik:Hush,my darling,u need 2 rest,that virus almost killed ya (hugs her),we need 2 take ya 2 falling's apartment as well as Benten

Falling:Very well,lets go

*arrive at Falling apartment in a mystical bridge*

Sand:they r just sleeping,friends,they will feel better once an hour passes

Kroptik:I see

Forgotten:Boys,i feel a conspiracy is among our friends,we dont know if next time the virus will kill da space aliens more quickly,we better get ready

*next day...*

Lum:Here hav yer lunch,darling

*Kroptik notices lum horns r in da lunch box*

Kroptik:What happened?

Lum:Oh,my god,that virus made me lose my powers as they go once my horns fall,it''ll take a while 4 me 2 restore em'tcha

Kroptik:I will make that creep pay 4 that,lum,i swear that
Post by: Kroptik on December 08, 2006, 07:51:43 PM
* In school, lunch time *

Kroptik: Guys, we need to take care of that Strangelove guy. I have a feeling he hasn't given up yet...

Sand: What about class?

Kroptik: I'm talking about after class. I'm sure Falling wants to come too. He nearly lost Benten yesterday.

Forgotten: OK, let's talk with him after class then.

* Falling_Star arrives to the classroom *
Falling: OK, everyone, let's resume our class. But first I want your reports.

Class:Uh oh.....
Post by: Cosmic King on December 08, 2006, 07:55:38 PM
*suddenly a robot arrives*


X the Robo-Butler:Master Kroptik,u forgot yer literature report at yer penthouse,it really took lum and me 2 correct the mistakes u made


Kroptik:It is my robot,most Tecasian nobility has one,sensei

Falling:Ok,lets carry on,i want da other reports,boyz

Sand:Mine was eaten by Bat Boy in the hot springs,sensei

Forgotten: I forgot to bring it,sensei

Ataru:I exchanged it 4 a babe adress

Mendo:I had other things 2 do,teacher,besides it got lost wit da mail



Falling:You little slackers will go 2 detention,i sjhall guide ya cuz the school is been remodeled

Ataru:You mean this room,sensei?


Falling:Nah,that place will be the Girls Bathroom

Mendo:Then,is it this place?


Falling:That will be da new gymnasium



Falling:New pool,sandboy,ah,we have arrived,here it is


Falling:You will stay here till da last class hour >:)
Post by: SandStorm on December 09, 2006, 12:30:35 AM
Sand: thats unfair! but can it be worse than that weirdo guy, the strangelove?
Time is short fellows, we need a plan, while we are inside that crazy maze.
Post by: Cosmic King on December 09, 2006, 12:49:23 AM
Forgotten:We need 2 find da exit of this damn place

Sand:I have registered everywhere but 2 no avail

Forgotten:Look,that pit must ve da exit of here

Ataru:Lets go 4 it,gang

*enter da pit,when they enter they see a hellish dimension*


*a monster appears*


Satan:Foolish humans,u have fell into my hands,prepare 4 damnation

Dark:Yeah,right,i used 2 be da boss here

Satan:Not anymore,fallen demon,i shall enjoy sending ya 2 da Hell second circle,the lust circle

*burns them with magic energy*

Sand:Shut up!!!

*blasts him with 69 tons of rock and sand,yet satan recovers and changes form*


Satan:U seem 2 be a challenging prey,humans,yet i savor a challenge,here is da deal,beat me in 2 of 3 games and i shall release ya,i shall bet my domain ,how about ya?

Forgotten:We shall bet lum,shinobu,benten,sakura and falling sensei souls


Satan:Good,if u lose i shall collect yer souls and those u bet,let da games begin
Post by: SandStorm on December 09, 2006, 01:03:38 AM
Sand: Ok then, we won't go easy... You must remember me from 10 years ago... Remember the DarkStorm?

Satan: Yeeeeeesssssss

Sand: It is ME!

Team: O_O

Satan: Very well, I see you returned...

Sand: But not to serve you. I found the good,found God,  corrected myself, found love and care, now, I fight to protect my brothers!
I'm changed to SandStorm, but remember, I know your weak spot...
The desert demon, space angel was just one entertainment to fool you.


Sand: It never was... And now, be prepared, to FIGHT!

* Sand enable his shield, protecting all the mates *

Sand: becarefull guys, satan games are tricky...
Post by: Kroptik on December 09, 2006, 01:11:33 AM
* Meanwhile, in class, Lum, Shinobu and Falling_Star fall on the ground, unconsious *

Kroptik: What the..?? (he scans Lum with his mind's eye) Her soul is in a weird state. Someone made a deal with it. I'll need help on this.

/me  takes Lum to the infermery, finding Sakura also unconsious, lays them both in beds and then dissapears, appearing near SandStorm and the others.

Kroptik: What's wrong guys? (he notices Satan) Nevermind... (he reinforces SandStorm's shield) Let's do it guys.
Post by: Cosmic King on December 09, 2006, 01:15:22 AM
Satan:Very good,if u survive a whole onslaught of my demon warriors,i shall release u








Demons:U shall pay 4 betraying da master,sandboy,we shall enjoy maiming ya

*battle rages on*
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 09, 2006, 01:49:16 AM
In the class room Falling_Star wakes up...

Falling: What the hell append???

Megane: You fell unconscious a few moments ago as did Lum and Shinobu...

Falling: I did??? It must have been that Hamburger from McDonald's that I had for lunch... But where is Lum???

Megane: Kroptik took her to the school nurse but even Sakura was unconscious there... They are all resting there now...

Falling: Ok... But where did Kroptik go... did he said where he was going???

Kaede: No... he just said something about Lum's soul and something about a deal... and then he disappeared...

Falling: Humm??? I see... I knew I shouldn't take them to that room... They just can't stay still for a few hours that they go annoying every one...

Class: ???

Falling: Long story... I got to go now... I want you guys to do a report about Time Travel... and I want it ready when I return...

Class: Ahh... No...

/me teleports into Satan lair... and finds is students fighting the demons...

Falling: Look out there's one behind you...

/me kicks the daemon in the nuts...


Falling: Oops sorry... I thought you were one of them... Now lets kick some daemon ass...
Post by: Kroptik on December 09, 2006, 02:07:51 AM
Forgotten: Falling?? How can you be here??

Falling: What's that suppose to mean??

Forgotten: Forget it. How are Lum and Shinobu??

Falling: Unconsious, like Sakura-sensei. But how do you know??

Kroptik: I'm wondering that myself too...

Forgotten: Let's talk later, ok? (he avoids a demon) We have more pressing matters at the moment.
Post by: Cosmic King on December 09, 2006, 02:10:30 AM
Cosmic:I will accompany ya,falling,i didnt do my report either

*enter the hell pit in da crazy maze*

Cosmic:Ok,they'll need all help

*summons the Elder Gods energy 2 freeze hell*


Falling:Time 4 a little ultra-violence,guyz

*begin shattering da demons frozen bodies*

Satan:You have left me no choice but 2 battle ya

*summons nightmarish inner demons*


Kroptik:We have a shield against it

*uses Ataru as an anti-demon shield as he has already too much bad luck*

Satan:Darn it,suffer my wrath

*burns all with hellfire*

Falling:I reserved da best card 4 now

*reveals a device that is a rain maker,falling turns the heavy rain into holy water,Satan agonizes a lot as hell is been destroyed*

Satan:Begone,mortals,u may have won,but there will other chances


*teleports em 2 earth*
Post by: Kroptik on December 09, 2006, 02:14:40 AM
Kroptik: That's it?? It was easy......LUM!

/me dissapears *

Kroptik (telepatically): It seems she's OK. And so are Sakura-sensie and Shinobu. Guess someone brought her here too.
Post by: SandStorm on December 09, 2006, 02:27:25 AM
Sand: don't open yet the champagne. We still have to finish with Dr. strangelove...
the time we lost in the hell was precious to the research.

* trow away one little rock *

* then, one voice echoes in the air *

Dr. Loveless: HAHAHAHAHA! the new virus was released! it is in the air all humans breed! Now, scummy aliens, will die! one remaining hour, the countdown to their death are set!
Post by: Cosmic King on December 09, 2006, 02:31:23 AM
*The phony Dr. loveless is killed by the real villain.Dr. Strangelove*

Dr. Strangelove:We shall meet again,my friends,so soon


*dissapears 4 now*
Post by: Kroptik on December 09, 2006, 02:39:41 AM
Kroptik: In Earth's air?? But what's the point of that? Isn't this a virus that affects aliens only?
* Kroptik's sight begins to blur *
Kroptik: Whoa...I don't feel so good...Guys, we need to hurry. Any clues to where that guy is? I'm sure he has the cure with him in case the virus worked with humans too...
Post by: SandStorm on December 09, 2006, 03:08:56 AM
Sand: dude, it was loveless that said it, one mentally affected moron... strangelove is our target, he didn't released the virus... yet.
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 09, 2006, 03:09:58 AM
Falling: Uhh... Kroptik... that's was Forgotten that farted its not any virus... but it could be deadly if you don't get up quickly...

Every one: HAhahahahahahaha...

Forgotten: Oops... Sorry... It was from the new burrito Hamburger that McDonald's is testing...
Post by: Kroptik on December 09, 2006, 03:37:45 AM
/me punches Forgotten_Lum towards the clouds *
Kroptik: You, sir, are disgusting.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 09, 2006, 03:50:20 AM
Post by: SandStorm on December 09, 2006, 03:54:52 AM
* forgotten_lum fart was so intense, that killed Dr. Strangelove by intoxication *

Mendo: (wearing a mask) looks like the world is saved!

Sand: ok, now, lets save ourselves!

* the gang ran away like crazy from forgotten farts *
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 09, 2006, 03:55:49 AM
what did i ever do to deserve this...
Post by: Kroptik on December 09, 2006, 04:33:16 AM
The end??

O_o o_O
Post by: Cosmic King on December 09, 2006, 04:52:02 AM
*illusion is over,it appears they were just dizzy after travelling from hell*

Kroptik:damn,i thought we had succes in killing Strangelove

Sand:But we learned 2 not eat at Mcdonalds

*forgotten vaporizes sand*

Falling: *sighs*Wattaday

*at mystery HQ*

Unknown Member:We r getting impatient with yer results,Herr Strangelove,we demand u get ready da virus

Strangelove:Ragnarok 2.0 is already 2 be distributed,Fraulein,i know of yer little vendetta towards those pests,but i need 2 get those rascals out of the way,let me present ya my last invention,Galatea

* beatiful girl appear*

Unkown Member:But,she is...!!

Strangelove:She may look alive yet it is a complex syntho-droid capable of taking away those bastards,hahaha


Unknown Member:Very good,we shall wait 4 da results in this one,meeting dismissed

*at school*

Sand:Man,i am bummed out

Kaede:What's the matter?

Sand:Last thing i needed was 2 see Satan

Kaede:Sucks 2 be u...i am joking,sand,it is over,he wont harm ya

Kroptik:Hey guys,how about we play some baseball?
Post by: Kroptik on December 09, 2006, 01:03:34 PM
* As everyone is heading towards the baseball field, a girl appears in front of them *

Forgotten: Who are you??

Galatea: I am Galatea and I've come to kill you all.

Forgotten: Hahahahaha. Yeah right. I'd like to see you try.

Galatea: Very well.
* She charges an energy ball in her hands and fires it at Forgotten. He, not expecting it, takes the shot in the chest, sending him flying backwards *

Kroptik: What the?? Very well... Light Shot
/me shoots a laser of pure white energy, hitting Galatea in the head and making a lot of smoke *

Kroptik: That was easy. Let's go guys, I'm first to pitch.
* However, as the smoke dissapears, Galatea appears unharmed *

Kroptik: WHAT THE??
Post by: SandStorm on December 09, 2006, 03:04:19 PM
Sand: And if we put her stuck? MARENOSTRUM!

* Galatea get stuck to the neck in one sand sea *

/me fire up his petrifying bazooca, turning the sand in rock *

Galatea: I will not be stuck so long...

* the rocked sand sea start to open fissures *

Forgotten: looks like it won't last long...

* forgotten enter galatea mind *

Forgotten: Bad news guys, she cames from Dr. Strangelove, and she is not human, at least, not her mind.

Kroptik: you mean she is a robot?

Sand: give her water.

Post by: Kroptik on December 09, 2006, 04:53:21 PM
* Galatea breaks the rock she's trapped in. One of the chunks hits SandStorm, another one hits Kroptik *

Galatea: You think water will work? Just try it.

* Ataru throws a bucket of water at Galatea, but nothing happens *

Galatea: Ahahahaha. Pathetic.

Kroptik: Sub-Zero Force!
* The water freezes in Galatea's curcuits. She begins to malfunction *

Kroptik: Woot. Take that.

* Suddendly Satan appears and takes control of Galatea's body *

Galatea (Satan): Now for some payback.

Kroptik: Uh oh...
Post by: Cosmic King on December 09, 2006, 06:11:51 PM
*Galatea self-programation forces Satan 2 exit her body,she shoots some anti-mental bolts 2 stun forgotten,then slices kroptik arm and freezes sand*

Galatea:Now i am off 4 yer little alien friends (enter da school and kidnaps lum and ran,escapes)

Kroptik:Shit,we gotta follow her

Forgotten:Ouch,i shall track her,go cure sand and gather da others,it is time we pay a visit to strangelove


*at mystery HQ*

Unknown Comittee:It seems Galatea succeded,Herr Doctor,yet why she kidnapped lum and ran?

Dr. Strangelove:Galatea was made from a mixture of cybernetic and da DNAs of Lum,Benten,Oyuki and Sakura,so it may have some little characteristics of them,as 4 why she kidnapped these 2 is cuz i need Lum electric power and Ran devious science 2 enhance Ragnarok 2.0,it is ironic how these 2 will help kill their species


Soldier:Herr Doktor,we have tracked that da UY warriors r coming this way

Unknown Member:We leave it 2 ya,Strangelove (the commitee leaves)

Dr. Strangelove:Worry not,Fraulein,i am prepared 4 them
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 09, 2006, 06:40:43 PM
Meanwhile Falling Star arrives at the Baseball field...

Falling: Ok... I'm ready to play... lets start the ga... Humm??? Where is everybody!?!?!

/me looks around and notices the destruction...

Falling: Oh... My... God... What the hell append here... If the Principal finds out... I'm doomed...

/me gets back in the teachers office without anyone noticing...
Post by: Cosmic King on December 09, 2006, 06:50:50 PM
*Da UY warriors contact Falling,they find Strangelove HQ*

Falling:Time we shut down yer sick experiments

Dr. Strangelove:I am afraid i cant,Herr BlitzKrieg,it is time we humans claim what is ours and kill those space invaders outta here

Kroptik:You aint nothing but a disabled mad scientist,give us Lum

Sand:Do yer thing,forgotten

Forgotten:I am trying 2 scan da area but cant find her


Dr. Strangelove:That is cuz i made da whole interior out of Mentalium,which u cant detect,but where r my manners,let me give ya some entertainment,time u see the achievement of my science,you meddling guys,if u survive this,meet me at da upper floor

*activates a door,Strangelove and Galatea go 2 da upper floor,many creatures appear before da warriors*















Cosmic:This would be fun
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 09, 2006, 07:22:23 PM
Without any time to lose the group attacks the monsters without any second thoughts... Suddenly Forgotten gets slammed against the wall... and starts bleeding from the head...

Cosmic: What the hell... You're bleeding...

Forgotten (in pain): Ahhh... bleeding!!!! No it cant be... The Mentalium must be affecting my powers... It's... It's transforming me into a normal guy...

Falling: Just great... now what else could go wrong...

With a big explosion... Sand is projected against the wall... and disintegrates into a big pile of sand and rocks...

Kroptik: What the Hell... is going on they are defeating us...

Falling: It cant be... they couldn't be that strong... I'm sure that we were tricked and we fell into a trap...

Cosmic: This room... I sense it's made of not only Mentalium but also... Sandinite...

Falling: God damn... We where stupid enough to come here without a strategy plan... Now we need to get out of here quickly...

/me Cosmic and Kroptik join forces and together they create a power full Kamehameha blast Vaporising all monsters... and blast open the door to the elevator in the process...

Falling: Cosmic get Forgotten, Kroptik get a vacuum and pick up SandStorm... we have to leave this room quickly...

They all leave the room and are now arriving at the upper floor...
Post by: Cosmic King on December 09, 2006, 07:48:46 PM
Kroptik:Lets go kick that weirdo ass


*arrive at da upper floor*


Dr. Strangelove:Congratulations,boys,u bought yerself more agony minutes,Galatea,pls be a dear and finish'em

*Galatea appears before da warriors*

Sand:I see u want me 2 spank you,sweetie

Galatea:You will try...and fail

Kroptik:We'll see dat...SUB-ZERO CANNON!!!

*freezes her,yet she releases herself,forgotten and cosmic attack her mind but 2 no results*


*just makes her go backwards 3 steps*


*just stuns her*

Cosmic:Guys,if only we could hit her weak spot at her main circuits or 2 make her short-circuit

Kroptik:I got an idea (creates a energy spear) when i launch it,be sure 2 charge it wit enough power so it explodes


*do that strategy,the spear pierces Galatea,she explodes*

Falling:That girl was hot,LoL

Sand:Gonna give up,Dr. Weirdlove?

Dr. Strangelove:Not at all,my mutant friend,here i have da control 2 trigger da virus,so long 4 yer little alien friends (activates da virus,most aliens are feeling its staggering power)


Kroptik and Falling:Feeling a little dizzy...and weak..we gotta..stop ya,weirdlove

Sand:The virus is killing kroptik and falling

Cosmic:You fiend,Strangelove


Dr. Strangelove:Death will come also 4 ya,my friends,let me present u my best creation,Elektro


Dr. Strangelove:Its main power is Lum,so it is unstoppable,besides i can control it with my mind thru this psychic helmet,farewell,yer lives will be over now
Post by: Kroptik on December 09, 2006, 08:17:00 PM
Kroptik: That means Lum inside that thing?? I won't allow it. (he dissapears)

Cosmic: What the?? Is this from the virus?

Dr. Stragelove: Not that I know of. But still, it's interesting...

* Suddendly a hole opens in Electro's hull and Kroptik jumps out with Lum in his arms. Electro shuts down *
Kroptik: Please take care of her guys. (he blacks out)
Post by: Cosmic King on December 09, 2006, 08:29:37 PM
Dr. Strangelove:Elektro no longer needs lum as its battery,kill'em,Elektro


*Elektro revives,da battle rages on,Sand and Cosmic blast Elektro wit many energy,Forgotten makes lum wake up,tells her 2 overload  Elektro battery cuz now he is more powerful*


*overloads Elektro,making him explode,as another effect,it fries Strangelove mind*

Dr. Strangelove: (stands up from his wheelchair) Mein Fuhrer,I can walk! (falls dead wit a grin on his face)

Cosmic:Well,he had a shocking surprise,luckily we hav da cure

*use it 2 save all aliens*

Kroptik:That was a close one,lets go 2 eat some pizza


*they go 2 celebrate their victory,meanwhile at an unknown house*

Messenger:My lords,we have received news that Dr. Strangelove has perished and da virus was cured

Unknown Member:Darn it,anyways we must learn from this failure,what science couldnt achieve,magic will get it,soon we shall send our other agent,so soon

*Meanwhile the UY warriors ar having a great time*


Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 09, 2006, 11:06:15 PM
very impressive people...
Post by: SandStorm on December 10, 2006, 12:54:32 AM
congratz to all, this was the best fanfict made!  :D
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 10, 2006, 01:02:23 AM
And The Oscar for best Male actor goes to......... Sam Blitz in the role of Falling Star in the movie "Strange Love for Aliens"

S.Blitz: Thank you... Thank you very much... I would like to dedicate this Oscar to my friend and Director Mr. King... and to the other actors... without them I wouldn't be here tonight... Thank you very much...

Post by: Kroptik on December 10, 2006, 09:15:19 PM
/me blows up Falling_Star's head and takes the Oscar *

Sorry Falling, there was a mistake. You got the Oscar for worse teacher. Here you go...
/me hands him the right Oscar *
I'll keep this one ;D
Post by: SandStorm on December 10, 2006, 09:49:01 PM
/me steal kroptik oscar *

no man, this is the oscar for the "best usage of earth" actor, your's there.

/me points to one small aluminum oscar *
Post by: SandStorm on December 10, 2006, 09:58:21 PM

the night was pitch black, winter has arrived, could winds and heavy freezing rain fill up the whole weekend...
While at Kroptik and Lum house:

Lum: Daaaarling, it is freezing... I can't ever properly dry my bikini...

* Lum dress one warm pajama *

Kroptik: come on dear, join me near the fire.

* both spend the night watching the fire, keeping both warm, until it is over, and they go sleep *

hours passes, and the couple is sleeping angelically.
Suddenly, in the middle of night one loud scream echoes in the streets, followed by broking glasses, and 20 minutes later, the ambulances

* next day, while kroptik was buying the newspaper *

Falling: Krop, hey, Kroptik!

Kroptik: hi man, good morning how're u?

Falling: man, turn the newspaper to page 4... See it? Sakura was murdered!
Post by: Cosmic King on December 10, 2006, 10:01:44 PM
Kroptik:Dont tell me it was Yasumi again

Falling:No,man,she was murdered as the victims of Jack the Ripper,they say that at midnnight Tsubame will try 2 revive her,me krop-boy

Kroptik:Bizarre this really is,investigate we must

*at the Bridge of Mystical Realms*

??:Mistress,i have dealt with that exorcist before she noticed my presence,i have here wit me her blood covered wand as a gift 2 ya

?? 2:Excellent,wit sakura out of da way,we shall proceed,this magic wand concentrates a lot of chaos energy,it shall work fine 4 us

*at Tomobiki School*

Sand:Hey,dudes,u also in da sakura case?


Kroptik:It doesnt matter our reasons,we dunno who shall be da next victim

Cosmic:Very true,we better keep an eye on this

*suddenly a fire chariot descends*

Odin:Hear me,mortals,You r standing before me,Odin the HighFather of Asgard,i have come 2 recruit the services of Sakura the Exorcist Nurse as verily we r in a war against da Greek gods as there have been a lot of godly murders

Falling:But she died,Lord Odin

Odin:Hold yer tongue,mortal,i can revive her from the realm of Hela as verily i require thy services as hers (revives Sakura but gives her more power),dare 2 come wit me and face the worst those greek gods have 2 offer?

Kroptik:(Thinking)First da trial,then Yasumi and Dylan,then morpheus,then Dr. Strangelove and now this,shesh (Normal)Ok,we'll go

Lum:I will go too'tcha,lets go kick some ass'tcha

Odin:The horned valkyrie has spoken da truth,let us go

*all enter 2 Mt. Olympus*
Post by: Kroptik on December 11, 2006, 12:07:44 AM
* At the base of Mt. Olympus... *

Odim: Before you are allowed to fight, you must pass a task. You'll have to work your way up. Sakura doesn't have to do it since it's a request from us Gods. Ladies first...

Lum: That's easy'tcha. (she flies up)

Kaede: No problem. (she uses her ninja flying skills to reach the top in 2 minutes)

Odin: Now you,gentlemen.

Kroptik: OK. (he teleports to the top)

Forgotten: Got it. (he turns into memory shards, which zoom upwards)

SandStorm: My turn. (he dissolves into sand and the particles and they go through the mountain till the top)

Cosmic: Now for me. (he alters gravity, slowly levitating towards the top)

Odin: How about you, Falling_Star?

Falling: I can't go up.

Odin: You shall have to stay here then. I'll be sure to send you a message once your friends are done.

* Odin starts going up in his chariot. Falling_star gets a lift. Odin only realises when they're on the top. Falling_Star smiles *

Odin: Very smart. You've all passed. Let's carry on. And don't worry about your friend DarkDevil. He's helping Hel in the underworld. He seemed quite happy to help her too.
Post by: DarkDevil on December 11, 2006, 02:28:41 PM
You are all powerless agaisnt me
/me killed every one
It's easy this way.
Post by: Cosmic King on December 11, 2006, 07:04:16 PM
*suddenly darkdevil agonizes*

Dark:What the heck is going on?

Voice:U only saw what u wanted,demon,it is time you pay da price

Kroptik:Look,there is something on his mouth


Demonic Being:I am the Madness Demon,i was powered by the real Satan 2 punish Dark 4 bein a traitor 2 our dimension

Sand:Why dont u eat im,Dark?

Madness Demon:He cant,he lost most of his powers,once i finish im,he will be sent 2 da lower hell pits

Forgotten:Well,dark,u cant win everytime,lets go,Odin


*arrive at Zeus Palace*

Odin:Behold,noble warriors,this place was destroyed before we set a foot on it

*a charge of mysticla energy impacts Odin and da warriors*

Cosmic:arrgg,who did that?

??:Foolish mortals,to think that all Olympians were thy enemies when it was only one

Falling:Who r u? Show yerself

??:I have received different names from the ones that serve me but...

*appears completely 2 da light*



Sand:Explain yerself,ares

Ares:It is time we set forth 4 a new era of gods,it is now useless da era of the old patriarch gods as Zeus or Odin,that is why i led a rebellion against my father,slayed him along others,now i have their powers in me,the 2nd age of Magic has ended with them,i am da absolute winner,earth is da last point in my conquest,time u go 2 Valhalla,Odin

*Using death energy desintegrates Odin,yet at da last second Odin empowers wit all his god powers his sword,gives it 2 sand before dying,Ares doesnt see this*

Kroptik:The only thing u'll have is a funeral

*Ares grabs kroptik,making grow older by the second,lum sends a thunder 2 ares,Kroptik is released,Ares grab lum*

Ares:Hmm,what do we have here.u r quite a feisty and beautiful amazon,my horned woman,u shall serve right as my queen once i become the King of the whole Cosmos

Cosmic:Hey,beyatch,that is my title....GALAXIAN EXPLOSION!!!

*it doesnt works*

Lum:Lemme go,Ares

Ares:It is time u pledge eternal love 2 me,horned maiden

*a mystic arrow appears from Ares hand,enters lum heart,it makes her love Ares,she sends a violent storm 2 da warriors*


Falling:You will pay,Ares

Forgotten:Lets attack im at da same time,guyz

*Ares stops the warrior attacks,then shoots enough mystic energy to make Olympus explode*

Ares:U r quite amusing,but i must take my leave,come wit me,my queen

Lum:Ok,my love

*both dissapear,the warriors r about 2 fall 2 their deaths when a UFO arrives*

Crow Goblin:Need a lift? had 2 be u

Forgotten:No time 2 choose our saviours,let us enter Kurama UFO


*enter da UFO*
Post by: SandStorm on December 11, 2006, 07:39:23 PM
Sand: Do not worry guys... Remember, i've born in April, i am Aries, and my regent planet is mars...
So, he his my target, beside, i have this:

*SS show the odin sword *

we will do one strategy attack.
Post by: Cosmic King on December 11, 2006, 07:47:00 PM
Kropti:Ok,i first suggest we leave kurama UFO before she notices..

Kurama:Hi,kroptik,i knew u would come back

Cosmic:Alas,problems never stop

Falling:Well,try using da sword 2 send ud 2 a better place,sandboy

Sand:Ok (uses it,appears at Asgard Hall)

Thor:Greetings,warriors,what news u bring from Midgard (The Earth)?

Cosmic:We r sorry 2 say this,Thor,but lord Odin was slain against Ares,the real god killer

Thor:For every blood drop he caused,i swear Ares shall pay with a gallon of his blood,my friends i shall help you beat down da offender,i feel my father god energy in you,Sand creature,may his wise guide us 2 victory

Forgotten:Ok,we'll need an army 4 this
Post by: SandStorm on December 11, 2006, 07:51:39 PM
* moments later *

Sand: Ok guys, this is now between him and me...

Kroptik: becareful, and please, bring back lum safe.

Cosmic: the odin sword.. Sand, it means you took odin's place.

Sand: i prefer to not think in that, i need to concentrate.

* they walk along, while they see ares. Sand do the following trail alone, while told his friends to stay behind *

Sand: ares... war god... I challenge you to one sword fight!

Ares: very well, let the battle begin! if i win, you and all your friends will serve me.

Sand: ...and if i win, i ask for lum, and you to disappear in the next million years...

* Sand create one red and gold armor around him *

* ares attack sand with his sword, sand defense himself with one quick move, and with odin sword, pull it in ares neck *

Ares: you will pay!

*ares cut one arm to SS *

Sand: dumba55, i still have another! 


*ares get stuck for 5 seconds only *

Sand: get that!

* sand cut ares neck *

Ares: lost in the final second... here is lum, take her, i will leave... i see, you have odin power...

*ares disapear*

Post by: Kroptik on December 11, 2006, 08:06:11 PM
Kroptik: LUM! (he goes towards her and hugs her) Thanks goodness you're OK.

Lum: Let go of me. I want to be back with Ares. (she releases herself from Kroptik)

Kroptik: But...but...

Lum (turning to SandStorm): Why did you do it?? WHY?!
* She shoots lightning towards SandStorm, but he deflects it and sends it against Lum by mistake. She faints *

Sand: Oops...

Kroptik: What do you mean "oops"? How dare you hurt her?
/me and SandStorm starts fighting each other *

Cosmic (to the other UY warriors): We better find a way to turn Lum back to normal before Kroptik kills someone...
Post by: SandStorm on December 11, 2006, 08:09:23 PM
Sand: I see, Ares just fooled, he wasn't been defeated yet!
Post by: Kroptik on December 11, 2006, 08:25:32 PM
Kroptik: But why did you have to attack Lum? What did she do to you?

Sand:Whoa, man, calm down. I didn't do it on purpose you know.

Kroptik: Yeah, right. If you didn't do it on purpose then I'm Ares...Oops.

Cosmic: Wait a minute...What's that suppose to mean?

* Suddendly another Kroptik appears from nowhere *

Kroptik2: Don't listen to him, guys. He's Ares, not me. He tried to lock me when everyone was distracted with the battle between Sand and one of Ares' clones. I'm the real one.

Kroptik1: No way, impostor. I'm the real one.

Kroptik2: I'm the real one. (he lungs himself at Kroptik1 and they both start fighting)

Cosmic: OK, guys, stop it. Now which one of you is the real one?

Kroptik (both): I AM!

Forgotten: Let me try... (he scans their memory) NO WAY! The same memories?!?!

Sand: We'll have to think of something else. But let's try to heal Lum first. She might help.

* Both Kroptiks continue fighting *
Post by: SandStorm on December 11, 2006, 09:17:43 PM
* Sand start to yell to the air *


* one hot air start surrounding the place, and both kroptik unify, making the true ares *

Sand: now, lets truly fight!

* SS lift up the sword, one thunder bolt hit it, SS start to gain one tremendous force, his skin, muscles, flesh got all upgraded to even greater than great values of sthrengt and stamina *

sudendly the area changes, ares and ss are inside something looking like one cube, none can escape, until one dies

Sand: (with burning flaming eyes) so, you coward, we have business to do...

Ares: we'll see.

ares start fighting with 2 swords, both warriors don't give up, they are simply equal to equal, but after near 8h of intense fight, some tired signals start to appear at both warriors

Ares: feel the heat of my power!

* Ares send fire to sandstorm, SS start burning, emaning loads of black smoke *

ares: ahahahaha! you can't defeat the God of war!

* ares looks around, on the place sandstorm was, he only see black dust *


* from the cube red sky, one lighting burning sand bal hits Ares, making one cratere in the ground *

Ares: how you dare?

Sand: Sand doesn't burn, you donkey sucker.

once again, they start fighting fiercly, more 4h passes, until the final countdown


* Ares get stuck, and is hitted by one 872ton rock, that breaks once hit ares head... then, hot magmatic lava licks Ares body, making him burn in pain *

Sand: Go to HELL! I'll give you HELL!

Ares: Never!

* burning in pain, ares swirl his sword, cutting sand storm leg *


Sand: that enough!

* SS evokes the power of earth, he rebuild his leg, create several clones, attacking ares from all sides... ares is being submersed by earth and lava, gulping him to earth deeps *

Sand: It's not over yet!

* SS fuses with earth, making it "eat" ares *

after near 10 minutes silence, and the dirt and dust disapear, there is no sign from Sand and ares... But deeper earth, the fight still goes on, just nobody feel anything

Sand: are you claustrophobic? Ares ares... I am surrounding you, I am everywere, i am the ground you walk for, i am the earth that did your sepulture...

* SS raises Odin Sword, and duplicating the sword image, do several swords attacks to ares, cutting him in pieces *

Sand: were are you, sucker? (breathing fast)

then, the sword speaks to SS

Sword: I am the sould of Odin, ares was defeated, Lum got safe now, without any evil making around her, but becareful now...

one big explosion occurs, blasting rocks, sand, lava, dust... Ares was defeated, the sun start to light, and once the dust falls of, there is no sign od standstorm, no sign of his red and gold armour, the warrior helmet, the odin sword...
Mistery surround the place were the God of war was defeated, and were one young mutant boy without afraid to die fought...
Post by: Cosmic King on December 11, 2006, 09:22:39 PM

Ares:Pathetic fools,the odinsword just tickled me,i wont waste my powers wit you,my queen,pls make da honors

*Lum uses some kind of electric power that makes da other feel exagerated pain,lum grabs the fire sword and slices kroptik face*

Ares:That'll stop ya,now i intend 2 cause da most big war of all,a war of the worlds

*using magic causes all planets 2 feel hate and declare war*
Post by: Kroptik on December 12, 2006, 12:30:54 AM
Kroptik: I call forth the powers of Eir, Goddess of healing. Please heal our wounds, so we may fight again and so I can reclaim my love.

* Everyone has their wounds healed by a mysterious power *

Kroptik: Thank you, great Goddess. Now guys, any ideas? Any clues to where they went?
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 12, 2006, 02:08:11 AM
Ares magic starts to affect the Universal Warriors...

Falling: STFU... You miserable tecasian dog... I don't need your little magic tricks to heal my self...

Kroptik: WTF... Why are you acting like that??? I was just trying to help you...

The magic of Ares starts to affect everyone else...

Kroptik(angry): What, did you say... My magic is not simple tricks its one of the most powerful forces in the Universe... You... You... Nazi Emperor...

Falling: Oh... Insulting my people are you... Is the big baby going to cry... or maybe I could do some of your magic tricks to make you happy...

Cosmic: What's wrong with you guys... we are supposed to be... friends...

Forgotten: Friends??? Hahaha... don't make me laugh... I don't have inferior beings for friends...

Cosmic: Oh yeah... I'm superior than you, You stinking cloud of farts...

Forgotten: And you are worst than a rotten pickle on a Hamburger...

Ares: Hahaha... my plan is working better than I expected... soon they will be fighting each other...

After a couple of hours of insults and menaces the Warriors decide separate...

Falling: I'm sick of being your babysitter... I the Great Emperor of Blitzkrieg, Lord of Chaos and master of ancient Earth Ninja skills... dont need you guys to destroy Ares... I alone will destroy him...

Kroptik: Ah... If it wasn't for me we all be dead by now... and you wont defeat Ares... because I will defeat him before you...

Cosmic: Haha... I'm the King of the Moon and all Cosmos... I'm the one that always saves the day... And I'm the one that will defeat Ares...

Forgotten: Ah... No way... You always disappear before the fights... you couldn't even save yourself... besides my power goes beyond the Cosmos... I'm the one that's going to kill Ares...

And so... the group of friends is now consumed by the dark magic of Ares and become the worst of the enemies... and now will they be able to recover from Ares magic or will they die one by one at the hands of Ares...
Post by: Necron 99 on December 12, 2006, 04:09:22 AM
They all died.  The End.
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 12, 2006, 04:22:47 AM
If you don't have nothing to add besides that... its better if you delete it and let someone else post...
Post by: Cosmic King on December 12, 2006, 07:07:49 AM
Cosmic:(barely speaking without been controlled)Guys...this is...gettin..out...of our...hands,we..gotta fight ...our selfishness...and hate...or

Falling:Hate....and...selfishnes s...r part...of...the ego,...we need 2...get rid of...our egos


UY Warriors:!!!!

*the shocking dirty word makes them feel a union,a union 2 kick kroptik ass,ares magic vanishes from their hearts*

Forgotten:That was a close one,beyatches


Forgotten:Just joking,guys

Sand:Well,we need 2 be prepared 4 ares

Cosmic:In case he uses dat hate magic

*summons da elder ones magic 2 shield all da warriors minds*

Falling:Let us go 4 ares ass,my brothers

Kroptik:Hell Yeah!
Posted on: December 12, 2006, 04:53:38 AM
*the space war rages on,leaving devastation everywhere*

Cosmic:Once da battle reaches crtical point,we'll be screwed


Falling:So,da friggin fate of all da galaxy rests in our hands...da usual

Sand:Well,most of us r here,except 4 dark who must be still wit da demon

*arrive at Ares palace at the ruins of Olympus*

Ares:U r lucky 2 see this new armaggedon,yer lives will serve 2 beat mankind,lemme present you my son with yer horned friend,hope u can entertain him

Kroptik:U dared defile lum holiness,u will pay

*a demon appears*


Satanus:Here i am,father,shall i dispose of this pests before u and mother?

Ares:Do give them a hell of a time,my son

Satanus:Good,let us begin

Falling:Die,spawn of hell.ATLAS BOMBER!!!

*Satanus evades it,then launches hellfire,Sand shields falling,kroptik and cosmic blast a double Galaxian Explosion 2 satanus*

Forgotten:Before he recovers,lets send im 2 sleep

*forgotten sends a mental bolt 2 stop time,Falling grabs da odinsword to slice Satanus then send im 2 eternal slumber seal,forgotten knocks out lum*

Kroptik:To think that was lum-sama child

(Note:Gods are magical,so this part is possible)

Cosmic:U r next,Ares,we hav ya cornered

Ares:Ok,they say death is like a fine wine that must be enjoyed,but if hav 2 finish ya now,so be it

*sends a whole storm of mystical decayement energy,da warriors evade it hardly*

How about a little tension?

*using psychokinesis makes em feel like been torn apart,then makes em feel consumed by death energy,sends a gigantic wave wit enough power as 1000000000000 atomic bombs,the warriors r almost beaten*

Now earth shall be mine,as da whole galaxy

Cosmic:U wantpower,ares? i shall guide u 2 ultimate power

Cosmic:There is a place known as the Source Wall,there infinity powers awaits 2 be drained,we shall guide ya

Ares:well,i shall go there

*teleports em 2 da source wall*

Ares:Yes,i feel inmense power beneath that wall,u served me enough,warriors,time u face death as da others

*suddenly ares is blasted by a gigantic wave*


Celestials:Master Cosmic,w received yer call and have arrived 2 help in battle as well as Falling's Gundams

Cosmic:Very good,battle Ares meanwhile

Celestials:Yes sir!

*Celestials and Gundams vs. Ares*

Cosmic:Guyz,we need 2 siphon da source wall power against Ares,only by that we'll beat im


Sand:We can use the odinsword as the vehicle 2 shoot da energy

Kroptik:Lets go then

*using it,siphon da source wall power,da uy warriors barely endure the excessive power*

Falling:I am living battery,give me da power 2 end Ares

*siphons it,falling agonizes as his body crumbles wit excessive power,yet he shoots it at Ares,who almots gets fried*

Forgotten:Let us combine our might 4 a grand finale

*all focus their main power 2 trap Ares in da wall 4ever,they succed,any ares magic event ceases*

Cosmic:Now u will be an eternal statue in da wall,ares

Kroptik:Peace has returned

*odin soul appears*

Odin:Noble warriors,my era as the others has ended,yet i dont regret as u r dones that'll forge a new era,farewell

Falling:Let us go home

*once on earth,they find lum,she remembers nothing,then they go 2 da movies,yet not so far away*

??:My lady,ares has been beaten

??2:Shit,that is just 2 victories 4 their side,yet we just need 1 victory over them

*meanwhile Dark just ate the madness demon while Necron was distributing some movies over internet*

Cosmic:Bizarre day,yet we need 2 solve who killed Sakura

Sand:That is a tale 4 tomorrow,lets see da movie

*Urusei Yatsura Movie 7: 25th Anniversary starts*

Post by: Kroptik on December 12, 2006, 03:22:00 PM
* While they're watching the movie... *

Kroptik (whispering to himself): I still can't believe that creep had a child of Lum... (he makes a sad face)

Lum: What's wrong, darling?

Kroptik: Oh, nothing, nothing...I was just thinking.

Sand: Don't worry Krop. Gods don't do the same things we do. They just wish for a child and if both of them agree, it appears.

Kroptik: How do you know that?

Sand: Odin told me through the sword. He told me to tell you so you wouldn't be worried.

Kroptik: OK, thanks man. ;D

* They all go back to enjoying the movie *
Post by: DarkDevil on December 12, 2006, 05:53:51 PM
Now it's Norsemen Deathmatch?
Post by: Necron 99 on December 12, 2006, 07:44:12 PM
You people amuse me.

-Necron's older brother, anti-anime guy, and yes, that was me at the top of the page.

P.S. Don't email my family again....ever.
Post by: Kroptik on December 12, 2006, 08:41:01 PM
Ignoring those two lasts posts and back on-topic...

I guess this is finished then??


Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 12, 2006, 11:26:39 PM
No it's not... LoL
Or is it... I got lost... :P
Post by: Cosmic King on December 13, 2006, 12:18:49 AM

*Lum is preparing a delicious feast inda kitchen*

Kroptik:That smells good,what r we gonna eat?

Lum:It isnt for us,i need 2 take this food 2 612 Wharf Avenue,we r gonna eat some popcorn'tcha

Kroptik:This is odd

*next day at school most students are listening 2 their IPods*

Kroptik:What r ya listening,Mendo-san?

Mendo:It is just a song from new rapper called Sir Loin Stockade

Ataru:Hell yeah,that gangsta really knows how 2 rap

Kroptik:Whats da song name?

Shinobu:4 Da Shorteez

Sand:Here listen some

*music sounds*

Think at what's at stake, look upon your plate.
If it's a slab o' steak, time to regurgitate.
Ya got a double chin, their little jim's too slim.
Ya fingers could fit in
The little kid's expose ribs.
Just think of all da shorteez, can't ya hear 'em cry?
Paula, cough up that burger and fries.
Hams on my left, double cans, Bob's got high.
Give to the hungry shorteez, so the shorteez won't die.
Stop the famine, please, instead of eatin' ham and cheese.
Throw away your greens, you be pissin' on a dream.
Gimme all your onion rings, it's a'ight, listen.
A slice a pizza, it don't matter if a bite's missin'.
Prime rib, porkchop, porterhouse, it don't stop.
My actin' like hogslop, to the shorteez it's alot.
They been hungry since birth, so hand over your desert.
Open up your mouth, stick a finger down, it could be worse.
Listen closely, gimme all your groceries.
Cuz a little baby's screamin' "Man, I need a hoagie!"
"Somebody hold me, somebody console me, somebody boil me up a pot o' pierogis!"
Think of what we're facin', all those little faces, c'mon it's a race it's...4 Da Shorteez.

*music is paused*

Kroptik:Very bizarre lyric

Ataru:Yeah,it is a song wit message,we need 2 help those guys Sir Loin mentions

Sand:I already sent some sand-wiches LoL

Forgotten:Here at da disk cover says any donations should go 2 612 Wharf Ave.

Kroptik:Pretty coincidential indeed

Falling:We must go and leave some food 4 da shorteez

Lum/Mendo/Ataru:We will go wit ya

*arrive at da address*

Sand:This looks like an abandoned warehouse,dudes

Kroptik:Let us enter

*all the place has a lot of food in rotten state*

Cosmic:My god,this place smells like skunks

Falling:Or worse

*a bizarre voice sounds*

??:Who zat? Who zat? do ya bring any food,y'all?

Kroptik:Reveal yerself

??:I see people,u aint supposed 2 bring people unless they r dead,man,i want food

*falling forces da voice 2 appear,a crazy rapper*

Forgotten:I suppose u r Sir Loin Stokcade

Sir Loin:The hell i am,beyatches,u bring food or u gonna explain me about these sand filled breads i received

Sand:Those r mine

Sir Loin:Who doya think u r,man? The Sandman or other shizzno? i need godamn food,my schnegroes

Lum:So it wasnt 2 help any poor people

Sir Loin:You r damn straight,horny girl,i need more food so i gather a lot of flies that appear at rotten food,beyatches

Falling:Why do u need flies?

Sir Loin:Flies spit acid,me man,now imagine millions of em at once,i shall use da super acid 2 melt the walls of all banks at Tomobiki,y'all,so i gather da money 2 pay my debts


*everyone gathers a weapon then beat da crap out of Sir Loin*

Kroptik:Well,we have some food that still is edible,lets make a party

All (except Sir Loin):YAY!!!
Post by: Kroptik on December 13, 2006, 12:37:17 AM
Is it just me or did Cosmic just write a fanfic all by himself? xD
Post by: Cosmic King on December 13, 2006, 12:49:54 AM
Off Topic:

Yes,i did,took me like 6 minutes 2 type it,now let us continue
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 13, 2006, 01:36:52 AM
What about Sakura in FanFic #5???
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 13, 2006, 05:41:53 AM
who know and care, at this rates everyone is going to die, betrothed to someone they dont want to be or just forgotten(speaking of myself as usual), so im just staying out of this and hoping that i remain forgotten until something interesting happens, which right about now is nothing...
Post by: Cosmic King on December 13, 2006, 06:55:32 AM
Off Topic:

Truly said,forgotten lum-kun,yet i must continue till i get bored,hope u post in this part one day..or decade...or whatever

btw,faling,Sakura was revived by lord Odin before he died,so she must be OK by now,my brothers

On Topic:

*Forgotten is kinda bored,he wants a pizza,so he dials a phone number,suddenly his house is filled by a bright light,could this be a spin off of Ah,My Goddess?)

Forgotten:What da heck happened?

??:You have summoned me,Forgotten One (gets closer)

Forgotten:For the beards of Lex Luthor...!!!

*next day,everyone is burning da Sir Loin cds,Forgotten appears wit a grin*

Kroptik:What happened,me forgotten man?

Forgotten:I was visited by Belldandy that offered me infinite wealth,i am now da owner of Australia and Greenland,i have come 2 say good bye,my enemies

Cosmic:Wow,that doesnt happen every day LoL

Falling:Hope u hav fun at yer new lands,Forgotten

Forgotten:You can bet on it,Blitzkrieg

*a fire chariot drove by a chained Ronald MacDonalds transports Forgotten 2 his new home*

Lum:We will miss you,Forgotten'tcha
Post by: Kroptik on December 13, 2006, 03:13:31 PM
* A week after Forgotten_Lum left...Everyone is in class *

Kroptik: I can't believe you're still here, Falling. You must be the teacher who lasted the longest time in here.

Falling: Well... I have a duty to teach you all some proper English. So I'll stay here until everyone has 100% in the tests.

* Suddendly Kroptik's cellphone rings *
Kroptik: Can I go outside and answer, please? It could be important.

Falling: OK, you can go.
/me leaves *

* After five minutes, Kroptik returns *

Kroptik: Pack your bags everyone. We're going to Canada!

Falling: And why's that??

Kroptik: Forgotten just invited us. For two whole weeks.

Sand (to himself): I smell something fishy in all of this...
Post by: Cosmic King on December 13, 2006, 06:45:03 PM
*once they arrive at Canada,they r received by an officer*


Alucard:I need 2 see yer passports so u may pass

Sand:Here they are,officer

Alucard:(To lum)Have i seen u before?

Lum:No,yet i saw perhaps some of yer realtives'tcha

Alucard:Yes,i have a cousin at Japan,always end drinking bad blood,which reminds me 2day is feeding time,r u virgin,my darling?



Lum:Why da question'tcha?

Alucard:We vampires cant reproduce unless our victim is a virgin,i feel u r still barely,it is time u abandon da light,i offer u da whole reign of da night,fear not,it shall hurt just some seconds,eternity awaits ya

*mesmerizes lum,then is about 2 bite her neck*

Alucard:Yiarrgghhh,my fangs broke,her skin is like steel...arghhhh

*lum awakens then she wants revenge*


*alucard feels da "Heaven Retribution"*

Alucard:ouch,that hurted a lot,i give up 4 now,u may pass yer own risk
Post by: Kroptik on December 13, 2006, 07:02:57 PM
Kroptik: Good thing I knew that spell. Are you OK, Lum?

Lum: I am now. Arigato, Darling'tcha.
/me smiles*

Cosmic: Still, it's not like Forgotten to prepare us this sort of welcoming comitee. Something isn't right here.

Sand: My thoughts exactly. And since when does Forgotten use a cellphone to call us? It's not normal.

Kroptik: Now that I think about it...

Ataru: C'mon guys. Let's go check out the canadian babes.

Mendo: Always thinking of that, ain't you?

Falling: Sorry, Ataru, but no babes. Consider this a field trip. I'll want a report when we get back.

Class: WHAT?
Post by: SandStorm on December 13, 2006, 09:14:55 PM
Sand: Sensei-chan... Why do we always have to get homework when we are traveling, or fighting?

Falling: Because i love my students and don't want them ignorant.

Ataru: You really got that serious, hum?
Post by: Cosmic King on December 13, 2006, 09:47:01 PM
Falling:Yes,ignorance is like a demon we must exorcise,so u must make a written report of the travel

Sakura:Then why u brought me along wit Onsen and Mr. Hanawa?!?

Falling:The more,the merrier

Ataru:How about we start da trip by visiting the palace of the King of Canada,sensei-chan?

Falling:Moroboshi,canada doesnt hav a king,it is democratic country...i guess

Kroptik:Ok,then why is there a palace wit that sign before us?


Lum:Nuff Said'tcha
Post by: SandStorm on December 13, 2006, 09:49:19 PM
Sand: Weird. did we did one time travel to the past?
Post by: Cosmic King on December 13, 2006, 10:48:36 PM
*a palace soldier arrives*

Wolverine:What r yer businesses 2 see da king,punks?

Sand:Ok,this is normal time

Kroptik:Isnt canada a democratic country?

Wolverine:It was,punk,till da revolution brought us a monarchy

Falling:Well,we wanna see yer king as part of our written report

Wolverine:Come wit me,punks

Lum:This guy needs good manners'tcha

*arrive at palace made of broken cars and ruins in a cave*

Wolverine:Here is da king,he is attending other subject,so plz wait


*the king then summons da whole class*

Canada King:What is it that u want?

Kroptik:Tell me,why is canada filled of vampires?

Canada King:Thousands of eons ago or some decades in yer timeline,atlantean wizards created da vampires at canadian land, a war erupted between humans and vampires,we had da winning hand and soon all da earth will be full of vampires


Sand:Bizarre country we r indeed
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 14, 2006, 02:05:07 AM
Falling: Eh... Excuse me but... shouldn't you guys appear at Romania (Transylvania)???

Canada King: No... those vampires are from a different species from ours... they can only move at night, we can move during all day without fearing the sun...

Cosmic: So that means that you are invulnerable to garlic and stakes and holy water???

Canada King: Yes... we are invulnerable to that stuff...

Kroptik: So what are your weak points???

Canada King: Hahahaha... you don't expect me to tell you that...

The gang finally decides to leave the castle and continue to explore the altered Canada...

Falling: This is just weird...

Sand: What's weird Sensei???

Falling: Probably just a big coincidence but why is all this happening right after Forgotten left Canada???... at this moment I think Sand was right... This is starting to smell fishy around here...

Ataru: Sensei what are we going to do about their plans??? They are planning to transform the whole world into Vampires... and I don't want to be a Vampire...

Falling: Well for now we better go back to our hotel and rest... (Jet Lag)

Falling and the rest of the teachers stay on guard by turns to prevent vampires to sneak up on them while they sleep...

Falling: Hey... Sakura-sensei why are you dressed as a Shinto priestess???

Sakura: We never know... they are demons so probably I could purify this hotel to stop the Vampires from getting in...

Falling: Ok... Good idea its worth to try... Next time where ever I go I will take Benten (Goddess of Luck (among other things) with me...
Post by: DarkDevil on December 14, 2006, 06:56:18 PM
Thanks Cosmic for the pic of Alucard.
/me absobs all Dark power from all he's oponents
Now I feel better.
Post by: SandStorm on December 14, 2006, 07:21:20 PM
when they wake up next morning...

Mendo: Sand, ataru, wake up, you guys sleep like rocks.

Ataru: Ryuu-chaaaaannnnnn...

Sand: Zzzzz... mate, just more 5 mins.... zzzZZZzzzz

Mendo: wake up now guys!

* mendo turn both beds upside down, making the 2 guys fall. *

Ataru: he, mendo, there's no need for that... "uaaaaahaaaaa....."

Sand: Man, when i awake like this,, my first hours of the day are very bad humorous... Do not blame me, if i attack someone.

Kroptik (dressed): We need to go, hurry guys, and dress up!

Sand & ataru: ok, ok!

* both start running to the bathroom, making one tremendous noise, while fighting for the shaving machine *

Falling: those guys... immature...

Kroptik: i'll check the girls.

Falling: ok, sakura must have awaken them too.
Post by: Kroptik on December 14, 2006, 09:51:04 PM
/me knocks on the girl's bedroom door *

Lum: Just a minute. I'm nearly done.

* Sakura comes out from the bedroom *
Kroptik: Everyone ready?

Sakura: Besides Lum, yes, and she's nearly done. Shinobu already went down. She said she was hungry. What about you guys?

Kroptik: Well...besides Sand and Ataru everyone is ready.

* Sakura sighs *
Sakura: What's taking them anyway?

Kroptik: They were fighting for the shaving machine when I left. I guess they're ready by now.

* Lum appears *
Lum: Good morning, darling. (she and Kroptik kiss) Are we ready to go?

Kroptik: Let's just go check the guys. They're bound to be ready by now.
Posted on: Thursday 14-December-2006, 19:54:28
* As they're about to reach the guys' bedroom, the doors opens and everyone comes out *

Kroptik: Everyone ready then?

Ataru (who has a bandage in his cheek): Yeah, we're ready. Now let's go. I'm starving.

Sakura: Shinobu is already in there, so let's meet with her.

Ataru: She already went down?? (he makes an annoyed face)

* The whole group goes down to the restaurant area *
Falling: Anyone see Miyake??

Cosmic: No...Maybe she's done and went somewhere else??

Sand: Let's look for her after. I'm starving.

* They all sit. Lum and Kroptik ask for some toast, Falling and Sand for some bacon and eggs, Ataru for the waitress adress and phone number,receiving a nice punch in the face and asking for cereals after, and Sakura, Cosmic and Mendo for a full canadian breakfast *
Post by: Cosmic King on December 15, 2006, 01:28:26 AM
Waiter:Here is da breakfast

*shows a tied shinobu along wit vegetables*

Waiter:Shall i pierce her neck 4 ya?

*Cosmic burns da waiter,shinobu is rescued*

Mendo:This is gettin dangerous

*meanwhile with Sand and Kaede*

Kaede:Lets go see 4 my camera,it is in ma suite

*open door*


Sand:ok,wrong suite (close door),damn vampires

*a voce calls em*

??:I see u want 2 kill da vampires,i can help ya stop those mongrels

Kaede:Who r u?

??:They used 2 call me the Holy Bayonet or Angel Dust,but i prefer my name that is Alexander Anderson, apleasure 2 meet ya


Anderson:Time 2 kill some vampires
Post by: SandStorm on December 15, 2006, 01:53:19 AM
then, another voice appear behind them

??: but not alone.

Sand: hey, isn't you bloodraine?

BR: yes, i am... and you...?

Sand: SandStorm, and this is Kaede

Kaede: how do you know her?

Sand: sometime ago i did one research for half-vampires. She is a half-vampire

BR: Yes, I am, if you guys wanna suck some blood from those species and save the human kind, follow me.
Post by: Cosmic King on December 15, 2006, 02:09:47 AM
Sand:Not really want 2 suck blood,but it is a deal

*meanwhile Ataru enters his room, a whole fleet of vampires attack im*

Ataru:This would look like fun

*3 hours passes,ataru arrives wit lum*



Ataru:I feel depressed,can u hug me?

Lum:Dunno,i am married 2 krop,but what gives anyways

*hugs him,then ataru is gonna...*

*Meanwhile wit Falling and most of da class*

Falling:Ok,kids,i suppose this travel was kinda odd,but i want those reports in ma desk in 6 days

Megane:That is if we live,sensei

*a vampire attacks falling,megane uses his glasses 2 refelct sunlight 2 burn da ghoul*

Falling:We need 2 be careful LoL

*A scream is heard*

Kroptik:That was lum's voice

*arrive at da scene,they see ataru electroshocked and a red figure grabbing  an unconcious lum*


Alucard:So long,suckers (dissapear)

Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on December 15, 2006, 05:11:07 AM
Off Topic:

Sorry for the delay in the forum,i see you had a lot of inspiration   :9

On Topic:

*Appear along Sand,Anderson and Bloodrain,see Alucard*

Kaede:Guys,he is getting away,i shall stop him


*all the clones attack alucard,preventing his escape*

Sand:Speak now,vampire scum

Alucard:The vampire conquest will start soon,i just wanted to claim this horned virgin (Ok,that is just weird)

Kroptik:You wont see tomorrow


*destroys alucard*

Cosmic:It looks like Lum just fainted,she hasnt any bites

Kaede:What shall we do with this vampiric Ataru?

Sand:I suppose his own personnal bad luck demons will cure him of the vampire virus,look he just lost his fangs

Ataru:Can i still bite and suck beatiful girls anyways?

*everybody beat ataru*

Falling:We now need to stop the vampire attack
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 15, 2006, 06:01:19 AM
*suddenly the sun hits lum and she begins to scream*

Lun??: NNNooooo....

*lum transforms into another girl and turns to ashes*

Falling: It was only a fake to distract us from the real lum being kidnapped

*Kroptik falls to his knees*

Kroptik:, where is she

Falling: I dont know, but I think we should ask the Canadain King

*everyone runs out of the building*

*moments later at parliment hill*

Kroptik: I'm coming lum, just you wait...

Falling: wait, why are the no guards at the door

Cosmic: your right!

Falling: it's probably a trap...

Kroptik: I dont care, lum is in there and i'm going to get her

*Kroptik runs into the building*

Cosmic: oh well, he will just have to set off any traps

*everyone follows kroptik and get to the throne room, where they see a familiar face*

Forgotten: you swore that when i got back you would return to your realm

Belldandy: PLease leave...

Canadian King: nope, i like these land and im staying

Forgotten: your leave whether you want to or not, remember that chip that was implanted

*The Canadian King holds a chip in his fingers*

Canadian King: you mean this one muahahaha, thanks to this girl and her brilliance, i got it removed

*lum can be seen hanging by chains in the background*

Kroptik: LUM

Forgotten: when did you guys get here? I thought you guys would still be in japan

Falling: You invited us...

Forgotten: why would i invite you guys to Canada when i leave to show Belldandy the ocean seen from Greenland

Belldandy: It was so beautiful

Forgotten: I just got back when i heard that this vampire was ruininjg the country, jeez when i asked him to only countrysit(twist on babysitting or housesitting for those who dont get it)
Post by: Cosmic King on December 15, 2006, 06:33:39 AM
Cosmic:Well,we hav da friggin King cornered,i say we beat im where he stands before he unleashes his vampire army

Canada King:Pathetic fools,i am more than a challenge 2 ya...DIE

*grabs Shinobu then bites her as well as some girls*

Canada King:That was just an appetizer,i hunger 4 more blood

Kroptik:Filthy scum

Sand:It is obvious we can beat im but he will kill da girls if we do attack im

Canada King:(slurping da girls blood)U dont seem so silly at all,human,i shall enjoy torturing till u beg me 2 kill ya

Cosmic:Not so fast,porky vampire,if u dare 2 unleash yer monsters,i will nuke the whole continent with several atomic bombs i stole of Strangelove

Canada King:You wouldnt dare

Cosmic:Yeah,right,look if i care

Canada King:How about a little battle,pesky human?

Cosmic:Filthy coward thrash is not even worthy 2 speak 2 me

*pierces the king chest,burns his interiors,the king falls dead,lum is releasesd*

Cosmic:This clown was just da king representative

Kroptik:Nice joke about nuking all America,cosmic

Belldandy:It wasnt a joke,tecasian prince

Kroptik:Anyways,it is good 2 see lum is safe

*da castle is overcomed by vampires*

Falling:Ok,time 4 a little warm up

*da warriors kill da vampires in da place*

Mendo:Wow,whatta fight they gave us

Lum:Yes,but what about shinobu and da girls the vampires attacked?

Forgotten:They havent lost so much blood,we can save em,but we will need the Book of Sins 2 end this vampiric nightmare
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 15, 2006, 01:38:50 PM
Falling: The book of what???

Forgotten: The Book of Sins, legend says that the book contains the spell to reverse the effects of a vampire bite and how to destroy all Vampires...

Falling: Wow, I have that book here in my backpack... I brought it from Japan to read on the plane... I didn't no what it was I'm still translating it... it's written in ancient Cyrillic... but I think I know the page that we need for reversing the effects of the bite...

/me show them the page containing the spell


/me then reads from the page (in a bad accent) and a bright yellow light comes out of the book...

Cosmic: Wth... Did you do something wrong...

Falling: How the hell should I know...

Suddenly the the light expands and starts spreading by the entire city them the country and finally the whole world...

Kroptik: Wow... that was a weird light show...

Falling: Indeed... LoL

Forgotten: Hey... look... the girls are waking up...

Sand: Check if they are still vampires... and be careful

Ataru hugs Shinobu... and she kicks him in the face...

Ataru: She's back to normal...

Falling: Now we need to find the King and vanish him for eternity...

The Gang starts looking for the Vampires hideout...
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 15, 2006, 01:56:35 PM
Belldandy: I can change the rest back, god forgive me

*Belldandy unseals her powers*

Belldandy(singing): release my powers and save these souls, restore the beauty to this land and hinder this corruption

*a massive wave of light emits from belldandy, which cures all the vampires, then spread across Canada, healing the country and restoring it to its former beauty*

*belldandy begins to fall to the ground, luckily Forgotten catched her*

Forgotten: she'll be alright, she just needs to rest

Falling: I think we all need some rest

Forgotten: Then your all invited to stall on parliment hill, i'll have whip up something special later on

Class: Yahoo!

Forgotten: As for now ill show you to your rooms, so can back to work fixing the choas caused by this incident

Kroptik(holding lum): agreed

Forgotten: i'll also get a doctor to look at lum

Kroptik: thank you

*everyone is shown to there rooms for some well deserved rest*

*Later they meet to eat*

Forgotten: everyone enjoy this great Canadian beef, and for desert some apple pie

*everyone digs in*

Falling: so tell us Forgotten, why is belldandy still here?

*Belldandy blushes*

Forgotten: well, you of course know that i was given 1 wish.

Cosmic: ya

Forgotten: well i was so down because i had no money, mcdonalds pays pratically nothing, so thats why i wished for infinite money, afterwards i remember the saying that money cant buy happiness, so i thought ni would call in a favor from god, he agreed to give me a second wish and I just bluttered the phrase "stay with me forever" and it was taken as my second wish, it was a bit embarrassing at first, buit i dont regret the wish

Belldandy: Me neither

*everyone laughs*

End of fanfic, uh i think its 5

Posted on: December 15, 2006, 01:55:39 PM
so what's next...
Post by: Kroptik on December 15, 2006, 01:57:57 PM
OK we healed/killed the vampires twice. Isn't that kinda odd?
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 15, 2006, 02:00:34 PM
actually the book only cured the surface vampires, Belldandy cured the rest agreed good end of fanfic
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 15, 2006, 02:06:23 PM
I just cured all humans infected/turned into vampires... and we didn't kill the Canada King yet...

And why the hell did we say Yahoo! Why couldn't we say Google... LoL Or any other search engine... Hahahahahahaha

Btw, I think its Fanfic #6 or #7???
Post by: Kroptik on December 15, 2006, 02:10:44 PM
(Continuing the cooperative fanfic nr 6...)

* Suddendly a voice is heard *

Canada King: You killed all my vampires minions. But you're not done with me. And I still have other minions to help me rule the rest of the universe...

* The voice stops *
Kroptik: Guys, we need to find that guy and deal with him before he does more damage.

Falling: Yeah, we better. But first let's get some rest.

Sand: What?? There's no time to rest. That guy could start his plan any moment now.

Forgotten: Don't worry. With both Belldandy's spell and the Book of Sins, he probably became very weak. So we have some time to rest a bit. Tomorrow we'll go look for him.

Lum: OK'tcha.

Kroptik: If Lum agrees, then so do I. Let's just hope we find him in time tomorrow...

Forgotten: Don't worry. I think I know where he is...
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 15, 2006, 02:18:30 PM
Belldandy: I know where he is...

Everyone: you do

*Belldandy hits a hidden switch and a part of the room begins to rise*

*The vampire king is seen in chains*

Belldandy: he cant be cured, so we just have to keep him seal

Everyone: Agreed

*Belldandy hits the switch again and the room returns to normal*

Forgotten: now all we have to do is sound proof this room

Forgotten: he doesnt have any minions, liar

End of Fanfic 6
Posted on: December 15, 2006, 02:18:02 PM
no more vampires okay...
Post by: Kroptik on December 15, 2006, 02:19:48 PM
That's not how you finish a fanfic...Allow me.



Edit: Forgot the Deathmatch part...
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 15, 2006, 02:20:48 PM
lol indeed
Post by: SandStorm on December 15, 2006, 02:51:12 PM
btw, it was the fanfict 7 :P
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on December 15, 2006, 07:05:43 PM

Narrator:The wind blows quietly in the east side of Tomobiki,the year 2006 is about to end,so Mendo decides to throw a xmas party at his mansion

Ataru:Hope it doesnt get as your last party in there,Mendo

Kaede:Yes,i begin to suspect your grandpa has a crush on me

Mendo:Dont joke,he has a crush on every girl that isnt family

Kroptik:So,when are yo gonna make the party,Shutaro?

Mendo:I wanted it on xmas eve,but i must say i am forced to do it tomorrow,hope you remember where my mansion is

Cosmic:We sure do

Forgotten:Isnt it the one with its own airport?


Falling:Hope you dont forget your beloved teacher,Shutaro Mendo

Mendo:Of course,you are also invited,sensei

Kaede:Still i feel this party wont be normal as most of your parties,Mendo-san

Mendo:Lets hope so
Post by: Cosmic King on December 16, 2006, 02:56:59 AM
*the day 4 da party arrives,most of da students are dressed 4 da event...except ataru and darkdevil,but dark is a cat,so no problem*

Falling:Wow,his house looks more huge every year

Mendo:That is cuz we make it bigger,sensei

Falling:It figures as yer ego gets bigger every year

Mendo:I beg yer pardon,what did u said?

Falling:Forget it,shutaro,forget it

Sand:It is incredible yer main entrance,mendo

Lum:We r not even near da real entrance,mendo house is like a maze,sand

Kroptik:So true,which reminds,is there gonna be any weird game where yer relatives use us chess pieces,mendo-kun?

Mendo:Nah,i can assure u that there wont be any weirdness,my parents went 2 see the Mizukonoji 2 play shogi and my twisted sister must be inda computter chatting wit Kodachi Kuno

Forgotten:Lets hope da peace lasts

*1 hour pass,several of mendo guards appear wit some bottles*

Mendo:What is going on?

Servant:We r here 2 serve some wine 2 yer guests,orders from the young miss,master shutaro


*Forgotten grabs a bottle,then challenges Kaede 2 drink it faster*

Kroptik/Forgotten/Cosmic/Ataru:Drink,Drink,Drink  :B

*Kaede drinks da whole bottle,she gets drunken then she passes out (faints)*

Forgotten:Lets follow her example

*the drinking begins  ^O^ :B*

Cosmic:Bizarre,this wine tastes a little curious,dont ya think,fallin?

Falling:While it aint poison,i shall drink

Lum:I dont get why everybody is drunk'tcha,this is quite a smooth wine'tcha

Sand:Something fishy is going on
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on December 16, 2006, 04:14:29 AM
*most people puke cause they werent prepared to drink so much*

Kaede:Ohh,god,that felt so disgusting

Mendo:I apologize for this wine orgy,friends

Kaede:No problem,shuu-chan

Sand:I am sure Ryoko had something to do with this

Kroptik:Yes,she enjoys making us suffer

*arrive at Ryoko room*

Mendo:Evil ryoko-nechan,it is time you pay for ruining the party

*suddenly a mechanic being grabs Mendo and turns him in a girl*

Ryoko:It is time i spice up your party,onisan

Post by: SandStorm on December 16, 2006, 04:25:26 AM
Sand: oh gosh... i dunno if i'm worried at mendo, or at ataru reaction...

Ataru: Mendo-chaaaaaaaaan! your address and phone number!

Falling\krop: too late...

Sand: Ya, rly, but he is outdated... why don't he ask for his, now her, email?

* everyone including mendo start beating SS *

Kaede: why the reason of this, ryoko?
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 16, 2006, 04:40:13 AM
*Belldandy appears through a mirror that Forgotten was holding*

Belldandy: sorry it took me song long, Forgotten

Forgotten: oh you didnt mis much, just ryoko about create another chaotic party, lets see what happens
Post by: Cosmic King on December 16, 2006, 04:56:24 PM
*The robot of ryoko begins 2 harvest chaos,most people r running 4 their lives*

Sand:Manerostrum!!! (knocks da robot,but it still stands up)

Ryoko:Time u transform in a toad

*makes him in that*

Lum:Lemme jam da robot software,kroptik

Kroptik:It is dangerous,lum,i cant let you,we must find shielding

Forgotten:Maybe if we use the kryptonite of Ryoko Mendo

Megane:You mean Tobimaro?

Forgotten:Not a bad idea,where is he?

Cosmic:In his house,i can say

Falling:Lets go 4 him
Post by: Kroptik on December 16, 2006, 09:49:21 PM
Kroptik: Hang on guys. I have a better idea.

/me starts chanting in a language no one else understands. Suddendly Tobimaru appears next to Kroptik, on top of Mendo *

Mendo: Get off of me, you oaf.

Tobimaru: What am I doing here? I was about to go take a shower...

Cosmic: Good thing you still have your clothes then. Ryoko is here.

Tobimaru (noticing Ryoko): Hi, Ryoko-chan!

* Suddendly Ryoko's robot goes crazy, turning Tobimaru into a girl *

Ryoko: Oh dear...(she tries to shut down the robot, but the robot won't shut down. Instead, it touches Ryoko, turning her into a guy. She gasps)

Kroptik: OK guys, we need to take this robot out FAST!
Post by: SandStorm on December 17, 2006, 01:46:42 AM
Sand: revenge sweet revenge... let ryoko as a guy for some time.

Lum: i will try to over voltage it'tcha!


* Lum attack was so powerful, that she ended to burn all the persons near her, beside the robot *
Post by: Kroptik on December 17, 2006, 03:43:26 AM
Kroptik: Well...we can't get close to that thing without having to get a sex exchange operation after. Anyone have any ideas?

Everyone: .....

Kroptik: I got it! Robo X!

Robo X (appearing): Yes, Prince Kroptik?

Kroptik: Get me the Ceptra prototipes One through Six on the double...

Robo X: Yes, Prince. (he dissapears)

Kroptik: OK guys, it'll take a while to get those robots here. I suggest we...
* Suddledly Robo X appears with 6 human looking robots *

Kroptik: Since when are you so fast, Robo?

Robo X: I've been doing frequent updates on my chips, Prince.

Kroptik: That's good to hear. Now hand me the remotes.
* Robo X hands out remote controls to Kroptik, Cosmic, Forgotten, Falling, Sand and Kaede *

Kroptik: While you guys are holding those remotes, these robots will have all the abilities you do. These are still prototypes, so the attacks will be a bit weaker, but at least we can avoid situations like Mendo's. Now let's start the action.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 17, 2006, 06:26:48 AM
*At the other end of the room, Forgotten and Belldandy are enjoying a nice meal together*

Belldandy: I'm a bit worried about those people, Forgotten

Forgotten: Dont worry about them, they'll be alright, this happens everytime they are in the same room, much like how your sisters fight

Belldandy: okay, i guess they'll be alright

*takes a sip of her tea*
Post by: Kroptik on December 18, 2006, 04:49:30 PM
* As the fight is about to start, Kroptik's cellphone starts ringing *
Kroptik: Talk about bad timing... (he answers the call) Hello? Oh, its you Mekata. Make it snappy. I'm busy.......WHAT?!?!....I'll be right there! (he finishes the call) Sorry guys, but I gotta run. Urgent business. Robo X, meet me in the UFO. (addressing Lum)Sorry, dear, but I have a big crisis in my hands. I need to go. (he hands her his remote and kisses her) Bye everyone. (he dissapears through teleportation)

Robo X: Miss Lum. (he bows and dissapears)

Sand: What was that all about??

Cosmic: How should I know. Let's get rid of this robot first. Then we can go find out what' going on.

Guys, carry on the story without me. I'll give more details about this later.
Don't continue my part for me please.

Posted on: Sunday 17-December-2006, 22:31:47
* After 20 minutes of fighting *

Cosmic: Who needs this anyway? (he tosses his remote) Gravitatron Force.
* A lot of pressure seems to be over the robot, but he is still standing *

Sand: Let me try...RockSlide
* Some huge boulders go towards the robot, but he breaks them easily *

Ryoko: Those things won't work.

Falling: Then how about telling us what will work?

Ryoko: Only one thing will work: fire.

Cosmic: Fire?? But none of us has control of that element, and Kroptik isn't here.

Lum: I know'tcha. Let's go get Ten.

Cosmic: Great idea. But where is he?

Ten (opening the door and floating in): Is this where the party is? I was invited too.

Lum: Quick Ten. Burn that robot!

Ten: But why?

Lum: I'll explain later. Just do it.

Ten: OK (he uses his fire breath on the robot. It melts)

Sand: That's it?? That wasn't much...

* Mendo, Tobimaru and Ryoko return to normal *

Ryoko: Thank you, everyone. I swear I'll never try that again.

Falling: Now what are you going to do about the party, Mendo?

Mendo: Well...Since all the guests ran away, I guess I'll throw another party tomorrow...

Cosmic: Great idea. We'll be here tomorrow then. (they all leave together)

Lum: I'm going back to the UFO to check on Kroptik. You guys?

Sand: You mind if we come along? We want to see what's wrong with the guy...

Lum: Ok'tcha.

* They all go to the UFO. Once they arrive they see a note on the table. Lum goes ahead and reads it. When she's done, she passes the letter to Cosmic with shy tears in her eyes. Cosmic reads it out loud. *

Cosmic: Dear Lum. I'm sorry I had to leave in a hurry but something happened back in my home planet. My parents have been kidnapped. My younger brother has been trying to handle the situation, but it's my duty as the heir of the throne to be in my planet. I had to return. I could only stay in the UFO long enough to get a few things and write this letter. I wish I had said a proper goodbye. I'll tell you something as soon as I can. With love, Kroptik.
P.S.: Tell everyone else to don't come help me. This is a diplomatic situation I'm sure I can take care of. Besides, I have all the help needed here.

Falling (turning to Lum): I'm sure he won't take long.

Lum: Can you all leave please?

Cosmic: We understand. We'll see you tomorrow at Mendo's party?

Lum: Yeah, I guess...

* The UY warriors leave the UFO and head to their own homes *

Ten: Lum-chan...

I'm going on holidays for 2 weeks. That's why I'm doing this.
I'm not sure if I'll be able to come to the forums during the holidays.
Feel free to continue the story from here on. Just remember to don't include me. When I'm back I'll post my return.
See ya all in 2 weeks.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 18, 2006, 06:54:07 PM
*Forgotten and Belldandy are still sipping there tea*

Belldandy: what nice friends you have

Forgotten: shall we go home

Belldandy: sure

*Forgotten's private chopper takes them to his private cottage on the coast, recently bought*
Post by: DarkDevil on December 19, 2006, 12:27:42 AM
Cherry - What a nice Show isn't it DarkDevil
DarkDevil - Yes it is.
/me DarkDevil while he drinks his tea.
Post by: SandStorm on December 19, 2006, 10:26:30 PM
next day, the team is getting prepared for the second, and hopefully better, party at mendo

* they arrive at mendo masion, and wait for him, while Mendo arrive few minutes later using is new jetpack *

All: hi there Mendo!

Mendo: hi guys, sorry for being late, my researces team asked me for the approval for the "Mendo JTR-4500" jetpack.

Sand: thats cool, it even look like one regular school bag!

Mendo: Yes, when is deactivated. now, lets go and party.

after several luxury rooms, and ways they finally arrive to the party area
Post by: DarkDevil on December 20, 2006, 12:52:32 AM
That bag is trash.
/me apeared behind Mendo
Let me show you
/me puts his finger on the engien and it exploded.
Post by: SandStorm on December 20, 2006, 02:16:40 AM
Mendo: That was just a prototype, next version will be invulnerable to your fingers, since i will transmit it to the team.
and i haven't invited you to the party.

Cosmic: ok, now i will put you in one very nice place.

* Cosmic teleport darkdevil to the looney tunes land, and will be allowed to exit there in nearly 2 months *
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 20, 2006, 06:13:45 AM
Belldandy: there such good friends

Forgotten*blank stare*: uhh...ya

Belldandy: what is it?

Forgotten: nothing
Post by: DarkDevil on December 20, 2006, 10:22:26 AM
/me apears in the same room as the rest of the grup
Now Mendo show us something impressive.
Post by: SandStorm on December 20, 2006, 03:24:24 PM
Sand: You are so bothering...


* Nuclear lighting sandball blast dark devil, making him crush the roof and land in the andromeda galaxy *

Sand: Don't worry mendo, i built it.

* Sand use one ancient spell that rebuild mendo's house damaged roof *
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 20, 2006, 05:06:37 PM
But suddently a earthquake starts and with it a huge portal appears... destroying almost completly Mendos Mansion...

Mendo: WTF did you do???

Sand (surprised):What!!! I'm not the one doing that...

Cosmic: So who is???

Falling: Eh... Maybe we should ask that guy that just came out of it... :P

??: Ahh... finaly I'm free... I've waited for this moment for almost 1000 Years... Now I'm free to finish what I started back then...

Falling: Yo... you there... who the hell are you???

??: Hmm... How dare you speak to me in such a disrespectful tone... I'm the Lord of Terror and I came to destroy all human race and create a new world for demons...

Falling: What!!!! Your the Lord of Terror??? The one that tried to destroy Yggdrasil 999 Years ago???

Lord: Yes indeed... How do you know that???

Falling: Don't you remember me??? Well probably not... I'm one of the many God's that defeated you and sealed you, 999 years ago... I am Heimdall One of the Æsir and guardian of Ásgard...

Lord: So you are one of my many enemies... well them I will destroy you and use your power to  break the seal and release my fellow demons from their captivity...

Falling: Ah! Crap here we go again...
Post by: DarkDevil on December 20, 2006, 05:43:06 PM
DarkDevil:I'm baaac... What the hell is going on here?
Lord: You too are here!
Dark: Yes and we meet again......... Who the mortal are you creature? ???
Lord: Don't you remember me? I'm the Lord of Terror...
Drak: Wait a sencond I'm the Lord of Terror, and many other things!
Lord: But before You were Lord of terror that was my name.
Dark: Now I remember, you were Hakuchi Akuma (Idiot Devil)
Lord: As usualy you can only remember that name...
Drak:Right, Hakuchi.
Lord: But stop calling me that.
/me starts cring.
Dark: Oooohhhh! Did the baby wet his diapers? HAHAHAHA!!!
Lord: Stop making fun of me!
Dark: That's why I've sent you away, you're a disgrace to be a demon, or to even create them.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 20, 2006, 09:08:13 PM
Lord: go away

*a giant magic seal appears around him*

Belldandy: oh no, this power

Forgotten: and i was just about to relax too
Post by: Cosmic King on December 21, 2006, 12:25:40 AM
Lord:I feel an excess of energy in the body of Belldandy

*appears behind her*

you are indeed a key point in starting my second age of Terror

Forgotten:If u lay yer fingers on her,i shall kill ya

Lord:Getting jealous,you cant give her what i can,begone,memory avatar

*sends a Fear Bolt,however it is suddenly stoped by other bolt*

Lum:I am gonna make u pay for crashing da party'tcha


*Lord makes a mystic barrier*

Lord:There is no time 4 more fun here,i shall take this wit me

*rips the astral spirit out of Belldandy*

It was needed the souls of the more corrupt and pure 2 trigger my plan,wit this soul i am getting closer

Falling:That is what u think,Lord


*Lord evades it,then coverts in smoke,vanishing*

Forgotten:Rats,if he triggers his terror reign,then the second age of magic that odin asked us 2 protect will fall

Cosmic:Dont wanna be a joykiller,but there is a gigantic UFO landing

*a giant been emerges from da UFO*

??:Mortals,gaze 4 da last time yer beloved planet as it will be no more,that is the will of Galactus the Ravager of Worlds


Sand:Just great (sarcastically)this is just da way i intended 2 pass xmas

Off Topic:

I know in DM1 i said Galactus was my minion,but i exagerated a lot,he is one of our enemies,btw,i leave ya 2 fight da Lord of Terror,so i may ask u 2 leave da Galactus tale 2 me
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 21, 2006, 01:16:37 AM
Forgotten(holding belldandy): give me belldandy or die

*forgotten begins to swirl with energy*
Post by: Cosmic King on December 21, 2006, 02:20:36 AM
Falling:Lemme help ya,forgotten lum

*both of them grab belldandy astral soul,both exceed their limit and a shockwave in the bridge of da realms happens*

Post by: DarkDevil on December 21, 2006, 01:35:22 PM
Dark: This is getting out of hand first Hakuchi Akuma apears, then Galactus. It's wird... Like in Lum's episodes!
Lum: What are you talking about?
Drak: Nothing, just forget it.
Lum: You could at least help them.
Dark: What for? They will find a way to solve this, just don't worry.
Post by: Cosmic King on December 21, 2006, 08:27:38 PM
Galactus:Enough,it is time i feed on the life force of this planet and its population,so the cycle may continue

Sand:You wish,bastard,not without a fight



Falling:HISSATSU KONGOKEN!!! (Death and Cold Wind Fist)


*the attack is stopped*

Galactus:Pathetic amount of energy,you show me,mortals,i have witnessed the evolution of the whole universe since its birth,it hold no secret 2 me,you r like open books 2 me

*Launches an energy blast that stuns da warriors*

This planet radiates with supreme life-force,it shall serve 2 satisfy my hunger for some milleniums more,now i shall create my Elemental Converter from the pollution sea you call atmosphere and da raw energy you call magic

*drains 60 % of all magic 2 create da converter*

It is time for me to feed,hope u made peace in yer hearts,mortals,this is da end of yer life

Mendo:Stop,billions of life shall perish if u devour da planet,if there is a hint of mercy,pls forgive this planet

Galactus:You talk me of billions when i destroyed trillions of worlds


Even i was a mortal being as you

*removes helmet*


but now i am more than a god,time u enter da eternal slumber

*puts helmet again,mentally shut downs the minds of mendo,shinobu,sakura,cherry,ataru and most of Tomobiki High:only lum and da UY warriors remain awake*

Dark:Taste the fire of hell,world eater

Galactus:(stops the hellfire then blasts Dark away)Yer power level has lowered,Lucifer,i see u finally found an eden 4 u,didnt da other planets served as yer haven before i destroyed em?

Dark:Indeed they were nice places,but i like it here,beyatch

Galactus:Begone,little mischiever (sends him 2 Limbo),now i shall start the engine so i shall feed on this world energy

*elemental converter begins process*


Only some hours till da energy is transfered in my body,leaving this planet in a rotten state

Cosmic:Dudes,we gotta stop Galactus

Sand:Yeah,but how?

Lum:(to Galactus)feel my terrible attack...HEAVENLY RETRIBUTION!!!

Galactus:It barely tickled,it amazes me how an oni from Uru risks her life 2 preserve da life of a world strange 2 her,if u want death,then prepare 2 receive its embrace

*Blasts an antimatter wave 2 da warriors,everything goes blank*

Sand:Am i in heaven? and why does heaven smell like cat?


Cosmic:looks like we didnt die


Sand:but if we arent in hell nor heaven,where is here?

*a big being appears*


??:I may answer the question,young Sandstorm,i was the one who saved u from Galactus wrath,my name is Uatu the Watcher and u r in my shrine at da center of the galaxy

Falling:Why did u saved us,Uatu?

Uatu:We watchers record everything that happens on our given galaxy,mine is the Milky Way galaxy,i have observed yer planet since its start and must say that planet is worthy 2 remain alive,i will help ya 2 defeat Galactus as he is perhaps one of the most powerful beings in da universe

Forgotten:Tell us how 2 battle im

Uatu:First of all,i need that u empower Lum with da might of Mjolnir,the hammer of thor, and Gungnir,the spear of Odin, so she distracts Galactus,i am sure he'll help ya,next we must find da weapon known as da Ultimate Nullifier,it is hidden in Galactus UFO

Dark:Ok,lets try it

*Uatu teleports em 2 asgard*

Sand:Thor,my friend,we need ya 2 borrow us yer mighty hammer and Gungnir so we can save midgard from damage

Thor:It is again Surtur the Fire Demon or Jormungand the Serpent or Ymir the King of the Snow Giants that menace Midgard?

Cosmic:Something like that

Thor:Then say no more,i gladly help ya in payment for preventing a universal war

*arrive at Mendo mansion*

Cosmic:I know kroptik will kill us if we endanger ya,lum,but we need u 2 distract Galactus while we find da nullifier

Lum:Dont worry,i will put all my effort

Thor:Horned valkyrie,prepare yerself,mjolnir and gungnir energy shall be yours just for 10 minutes

*lum is empowered*

Lum:Galactus,feel my terrible attack...HEAVENLY WRATH!!!

*barely hurts Galactus*


Galactus:Still u think u can quarrel against me,oni? Lets see how much u last,little one

Lum:Bring it on'tcha!!

Galactus:So be it


*Galactus blasts several annihilation waves,meanwhile da warriors finally entered da UFO*

Cosmic:Ok,we are in

Falling:Lets be careful,maybe it is full of traps

Sand:Guys,i think i steped on something

*an alarm sounds,several droids arrive 2 protect da UFO*

Forgotten:Shit,what a xmas party we r having

Falling:We hav no time


*defeats da robots,but they r still apperaring more*

Forgotten:This place is made of living metal,this'd be endless,we need somebody to take da robots away

Dark:I shall serve as target (to robots) hey,punks,here is something 4 u,little tin bastards (shows them his middle finger) come after me

*the robots chase dark*

Cosmic:Look,guys,that must be da nullifier


Uatu:Yes,this item can obliterate a whole solar system and it is da only thing Galactus fears,we must go stop im as lum's empowerment may be fading

*falling grabs da nullifier,they rescue Dark then exit da UFO*

Lum:Finally u arrived,i dont think i will last more against him,he is supremely powerful

Forgotten:Dont worry,lum-sama,it is time 2 end this charade

Galactus:You humans amuse me,yet it is time u say goodbye 2 yer planet

Uatu:Not so fast,Devourer of Worlds

Falling:(Showing da nullifier)Leave this planet alone or suffer da consequences,star god

Galactus:(To uatu)You fool,you gave them da nullifier,they r just like infants that have been living in a paper house and lit a matchstick

Uatu:Yet "those" infants hav proved enough challenge 2 you,Galactus

Galactus:True (deactivates da elemental converter) this planet doesnt deserve all da effort i made today,i shall leave it (takes da nullifier away from falling's hands)yet the hunger is upon me,which planet shall i devour then?

Cosmic:There is a planet full of energy not so far,its name is planet Elle

Uatu:Yes,the whole planet force shall satisfy yer hunger for some 1000 years,Galactus

Galactus:So be it,i leave this planet now,farewell humans

*departs 2 planet Elle,all da damage is repaired*

Lum:Wow,that was one hell of an adventure'tcha


Mendo:Why most of my parties end with odd ends?


Dark:Anyways,now we need 2 watch if Hakuchi Akuma tries again 2 steal belldandy

Falling:Dont worry about dat

*3 days pass*

Cosmic:Hey,Uatu,how came with Galactus in planet Elle?

Uatu:Although most of its habitants escaped,Galactus took away the planet's energy,here is a satellite photo of planet Elle death


now that he has been satisfied,he wont attack till 1000 years pass

Cosmic:I see.lets go "watch" some anime for now


*meanwhile on earth,everything is peaceful.....4 now*

Off Topic:

There u have it,folks,one of my biggest posts ever,hope u liked it
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 22, 2006, 01:54:03 AM
Indeed... great work... that's why you're the Master and King of the Cosmos... LoL
Post by: SandStorm on December 22, 2006, 02:26:40 AM
Rly good work, you are a superb novelist! :D
Post by: Kroptik on December 22, 2006, 04:33:25 AM
I feel that someone is losing the concept of "cooperative" fanfics here...
Still, it's a good post.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 22, 2006, 04:42:02 AM
excellent work, but it kinda sounds like you took other anime storylines and mixed them together
Post by: Cosmic King on December 22, 2006, 05:00:35 AM
I gladly accept yer compliments,me brothers

btw,kroptik,u r true,i overdid a lot but i thought nobody was gonna post so i went a little crazy ,anyways i hope u notice i left yer character unharmed

OK,lets continue where we left this
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 22, 2006, 05:01:41 AM
i just had no idea where this story was going so i couldnt post
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 22, 2006, 06:35:03 AM
LoL... you to???
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 22, 2006, 11:26:54 PM
of course
Post by: Cosmic King on December 23, 2006, 07:56:01 PM
Ok,then let me continue,lumaholics

Forgotten:It appears that the elemental converter sealed lord of terror for good this time,he wont be giving troubles

Dark:Bah,that lord is just an amateur,me friends

Mendo:Ok,then come wit me,i arranged an alternative party in my basement

*Kroptik appears,he hugs lum,all go 2 da basement,there they see a familiar face*

Kroptik:Oh,no...not you again!!

Sand:It seems he is back

Falling:Wotta revolting development!

Cosmic:Indeed,my brothers...we r before MORPHEUS THE MASTA RAPPER!!

Morpheus:Yo,yo,yo,dudes,mc morpheus is inda house,beyatches and i gathered me homeboys and gangstas

Sand:Can we still summon Galactus 2 eat earth?!?
Post by: SandStorm on December 24, 2006, 01:08:42 AM
everyone looks at SS with angry face

Sand: Ok dudes, bad joke.

Morpheus: Beyatches, we're gonna make da party!
Rappa to all!

Falling: oh no

Morpheus: were's da food? no shit in da fridge!

Sand: There's no food, we won't eat anything. We are having one extended Ramadan.

Morpheu: shitty place this be, bay beyathches, no concert.

* morpheus and the gang leave the guys *
Post by: Cosmic King on December 24, 2006, 02:50:20 AM
Morpheus:Wait a fraggin minute,bastiches,my stinky sense is tingling,u r hidin da goodies at dat tank

*points mendo tank*

Falling:Ok,we r havin a xmas party,"dude",u can be here but behave

Morpheus:Indeed i will behave,biatch,once when i was in da skool i was called da lord of the blings

Sand:Still smoking aspirins,cousin?

Morpheus:Only at midnight

Cosmic:Anyways,let da feast begin

Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 24, 2006, 03:14:44 AM
Forgotten: why dont we start off with some singing, starting with the ladies

Everybody: ALRIGHT!!!

*lum is first up*

Lum:WWWWWWAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh...

*the speakers blow*
Post by: Cosmic King on December 24, 2006, 03:51:22 AM
Ataru:Damn,why dont u better hum,lum?


Falling:(with another speaker)Let me try this song,friends

"How am i supposed to live without you"

I could hardly believe it
When I heard the news today
I had to come and get it straight from you
They said you were leavin'
Someone swept you heart away
From the look upon your face I see it's true
So tell me all about it, tell me 'bout the plans you're makin'
Then tell me one thing more before I go

Tell me how am I supposed to live without you
Now that I've been lovin' you so long
How am I supposed to live without you
How am I supposed to carry on
When all that I've been livin' for is gone

I didn't come here for cryin'
Didn't come here to breakdown
It's just a dream of mine is coming to an end
An how can I blame you
When I built my world around
The hope that someday we'd be so much more than friends
And I don't wanna know the price I'm gonna pay for dreaming
When even now it's more than I can take

And I don't wanna face the price I'm gonna pay for dreaming
Now that your dream has come true


Falling:Why don u sing one,forgotten?

Forgotten:Have at thee,vile fiend

"Rock DJ"

Me with the floorshow
Kickin' with your torso
Boys getting high
And the girls even more so
Wave your hands if your not with the man
Can I kick it?
(Yes you can)
I got
You got
We got everybody
I've got the gift
Gonna stick it in the goal
It's time to move your body

Babylon back in business
Can I get a witness?
Every girl, every man
Houston, do you hear me?
Ground control, can you feel me?
Need permission to land
I don't wanna rock, DJ
But your making me feel so nice
When's it gonna stop, DJ?
Cos you're keepin' me up all night

Singin' in the classes
Music for your masses
Give no head
No backstage passes
Have a proper giggle
I'll be quite polite
But when I rock the mic
I rock the mic
You got no love, then you're with the wrong man
It's time to move your body
If you can't get a girl
But your best friend can
It's time to move your body

I don't wanna be sleazy
Baby just tease me
Got no family planned
Houston, do you hear me?
Ground control, can you feel me?
Need permission to land
I don't wanna rock DJ
But you're making me feel so nice
When's it gonna stop, DJ?
Cos you're keeping me up all night

I don't wanna rock, DJ
But you're making me feel so nice
When's it gonna stop, DJ?
Cos your keeping me up all night

Pimpin' aint easy
Most of them fleece me
Every night
Pimpin' ain't easy
But if you're sellin' it
It's alright

Come on

I don't wanna rock, DJ
But you're making me feel so nice
When's it gonna stop, DJ?
Cos you're keeping me up all night

I don't wanna rock, DJ
But you're making me feel so nice
When's it gonna stop, DJ?
Cos you're keeping me up all night

Posted on: December 24, 2006, 03:29:08 AM
*suddenly da music stops*

??:Arent u supposed 2 be sleeping,boyz?

Cosmic:U r still too early,santa claus

Santa:Oopps.sorry (departs)

Lum:Boy,u really have a nice santa claus'tcha


Lum:The santa of my planet section was a little more strict'tcha

Dark:Fools,there is no santa,but a horned demon,with dinosaur feet that gives gifts 2 righteous children but rips out the souls of the wicked 2 be tortured till Judgment Day,there is also said that if u see im he blasts laser 2 yer eyes so u r blind

Kroptik:Ok,that was weird


Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 24, 2006, 06:08:45 AM
Forgotten: shall we return to the party, then lets have belldandy take the stand

Belldandy: this will be fun

You place your ear on my back and
Know the distant past
You return your memories to
The place we met on that childhood day

*everyone begins to cry*

Lum: its so beautiful...sniff

On the pier at night  where I stopped my bike
Tear stains  soaking my back
We managed to say "Goodbye"

Reflected in the mirror, you just nod
Say, when did you stop crying?
Since I'm everything to you   your smile is
Ah, gentle  to the end

Even if I try to forget about you
I don't think I can, so
I pray to God, that I may
Have my memories erased

That which is kind is also sad
If you allow spoiledness, forgive too much
You lose yourself

If our meeting was just so we could part
Then why were we connected?
Living with you is my happiness
Ah, I believe that,  even now

If you were more more selfish, if you cried for me
Say, we could have started over
Living with me is your happiness
Ah, I understand, and smile
Post by: Kroptik on December 24, 2006, 07:12:02 PM
Cosmic: By the way, Kroptik, you still haven't said why you're here...

Kroptik: Well...It's Christmas Eve. I rather spend it with who I love. (he puts his arm around Lum) And you guys ain't bad company either.

Sand: Gee, thanks a lot...

Kroptik: I'll have to go tomorrow evening though... We already found who kidnappen my parents. Now we need to get in touch with them and negociate. I'm sure it will take a week max. Then I'll be staying here for a LONG time.

Lum: Good to hear, Darling'tcha.

/me smiles *
Falling: OK, then. Who's our next singer?
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 25, 2006, 01:32:52 AM
Falling: So... no one want's to go next??? What about you Dark???

Dark: Me... I don't sing or dance I hate those things...

Cosmic: Awh... just one song, Devil...

Dark: O-Ok... If you guys insist... play it Dj...

Young man, there's no need to feel down.
I said, young man, pick yourself off the ground.
I said, young man, 'cause you're in a new town
There's no need to be unhappy.

Young man, there's a place you can go.
I said, young man, when you're short on your dough.
You can stay there, and I'm sure you will find
Many ways to have a good time.

It's fun to stay at the y-m-c-a.
It's fun to stay at the y-m-c-a.

They have everything for young men to enjoy,
You can hang out with all the boys ...

It's fun to stay at the y-m-c-a.
It's fun to stay at the y-m-c-a.

You can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal,
You can do whatever you feel ...

Kroptik Sand and Forgotten start doing the song coreography...

Falling (looking at Cosmic): I knew this would happen...  :-\

Cosmic: Indeed... ::)

Young man, are you listening to me?
I said, young man, what do you want to be?
I said, young man, you can make real your dreams.
But you've got to know this one thing!

No man does it all by himself.
I said, young man, put your pride on the shelf,
And just go there, to the y.m.c.a.
I'm sure they can help you today.

It's fun to stay at the y-m-c-a.
It's fun to stay at the y-m-c-a.

They have everything for you men to enjoy,
You can hang out with all the boys ...

It's fun to stay at the y-m-c-a.
It's fun to stay at the y-m-c-a.

You can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal,
You can do whatever you feel ...

Young man, I was once in your shoes.
I said, I was down and out with the blues.
I felt no man cared if I were alive.
I felt the whole world was so jive ...

That's when someone came up to me,
And said, young man, take a walk up the street.
It's a place there called the y.m.c.a.
They can start you back on your way.

It's fun to stay at the y-m-c-a.
It's fun to stay at the y-m-c-a.

They have everything for young men to enjoy,
You can hang out with all the boys ...

It's fun to stay at the y-m-c-a
It's fun to stay at the y-m-c-a
Young man, young man, there's no need to feel down
Young man, young man, pick yourself off the ground

It's fun to stay at y-m-c-a
It's fun to stay at the y-m-c-a
Young man, young man, are you listening to me?
Young man, young man, what do you wanna be?

you'll find it at the y-m-c-a
no man, young man, does it all by himself
young man, young man, put your pride on the shelf

then just go to the y-m-c-a
young man, young man, i was once in your shoes
young man, young man, I said, I was down and out with the blues.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 25, 2006, 04:47:16 AM
Forgotten: its been years since i done that

Belldandy: you looked like you were having so much fun

Forgotten: indeed i was
Post by: SandStorm on December 25, 2006, 06:47:42 PM
Sand: Ok, now it's my time

"How can I convince you what you see is real
Who am I to blame you for doubting what you feel
I was always reachin', you were just a girl I knew
I took for granted the friend I have in you

*I was living for a dream,
Loving for a moment
Taking on the world,
That was just my style
Now I look into your eyes
I can see forever,
The search is over
You were with me all the while*

Can we last forever, will we fall apart
At times it's so confusing, these questions of the heart
You followed me through changes, and patiently you'd wait
Till I came to my senses, through some miracle of fate

( * Repeat)

Now the miles stretch out behind me loves that I have lost
Broken hearts lie victims of the game
Then good luck it finally stuck like lightning from the blue
Every highway leading me back to you
Now at last I hold you, now all is said and done
The search has come full circle, our destinies are one
So if you ever loved me show me that you give a damn
You'll know for certain the man I really am

( * Repeat)"

Post by: Kroptik on December 29, 2006, 04:19:59 AM
* Suddendly Kroptik's phone starts to ring *
Kroptik: Yeah? Oh, hi Mekata. What is it? What do you mean, I'm late? (Kroptik looks outside and notices that the sun is up already) Oh... Ok, I'll be there in a while. (he ends the call) Sorry guys, gotta run. People are waiting for me. (he kisses Lum and bids farewell to the others)

Lum: Good luck'tcha.

Cosmic: Give hell to the kidnappers, man.

Kroptik: You can bet on it. (he teleports back to his planet and is received my Mekata) Hi there Mekata. What's new?

Mekata: Bad news, prince. We had the wrong guys. Those weren't the kidnappers.

Kroptik: WHAT!?!?
Posted on: Tuesday 26-December-2006, 13:26:37
* After the wild party... *

Cosmic: Man, I'm pooped...

Falling (drunk): But..we're having so *hic* so much fun. Let's *hic* stay a bit longer...

Sand: Zzzzz...zzzzz...

Kaede: Don't worry...I'll take care of Sand.
* She picks him up and they both leave *

Falling: WAIT. *hic* What about* hic* me?

Forgotten (turning to Belldandy): Can you do something about it?

Belldandy: I'll try. Oh great beings of the Earth. Someone is in need of help. Please give us the way to heal this poor soul.
* Falling falls asleep, snoring loudly *

Forgotten: Guess that will do.

Benten: I'll take care of him from now on. (she puts Falling in the back seat of her jet bike and they both leave)

* Everyone else leaves normally, leaving Mendo snoring on the floor *

Sorry guys, but someone had to write something. Feel free to continue/end this.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 29, 2006, 05:17:42 AM
Offtopic: i think we are waiting on cosmic to return, he is the one that has alot of the ideas
Post by: DarkDevil on December 29, 2006, 03:00:36 PM
 :@I can't sing at all, nor dance. I'm very ashamed of it. :@
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 29, 2006, 03:27:05 PM
Post by: DarkDevil on December 29, 2006, 04:04:15 PM
Where is Cosmic any way?
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 29, 2006, 04:19:14 PM
vacation i think
Post by: DarkDevil on December 29, 2006, 04:27:24 PM
So, bing him back.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 29, 2006, 04:43:05 PM
and how am i suppose to do that...
Post by: SandStorm on December 29, 2006, 05:58:30 PM
lets think about the new year party :)
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 29, 2006, 06:08:33 PM
lets see almost everyone is drunk and are leaving
Post by: SandStorm on December 29, 2006, 09:13:09 PM
Dark: But one day... One day i will sing like angels!

(dark spank himself)

Dark: I can't believe i said that... but i will be the best singer!
i'll turn famous, i'll sell loads of CD's and be worldwide knew! ahahaAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH A

* dARK laugh echoes louder and louder *
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on December 30, 2006, 02:05:15 AM
*Darkdevil suddenly collapes*

Forgotten: he is drunk, i thought he could hand is alcohol better then alot of us, guess not
Post by: Kroptik on December 30, 2006, 02:33:02 PM
When I get back home I'll start a new fanfic (around day 1/2).
Post by: FallinG_StaR on December 31, 2006, 12:53:41 AM
Where the hell are you??? I thought you where already at home... :P
Post by: SandStorm on January 01, 2007, 07:37:27 PM
After all gone, and Mendo wake up...

Mendo: What a wild night... All gone, but thanks for the fun.

* Mendo smiles, while he see the sun rising *

Few days later, and everyone is celebrating the new year's party...


* SS opens the champagne, and start giving it to all friends *

Falling: Ok kids, may your wishes come true! And remember, this year the lessons start 3rd January!

Forgotten: Crap!

Ataru: Do not think in that, Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeee! Lets have a romantic champagne? (asking Benten)

Benten: Gotta crap outta here!

*Benten punch Ataru *

Then, Ran arrives at the party, with Rei

Ran: Why no one invited me? (start to cry)
Ran: It was Lum's fault! (angry mood)

Lum: No, no, isn't that Ran-cha, we were invited!

Rei: Food... *Rei takes one beef and transform himself in one tiger-cow *

one big crash happens, lights went off, and several creatures, aliens, and everything else appear, Chao-2, Morning-Glory, Fujinami, and all UY characters

* The music start to play, while more characters appear *

[Music Lyrics (]

Sakura: May all your wishes come true!

Sinobu: Live this new year the best you can!

* everyone rumbling, everyone partying, Happy new year! *

The End

Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 01, 2007, 11:10:01 PM
Forgotten: just the way it should all be

Belldandy: Right!

Forgotten: oh, just for everyones information, belldandy will be joining our class

Belldandy: it'll be fun

Forgotten & Belldandy: Happy New Year!
Post by: Kroptik on January 02, 2007, 01:23:52 AM
* Suddendly Kroptik appears out of nowhere *

Kroptik: Hey hey! Hi everyone. What's been happening?

Cosmic: Now much. We've been quiet since Christmas. Now it's time to party again.

Kroptik: I'm in for that. (Forgoten hands him a glass of champagne) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Let's enjoy the party first before the next fanfic.
Post by: SandStorm on January 02, 2007, 02:30:12 AM
Sand: Music, DJ! [load the music video (]
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 02, 2007, 05:15:14 AM
Forgotten: nice choice of music
Post by: Kroptik on January 02, 2007, 01:21:00 PM
I've had that song for so long now. And I love it ;D
Nice choice.
Post by: SandStorm on January 03, 2007, 04:46:43 AM
tnx guys :) one of my fav tunes ever :)
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 03, 2007, 07:04:52 AM
havent heard that song in a while, even though its on my ipod, good song anyway
Post by: Kroptik on January 03, 2007, 03:30:13 PM
* As everyone is about to leave the party, the ground starts shaking*

Lum: What's going on'tcha?

Kroptik: What have you been doing down there, Dark?

Dark: None of your business. This isn't my fault anyway...

Just spicing stuff a bit.
Post by: DarkDevil on January 06, 2007, 02:20:34 AM
Depends in what Lum desiers.
Posted on: 03-01-2007, 17:57:56
[off topic]
What is this any way, a Storry match? If that's so, Just rename it, if you don't mind!
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 06, 2007, 06:42:14 AM
Offtopic: good point
Post by: Kroptik on January 06, 2007, 01:54:45 PM
Well...We fight in some fanfics, don't we?
So I guess the title isn't that far.
But maybe we shoul change it anyway. We need to ask Lum-Chan. He created this topic.
Post by: SandStorm on January 06, 2007, 05:31:51 PM
Sand: Ok dude, then, if it wasn't your fault, why the guy coming from there is exactly like you, Dark?

Krop: I didn't knew you had one Gemini brother...

Dark: Shut up, "prince"
Post by: Kroptik on January 06, 2007, 08:49:02 PM
Kroptik: Yeah yeah, whatever. Can we worry about your "twin brother" first.

???: Finally, I'm free from my chamber. Now to continue what I started 2000 years ago. (he notices the UY warriors) I'll start with you guys.

Forgotten: Who the heck are you anyway?

???: You don't know me? You, the God of Memory, don't remember?

Forgotten: How do you know me?

??? I know everyone. Prince of Tecas (he points at Kroptik), the Devil (he points at Dark), princess Lum (he points at Lum), school teacher, used to me a galactic bounty hunter (he points at Falling), do I need to keep going?

Kroptik: OK, we got it. But what do you want with us?

???: That's for me to know and for you to never find out. Now prepare to die.

Falling: Yeah right. Like you could do it anyway.

???: I'm no ordinary fighter.


???(at the same time): FIRE SHIELD!

* Kroptik's attack doesn't work because of the armor *

Kroptik: What the??

???: I told you I'm no ordinary fighter. I know what you're going to throw at me even before you think it.
Post by: DarkDevil on January 07, 2007, 01:58:28 AM
Dark: I need to do nothing against him, I know him as he know me,...
??? : ...the bastard. Right?
Dark: Right, Mind reader, you've always knew my name, but I never new your's Mind reader.
??? : I don't think you want to know...
Dark: And I don't care.Kroptik: The Chit-chat and kill him!
Dark: What for, it's still not my problem.
??? : Respect the elder, kid.
Kroptik:  :-X
Post by: Kroptik on January 07, 2007, 02:12:00 AM
Kroptik(in a sarcastic voice): Well, pardon me, old geezer...

MR (Mind Reader): What did you call me?

Kroptik: You can read minds and you still didn't understand?

* MR starts laughing an evil laugh *
MR: I just don't read minds, you know. I can copy any of your attacks. MARENOSTRUM!

/me dodges it in the last moment *

Sand: HEY! That's my attack!

MR: No matter. I'll use a stronger one. LUM LOVE LASER!
* Nothing happens *

MR: ??? LUM LOVE LASER! (nothing again)

Kroptik: That attack won't work with you. And you know why...

MR: No matter. I have some own attacks of my own. Now prepare to die.

Cosmic: Oh really? Well, come and get us!

MR (making a devious fave): My pleasure...
Post by: DarkDevil on January 07, 2007, 02:42:11 AM
Dark: Don't make me laugh. you're an imitator.
/me laugh
MR: You're correct as always, Dark.
Dark: Thank you.
Post by: Cosmic King on January 08, 2007, 06:27:55 AM
Off Topic:

The duke of destruction,the king of sting,the sultan of spamming...COSMIC KING HAS ARRIVED!!

On Topic:

Cosmic:It is time 2 celebrate,dudes,i say we thrash this mind reader


*traps da MR*

u will be trapped in an inferno that would be like dis


Forgotten:Poor guy

Kroptik:Indeed he will suffer,right,falling-san?

Falling:I dont get waht u try 2 tell me,krop

*a shiny light enters da room*

Peorth:Belldandy,u r commanded 2 stop seeing dat mortal or lose yer godhood

Belldandy:What r u talking about,peorth?

Peorth:We checked Yggdrassil and itsaid u cheated in da wish of dat mortal,so sorry,nothing personal

*shoots a sleep gas 2 belldandy*

Forgotten:Wait,peorth,i can asure ya there was a mix up on these


Sand:They say any rose needs its thorn,dont separate bell from forgotten

Peorth:*sigh* I sense honesty in u,forgotten,but rules are rules,even when i highly want her happines i must obey,ciao (teleports wit belldandy)


Dark:Worry not,we will go 4 her

*meanwhile in a hidden HQ*

??:It has been a while since we stroke those warriors,lets hope u dont fail this time,it is not exactly our plans 2 revive our minions so often as u may see,herr doctor


Strangelove:Dont worry,fraulein,those kids will die

??:Just 2 improve this,we will assign u a little help

Strangelove:Ja,mein fuhrer

*back 2 da party*

Dark:Guys,i may know da beyatch that messed up da computer in Yggdrassil

Kroptik:Tell us

Dark:With one condition

Falling:Tell us,demon

Dark:I wanna date Lum 4 da whole month

Cosmic:Speaking of making deals wit da devil
Post by: Kroptik on January 08, 2007, 03:26:57 PM
Lum: No way. Why not benten'tcha?

Benten: WHAT?! I'm with Falling and you know it.

Lum: Well, I'm with Kroptik. How about Oyuki?

Benten: You know she doesn't like guys who like the heat. And this guys lives in Hell.

Lum: Good point. Kurama?

Benten: She's too busy with her twin babies, from what I've heard.

Dark: Hey, hey, hey. I'm the one to choose here.

Kroptik: Well then. Who else can it be?

Dark: No one. Only Lum or no deal.

Kroptik: She doesn't want to do it, and frankly I don't want her to do it either.

Dark: I don't care. Dates for a month or no deal.

Kroptik: Why you little...

Good to see you again Cosmic. How were the holidays?
Post by: Cosmic King on January 08, 2007, 05:06:59 PM
Kroptik:Forget it,little pussycat

Dark:Well,then at least me let sleep on lum warm chest as u do,kroptik


Forgotten/Cosmic/Falling:You do WHAT?!?

Kroptik:err...look there is a giant Homer Simpson

*lum and kroptik escape in such distraction,arrive at a bar near Venus*


Lum:at least here is less noisy than wit them,kroptik


*they r about 2 kiss when...*

Barman:May i take yer order,sir?

Kroptik:err..2 ice teas

Barman:Coming right up

Kroptik:that will give us more privacy 4 now,lum

*again they gonna kiss when..*

Trivius the Other Barman:Excuse me,sir,i heard u r Kroptik from Tecas


Trivius:answer me this question

Kroptik:say it

Trivius:Why when a man kills another in the heart of battle is called heroic but when he kills in da heat of passion is called murder?
Post by: Kroptik on January 08, 2007, 05:15:00 PM
Kroptik: Death in the heart of battle isn't necessarily a heroic feat. It depends on the porpuses of the battle and the person in question.
Post by: Cosmic King on January 08, 2007, 07:03:33 PM
Trivius:Perhaps u speak da truth,tecasian prince

*Kroptik recieves da ice teas*

*meanwhile at earth,sand and kaede are crossing da street covered wit snow when..*

??:Care for a little fire,mein kindr? (shows a lighter)

Sand:Oh,no,it is you again...

Kaede:..But we heard u died...

Sand:...Doctor Strangelove


Strangelove:The one and only,it is good 2 be back

Sand:Not if i bury you again,monster

*makes his hand in a spiked hammer,is about 2 slam da doctor when a lightning bolt strike sand*

Strangelove:Oh,what a memory i have,i forgot 2 tell ya i cloned a lot of yer beloved lum as my little army,well,it was a pleasure 2 see ya...ciao (departs)

Kaede:I wonder how's dat possible
Post by: SandStorm on January 08, 2007, 07:13:03 PM
Sand: DNA mixing. If cloning is a big headache, imagine if he, beside the clone and having several 99,9% similar lum's, improved the DNA.

Kaede: We need to enter in contact with the guys!

Sand: Lets go on PTCS, and with the localizer we will try to contact forgotten
Post by: Cosmic King on January 08, 2007, 07:19:55 PM
*suddenly a bizarre energy being approaches da 2 warriors*


Sand:Not u again,Yasumi

Kaede:Weird day indeed
Post by: SandStorm on January 08, 2007, 07:27:03 PM
Suddenly the earth start shaking, and one majesty figure appears

?: Time for payback!

Sand: ARES!

then, one volcano spilling magma and lava appears

?: The judgment day is today!

Kaede: ...and that horned thing is...

Sand: Devil, the king from hell...
Post by: Cosmic King on January 08, 2007, 07:36:12 PM
Sand:God,this is too much and...

*a giant ufo arrives*

Galactus:It is time i consume this pitiful planet

*begins draining the earth energy;kurama UFO arrives 2 kidnap da warriors;morpheus and his gangstas begin rioting*

Kaede:Uchu wa taihenda?
Post by: SandStorm on January 08, 2007, 07:46:05 PM
Sand: Oh no...
Belzebu, lord of deeper hell... He his Galactus, the responsible from my ran away from you...

Satan: Is that true?

Sand: (crossing fingers) yes...

Sand: Ares, if you want to protect satan, your lord, becareful with galactus, he want to kick out his ass.

Galactus, Satan and Ares start fighting each other
Post by: Cosmic King on January 08, 2007, 07:53:24 PM
*but they vanish,they were just holograms*

Sand:What the...?!?

Kaede:The same happened 2 yasumi and kurama,it seems somebody wanted 2 distract us from another goal

*Forgotten arrives riding a chariot of fire horses*

Forgotten:Guys,come wit me

*arrive at Templarium of Memory*

Sand:What happened,mate?

Forgotten:I will try 2 assault Yggdrassil and free belldandy,will u assist me?
Post by: Kroptik on January 08, 2007, 08:16:51 PM
/me and Lum both finish their Ice Teas *

Lum: I thought this thing had alcohol'tcha.

Kroptik: Don't worry. It's not exactly alcohol, though it causes the same effects to humans as alcohol.

Lum: Do you feel it yourself? I didn't.

Kroptik: Not much. It's too weak for tecasians, though humans can't drink two without getting drunk.

Barman: Would you like anything else?

Lum: Not me'tcha.

Kroptik: How much then?

Barman: Twenty space credits.

Kroptik: Here you go. (he pays the guy) Let's stay here a bit longer before we go back. Those guys can handle themselves.

Lum: I'm up for that'tcha.
Post by: Cosmic King on January 08, 2007, 11:25:49 PM
*meanwhile,the apparent assault 2 Yggdrassil gives Forgotten da chance 2 rescue belldandy...he must survive as one character of da game Call of Duty*

Forgotten:No sweat,tanks a lot 4 this chance,peorth

Peorth:But remember,you wont have any continues

Forgotten:Baby,they tell me CODY cuz i am the Call Of Duty Yielder,i will finish it unscathed

Peorth:Anyways we will send da other warriors 2 be yer backup so it is a fair game

Forgotten:Ok,lets go

*game starts as well as da carnage*

Cosmic:This is gonna be a hell of a day

Posted on: January 08, 2007, 08:45:49 PM

*It is night at Kroptik earthly penthouse,both him and his horned valkyrie are sleeping at morpheus (the dream god) realm,there is no sound at all,suddenly at lum dream the enviroment changes 2 one that resembles her planet in flames while her friends lay motionless,she turns around when a claw attacks her then...she wakes up*

Kroptik:What happened,hon?

Lum:Nothing'tcha,just a nitemare

*next day at tomobiki high;lum falls asleep*

Onsen:Ok,class,we r gonna learn the English pronouns and...MISS LUM!!

Lum:(awaken) Sorry,sensei,it is just that i couldnt sleep'tcha

Onsen:Well,go see sakura after-class

*4 hours passes*

Lum:Sakura,i had a horrible nitemare regarding the deaths of all my friends'tcha

Sakura:Let me check yer aura wit my wand (analyzes) i see da image of several onis slaughtered in a flaming pyre,but it may be a trick from my uncle 2 nab u

Lum:Nab me'tcha?

Sakura:Long tale,lets say his horoscope advised him 2 marry green haired people
Post by: Kroptik on January 09, 2007, 12:42:42 AM
* After Lum returns from the infermery *

Kroptik: What's going on Lum? Why couldn't you sleep?

Lum: It's about that nightmare I told you about. But don't worry'tcha.

Kroptik: Of course I'm worried. Can you at least tell me the dream?

* Lum tells Kroptik the dream with every detail she can remember *

Kroptik: I can see why you couldn't sleep. Have you talked to your dad today?

Lum: Yes'tcha. But he says there's nothing wrong in my planet.

Kroptik: It was probably just a dream then. Don't worry about it. I gess it was because we were at Morpheus.

Lum: Maybe... (she tells him what Sakura said to her)

Kroptik: Guess I'll need to have a talk with Cherry too...

:'( :'(
I wanted to start the fanfic...
Oh well. I'll do it next time if you guys don't mind. :)
Post by: DarkDevil on January 09, 2007, 02:20:30 PM
Off topic:
I'm not that pervert. And I obey Lum's wishes, or desiers.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 09, 2007, 04:31:34 PM
Offtopic: lol who cares, somehow i became a war maniac, that wants to wage a WW2 war against heaven, all because i let Cosmic watch me play Call of Duty 2:Big Red One, so dont care what you become in the DM
Post by: DarkDevil on January 09, 2007, 05:41:46 PM
Offtopic: It's better to us return this topic from the roots to the leaves.
Post by: Cosmic King on January 09, 2007, 07:20:32 PM
*next sunday,lum is at the park with Dark eating some ice cream <sidenote:lum adopted Dark as her cat>*

Lum:Dark,they tell me u were once a demon warlord'tcha

Dark:(licking da ice cream) yes,u were well communicated,my friend

Lum:Some days ago i had a bizarre dream about my people bein killed,cant u explain me what was da meaning of such dream?

Dark:I could tell ya,but since a big part of my power was over-used in da first deathmatch,i am afraid that it may take a while (concentrates dark magic)
the meaning of yer dream will appear as a odd message,here we go:


Lum:But i dont understand that message'tcha

Dark:It may mean a war

Lum:But planet Uru is now a peaceful place,we dont hav any quarrel against somebody'tcha

Dark:Well,anyways,u can count on me 4 yer protection,lum

Lum:Ok'tcha,then lets go walk around da park

*they proceed with their fun day at da park;meanwhile at planet Uru,a search plane is exploring ancient ruins*

Oni Soldier:Colonel Rei,we should wait for Lord Invader's permission 2 access this area,they say pretty bad things about it

Rei:Silence,coward (shoots him wit a destroyer gun),soon shall da Oni Empire praise me as well as lum as its more fantastic hero once i reveal da secret of da Pyramid of Brood

Soldier 2:We r getting closer,colonel

Rei:Good,prepare a explorer ship 4 me and 10 soldiers

Soldier 2:Aye,colonel (send da ship;rei and co. enter da pyramid)

Rei:Those foolish scientists told me this placewas dangerous,i shall make'em eat their words

Soldier:Sir, i found something (suddenly thousand red eyes glow in da darkness,several claws grab da oni soldiers)

Rei:So it begins (drops weapons and enters da dark area)

*meanwhile on earth,it is night,kroptik is chatting wit Mekata*
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 09, 2007, 11:12:49 PM
Offtopic: rei talking
Post by: Cosmic King on January 09, 2007, 11:35:30 PM
Off Topic:

Yeah,still it amaze me how he got that skill

On Topic:

*Lum is buying some food with Darkdevil when she is approached by an old man*

Old Man:'Scuse me,ma'am,do u have any spare 4 an old bum like me?

Dark:Lum,i dont trust'im,lets go

Lum:Dark,dont be so rude,here sir,have some money'tcha

Old Man:Why thank you,lum

Lum:How do u know my name'tcha?

*suddenly the old man body explodes,revealing his real form*


Creature:Sss,time u come with us,oni,sssss

Dark:I knew it

*Darkdevil spits hellfire,scaring da monster*

Lum:Do u know that kind of creatures? it looked like a demon

Dark:Negative,my queen,if it were a demon,it should have vanished in a cloud of brimstone or 2 obey me,what it worries me is that they knew ya
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 09, 2007, 11:50:08 PM
Belldandy: I know how he knows your name...

Lum(startled): where did you come from?

Forgotten: oh here and there

Lum(startled again): how do you do that?

Forgotten and Belldandy: Dunno

*Forgotten and Belldandy laugh*

Belldandy: darkdevil you just said lum's name so thats how it knows her name

Creature: Sss, not exactly, sssss
Post by: Cosmic King on January 10, 2007, 12:10:47 AM
Creature:Anyways,i have come 2 bring back the queen with us,that is u,oni

*is about 2 shoot a paralyzer blast when lum fries its ass with a super gun*


Lum:Oopps,i killed'im before questioning him'tcha,well at least i made use of my gun'tcha

Belldandy:Err..ok,how about we go 2 drink something? i will pay

Post by: Kroptik on January 10, 2007, 12:17:27 AM
* Meanwhile... *

Kroptik (on the phone with Mekata): Well Mekata, I'll talk with you later. I promised I'd help Lum shopping. And I'm not sure about keeping Dark as a pet, so I want to keep an eye on him.

Mekata: OK, prince. Until tomorrow then.

/me ends the call and teleports to the shopping district. When he arrives he notices that Lum, Dark, Forgotten and Belldandy are right in front of him *

Kroptik: Hi guys. What's up?

Forgotten: You better wash those shoes when you get home.

Kroptik: What do you mean?
/me looks down and notices a small pool of what looks like green blood *

Kroptik (moving away from the pool): What is that stuff?

Forgotten: Blood, of course. Of some creature that was there before you came.

Kroptik: Good guy or bad guy?

Lum: Bad guy. He wanted something about me.

Kroptik: If he was a bad guy, no big loss then. Let's go on with the shopping.
Post by: Cosmic King on January 10, 2007, 01:16:07 AM
*while they r having fun;meanwhile near a decayed moon near planet Uru*

Creature:O great king Brother Brood,we have received news that H'Jkll perished while trying 2 abduct the oni

Brother Brood:I knew that sending a mere explorer 2 track her and the nitemares we send 2 her mind wouldnt be enough,and time is running out as we need da Queen,it is time 2 visit earth,soon shall da Brood rule the galaxy

Creature:Of course,sire,we will get ready da Space Whale ship

*at earth,the gang is watching a movie when some oni soldiers appear*

Soldier:Miss lum,u r required 2 planet Uru 4 yer safety

Lum:Ok,but my friends can come'tcha

*in planet Uru*

Mr. Invader:Oh,dear daughter,it makes good 2 my heart 2 see u r unharmed from those beings

Lum:Explain yerself,daddy'tcha

*an elder oni approaches*

Elder:I may tell ya da answer,young lum,not much ago rei disobeyed yer father orders and entered da forbidden pyramid,setting freed something we onis never dreamed 2 face again

Kroptik:Go on,elder

Elder:That pyramid worked as an almost unbreakable prison against a sadistic race of beings called the Brood,they were our long time enemies till Lum grandmother and Benten grandfather imprisoned em in da pyramid long time ago

Belldandy:So,whats up with lum nitemares?

Elder:the Brood have interstellar telepathy so they wanted 2 harvest some terror in her,so she would join their ranks;they live on by infecting any creature with their embryo and they use a monarchy system,if they just want princess lum,that means the Brood king infected already with an oni

Dark:What if they infect Lum?

Elder:Lum shall become their queen but she'd be corrupted by their logic and it wont be long till they want 2 reproduce in other planets,dats why we need lum 2 be safe
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 10, 2007, 03:20:11 AM
Forgotten: well, well, well, the brood eh, now thats a species i havent heard for awhile

Elder: you seem to know more then your saying

Forgotten: I'm always like that

Kroptik: what do you know...

Forgotten: pretty much everything, where to begin, how bout this, some eons ago there was a race know as the Ancients, there were a very technically advanced race, they themselves created 2 seperate races in there image, the zerg or as you call them the Brood and the protoss

Elder: Zerg and Protoss???

Forgotten: The zerg were created in the image of numbers and regenerative abilities and the Protoss were created in there mental image, the zerg wanted to conquer the universe and the only thing that stood in there way was the protoss, unfortunately the protoss were defeated in there arragance, so i stepped in an gave them a way to survive and prosper, they eventaully came back and crippled the zerg enough and even put them in a dorment state, but resulting in their destruction.

Belldandy: Oh no
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 10, 2007, 04:19:35 AM
Meanwhile in Earth...

Falling: Man this game is really cool...

Benten: What game???

Falling: The game that Forgotten forgot at Mendo's New Years Party... Starcraft and SC: Brood War expansion... really good...
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 10, 2007, 04:46:41 AM
Offtopic: nice, someone caught the game reference, they are a couple of my favourites, still play them today, anyway falling, being that your so smart where did i get the creation from
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 10, 2007, 04:52:17 AM
What creation???
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 10, 2007, 04:54:19 AM
creation of the zerg and protoss
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 10, 2007, 04:59:24 AM
From the Xel'naga or something...
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 10, 2007, 05:01:05 AM
you do have a good memory, but there is more that is only rumors
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 10, 2007, 05:06:16 AM
I don't know... I only played the original Starcraft... the rest I only played the demos...
Post by: Kroptik on January 10, 2007, 01:42:34 PM
Offtopic: I noticed that those were the Zerg now that I saw Cosmic's last post.

To Falling: You should try brood war. With a bit of planning you can control the 3 races in 1 game. You just have to start with the Protoss. I'm not saying anything else, though.


Kroptik: And how can we defeat those Zerg?

Forgotten: All the Zerg are controlled by one being: the Overmind. If the Overmind is destroyed, the Zerg will start fighting among themselves.

Mr. Invader: Where is that Overmind then?

Forgotten: The Overmind was destroyed last time by the Protoss. That was how they won. If they're attacking again, it means they created a new Overmind. But it's not just search and destroy. The Overmind's reincarnates Every time it is killed.

Belldandy: But you said the Protoss destroyed it before...

Forgotten: Yes, but not by regular means. The Protoss have found a way to empower blades to stop the reincarnation of the Overmind. That was how they destroyed it. But there's another problem. The Cerebrates.

Kroptik: And those are?

Forgotten: Call them minor Overminds if you want. They obey the Overmind directly and control the Zerg of a small zone. Usually, there's one Cerebrate in every world they infest. And until those are killed the Overmind can't be harmed. And they can reincarnate just like the Overmind.

Lum: Guess we'll need help from the Protoss then... Where are they'tcha?

Forgotten: Probably in their planet, Aiur.

Mr. Invader: Let's head there then. This means war.
Post by: Cosmic King on January 10, 2007, 04:52:55 PM
*Arrive at Auir,it is in decayement and flames*

Forgotten:What happened in here?

Protoss:some....days ago....The ravager most of our life...force...then....d a zerg...attacked and...took...(dies)

Mr. Invader:Damn,just when we need their help da most
Post by: DarkDevil on January 11, 2007, 06:07:48 PM
Offtopic:  unusual, but accepted, I think.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 11, 2007, 09:58:17 PM
Forgotten: I think we may be in luck though

Mr. Invader: How?

Forgotten: These seem to be the old order of the protoss, what we are looking for is the dark templars, now where is that portal, it is also wierd there doesnt seem to be any zerg around, normally they leave a massive amount of of forces after they decimate a planet, hmm this cant be the work of the overmind
Post by: Cosmic King on January 11, 2007, 10:20:36 PM
*a shaded entity approaches*

??:I shall guide u 2 da Dark Templars,foreign people

Forgotten:(mentally 2 mr. invader)It may be a trap,sir,lets be careful (normal)Ok,guide us there

*arrive at da Dark Templars,suddenly all gets dark,when light reappears there r hundreds of Zerg/Brood*

Forgotten:Damn,i knew it (a brood tries 2 plant its embryo on Forgotten,but suddenly it gets burned)good thing i carry da Memory Pyre Virus within me,that shall harm da Zerg and.....!!!!

*da zerg/brood attack da oni soldiers,killing them,then take over their ships,leaving Forgotten and Mr. Invader and da Uy warriors on Auir*
Post by: SandStorm on January 12, 2007, 04:07:43 AM
Sand: Time to contact my people...

* SS with his brain implant contact his private army *

Sand: My air-force army will be here soon. I bring with me one localizer, so, they always know were i am... They'll arrive with combat stealth raptors. (CSR)
Beside, I have this:

*SS take out what looks like one pocket size PTCS *

Sand: Usually the PTCS is only for 2 passengers... so, Dark, take this, and go searching for help.

* With one button touch the PTCS goes to standart size *

Dark: Hey, I can't ride it!

Sand: Stupid cat, read the userbook and leave!

*SS quick Dark rear side *
Post by: Cosmic King on January 12, 2007, 05:19:21 AM
*meanwhile the oni ship that was taken over by da Zerg lands on Uru spreading the whole army against the unexpecting onis;meanwhile at Sandstorm journey 4 help,he arrives 2 a small planetoid,he is received by an alien*

??:Yehaww,pardner,whatcha want wit me?

Sand:I need help against an assault of the Zerg race

??:Say no more,comrade (cocks shotgun) me,YaeGron Maxo7 and my Redneck Army shall help ya,Yehaw(to rednecks)guys,get ready da shotguns and several six-packs,we is gonna kill us some aliens


Sand:Well,at least we've backup
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on January 12, 2007, 06:15:16 AM
Off Topic: Let the bloody games start,whataway to start 2007 :9

Back to topic now

Sand:Lets gather all the ammo and away we go to assist our friends

YaeGron:Count on it,chief

*a message appears at Sandstorm computer*

Kaede:Sand,it is me,i gathered a small army loyal to prince Kroptik,we are on our way to Uru,we'll arrive at the 1840 hours

Sand:I am glad to hear it,kaede
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 12, 2007, 12:14:52 PM
Meanwhile on Earth... again LoL

Falling: What a nice day for a walk... Since the others left things have been quiet around here...

Benten: Yes... Indeed. I wonder what they're doing.

Falling: Ah... Probably drinking beer or tecasian Ice teas until they go into a coma...

Benten: Hahaha... that's funny...

Suddenly a weird laud noise attracts the attention of the couple...

Falling: What's that noise???

Benten: Look in the sky...

A big Star destroyer comes out of the clouds and crashes into the ground...

Falling: What the hell... That's one of my Imperial fleet spaceships... what the hell is happening here...

/me runs to towards the ship to try and find survivors...

Falling: Oh my god... what is this there's blood everywhere... what the hell happened here...

Benten: What is it Falling...

Falling: Don't come in this is something no one should see... wait for me outside... I'm going to see the Ship video log...

/me arrives at the command bridge, with blood everywhere... and starts playing the last entry on the ships log and messages...

Ship Commander: Star date 2309e1 we are on our way to deliver the holidays presents and postcards to our great Emperor Blitz a.k.a Falling Star today we received a rescue signal on our scanners and we are at this moment arriving at the signal destination.

SC: Star date 2309e2 We arrived at the signal and found what looks to be one of our allies ships a Oni battle cruiser we tried to establish contact but still we have no answer from them... We are preparing the tractor bean to pull the Oni ship into the hangar to proceed with extraction of survivors...

SC: Star date 2309e3 There seems that no one was on that ship... its strange since all shuttles and rescue pods are still in the hangar... there's no signs of fight and the ship seems in perfect conditions... they where carrying some kind of giant egg in the cargo bay but no supplies like food or water... we are trying to contact the Oni planet but we can't get any response from them... it looks like they just disappeared...

SC: Star date 2310e1 We are experiencing some problems it looks like the giant egg was some kind of alien  insect plague since it already infested our entire hangar and cargo bay we are trying to contain the infestation but they double in numbers every second that passes...

SC: Star date 2315e1 The alien forms evolved and now its clear to the ship scientist that they are a specie that is called the Zerg that was supposed to be extinct, they already infested 2/3 of the ship we lost almost all our crew only 50 of us remain... we can't escape... since they control the hangar... I will start the self destruction of the ship and exterminate this plague before its too late... I will... (a giant Hydralisk comes out of a wall) Shoot the damn thing soldiers I have to initiate the self destruct sequence...

A giant swarm of zerglings start coming in to the command center and kill everyone before the commander could press the Self Destruct button...

Falling: My god... my brave soldiers... wait a minute... that means that the zergs are still here... Uh Oh...

A big shadow appears behind Falling... Falling quickly avoids it and shoots it with one of the dead soldiers antimatter gun...

Falling: F*ck... I have to destroy the ship before they infest Earth...

/me Initiates the Self Destruct... And runs for the exit...

Benten: What happened...

/me grabs Benten and opens a portal that takes them to a far away hill

Computer: 10...9...8...7...6...5.. .4...3...2...1...0


Benten: Oh my god what happened that blast destroyed half the city...

Falling: Believe me it was better that way... it's better half the city than the entire world... I think our friends are not having the fun we thought they were having...

Benten: What do you mean...

Falling: I'll tell you on the way... Now we better get going to planet Uru...

/me and Benten teleport to Falling's Fast Attack Cruiser and set of for Uru... In the way Falling warns is planet of the danger and fleet summons the entire fleet to join him on Uru...

Post by: SandStorm on January 12, 2007, 05:26:42 PM
20% of the combat CSR from SS private army arrive at planet Uru, more than 240, ready to fight, joining the allied alien force, and falling star combat force

Cpt. Duster: Master, we arrived.

Sand: Good, were are the others?

Cpt. Duster: On the way.

Sand: (by computer) Kaede, my army is ready, I'll arrive a bit late that you, with some ally forces.
And there's no sign of that stupid cat... If he blew my PTCS, i'll cut his neck.

Suddenly one buzzer appear with DarkDevil message

Dark: I'm on my way, i bring with me demons from the deeps, and war ships from Rupa and Carla's planet, to help us. Estimated arrival time to Uru is 1842H

Sand: Good work, good kitty!


* Sand disconnect the messaging system *

Post by: Cosmic King on January 13, 2007, 04:35:56 AM
*most of the fleet arrive at Uru;the war is gonna start*

Kroptik:Where is lum?

Sand:According 2 da radar she is safe at da Mentalium Sub-Basement,enough for us 2 tackle this damn zergs,i sent a signal 2 request falling and cosmic into da battle

Forgotten:Hope they dont forget their friends

YaeGron: Enough talk,pardners (draws his shotguns)


Soldiers:HELL YEAH!!!

*war starts,hundreds of soldiers and zergs perish in battle;the ones infected by da zerg have to receive a merciful kill as it is almost incurable,the UY warriors r trying to found da Overmind established in Uru*

Kroptik:Forgotten,do yer thing

Forgotten:OK,it is kinda hard wit all da chaos but i may found the Overmind is just 3  miles from here,follow me,belldandy,create a barrier so we dont have any zerg after us

Belldandy:Roger that

*enter da Pyramid of Brood,there they find da corpses of several onis and they hear a familiar voice*

Kroptik:I think that was rei

Forgotten:Yes,but i sensed something rare (they found rei in his Tiger Cow/Bull form,he has tendrils in his back,giant fangs and red eyes*

Kroptik:Well,here is a little pay-back (takes da anti-matter gun,then destroys da zerg controlling Rei,rei falls unconcious)

Sand:Look at this computer screen,a zerg in invasion is growing


Kroptik:Man,we wont finish at this rate

*suddenly the zerg ships r being destroyed by another fleet leaded by the Millenium Falcon*


Cosmic:(inside da Falcon)Whassup,guys,here we will entertain those dudes,go 4 da Overmind

Posted on: January 12, 2007, 07:23:50 PM
Off Topic:

For majority decision i shall continue,so lets carry on

On Topic:

*On earth*

Falling:Alas,again i am to battle a fight that really isnt mine,woe is me

Benten:Know my love that if we r 2 perish,we will together

Falling:Then lets join our friends at Uru,Forth Eorlingas!!

*falling star disciples join him and benten 2 Uru*
Post by: SandStorm on January 13, 2007, 05:11:33 AM
* while falling, benten and their troops arrive at uru: *

Falling: Hell! This planet is all covered by zerg ships, ans the allied union is having one hard time!


* the beam is blast, and destroy the nearest zerg ship *

Sand: dudes, The radar is indicating that falling and his troops arrived. Time to do the Cube attack!
Sand: (speaking to all the allies) CSR, take the front line, Dark's army, cover them from the side, Falling, complete surrounding them from the rear, time to crunch them!

* the allied force perform what looks like one sfere, with all Zorgs ships inside, atfer jointing them with benten's jetbike diversion move *

Benten: (entering Falling's ship hangar) Job done, lets kick ass!

the CSR troops start firing anti-shielding beams, breaking the zergs ship shields, while the others launch lazer attacks, several collisions between zerg ships and allied forces happens.

Cosmic: We are getting our number reduced fast!

Sand: Thats it, kamikaze move needed!

*SS create loads and loads of his clones, as the PTCS's are being cloned too. after 10 mins, more than 500 SS's and PTCS's are ready to departure[/i]

Sand: In way to save the galaxy and keep the peace, the only way to defeat them is by kamikaze moves, the zergs lost the shields, we've got allied forces there, but they are getting defeated, Go, and destroy them!

All the clones leave in the piano black painted PTCS's, warping outta sky, and starting to kamikaze againt zerg ships, as bees running behind his enemy

Post by: Cosmic King on January 13, 2007, 05:50:31 AM
Off Topic:

Since UY is da main tale,let us go 2 Lum

On Topic:

*War echoes thru da ears of the beloved Lum,she cant do anything but watch how friends an foes alike perish for a stupid accident rei unleashed,it is just too much 4 her,till she snaps*

Elder:OMG,now we r about 2 witness a great phase on Lum-hime

Mrs. Invader:What r u talking about?

Elder:She has entered in a "Berserk Mode" or like some humans claimed,her "Darling No Baka" mode,she has entered a level of supreme power 4 da oni

*lum destroy most zerg ships with just one bolt,but then she collapses,Falling saves her from plummeting 2 her death*

Falling:Now rest,fraulein,u deserve it (gives her a kiss in da forehead)

Kroptik:We need lum 2 enter in "Darling no baka" mode,but how?

Sand:That mode needs fear or a little hate,i think i have da perfect plan,friends

Cosmic:Do tell us,mate

Sand:There is a sleeping princess that can charm any man in the Milky Way,her name was Akari the Dawn Princess,if we let her charm ya,kroptik,lum will be overpowered and we'll direct her wrath 2 da Overmind,what u think?

All except Kroptik:Lets go 4 it

*arrive at Planet Alba Caraveus,they found da shrine where Akari rests*

Sand:This mask will protect us from her power,get ready da camera so lum sees it (wakes her)

Akari:Who is it that disturbs my rest? (charms Kroptik,he kneels before her)

Kroptik:Mademoiselle,yer wishes r my command (dat scene is sent 2 Uru,Lum gets crazy and creates a gigantic bolt that truly vaporizes the Overmind for good)

Sand:Mission Accomplished,now lets get out of here (grab kroptik then return 2 uru)
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while thay land in Uru, they see Lum really mad


* Lum shots the powerfull lighting they ever saw, SS created one shield protecting Kroptik, but Lum's attack was so strong, that destroied the shield, even if 99,9 of the energy was deflected with Specially strategic placed deflecting mirrors to lead the bolts destroying the remaining Zerg ships *

Kroptik: Lum, let me explain, it...

*Lum blast another bolt, fries Kroptik, destroy walls, against walls, while he keep smashing them backwards with the impact.
Meanwhile, most of the energy still being conducted to outer space, while Cosmic points them with precision to irradiate the enemies *

Cosmic: (by portable messaging system) Guys, how things going on there?

Sand: Trilling! Krop is toasted, and i i've got parts transformed in glass. She's way too powerful now and wont listen us, the only way is to wait she get weak and faints.

Cosmic: Good luck dudes, keep the energy going on, we have those "mosquitoes" to terminate!

After 30mins of firing bolts, Lum faints weak, Kroptik is toasted, smoking, unconscious, still as one burnt tree.
Sand rescued under ONI earth Deeps to rebuild some damage he suffered from Lum attacks.
The Zergs ship got all terminated, and only 5% of teh ally forces survived

Post by: Cosmic King on January 13, 2007, 06:57:05 AM
Cosmic:I love it when a plan comes well

Forgotten:Now it is time 2 fix things

Dark:It will take some weeks 2 re-build Uru,but months 4 lum mind


Sand:Lum,are you ok?


ok,she may need help

*ataru jumps inda scene,a sly face draws in lum,she grabs ataru then kiss'im 2 make krop jealous*


Cosmic:Bizarre twist indeed,obviously it will be resolved...i guess
Post by: Kroptik on January 13, 2007, 02:26:21 PM
/me wakes up from his unconsciousness and sees Lum and Ataru *

Kroptik: Ataru, you idiot. Get away from her.

Ataru: Hehehe. You wish Krop.

Kroptik: OK that does it. You have 5 seconds to get away or I'll fry you.

Lum: He's not afraid of you. And you'll only get him over my dead body.

Kroptik: But...but...

Lum: Why don't you just go back to that other girl you seem to like so much?

Kroptik: Who are you...Oh. You mean that weird princess or something?

Ataru: Probably her. Now why don't you go meet her?

Kroptik: I could actually. She's on the other side of this planet. A girl named Akira.

Ataru: AKIRA-CHAN! (he starts running towards the horizon)

Kroptik: Now that that guy is out of the way, will you please let me explain? The guys can tell you it wasn't my fault.


Kroptik: Guys? WELL?!?!

Sand: Ok, ok, it's true. We forced him into it. It was the only way to beat the Zerg. Sorry Lum.

Lum: used me?

Falling: I wouldn't say it like that, I...

* Lum re-enters "Darling no Baka" mode with her eyes on the guys. She starts firing bolt after bolt while Kroptik cheers for Lum. After 20 minutes Lum falls unconscious. Kroptik catches her before she hits the ground *

Kroptik: Don't worry Lum. We'll be back home when you wake up. But first I need to do something. (he teleports Lum to the infermery zone of one of his fleet's UFO and goes meet up with Rei) Someone needs to be taught a lesson about not disobeying direct orders.

I can't let you guys write by yourselves anymore. You're too devious.
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Cosmic:Man,lum was in dat moment more powerful than ever

Sand:Anyway,now that Uru is safe,we can let her rest 4 a while

Falling:Amen,my friend

*3 hour pass,the UY warriors go see Lum*

Forgotten:Lum,Kroptik,it is time 2 return 2 earth



Cosmic:Btw,what was da punishment for rei,kroptik?

Kroptik:He was condemned to 2 thousand zakks (56 human years) in da new Planet Elle as part of her collection

Falling:Poor dude

Forgotten:Got what he deserved,lets go home


*meanwhile on earth,at a HQ in Germany*

??:I see yer little mental manipulator worked wit rei,Herr Doktor


Strangelove:Of course,fraulein,now those pesky kindr named da UY warriors have given us da 1st key for this society success

*the UY warriors have returned 2 earth,now they just wanna rest,so be it*


Post by: Kroptik on January 13, 2007, 07:57:08 PM

* Kaede was having dinner with Sand today at her house. While she is making dinner, she hears a crash coming from the living room *

Kaede: What the...
* She goes to the living room and finds one of her jars chattered in the floor *
Kaede (thinking): Now how did this fall on the ground? (suddendly she feels a presence) Someone is here... (talking) Who's there?

* Suddendly she notices a shadow and, before she can react, she is knocked out.
She wakes up in a cell with a stone wall in the back. The place looks like a cave. Two weird sentinels are guarding the locked gate. *

Kaede: Where am I?

Guard 1: Like we would tell you.

Kaede: Pff... Like I care. (she approaches the gate's lock) LOCKBREAK! (nothing happens) What the? LOCKBREAK! (nothing)

Guard 2: Forget it missy. That won't work here.

Kaede: Shut up! (she throws a shuriken at the guard, but he easily avoids it) Well that's weird...  (she throws a shuriken at the rock wall. The shuriken hits the rock and falls)

Guard 1: No more breaking rock with your shurikens missy.

Kaede: Sh*t. Why's this happening?
* Suddendly she notices a weird device on the celling, protected by a glass *

Unlike the others, this fanfic will have a few rules:
1- The people locked up won't be able to escape.
2- The people still free will never find out where the locked people are.

That's it.
Post by: Cosmic King on January 13, 2007, 08:47:01 PM
*meanwhile in Kroptik penthouse in Madeira*

Lum:Werent sand and kaede going 2 visit us'tcha?

Kroptik:Yes,they told me yesterday that they were gonna come,lemme phone'em (calls 2 sand)yo,sandman,what has stopping ya from coming?

Sand:I wish i could go,but kaede dissapeared when i was in da bathroom,only thing i found was her jar broken,i am afraid she was attacked as when Yasumi thought i was Iori

Kroptik:I can assure ya that Yasumi is locked in da Eternal Winter Casket,there must be another thing...

Sand:Well,i think we ought investigate (hangs phone)


Lum:But i just made dinner,cant it wait a while'tcha?

Post by: SandStorm on January 13, 2007, 09:02:22 PM
After hanging the phone, Sand listen noises

Sand: (whispering) what the hell is this noise? doesn't look as regular footsteps...

When he turns around he see one person in black, can't see the face

Sand: MAR...

someone from back knocked Sand...
Later, he wake up, and find Kaede, they are in the same cell.

Sand: Whats happening here?

Kaede: Dunno. My magic and shurikens attacks didn't work either. But there's a strange thing inside that glass... I can't break it.

Sand: Well, lets do it together

Post by: Kroptik on January 13, 2007, 09:16:53 PM
* Back in Lum and Kroptik's *

Kroptik: Thanks for the dinner. That was great. :9

Lum: I'm glad you liked it. :D

Kroptik: Now we better call Sand and ask him where Kaede is.

/me makes the call, but no one answers *
Kroptik: That's odd. I guess he already went for Kaede.

Lum: Should we go help him?

Kroptik: We don't even know where Kaede is. Besides, I trust Sand. I'm sure he'll be back in a couple of days max.

* Meanwhile, in the cell... *

Sand: Before we try to break that, let me do something.
* He stands still for half a minute, doing nothing, with his eyes closed *

Kaede: What are you doing?

Sand: I'm trying to turn into sand. But I can't do it, no matter what.

Kaede: I think that device is draining our powers.

Guard 1: Finally she got there.

Guard 2: I was wondering how long they're were gonna take to reach that conclusion.

Sand: Shut up guys.

Guard 1: Now that you figured that out, you can forget your plans. That's unbreakable glass covering the device. You can't do a thing without your powers anyway, so don't try.

Kaede (whispering): I guess he's right. But what can we do?

Sand (Whispering): Let's try to think of a plan first.

Guard 1: Surprise us.

Kaede and Sand: SHUT UP!
Post by: Cosmic King on January 13, 2007, 09:28:46 PM
Sand:Damn,this cell is escape-proof and i feel weak by the minute

Kaede:Try 2 endure,sand,we've 2 get away from here

Guard:Silence,dogs,yer destiny is already sealed

Sand:You bastard,why are we here?

Guard:Hahahaha,there wont be a need 4 ya 2 know (activates a device inda cell that administers shockwaves 2 kaede and sand,they almost get vaporized) isnt that shocking?


*meanwhile 3 days have passed,Kroptik is chatting wit Dark*

Dark:Yo,kropman,how come u never see sand after he called?

Kroptik:Dunno,maybe he went on vacations

Dark:How about we pay im a visit?

Kroptik:Well,ok,lets go 2 his house

*when they arrive,the place is a mess*

Dark:It seems there was some cat-fight in here (no pun intended),i sense something rare in da air,beware,kropman

Kroptik:Yeah,i felt like this place was no longer in earth,but anywhere else
Post by: SandStorm on January 13, 2007, 11:26:27 PM
After a while, SS snap is fingers with one idea

Sand: Thats it! I got it!

Kaede: What?

Sand: (whispering) that thing can seal our powers, but it don't seal the strength, or the technological devices...

Guard 2: Shut up kids, or no dinner!

Kaede: As if we're gonna eat your poison!

SS, hides one device, and can do contact with thor

Sand: thor, we need your help, we're trapped under one cell that is draining our powers, follow your instinct, we'll wait for you.

Guard 1: Having hallucinations kid?

Sand: Go f**k yourself! *show him the middle finger *

moments later Thor arrive, breaking the grounds, and knocking out the guards

Thor: here i am, so long no see!

Sand: Man, can you destroy those cells?

Thor: Yes, but that device is starting to drain my power too...

Thor, with his supreme force breaks teh cell, grabs the device under the glass ball, and trow it away the sky, crossing earth atmosphere, and leaving to space

Kaede: Our powers returned! Thanks so much Thor!

Thor: Anytime young lady. I must go now!

*thor leaves *

Sand: lets getta outta here fast!

*Sand and Kaede start running, the place looks like one labyrinth, and always end up in the same place, always fighting against more guards that appear *

Sand: We've tried several ways, how can we get out?

Kaede: Sand... Lets try the place from were Thor come...

Sand: Oh... O_o' 
Post by: Cosmic King on January 13, 2007, 11:51:28 PM
*thor returns*
Thor:I may be able 2 get thou out,hop on my back as i,the odinson, shall open a dimensional vortex back 2 Midgard



*Thor throws Mjolnir 2 open a rift in time-space,he grabs da 2 warriors and enter Midgard*

Sand:Just in time,thanks,mighty Thor

Thor:Aye,friend,it was good for thee i was nearby or thou could have died,i fare thee well (flies away)

Kaede:Sand,lets go home

Sand:Ok,just lemme morph in a automobile and (fails 2 use power) o my god,we lost our powers for real,i cant access mine

Kaede:And only going back 2 dat area will answer this trouble
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on January 14, 2007, 12:59:58 AM
Kaede:We can enter again in thor vortex then recover our powers


*enter the vortex,find the device that steals powers then reverse it to recover them,escape that dimension*

Kaede:I shall seal the entrance with a "Gods Only" scroll

Sand:Yet,why we were kidnapped?
Post by: SandStorm on January 14, 2007, 01:09:28 AM
Sand: Hum... you know, recently I've been had visions in my dreams regarding Dr. Loveless... As recently happened one issue, can this be, from his responsibility?

Kaede: If yes, we are the main factor for his plans.
Posted on: January 14, 2007, 12:04:10 AM
Sudedenly one big wave aproaches, and the 2 young warriors are sent backward, and get locked in one new cell

Sand: Ouch, my head!

Kaede: What the hell! We're locked again!
Post by: Kroptik on January 14, 2007, 01:18:05 AM
Guard 3: And this time, don't even think of escaping. We searched you guys all over and took all your devices.

Sand: Sock it, idiot. (he searches through his hidden pockets and finds the device to call Thor) Guess they didn't look well enough.
* Sand activates the devide, but it short-circuits and blows up *

Guard 3: You really think you could do that again? We improved this place. Device jammer, anti-wave thansmitters, you name it. Nothing can come or go out of this cell.

Guard 2: You guys are trapped in here for good. And you have a guest.

* Sand and Kaede suddendly notice someone near the corner of the cell *

Sand: Dark? How the hell did you get dragged in here?

Dark: To tell the truth, I'm not sure. I was in Hell, minding my own business and torturing a few lost souls, when a guy appears in front of me and challenges me to a fight. I accepted it because I was bored. But I guess he beat me hard, because that's the last thing I remember.

Sand: Did you get a look at it's face?

Dark: Strangly, no. But I do remember something very suspicious: he was able to dissolve into sand.

Sand: WHAT?!?! You're not thinking that was me, now are you?

Dark: I know that wasn't you. The guy also seemed to have ninja skills.

Kaede: Ninja skills?

Dark: Yeah, like shurikens and stuff like that.

Sand: No matter. We'll find and kill that guy when we get out of here.

Guard 1: Keep trying, but you won't get anywhere.

Dark: Why don't you be quiet for a change?
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on January 14, 2007, 01:28:18 AM
Kaede:Yep,this cell is made of some repeller force,i cant touch it nor break it,even with our powers we are doomed again

Dark:Of course we are

Sand:Maybe if i become nano-particles i'd escape and open the door

Guard:Wont work,it is made of Sand-nite,which repulses your powers,admit your defeat

Dark:Hope the others find us

Guard:That'd prove useless,this dimension cant be accessed nor seen by any technology (such as the Omniscreen cosmic liked to use in the first fics)

Kaede:Ok,we are beaten
Post by: SandStorm on January 14, 2007, 01:31:16 AM
Sand: Dude... Most probably "him" have your powers now! Our friends might be in danger!

Dark: There must be a way...

Sand:  Literally you are a cat... You can be any size cat you want, beside, you are black now, so, in night maybe they don't see you... But your *haham* nails are unable to dig a hole.

Kaede: It is impossible to escape...

Dark: Trying doesn't cost a thing, Btw, they are claws, or do you want one big smile in your face?
Post by: Kroptik on January 14, 2007, 01:41:23 AM
Sand: OK then, let's see what you can do Dark.

Dark: This is going to be so easy. (he tries to transform into a cat, but with no success).

Sand: Well?

Kaede: Hurry up.

Guard 3: You don't give up, now do you? You won't be able to attack without using your bare hands. You also won't be able to transform or dissolve into anything.

Guard 2: And you won't be able to call for help, so forget it.

Guard 1: Why don't you just behave like captives and stop trying to escape.

Sand: I guess there's northing we can do. Let's just wait for one of the others. I'm sure we'll see them soon.

Guard 2: You can sure count on it.

Kaede: What's that suppose to mean?

Guard 3: You'll see.
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on January 14, 2007, 01:46:45 AM
Kaede:What is it that you want from us?
Post by: SandStorm on January 14, 2007, 01:51:51 AM
Guard 3: Don't expect us to answer you missy.

Sand: Time for a break. Hey, guards, we are hungry.

Guard 2: Dinner time at 08:00PM, wait 3h

Later, they will try again

Sand: Ok, Sandinite from Dr. Loveless made me into pile of rocks, what i need iss you 2 to beat me hard against the walls, so, i will be able to break, and then, you 2 pull me outside.

Dark: My pleasure...

both beat SS, untill they can make him hit the walls with the necessary force to break into particles

Kaede: It worked! Now, lets pull him outside!

*they trow SS dust away but... *

Kaede: What! is coming backwards!
Post by: Kroptik on January 14, 2007, 01:56:28 AM
Guard 1: We told you you wouldn't escape. Those aren't just simple steel bars, you know. They have a force shield in the gaps. You won't be able to get anything through it, not even an atom.

Guard 2: And now what do you expect to do with your friend?

Guard 1: That's right. He doesn't have the powers return to normal by himself.

Kaede: Sh*t. They're right...

Guard 3: Guess we'll just need 2 food plates today then.
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on January 14, 2007, 01:57:13 AM
Robot Guard:Brrt,that is correct,human,brrt,we are ready for any trick of yours,brrt

*a gate opens,from it forgotten,falling,cosmic and yaegron appear dizzied*

Dark:You too,guys?

Forgotten:Yes,we were hit by an unknown light then here we are

Cosmic:How curious kroptik isnt here

Falling:Anyway,lets hope he and miss lum find a way to get us out of here
Post by: Kroptik on January 14, 2007, 02:23:13 AM
* Kaede suddendly wakes up *
Kaede: Phew...Guess that was just a dream...

Sand (who regained his human form): What happened?

Kaede: I had a weird dream that Forgotten, Falling, Cosmic and Yaegron were brought in here too.

Dark: That might not have been a simple dream. I think that was a vision.

Kaede: How do you know that?

Dark: Because some guards are coming, and they seem to be carrying someone.

* Sand and Kaede notice four guards dragging two bodies. The bodies seem dead *

Sand: Is that...Forgotten?

Kaede: Looks like it. And the other person is Belldandy, aparently.

Sand: You don't suppose they're...

Dark: Don't think so. Why would they be dragging them there if they were dead?

Kaede: Good point.

* The guards come closer, open the door to the cell and, before anyone inside can do anything, toss the bodies inside and lock the door. *

Sand: Forgotten? Forgotten! (he shakes him up a bit)

Forgotten (waking up): ?? Where the hell am I?

Dark: We wish we knew. You feeling OK?

Forgotten: Yeah, I guess. Where's Belldandy?!?!

Kaede: Right here. She's still unconscious. We better let her rest a bit first. She looks very tired.

Sand: What happened to you?

Forgotten: I'm not too sure. Me and Belldandy were on a date. She said she had to go to the ladies' room. So I just waited outside. But she took so long I started to get worried. I know how women can be in the bathroom, but I was waiting for half an hour. So I went to check on her and found her on the floor, unconscious. Since no one was around, I decided to check her memory flow to see who had done that to her. But before I could, I felt a strong headache, like someone was piercing a dagger through my brain. Before I collapsed, I noticed a guy was in there, but I wasn't able to see who he was.

Sand: What I would give to know who that guy was...

Forgotten: Well...I can check Belldandy's memories. Maybe she saw him.

Dark: No, you can't.

Forgotten: Of course I can. I'm the God of Memories.

Kaede: We know that. But that's not the point. You're completly powerless in here.

Forgotten: What do you mean?

* Sand, Kaede and Dark explain the situation to him *

Just to remind people of the rules:
1- The people locked up won't be able to escape.
2- The people still free will never find out where the locked people are.

Please follow them.
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 14, 2007, 02:45:24 PM
Somewhere in Earth's orbit...

Falling(bored): Ah... crap... since Benten left to her home planet to recover from the war against the Zergs, everyday seems so boring without her...

/me looks around his ship to try and find something to do... He notices a map on his desk

Falling: What's this??? Hmmm... A map of Madeira Island!!! Oh... Yeah... I remember I have a Hotel there... I should check on things there... and if I remember Kroptik lives there to... and Lum... :9

/me arrives at Kroptik's house...

Falling: Man... so this is Kroptik house??? For a prince I was expecting something better...  :P ;D

/me rings the door bell... and Lum opens the door...

Lum: Oh... it's you...

Falling: ehh... Hello... :-\

Lum: Oh... Sorry Sensei I was expecting someone else... please come in... Kroptik get your ass over here we got visits...

Kroptik: Who is it??? Is it Sandstorm or Darkdevil... (He sees Falling)... Ohh... It's only you...

Falling: It seems I'm not welcomed here...

Kroptik: It's not that... its just that Sand, Kaede and Dark, have disappeared and now I can't contact Belldandy and Forgotten... and I'm sure they suffered the same destiny as our other friends...

Falling: Is that so... hmm??? And what about Cosmic???

Suddenly a shadow appears behind Kroptik...

Cosmic: Did someone call???

Kroptik: God damn... Cosmic you almost gave me a hearth attack...

Cosmic: Ah... Sorry... I was observing you on my Oniscreen (Or something)...

Lum/Kroptik: What!!! You are spying our house???

Falling: Don't we all... I mean... Cosmic you're a pervert...

Cosmic: Hehe... sorry... Anyway... what are we going to do about our lost friends???

Falling: I dont no... I just arrived...

Kroptik: Ok... I will explain all to you...

Kroptik and Lum explain the situation to them

Cosmic/Falling: Ohh...

Falling: We should stay together from now on, it seems that they only attack when we are alone...

All: Indeed... your right.

Cosmic: So we stay here until we think up a plan... Any ideas Kroptik???

Kroptik: Let me see if I can come up with a good plan...
Post by: Kroptik on January 14, 2007, 05:29:13 PM
Kroptik: Can't you find them in your Omniscreen, Cosmic?

Cosmic: Probably. But the Omniscreen i in my moon base. Can you guys get there?

Kroptik: Don't worry. I'll take them there.

Cosmic: OK then. (he dissapears)

Kroptik: You guys ready? (Lum and Falling nod) Ok hold on then.
* Kroptik, Falling and Lum teleport to the control room of Cosmic's moon base *

Cosmic: Come guys. I just finished imputting the data. The computer's looking.

Falling: By the way Krop. Since when can you teleport more then one person? I thought that was too hard.

Kroptik: I've been training, that's all.

* Suddendly something appears on the screen *
Kaede's position: Sector 5-8-TIB
SandStorm's position: Sector 5-8-TIB
DarkDevil's position: Sector 5-8-TIB
Forgotten_Lum's position: Sector 5-8-TIB
Belldandy's position: Sector 5-8-TIB

Cosmic: OK now we know where they are and we know they're together. Computer, get me a visual.

Computer: Error. Unable to get an image.

Cosmic: What the..? That's odd.

Falling: Doesn't matter. At least we know where they are.

Kroptik: That's not enough. That sector has about 100 planets. And it's a no-warp zone.

Lum: What's that?

Cosmic: It means we can't warp-jump to it. We'll have to use normal thrusters on our ships to get there. And it's a 1 week journey just to get there.

Kroptik: What are we waiting for then? Let's go. The sooner we start, the sooner we can save the guys.

Cosmic: Let's head out.

Kroptik: We better take our own ships though. Three ships are better then one and we don't know what we might be facing there.

Falling: You're right. Let's go then.

/me teleports back to Earth with Falling and Lum *

Kroptik: Lum, I want you to stay here.

Lum: No way. I'm going with you'tcha.

Kroptik: It's too dangerous. Whoever we're going to face has aready beaten, Sand, Kaede, Dark, Forgotten and Belldandy.

Falling: He's right, you know. It's better if you stay, for your own safety.

* Lum makes a grumpy face but she agrees *

Kroptik: OK then. Where's your ship Falling?

Falling: It's right outside, in the parking lot.

Kroptik: OK then see ya in space. (Falling leaves) Take care, Lum. (he kisses her)

Lum: You take care. Don't die out there.

Kroptik: I won't, promise. (he heads to the roof, where his ship is. He gets in and turns it on, leaving immediately)

Cosmic (apperaing in Falling and Kroptik's monitors): OK guys, lets move.
Post by: Cosmic King on January 14, 2007, 06:43:41 PM
Cosmic:Lets see if we can have access 2 da area,activate yer surveilance cameras in da ships,remember we wont have a welcoming comitee

*the travel begins*

I am curious what is da puprpose of da others being kidnapped,yesterday i was ambushed by some drones but after i deal with em they just commited suicide

Falling:As one of the agents that ambushed me in da Hotel

Kroptik:Odd indeed

Cosmic:Hey,look there seems that something is in fron of us

*a big droid appears*

??:You arent allowed to pass this spaceway without inspection

Falling:Who da hell r u?

??:I am the Mega Organism Designed Only for Computing or MODOC Mark VI,i am a space sentinel created by the Tecasian empire 2 make sure space pirates or beings like Ares or Galactus enter,now i must inspect u r not evil-doers (scans them)


Status:Tecasian Ruler-No criminal status


Name:Samuel Blitzkrieg a.k.a. Falling Star
Status:Race Unknown-Under protection of Luck Gods planet


Name:Cosmic King
Race:Human-Habitant of Blue Area of the Moon

Very good,u have earned free access to the Mach-2 Spaceway,it aint so quick but it may guide ya 2 yer destiny

Cosmic:Thanx,MODOC Mark VI

*the 3 warriors continue their star trek*
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 14, 2007, 06:54:38 PM
Offtopic: Since we're not waiting a week I'll make us get there faster...

Falling: Yo... guys... I forgot to tell you we can get there fast without using warp speed...

Kroptik/Cosmic: How???

Falling: Don't forget that my ship its the SMS Interceptor a Hipper Class Cruiser... It can open a Quantic portal and get us there in no time...

Kroptik/Cosmic: Ok... Lets do it...

Falling: Ok... 3, 2, 1, 0

A portal opens and our brave warriors cross it into the unknown...
Post by: Kroptik on January 14, 2007, 07:17:12 PM
* The ships appear on the other side of the portal after 10 minutes *

Kroptik: Wait a second. This isn't sector 5-8-TIB.

Cosmic: I think you screwed something in those control Falling.

* There's no response *

Kroptik: Falling?

Cosmic: Where is that guy?

* Kroptik and Cosmic look outside. Falling's ship is nowhere to be found *

Kroptik: Oh my god! You don't suppose he was caught by our enemies?

Cosmic: Guess so. Let me check. Computer! Map me Falling_Star's position.

Computer: Falling_Star's position:Sector 5-8-TIB. Unable to get a visual.

Cosmic: Guess it's just the two of us Kroptik. At least we're closer. Just two days and we can get there.

Kroptik: Roger that.

* A few hours later, the emprisioned warriors start to wake up *

Forgotten: I don't remember falling asleep.

Kaede: Me neither. Maybe they putted something on our food last night.

Sand: Speaking of "falling" asleep, look who's here.

* Everyone notices Falling *

Falling: Hi guys.

Dark. Oh my devil. Not you too.

Falling: Guess so. Can we get out of here now?

Sand: We can't. No one has powers in here.

Kaede: Do you remember who did this to you?

Falling: No. I was ambushed from my back. Didn't see the guy.

Sand: Damn. We need to get out of here and kill that guy, whoever he is.

Guard 2: Be quiet, you guys.

UY Warriros: ZIP IT!
Post by: Cosmic King on January 14, 2007, 07:27:37 PM
Cosmic:It is obvious we were followed,kroptik

Kroptik:Maybe thats why falling fell

Cosmic:Ok,kropman.i have a plan,i want ya 2 jump out of yer ship then take da space bike,i am gonna take out these punks

Kroptik:Dont be foolish,we have 2 enter together

*cosmic shuts down kroptik mind,then telekinetically sends him out of da ship and into da bike*

Cosmic:If ya perish,somebody may cry and i wont like 2 see her cry(to unknown being)i knew u were invisible in da ship,punk,well,it is time we heat da enviroment (activates self-destruct) i am taking ya and yer other pal in krop's ship with me

Being:Wait nooo!!!

Cosmic:It is time to "rock the planet"

*cosmic crashes his ship with kroptik's ship,killing da invisble assasin;cosmic's ship explodes as a supernova*
Post by: Kroptik on January 14, 2007, 08:02:56 PM
* A whole day as passed since Falling has been caught and brought into the cell with the other UY warriors *

Falling: So I see we can't escape without our powers. And we can't get our powers back until we destroy that device. And we can't destroy it without our powers.

Sand: Anyone have any ideas?

* Everyone hears a sound coming from the door, and when they look they see Cosmic being tossed inside the cell and the door closing *

Falling: Sh*t! Cosmic wake up.

Belldandy: He looks very tired. We should let him rest a bit.

Falling: No time. We need to find out what happened. WAKE UP COSMIC! (he shakes him for a minute before he wakes up)

Cosmic: What happened?

Sand: That's what we want to know. What happened to you?

* Cosmic tells them the last things he remember *

Kaede: Now what are we gonna do?

Cosmic: Guess we'll have to wait until Kroptik. gets here.

Gaurd 1: That won't be necessary, human.

Dark: You got him too?

/me appears outside of the cell, with no guards carrying him *[/color]
Kroptik: Sorry to disappoint you, Dark, but I wasn't caught.

Everyone: WHAT?!?!

Kroptik: You see, I was the one who have been catching you guys, one by one. It wasn't easy, it took a lot of planning.

Cosmic: But...But...But there was a guy in your spaceship when I crashed into it.

Kroptik: Of course there was. A clone.

Cosmic: And I made you unconscious before crashing.

Kroptik: Cosmic, Cosmic, Cosmic. My powers have grown a lot thanks to the emprisonments of you guys. And I must thank you, Cosmic. I admit I was a bit restless about fighting you. You made it so much easier for me.

Cosmic: Why you little...

Kroptik: Now now. No need to get angry. But I understand you guys. I would be angry too if this happened to me.

Sand: And how long are you going to hold us here?

Kroptik: Maybe an hour, maybe a day, maybe a year... Who knows?

* Kroptik laughs and leaves the scene *

Cosmic: If we get out of here, he's dead meat.

* All the others nod, stunning and angry by the revelation *
Post by: Cosmic King on January 14, 2007, 08:15:09 PM
Cosmic:Damn,kroptik,thats why he seemed so relaxed,i bet he was da one that beat Dark and sent him here,and this cell is made especially against our powers,anyways,i think that luck is on our side,just you wait
Post by: SandStorm on January 14, 2007, 08:26:16 PM
Sand: Or this dude isn't him, but one evil twin brother, clone, or similar...
Post by: Cosmic King on January 14, 2007, 08:47:40 PM

Cosmic:Whatever he is up to,we will see in due time
Post by: SandStorm on January 14, 2007, 08:53:00 PM
Sand: The final countdown is set, revenge will be hard...

Post by: Kroptik on January 14, 2007, 08:58:32 PM
Guard 1: Can't you guys be quiet? You're starting to give me a headache.

Cosmic: No we can't. Now shut up. We're scheming.

Guard 3: Oh well. OK then, scheme away. Like it will do you any good.
* The guard presses a button in the wall, and an anti-sound glass comes down, vlocking the sound between the UY warriors and the guards *
Post by: Cosmic King on January 14, 2007, 09:05:39 PM
Cosmic:No,they wont hear us,good,cuz i reserved one trick in case of been trapped (concentrates)

*Kroptik is dreaming in his private room,suddenly a image appears in his dream*


Kroptik:Who are you?!?

??:Oh,you know me,kroptik,i am da combined mind of da other warriors,i just need one bolt 2 melt yer brain unless i receive some answers

*traps kroptik mind with mental chains*

No matter how powerful u r,u will only doom yerself,give up,yer cell served 2 stop physical moves but mental ones trascend existence,i shall depart till u answer
Post by: Kroptik on January 14, 2007, 09:56:13 PM
* Suddendly Kroptik starts laughing *

??: You must be pretty weird to laugh in a situation like this. Now tell me the answers I want or die.

Kroptik: Sorry to disappoint you, but you won't get anything. Now begone.
/me breaks the mental chains and repels the intruder from his mind. In te cell, Cosmic opens his eyes. Everyone is looking at him *[/color]

Cosmic: Impossible. No one has ever been able to resist this.

Kaede: What happened?

* Suddendly the anti-sound mirror starts going up again, and Kroptik appears *

Kroptik: Sorry to disappoint you, Cosmic. But you won't be able to face me with those powers.

Cosmic: How did you know it was me?

Kroptik: I sensed it was you. You really thought you could affect me that easily? I hold all your powers. All of them. Even dormant powers none of yu knew you had. I have them and can use them at my will. Now don't you dare try that again or it'll be the last time. (adressing one of the guards) Increase the sucker's power. I have something to do now. (he leaves the scene)

Guard 1: Yes, Prince.
* He activates a switch on the wall. The UY warriors all start feeling weaker *

Falling: Now what do we do?

Cosmic: There's nothing we can do, but wait.
Post by: SandStorm on January 14, 2007, 10:32:58 PM
Sand: I sense Lum doesn't know nothing about this...
Falling, whats about your ninja friend? Did u saw her soon?

Falling: Why you ask? I saw her 2 weeks ago...

Sand: Is just to pass time, at least we speak and don't look to the walls as dumb persons.

Dark: I miss Lum lap... Now i am a sad cat...
Post by: Cosmic King on January 15, 2007, 03:18:03 AM
Note:The Following is an telepathic conversation

Cosmic:(grinning)Kroptik,yer powers evolved,but not yer intuition

Kroptik:What do ya mean?

Cosmic:Remember dm1?


Cosmic:My astral force when entered yer brain just planted a seed,one that i can activate at will

*kroptik suddenly falls agonyzing and drooling,accidentally kills da guards*

the more this device sucks powers,the more u will agonize


Cosmic:Even if what u need is saving da world,u could have told us and saving all this charade

*kroptik cant endure anymore*


*A robot appears,installs a device in kroptik chest,it slowly heals kropman,he sleeps*

X:This euthano-shocker shall relieve ya,sire kroptik

Cosmic:Damn,i taxed out all my powers on kroptik and i am not unable 4 another trick see this is 4 da best...guys

Falling:Yet,why do ya back-stab us,kropman? this has never been yer style

Kroptik:You'll see,blitz-sensei

*kroptik is taken 2 da infirmary;meanwhile on earth*

Lum:Hope the guys find soon who kidnapped the others,when they return i am gonna giive em a feast


Off Topic:

Had my vengeance and still yer fic is unharmed,kropman
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 15, 2007, 10:08:00 AM
Falling: Man... this is embarrassing... Kroptik's gone pay... Oh... yes he will... for this... treason...


Falling: My nation will give me the strength to destroy him...

Dark: Eh... can someone shut him up...

Falling: Hehe... sorry... :@ I will calm down eventually... }:|
Post by: SandStorm on January 15, 2007, 05:54:18 PM
While the guys keep talking, Sand nearly falls asleep... But then...

Sand: (with bass and doubled voice) The punishment day is set, the traitors will be murdered in the next full moon by one unknown force from one stranger, the stars will be red, the air will be burning, the water will be venomous...

SS end up unconscious, but then, one strange aura of energy surrounds him

Falling: Whoa, whats that?!

Dark: He had one vision...
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 15, 2007, 07:24:01 PM
Falling: He had a vision??? Man... he should stop smoking that stuff... or he could end up blind... LoL
Post by: DarkDevil on January 15, 2007, 07:49:42 PM
Dark: Don't worry he's already doommed.
/me falls
Dark: I'm getting weaker.
Post by: SandStorm on January 15, 2007, 07:54:55 PM
Kaede: As far as I know, Sand doesn't smoke. This might be serious, maybe his visions will lead us to one key.
Also, it was supposed for us to loose powers, so, why he have that lighting orange aura around him?

Dark: Hate, I sense, past is present... Unconsciously he is leaving his body and his soul will be worse than a beast, once he revenge from Kroptik breaking the agreed they had months ago... thats what i capt from that aura.

Kaede: The agreement, yes, we did one agreement with Kroptik. We promised to not touch each other.

Dark: As far as i know from him, Sand doesn't support when one promise is broke, especially is someone else turns to be a traitor... Hard revenge he will want, he'll pursuit him when he can...

Suddenly one explosion happens! SS is waken, but have energy surrounding him, have now the same red and gold armor he used to combat ares, and his lift in the air


*SS created 2 orange arches in the air, they are flaming *

Cosmic: He've got now the power of fire...

Forgotten: But how can he have it, if the device is supposed to drain powers?

Dark: It only drains the magical powers... But i am surprised how he can now coexist the earth powers that bring him his name, and the person we knew until now, with the power of fire.
That is not power, that is his soul, and our souls can't be stopped.
Post by: DarkDevil on January 15, 2007, 09:31:42 PM
Dark: Something is stinking up the field!
Cherry: My Lunch is ready!
Post by: SandStorm on January 15, 2007, 10:49:42 PM
I expected more from you, kitty :P
Post by: DarkDevil on January 15, 2007, 11:28:17 PM
Offtopic: I don't have imagination. I prefer to stick to UY edisodes.
Post by: SandStorm on January 15, 2007, 11:40:03 PM
Ok mate, but don't put you down by saying that, you can gain imagination from somewhere ;)
Post by: DarkDevil on January 15, 2007, 11:45:00 PM
Offtopic: I'll try, SS.
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 16, 2007, 02:16:08 AM
Offtopic:  Shut the hell up  :X Hahahaha
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on January 16, 2007, 02:21:11 AM
Kaede:It seems the stealing device is getting overloaded,thats why sand could recover some power,it is possible we recover all our might soon,but still i dunno how we are gonna break this cell
Post by: SandStorm on January 16, 2007, 03:16:49 AM
Sand: (after returning to normal status) Kaede, your ring have one diamond, isn't it?

Kaede: Yep, whats your idea?

Cosmic: diamond cut glass.

Falling: But the diamond in the ring is very small, and she'll end up with one damaged ring.

Kaede: Since it is to help us, I won't mind!

Sand: Shall go on?

Team: ok

After nearly 3h cutting glass, the UY warriors finally did one small hole, allowing access to the interior

Forgotten: Is very small. What could enter there?

Sand: Water! Fill it up with water! and shake.

They fill the device with water, and Sand managed to grab small portions of rock, to add there.
after a while of shacking, and using it as ball, the device finally stopped working and the warriors gained forces

Sand: Thanks Kaede. I know this ring was special to you. I'll get you one new ring. (hugs her)

Post by: Kroptik on January 16, 2007, 11:47:47 AM
* Suddendly Kroptik appears and presses a button on the wall. The UY Warriors fell their powers return to them. Kroptik then presses another button and the cell door opens *

Sand: You've got a lot of explaining to do! What's this all about? Is this another trick?

Kroptik: Hang on, Sand. I know all of you want to get on my throat, but at least let me explain. But please follow me first.

* The UY warriors follow Kroptik to a room full of comfortable-looking chairs and couches *

Kroptik: Please have a seat. (they all do) I know what I did was wrong. But I had a reason to do all that.

Cosmic: We're waiting.

Falling: And  this better be good.

Kroptik: Very well. As all of you know, I'm in love with Lum. And I want to be able to propose. But, according to human and Oni traditions, the groom must get the permission of the bride's parents before he can propose.
Well, this all started after the war with the Zerg. I thought that would be a good time to do it. So I met with Mr. Invader and told him that I wanted to marry Lum. But he said he needed a favor done if he was to grant me his blessing.
There's a powerful being in this sector called the Ablominator. This being is so powerful that even if we were to fight it together, we would lose.
Obviously, I had no chance on my own. But Mr. Invader said he had a way to make me more powerful. The Oni had developed a device capable of sucking the power of whoever came within it's effect radius. This device, as you already know, was also able to redirect that power to someone else.
And so Mr. Invader said he would install it in this planet and that I could use it at will. And that's my explination. I'm sorry I did this to all of you.

Cosmic: But if we couldn't beat it together, how could you beat it yourself, even with our powers?

Kroptik: The device had another attribute. The angrier the person was with the power's receiver, the stronger that power would be. That's why I couldn't tell you what I was doing and just ask for your power. It wouldn't be enough.

Kaede: Well then, what made you change your mind?

Kroptik: I saw how you guys were inside the cell. I never felt comfortable with locking you up and stealing your powers, trust me.
I understand if you guys don't want to forgive me, but I swear I'll make it up to you. Let me start by taking you guys back to Earth. Just follow my guards. Guards, take them to my ship.

Guard 1: Yes , sir.

Kroptik: Sand, let me talk with you in private first.

Sand: What is it?

Kroptik: I saw what Kaede did for all of you and I heard your promise. I want you to have this. (he gives Sand a ring with a huge encrusted diamond) The ring itself is made from Plotakus, so it will never break. And that diamond isn't like the Earth ones. It's a Tecasian diamond, which looks the same as the Earth's ones, but is considered a valuable stone all over the known universe.

Sand: Are you sure about this? This thing must be pretty expensive.

Kroptik: Keep it. It was going to be my wedding ring for Lum, but since we're not getting married anytime soon... Anyway, it's an apology for breaking a promise. I don't want to see you break the one you made to Kaede.

* They both head to Kroptik's spaceship *

Kroptik: By the way, Cosmic, Falling. Your ships are already back to their places so no need to worry about them. And I want to ask everyone a favor: please don't tell Lum about this. I'll find a way to get Mr. Invader to give me his blessing.

* Kroptik commands the crew to activate the thrusters and set coordenates for Earth *
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 16, 2007, 01:31:49 PM
*upon arrival to earth*

Falling: well that was a big waste of time

Forgotten: oh well we had nothing better to do, at least it turned out for the best in the end, right Belldandy

Belldandy: right

Kroptik: I'm truely sorry about this...

Forgotten: enough already, we heard you the first thousand time on the way back, this is even worse than being locked up, oh ya Kroptik, here...

*throws a disk at Kroptik*

Kroptik:  Whats this?

Forgotten: The Ablominator has one major weakness, he over thinks everything, why do you think he has been quiet all this time, that disk contains a formula that is virtually impossible to sovle, it will actually overload his brain

Kroptik: Thanks, how can I ever repay you

Forgotten: Consider it my wedding gift, I'm terrible when it comes to buying presents, see ya later, I better get an invitation to the wedding

Kroptik: consider it already mailed

Forgotten: shall we go Belldandy

Belldandy: okay

Forgotten: Bye everyone

END OF FANFIC(no idea what number we are on)
in next one, kroptik's and lum's wedding
I believe Kroptik should start the next one
Post by: DarkDevil on January 16, 2007, 02:11:37 PM
Kroptik:It's a good thing you've gotten rid of Dark.
Kaede: But we didn't!
Sand: So... Where is he?
/me another part, Lum is seated and watching Dark eating
Dark: So that's all the story, I've been soffering all this journey. No One Loves this Demonic Cat.
Lum: That's a lie!
/me  holds Dark
Lum: I like you'cha... And Ten likes you too.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 16, 2007, 02:56:38 PM
Offtopic: it seems that i'm not the only one who is forgotten hehe
Post by: DarkDevil on January 16, 2007, 05:02:51 PM
Offtopic: I know, but you're not the imortal "Grim Reaper" and other things that have been forgotten.  :'(*snif*:'( So many Titles and they've all been forgotten.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 16, 2007, 06:26:25 PM
Offtopic: hahahahahaha
Post by: Cosmic King on January 16, 2007, 08:01:12 PM

*Kropman is entering his  suite,3 days till doomsday..opps,wedding,he serves some champagne in one cup,he is admiring the starry sky,suddenly from the air ducts,it is knockout gas,Kroptik fights against it but falls asleep,next day the warriors are at Moroboshi house seeing some movies and planning*

Forgotten:Yo,guys,krop is getting married,i propose a bachelor party

Sand:Excellent,i shall bring some snacks

Falling:I shall bring music

Cosmic:The booze is gonna be my cooperation

Forgotten:and i shall bring some "entertainment"

Ataru:I cant wait more till dat day

Ataru's mom:Ataru,u received a little pack

Ataru:Lets see (opens it)hey this is just a jack-in-the-box....with a machine gun!!!! (starts shooting,forgotten destroys da toy,a message emerges)

Cosmic:It says "ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES KROPTIK A DULL BOY" and some address,guys

Falling:i bet this is a kropman joke but lets go

*arrive,it is agigantic warehouse,they enter,there is a ps2 installed in one room*

Sand:Mmm,here it says "Resident Evil 5: Kroptik endagered"

*a voice appears*

??:Dats right,folks,here is yer chance 2 prove yer skills by saving Kroptik from a horde of zombies,u have just one continue

*the tv turns on,revealing kroptik chained and some zombies approaching*

Forgotten:Lemme try (grabs controller and plays da game,successfully kills da zombies;kroptik dissapears from da screen and reappears in a capsule in real life)

Cosmic:You ok,kroptik?

Kroptik:Dizzy but unharmed

*suddenly the floor dissapears,the warriors fall into some kind of circus carp*

Sand:Ok,where is here?

??:(thru megaphone) Welcome,kids

Kroptik:(shouting and angry)WHERE THE F@#K IS HERE? WHO R U?!?

??:Temper,temper,my friend,that is no way to spend yer day at the amusement park,call me Jester and this is Murderland,are you ready for a fun-filled day at da park?

Cosmic:What do ya want from us,jester?

Jester:Just want ya 2 have fun at my huge park as yer friends here (shows oyuki,benten,lum,shinobu,ryunosuke,mendo and da stormtroopers tied)

Kroptik:You animal

Jester:To get to them u must enter da Fun House,but u may need 6 golden tickets 2 enter,lets begin da festivities then with some Circus of Chaos (several robots resembling circus people along with monsters arrive 2 attack da warriors)

Forgotten:(cracks knuckles)Lets start then
Post by: SandStorm on January 17, 2007, 01:00:05 AM

/me destroy several robots with one radioactive sandball explosion *


* Cosmic evaporate the remaining robots *

Forgotten: the robots were easy, now, the monsters maybe give more action!

* The warriors start fighting fiercely with the monsters *
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 17, 2007, 01:43:22 AM
Falling: Ah... crap... I hate the circus... anyway I recognise this kind of trap... robots and monsters... underground base... hmm??? Now I remember... Yo Jester answer me one question Are you working for Dr. Strangelove???
Post by: Cosmic King on January 17, 2007, 02:27:34 AM
Jester:I know no doctor but i assure u r gonna see one..a coroner!!! time for some fireworks (activates several nuclear missiles)

*da warriors try 2 evade'em*

Cosmic:Guys,i bet those missiles are heat trackers (creates a fire ball,the missiles attack it)

Sand:Show's over,jester (impales'im with a sand spear,then realizes he got a robot)

Jester:You break it,you pay it,pal,i am safe at the bottom of Fun House,u hav earned 1 gold ticket,and ya need 6 so why dont ya hav some fun at Murderland (activates a door for the main Murderland)

Forgotten:Ok,lets go (warriors enter murderland,they r ambushed by several droids)

Cyborg Clown:LETS PLAY!!!

Falling:(with an energy bursting hand)Ok,hope u know to play rough

*da warriors dispatch da cyborgs and enter a silver building*

Jester:(thru surveilance camera) Hi,kids,i give to you one of the best games on murderland as most people that tried it enjoyed it...may all of them rest in peace,i give you...PINBALL!!!

*The warriors appear trapped in a gigantic pinball game*

Kroptik:This too bizarre

Jester:And because i run a fair game,all ya need 2 win is....1,000,000,000 points


Jester:Get set,get ready,Go!!! (activates the game,a giant titanium ball is gonna crush da heroes)
Post by: SandStorm on January 17, 2007, 02:35:46 AM
Sand: Sh*t, is comming this way! MARENOSTRUM!

* The ball rolled in the sand sea and changed route *

Kroptik: At least that...

Jester: hahaha, it just begun, lets speed the things over!

*Jester hit the speedometer and the ball is twice as faster *
Post by: Cosmic King on January 17, 2007, 02:49:35 AM
Jester:And remember there is a "shocking" surprise 4 ya

*da ball hits Dark into one corner,dark gets electrocuted*

Cosmic:Poor cat-man

Kroptik:Ok,lets be careful

Sand:How r we supposed 2 gain all da points?
Post by: SandStorm on January 17, 2007, 02:57:04 AM
Jester: no, no, no, i won't tell you, my friend, then, it isn't fun anymore! Run! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Kroptik: We'll know my exploring the pinball table, beware of the flips and indicators, WHOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAHHHHHHHHHH

*Kroptik is hit by one hidden flip, and enters the gloom's saucer tunnel *

Sand: Look! Kropman did 200 points!

Post by: Cosmic King on January 17, 2007, 03:05:24 AM
Cosmic:So we need 2 enter da tunnel for more points

Jester:Right,pardner,and to show ya that u can have more points,here are some staggering guests 4 ya (appear cyborg recreations of Ares,Yasumi,Satanus,Strangelove's Mutants and else;there are appearing more giant balls after da warriors)have fun,kids

Cosmic:Galactic Bang (destroys Satanus robot)

Announcer:1230 Points

Forgotten:Let us start this game then
Post by: SandStorm on January 17, 2007, 03:53:01 AM
Sand: Sandstar attack! (evaporates 2 yasumi robots)

Sand: at this rhythm we'll never end!

Dark is hit by another ball, collide with one flipper and enter the magmatus house, reaching bonus, and leaving the house in the other side of the table, being hit by kroptik head, and entering the vacuum blackhole, disappearing from sight

Announcement: 6500 points
Post by: Kroptik on January 17, 2007, 03:05:30 PM
Kroptik: This is going to take way too long.

Cosmic: We're open to suggestions here.

Kroptik: OK then, gimme a minute.
/me breaks a hole in the floor and falls through it *

Jester: Running away and leaving your friends, eh? I like that.

* After a while *

Announcer: 1 bilion points scored. You win.
/me appears from the hole *

Sand: How the heck did you do that?

Kroptik: You know, cross a few wires here and there...

Jester: But that's cheating!

Kroptik: Is it? I don't remember hearing there were rules. All you said was for us to reach 1 bilion points. And there it is. Now where's the next ticket? I'm starting to like this carnival.

Jester: Very well. But you still need 4 more tickets.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 17, 2007, 04:12:17 PM
Offtopic: its actually a lot harder to cheat in a pinball game than just crossing a few wires, believe me i had one that i was trying to fix, there are so many wires
Post by: Cosmic King on January 17, 2007, 07:01:27 PM
Jester:But before u leave pinball,is time u get ready for Multiball (titanium balls begin falling everywhere and exploding,the warriors take da ticket and escape from dat area)

Cosmic:Ok,that was close

Sand:Lets try that Orange building

Falling:Damn,the door is stuck and it is made of yer tecasian metal + supremium,it wont open unless we have some password or key

Forgotten:here are 4 hammers and 4 strenght testers,how about we hit'em? maybe it'd work

Kroptik:Ok,lets try it (Hit'em,da door opens)ok,lets see what is in here?

Cosmic:Looks like a maze

Jester:Howdy,kids,time 2 test yer wisdom in the "Minotaur's Maze",u gotta pass this maze and face the riddles,lets just say this fun you just die 2 have,hahahahahahaha

Dark:Damn weirdo

*the warriors cross the maze,suddenly the path is broken and a Robotic Minotaur appears*

Minotaur:You cant pass unless u give an answer 2 these riddles,fail and u will receive an antimatter shockwave and fight some monsters,ready?

Kroptik:Of course we are

Minotaur:What is Joan of Arc made of?



Kroptik:She was maid of orleans

Minotaur:Correct,lets carry on,What room can no one enter?

Sand:A young miss room

Minotaur:WRONG!! (shocks Sand and summons some monsters;the warriors fight back)any one else?

Dark:The answer is mushroom

Minotaur:Correct,How do you divide seventeen apples among sixteen people?

Dark:You eat one apple in secret,then give da others

Minotaur:WRONG (shocks him and summons monsters;warriors kill em)someone else?

Sand:(muttering)hmm,16 apples and 17 people(normal)You make applesauce

Minotaur:Good,lets carry on,How much dirt is in a hole 3 acres square and 200 feet deep?


Forgotten:None,because it is a hole

Minotaur:Excellent,What is it that no man wants to have but no man wants to lose?


Forgotten:lemme think about it

Falling:i know da answer,it is a lawsuit

Minotaur:Good,final one,What do bells, curtains, twins and hair have in common?

Falling:Ok,that is hard,cosmic?

Cosmic:bells ring out, curtains ring down, twins are perfect ringers, hair comes in ringlets

Minotaur:Correct,you may pass(creates a bridge 2 enter phase 2)

Falling:Looks da same but there are several planes tryng 2 shoot us and the path changes its form,i suggest we run (pass some traps,find a door and 3 keys)

Kroptik:The Keys are labeled A,C,D

Forgotten:Lets choose C,i always chose C in my exams,it is something i trust (inserts the C key in da door)

Minotaur:Correct,In music,the C key has no sharps,as A key has 3 and D key has 2,u may pass (opens da door)

Sand:Phew,i we had chosen A or D,i am sure some giant shurikens would have appeared,thanks,forgoten-san

Forgotten:You are welcome,lets enter da next area

*phase 3 is infested of monsters,enemy planes and floor traps;the warriors seem 2 not find da way out*

Sand:MANEROSTRUM!! (destroys da monsters and seal some traps)

Kroptik:Lets get moving (arrive at a Temple,they see Minotaur with a flaming sword,he is about 2 impale Mendo and Shinobu)

Minotaur:You guys impress me,time for a last riddle,u just have one chance,fail it and yer friends die as u get an overload of antimatter,ready?

Cosmic:You know we are

Minotaur:Here it is,I have millions of eyes,yet i live in darkness.I have millions of ears,yet only four lobes.I have no muscles,yet i rule 2 continents,what am i?

Falling:Tough one...


Cosmic:Need 2 think it...

Dark:I know i heard it somewhere...

Forgotten:Dont look at me,i forgot to answer riddles a while ago

Minotaur:Time is running out

Kroptik:Err...the answer is...

(suspense silence)

Minotaur:Go on (falling shouts before kroptik does)

Falling:The answer is HUMAN BRAIN!!! the brain has 4 lobes and 2 hemispheres as well as millions of optic and hearing nerves

Minotaur:That is correct,u have earned the Golden Ticket (unties Mendo and Shinobu,opens a gate out of the maze)

Cosmic:Lets get out (grab shinobu and mendo;warriors escape da maze)
Falling:(to kroptik) sorry for interrupting yer answer,but we needed 2 finish

Kroptik:No problem

Sand:Dont wanna be a killjoy,but we must get 2 da other area of murderland

Cosmic:Ok,lets go
Post by: SandStorm on January 18, 2007, 03:25:55 AM
Once our brave warriors arrive to the next area of murderland, Two enormous rooten wood gates open, making one irritating noise

Jester: Welcome to the Roller Crusher of Death!

The gates close behind the warriors, and one buzzing noise, accompained by one strong fog light is shown

Kroptic: Sh*t, we are in the rails, and this looks like one tunnel!

Jester: This is just the deathly speed you always wanted to have, HAHAHAHA!

The roller coaster start to run, the warriors are the target. Can they survive this speedy deathly danger?

Falling: there's light over there, RUN!

They start running, but are collected by the coaster. Speed is hallucinating, but the light his... Fire!

Sand: Damn, anyone have one fire nullify towel? TERRACUORE MAXIMA!

They cross the firing tunnel, while Sand's attack cover the fire, petrifying in the tunnel walls, then, once they pass it, cutting blades are crossing down the roof, while they are about at 300km\h, with the coaster rear almost derailing
Post by: Cosmic King on January 18, 2007, 03:44:05 AM
Jester:Time 2 put yer feet on earth (magnetizes the warriors feet 2 da rails,activate the ultra speed ,da warriors get moved a lot while from da rail emerges thousands of machine guns and rocket launchers shoot at them)

Cosmic:Damn,we r stuck (warriors try 2 evade da gunfire)

Forgotten:Guys,look a dead end (the railway is gonna be broken in 45 feet,at da end of the way is a super plasma cannon that shoots vertically able 2 fry da warriors)

Kroptik:Finally i freed my feet (uses his magic 2 free da others)

Falling:Time we stop da cannon...ATLAS BOMBER!!

Cosmic:...GALAXY BANG!!

Dark:...VENGEANCE BURST!! (it mixes and destroys da cannon before it turns on,da warriors fall in some kind of roller coaster wagon in another roller coaster)

Jester:I see you kids love speed,time 2 answer 2 yer request,i present ya Roller Crusher 2.0 :Speeding Destruction,have fun (activates a far more dangerous roller coaster with broken rails,explosive areas,flying cutting blades,sudden guillotines,super laser beams,crushing walls,etc all of this at 2000 km/h)

Sand:Uff,it is kinda hard evade this improved roller coaster
Post by: SandStorm on January 18, 2007, 04:05:35 AM
Dark: Well... goodbye ataru, i'll wait your soul in hell and do you one nice welcome...

DarlDevil kick out Ataru from the coaster, then, he's the new target for the guns, blades, walls.
Meanwhile, the coaster crash, but forgotten_lum was able to jump in time, grabbing one horizontal pole, and the warriors grabbed each other, doing one human cord

Falling: That was close kids, we've gained access to the next ticket!

Jester: Very well... you are hard bone to bite... But this doesn't end here!
Get ready for the next amusement, in the upper floor!

One cord falls from the roof, and the warriors need to climb over it, to see the next challenge
Post by: Cosmic King on January 18, 2007, 04:19:07 AM
*the cord makes access 2 a blue house*

Jester:Hi,kids,time 2 enter the Mirror Nightmare House,hope yer image doesnt scare ya (opens da door)

Forgotten:Indeed i knew there was gonna be a mirror house

Kroptik:Btw,i guess ataru survived,look below (ataru is knocked out but still alive)

Dark:Damn it...lets enter the mirror house then (enter,there is a hall filled of mirrors)i dont get it,there r just bizarre images of us in those crystals (from da "Fat image" crystal emerges a fat clone of Dark)ok,now i get it

Sand:Come here,kitty kitty (grabs fake dark,and snaps its neck)man,i felt good (from all da mirrors emerge evil clones of da warriors)

Cosmic:Well,back in dm1 we killed ourselves,this is just like it (uses a beam blast that destroys evil forgotten and evil dark 2)there r tons of them,time 2 "rock the planet"

Forgotten/Sand/Dark/Falling/Kroptik:Lets rock'n roll (carnage starts as da warriors slaughter da evil clones,but the enemies numbers begin increasing)
Post by: SandStorm on January 18, 2007, 04:30:15 AM
Sand: haha! time to kick some ass! SANDSTAR ATTACK!

* the attack destroy several cones, but, is being reflected by the mirrors, putting the warriors in danger, and end up putting kroptik pants in fire *

Sand: Sorry 'bout that kropman, i didn't knew this reflected our attacks...

Falling: Bare hands needed...

Cosmic: Or one precise shoot in the head! (blast one celestial cannon to one evil clone head)

You know guys, perfect shots make life easier...

Dark: CAT POWA! (Dark star slicing up heads with his claws, making one bloody sausage carnage with the victims intestines)

Sand: (creates swords from his own arms) CARNAAAAAGE!

Falling: Guys, we need to break the mirrors, or we'll never be able to stop them!

Forgotten: breaking my a55, there's one passage other there!
Post by: Cosmic King on January 18, 2007, 04:37:35 AM
Cosmic:Ok,lets break da damn mirrors (da warriors break em)

Jester:Kids,kids,kids,if u break it,u pay it,i hope u r ready 2 dance cuz soon you are gonna be as dead as disco (from da mirrors emerge various laser beams with desintegrator power,it also creates a small enhanced army of evil UY warriors)meet my little army:

-Meteorite (falling star evil clone)

-Terra Thunder (sandstorm evil clone)

-Stellar Lord (cosmic evil clone)

-Kitpork (kroptik evil clone)

-Vanisher of Memories (forgotten evil clone)

-Black Daemon (darkdevil evil clone)

now lets see what u can do
Post by: SandStorm on January 18, 2007, 04:50:46 AM
Kroptik: Damn, 6 against 60!

Sand: nothing to fear... *Create his own army of clones* Now, equal to equal, i always like one fair fight.

Cosmic: GALACTING BIGBANG! *one energy wave stabs stellar lord *

Dark: here we go again... PUSSY COTTON ATTACK! *amount of dark energy surround the place, cotton touch, venous feeling... only the black daemon falls...

Sand: SS army, CHARGE! *While SS do the moves and attacks, the SS clone army, repeat the master lead *

Terra Thunder: Not that easy pall. EARTHQUAKE! *The place start shacking, craters open in the floor, everyone is in danger to fall, and being consumed by the magma that's running downside the place.

Sand: Stupid jacka55, i've got the counter attack to that! MARENOSTRUM ULTIMA! *The craters got filled with sand, denying kroptik fall, and stucking some clones. *

Meanwhile, forgotten and vanisher of memories are fighting each other, memories are being mixed and drained from both

Post by: Cosmic King on January 18, 2007, 05:08:51 AM
*kroptik launches Kitpork in da laser path,it creates a backlash that kills da kroptik clones*

Kroptik:Ok,i found a way 2 nullify em,lets launch these suckers against da lasers (da warriors grab da clones and launch em 2 da laser mirrors,the cloning and laser device explodes)

Cosmic:Ok,that wraps it up

Jester:I'd not bet on that (some floor parts fall,revealing pits with lava and some spikes)u better run ,slowpokes (activates a slow motion ray on the warriors,they seem not able 2 escape when..ataru arrives <since he wasnt victim of the slow motion>he can move normal,he grabs da warriors 2 safety,the ray effect vanishes)


Ataru:No need 4 it,man,i will be ok once i have some girls cuddling me

Jester:Time 2 end da mirror house tour with some fireworks (starts self-destruct of the mirror house,warriors and ataru grab da gold ticketat da end and escape)

Falling:Just 1 more ticket 2 enter da Fun House and save our friends

Cosmic:Hey,guys,look at dat huge claw machine


Forgotten:It is full of toys but i sense a life force on it (inserts a coin 2 try 2 catch da person inside )kinda hard,but here i got it

*rescues da prisoner that looks like an afroamerican detective*


??:Somebody better answer what is happening to this motherf--(gets interrupted by sand)

Sand:Wait,brotha,we is just friends,my man Forgotten freed ya (man puts gun down)

Side Note: This song begins 2 be heard:

??:Thanks,soul brothas,i pity da fool that tried 2 catch Shaft,goddamn good sex machine and detective extraordinarie,cuz i is gonna kick me some ass

Sand:Ok,i sense u can be a good ally,Mr. Shaft,u can help us rescue our friends and kick the ass of the MF that trapped ya

Shaft:You r damn right that the Shaft-man is gonna help ya,baby
Post by: DarkDevil on January 18, 2007, 06:50:26 PM
Jester:Now Just to make it more interesting! (Jester pushes a switch and a door starts openning.)
Dark: How unusual felling. I'm getting more powerful.
(Everybody else falls)
Cosmic: What is hap... happenning... to me?
Falling: I can't... stand up!
(The door stops openning)
Forgotten: It's a dark... energy crystal!
(Dark looks and smile)
If I absorb it I can save my Master Lum.
(Dark smashes the crystal, and absobs the dark smog)
Dark: My power... my power is back!
(Dark changes himself into his natural form (used in dm1))
Dark: I'm back!
Dark: Now I'm ready to save Lum.
Jester: You break you pay!
(Lum appears behind Dark.)
Lum: Dark, I'm here.
(Dark turns and kneels before her.)
Dark: Yes my Master Lum, what do you wish me to do?
Lum: Kill them. Kill them all!
Dark: As you wish, Master!
Sand: That's not Lum, It's a copy! Snap out of it Dark!
Lum: Don't hear them, just KILL THEM!
Dark (with his own eyes dark red eyes glowing): I only obey Lum.
(Dark continues walking to kroptik.)
(Dark stops)
Dark: What is the real order?
Lum: Let me think.
Lum:I don't know.
Dark: So yu're doommed!
Lum: You wouldn't kill me, would you?
Dark:Only the fake Lum.
(Dark kills fake Lum and he turns back to normal.)
Dark: Better to serve the real Lum then having my powers back.
Post by: Cosmic King on January 18, 2007, 07:38:17 PM
Cosmic:Thats da spirit,Dark,time 2 destroy dis sphere...GIGATON BLAST!!

*sphere explodes;warriors and Shaft r free*

Forgotten:Odd,shouldnt we earn da gold ticket?

Jester:That is cuz da game has just started (activate several Stomping Cars with chainsaws,explosives and other gizmos)

Shaft:Holy Macaroni,y'all,we is trapped against them stomp cars (begins shooting da cars,but bullets r repelled)

Dark:(Spewing hellfire) Damn,i just turned on da explosives in da cars

Sand:You just gave me an idea,demon,i need ya 2 bring all da cars in one point,Ataru and Shaft

Ataru/Shaft:Ok,we'll be da bait (make da cars follow them)

Forgotten:Now,darkdevil (dark spews hellfire in tnt cars,creating an explosion that destroys da cars,sand shields da others with a rock shield)

Shaft:Them stomp cars r done for good,baby

Jester:Naughty kids,i see u like big surprises so i got ya one,the Carousel of Doom (a nitemare-like carousel appears,it shoots armor-piercing bullets,heat beams,lasers,creates earthquakes and huge tornadoes) and 2 add some peril,miss Benten is tied on 1 horse,so if u destroy it,she dies

Falling:Damn psycho
Post by: SandStorm on January 19, 2007, 12:02:57 AM
forgotten: Well... lets it begin!

Sand: guys, stay close to me! SANDSOFTIME!

The time is stopped, everything stops, but the warriors can move perfectly. they untie Benten, and put her safe

Kroptik: I shall sabotage some weapons.  * Kroptik reverse the weapons * This shall be enough.

Sand: This attack operating time is over, be careful, we'll regain normal time.

the carousel of doom start operating, falling take benten to safe place, while the warriors start fighting against the created doom

Kroptik: Time to activate the weapons sabotage reversing! * Kroptik push one remote control button, and it short circuit the weapons. only the tornadoes and earthquakes are effective*

Sand: time to stop the earthquakes! MARENOSTRUM ULTIMA!
*all the gaps are filled with one sanded ocean, avoiding the danger to the warriors falling down to the deeps.

Dark: Watch out sand!

Sand: Wha? Sh*t!

Sand was hit by one tornado, and is spinning inside it.
Post by: Cosmic King on January 19, 2007, 12:07:46 AM
Cosmic:Damn tornadoes,and they r surrounded by electricity

Kroptik:Allow me,i am a living battery,i shall absorb da electricty (with all effort drains da electric in da tornado)guys,send da hurricane 2 da carousel NOW!!!

*The warriors send a huge energy repeller blast,sendin da tornado back 2 its source,destroying 4 good da carousel*

Shaft:Look y'all,here is da golden ticket

Sand:Now we have 6 tickets,time 2 enter da Fun House
Post by: SandStorm on January 19, 2007, 01:05:43 AM
Shaft:Follow me brotha, i shall lead'ya there!

The warriors enter the fun house, the building is huge, but several games are expecting for them...

Jester: well done, well done... little kids, impressed me! have eternal fun there, you wont escape... only death!

Falling: Lets proceed, i can't listen this guy anymore...

Jester: manners my friend, thats not way to treat the ceremony master!

Ataru: I suggest we enter that room... hope it got bikini babes there!

the warriors enter the challenge 1, it looks stoned, and the floor have black and white squares, with rusty statues disperse there

Jester: I gave you chess! the medieval beast edition! HAHAHA!

The statues form the chess knights our brave warriors fill the empty spaces. Cosmic is the king, kroptik is the pope, dark is the horse, forgotten and sand are towers, and the remaining are the soldiers

Sand: I hate this place, and, i dunno how to play chess!

Shaft: ma brotha, worry not, me, shaft man, king from police station chess tournament shall guide ya for good!

The game starts, the opponents destroyed already one soldier statue

Falling: Well... Shaft... lead us for good...
Post by: Cosmic King on January 19, 2007, 02:53:54 AM
Shaft:Follow this motherf--(interrupted)

Kroptik:We get it,brotha

Shaft:We gotta kill them knights and towers 2 reach da friggin king,y'all (cocks several shotguns)it is party time,baby,and da shaft-man is gonna rock this party out

Sand:Lets forget da rules,time 2 kick ass (warriors slaughter da enemy pieces;cosmic and forgotten blow da towers;shaft jumps in front of da cyborg king)

Shaft:Checkmate,baby (kills da king;the giant board explodes,warriors fall in a maze)

Cosmic:I wonder if it is da same as da other maze

Jester:Perhaps,but this one is shorter and if u fail just once a riddle,the floor gets filled with lava,ciao kids

Kroptik:Damn clown (explore da maze,suddenly a gigantic titanium ball begins to be after them)

Dark:Lets run like hell (guys jump so da ball crushes da whole maze;they face da Minotaur one last time)

Minotaur:How can a man be relatively stupid?

Forgotten:He has to be a dummy or mannequin

Minotaur:Correct (opens a door 2 next Fun House Area)

Jester:U kids are quite spectacular but lets see if u can survive this blast from the past (summons thousands of war planes,tanks,submarines <cuz the floor has water areas>)

Cosmic:Wont be hard but it aint easy too (warriors knock the war transports down)

Sand:Next area

Jester:I call this one "Trap of the 1000 doors",dont get lost(each time the warriors enter a door they appear in one of the 6 previous games)

Forgotten:Man,i hate trick doors (use portal 2 get back 2 1000 doors)

Shaft:This is gonna take a while,y'all
Post by: SandStorm on January 19, 2007, 03:27:45 AM
Dark: Maybe not. I shall use my dark power to find the real one. *dark start spelling in one strange language * Ok, i can't find the real one, but maybe the one that shall lead us to the next area.

The warriors follow DarkDevil, until they enter the "prehistoric ocean"

Falling: I guess we need to use those oxygen tubes and swim.

while they start swimming, one mesossaurus appear in front of them, this prehistoric water reptile is ready to eat the warriors


Kroptik: I shall discharge the energy i've got from the tornado, guys, don't worry about me!

Kroptik is eaten by the mesossaurus, yet, after a while, this animal start being electrocuted, and explode

Dark: Nice to see you ok, we've got free dinner, right? mesosomething toasted.

Falling: you eat it.

they continue swimming, but then, one thousand of ichthyosaurus appear, but those, beside the paceful look, have one strange surprise to our warriors...


Shaft: ma brotha, those dolphins might be our allies.

Cosmic: they aren't dolphins, we are in Triassic seas... Guess you won't eat fish sooner, right Dark?

Dark: (show him the middle finger)

then, the ichthyosaurus open the mouth and blast one plasma beam, knocking out ataru

Sand: no fish do this! ROCKWAVEDUST! *the dust around the creature only lest the sea more muddy, while the rocks felt under the animal, but the remaining ones, are swimming faster against our brave warriors.
Then, enormous plesiosaurs appear in front of them, making one hard barrier.

Post by: DarkDevil on January 19, 2007, 02:47:17 PM
Dark: I've just remembered, I can't swim. Get me out of here!
Post by: SandStorm on January 19, 2007, 03:16:10 PM
Cosmic whatching Dark's stressed up, and scared, create him one floating bubble, where dark doesn't even get wet and stay warm, floating by the side of the other warriors

Sand: Guess you won't leave us alone, right, Kitty? :D

Dark: If you call me that again, i swear, i'll cut you in pieces!
Post by: Cosmic King on January 19, 2007, 07:31:01 PM
Sand:Yeah,whatever (arrive at a room filled of ice and snow)brrrrr,cold

Jester:Whassup,kids,cant handle da ice?,beware cuz the floor has thin ice and u may break it and fall in a sea of freezing water

Cosmic:Lets walk carefully guys (all walk carefully,ataru steps too hard and da floor begins 2 break,revealing a lot of submarines trying 2 bash da warriors)

Forgotten:Holy Happy Meal!!,lets run(find a rope at da end of the way,they grab it 2 enter another area,there da warriors face repetitions of Pinball,Roller Crusher and Mirror House)

Kroptik:Damn crazy amusement park

Jester:Getting tired,kids? shame on ya,there is still tons of fun in here

Falling:Shut up,damn psycho (uses Atlas Bomber 2 demolish a vast area)

Jester:Temper,temper (activates a ferry 2 a Horror Mansion)step in,kids

Shaft:Man,i is gonna kick his sorry ass when we is before dat sucker,y'all

*The warriors enter da mansion filled of trap rooms,warp doors,puzzles and some robotic monsters;they arrive at another circus carp*

Dark:Look,guys,there is a machine with a little hand attached 2 it,it says "Pull da finger"(pulls it;various big spheres and evil clones arrive surrounding da circus)

Cosmic:Back 2 where we started *sigh*

Kroptik:I'd bet on dat...SUPREME ULTIMATUM!!! (sends a backlash wave that make da spheres crush da clone)

Shaft:Smashing,baby (the floor dissapears and da warriors fall into a twisted version of a mansion/castle:there is Jester sitting on a throne as well as lum,oyuki,stormtroopers,etc.)

Forgotten:Finally,we arrived before ya,Jester (tries 2 kill'im but notices Jester is surrounded by a shield of energy)

Jester:Kids,kids,kids,i hope u appreciate the savings yer mom and me had 2 made so u could have fun at the park,cuz now fun time is over

Sand:Save us yer jokes,weirdo

Jester:So i see u still have enough power 4 a last diversion,i call this one "War Games and Sudden Death" (activates a device ;from one huge door appear some big robots)

Ultra Metallo !!


The Tri-Sentinel !!


The Super Adaptoid !!


and seeing that u had no chance against'im,i made my own little version of the planet ravager,last but no least i present ya:



just 2 end this so u may have yer fun,all da robots share a link 2 da life force of yer kidnapped friends,if u shut down or short circuit or kill da bots,yer friends die 4 real,now get set,get ready,GO!!!
Post by: SandStorm on January 20, 2007, 02:31:18 AM
Kroptik: Oh my farting peanut...

Sand: Damn, no time to loose, SANDSOFTIME! *time is stopped*

Sand: Ok dudes, lets inspect our friends for any hardware they might have in the body, RUN, time is short, while the bots start operating again!

our warriors start inspecting their friends, and discover they've got implanted in the neck, something.

Forgotten: it is inside their skin! damn, how we'll get this crap out.

Dark: Allow me.

DarkDevil, with his claws but a bit the skin from all friends, while falling remove the device inside the neck from all friends, and Kroptik heals them

Falling: good work fellas. Good work dark, i hope your claws was sterilized.

Kroptik: No time to think about that, they've got healed.

Sand: Time's over, prepare to fight, they are moving!

Falling: dunno if i shall destroy this thing.

Cosmic just don't grab it, or if we kill them, you'll die, get rid of it!

Falling smashes the devices, indeed, it doesn't affect the robots

Kroptik: SUPERNOVA ATTACK! * one mess a bit galactiac armor *
Post by: Cosmic King on January 20, 2007, 04:48:59 AM
Cosmic:Kropman is right,lets bash those robots now that our friends r safe from any danger....GALACTIC DESTRUCTION!!!





*destroys all da robots except the Adaptoid*

Adaptoid:Fools,i can absorb and channel up to 10 powers,u r doomed...COSMIC SAND NOVA MEMORY BOMBER!! (attacks da warriors)u r just pale images of yer faded glory (grabs ataru and applying pressure 2 his neck while telekinetically harming da others)time 2 enter da slumber (channels solar energy 2 da warriors when...)

Shaft:You bloody machine aint nothin but a fool cuz Shaft-man is inda house and he is a hell of a warrior,baby (shoots adaptoid but cant harm im,but frees ataru;adaptoid shoots a laser beam 2 shaft,knocking im) all of ye r annoying,i shall vaporize ya into nothingness (gathers optic power)


*In a blink of an eye the warriors close adaptoid eyes,making short circuit 2 its robot brain,then they send their energy waves to adaptoid chest,overloading him...he explodes*

Cosmic:Game over,Jester

Jester:Ciao,kids (begins collapsing da place)

Kroptik:Lets get da hell outta here (grab friends and escape Murderland)

Shaft:And dat closes da funky case of Murderland,y'all

Sand:Yet jester wasnt brought 2 jail

Falling:But was punished,right now lets go 2 plan da bachelor party


Cosmic:You will see,lum...?!?

*suddenly from da ground emerges yet another castle and from it a mixture of all Jester bots with him unharmed inside*

Jester:I am afraid i am a party crasher,game over

Falling:S**t,and we exhausted our energy supply a lot

Megane:worry not,we shall help ya,right?


Shaft:Hell yeah,we i gonna help,baby

*Megane and company charge against da inmense bot,using all they have 2 stop it*


Ataru:Lum,warriors,it is time,shoot him all u have left

*the warriors channel all their energy in one giga sphere ball,shoot it thru da bot chest*

now is the time,lum!!

Lum:Right'tcha,i shall use all my passion

*creates an imense overload,destroying da bot*

Jester:Well,we had fun,kids,that is all,folks (activates self-destruct of murderland,dies in da exploding bot)

Cosmic:We wont escape in time,guyz

Lum:(huggin kroptik)at least we will die together,kroptik

*suddenly a spaceship arrives*

Sand:Hey,look,it is my ship

Kaede:(inside ship)hop in,guys,we have 2 go (all escape inda ship the destruction of murderland)now we r safe

Forgotten:Now we can discuss about the bachelor party

Kroptik:Right now,lets just head home

Shaft:Damn right,this motherf----r needs his rest,y'all

*meanwhile at a german HQ*

Soldier:sir,we received news that Jester died


Strangelove:Ja,yet he served better than i expected,the plan of the council of shadows is getting more closer 2 perfection,hahahahahahaha


Post by: SandStorm on January 21, 2007, 12:44:02 AM
Offtopic: impressive end! each fanfict start linking to each other, cool, and good work from you, as always :)
if nobody start one fic tomorrow, i'll do it. see ya later guys.
Post by: Kroptik on January 21, 2007, 01:27:36 AM

* It's Wednesday afternoon. Kroptik and Lum's wedding is scheduled for Saturday. With only two days to go, the UY warriors decide to throw the party that same night, so they have a meeting at Falling's house to make the preparations *

Offtopic: Take it from here guys. My imagination isn't too trustworthy today...
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Offtopic:  I think the marriage between Lum and Kroptik should never happen... I think it would make everything less interesting...
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Off Topic:

Vini,vidi,vici lumaholics

On Topic:

*Rain is falling,it is midnight,darkness blends with dat sad enviroment of water;the warriors arrive at Falling penthouse at Madeira II*

Falling:Jolly good 2 see ya,gentlemen

Kroptik:Spare us yer fake english accent,blitzkrieg-sensei

Falling:(ignoring kropman)i suppose u came here so we deal with da subject in hand,da bachelor party,lets carry on,shall we?

*party starts*

Kroptik:Man,i feel odd

Sand:What happened,mate?

Kroptik:Dunno,i sense i am gonna lose something in value

Forgotten:What u tryin 2 say,mate?

Kroptik:I was yesterday buyin some things wit lady lum,i saw da look in her eyes,they glowed like supernovas,her smile reminded me pearls

Cosmic:I dont see da problem,dude

Kroptik:I think i am having second thoughts

Falling:You r having cold feet after all we faced?!?
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Kroptik: Just forget what I said. It's tipical pre-wedding stuff. I'm sure what I'm doing will make me the happiest Tecasian on Earth.

Falling: But you're the only Tecasian on Earth...

Kroptik: The happiest Tecasian on the universe then.
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X the Robo-butler:Sire,here is da cake Master Blitzkrieg ordered for the merry gathering u r having

Kroptik:Ok,leave it here,X

Forgotten:Why u ordered a cake,blitzkrieg?

Cosmic:Very bizarre in a bachelor party

Falling:You will see (sinister grin)

*someone knocks da door*

Sand:I wonder who is,only people missing are morpheus and shaft (opens da door)ok,who was the one who hired a show,guyz?

Falling:I declare myself guilty,sandstorm-kun


Falling:Wow,u r starting 2 speak like lady lum,and answering yer response,u r a single dude,u need one more trip 2 Hot Mama Town

Cosmic:Better look who is there

Sand:(to person at door)Ok,it seems a little crazy but come on in

Faling:Lets see da fruit of my effort

*the person enters,revealing being The Ninja from "Ask a ninja"*

Ninja from Ask a Ninja: Kroptik from Tecas ask a ninja:


*All da warriors look amazed*
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Ninja:Kroptik,kroptik,of course changes can bring a little nerviosism but u gotta face em with a smile so u can deal with them,cheer up...and now yes,ninjas hate weddings,they go dressed as priests,friends and honor maids,they use holy water 2 drawn the bride then choke her wit da veil,they also use a cross shuriken 2 kill da groom,but only if ya piss da ninjas off,so if u act good they wont ruin yer wedding..i am looking forward 2 kill ya,kroptik...and congratulations 4 yer coming wedding (vanishes)

Kroptik:That was weird
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Kroptik: Now that that's over, ho about we have some cake?

Falling: No, not yet. I still want to hear more details of the wedding. Have you thought of the best-man?

Kroptik: Of course I have. It's going to be Mekata. He's a long time friend.

Forgotten: And where's the wedding again? I forgot.

Kroptik: Planet Amormus. 11 AM Earth time. We won't wait for anyone, so be there in time.
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*da doors explodes,5 people arrive*

?? Woman:We heard this was the Bachelor party of some dude named Kroptik from Tecas

Cosmic:U were informed well

?? Woman:It is time to "change the world",it is still afternoon

?? Woman 2:Good,then we came early (to the guy with them)bring da tools,Koibito

Koibito:Aye,my lady (goes 2 bring a stereo,dvds,tv,"special toys",etc)


Sand:Who r you?

?? Woman:My name,my friend,is Maki the Yaoi Maiden,leader of the Otakrushers,and these wit me are Koibito and my girl friends,ROLL CALL!!

?? 2: Himura of the Darkness !

?? 3:Akari of the Light !

?? 4:Yagami the Feral Amazon !

Maki:We heard about yer party,Kroptik,and we came 2 spice up yer party so there is no way we r gonna leave


Falling:Dont look me,kropman,i didnt invited em

Cosmic/Sand/Forgotten/Dark/Ninja:Nor us

Maki:And so it begins... >:)
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Falling: Begins??? What are you going to do??? And who is going to pay for the door???

Maki: So where's the party boy???

Dark: He's over there... behind the sofa... hiding...

Maki: Koibito... get him...

Koibito obeys the orders of his master and brings Kroptik to Maki...

Maki: So you're Kroptik, Prince of Tecas... I was expecting you to be a very powerful and good looking man... but I see you are only a bratty little kid...

Kroptik: Hey... I am not a kid...

Maki: Anyway, we where sent here by a very big fan of yours...

Everyone: Hmm???

Forgotten: Who could be so miserable to chose Kroptik as an Idol???

Maki: Silence... Now lets get ready for the show... girls if you please...

The strange group starts preparing a big stage...

Sand: WoW... They transformed Falling's house into a theater...

Forgotten: Excuse me can I ask you something?

Maki: Yes, What is it??

Forgotten: Can you tell us the name of Kroptik's #1 Fan???

Maki: Yes... Her name his Kurama...

Offtopic: I stop here because someone accidentally format my brain... and deleted all my ideas...
So... can someone please continue...
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Koibito:M'lady,shall we begin with the special diversion?

Maki:You know da answer already,my dear Koibito

Kroptik:What da hell is going on?

Akari:Silence,prince of tecas,we were paid for lady kurama 2 give ya one hell of a night


Akari:Sorry,no pun intended

Cosmic:Ok,what kind of diversion u gonna show us?

Yagami:Oh,of course (snaps fingers) bring the costumes and memorabilia,we r gonna give ya a play named "Total Metal Wizard" written by our friend,Akari,so sit tight and enjoy da show
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/me takes Dark
Dark: It has passed a long time since I last met you.
Himura: ...
Dark: Come on, say some thing.
Himura: I'm just following orders.
Dark: Taking me?
Himura: Yes! You'll be the priest.
Dark: But I'm not a god's priest!
Himura: But you're a devil's priest, you'll fit.
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Kroptik: I have a bad feeling about this...

Dark: But it's starting to get interesting now.

Kroptik: You think?

Dark: Yeah.

Kroptik: My bad feeling just got worse...
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Forgotten: so much for this party, oh well lets get the trouble over with, so it will be a nice wedding

Kroptik: I'm thinking i should just have a private wedding and no guests

Dark: i'll still be there...

Kroptik: No you wont

Forgotten: calm down, i'm sure nothing bad will happen at the wedding, anyway, you owe me for my help with getting Mr. Invader's approval

Kroptik: like you will ever let me forget

Forgotten: got that right
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*Thw Warriors manage 2 make da Otakrushers drink some sleeping elixir*

Cosmic:That will deal wit them 4 a while

Kroptik:Thank god,i thought those otakrushers were goin 2 alter this party

Forgotten:Which reminds me,who is gona be yer best man,kroptik?


Falling:You know,kroptik,i am yer school teacher,so i may have that honor

Forgotten:You dream,little punk,i helped kroptik 2 gain Mr. Invader's permission

Kroptik:Guyz,calm down,i think forgotten and falling can be both my best men

Sand:Odd but fair

Dark:Time 2 uncover da mystery of da cake (grabs a laser saber)
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Sand: hey! Slice it equally, i am hungry :P

* Dark start to slice the cake, but then... *

Kroptik: Oh no, it can't be!
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Cosmic:Yes,it is a huge tracking device made by the Tengu Karasu


Sand:And it is sending signals back,Kurama will find ya,kroptik

Kroptik:That is what i fear'tcha, damn it

Forgotten:And i suppose the Otakrushers were hired 2 distract us while this device sent signals

*the house begins levitating*

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Falling go to the window and look up to the sky

Falling: Guess what... I'ts Kurama UFO...

Kurama: (yelling) My love, I am back to you! And your friends are invited for our wedding!

Kroptik: Not dead or alive! (starts running, open the door, and fall around 50 feet)

Crow Goblin: The Groom is falling, enable the secondary grabber beam!

Kroptik his pushed to kurama ufo faster than the house

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*Forgotten grabs kroptiks leg as he goes past the door, everyone works together to pull him back in*

Cosmic: that was close

Dark: but the house is still rising

Forgotten: how are we going to stop this

Falling: by my calculations, we have 10 minutes

*Forgotten takes a seat*

Forgotten: well then lets eat some cake and enjoy this party, while it lasts

*everyone sits down and eats the cake in 5 minutes*

Forgotten: i swear this bachelor party sucks, it just aint good unless there is strippers, what your problam kroptik, its the last time you get to party single, hey maybe we can trick kurama hehe

Falling: that or you can marry her

Kroptik: have fun and cheat on lum for my bachelor party or be forced to marry kurama, hard to decide

Dark(silently chanting): kurama, kurama, kurama

Forgotten: you shut up dark

*forgotten starts to chase dark around the room*

Forgotten: come here kitty, kitty, kitty, time to put you down
Post by: SandStorm on January 23, 2007, 06:14:32 PM
forgotten grabs dark

Forgotten: Now, you'll be the tester for this new weapon.

* Forgotten changes dark appearance to resemble kroptik one *

Forgotten: Have fun, kitty! (kick dark from the door, and it is grabbed to the ufo)

Cosmic: Ok mates, time to joint our energies and try to escape!

* all warriors joint the energy, and do one attack, that successfully puts the house out of the grabber beam *

but then, the house start falling dangerously, in risk to crunch our heroes inside it

* falling start praying *


*the attack run out badly and instead of creating the result outside, fill up the house with sand to the roof *

Kroptik: You moron, you know what you did?!

Sand: it must be the wine, btw, think on this like one airbag...

* the house crash, and luckily no one suffered one scratch *

Kroptik:  Dang, the state of Falling's house...
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Falling: Dammit, guess I'll have to rebuild it again... I'm never inviting you to my house again...
Post by: SandStorm on January 23, 2007, 07:29:30 PM
Sand: Thats Kurama's n' the party poopers fault mate. I'll help'ya rebuilding this. Byw, I wonder how Dark is managing it under Kurama's UFO...

Inside Kurama's UFO...

Kurama: Kroptik, my love, tomorrow is the best day of our lives... Finally we'll marry!

Dark: (kroptik shape) Yes my love! And we'll have amazing children
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 23, 2007, 09:42:16 PM
Forgotten: ew i wish i didnt see that, but i guess dark might take advantage of his situation, anyway

*forgotten uses his powers and rebuilds the house*

Forgotten: shall we continue the party
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Kroptok: hell, yeah. until now we haven't had one proper party.

* SS his on his cellphone, contacting telepizza and other companies. *

Sand: Done guys. We'll have more food, its all by my account. Also, we'll have one surprise later.

later, when all are having fun, the telepizza guys arrive, as many other food companies, and loads o drink.
Moments later...

Falling: Good, the DJ Visage and DJ Darude are almost on the way.

Forgotten: Do not forget Scooter too.

Kroptik: someone's ringing the bell, (open the door) hello?

2 Cat Girls: Heya! meow! iz here da Krop's party?

Kroptik: Humm, yeah...

the cat girls enter the house. when krop's closing the door, the DJ's arrive

Scooter: Visage and Darude are coming, lets begin! (start the concert)

Cat Girl 1: Meow,  fun time for ya boyz!
Cat Girl 2: Stripzzz show!

the the girls start doing striptease by the rithm of the music

Sand: (drolling) I looove meows meows!
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*suddenly the 2 cat girls r grabbed by kroptik,he kicks em out of da party and throws em 45 dollars so they leave im in peace*

Sand:What da hell happened?!?

Kroptik:I did that cuz soon i am gonna be married,i can not risk my integrity,if i were 2 have an intimate moment,let it be wit my future wife and not with some bargain dancers


Falling:(fake british accent) I see ya like 2 be a joykiller,kroptik old chap,jolly good i made some arrangements in this matter in hand


*meanwhile at Ran UFO*

Lum:So,ran-chan,what r da guys doing'tcha?

Ran:By 10th time,they r havin a bachelor..err,gentlemen party

Lum:Gentlemen? that sounds kinda odd but fun,maybe we should go see'em


Ran:Dont think that sounds well

Belldandy:She is right,we dunno what kind of thing is goin on,we shall go 1st 2 check (teleports 2 falling house...well,da rebuilt edition)anybody home?

Ran:I dont hear anythin (uses gun 2 destroy door;suddenly they see Cherry <naked> and Kotatsu-neko riding 2 pigs and the background is full of fire and brimstone and a sign showing da party is inda second floor)wait till i get my hands on em
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Offtopic:  Cherry naked??? I hope they're at the wrong house... because that's not my idea of fun...
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 24, 2007, 04:40:26 PM
Offtopic: i dont know either, lets fix this then

*Cherry walks forward and presents a letter*

Ran: get away(points the gun)

Cherry: this is for you lum(sets the letter on the ground)

*Ran shoots cherry and blows him away*

Cherry(while flying through the air): tis' fate

*lum picks up the letter*

Belldandy: what does it say

*lum holds it to her chest*

Belldandy: you dont have to tell us if you dont want to

*Benten arrives*

Benten: lum, i've been looking for you all over the galaxy, did you forget about your wedding shower

Lum: sorry i did forget'tcha, we should get going

*lum accidentally drops the letter and the girls teleport away*

*Cherry picks up the letter and reads it*

Sorry my love but this location is a fake,
to hide myself from kurama, see you soon my love

                                           Your love Kroptik
Post by: Cosmic King on January 24, 2007, 04:54:53 PM
*meanwhile da warriors playing some RPG games in their Magnastation 2*

Cosmic:So tell me,falling,what was da surprise?

Falling:Cant say cuz it is a surprise individually,lets just say it is my wedding gift 2 him

Forgotten:Ninjas,crazy otakus,interruptions,strippers kicked out...i think this bachelor party is too unusual,guyz

Ataru:Oui,monsieur forgotten

*suddenly dark arrives scared*

Cosmic:What happened,dude?

Dark:Lets just say i dont wanna see kurama again,she is a nutjob

Kroptik:(sarcastcally)dont tell me,Lucifer

*party goes on,next day at school*

Ataru:Man,i feel tired,i am partied out

Mendo:That is what u get for drinking sake and living la vida loca

Megane:Look,there is Monsieur Kroptik

Kroptik:What is up,friends?

Ataru:Same old,dont ya have a hangover for drinking?

Kroptik:Are ya kiddin,moroboshi-kun? To me the alcohol we drank was merely stronger than milk



Megane:If u make Lum-sama an unhappy girl i swear 2 ya that i will rip yer organs and make u eat em

Kroptik:Dont worry,she'd be in good hands,satoshi

Mendo:btw,there is miss lum,coming

Lum:Hi,guyz,what r ya doing'tcha?

Mendo/Megane/Ataru:Just discussing...about da weather

Lum:Ohh,that sounds like good discussion

Mendo:Miss Lum,isnt it a bad omen if the bride sees the groom before da wedding? i mean,u r not supposed 2 see kroptik till tomorrow

Lum:Well,that i dunno

Megane/Mendo/Ataru:Ok (they leave)

Kroptik:What is it that u wantd 2 tell me,sweetie?

Lum:Kroptik,i called ya cuz i think we need 2 reveluate what is ours,u know that a marriage is made in harmony of two people and...well,just wanted 2 see if u think u r ready

Kroptik:....ok,i get it (falling star arrives)

Falling:Save it till da honeymoon,kids (leaves)

*after school,lum and kroptik r goin back home*

Kroptik:R u sure about this,lum?

Lum:Very sure'tcha

Kroptik:Btw,did ya received any letter?

Lum:Yes,but couldnt read it,btw,how was yer party'tcha?

Kroptik:A little too unusual

*suddenly a girl appears on their way home*

??:Hey,you 2 loverbirds,i need 2 talk wit ya

Lum:What u want'tcha? if it is darling,go get ya one yerself

??:No,no,no,i was told by sakura the exorcist nurse 2 keep an eye on you 2 today cuz normally evil energy tends 2 attack couples in da wedding eve

Kroptik:So i see that,and u r?

??:My name is Saki Hanajima,i know something about occultism and magic,so i will try 2 guard ya,now can we go now 2 yer house,tecasian prince? we can allow ourselves 2 more risks

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Saki: Oh! Lum, by the way, some crow goblim gave me this tape to give it to you.
Lum: A crow goblim? ???
Lum: I'll be right back darling.
/me flies away

*Later a few minutes later*
/me approaches Kroptik
Kroptik: So what was the message about?
Lum: I hate you darling, I don't want to see you again!
/me flies away
/me approaches Kroptik and Zaps Kroptik
Kroptik: What was that for?
Ten: You making a film of you marring Kurama, that was really mean!
Kroptik: What film!
Ten: This one.
/me shows to kroptik.

Offtopic: the pic are only to resume.
I'm really a bad guy!

Post by: Cosmic King on January 25, 2007, 01:19:06 AM
Ten:I think u r high,dude,this video wasnt made by me,i usually draw a tiger on its cover,anyways lum-chan left sad,receive my ultimate attack


*Kroptik dodges da flame and covers his face wit a frypan;easily knocks out ten;suddenly lum arrives*


Lum:Kroptik,why is ten unconcious'tcha?

Kroptik:(thinking)weird,wasnt she mad at me? (normal)he had an accident,lum

Lum:Hmm,well,i went 2 see da message i was sent and only found a black room in an asteroid,damn pranks

Saki:(looking 2 lum)...hmph...

Kroptik:Ok,this is getting weird,why dont we go home?

Saki:Excellent idea,let us go


*they arrive at Kroptik penthouse*

Kroptik:Feel like if u were at home,girls



Lum:Did anything happened 2 ya while i was away? cuz u have a lot of bruises'tcha

Kroptik:Nah,i just had some minor incident,sweetie (someone knocks da door)


Lum:Who r ya,impostor?

A.Lum:U r da impostor,fake lum,die (draws a gun and pulls da trigger;suddenly the another lum falls dead,she was shot from behind)

Saki:(with a gun in hand)That will stop that girl little annoyance

Lum:Why,thank ya'tcha,saki

Saki:(cold smile) u r welcome,lum,now i must dispose of this fake (grab it then take it away)

Lum:That girl gives me some weird feelings,kroptik

Kroptik:Yep,but at least helped us (thinking)but,what if it was that dead lum my real fiancee? what if da one beside me is da fake?
Post by: SandStorm on January 25, 2007, 02:27:09 AM
in the nearest bar

Forgotten: You know... lately Krop's acting strange...

Cosmic: Thats just wedding stuff, persons get a bit nervous, thats all.

Forgotten: I shall spy them a bit... *** Forgotten enter kroptik and lum's mind ***

Sand: Pervert.

Forgotten: I'll make you eat those words Sandy, but we've got a big problem in hands...

Cosmic\Sand: What happened?

Forgotten: Lum's unconscious, and krop's being fooled by one fake. Bye.

*** forgotten teleports to the place were kroptik is ***

Forgotten: Hold your horses, punk! (to saki)

Saki: how disrespectful to one lady you are!

Forgotten: Krop, u'r being fooled. that smiling lum in there is one fake,  the real one is the knocked out! You know... I entered yer minds only for good purposes...

Kroptik: my... my... LUM IS DEEEEEEAD!

***Kroptik start running, crying over real lum's body. ***

Forgotten: Now i have job to do with both of you!

Saki: God damn you, i'll stab you damn sucker! (grabs one bazooca)

Forgotten: MINDWAVE SLASHER! (stuns Saki)

Fortotten: Now, lady fake lum, reveal your real appearance...

False Lum: don't shoot, don't shoot! (changes the form and reveal to be the stripper cat girl 2)

Cat Girl 2: I felt in love with him, when i saw him, sorry, please, have mercy...

Forgotten: Ok, now, get away from here, and you'll have to do some "dance" seasons in my house...

Cat Girl 2: I will, I will... (run away)

*** Forgotten arrives near the crying kroptik and lum unconscious body ***

Forgotten: Do not worry my friend, her soul can be recovered, come with me.

***Forgotten opens one portal and both with the unconscious lum leave ***
Post by: Cosmic King on January 25, 2007, 02:35:31 AM
*warriors enter another dimension;they see a hippie surrounded by several orbs of fire*

Cool Master Omikuji:What u want,dudes?

Forgotten:U have power 2 warp reality,revive lum

Omikuji:That i cant,dudes


Omikuji:Cuz she is alive,she is just dizzied,she was hit a sleeping gas bullet

Kroptik:So saki didnt killed her?

Omikuji:Yes,saki just tried 2 take lum 2 safety while u had 2 discover the real fake lum,fear noy (sends em 2 earth)

Forgotten:I think we owe ya an apology,saki...sort of

Saki:No harm done,i guess,i overacted a bit...hmph,anyways,she will be fine in 3 days

Kroptik:3 DAYS?!?

Saki:My apologies,it is that the sleep gas i used is a stronger one,besides we need her sleeping so she aint attacked on da street 4 now

Forgotten:So da wedding has 2 be postponed till in 3 days

Post by: Kroptik on January 25, 2007, 09:18:21 AM
Kroptik: Guess I can't do anything but warn people about the delay. Can you tell the guys, Forgotten?

Forgotten: Sure thing.

Kroptik: I'll have to tell my other friends too. I guess I'll start with Mekata since he's the best-man.

Forgotten: He's the best-man? You said I was the best-man...

Kroptik: When did I say that?

Forgotten: Yesterday's party.

Kroptik: Did I say that before or after who had those two tequila shots?


Kroptik: Sorry Forgotten. You guys are all great friends, but Mekata has been my best friend for almost as long as we were born.

Forgotten: I understand... Well then, see you tomorrow Krop. I'm going to tell the guys the news.

Kroptik: Ok thanks. See you.

* Forgotten disssapears and Kroptik makes the necessary phone calls. When he's done it's already midnight *

Kroptik: Saki, are you sure she'll be awake in three days'tcha?

Saki: Absolutely. I'm totally sure.

Kroptik: Ok then. I'm going to bed. See you tomorrow.

Saki: Good night prince.

/me picks Lum from the couch, and goes lie her down in bed. Then he lies down next to her, sighs and falls asleep, having bad dreams throughout the night *
Post by: DarkDevil on January 25, 2007, 10:24:07 AM
/me enters in kroptik's house with cherry, in the division where Lum is.
Dark: She's still alive, what luck.
Cherry: It's desteny.
/me  second later
/me and cherry are eating everything there is in kroptik's kitchen

Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 25, 2007, 11:20:22 AM
As Dark and Cherry make a lot of noise while eating everything in sight, they wake up Saki that was that cautiously approaches the kitchen with a Plasma cannon...

Saki: Hold it right there punks... Who are you???

Dark: We are Kroptik's frien... (gets interrupted)

Saki: Shut up punk I don't wanna know... Now I'll ask you a question... Do you fell lucky... punks??? Well do ya???

Dark and Cherry stare at each other with a scared and confused face... and suddenly they see a big flash and they instantly find them self's flying of into the dark sky...

Kroptik (awaken by the noise): What was all that noise???

Saki: Oh... My prince did I awake you???

Kroptik: Nah... not really... I was having a bad dream and I thought I would drink a tea to try and calm down... and see if I can sleep better... Anyway what happened???

Saki: Ahh... Just 2 thief's that got in the house and where stealing and eating all the food... And I kicked them out...

Kroptik: Ohh... Ok then, I'll just finish my tea and I'm going back to bed... We'll clean this mess tomorrow you should get some sleep to we had a weird night... and we sure need the rest...

Saki: Ok, my Prince...

The next day Falling goes to his mansion drive way to get the news paper and notices something hanging on one of is trees...

Falling: What the f*ck!!! Dark is that you???

Dark: Yeah, get me down...

Falling: Like I would do that... I don't even want to know what happen...

/me turns around and gets back in the mansion leaving Dark hanging on the tree...

Dark: Guess I should change into my cat form and wait for someone to call the fire department...
Post by: DarkDevil on January 25, 2007, 03:12:46 PM
Offtopic: I was already in cat you idiot
/me falls down from the tree.
Dark:I've never a good landing as this one.
/me is hit by Cherry's big head.
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 25, 2007, 09:53:14 PM
Offtopic:  And how should I know that you idiotic moron
Post by: DarkDevil on January 25, 2007, 10:24:45 PM
Offtopic: I've lost my power when I've killed the fake Lum, I've crashed the dark crystal in the Jester problem.
Post by: Cosmic King on January 26, 2007, 12:52:01 AM
*Meanwhile at Satoshi Megane house,he is at a corner,riping flower petals*

Megane:She loves me,she doesnt love me,she loves me,she doesnt,she...damn,that kroptik-guy is soon gonna marry my megami (goddess),my princess...oh,woe is me,i am destiny's fool for i had 2 witness da wedding of my only love (begins weeping)


why is that fools fall in love? why do a total stranger like kroptik has 2 have my beloved lum-sama,the person for which i have invested these springtime of mine? WHY?!?

(his mind begins showing him a lot of flashbacks wit lum)

One of da times we were at Moroboshi's house...


The day she almost proposed 2 me...and also her gentle smile...


...yet now only those flashbacks will run in my mind,soon my loved one will marry that tecasian prince,i am pathetic (cries)

*suddenly a voice calls Megane*

??:Hey you!!!

Megane :Who is it?!? (the mystery man arrives)


ok,what is yer name?

??:The name is Generalissimo Otaku,living embodiment of the otaku-dom,your whining for lum disgusts me,private megane


G. Otaku: Show some respect,kiddo !!!


G. Otaku:Good,whining scumbag,during yer weeping u claimed Lum is the woman of yer dreams and that u love her with all yer might and now that she is gettin married you give up,wanna know what a loser really is,punk?


G.Otaku:A loser is da one that gives up without a goddamn fight,punk,you r becoming one wit yer whining and no action,tell me who was da one that give yer life a meaning?!!

Megane:Lady Lum!

G.Otaku:Who is da one that gave ya her friendship and trust?!!


G.Otaku:Who was da one that took away yer heart and u promised 2 love forever?!!!

Megane:(louder) Lum!!!

G.Otaku:So tell me,is she worth enough 2 fight for?!!!

Megane:(more louder) YES!!!

G.Otaku:So it is time 2 call to da arms and fight for what u love and if death arrives 4 ya,at least u shall proven yer love,are you ready 4 it,megane?!!


G.Otaku:Excellent,private Megane,you have finally awakened 2 da light and now u must do what u must for lady lum,my work here is done,farewell and godspeed,Satoshi Megane (vanishes)

Megane:(his eyes show burning passion) Time 2 gather the stormtroopers for one more mission (Megane finds da stormtroopers and convinces them 2 join him in his mission)gentlemen,what is it that we love more than our lifes cuz we gladly gave it 2 her?

Stormtroopers:Lum! Lum! Lum!

Megane:(shouting) WHAT ARE WE CAPABLE FOR LUM-SAMA?!!!

Stormtroopers:KILL ! KILL ! KILL ! KILL !


Stormtroopers:GUNG HO! GUNG HO! GUNG HO!

Megane:Then we have a party 2 crash,for lum and eternity!!! (all cheer;megane looks above 2 da sky and speaks in his mind) thank you,generalissimo otaku-sir,for showing me that i must show an ultimate demonstration of love to Lum-sama

Post by: SandStorm on January 26, 2007, 01:22:05 AM
Inside Mendo's mansion...

Mendo: (thinking) I barelly can't believe... when finally moroboshi got out of the way, i though i would get my change...
but then... but then...


Mendo: Thats it... I will not loose more chances... KROPTIK YOUR DOOM WILL ARRIVE OR I'M NOT SHUTARO MENDO!

*** raise his sword and cut one wooden doll neck, resembling kroptik ***
Post by: DarkDevil on January 26, 2007, 01:24:37 AM
/me sit in a tree on the Stormtroopes head
Dark: I'm impressed.
/me sit On Mendo's roof
Dark: I'm impressed.
Offtopic: I'm impressed.
Edit: I'm impressed.
I'm impressed.
Post by: Kroptik on January 26, 2007, 01:28:18 AM
Since we're at it...

* In planet Uru... *
Rei: That guy Kroptik. Think he can come around and steal the girl of my dreams. I'll make sure you don't even reach that day, for my love, LUM!

* Rei jumps into his ship and calls the men under his control, telling them to set coordenates to Earth on the double *
Post by: Cosmic King on January 26, 2007, 01:51:06 AM
*At the Tengukarasu UFO*

Kurama:Only dead i shall let that wretched Lum marry my dear Kroptik,get me 2 da earth immediately


*At Dreamland*

Morpheus:Holy Maccaroni!!,kroptik is gonna get married wit dat horny beyatch,y'all,they surely will need an MC and some gangstas 2 spice them wedding,luckily the mastah rapper will go 2 them

60 Cent:Word,MC Morpheus,we gonna make em have an unforgetable party

*At da Germany HQ*


Strangelove:So the 2 alien abominations r gonna get married,what an explendid time 2 strike those pesky warriors,hahahahaha

*at the end of the Universe,a being sets himself free from the Source Wall*

Ares:I am free at last,time 2 pay a visit 2 da ones that imprisoned me and reclaim my wife,the horned goddess known as Lum

*at the Casket of Eternal Winter,it brokes freeing 2 spirits*

Yasumi:So,i've heard the one named Kroptik,the one that killed ya when we were alive,iori,is getting married,how about we crash his party?

Iori:Of course,my love

*At the Hellish Dimension below Tomobiki High*


Satan:The time 2 reap da souls of da Oni and Tecasian is getting closer cuz i need 2 more of the most pure and corrupt souls at my domain,hahahahahha

*somewhere else*

Unknown Woman:So it shall soon begin

*Meanwhile at Kroptik penthouse,lum has awakened early*

Lum:What happened'tcha?

Kroptik:U were sleeping,sweetie and... (hugs her) I dunno what i would do if we were separated,lum,i love ya,i still feel nervous for da wedding

Lum:Dont worry,what can go wrong in dat day'tcha?

Kroptik:Yeah,u r right,lum

Saki:Excuse me,prince,someone named Mekata is in da door

Kroptik:Ok (to mekata) Hi,noble mekata,i am glad u could arrive

Mekata:Of course,prince,i wouldnt miss this for nothing,soon a new life will bloom for ya and lady lum

Off Topic:

U can bet there is gonna be a hell of a wedding
Post by: SandStorm on January 26, 2007, 02:23:55 AM
while sand is at the computer watching the weather for the next days...

Sand: Oh crap, one natural typhoon for teh wedding day... Level 10, seesh...
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 26, 2007, 02:43:48 AM
Falling: Guess I'll go for a walk...

/me is passing by Kroptik penthouse when he sees something strange...

Falling: Yo, Megane... what you guys doing here???

Megane(surprised): Ohh... Sensei... hmm... We're just passing by and... you know doing stuff young guys do...

Falling: Yeah... right :-\ I know what you guys are trying to do...

Megane: You know??? How???

Falling: You dropped this envelop with plans how to ruin the wedding and kill Kroptik...

Megane(in shock): That's not what it looks like Sensei... It's just a joke... really... Right guys???

Stormtroopers: Y-Yeah... just a joke...

Falling: A joke... hmm... And I thought it was for real... I willing to help you... but forget it...

Megane: Help us??? You mean you want Lum for yourself to???

Falling: No... I just want to kill Kroptik... that's all. So do you guys want my help or no...

Megane(thinking to himself): With Master Falling help we could easily destroy the wedding and kill Kroptik for sure... and in the end Lum-sama will be all mine... (talking) Ok we accept...

Falling (with an evil grin): Good you won't regret it... Muahahahahahahaha...
Post by: Cosmic King on January 26, 2007, 03:07:17 AM
*Meanwhile at "somewhere else"*

Mysterious Woman:(using some kind of communicator) Herr Strangelove,i hope u and the others from the Council of Shadows received the news of the upcoming marriage of the oni and da tecasian

Strangelove:Ja,mein fuhrer,we managed 2 obtain entrance and 2 dress some of our agents as guests,those UY warriors will be surrounded

Mysterious Woman:Good

Strangelove:I am glad u r pleased,fraulein,Strangelove out (leaves communication)

Mysterious Woman:Hahahaha,just like a wolf amidst sheep

*meanwhile at Kroptik's house*

Kroptik:Any news,mekata?

Mekata:Same old,all in tecas r thrilled for yer maririage (knock at da door)

Lum:Who is it'tcha?

Megane:It is just me,lady lum,we came 2 give ya our best wishes inda wedding (evil grin)

Lum:Thank ya,megane-chan

Megane:We also came 2 offer Kroptik a good faith gift,a bottle of vintage wine from Falling-sensei collection,hehehe

Kroptik:Why,thank you but i dont drink anymore


Lum:beg yer pardon'tcha?

Megane:Nothing,well,see ya inda wedding (he leaves very angry)

Kroptik:He is a weird but nice guy (3 hours pass)

Lum:So,kroptik,if u postponed da wedding,when is it gonna be'tcha?

Kroptik:in 3 days u and me shall join in marriage (is gonna kiss Lum when...)


Saki:Here is yer tea,prince,am i interrupting something at all?

Kroptik:(thinking) man,just what i needed,hmph (normal) No,that is ok,hana-chan,thanks 4 da tea,u may have da rest of the day free

Saki:Not need for me 2 get out,i think i can watch TV wit ya loverbirds,that if u dont mind

Lum:No problem,Hana-chan'tcha


*they watch TV*
Post by: SandStorm on January 26, 2007, 03:55:16 AM

at SS house, the phone rings

Sand: (picking the phone) Yellow?

Kaede: Yellow? Sand, are you speaking with your mouth full?

Sand: Sorry Kaede.

Kaede: I want you to help me to choose the best dress for the wedding party please, i can't make up my mind...

Sand: No worries, i'll be there in no time, see ya.

meanwhile, shutaro mendo is running hard, arriving at krop's house

Kroptik: Hum? bell's ringing again, i'll open. (open door) hi there mendo!

Mendo: Good afternoon Kroptik, i arrived to give you my best wishes for the wedding, and i have this small gift for you. (give kroptik the gift)

Kroptik: Thanks man.

Shutaro go away, and is being pick by one of his helicopeters.

Mendo: Pilot, you were late, you'll pay the time i spent running to here.

Pilot: sorry young master, did your plan went well?

Mendo: Sooner he will have one nice surprise when he see what i recorded on that DVD... video editing is the best... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Post by: Cosmic King on January 26, 2007, 04:07:12 AM
Saki:What did Mendo gave ya,prince?

Kroptik:Some DVD

Lum:Lets see it'tcha (put it inda recorder)



*meanwhile at mendo helicopter*

Mendo:Soon,lum will dump dat damn Kroptik and..what is this?,this dvd says "video humiliation",OMG,i sent da wrong video...ARRGHHHH!!!

*at kroptik's*

Shutaro Mom in video:Shutaro,next time u wet yer bed,i am gonna cut yer -CENSORED-!!!

Mendo in video:sorry,mom (accidentally wets pants)

Mom in video:SHUTARO!!!

Lum:Wow,mendo really is funny

Kroptik:Very weird wedding gift of his
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 26, 2007, 04:22:26 AM
/me in Kroptiks roof...

Falling: Hmm... good thing I placed a Microphone in the bottle... Now I can ear everything... That Saki... she acts kind of weird... I have to watch her carefully... Hahaha... Mendo sure is stupid didn't even noticed that I changed the DVD's...

The Stormtroopers show up climbing a rope...

Megane: Yo, Master Falling how the hell did you get up here???

Falling: I'm a ninja remember!!!

Megane: Oh... Yeah... I remember... So what are you doing???

Falling: Ehh... nothing just planing our next move... and you???

Megane: We where trying to get this sleeping gas bomb into the chimney...

Falling: Oh, realy??? Give it to me that I'll send it down... while you guys go get the things on this list for our next plan... (hands the Stormtroopers a big list)

Megane: Ok... Let's go guys... (they all trip and fall of the roof)...

Falling: Damn idiots... Sleeping bomb... Hahaha... lets see if it works...

/me trows the bomb into the sky and hits Mendo's Heli detonating the bomb and a huge gas cloud involves the heli making the pilot fall a sleep crashing the Heli into a lake...

Falling: Now... that's a big splash...

/me laughs too much and falls down into the penthouse balcony...

Kroptik: Wtf... Who's there???

Falling: Well, hello there... I just thought I should drop in for a visit... Hehe...(embarrassed)

Lum: How did you get there???

Falling: I'm a ninja!!! Anyway I decided to pass some time with my friends before the big date...

Kroptik:(thinking) Just what I need... Ok we are watching some movies wanna join us???

Falling: If you insist... Ok I'll join you... (thinking): This will be a good opportunity to observe Saki...
Post by: Cosmic King on January 26, 2007, 04:37:21 AM
Saki:So u r da teacher Sam Blitzkrieg?

Falling:Yes,i am

Saki:Hmm,i heard yer legend at my former school,i hoped someone of yer reputation would wear less "mission impossible" clothes,yet again it is an honor

Falling:Why,thank ya...i guess

Saki:Why dont ya taste some of  yer vintage wine? (serves im a cup)

Falling:Err...i will pass

Lum:Were ya watching for some assassins in da roof,sensei?

Falling:Something like that

Kroptik:Look,there is da ninja from those youtube videos

Ask a Ninja: Some weirdos from Tomobiki High ask a ninja:

What is the best ninja way 2 prevent a wedding?

Well,first of all,u gotta drug da groom with poisoned wine and distarct da bride so she doesnt see when da groom is decapitated,a good distraction may be some perverted dvd,that is what ya gotta do,i am looking forward 2 kill all of ya

Saki:Hmm,isnt that interesting,blitz-sensei?

Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 26, 2007, 04:43:51 AM
Falling: Shut up idiot stop telling people our secret techniques...

Ask a Ninja: Sorry Master...

Falling: It's funny... that wine is mine... I gave it to Megane... and teached him how to kill someone with poison... That bastard...
Post by: Cosmic King on January 26, 2007, 04:51:56 AM
Kroptik:Nah,he is a good guy,maybe he took caducated wine

Falling:Well,if u insist (suddebly falling gets an electroshock)

Lum:It wasnt me'tcha

Saki:Sorry,i hav da ability 2 send electroshocks 2 people that have inmense fear or they r lying and i also can read minds,but since i think u r just afraid for da wedding problems and u r da respected falling,i wont suspect of ya as one of the "adversaries"

Falling:Good,cuz i just wish this couple the best of the best (sounds falling cellphone) mochi mochi?

Cosmic:Yo,falling,some ninjas arrived at my citadel cuz they thought u lived in da moon,they wanna see ya

Falling:Well,i am on my way there (to kroptik) i gotta go,see ya soon,krop
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 26, 2007, 04:57:24 AM
Falling: Btw, Kroptik... be careful about who you let inside your house... nothing is what it seems to be... I'll be back...

Falling (whispering to Saki): I will find out who you are and when I will unmask you...

Falling: Ja ne...
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 26, 2007, 06:44:04 AM
*ataru running after yet another girl*

Ataru: hey dont run away...SLAP!!!

*ataru takes a nice slap to the face*

Ataru: what am I doing, its just not the same, since, since aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!

*ataru sees something out of the corner of his eye*

*Forgotten and Belldandy are walking together, Ataru clearly doesnt see Forgotten*

Ataru: hello babe*jumps at Belldandy*

*Forgotten creates a barrier from his hand, Ataru bounces off*

Forgotten: You clearly havent learned your lesson

Belldandy(angry look): i'm disgusted at you

Ataru: I know, its just, everytime I want to apologize to lum for all I did to her, i just end up screwing up, lum why, I know I was wrong but I always loved you

Belldandy(sad face): thats so sad

Forgotten: Why dont you say something, tell lum right to her face, tell her your fellings and change how you act, I mean no more girl hunting, no more getting dates, no oggling, no more

Ataru: It is so hard...WAM!!!

*Forgotten kicks ataru in the balls, ataru falls to the ground unconcious*

*Belldandy goes to ataru's side, and heals him, but he still lays unconcious*

Belldandy: why did you do that?

Forgotten: He need a wakeup call and now i'm sure he will do the right thing, maybe, shall we go belldandy

Belldandy: sure

*Forgotten and Belldandy leave, ataru wakes up after a couple of hours*

Ataru: what hit me, lum, LUM!!!

*Ataru runs off*
Post by: Kroptik on January 26, 2007, 01:36:56 PM
Yoy guys really want the whole universe against me, don't you? :-\
Post by: DarkDevil on January 26, 2007, 02:48:09 PM
Offtopic: right
Post by: SandStorm on January 26, 2007, 03:14:18 PM
Offtopic: it will just be one explosive party, as i can see...
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 26, 2007, 04:24:30 PM
Offtopic: it would pretty much be the same for ataru, anyway, so why should it be any different
Post by: Cosmic King on January 26, 2007, 04:47:44 PM
*At Lum room*

Dark:Lady lum,are u sure u wanna go on wit yer wedding?

Lum:Well,i still feel kinda sad for betraying my ex-darling,but life goes on'tcha

Dark:Hmm,kinda odd,u sure u dont wanna think again about it?

Lum:Dark,please dont start this again,go and talk with saki,i need 2 take a shower'tcha

Dark:As u order,my lady (goes 2 da sofa in da tv room)

Saki:Hi,little kitty,why da long face?

Dark:A little of nostalgia,Hanajima,that is all (grabs da wine bottle and drinks,dark isnt poisoned cuz he is a demon)

Saki:So u wanna drown yer sadness in alcohol?

Dark:Nah,i have tasted the fruit of better wines,this barely is stronger than milk,soon my beloved princess will be married and i have 2 stand wit her (drinks again)


Dark:But tell me,hanajima,what is exactly what endangers the lives of kropman and lum-sama?

Saki:A lot of things will endanger them,little kitty

Dark:Stop calling me kitty! (is about 2 slash saki face when...dark receives a lightning attack)

Saki:Any kind of negative feeling activates one of my mystical bolts,try 2 be careful,lucifer

Dark:Oww,lets see what is on tv

TV Announcer:And welcome to the best talk show ever made...JERRY SPRINGER!!!

Public:Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! (jerry springer arrives with his crew)


Jerry:Welcome everybody,today case is about a young boy that wants 2 start again his relationship with his ex-girlfriend,i give 2 ya,Ataru Moroboshi

Ataru:Lum,if u r hearing me,please come back 2 me,i still love you!!! (dark changes the channel to the Horror Channel)

Dark:I prefer 2 watch movies such as Omen,Exorcist or Resident Evil
Post by: DarkDevil on January 26, 2007, 05:15:47 PM
Saki:Shouldn't you show that to Lum?
Dark: Nah, Lum didn't want to talk about it anyway.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 26, 2007, 10:01:20 PM
*Lum exits the exits the bathroom*

Lum: who was that i heard

Dark(startled): no one...

*Dark accidentally hits the recall button the remote and changes it back to jerry springer*

Jerry: so why did she leave you?

Ataru: because, because, I kept cheating on her

*Lum is shocked*

Jerry: well that's a good reason for her to leave, but why do you want her back

Ataru: she is the only one I truly proposed to, she kept everyday interesting and screwed up, i only think of her now, look at only her


*Lum shuts off the TV and head for the door*

Saki: where are you going mistress?

Lum: just out okay

*Lum leaves*

Saki: what's wrong with her?

Dark: maybe she never did forget ataru, oh well

*Dark turns the tv back on and flips through the channels*

Posted on: January 27, 2007, 12:47:44 AM
Posted on: January 27, 2007, 01:04:01 AM
Offtopic: my masterpiece
Posted on: January 27, 2007, 01:04:59 AM
*Lum returns back to the house*

Kroptik: where have you been? I've been so worried.

Lum: Just out thinking

Kroptik: what is the matter lum?

Lum: Do you love me?

Kroptik: More than anything in the universe

Lum: then why do I feel like this

*lum begins to tremble and cry*

Kroptik: tell me what's wrong *taking lum in his arms*

Lum: Am I dong the right thing?

Kroptik: Oh your just having prewedding jitters

Lum(whispers): Am I or is it something else

Lum(regular voice): I'm going out again, the wedding is tommorrow at 1 pm correct

Kroptik: Yes???

Lum: I'll be there so dont worry about me

*Lum leaves*

*Back with ataru, he is just walking sadly down the street, when...*

???: ata..darl...darling

Ataru(shocked): huh who's there

*lum land infront of ataru*

Ataru: Lum

Lum: I heard you on TV and...and I want to give you another chance, a startover, play a game of tag with me, you have one day to get my horns, if you do i will marry you, but I'm not holding back

Ataru: okay

*the school bell chimes 2 pm*

Ataru: here i come

*ataru starts chasing lum, lum easily avoids ataru for a couple of hour, when Kroptik appears*

Kroptik: what are you doing ataru?

Lum: please stay out of this kroptik

Kroptik(mad): why lum, why, I gave you everything and yet you go back to ataru

Lum: let me explain

Kroptik: no need to, dark already told me everything

*see dark on a nearby wall*

Dark: sorry lum, he made me

Ataru: LUM!!!

*ataru takes another run at lum, but Kroptik knocks him away*

*ataru hits a wall, knocking him unconcious*

Lum: darling

Kroptik: I'm your darling now

*Kroptik grabs lum and teleports away*
Post by: Cosmic King on January 26, 2007, 10:25:45 PM
Generalissimo Otaku:Yo,moroboshi,wake up (shouts at ataru ear)

Ataru:Hey,what do ya want?!?

G.Otaku:I came here as i sensed u r fighting 2 get back what u love,that really moved me,boy,i am gonna give ya a hand (transfers energy 2 ataru)i have infused the Power Otaku in ya,that will even up da battle,godspeed,moroboshi

*suddenly a voice echoes*


*megane and mendo appear*

Megane:Although we still r against lum wedding,we shall help ya

Mendo:You can count on us,moroboshi


G.Otaku:The time for a real "heavenly retribution" has arrived

*meanwhile wit Kroptik*

Kroptik:Lum,why y behaved like dat wit moroboshi? u forced me 2 strike im

Lum:(crying) I...i...

Kroptik:Maybe u just wanted 2 prove my love 2 ya,hehehe,u almost got me,lets go home

Lum:But i... (meanwhile at Citadel of Marvels in da moon)

Cosmic:Yo,Watcher,are you gonna presence da wedding of Lum?


Watcher:Of course i will,yet i sense it shall be more significant than when Galactus tried 2 devour the earth

Cosmic:Why would that be?

*meanwhile,Lum returned 2 Tomobiki High 2 talk with ataru <kroptik went 2 tecas 2 find a better suit> *



Ataru:How has yer life been?

Lum:...fine,i guess



Ataru:Lum,see it in yer heart,it wont lie 2 ya


Lum:U have improved,darling (takes his hand)


Ataru:Yet,i am worried i am taking ya away yer chance 4 happiness,i dont wanna see ya weep 4 a loser like me,u already found yer prince charming and it aint me


*Onsen Mark appears*

Onsen:Yo,class time is over,u better return 2 yer home

Ataru:Yes,i better go (to lum) bye bye,lum,be a happy bride


Post by: SandStorm on January 27, 2007, 01:46:10 AM
Ataru: Lum-sama... You still beautiful as always...

Lum: lets go on a walk'cha i wanna see the sunset with you...

After a while, when they are watching the sunset

Lum: Darling... I can't lie to you'cha... I've missed you... But now...

Ataru: (interrupting her) Lum... many girls caught my eyes, but only you caught my heart... I know i was a fool in cheating you... You were always at my side, you never abandoned me, not even when I was a pink hippo... (grab her hand)

Lum: D... Darling... Do not worry more about your sins... I forgived'ya t'cha... I knew you always loved me... even if you was a hard headed dummy...

Ataru: you are so right... It is a shame only now i got the nuts to tell you all I fell for ya... But it's to late now... And i don't wanna mess your wedding...
But i wish i were your groom...

Lum: Darling, my beloved baka... (start to cry)

Ataru: please, don't cry... because... because... (start to cry too) I STILL LOVING YOU!

*** they hug and kiss, one long and passionated kiss ***

Lum: Darling... you know what to do...
Post by: DarkDevil on January 27, 2007, 01:52:58 AM
Dark: (silently) Of course he does.
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 27, 2007, 01:54:08 AM
Falling: Love is such a beautiful and weird thing...  :P
Post by: Cosmic King on January 27, 2007, 02:04:34 AM
*suddenly 4 demons appear*


Ataru:Who r ya?

??:We r da Dark Judges of Necropolis,our names r Fire,Death,Mortis and Fear

Lum:What do ya want'tcha?

Fear:We were sent by Lord Odin (sidenote:Odin was revived when Ares was trapped in da Source Wall) 2 test all couples in this area,and u seem like a good one

Death:Prepare yerselves (the 4 judges send a death energy wave 2 da lovers;they r unharmed)

Fire:That proves yer love is strong enough 2 live,our apologies,have a nice day

Ataru:Yes..yet no,i shall not stop her from marrying Kroptik (to lum) we had somethin special,lets just be friends (kiss her cheek)

Lum:... :'(,yes,friends,see ya in da wedding (whispering) darling,somehow i know u wont give up

*meanwhile Forgotten is watching em*
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 27, 2007, 02:16:19 AM
Forgotten: who knows what is going to happen now, oh well

Belldandy: see Forgotten, true love does bring people together

Forgotten: I guess your right
Post by: Kroptik on January 27, 2007, 02:59:25 AM
/me is watching the scene from afar *

Kroptik: ... I knew this was too good to be true...

/me teleports back to his house. Lum arrives a bit later *

Kroptik: Lum, I need to ask you something...

Lum: What is it, Darling?

Kroptik: I want to know how you feel about the wedding...

Lum: What do you mean? You know how I feel about it and about you.

Kroptik: I saw you with Ataru a while ago. I'm not mad, and I won't ever be, but I need to ask you something and I hope I get an honest answer, no matter what it is: who would you rather marry? Me or Ataru?

Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 27, 2007, 03:03:25 AM
Lum: To tell you the truth I really love Falling Star... But since Benten likes him and I didn't want to hurt her feelings I didn't say nothing to him...

Kroptik: So why did you stay with me???

Lum: I stayed with you just to be close to him...
Post by: Cosmic King on January 27, 2007, 03:07:07 AM
Kroptik:Dark,stop playing games wit my mind using yer filthy demons (da fake lum returns 2 be darkdevil minion)

Dark:Just wanted 2 mess up yer mind,mate (kroptik asks 2 da real lum)

Kroptik: I saw you with Ataru a while ago. I'm not mad, and I won't ever be, but I need to ask you something and I hope I get an honest answer, no matter what it is: who would you rather marry? Me or Ataru?

Lum:Well...i...i...(flies 2 her room and lock it with electromagnetism,begins crying

Kroptik:Lum,open up,we havent finished talking...

Saki:I can repel her magnetism if ya like,prince

Kroptik:Thanks,but i guess i better leave lum purge her sadness 4 a while,then i shall ask ya 2 open,Hanajima

*3 hour pass;Saki opens da locked door;Kroptik enters lum room*
Post by: SandStorm on January 27, 2007, 03:13:42 AM
when forgotten arrive home, and turn on the tv, someone knock the door

Forgotten: (opening the door) hello?

??: hi, meow, its me, as hi promised...

Forgotten: oh, hi cat girl!

Cat girl 2: Please, meow, call me cindy chupapau...

Forgotten: (thinking) chupapau... weird name... (talking) come in, its all yours.

cindy: Thanks, meow, we have business to do...

Posted on: January 27, 2007, 02:08:26 AM
after nearly 40 mins

forgotten: wow, that was great!

cindy: meow, i am glad you liked... and i enjoyed your home made sauce. (wink)
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 27, 2007, 03:19:30 AM
*Belldandy is standing in the door*

Belldandy: i feel like i'm back in heaven, hehe just joking

Forgotten: glad you enjoyed it, but are you really sure that its okay
Posted on: January 27, 2007, 09:18:39 AM
Belldandy: yep
Post by: Cosmic King on January 27, 2007, 03:36:00 AM
*Meanwhile at a turning point*

Kroptik:Lum,it is time,i wont rush ya,my sweetie,take yer time

Lum:I dunno,kroptik,is this supposed 2 happen the day before a wedding? man,i feel confused a lot'tcha (covers herself wit pillow)

Saki:Hiding wont help yer problems 2 fade away,lady lum,sooner or later a choice must be made and that will guide our lives (takes away da pillow)

Lum:You r right,Hanajima Saki-chan,it is time i face my fate,Kroptik,prince of Tecas,we hav endured a lot of pain early since we meet each other and still here we are,if we survived endless damage,then we can deal with this,ataru already made his decision of no interruption and i made peace wit him,yes,i will marry you

Kroptik:Lum (hugs her) i promise ya 2 make ya da happiest oni ever

Lum:Darling (kiss him)

Saki:I shall leave ya alone,u may want 2 rest,tomorrow a new life shall begin 4 ya (leaves da room)

*meanwhile at somewhere else*

Mystery Woman:Hmm,tomorrow Kroptik and Lum will marry,it will be a wedding they wont forget

Strangelove:(thru communicator) Mein Fuhrer,all da members of the Council of Shadows r already at Japan,awaiting orders

Mystery Woman:Hold yer positions till tomorrow at 1 pm

*at Kroptik chateau*

Kroptik:Now that we hav solved dat little problem,lum,we gotta check somethings for da wedding

Lum:Well the invited people are:

-Falling Star and Benten
-Forgotten and Belldandy plus Cindy Chupapau
-Darkdevil and Oyuki
-Sandstorm and Kaede
-Cosmic King
-Mekata and the Tecasians
-The Celestials
-Jenny Suckasuck
-Ninja from Ask a ninja
-Maki,Yagami,Akari,Himura and Koibito
-Uatu the Watcher
-Kaede the Ninja
-Judge Fudge
-Flower Girl
-Dane Cook
-Odin,Thor and da Asgardians
-John Shaft
-X the Robo-Butler
-My dad,mom,aunt and Jariten
-Ran,Sakura,Cherry,Tsubame,Ataru's parents,Kotatsu-neko
-Princess Elle and 1000 suitors
-Ataru,Mendo,Shinobu,Stormtroopers,Ryuu and all Tomobiki High

that and a bunch of more,it shall be a huge party,kroptik'tcha
Post by: SandStorm on January 27, 2007, 04:33:49 AM
the guests are arriving to the church, this is one universal event, all the tv's from entire universe are doing the reportage live.
the crown are calling for the groom and the bride

Mekate: Kroptik, here is the rings... it's almost 1 o'clock, lum must be arriving

Kroptik: man... what if she ran away?

Mekata: don't be a silly boy.

the nuptial march start to play, and lum appear amazing with one wonderful wedding dress, the most beautiful oni princess from all time will marry with the most famous tecasian bastard prince from the entire universe
Post by: Cosmic King on January 27, 2007, 04:46:57 AM
*Wedding proceeds normally till a male oni arrives*

Rei:Halt 2 this wedding,that girl in wedding gown is my fiancee and i am taking her back

Fudge:Mister Rei,u r not allowed 2 get close 2 miss lum

* a fiery being arrives*

Satan:Time 2 reap yer souls,married couple

*An armored warrior arrives with a monster army*

Ares:I,ares the war god,shall recover my wife,Lum,and finish ya,UY warriors

*Morpheus arrives*

Morpheus:Yo,yo,yo,morpheus is inda house,bastitches

*Kurama army arrives,Iori and Yasumi too as well as Lord of Terror,The Zerg and Galactus;all want 2 crash da party*

Cosmic:Holy S**t


Sand:Quite a crazy wedding

Falling:What else will happen?

*the good doctor arrives*

Strangelove:Guten tag,mein kindr,hope u havent forgotten Dr. Strangelove,this time i brought all da Council of Shadow (shows a whole army of magicians,robots and more)i have came 2 witness da union and death of this lovely couple as well as you,warriors...Galatea,be a dear and help "spice up the party"


Kroptik:Damn,i knew this was too good 2 really have a normal wedding

*the rumble in kroptik wedding begins*
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 27, 2007, 05:13:33 AM
Forgotten: NOW UY FBI, stand together

*a bright light blinds everyone in the church and when it fades all the party crashers have been blasted away*

Priest: Shall we continue

Kroptik: Yes

Priest: Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God to join together this Man and this Woman in holy Matrimony; which is an honourable estate, instituted of God in Paradise, and into which holy estate these two persons present come now to be joined.

Therefore if any man can shew any just cause, why they may not lawfully be joined together, let him now speak, or else hereafter for ever hold his peace.

*ataru comes bursting the church and runs up the aile*

Ataru: Lum remember you said that I have one day to grab your horns, well that day isnt up and I'm not giving up

Lum: Darling...

Kroptik: I dont think so

*Kroptik raises his hand to blast ataru, but lum grabs his hand*

Kroptik: huh

Lum(starts crying): I'm sorry kroptik but i didnt tell everything that happened yesterday, I may have fallen in love with you but this past day i have alot to think about, I realized that you only picked me up on the fact that i was heart broken, I needed something to fill that void, but when ataru expressed his feelings yesterday, the void was filled more then what happened with you, sorry Kroptik

Kroptik: there is still a chance i can stall ataru until 2 pm

Falling: that's only 5 minutes away

Kroptik: exactly

Lum: fine

*Kroptik turns to see ataru about to reach lum, kroptik reaches and grabs ataru, stopping him just 1 foot out of reach*

Ataru: so close must reach for lum, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

*ataru begins to move*

Kroptik: How is this possible

Lum: you havent seen him girl hunt have you, but i've never seen him do that for me

Falling: 10...9...8...7...6...5.. .4...3...2

*Ataru breaks away from Kroptik and grabs lum's horn*


Ataru: Lum, will you be my wife?

Lum(tears of joy): yes darling

Lum: have an expression of my love

*Lum shocks ataru*


Kroptik: then i guess there is nothing i can do is there

Lum: I'm sorry but i cant fight my real feelings

*Kroptik walks down and sit in an empty seat*

Kroptik: then let the ceremony continue
Post by: Cosmic King on January 27, 2007, 05:25:12 AM
*just then...*

?? Woman:I must applaud yer talents,UY warriors,u performed wonderful 2day,but it is time 4 da play 2 end,game is over

Forgotten:Who the hell you are?

??:Oh,you know me already,i was the one that was behind Strangelove,Ares,Jester and another attacks 2 ya;i was like a wolf amidst all of you,u had the chance 2 kill me but u didnt noticed,hehehe

Cosmic:Damn bastard,reveal yerself

Sand:If u dont reveal yerself,i shall force ya...

MANEROSTRUM!! (Suddenly he receives a super electroshock)

Forgotten:Oh,no,u r...

??:Yes,u r correct,forgotten,the leader of the Council of Shadow and one of all of you warriors most dread foe is me (reveals herself)SAKI HANAJIMA!!

Lum:But u pretended 2 be our friend,why saki-chan? why?

Saki:A mere acting role i had 2 use,little bride,i gotta admit i enjoyed all da time,i orchestrated all this wedding crash 2 summon several of yer most powerful foes so u would blind them long enough 4 i use this Ultimate Siphoner 2 absorb their power (drains satan,ares,galactus,morpheus,dylan,yasumi,all da council,etc) u r now like insects

*sends a giga-energy backlash that defeats all da UY warriors*

and now 2 da couple,let me remind ya...till death tears ya apart (sends a death thunder 2 lum;it is stopped by Uatu)

Uatu:It is unfair u attack an opponent that is weaker than ya

Saki:Bah,yer oath doesnt allow ya 2 fight me

Thor:Yet,foul villain,we can charge up miss Lum and Ataru (Odin,Fudge,Watcher,Thor,Celestials and G.Otaku transfer their energies 2 lum and ataru)

Saki:Then lets see what lightning prevails,mine or theirs


Lum/Ataru:(holding hands) HEAVENLY RETRIBUTION!!

*Attacks strike each other,but h.r. is enhanced by the other guests,it desintegrates Saki*

Saki:You think this is da is just...the start (dies)

Sand:Wow,crazy party


Cosmic:Now we have a wedding 2 witness
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 27, 2007, 05:54:10 AM
Belldandy: love defeats all, right forgotten-san or should i say Cody

Forgotten: you've never said my real name before

Belldandy: Just in the mood that's all

Forgotten: Really, maybe we should think about our wedding

Belldandy: Maybe, but for now (shouts) ON WITH THE CEREMONY

Ataru: but, but...

Lum: what is it darling

Ataru: let me put on some nice clothes first

Lum: okay'tcha
Post by: DarkDevil on January 27, 2007, 11:07:50 AM
Dark runs in Ataru's direction and transformes him self in to nice clothes.
Dark: Don't waste time you fool.
Post by: Kroptik on January 27, 2007, 02:10:11 PM
Kroptik: Just one more thing guys. Before we start we need a new best-man, since you hardly know Mekata...

Ataru: That's obvious. It's going to be you.

Lum: I couldn't agree more'tcha.

Kroptik: In that case...
/me goes take a seat near the couple *

Kroptik (thinking): Maybe I can't have your love, but I swear I'll keep doing my duties of guardian. I won't let harm get to you Lum... (talking) Let's get this wedding started.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 27, 2007, 05:01:43 PM
*every is prepare for the ceremony to when everyone notice the priest lying on the ground in shock*

Falling: that cant be good

Lum: so close'tcha

Ataru(turning to everyone): Can anyone fill in for the priest

*everyone is shocked*

Forgotten: That's something I never expected to happen, but oh well*stands up and walks up the aile*, if you would allow me, I can

Ataru and Lum: sure

Falling: since when is Forgotten pure enough to be a priest

Cosmic: hey he has Belldandy doesnt he

Falling: you clearly dont know what happened last night, do you

Forgotten: Then let us begin*transforms his clothes into the priest gown*

Forgotten:Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God to join together this Man and this Woman in holy Matrimony; which is an honourable estate, instituted of God in Paradise, and into which holy estate these two persons present come now to be joined.

Therefore if any man can shew any just cause, why they may not lawfully be joined together, let him now speak, or else hereafter for ever hold his peace.

No one has stepped forward, very well then

 I require and charge you both, as ye will answer at the dreadful day of judgment when the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed, that if either of you know any impediment, why ye may not be lawfully joined together in Matrimony, that ye confess it. For ye be well assured, that so many as be coupled together otherwise than God's Word doth allow are not joined together by God; neither is their Matrimony lawful. At which day of Marriage, if any man do allege and declare any impediment, why they may not be coupled together in Matrimony, by God's Law, or the Laws of the Realm; and will be bound, and sufficient sureties with him, to the parties; or else put in a Caution (to the full value of such charges as the persons to be married do thereby sustain) to prove his allegation; then the solemnization must be deferred, until such time as the truth be tried. If no impediment be alleged, then shall the

Forgotten(to ataru): Wilt the have this Woman to be thy wedded wife, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony? Wilt the love her, comfort her, honour, and keep her, in sickness and in health; and forsaking all other, keep thee only unto her, so long as ye both shall live?

The Man shall answer: I

Forgotten(to Lum): Wilt the have this man to be thy wedded husband, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony? Wilt the obey him, and serve him, love, honour, and keep him in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all other, keep thee only unto him, so long as ye both shall live?

The Woman shall answer: I do.

Forgotten: Thus ends the formal betrothal.

Forgotten:Who giveth this Woman to be married to this Man?

Mr. Invader: That is me

*Mr. Invader places lum's right hand in the hand of Forgotten, and then takes his seat. Forgotten makes ataru hold lum's right hand with his right hand

Forgotten: And now for the exchange of vows

Ataru: I dont know how to say the vows

Forgotten: dont worry I'll implant them into your brain

Ataru: thank goodness

Ataru: "I, Ataru, take thee Lum to my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, for fairer or fouler, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us depart, according to God's holy ordinance; and thereunto I plight thee my troth.

*Then they loose their hands; and lum, with her right hand taking ataru by his right hand*

Lum: I Lum take thee Ataru to my wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to be bonny and buxom at bed and at board, to love and to cherish, till death us depart, according to God's holy ordinance; and thereunto I plight thee my troth.

Forgotten: and now for the exchange of rings

*Then they again loose their hands; Kroptik gives ataru the ring and ataru gives to Forgotten, laying the same upon the Bible and the Priest shall bless the Ring in the following manner:

Bless these Rings, O merciful Lord, that those who wear them, that give and receive them, may be ever faithful to one another, remain in your peace, and live and grow old together in your love, under their own vine and fig tree, and seeing their children's children. Amen.

*Forgotten, taking the Ring, gives it to ataru*

Ataru: With this Ring I thee wed, *here placing it upon Lum's thumb* and with my body I thee honor, *here placing it upon Lum's index finger* and with all my worldly goods I thee endow; *here placing it upon Lum's ring finger* In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

*Forgotten, taking the other Ring, gives it to Lum*

Lum: With this Ring I thee wed, *here placing it upon ataru's thumb* and with my body I thee honor, *here placing it upon ataru's index finger* and with all my worldly goods I thee endow; *here placing it upon ataru's ring finger* In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Forgotten: Let us pray. O Eternal God, Creator and Preserver of all mankind, Giver of all spiritual grace, the Author of everlasting life; Send thy blessing upon these thy servants, this man and this woman, whom we bless in thy Name; + that, as Isaac and Rebecca lived faithfully together, so these persons may surely perform and keep the vow and covenant betwixt them made, whereof this Ring given and received is a token and pledge, and may ever hereafter remain in perfect love and peace together, and live according to thy laws; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

*Forgotten then joins their right hands together*

Forgotten: Those whom God hath joined together let no man put asunder. Then shall the Minister speak unto the people. Forasmuch as Ataru and Lum have consented together in holy wedlock, and have witnessed the same before God and this company, and thereto have given and pledged their troth each to the other, and have declared the same by giving and receiving of a Ring, and by joining of hands; I pronounce therefore that they be Man and Wife together, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

Forgotten: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, bless, preserve, and keep you; the Lord mercifully with his favour look upon you; and so fill you with all spiritual benediction and grace, that ye may so live together in this life, that in the world to come ye may have life everlasting. Amen.

*Forgotten turns the couple to the Company*

Forgotten: You may now kiss the bride

*they kiss each the other, and then proceed from the Altar*
Post by: Cosmic King on January 27, 2007, 07:37:33 PM
Shaft:Man,i always cry in them wedding y'all

Cosmic:I know u do,shaft-man

Sand:Lum,time 4 throw da bouquet 2 da single spinsters

Ran:Hey,dont be rude


*lum throws da bouquet;it gest caught by benten*

Benten:What da hell i have 2 do with this? eat it?

Ryuu:Bah,u still r dumb,u r da next 2 marry

*benten and ryuu fight*

Falling:Hmph,another chapter closes 2day

Kroptik:(a little depressed)Whataday (to ataru)make her unhappy and u r a dead man,moroboshi,i may lost 2day but i wont give up,that is somethin kurama taught me



Lum:What is up,darling'tcha?

Ataru:Nothing,i am just hungry can we go 2 eat

Lum:Dont worry,soon we will go da party

Cosmic:how about u tell lum yer little poem,ataru?

Ataru:It is too corny,better not

Lum:Come on say it,darling


Ataru:Hey,look how beautiful are da maiden babes




Dark:Meow,at least da golden couple is together (a voice sounds) ?!?

St. Peter:Lucifer,beacuse of yer help at this,"yer brother" has decided 2 return ya just a bit of yer power back,just if ya behave

Dark:Take a hike,bozo

St. Peter:Well,ok (leaves)

Dark:Wait,i thought u were joking,wait...!!! (lum grabs him)

Lum:Dont worry,kitty,u can still live with us'tcha

Yaegron Maxo7:Yehaw,pardners,Yaegron is inda wedding,fellas

Falling:I think we ought 2 go 2 da wedding party

Cosmic:Lets go,then

Sand:Btw,it seems Satan,Ares,Zerg and Lord of Terror vanished

Uatu:I just sent them 2 da source wall,that will imprison them,yasumi and iori were granted other host bodies,Galactus returned 2 his space travels and here is rei and kurama

Kroptik:tsk,tsk,tsk,they look like a nice couple,how about we celebrate a double wedding? (evil grin)

Post by: DarkDevil on January 27, 2007, 08:22:58 PM
Later on, In the weding party
Ataru (talking to Dark secretly): As I'm now married to Lum will you obey?
Dark: It depends the order or request.
Ataru: If I ask you to torture Kroptik, because the incident he done before?
Dark: Don't worry it has been already arranged.
A few minutes later, Ten arrives.
Lum: where were you Ten-san? You've missed the wedding
Ten: I was dealing something.
Ten (with a sad face): My beloved Lum-chan, this is terrible news but… AAAAHHHHHH!!! WHAT IS IDIOTIC ATARU DOING DRESSED AS THAT AND EVEN SITED BY YOU'RE SIDE?!?!
Everyone turn their face to Lum and Ten.
Lum: Don't you know I married? I've married Darling'cha!
Ten: That means I don't have to show you this.
Ten takes from his diaper a tape.
Lum: Was that tape fake'cha?
Ten: I've looked closer and it was real.
Ataru: What was it about?
Ten play the tape
Ten: Kroptik marrying Kurama.
Ten and Lum turn their head to everyone, and they are all torturing Kroptik.
Mendo: So you wanted to be married to Lum and Kurama didn't you.
Megane: You aren't even better then Ataru, Baka
Kroptik: It's all fake! It's all fake!
Dark: Ten, pass a communicator.
Dark (talking to the communicator): Hi! Is Kurama there? Tell her that she can have Kroptik.
Suddenly Kurama ship crashes in the roof.
Kurama: Darling, come home!
Kroptik is transported to Kurama's ship.
Kroptik: I don't want to go! I'm not even married
Kurama's ship disappears.
Ten: Why are you smiling Dark?
Dark: Nothing, just something I've planed since the party at Falling's, that's all.
Benten: Let's return to the party!
Post by: Cosmic King on January 27, 2007, 08:44:50 PM
Cosmic:Poor kroptik,back 2 where we started

Falling:Indeed,shall we go 4 him?

Forgotten:Yes,but first lets enjoy da party,there is no rush

Dark:(with a wine cup)Yep,let lady lum enjoy her day

Sand:Besides,i am sure Mekata will send a rescue squad

Yaegron:Enough of the kroptik matter,lets get this party started!!!

Cosmic:Yep,it is time we all "uchu wa taihenda"




*party goes on*




Uatu:And thus the universal balance still stands


a new and weird life begins...


Post by: DarkDevil on January 27, 2007, 08:50:08 PM
Offtopic:  the real end of this episode
Post by: Cosmic King on January 27, 2007, 09:18:23 PM

*3 days after lum wedding,dark is using the internet at Lum UFO,he receives an e-mail*

Dark:Lets see what it says..."I know where Caroline is" and it was sent by someone named B.Heart...odd yet i am curious

*flashback starts,the time is 1944 in Austria*

Dark:Caroline,soon those darn nazi soldiers will arrive at this land of mine,pls hide well,cuz soon i shall dispatch them (prepares his weapons and several demonic blades)

Caroline:(trying 2 stop dark) Wait,my love,there is no need 4 more bloodshed,everytime u go 2 battle something in you dies,i dunno what i would do if i were 2 lose ya

Dark:Yet i wont die,caroline,those nazis have murdered yer race,i am just killing a bunch of em,i must now go 2 battle,now hide (nazis arrive)

Nazi Leader:Herr Lucifer,the fuhrer has decided 2 take away yer land as one of our headquarters,surrender immediately

*Dark creates several hellhounds that devour the nazi leader*

Dark:Hmph,in life u were human s**t,now you will be dog s**t (to the 2 armies of invaders) who is ready 2 die now?!?

*Dark enters his demon truck and begins slaughtering da nazi armies*

destruction for creation,creation for destruction...destroy then create,that is the law of the universe,drown in the sea of yer own blood,nazi bastards,hahahahahhahahaha

Nazi :He is da devil,withdraw (the other nazis run away)

Dark:So i see u r chicken,third reich soldiers,it is time u r roast chicken

*sends a huge ball of hellfire that burns da nazis*

if this was the best they could sent me,then they r low league 4 me,there is still no one able 2 match me


Dark:I see u were watching,brother

Nameless One:Lucifer,long enough i have endured yer bloody ways since the start of all

Dark:Spare me yer lecture,brother,anything u hav tried has failed

Nameless One:So u think i am not able 2 hurt my little brother,maybe u r immortal,but yer love isnt

Dark:You wouldnt dare

Nameless One:Long enough u have bathed in da blood of thousands,good and wicked as well,to take away of ya just 1 person wouldnt harm ya,right (makes Caroline 2 appear)my dear,caroline,let da light of truth show u da way Lucider was,is and will be (makes her her see all da pain Dark has made)

Caroline:arrgg,cant take it anymore,lucifer,battle has always been part of ya,u dont love me,u just love the thrill of fight,then allow me 2 ease yer burden (grabs a a gun and points it 2 her head)

Dark:Wait,caroline,dont do it....

Caroline:Farewell (pulls da trigger;commits suicide)

Dark:CAROLINE!!!! (holding her dead body)oh,caroline (weeping) (to his brother) damn ya

Nameless One:Anyways her soul wont enter yer realm nor mine,i sent her 2 a place far far away,may this be a lesson 2 ya,my brother (vanishes)

*flashback ends*

Dark:Long time i havent remembered dat sad day

Lum:What is up,dark'tcha?

Dark:Just remembering,lady lum (thinking)yet i ask myself...

Off Topic:

Inspired by some Darkdevil posts  >:)
Post by: DarkDevil on January 28, 2007, 12:58:52 AM
 Offtopic: :( You *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* You're doom WhenI find you! :(
 :'( My poor beloved  :'( Lum :'( (Caroline) :'(
 :'( The words she has told me  :'( I could not ear  :'( nor understand  :'( I could only fell the  :'( sadness and  :'( cold :'(.
And it was in Austria Or something You *-*-*-*!
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 28, 2007, 01:01:44 AM
Now that's a bizarre story... and Portugal was neutral country in WW2... LoL

Now the Devil is pissed with you Cosmic...
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 28, 2007, 05:57:29 AM
nice start to a new fanfic
Post by: Cosmic King on January 28, 2007, 06:13:10 AM
Off Topic:

I apologize if da tale molested ya,dardevil,already fixed it 2 been at Austria and since it is a tale of your life,may u continue it
Post by: SandStorm on January 28, 2007, 10:51:16 PM
Dark: the past, the past... (whispering) dunno how and who discovered this to send...

Dark: (to ten) my buddy i am a bit hungry... can you feed me?

Ten: yep.

at fallings house, the guys are playing one game, and kroptik is having a tea with falling

Forgotten: yo dude, your game is da best! kicking some bastards.

Kroptik: (drinking some tea) don't say nothing... Falling do you have pills for depression?

Sand: mate, i recommend you to play something bloody as hell, you'll loose that damned depression dude. (twist the joystick and felt from the chair)
Post by: Cosmic King on January 28, 2007, 11:27:27 PM
*suddenly all Japan is covered in Ice and Snow*


Cosmic:Hey,guys,dont wanna sound strange but da telephone is on fire

Forgotten:(grabs da phone)Yeah?

??:If u wanna see Oyuki alive,go to Warehouse in Lucius St. 666 (dissapears)

Sand:What was,mate?

Forgotten:Some weirdo kidnapped oyuki and wants 2 see us

Cosmic:Another threat?

Kroptik:Well,dat way i can purge the pain of my heartbreaking,lets go

*meanwhile Darkdevil is driving one of his hellish motorbikes when...*

Dark:??,a bizarre feeling tingles me,it may be da answer 4 this crazy winter,let us track its source (arrives to lucius st. 666;finds da other warriors)u too sensed a bizarre feeling?

Kroptik:No,demon,we came cuz oyuki may have been kidnapped

Dark:Well,i shall go wit ya,u may always need my help or u would die

Sand:Hey!! (warriors enter da warehouse,they get transported 2 another world filled of fire,brimstone and pain)


Dark:No,this place looks somehow less violent than my realm,yet i dunno where is here

*an eerie being arrives in front of the warriors*


??:Welcome,i have been waiting 4 yer arrival

Cosmic:Who r ya?

??:My name is Blackheart,master of the negative realm

Dark:negative realm?

Blackheart:Yes,this place may not be hell but it was made by lust,war,hatred,wrath and all other negative feelings u humans made,but allow me 2 tell ya why i gathered ya,i have enslaved da souls of Oyuki,Benten,Shinobu and Ran as a way 2 attract all of you,you see,each 666 years i gather a team of brave warriors 2 battle me,if they win i free da souls of their friends and make their wishes true,but if i win,i rip the souls out of them

Forgotten:Sadistic demon

*Blackheart notices Darkdevil*

Blackheart:So i see u teamed with humans,lucifer,this is getting interesting,tell ya what,i am gonna add the soul of Caroline in the bargain


here at my hand i have da tortured soul of lady caroline,good thing i could obtain it at the Supreme Auction


Blackheart:Oh,u would be surprised of what the Nameless One is able to,very good let us proceed (creates a pentagram with 5 candles) u have 5 tasks in here 2 be done so the candles lit and open a portal 2 where i shall await ya,bye bye (dissapears)

Sand:Man,i was having fun playing videogames

Dark:Stop yer whining,we gotta save em

Cosmic:You know dat Caroline girl,demon?

Dark:Long story (enter a hellish forest)

Forgotten:Here is an altar and it says:


*the warriors are surrounded by demons*
Post by: Kroptik on January 28, 2007, 11:54:30 PM
Cosmic: Any ideas guys?

Kroptik: Anyone knows how that tree looks like?

Falling: Probably different from all the others...

* Some of the demons get trapped, but more are approaching *

Kroptik: OK guys hang on for a minute.

/me sprous huge bat-like wings from his back and goes airborne *

Kroptik (shouting from above): Head northwest guys. There's a huge tree there.

* The UY warriors all head in the direction Kroptik was pointing, while avoiding the demons. They reach a clearing with a 400-meter high tree *

Falling: Guess this is the one.

Kroptik: Any ideas on how to cut it down? I don't think axes will work on this...
Post by: SandStorm on January 29, 2007, 12:04:49 AM
Sand: damn... let gimme a try.

*sandstorm fuses with the ground and disappear*

inside the ground, SS see himself with big roots all underground

Sand: shees... this will be tricky.

** SS transform the place were the tree is in rock, and then, with the power of earth, one giant hand grab the roots, and pull it from the ground. ***

Sand: (appearing near the warriors) big roots hum?

Cosmic: ok, lets joint our forces!

*** the warriors do one powerful attack, destroy the giant hand grabbing the tree by the roots, and it falls in the ground ***
Post by: Cosmic King on January 29, 2007, 12:14:59 AM
*all surrounding demons begin dying in a fiery flame;one candle of the pentagram is lit;warriors begin walking*

Kroptik:Man,i cant wait till we beat dat Blackheart creep and claim da prize

Sand:U know demons use 2 misunderstand any wishes they make true

Kroptik:Yep,but i have my ways 2 understand demons,right,darkdevil?


Falling:Look,boyz (they see a Gigantic graveyard)

Cosmic:The altar saids:


(suddenly all da warriors are suffering a lot of changes as age acceleration,metamorphosis,etc)

Forgotten:(becoming 234 years older) damn it

Falling:(becomes into molten ice cream) s**t

Cosmic:(becoming a huge crystal statue) what da hell?

Sand:(becoming in...kaede) damn

Kroptik: (becoming a cloud man) what a dark cloud i am

Dark:Now,what will we do,boyz?
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 29, 2007, 12:46:17 AM
Falling: Don't ask me I'm a Ice Cream... (obviously using telepathy)... Hmm!!! Chocolate...
Post by: DarkDevil on January 29, 2007, 12:50:05 AM
Dark: I've got no time to waste with you.
Dark runs leaving Cosmic, Falling, Sand and Kroptik behind.
Dark reaches a big Altar with a paper blck and a pen.
Dark: Now to wirte My name.
DarkTries to grab the pen.
Dark: I can't hold the pen....Any way how the hell writes a name that was created before the writing age?
Post by: Cosmic King on January 29, 2007, 01:00:52 AM
Cosmic:Well,none of us have normal hands now,all except Kaedesand

Kroptik:Yes,he/she is da only one

Sand:Ok,but i cant get used 2 this female body
Post by: SandStorm on January 29, 2007, 01:07:54 AM
Sand: ok, lets me try. (grab the pen)

Sand: well, when writing didn't existed, signals were used, as far as i know, if we wanted to write "sun" we draw a sun.

Sand draw the cosmos and one crown (cosmic), then draw the desert and blowing winds (sandstorm), next, draw one star falling from the sky (fallingstar) and finally, one prince (kroptik)

Sand: lets hope this will do.

Dark: You forgot to draw forgotten.

Sand: how can i draw one forgotten thing? then, there's no draw...

Dark: just think a while...

Sand: ok... (draw one stick man and 2 interrogation marks)
Post by: Cosmic King on January 29, 2007, 01:14:00 AM
*the drawn symbols glow,setting free da warriors*

Falling:I was gettin used 2 been delicious


Sand:(checking his body again)Well,good things dont last forever *sigh*

Kroptik:Well,we have 2 of 5 candles lit,lets get 2 find da next altar

*warriors find a huge harem building and da altar scripture on it*

Forgotten:Lets see what it says:


*Da warriors r sucked into different dimensions where their wild dreams r true*

Falling Star dream is about owning his harem with all da girls



Kroptik is marrying Lum (do ignore shutaro head)


Cosmic dream is just da same and lum bein happy(damn copycat  >:))


Sand dream is to live with Kaede and some "sistas"

Forgotten dream is 2 live with lum and belldandy and have an UY xmas




Dark dream remains a mystery

Off Topic:

Time 2 end our dreams,hahahahahaha  8)
Post by: SandStorm on January 29, 2007, 02:11:20 AM
Falling: (he see bins with gasoline) God damnit...

falling empty the bins in the harem, and turn on his lighter

Falling: i don wanna see it... Goodbye! (put fire on it)

after a while, the harem explodes, killing all the girls inside, and the sky got repleted of bloody body parts flying around... in Fallings hands fall Benten head, almost without meat in the skull


Kroptik: so sorry... Lum... I will marry and live with kurama...

Lum: no.... (leaves crying and running)

Kurama arrives

Priest: Prince of tecas... do you accept kurama as yer wife and promise to make her happy?

Kroptik: YES!

Priest: Kurama... do you accept kroptik as yer husband and promise to make him happy?

Kurama: YES!


Cosmic: Lum... you are being fatty don't ya?

Lum: you think?

Cosmic: yeah... looks like you have 100 extra pounds... yer ass is able to get stuck in the toilet.

Lum: Cosmic! (zapps cosmic and leaves crying)


Kaede: Sweetie, dinner is almost done!

Sand: (thinking) well... let me take profit while it last, and gain force... (taking) ok dear, i am setting up the table for dinner!

they have one amazingly dinner. after they finished it, they went to the cinema.

Sand: hum... this movie is a classic, and one improved version... Titanic...

Kaede: yep. lets enjoy it. (start crying in the part the 2 lovers are in the destroied titanic, dying together) Sniff, sniff...

Sand: (clean Kaede's tears and hug her) Do not cry honey...

they go home at the end of the movie.

Kaede: Thanks for this marvelous night Sand.

Sand: I wish it could last for ever my dear...

when they are about to kiss each other, with one knife, sand pierce it in kaede's chest, in the hearth

Sand: No... (is holding kaede's dead body) i will never forgive myself for this...


When Lum and belldandy arrive for the party they see a note in the table:

Forgotten: Dear lum and belldandy... i've got one bad notice, i couldn't handle it and suicided myself... so sorry...

Post by: Cosmic King on January 29, 2007, 03:39:47 AM
*3rd candle is lit;warriors r already free of the harem*

All:Man,what a bummer

Cosmic:Oww,well,we need just 2 more candles

Sand:Let us go then

Kroptik:(thinking) i wont forgive meself,i married kurama in dat bizarre dream,oh god,i am gonna... :r :r :r

Falling:What didya see,demon?

Dark:Lets just get outta here


*warriors enter a castle*

Sand:Here says:


Kinda tricky (suddenly all warriors lose their powers,castle gets full of demons and rising lava flows)

Cosmic:Just what we needed
Post by: SandStorm on January 29, 2007, 03:50:03 AM
Kroptik: Sh*t, now how can we handle it! I'll never leave alive from here!

Falling: poor guy... depression attacks...

Cosmic: leave that crap, and think in one solution!

Forgotten: Damned one... The only damn person i see here is dark... right demon kitty?

Dark: Ya rly... and the blessed wont be you...

Sand: ho's the guy thats blessed... Well, from all of us, Falling is blessed by the gods of Luck... and he's got Benten, the godess of luck!

Dark: Ok falling, gimme your hands.

Falling: so true... lets the yin and yang coexist, without then, nothing makes sence...

dark and falling grad their hands together
Post by: Cosmic King on January 29, 2007, 04:02:38 AM
*warriors recover their powers,lava stops flowing and da demons r killed,4th candle is lit*

Kroptik:Just one more,now that i think it,this is way more easy than Murderland,guyz

Falling:We hav no time 2 compare adventures,time 2 find da last altar

Sand:Right on,mate

*warriors arrive 2 somekind of Parthenon in flames*

Cosmic:So here is da last checkpoint,here is da altar:


what kind of message is this?!?

Kroptik:(with glowing energy)Sorry,guys,end of the line:


*fist gets stopped by sand*

Sand:I am sure it isnt meaning that we kill ourselves,it must mean something

*suddenly a giant creature with mix of sand,cosmic,forgotten and falling parts and powers*

Post by: DarkDevil on January 29, 2007, 11:23:59 AM
Dark: This is bad.
The creature looks around.
Creature: Kitty!
Dark: Really bad.
Dark starts running away and the creature follows him.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 29, 2007, 02:14:52 PM
Forgotten: well the altar says only kroptik can kill this thing, so its up to you, do it now while the creature is distracted by Dark
Post by: DarkDevil on January 29, 2007, 02:27:44 PM
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 29, 2007, 02:31:49 PM
Kroptik: I dont know, I'm still bummed out, I don't want to do anything

*Dark turns towards the UY warriors*

Falling: not this way
Post by: SandStorm on January 29, 2007, 02:52:14 PM
sand push kroptik and pull him towards

Sand: think he is ataru and fight!

Kroptik: Holy moma...
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 29, 2007, 03:07:02 PM
Falling: Ah... Crap... I didn't want to use them but I see we have no choice... I will have to use my secret ninja techniques...

/me uses is Henge no Jutsu("Transformation Technique") and transforms into Blackheart

Falling: Now to confuse even more the monster I'll do this... Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu ("Multiple Shadow Clone Technique")

The monster gets confused by all the copies of Blackheart and steps back...

Falling: Hahaha... I knew it would work...

Cosmic: Eh... Falling I think you forgot something...

Falling: What???

Cosmic: The monster haves all our powers...

Falling: Uh-Oh...

Suddenly the monster take the form of only Falling body and uses the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu ("Shadow Clone Technique")...

Forgotten: Oh... nice work... Now there's dozens of them...

Falling: At least I can't use my TajÅ« Kage Bunshin no Jutsu ("Multiple Shadow Clone Technique") and that means we  still have the numbers advantage...

Sand: No worries I'll destroy them... "Desert Coffin"

After wrapping all Evil Falling Clones with sand, Sand causes the sand to implode and crush whatever is within.

Sand: That should do it...

Falling: Hmpf... you wish... If he has my powers the real one must have escaped...

And indeed it did... and now he transformed into half Sand's and half Falling...

Sand/Falling: Uh-Oh...
Post by: DarkDevil on January 29, 2007, 03:21:42 PM
The monster continues runing after Dark.
Sand: What now?
Cosmic: Falling... (Cosmic wispers at falling)
Falling transformes Dark into Ataru.
Kroptik gets ready to attack.
Ataru (Dark) jumps on kroptik's head, Kroptik looses balance and fired to the ground creating an enormous hole in the ground where kroptik and the creature have fallen.
Ataru (Dark): Do never try to atack while I'm in front of you mortal.
Cosmic, Falling, Sand and Dark look inside the hole and see Kroptik running around in front of the mosnter.
Ataru (Dark): another candle is on fire.
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on January 29, 2007, 04:23:39 PM
Off Topic:

Quite a sad death for me you used,sand  :'( :'( :'(

I think i am gonna give you a hand,guys,after all sand using my form saved the day in one part  :P

On Topic:

Falling:Hey,guys,look,there is Kunoichi Kaede

Dark:Beware,it may be a diguised demon

Sand:What are you doing here,Kaede?

Kaede:I went to falling-sensei house but you werent there,then i received a phone call from some guy named Black,so i asked Thor to teleport me here,he told me he would come later to assist us can come with us,but we already finished the tasks

Forgotten:Hmm,friends,how about kroptik?

Kaede:Leave it to me

*throw a smoke bomb to the monster eyes,blinding him,Kroptik reunites with the warriors,Sand locks the hole where the monster is, ;D
Post by: Cosmic King on January 29, 2007, 04:56:15 PM
*a dark portal opens for the UY warriors 2 use,they enter on it and arrive at Blackheart colliseum*

Cosmic:End of the line,blackheart

Falling:Only you remain,prepare 2 be beaten and honor yer promise

Blackheart:Hahahahaha,i am amazed for yer perfomance,warriors,to reach here truly is a feat others have failed 2 get,so for you i have added one more task

Forgotten:Tell us,demon

Blackheart:I have put caroline soul in one cage and the group of souls of benten,ouyiki and ran in another cage,both cages are balacing above the Infinity Vortex,luckily i have just 1 key to open only one cage,once u open a cage,the other one will fall into the vortex where only damnation awaits,time 4 all of you 2 make a choice:The innocent Caroline or Lum's friends?

Falling:Tricky task,it leaves us no choice at all,damn it


Blackheart:Tell me,darkdevil

Dark:I know u r great fan of trading as yer father,Mephisto,so i have a little proposition 2 ya

Blackheart:Not a good moment for trades,but anyway i am open to listen yer offer

Dark:Give me the key so i save Lum's friends,but i wanna exchange Caroline soul for the ones of the UY warriors!!!!

Kroptik:Damn backstabbing cat!!!

Blackheart:Hmph,looks like a nice deal,so be it (makes Caroline soul exit the cage,her place is taken by kroptik,sand,cosmic,falling and forgotten:lum friends cage is opened,the one with da warriors is gettin closer 2 fall da vortex,suddenly Caroline soul glows and tries 2 save em)

Dark:Leave them,caroline,it is their fate now

Caroline:I cant believe u r gonna leave yer friends 2 die just 2 save me,that is too unfair  :'(

Post by: DarkDevil on January 29, 2007, 11:19:16 PM
Dark: My mission is to mantain every Lum soul live longer then my own, as I cannot die so easely no Lum shall die so easely. And you can't do anything for them.
Dark turns his face and smiles with his eyes covered by darkness.
Dark: But...
Minutes later the cage door opens
Sand: Dark I knew you wouldn't leave us to die!
Dark: Exactly.
Dark enters and sudendly Blackheart closes the door.
Cosmic: Now we are all trap in here.
Blackheart: What sissis, are you sure you want to stay here Dark?
Dark: Certanly, a deal is a deal.
Cosmic, Forgotten, Falling and kroptik - ???
Caroline: Are you sure that you'll be all right?
Dark: Yes, go a head I don't mind. Oyouki, just phone Ten saing that I will miss dinner.
Caroline:Oh! Another thing, you look cute in a kitty body.
Dark: Thanks. Bye bye.
The girls leave.
Post by: SandStorm on January 30, 2007, 12:47:08 AM
All deads are sad, but was very difficult to write your. at least it was in the dream, a dream turned to nightmare in the final  :'(
Post by: DarkDevil on January 30, 2007, 01:06:33 AM
Offtopic: why?
All(Cosmic, Forgotten, Falling and kroptik): What is the meaning of this?
Dark: As my Master, Caroline, didn't want me to leave yo behind, so I've came to join you, I cannot die as You all know.
Dark (to Blackheart): How's the business back in hell?
Blackheart: Terrible everyone is doing things like this all over the universe just to hold on.
Dark: IT's really bad. Just a tip, "Let the ocean guieit."
Post by: SandStorm on January 30, 2007, 02:10:25 AM
Offtopic: because she is very nice, and don't deserve to die, she deserve long live. you won't understand, you are a demon... you don't have heart. but one day, you'll gain one.

Cosmic: well, and thanks to you we are stuck here...

Kroptik: but dark is sacrificing himself to save her... Afteral, he have love inside, he is gaining a heart!

then, one white blinding light appear, surrounding all the place
Post by: Cosmic King on January 30, 2007, 03:38:02 AM
Blackheart:Damn ya,darkdevil,now i know what yer intentions were,u wanted caroline soul 2 be free,hoping that her innocence would make her "too pure" for my realm,and now that u showed self-sacrifice 4 yer friends my hellish kingdom is crumbling wit this damn light

*da light strikes Blackheart,almost killing him*

aggghh,i am beaten,aghhhh

Falling:Time 4 fork over our wishes,demon

*suddenly a mystic hammer hits Blackheart*

Sand:That was Mjolnir,the hammer of thor

*thor appears*


Thor:Feel the might of the son of odin,foul villain


*launches a gigantic mystic lightning storm that vaporizes Blackheart;negative realm is dying*

friends,we gotta get outta here (creates a vortex 2 earth)

Falling/Cosmic/Sand/Kroptik/Forgotten:But about our wish...!! (Thor grabs em all and enter da vortex 2 earth)
Posted on: January 30, 2007, 02:39:27 AM
Cosmic:We may not get our wishes but at least we saved Caroline

Forgotten:Btw,where is she?

Falling:She is wit da other girls,anyways we have a videogame duel 2 continue,guyz

Sand:You r on,sensei

Kroptik:Wanna come,thor?

Thor:Aye,friends,i savor the chance 2 try yer videogames

*da warriors and thor go 2 falling house 2 play videogames*

Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 30, 2007, 04:35:33 AM

As the Holidays come to an end and school starts again the UY warriors and the rest of the gang return to their "normal" lives... 2 weeks after school starts the students in from classroom 2-F keep following their normal routine until their teacher has a idea to break them out of the every day monotony...

Falling: Good morning kids...

Class: Good morning Sensei...

Falling: I have a idea that I think everyone will like...

Forgotten: Really!!!! You're going to kill yourself???

Falling: Hahaha... Very funny... No I wont kill myself... I know that's something some of you would like but, I was thinking more about a school play...

Kroptik/Sand: Yey... a school play...

Cosmic: Great, and what is the play we are going to represent???

Falling: I still don't know... Let's do it this way... You all go to the library and try to get ideas for our play...

Lum: That sounds great'cha...

The students leave the classroom and gather at the library...
Post by: DarkDevil on January 30, 2007, 01:16:51 PM
Offtopic:  The play must be really ridiculus.
Post by: Cosmic King on January 30, 2007, 06:56:53 PM
Off Topic:


On Topic:

*in da library*

Ataru:Hey,guys,look here is a book named ¨Hentai No Ken¨

Lum:Darling,u promised'tcha

Ataru:Hey,i am a man,i have special needs as anyone may know

Mendo:(drawing out his sword) I knew u wouldnt be so loyal 2 miss lum,DIE!!!

*Lum electroshocks Mendo and Ataru*

Kroptik:How about we make a play that ruins sensei job?

Sand:U still dont accept im as yer teacher?

Kroptik:Lets just say we r not so friendly  >:)

Forgotten:So u want a total disaster play


*shinobu is reading a book then she dumps it*

Shinobu:This book truly is trash

Forgotten:Lemme see it,miyake (reading)

Cosmic:What does it say,forgotten?

Forgotten:It says ¨Springtime for the Fuhrer : The Gay Ballad of Adolph Elizabeth Hitler¨


Kroptik:Hmm,perhaps this is the kind of disaster we need 2 annoy sensei

Sand:Yet,it sounds 2 controversial,i dunno if i wanna be part of it

Kroptik:O faithless one,dont worry,we r not gonna act it,we need a bad director and some jerks...i mean,actors

Dark:What r ya doin,mortals?

Cosmic:Just plotting,demon,btw,do ya know some really bad bad director?

Dark:I may know one,his name is Roger DeBris,he lives at YMCA St. 041,if u want a bad play,go 2 him

Ataru:Hey,we all are a team,so all of us r going


*they arrive at the mansion of Roger DeBris,they r received by Hulk...Hogan*


Hogan:What do ya want,punks?

Kroptik:We wanna see Mr. DeBris

Hogan:Ok,lemme see (gay voice tone) Roger,we arent alone,come bring yer juicy ass down here

All:  |:(

*Mr. DeBris (using a dress) and one of his assistants arrive*


Roger:(Gay tone)Ok,who was da one that needed my services?

Kroptik:(thinking) :r :r (normal) We come from Tomobiki High and...

Roger:So ya know Onsen Mark?


Roger:Just an old boy friend of mine,hahaha,continue

Kroptik:Well,we heard that u were da best theater director of all times so we want ya 2 guide us in dis play (gives im the book)

Roger:Tsk,tsk,tsk,this tale is too gloomy and bizarre,i am afraid i cant

Ataru:(thinking)I am gonna hate me for doing this all me life (normal) But,roger,u cant give up in this one,i know u hav da talent,u have da beauty....

Lum:DARLING!!!! *Shocks ataru*

Roger:Hmm,well u have some points,young boy,ah,what the heck,i will direct yer play


Roger:Well,it is due time 2 celebrate (summons the Village people and more weirdos)


*4 days pass by*

Roger:Ok,here is the cast for the play:

Ataru Moroboshi as Adolph E. Hitler

Shutaro Mendo as Lead Stormtrooper

Shinobu,Kaede,Ran,Ryuu as Chorus

Sand,Cosmic,Forgotten,Dark as Soldiers

Megane as Rolf the nazi singer

Perm as Mel the nazi singer 2

Lum Stormtroopers as Other Soldiers/Chorus

Lum as Eva Braun

I hope u have rehearsed cuz in 3 days we r gonna show Tomobiki High a good play

Kroptik:Wait till falling sensei sees this  >:)

Post by: DarkDevil on January 30, 2007, 08:46:35 PM
Dark: I'll look pathetic as a soldier, not even the clothes fit. I won't play!
Lum: Come on Dark'tcha I'look great and cute as a cat soldier. What shall Caroline think of you when you'll enter in the play?
Dark: She won't even come. It's better, not only for her as for her.
Lum: ???
Dark: It's better for her not to remember the Nazis and she needs to be updated for this time.
Post by: Cosmic King on January 31, 2007, 12:27:29 AM
Roger:2day is the day of reckoning,go break a leg,boys

Forgotten:Ok,lets see if we succeed

Falling:Oh,god,u r gonna be killed,class

*the play starts*

Side Note: Here is a video of how da play is

so the words below are just who said each part,enjoy

Germany was having trouble
What a sad, sad story
Needed a new leader to restore
Its former glory
Where, oh, where was he?
Where could that man be?
We looked around and then we found
The man for you and me
And now it's...
Springtime for Hitler and Germany
Deutschland is happy and gay!
We're marching to a faster pace
Look out, here comes the master race!
Springtime for Hitler and Germany
Rhineland's a fine land once more!
Springtime for Hitler and Germany
Watch out, Europe
We're going on tour!
Springtime for Hitler and Germany...
Look, it's springtime
Winter for Poland and France
Springtime for Hitler and Germany!
Springtime! Springtime!
Springtime! Springtime!
Springtime! Springtime!
Springtime! Springtime!
Come on, Germans
Go into your dance!
I was born in Dusseldorf und that is why they call me Rolf.
Don't be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Nazi party!
The Fuhrer is coming, the Fuhrer is coming, the Fuhrer is coming!
Heil Hitler!
Heil Hitler!
Heil Hitler!
Springtime for Hitler and Germany
Heil Hitler!
Heil myself
Heil to me
I'm the kraut
Who's out to change our history
Heil myself
Raise your hand
There's no greater
Dictator in the land!
Everything I do, I do for you!
Yes, you do!
If you're looking for a war, here's World War Two!
Heil myself
Raise your beer
Ev'ry hotsy-totsy Nazi stand and cheer
Ev'ry hotsy-totsy Nazi...
Heil myself!
Ev'ry hotsy-totsy Nazi...
Heil myself!
Ev'ry hotsy-totsy Nazi...
...stand and cheer!
The Fuhrer is causing a furor!
He's got those Russians on the run
You gotta love that wacky hun!
The Fuhrer is causing a furor
They can't say "no" to his demands
They're freaking out in foreign lands
He's got the whole world in his hands
The Fuhrer is causing a furor!
I was just a paper hanger
No one more obscurer
Got a phone call from the Reichstag
Told me I was Fuhrer
Germany was blue
What, oh, what to do?
Hitched up my pants
And conquered France
Now Deutschland's smiling through!
It ain't no myst'ry
If it's politics or hist'ry
The thing you gotta know is
Ev'rything is show biz
Heil myself
Watch my show
I'm the German Ethel Merman
Dontcha know
We are crossing borders
The new world order is here
Make a great big smile
Ev'ryone sieg heil to me
Wonderful me!
And now it's...
Springtime for Hitler and Germany
Goose-step's the new step today
Bombs falling from the skies again
Deutschland is on the rise again
Springtime for Hitler and Germany
U-boats are sailing once more
Springtime for Hitler and Germany
Means that...
Soon we'll be going...
We've got to be going...
You know we'll be going....
You bet we'll be going...
You know we'll be going to war!!

*Everyone is dancing,Ataru grabs Lum and kiss her,curtain falls down,oddly enough all the public applauds*
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 31, 2007, 02:11:30 AM
Falling: Man, was it that good??? This people must be complete idiots...

Falling: Let me read the script again...
Post by: SandStorm on January 31, 2007, 02:24:21 AM
Sand: eeeek.... everyone liked! but looks at sensei's bored face :P

Kroptik: damn, i expected it to be a rly disgusting thing for them...

then, roger enter in scene (with a short pink skirt and yellow top) and start presenting the 'actors'
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 31, 2007, 06:28:02 AM
Offtopic: I dont believe I am reading this, you stole this whole fic straight from the script of "The Producers", I saw the Broadway of it when i was in New York City last June, small world aint it
Post by: FallinG_StaR on January 31, 2007, 09:25:06 AM
Offtopic:  He didn't stole the script... The play was in a book and the class performed it... I think its a normal thing that happens everywhere in the world...
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on January 31, 2007, 05:42:47 PM
Offtopic: actually the play "the producers" is about 2 people making the worst play they can possibly make, though there is some difference so that it fits into the UY world, it is basically the same, even how the play turns out
Post by: DarkDevil on January 31, 2007, 05:50:14 PM
Dark: I fell already disgusted by this play. I need to go back home, Caroline wants me to see if she knows enough about this world.
Dark: For me it's the same thing.
Ataru: I don't mind if Caroline is there.
Ataru imagines him with Caroline by his side.
Atru: What my problem is that you're...
Lum: Darling let them stay.
Dark: So byyee.
Dark goes away.
Offtopic: We shoul be making things that are traditional UY, things related to the classic Japanese style.
Post by: Cosmic King on January 31, 2007, 06:00:16 PM
Off Topic:

I declare meself guilty,Forgotten,indeed u have a sharp eye

As 4 next fic i am leaving you 2 come with a good more UY idea,but i am just gonna give ya a ¨back up¨
Post by: DarkDevil on January 31, 2007, 06:24:00 PM
Offtopic: it's better this way, if it isn't crazy.
Post by: Cosmic King on January 31, 2007, 06:37:30 PM
DEATHMATCH FICTION # 131 (January 31st)


*Ataru is looking the stars ans other things using his telescope,he is admiring the universe,when he notices a huge ball of fire straight 2 earth,he panics*

Dark:What now? again u saw naked angels?

Ataru:There is no time 4 jokes,a meteorite is coming,we gotta alert

Dark:Lemme see (checks da fireball) ah,it aint so big,besides it is an UFO that is gonna crash,fool (UFO crashes)

Ataru:Oh,no,lum may be on it,lets go and see (both go 2 see)

Cherry:Howdy,boys,wanna see what it is inside this damn UFO?

Dark:Bite yer tongue,sakurambo (they open the UFO;Lum arrives behind dark and ataru*

Lum:What r ya doing'tcha?

Ataru:Long story,lum,only can say there is a damaged UFO

Lum:Hmm,it looks like the model x67 from my planet,quite an old ship (ataru enters da ship and finds somebody in there)

Ataru:I wonder who may be,it has a space suit,maybe it is a space monster or some weirdo like Tobimaro or stuff (the being awakes and removes its helmet;it looks a humanoid parrot*

??:Thank ya 4 savin me,young mortal,i was on a space exploring when my ship malfunctioned,here take this as a token of thanks,the Super Wish Gauntlet

Ataru:What does it do?

??:It makes some of yer wishes and others into reality,although it has some flaws,as it only works at day and some night hours and cant revive dead guys and sometimes misunderstand the wishes

Ataru:Hmm,so i see (puts da gauntlet,it merges wit his skin,the parrot fixes his ship and goes home)

Lum:Are u sure u can control it,darling?

Ataru:Ha,faithless girl,i am in control of anything always,speaking of that time 2 prove my new power (goes 2 his mom)

Mrs. Moroboshi:What,ataru?

Ataru:Can u give me my allowance? how about 100000 yens?

Mrs. Moroboshi:Dont make me laugh,ataru,we r almost broke

Ataru:Do check again,mother (suddenly a bunch of money appears) now u see waht a little faith does


(ataru parents go crazy,ataru collects his share of the money)

wow,i can get used 2 this power

Lum:Lemme wish something,darling'tcha

Ataru:I dunno,lum,this great power requires great responsability...and imagination,maybe other day


wont work this time,sweetie

Lum:Darling no baka!! (grabs him then gives him a electroshock)

Ataru:Oww,ok,make yer wish,owww

Lum:I knew u only needed a little persuasion


hmm,what 2 wish,hmmm,lemme think'tcha

Ataru:You can say wish tomorrow


Ataru:(thinking)tomorrow i shall give this gauntlet a better use,hahahahaha
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Dark: It's better to hurry up master.
Lum: Why?
Ataru and Lum pops out their head, and they see an enomous crowd admiring the ship.
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*The next day at school*

*Forgotten and Belldandy arrive at the school late*

Forgotten: not good for you to sleep in on your first day of class, Belldandy

Belldandy: Sorry

Forgotten: well we are here

*Suddenly there is an explosion, almost destroying the classroom*

Belldandy: and what class is this

Forgotten: a reather lively one

Falling: ataru, waht is the meaning of this

Ataru: I said hot babe

Cosmic: you sure it wasnt "hot bomb"

Lum: Darling, i heard you say babe *shocks him*

Megane: look what you did to my bomb magazine, i was just talking about bombs when you blew up the classroom

Falling: that explains it and as for you forgotten, why are you late

Forgotten: thank god we were, hahahaha, anyway Belldandy overslept this morning

Falling: oh right, she will be joining our class from now on, everyone I would like you to welcome a new student to our class, Belldandy

Belldandy: sorry for being late

*Belldandy uses her powers and repairs the classroom*

Kroptik: damn and I thought we were going to get the day off because the classroom was destroyed again

Falling: everyone take you seat now
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Cherry: Is there a bomb here?
Another bomb explodes.
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Ataru:Sorry,seeing belldandy in school uniform really makes me explode

Lum:DARLING!!! (drugs im with anestesia) that way u wont annoy'tcha

Mendo:(to belldandy)Glad u join the class,miss belldandy,as u may see this whole room is full of fools except yours truly and da girls
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Falling: How about we start class? I have a wonderful surprise for everyone.

Belldandy: I love surprises.

Ataru: You won't like the teacher's surprises...

Kroptik: And what is that "surprise", Falling?

Falling: I told you I don't want that kind of treatment here in my classroom.

Kroptik: OK, OK...

Forgotten: But what is it anyway?

Falling: Take your seats first (everyone does so) Surprise EXAM!

Ataru: Knew it... (thinking) This is gonna be so easy.

Kroptik: What's the subject?

Falling: Maths and universal history.

Kroptik: My specialty.
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Sand: (thinking) damn, i am a big 0 at maths...
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Falling:U have 1 hour 2 answer it,start now

Ataru:(thinking)hahahaha,time 2 shine,wishing gauntlet,i wish i knew da answers of this test (ataru begins answering da test)hehehe,done,sensei

Falling:Impossible,lemme see (check answers) my god,u gave complex explanations for simple math,u r coming high again,moroboshi?

Ataru:Only in da highway 2 graduation

Falling:Hmm,i will keep an eye on u if u were cheating,u r dismissed

*the others spend da hour inda test;2 hours pass*


Ataru:What do ya need,lum?

Lum:Well,i seen u have enjoyed yer gauntlet and i am asking meself if i can say my wish right now efore u pretend u r deaf'tcha


Lum:Exactly'tcha,well,i am no ungrateful but i think we could live in another place rather than yer parents house or my ufo,i think we need a special place for us

Ataru:I think i know da place,little lum,i have seen a nice design in a book,lemme make it near Tomobiki High (ataru wishes "special house")



Ataru:Just kidding,lum (wishes another)


Lum:Well,looks a little extravagant but is a nice place 2 raise our kids (dat comment is heard by mendo and kroptik)

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Kroptik\Mendo: Damnit...

Ataru: ehhhh your moma's never taught you that commenting someone private life is not nice? Hum?

Lum: Darling, you wanna have childrens! I love ya'cha!
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Ataru:(serious voice) Lum,i am not so sure i am ready 4 having children,in fact i think ...(sees Sakura passing by) SAKURA-SAN!! (grabs her)

Sakura:Begone,little scoundrel (slaps him and lum shocks him)

Ataru:Bizarre,normally yer blows have more force,sakura,why u r so weak?

Falling:Moroboshi,we r still on class,dont annoy da nurse

Ataru:Class is over,sensei (makes all class hours fly away)

Falling:err...dunno what happened but i guess u r right,and since u showed me a great deal of IQ,how about u come tomorrow 2 give a conference 2 all math teachers at Japan?

Ataru:Dunno,teacher,i may be a little "busy"

Falling:Well,it is yer choice,another war against ten or cherry?

Ataru:Sensei,i dont like war,i prefer "to make love"

Falling:!!!! (leaves a little confused and disgusted)

Lum:(hugging ataru) i am glad u finally decided 2 form a new family,darling'tcha

Ataru:Err,yeah,whatever,now tell me,sakura-san,why so gloomy?

Sakura:Nothing,i just got da flu,where i live there was a lot of snowbeside tsubame was with other woman in the house we bought

Lum:He was cheating on ya?

Sakura:Dunno,he claimed he was giving her first aid and  :'( :'(

Ataru:Man,sucks 2 be ya


Ataru:Forgive me,sakura,u know if u want somebody 2 fill yer sadness void,u can count on me (winks eye)

Sakura:Pls dont encourage me 2 commit suicide,moroboshi

Lum:Well,sakura,i am sure there was a misunderstanding,cheer up'tcha

Sakura:Somehow yer little comment gives peace 2 ma heart,fare thee well,lum,or should i call ya "Mrs. Moroboshi"? (leaves the school)

Lum:Hmm,i like da sound of dat'tcha

*lum and ataru r crossing the street*
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Tsubame: watch out*runs passed ataru anf lum*

Ataru: what was that about

Forgotten: Get back here, you coward

*Forgotten stumbles passed, looking like he got shocked by 10 million volts*

Forgotten: I'll teach you for hitting on Belldandy's sister

Ataru(to lum): did you do that?

Lum: he isnt you, darling

Ataru: what is that suppose to mean?

Lum: oh nothing

*another person rushes past, then Belldandy runs past and catches her breath*

Belldandy: Urd, what were you doing

*a kid runs up and stops beside Belldandy*

??: I dont know why we are running, but you are chasing Urd then I am sis

*the little girl runs after Urd*

Belldandy: come back Skuld

*belldandy runs after Skuld*

*Sakura runs past*

Sakura: get back here Tsubame

Ataru: come here ba...

Lum(grabbing ataru's arm): dont think about

Ataru: hmm, how bout i wish i was free

*Ataru suddenly teleports 10 meters away*

Ataru: sorry lum*runs after sakura*

Lum: get back here Darling*starts chasing ataru*

*eventually everyone stops running, Forgotten is holding Tsubame by the neck, Urd about to shock Forgotten, Belldandy and Skuld sitting down out of breath, Sakura ready to bash Tsubame, and lum trying to shock ataru, but ataru has a shield*

Ataru: I love this wishing machine

Urd: what did you say

Ataru: well i have this wishing machine, would like me to show you

Urd: how bout you do me one little favour and do a little somthing for you

Lum: Darling

*lum send a lightning bolt at ataru*

Ataru: I wish I was immune to lightning

*ataru is unaffected by lums shocks*

Urd: very interesting, so how bout that favour

Ataru: Grant her wish machine

Urd: I wish my record was wiped clean

*the machine lights up and sends a light into the sky, then a light comes down and detsroys the machine*
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Ataru:My machine (cries in despair)

Urd:I suppose it was too much power

Lum:Lemme try 2 fix it,darling (grabs da machine and fixes it wit some tools lum had)done fixed,lemme try it,I want a huge ice cream cone (creates an ice cream monster,lum destroys it)maybe it needs 2 cool down,hahaha

Urd:I bet da machine is now malfunctioning

Ataru:Lies,lemme show ya (grabs da machine) I wish tsubame disappears (disintegrates tsubame)oopps
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/me is on his way home, by foot, when he turns a corner and sees the group. Sakura and Urd seem to be ready to tear Ataru into pieces, Belldandy has her hands over her mouth, Forgotten looks very pleased with something *

Kroptik: Hi everyone. What happened here?

Forgotten: Ataru just made Tsubame dissapears.

Kroptik: And what's the problem then?

Sakura/Urd: What's that suppose to mean?!?!

Kroptik: Err... I mean, how did that happen?

Lum: Darling wished him away.

Kroptik That stupid machine again? *sigh* Just wish him back...

Ataru: And why would I wanna do that?

Sakura: DO IT...

Urd: NOW!
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Ataru: how bout a date afterwards

*Urd and lum shock ataru and Sakura punches him in the face, I wish Tsubame was back

*The machine light, then totally disintegrates*

Ataru: nooooooooooooooooooooooo*starts crying*

*suddenly 2 lights start shoot from the sky, suddenly Tsubame appears in one of them*

*Everyone sees the other light head straight for Lum and Ataru's house, destroying it*

Lum: nooooooooooooooooooooooo o*starts crying*

*Ataru hugs lum*

Ataru: there, there lum, it will be alright

Forgotten: hmm it seems those lights only got rid of the greedy wishes

Sakura: I can understand the get rid Tsubame, but the house was lum's wish

Forgotten: I guess, deep down, he wanted it too

*Lum stops crying*

Lum: really darling*Ataru looks away* I'm so happy'tcha

Ataru: hey hey hey

Forgotten: well everything is back to normal, wishes should only be granted by goddess' and not mortals and your license has been reinstated, right Urd

Urd: correct

Forgotten: then shouldn't you head back to heaven

Urd: nope I need to stay here and make sure your treating my sister well

Skuld: I not leaving without sis

Tsubame: at least you can stop bugging me

Urd: I guess, it was just so fun

Forgotten(slapping himself in the forehead): great unwanted guests

Belldandy: this will be fun

*Everyone starts laughing*

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Offtopic: I prefer something more... more... more UY Normal.
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 :*)'Lumaholic Densetsu' :*)

*it is night at japan,all people are sleeping,there r no worries (unless u r a vampire),well,we r at megane house,who oddly enough isnt sleeping*

Megane:(talking 2 a poster of lum)Oh,lum-sama,where fore art thou?,sleeping is meaningless,u r da only rest i need,my only love,...i feel i failed ya back inda wedding,i should hav been more brave 2 tell ya my feelings and....


Megane:Just give me some minutes,mother....well,i am off 2 sleep,my dear megami,see u soon (proceeds 2 sleep)

*next day*

Kroptik:Yo,forgotten,how was little skuld wit ya?

Forgotten:Like a small cyclone but at least she needs 2 sleep

Cosmic:and lady urd?

Forgotten:I better dont say it,friends

Cosmic: :o (meanwhile wit da stormtroopers)

Perm:Yo,megane,here is another letter from yer secret fan

Megane:I am flattered about it,but i cant give meself 2 other that isnt my lady lum

Chibi:Anyways,read it,boss

Megane:I wont

Lum:What r ya doing,friends'tcha?

Megane:Just checking some odd love letters,m'lady

Lum:Why dont ya read it'tcha?

Megane:Ok,yer wish is my command (begins reading da letter)

Lum:Hmm,it seems u have a fan,my dear friend'tcha

Megane:Yep,maybe it is just some plump or nerdy girl,but indeed i have fans,doesnt that make ya jealous?


Megane:A tiny bit?

Lum:Absolutely not'tcha,anyways if u wanna meet her,i think she left her email in the bottom of the letter

Megane:Lets see...quite an odd email

*back 2 the warriors*

Dark:So,forgotten,u have the complete combo pack of goddesses?

Forgotten:I wouldnt put it like dat,demon

Cosmic:Btw,where is belldandy-chan?

Forgotten:She went 2 da principal office 2 sign some papers

*meanwhile at the principal office*

Belldandy:Mr, principal,i was told u wanted me 2 sign some school papers

Principal:That is right,belldandy,hahaha

Belldandy:Yer voice sounds odd,u r not the principal

Principal:Of course i am the principal,my dear girl (turns his chair around revealing himself as...)


Principal Kuno at yer service!!

Belldandy:What happened 2 da other principal?

Principal Kuno:He went 2 Miami for some long vacations,but dont worry,we r gonna discipline this school,my sweetie

Post by: DarkDevil on February 01, 2007, 11:54:15 PM
Cherry: I predict that school will change a lot.
Principal Kuno: And it will! High five little man.
Cherry: OK
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*Some light years away from earth there is a planet named Tecas that hav live in splendor,thousands of centuries of glory,2day for them is just another day,when da skies color themselves with raging storms and red enviroment,a huge UFO descends and near of it a silver herald of death and his fire friend*

Tecasian: I cant be,we used all we could 2 hide from the Ravager,maybe if we knock down his heralds,the Silver Surfer and Nova,we could make im go away

*the tecasians try 2 shoot the silver surfer and nova,but cant beat his amazing speed*

Silver Surfer:Fools,to battle me is like battling the unbeatable as my Master,save yerself from da effort,yer fate as the one of several planets is over (one of the alien soldiers try 2 attack surfer from behind,but the surfer just desintegrates him)pitiful fool,it is time i call my master 2 finish this charade (send a plasma bolt signal 2 da UFO,It descends;and from it appears crushing a vast area of the planet...)


Galactus:You have done well,herald,indeed this planet has all the requirements 2 sustain my hunger,let us begin wit da eternal cycle (installs da Elemental Converter into the alien planet core;tecasian army attack Galactus but he just blasts em away 2 nothingness) soon i shall feed,heralds,go and distract these aliens,give them a last thrill


Silver Surfer/Nova:Yes,master (begins flying and attacking da aliens while Galactus begins draining the planet energy)


*suddenly one of the aliens named Mekata elude the 2 heralds and enters the palace 2 find an ancient weapon,grabs it and tries 2 get near the collosal planet ravager*


Galactus:Who dares 2 interfere with what Galactus must do? (looks below) oh,i see u want 2 fight me,alien,well,dont waste yer time,i can make ya into protoplasm slime in seconds

Mekata:I dont care what u do with me,spare this planet or i will use the Tecasian Nullifier on you

Galactus:How could ya get hold of such powerful item?!?

Mekata:There is no need 2 tell ya,just spare Tecas or else

Galactus:Give me yer best shot,tecasian,may the universe call ya the fool who thought could beat Galactus

*Mekata uses the nullifier and its ray is almost getting even with Galactus might,but however the item overloads and explodes*

now u r defenseless,time 2 finish ya

Mekata:Well,go ahead and kill me,while there is still breath in any tecasian we wont fall 2 ya

Galactus:So,a feisty one u r (looks how destroyed da planet is) well,time 2 say goodbye forever,mekata of tecas (grabs him wit his giant hand and then lets mekata feel overload with cosmic energy)


now u will be a new herald of mine,accept it and i will spare Tecas,i still sense another planet nearby that can feed my energy hunger

Mekata:(looking how he was transformed) what have u done 2 me?

Galactus:Worry not,tecasian,that is just yer exterior shell,soon u will enter a perfect state 2 serve me and find planets 2 feed my hunger,that if ya accept

Mekata:...although it saddens me,i love tecas so i accept yer offer,Stargod

Galactus:Excellent (deactivates the converter and summons da other heralds) a new life has been given 2 ya,Mekata of Tecas...or should i call you,Harvester of Sorrow?

*back on earth,all life continues its normal pace,but Tomobiki High indeed will face new aspects*
Posted on: February 02, 2007, 12:12:55 AM
Principal Kuno: (using a megaphone) All students must go 2 da gym for a special speech

Ataru:I wonder what will be

Lum:It must be import,darling

Mendo:Anyways,i sense there is something wrong wit dat new principal,friends

Forgotten:U r just a joykiller,let us go and see what they want us for (enter da gym)

Principal Kuno:Welcome,youth of japan...and somewhere else,i hav gathered ya cuz it is time 2 apply some rules,first of all all men must shave their heads completely,and because there hav been multiple attacks from vouyerists,the thursdays boys will dress as girsl and viceversa

Post by: SandStorm on February 03, 2007, 01:27:16 AM
Sand: This guy is crazy, I rather prefer to miss all Thursdays, than appear here dressed as girl!

Principal: and if anyone miss that day, will have to do community work all the other days of the week, and dressed as girl.

Sand: Better to start thinking in another school...
Post by: FallinG_StaR on February 03, 2007, 02:05:42 AM
Back in the classroom...

Falling: Hahahahaha... Good thing I'm a teacher... I will enjoy every Thursdays... and to make it better for you we will have a 2 hour test every Thursday as well...

Class: Noooooo...

Falling: Muahahahahahaha... Hell Yeah!!!!
Post by: SandStorm on February 03, 2007, 02:21:56 AM
Kroptik: Man, this guy got possessed by the same bad guts from the new principal... *sigh*
Post by: Cosmic King on February 03, 2007, 04:26:06 AM
*Thursday is coming, a whole room is filled with women uniforms*

Ataru:Well,in one way we will look kinda cute,friends


Principal Kuno:And dont forget all girls 2 dress as men,come on

Lum:U want us 2 dress here in front of all

Principal:Of course,horned one,with this u learn 2 overcome shyness and thus yer academical status grows,you know i care 4 me students


Kroptik:Why does da uniforms hav a target symbol?

Principal:Once u put yerselves da uniforms,machineguns will shoot 2 whoever isnt in his/her classroom in 5 minutes,come on hurry,boyz

Sand:Man,i hate thursdays


Kroptik:That principal is dead meat,i swear it
Post by: SandStorm on February 03, 2007, 04:30:54 AM
Sand: For sure i will be glad to help you... Girls, do not worry. *create one rocked room where the girls can change themselves.

Principal: Now you wil me explain how and why you did that, dear student.

Sand: HOW i won't tell, WHY is because I think you are a pervert and don't respect girls.

Class: ooooohhhhhh!

* SS and principal cross eyes in predator mode *
Post by: Cosmic King on February 03, 2007, 04:36:17 AM
Principal:(drawing out 2 scissors) Oh,youth has been demoralized,i blame those modern hairdoes (using super speed shaves all hair in some males;da warriors and ataru and mendo barely evade it)this was just a minor warning,next time all of ya will come naked,have a nice day,hahahaha(leaves)
Post by: SandStorm on February 03, 2007, 04:52:12 AM
Mendo: my hair... what girls will think... my stile... my look... ruined...

Ataru: at least you still have some bites in it, hum?

Kroptik: Man, I will stab one pencil in his ear and punch it 2 times until it cross his damned brain... *start blushing with fury*
Post by: Kroptik on February 03, 2007, 05:08:26 AM
* Suddendly Kroptik's hair starts growing back *

Kroptik: Much better.

Ataru: How did you do that?

Kroptik: I just did...


* Everyone gets dressed and heads for class, where Falling is waiting, dressed with a top and a skirt *

Falling (with a sad voice): Hello class. Take your seats and let's begin...

Sand: Not so happy anymore, are you?

Falling: I can't say I am... But I still have some teaching to do here...

* Four hours later, the bell rings for lunch *

Kroptik: Finally lunch...

* The principal enters the class *

Principal: Just checking if everything is OK...

Kroptik: Here you go, Mr. Principal. (Kroptik throws Principal Kuno a girly dress)

Principal: And why is this for me?

Kroptik: It's thursday today, and you said that all guys would dress as girls on thursdays... So Lum brought this dress as an extra, but no guy seemed to want it, and since you haven't changed yet, I guess you forgot yours at home...

Principal: I'm not dressing this...

Kroptik: But you're the principal. You need to set the example for the school.

Sand: He's right, sir.

Falling: Absolutely...

* Principal Kuno leaves with an angry expression in his face. As soon as he is out, the class bursts laughing *
Post by: Cosmic King on February 03, 2007, 05:14:32 AM
*suddenly the principal enters wit da dress*

Principal:Although i sensed some rebellion in yer voice,u r right,young kroptik,rules r rules,so now everyday all men in this school must wear a skirt 2 prove the greatest discipline


Principal:Dont thank me,students,kroptik is da one that made me see da light
Post by: Kroptik on February 03, 2007, 05:28:59 AM
Kroptik: So you're admiting you like wearing skirts, principal?

Principal: I never said that...

Kroptik: If you're willing to wear them everyday, it means you like wearing them. And another thing: girls don't wear just skirts and dresses you know...

Principal: I know that...

Kroptik: And do you know that most of them don't like to wear besides skirts and dresses?

* In the background, the principal notices Shinobu lifting a desk and Lum charging up *

Principal: Right... See you later students. (he runs away)

Kroptik: At this rate we'll have normal clothes next thursday...
Post by: Cosmic King on February 03, 2007, 05:41:25 AM
*in da principal office*

Principal:There must be a way 2 discipline that bunch,hmm,lemme think,we r in february,the month of Valentine,hahahah,i am so devious

*next day*

Lum:Darling,another day crazy at school

Ataru:Indeed,since principal nutjob entered

Lum:Btw,here is some candy,open wide (principal arrives dressed as Terminator)

Principal:(fake german accent) I forbid any schoolgirl from seeing any male students in tomobiki and i am gonna confiscate yer candies

Lum:But i am married 2 him,principal

Principal:Well,i have power 2 divorce ya (takes away lum and ataru rings)there u r divorced as long u r in school,now go 2 yer special classrooms
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 03, 2007, 06:22:37 AM
*Lum is getting real pissed*

*The principal runs out the door and disappears*

Ataru: that means we are divorced and I can girl hunt, come to me ba...

*ataru is hit by a desk*

Shinobu: that feels much better

Principal(over the PA): machine guns are activating now, get to your classrooms everyone

*Screams from all over the school, but luckily no one is hurt and everyone is in there classes*

*Falling is teaching his lesson*

Ataru(muttering to himself): lums chains were nicer than this schools

Kroptik: this sucks

Cosmic: you got that right

Falling: HEY, straighten or you get detention you two

*Megane notices Forgotten and belldandy outside the school*

*Then Falling notices*

Falling: hey get in class now you two

Forgotten: nah, I dont know about anyone else but me and belldandy are skipping, until this mess is resolved, oh ya nice dress Falling

*belldandy chuckles*

*suddenly the principal appears, running at forgotten and belldandy*

Principal: hey you should be in class with the rest of my little kaikai

Forgotten: oh get lost fool

Principal: those that break the rules must get punishment

*the principal pulls out his clippers and goes for Forgotten's hair, trimming some of the hair around his ear*

Belldandy: oh my

Forgotten: my hair, no one cuts my hair, no one, it took months to grow this hair

*Forgotten unleashes a blast of rage, destroying half the schoolyard and sends the principal flying*

Forgotten: no one

*Forgotten and Belldandy walk off*
Post by: FallinG_StaR on February 03, 2007, 08:01:27 AM
Falling: That idiot... he didn't even remembered to take of is dress... I knew he was strange...

Class: Indeed.

Some construction workers flirt with Forgotten and Belldandy.

C.Worker: Yo, sexy keep shacking it baby we sure are enjoying...

Forgotten(with feminine voice)(that in fact is his real voice): You cave men don't you know to be polite to a lady... Lets go Belldandy.

Meanwhile in class... Falling notices something weird...

Falling: Hmm??? What the hell are you guys doing???

Sand/Kroptik: Nothing...

Kroptik: We where just experimenting...

Class:  :r :r :r :r :r :r :r :r :r :r :r :r

Falling: What!!!! You are guys remember... Well at least Sand is, you Kroptik I'm still trying to figure out...

Offtopic: Don't annoy me when I'm not around... and that Kroptik is for putting me in a dress
Post by: SandStorm on February 03, 2007, 05:45:12 PM
Offtopic:  hey, what the h*ll was that?! and what we were doing? man, why you didn't selected chibi?
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Kroptik:I dunno,guys,da principal is just one person,we can take im down

Sand:Yep,but think about our grades,kroptik,i dont wanna repeat this school level again

Cosmic:Indeed,but we cant allow him 2 do more damage

Dark:Especially now,before all boys begin "experimenting"


*6 days hav passed;Ataru is crossing and spots 3 girls and tries 2 flirt them when...*



Megane:Dunno,each day that pass some "girl virus" is infecting our bloodstream

Ataru:S**t,i am gonna hav nightmares all my youth

*some weird sounds r heard on the principal office*

Lum:What happened?

*from da mist appears a female mendo*

Mendo:Miss lum...u tjob...before...(principal arrives)

Principal:That will teach ya some discipline,what a better way 2 punish yer girl hunting than makin ya a girl,"Shuuko"


Principal:U call it how u want it,kaikai

Lum:Principal,that was unfair'tcha

Principal:Hmm,yer hair is too long and, are u a satan worshiper? cuz u hav horns,my sweetheart

Lum:I am not a demon but that is da way i look

Principal:(with scissors and clippers)How about i trim yer hair free of charge? (lum shocks him )owww,that hurt,i see u r very stubborn but since u seem also loyal 2 yer pals,i am gonna put yer "darling" in the Room (grabs mendo and sends him 2 Tomobiki Kinder)hahahahaha

Lum:That wasnt my darling'tcha

Principal:Hmm,how about we find out by checking all da boys in here?

Lum:What do ya mean'tcha?

Principal:I am gonna put a "kiss booth" for all boys in campus,that way we will find out who is yer darling,hahahaha (launches a stun grenade,that dizzies lum and grabs her)

*1 hour later*

Principal:(thru PA) All boys must come 2 da kissing booth,courtesy of miss lum invader

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/me teleports to the location and arrives first *

Kroptik: I didn't know you did this kind of things, Lum.

Lum (crying): I don't. It's the principal that's making me do it...

Kroptik: Don't worry then. I'll make him undo it.

* A whole lot of students start arriving, including the stormtroopers and Shuuko *

Megane: Me first.

Shuuko: No way. I got here first.

Chibi: Get in line you two.

Kroptik: Shut up guys.

Megane: How did you get here so fast?

Kroptik: I teleported...

Shuuko: That means you were the first one...

Stormtroopers:  :'(

Kroptik: No, I wasn't the "first one". Lum doesn't want to do it...

* By now every guy in school is in the room *

Megane: Then why is she doing it?

Lum: The principal made me do it.

Kroptik: And I'm not ok with this, so I'm going to complain to the principal. (shouting to everyone in the room) I'm tired of that guy and his stupid ideas. I say we go talk to him in his office and demand he leaves. That's what I'm going to do. But if you guys want to wear skirts for the rest of your life, then be it.

/me leaves the room *

Everyone: ....

Shuuko: HEY! Wait for me Kropman.

Stormtroopers: Us too. No one messes with our Lum and gets away with it.

Random student: Let's get that creep!

* Everyone rampages through the corridors, destroying the machine guns on the way to the principal's office *
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*they arrive at a door labeled "Principal Office"*

Mendo:Lets open it (from it appear trained gorillas that begin shaving the heads of the students)

Megane:(finding another room)Maybe it is here (the room leads 2 nowhere)

Kroptik:Damn,all da doors say "Principal Office',by the time we arrive he'd had da last laugh

Cosmic:Yeah (all students bash da doors:none is da office;meanwhile lum is inspecting from above,she notices a small beach on a hidden school area)

Lum:I found ya,principal,prepare yerself...

Principal:Hey,u almost killed me,little girl

Lum:Is less than u deserve

Principal:Hmm,u know,if ya could focus yer fury in better ways u could be an enforcer of discipline at tomobiki,tell me,u want yer darling and friends 2 graduate,right?

Lum:As a matter of fact,yes'tcha

Principal:Well,all u gotta do is help me apply a better school program,one that really works,m'lady



Lum:....err,only for darling and my friends

Principal:I knew u would understand

*And thus a new order started at Tomobiki High*

*Lum assistance 2 principal kuno at least stopped da crossdressing and hair cuttings;but things like punctuality and discipline were improved with oni robots and weapons*

Lum:Forgive me,friends'tcha

Kroptik:Dont worry,that rat forced ya,dont worry,at least u did yer part as being da principal "right-hand"

Lum:Now that u mention it,it can be helpful,kroptik-kun'tcha
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Sand: Yet... slowly you can manipulate him, don't you Lum?

Lum: I duno'tcha is just the first day...

Sand: it don't have to be today,  but you will help us in our attack, the one me and kroptik have been planing, and the sensei misunderstood it in the classroom.

Kroptik: Yep, and we'll bring back our old principal. we discovered he is not in vacations...
Post by: Cosmic King on February 03, 2007, 11:34:00 PM
Sand:Yes,the real principal was brainwashed and sent 2 Holland

Falling:Whatcha doing,students?


*next day*

Lum:Guys,i went 2 da principal office and found a folder with a label addressing a plan 2 "turn all of us into ....pineapple-eating zombies"

Kroptik:Damn nutjob (suddenly an army of zombies surround lum and kroptik)

Zombie:PINE....APPLE!!! YOU...GOTTA...STUDY!!! (the zombies prove 2 be inmune 2 lum lightning or kroptik energy manipulation)

Kroptik:Although they look idiotic,they nabbed us 4 good,it seems it wil be our last time 2gether as normal people so (grabs lum and kisses her)


Zombies:PINEAPPLES!!!! (suddenly they begin floating and being held by a blue aura and fell in the pool,where they cant swim,lum sends a lightning bolt 2 knock em out*

Lum:I wonder what made them float that way (thinking) could it be...?

Kroptik:I think i saw a purple haired girl near the pools,but she is gone

*2 hours later,the students army attack the principal office,an epic battle happens but we dont have enough money so lets say the principal got his ass kicked*

Sand:U r beaten,principal

Principal:unghh...i just wanted...2 show u da real...discipline...but. ..i failed ya...

Kroptik:Spare us yer weak acting

Principal:ok,ok,whatever,u beat me,but i made i promise 2 da other principal in his deathbed that i will enlighten ya,so be it (activates a jetpack 2 escape) see ya in da tests tomorrow,kids,hahahahahahaha  >:)
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Kroptik: Not so fast. (Kroptik sprouts his wings from his back and starts following the principal)

Lum: I'm coming too. (she follows Kroptik)

/me and Lum follow the principal to an abandoned warehouse *

Kroptik: Talk about lack of style. Warehouses are so lame...

Lum: And so seen. Every bad guy in TV uses them.

Principal (through a megaphone): Well, well, well, looks who's here. It seems I found your Darling after all, miss Lum.

Kroptik: Sorry pal, you got the wrong person. Now it's time you leave our school for good.

Principal: You don't dare tell me that in my face.

Lum: He would, but we don't know where you are.

Principal: Straight ahead, in the end of the maze.

* Suddendly the warehouse walls reform, forming a huge maze *

Principal: You'll need help kids. You two alone can't do anything.

Kroptik: Don't worry about that. We'll have help in  while. Everyone else knows where we are.

Principal: And how do they know that?

Kroptik: That's a secret. But I'll tell you once I'm near you. See ya in a while.

/me starts going forward, breaking every wall in his way. Lum follows him *
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Principal:They really will nab me (activates airplanes with scissors and knock out gas)that will top ya

*kroptik and lum arrive at da end*

damn,they found me (to students) ok,i learned my lesson,i surrender,lets shook hands,ok,kroptik?

Kroptik:Hmm,i dunno,this seems 2 easy

Principal:afraid 2 shook hands wit yer principal?

Lum:Beware,kroptik,he may hav some joybuzzer hidden in his hand
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*Kroptik breaks da principal arm in 4 parts*

Principal:Oh,da pain,arrrghh

Kroptik:Kakatte Koi,kuno koucho-san!!!! (is about 2 kill him when sakura stops him)

Sakura:There is no need 4 more bloodshed,tecasian,i called Furinkan High,they r gonna come for him soon

Lum:So we received a wrong principal'tcha?

Sakura:It looks like dat

*da principal is taken away 2 furinkan,he is using a straitjacket*

Principal:I will come back,i swear it,i gotta defend yer discipline

Cosmic:Take him away,boyz

*next day,it appears the crossdressing rule in students is still one person*

Kroptik:(using normal cloth) Why u still in skirts,mendo?

Mendo:The other principal turned me in a woman,i dunno how 2 revert

Sand:Sucks 2 be you

Cosmic:By the way,who is gonna be our new principal?

Ryuunosuke:Since the original one is at Holland,they put some girl named Hanajima or something

Kroptik:Hmmm,well,lets go 2 class

*Another day at Tomobiki High starts*
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once the bell rang and the class starts, at falling classroom:

Falling: Ok students, looks all return to normality

Mendo: Almost all teacher...

Kaede: Mendo, your sister had that machine to change sex, the one we melt down. She can make one new and help you.

Falling: Yet, I want to present the new principal.

The door opens, and reveal the new principal, indeed one pretty young woman.

Principal Hanajima: Good afternoon class, i am Hanajima, your principal, and my objective is to provide to all students a better future to all.

She have purple hair and amber eyes, with one soft ans sweet look, yet, one enigmatic smile...

Forgotten: (whispering to sand) sure she is a hot babe! Same ataru missed this day

Sand: (whispering to forgotten)well, lum as always would burn him because he can't control himself.

Post by: Cosmic King on February 04, 2007, 04:32:03 AM
Cosmic:Hmm,lets hope she does better than the other 2


Kroptik:Yes,but still i sense something familiar and strange..

Hanajima:Anything bothers ya,kroptik?

Kroptik:Err,nothing,welcome principal

Falling:Ok,class,who is ready for 10 pop quizes?


End of Fic
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Alex the Milk Guy:Howdy,mates,Alex is with ya,here i am 2 announce the release of "DEATHMATCH FICTION DVD BOXSET 1".here is what contains the Dvds:

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*The Trial of Demons and Goblins

(Kroptik has won the heart of lum,will he succed now that Kurama wants him?)

*Ghostly Ties

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Posted on: February 04, 2007, 02:14:37 AM


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Posted on: February 04, 2007, 02:54:57 AM


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Offtopic: what will the next fic be
Post by: DarkDevil on February 04, 2007, 09:58:20 PM
You could do that after we finish a ep. and this last one was close, bu not so close to UY style.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 05, 2007, 06:29:19 AM
Offtopic: I have recently been inspired for a new fic, my inspiration was a UY episode on y ipod so it should be closer to UY style for ya darkdevil

FANFIC #I got no idea


*It was a regular morning on the way to school, except for two thing*

Forgotten: hey ataru

Ataru: hey Forgotten

Forgotten: where is lum?

Ataru: where is Belldandy?

Forgotten: Touche my friend, but anyway, Belldandy is back in heaven for a bit, seems she broke a few rules and well...has to go through training and tests, so she wont be around for a couple of days, so what about lum?

Ataru: well, she overslept today and I cant afford to be late today

Forgotten: please, you worrying about being late

Ataru: oh fine, I just got to get away from lum, she i driving me crazy

Forgotten: what not aloud to flirt

Ataru: ha ha ha very funny, no, its lum nocternal shocks

Forgotten: WHAT!!!

Ataru: hey, keep it down

Forgotten: well you are married, so i guess it is okay you sleep together, but anyway, about your problem, lum is shocking you in her sleep?

Ataru: ya

Forgotten: well this just might be payback for the everything you have done to her

Ataru: hey

Forgotten: just joking, anyway have talk to her about

Ataru: no, but dont think that will help anyway

Forgotten: Hey didnt you used to have a ribbon that could seal off lum's powers

Ataru: oh I remember that, I payed for that one, but lum disposed of it

Forgotten: how

Ataru: you think I know and I'm not about to ask her

Forgotten: maybe I can help you there, well see ya, school starts in 30 minutes and i might be able to help you before then

*forgotten disappears*

*later that morning, lum arrives at school late*

Falling: Lum why are you late?

Lum: sorry sensai, I kinda overslept'tcha

Falling: well take your seat

Kroptik: up late I see

*everyone chuckles except for the stormtroopers and mendo, who look steamed*

Lum: no, somehow the alarm clock broke

Megane: lum what is with your hair, isnt that ribbon that seals your power

Lum: What!!!

Shinobu: didn't you even notice

Lum(embarrassed): no*now angry* Darling how did you get this

Ataru: It wasnt me

Lum: Darling untie it now

Ataru: I will try but I swear it wasnt me

*Ataru tries but cant get it off*

Lum: sorry darling

Ataru: Forgotten you did this didnt you

Forgotten: wasnt me

*Forgotten tries but fails*

Lum: then who was it
Post by: Kroptik on February 05, 2007, 03:24:54 PM
Kroptik: Don't worry, Lum. I'm sure we'll find out who did this.

Forgotten: I bet you're saying that because it was you.

Kroptik: I would never do that!

Ataru: You could be trying to make Lum hate me so she would go back to you.

Kroptik: Fine. I'll prove it wasn't me.
/me tries to undo the ribbon, but doesn't succeed *

Kroptik: Told you it wasn't me. But we'll find out who is.

Falling: Are you guys done already? I have a lesson to teach here.

Kroptik/Forgotten/Ataru: Sorry.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 05, 2007, 03:40:15 PM
Offtopic: nothing but paranoia, is this better darkdevil
Post by: Cosmic King on February 05, 2007, 06:36:52 PM
Shinobu:(grabbing mendo sword) Untie,cut,i think it is da same,let us cut that ribbon once and for all (gets stopped by ryuu)

Ryuu:We dont want lum 2 be bald,do we?

Shinobu:Ryuunosuke-kun (drops da sword)

Cosmic:Lemme see da ribbon,lum...hmm,this ribbon isnt da same that was used on ya long ago,this is an enhanced version which we can cut by now

Ataru:(peeking below girls skirts) but who could hav done dat?

Lum:Darling!!! (bites him)


Falling:*sigh* these kids today

Kroptik:Hmm,u seem very odd,sensei,why?

Falling:(eerie voice)Could it be cuz i am not yer sensei?

Sand:You r hiding something....ACID MIST!!!  (the acid makes "falling" skin 2 melt,revealing himself as a robot)

Cosmic:Holy Cow!!

Robot:Dont fear,yer sensei just went on vacations wit Benten and he asked me 2 pretend be him,i may know da answer 2 yer question regarding lady lum problem


here at da hologram is da coordenates 2 da place where they make those ribbons,they'd help ya remove it,lum
Post by: DarkDevil on February 05, 2007, 08:09:57 PM
Offtopic: not yet close, but resume to make sure
Post by: Cosmic King on February 05, 2007, 08:51:28 PM
*when they go 4 dat area,they found it destroyed*

Sand:Someone really wants lum 2 have dat ribbon

Ataru:Sorry,darling,u r doomed (thinking) what a perfect way 2 improve my vouyerism

Mendo:Still,who was da fiend behind this?

Lum:I dunno,but i am powerless,so i have 2 rely on darling for defense'tcha (hugs him)


Lum:Right,darling?? (squeezing him)

Ataru:Yeah,whatever,just dont act so nut

Megane:Alas,another chapter in that weird couple

Mendo:I dont think moroboshi can prootect Miss Lum,i offer her my mansion 4 any protection

Dark:And let lum be injured by Ryoko-san??

Cosmic:Good point

*they return 2 earth via Forgotten powers*

Onsen :Yo,lum and ataru

Lum:What happened,sensei'tcha?

Onsen: Mr. Hanawa wants 2 see you for a conference about married students
Post by: DarkDevil on February 05, 2007, 10:04:55 PM
Offtopic: married students? is there anything to discuss? There was no problem before!
Posted on: 05-02-2007, 21:07:41

Dark: How are Caroline's studies, teacher Osen-Mark?
Osen: Oh, They are very well Dark.
Ataru: Is Caroline at school?
Dark: No, teacher Onen-mark is teaching her things about actuality, or in other words, this age.
Post by: Cosmic King on February 06, 2007, 12:15:19 AM
*the couple arrives at Hanawa-sensei office*

Hanawa:Good,u came,my young couple,i wanna see if all is in order and,did he beats you,lum?


Hanawa:Good,tsk tsk tsk,tell me,ataru,are u able 2 support yerself and yer wife? any special jobs?

Ataru:Not at all,teacher

Hanawa:Is important u get a job,soon u will be a responsible man,here is da address of a friend who can help ya,moroboshi

Lum:(taking da note) Thanks,sensei'tcha

Ataru:Is this all u wanted 2 tell us?

Hanawa:Well,i also wanna know if lum is pregnant cuz if that is the case she needs 2 see special groups for pregnants teenagers

Lum:Dont worry,sensei,i wanna have dat moment wit darling 2 be "special"' (winks eye 2 ataru),right,darling'tcha?


Hanawa:Well,u r dismissed,and moroboshi?


Hanawa:We gotta discuss later about the crossdressing problem u had and...

*ataru runs away;4 hours later...*

Lum:The note says "Howard Dojo" at Fatal St. 1996

Ataru:It must be dat shrine (they enter) anybody home? (someone appears)


Lum:Yes,we wanna see da owner of this dojo


Geese Howard:Welcome,i suppose u r da ones that Hanawa sent 2 me,u see this is an Aikido/Karate School and i need people that instruct or at least make propaganda (to lum) u can serve as a way 2 attract students (to ataru) you can do as a living punching bag,deal?...btw,the one that is besides me is Billy,one of my students



Lum:Ok,Geese-san,we accept da job

Geese:You will start tomorrow,be here at 3 pm


*next day at afternoon,lum is with a megaphone*

Lum:Come and join the Howard Dojo of Aikido,an experience 2 self improvement'tcha!!!!

Stranger:And we can meet pretty girls like ya?

Lum:Sure,why not'tcha? (winks eye)

Many People:WE WANT IN!! (Kroptik,Forgotten,Sand,Falling and Sakura arrive)

Falling:What r ya doing,lum?

Lum:Working,wanna join da Howard Dojo'tcha?


Falling:I know da way 2 help ya,lady lum

*next day at school*

Falling:There would be a bonus of 4 points in next exam 2 the student that joins da dojo,ask lum 4 details (most students including mendo,shinobu,megane,ryuu,etc. join)

*5 hours pass*

Geese:You have done well,lum

Lum:(wearing a karate gi) Thanks

Geese:Ready 4 yer part,moroboshi

Ataru: I guess...
Post by: DarkDevil on February 06, 2007, 01:51:56 PM
Dark with Caroline arrives at the Dojo school with a small bag.
Dark: Don't tell me you're working, Master Lum.
Lum: You got'cha.
Caroline: And what is Ataru doing?
Ataru: AAAAHHHHH!!!!!
Lum: He is...
Ataru (interropt): AAAAHHHHH!!!!! NOT SO HARD YOU IDIOTS!!!!
Lum: ...a living punching bag.
Dark: It's a very good idea in Ataru's case. But in your's!!!
Caroline: You could ask Dark to arrenge money.
Lum: I don't think Dark in cat form would be accepted to a job.
Ataru (lying at Caroline's feet): Please... help me... babe...
Lum (while steppingAtaru): You could try a cat show.
Dark: I was talking in summoning way.
Lum (starts shocking Ataru): But you have no power.
Caroline: I still practecing, but I may try. Haja! (Ataru starts burning).
Lum (while hugging Ataru): It's more this way.
Dark: (while watching Ataru): I can see that.

Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 06, 2007, 04:35:13 PM
Offtopic: YO dark have you forgotten that lum still has the ribbon on, she cant use her powers
Posted on: February 06, 2007, 09:57:54 PM
Dark: by the way, how where you shocking ataru just now

Lum: with this tazer, just because we dont know who tied this ribbon on my head, doesnt mean i'm going to let darling get away with anything

*forgotten arrives*

Lum: Belldandy still not back yet

Forgotten: nope

Dark: you lonely soul

Forgotten: she did send me a letter though, seems she cant get her license back until she grant one person's wish, with little interference, supposedly it's a hidden hand of god training

Dark: bah, god, goddess', wishes

Forgotten: got a problem Dark

Dark: no

Forgotten: anyway lum, no news on the ribbon search, except for this, seems that the plant we went too shut down years ago, lack of sales or something, also almost every ribbon made was destroyed, so whoever did this has been holding on to that ribbon for awhile and kept it secret, they are nothing but relics

Lum: that makes things even more difficult

Forgotten: well time to train, see ya lum

Ataru: not you too

Forgotten: dont worry, i dont need a punching bag, not even a living one, I prefer to fight something that fights back

*forgotten duplicates himself and begins training*

*Hours pass and the day comes to a close*

Geese: okay everyone, nice work today, we are closing up, you dont have to go home but you cant stay here

*everyone leaves, except ataru and lum*

Geese: good job today, kid, here's your first pay

Lum: darling, darling

*ataru just lays where he is*

Geese: hmm, he needs more training

Ataru(awakening): No NO NO

Geese: that's better

Lum: lets go darling

Ataru: k

*ataru and lum leave the dojo*

*on the way back home, lum and ataru stop in the park for a rest*

Ataru: lum, we need to talk

Lum: what is it darling

Ataru: Well...umm...well you see

Lum ??? : darling

Ataru: The reason i took this job, was not for the money

Lum: it isnt, then what is it for, I'm so disappointed in you*starts crying* dont you want to take care of me

Ataru: yes i do, but you see, I just wanted to be able to handle the pain

Lum: what pain?

Ataru: well it isnt happening now because of the ribbon but you have been shocking me at night

Lum(shocked): I have...

Ataru: yes you have

Lum: darling, I'm so sorry, you should have told me, I would have had you where the suit

Ataru: no lum, i dont want to where the suit, I want to be with you, nothing in between us

Lum: darling

Ataru: I just wish you would stop shocking me

*suddenly there is a bright flash, but nothing seems to happen*

Ataru: what was that?

Lum: I dont know

Ataru: well now you know

Lum: I'm sorry darling, if this ribbon does come off i swear to do anything to stop from shocking you at night

Ataru: promise

Lum: promise

Ataru: let's go home

*ataru and lum go home*

*the next morning, the moroboshi's are sitting down to breakfast*

Ataru's mother: lum, i see you took that ribbon off, dont like that style anymore

Ataru and Lum: what?

Lum: it is gone

Ataru: and i wasn't shocked

*ataru's parents just look confused*

*after breakfast*

Lum: we're off

*lum and ataru arrive at school*

Cosmic: lum the ribbon is gone

Lum: yep, dissappeared last night

Cosmic: weird

*The bell rings, falling enters the class*

Falling: good morning everyone

Class: good morning

*the door suddenly opens and Forgotten and Belldandy enter the class*

Forgotten: sorry we're late

Falling: better late then never, especially for your case Belldandy

Belldandy: sorry got back kinda late last night and overslept

Falling: take your seats

Kroptik: so Belldandy, finish your training

Belldandy: yep, It was a great success
Post by: Cosmic King on February 06, 2007, 05:09:51 PM
Ataru: (thinking) could it be that it was lum wish not 2 shock me what made her free of the ribbon? it is kinda magic,welll,time for a field test (jumps 2 Shinobu) Yo,shinobu-babe,time i show ya ¨la dolce vita¨

Lum:Darling!!!! (getting charged up)

Ataru:(innocent tone) but,u promised me no more shocks,lum

Lum:(losing charge up) well,that is true,darling.....(charged up) but this is a special situation (shocks ataru)feel my sadness converted in wrath,darling (innocent voice) forgive me,darling,but u know i am a jealous wife (kiss his cheek)

Ran:Yer conversion from evil 2 innocent requires more practice,Lum


*after school*

Ataru: I hope u keep yer promise while we r in bed,lum

Lum:Dont worry,darling,but still i reccomend ya 2 have da suit cuz i tend 2 give off sparks in my dreams'tcha

Ataru:I am sure u will overcome it,little lum and....(a stranger arrives in front of the couple)

??: Tell me,are you Ataru Moroboshi?

Ataru:Of course,but i am no interested in males,my friend

??:Well,i need yer help,my name is Kokeru...Moroboshi,yer son with shinobu miyake

Lum: DARLING!!!!


Kokeru:Dont get mad,miss lum,i am not from this timeline,apparently i was born from some mishap in the dream doors,i am from an alternate future

Ataru:Ok,what is da problem?

Kokeru:The doors suddenly got their knobs (which apparently were thought 2 be destroyed) and it overloaded them,so any alternate timeline character will appear in this dimension,since u 2 helped once in the dream doors,i suppose u could stop this madness
Post by: FallinG_StaR on February 06, 2007, 11:44:54 PM
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Post by: Jataru on February 07, 2007, 12:10:36 AM
Ataru: What you think Lum ?

Lum: Sure will help you da tcha.

Kokeru: Arigatou miss Lum and tou-san.

Ataru: Don't call me that.


Ataru: Well, shall we search for Inaba first rigth? So let's go to Shinobu's house.

*At Shinobu's house*

Ataru: Shinobu are you there?

Shinobu:Ah Ataru and Lum come in.

Shinobu: Who is this boy?

Ataru: Well you see?

Lum: This is Darling son, of one of the dream doors where you are married with him.

Shinobu: Is this true?

Kokeru: Yes it is.

Ataru: Changing subject, Have you seen Inaba?

Shinobu: Inaba left 10 minutes ago. He says he plenty of work.

Lum:Tanks Sinobu.

*At the park*

Lum: Mate Inaba-kun.

Inaba: Ah Lum-san and Ataru-kun.

Ataru:Inaba we need your help.

Inaba: Well you see I'm busy now with a thing.

Lum: What thing da tcha?

Suddenly a little girl appears behind Inaba's back.

Ataru&Lum: Who is this girl Inaba?

Inaba: She says that she is....

Mayuka: I'm Mayuka and I am your daugther Mommy(Lum) and Daddy(Ataru)

Ataru&Lum: Nanny(What)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by: Cosmic King on February 07, 2007, 01:26:50 AM

Lum:Did ya heard dat,Darling'tcha?

Ataru:We need 2 be sure

Inaba:No need 4 that,the girl indeed is an hybrid of you 2,i am still trying 2 find out why alternate and possible futures beings are invading our timeline

Lum:(holding Mayuka) Wow,you r really a pretty girl

Ataru:Lum,dont get too careful wit her,maybe she is da source of this and...

Mayuka:Daddy (trying 2 hug him)


Inaba:Well,i shall take Mayuka 2 yer parents home,ataru (to mayuka) time 2 say goodbye 2 yer parents,mayuka

Mayuka:But i dont wanna leave them,bugs bunny

Lum:Let her be,inaba-kun'tcha

Inaba:Well,i dont see any harm,ok,u can take care of her 4 now
Post by: SandStorm on February 07, 2007, 01:44:40 AM
Mayuka: Daddy, can you buy me a icecream, please, please, pretty pleeeeease? (Do one big grin and puppy eyes)

Ataru: Hehe, ok, you got me, i can't say no to you, ehehehe.

Lum: (whispering) Darling... I am proud of you

Ataru: (whispering) Well...

Lum: Mayuka, then you wanna go to the park'tcha?

Mayuka: Yeah!

Ataru: Well... I can't deny, but i am start to enjoy.

Lum hugs ataru
Post by: Cosmic King on February 07, 2007, 01:57:42 AM
*the trio is in da park,Mayuka is playing wit a ball when it gets out of the way,she goes after it...someone grabs it*

Mayuka:Miss,can u give me back my ball?

??:(gives it back)Of course,little child,indeed u resemble yer mother

Mayuka:U know my mommy?

??:Yes,in fact i went to her wedding,sweet child (lum arrives)

Lum:Mayu-chan,it is not good 2 talk 2 strangers and...oh, is you'tcha!!

??:I am pleased u remember me,Lum,how could u ever forget Saki,yer old friend? and darling...

Mayuka:What happens,mommy?

Lum:Nothing,Mayu-chan,go and play wit yer dad,i need 2 speak something wit "my friend"

Mayuka:Ok (goes 2 see ataru)

Lum:(angry)I dunno how u survived,but if u layed a finger on her,i swear i will..

Saki:Spare me yer maternal instict,lum,i havent hurt yer child

Lum:What do ya want'tcha?


Saki:Tsk tsk tsk,my agenda is still a mystery,i know as much as you do,well i gotta go,see ya...soon (leaves)

Lum:Damn psycho (goes 2 ataru and mayu)
Post by: SandStorm on February 07, 2007, 02:58:21 AM
Lum arrive near her Husband and Daughter with a annoyed face

Lum: (whispering to ataru) Darling... Saki returned... She was speaking Mayuki... What if she... If she is the responsible for this dreams mess, and if she steal us our daughter?

Ataru: she won't hurt her. But she want to p*ss you off... Relax, enjoy this afternoon.

Lum: I wonder... When we leave her to inaba, if we'll see her again...
Post by: Cosmic King on February 07, 2007, 03:59:03 AM
Ataru:Yeah,u r right,although mayuka seems 2 be real,she isnt 2 born till later,i think i am starting 2 like her,she reminds me of my swiftness

Lum:Lets just pray she doesnt take yer vouyerism'tcha

Inaba:Hi,guys,having fun?


Inaba:Is getting late,lets go 2 yer parent house,ataru

Ataru:Ok (at Moroboshi House)

Lum:We r home'tcha

Mayuka:Hi,grandpa and grandma

Mr. Moroboshi :Hi,little girl,i dunno why but u look like ataru's wife,Lum

Mayuka:That is why i am her daughter,silly

Mr. Moroboshi:Explanation,ataru

Ataru:Long story,pops (to mayu) mayu,it is time 2 go 2 sleep

Mayuka:But is still too early,i wanna play some more (begins sending thunderbolts everywhere)

Mrs. Moroboshi:Now what will da neighbors think?

Ataru:Ok,u win,mayuka,how about we eat some potatoes?

Mayuka:Ok,daddy (stops sending bolts)


*meanwhile at Citadel Of Marvels*

Cosmic:So u claim u r the son of prince Kroptik and Lum,right?


Cosmic:and you 2 are the twins that kurama had of kroptik?

?? 2:Indeed,sir

Shaft:Sweet Christmas,cosmic king,we wont end listing all them alternate beings

Cosmic:Yes,u r right on it,shaft-man

Shaft:And what about this glowing baby,cosmic brother?

Cosmic:Really dunno but the magnum scanner registered as a class 4 being,a level only earthly gods have,odd

Alex the Milk Guy:Anyone needs a drink?

Shaft:Yep,bring me some red bulls,biatch


Cosmic:(scanning da glowing baby) I wonder what u will be,little baby,somhow u remind me of belldandy

Shaft:Why dont we ask Uatu for help,cosmic?

Cosmic:He went 2 gather all da other "alternatives",when he returns,we will try 2 understand all this mess

*on earth;mayu is finally sleeping,lum is watching over her*

Lum:(crying) thank you,mayu-chan,u showed me the pleasure of having a daughter,perhaps u r not supposed 2 be,but i am glad you r here
Post by: Kroptik on February 07, 2007, 03:57:06 PM
* Suddendly Kroptik appears near Cosmic and Shaft *

Kroptik: You called, Cosmic?

Cosmic: Yeah, I have. We...

The 3 kids: DADDY!
* The three run against Kroptik and hug him *

Kroptik: What's going on here?

Cosmic: These are your children, Kroptik...

Kroptik: WHAT?! Kids, hang on a bit. I need to talk to Cosmic. Go play a bit.

Twin 1: Ok, but I don't want to play with him. (pointing at Lum's son)

Kroptik: I want all 3 of you to play together.

Twin 2: Ok dad.

* They go play somewhere else *

Kroptik: You're kidding, right Cosmic? You know I don't have children.

Cosmic: We know that. They came from the future.

Kroptik: So I'm going to have children from Lum and Kurama??

Shaft: No, man. They came from alternate futures.

* Cosmic and Shaft explain th situation to Kroptik *

Kroptik: So now what am I gonna do? I can't take care of them... Lum is married with Ataru and I don't exactly feel like going to live with Kurama.

Shaft: Think o'somethin then. They're not staying here.

Kroptik: Ok I'll do what I can. What're their names?

Cosmic: Lum's son is Hiro. The twins are Keiichi and Satomi.

Kroptik: Got it. Can I borrow a ship Cosmic? Mine's still in Earth.

Cosmic: That won't be needed. Apparently they have some of your powers...

Kroptik: Ok. You guys make sure you fix this fast.

Cosmic: We're doing what we can.

Kroptik: Ok, see ya later then. C'mon kids, we're going home.

Kids: Ok dad.

Keiichi: But I can't teleport yet...

Satomi: I can.

Hiro: I can too.

Kroptik: Ok I'll take you Keiichi.

* All four of them leave *

Cosmic: Poor guy...

Shaft: Yeah...
Post by: Cosmic King on February 07, 2007, 07:41:59 PM
Cosmic:Well,it is time 2 summon da other 1000 we gathered *sigh*

Oneg the Prober: Master cosmic,we already found  567 more,their numbers are increasing,soon they will overflow the galaxy

Shaft:Any idea about this,cosmic brotha?

Cosmic:Well,Inaba told me it was some mess up in the dream doors,but those r being fixed already and still this alternate invasion persists (Uatu arrives)

Uatu:I may tell ya da answer for this problem,mortals,indeed the doors have been fixed but on earth there is a living anchor made from flesh and lightning that is letting all this continue

Shaft:Any idea who dat anchor is,crome head?

Uatu:Yes,that person is no one than the living recreation of lum and ataru daughter,Mayuka

Alex the Milk Guy:So u saying we gotta kill dat girl or prevent her from been born?

Uatu:No,mayuka must be born and be happy with her parents but we hav 2 send this mayuka version back 2 her dimension

Cosmic:I suppose we gotta pay a visit 2 lady lum

*Meanwhile on earth*

Ataru:Yo,lum,what r we gonna do wit mayuka? remember we gotta go 2 school and work,and my parents dunno how 2 take care of oni girls

Lum:That is why i am asking a friend 2 help me (brings a alien cell phone; speaks in strange language;hangs the phone) he will come soon,darling'tcha

Ataru:Knowing ya,it will be a giant octopus god that feeds on baby souls

Lum:Like that one? (pointing out window)



Lum:I was joking,darling,that is just one of the new neighbors (to neighbor) howdy,neighbor'tcha?

Cthulu the Neighbor:Howdy,lum,u r looking fine (enters his won house...or dimension)

Lum:Well,darling,the friend i called i met him at the matchmaking party my dad made,dont worry he isnt a monster that feeds on baby souls,he looks fine

Ataru:ok,So it is an alien or a mystic being?

Lum:He comes from the Dimension of the Vishanti,he is one of the main priestords there (some knocks the door) it must be him'tcha (opens door;a being adorned with mystic fire and amazing form appears)

??:Sorry for making you all wait,my name is Jataru,i have heard my friend lum requires assisntance
Post by: Jataru on February 07, 2007, 08:17:34 PM
Ataru: Can we trust this guy?

Lum: Sure da tcha, he is a good friend of mine and a powerfull sorcerer.

Jataru: You're flaterring me Lum.

Lum: Gomene Jataru-kun.

Ataru: So Lum shall we go?

Lum:Sure da tcha. Jataru take a good care of Mayuka.

Jataru: Don't worry Lum. She will be fine.

Mayuka: Ne Jataru, let's go to the park. I saw a ferris wheell last day.Please,please,Please,please,pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase!!

Jataru: Ah, ok but we must to be at home before Ataru and Lum.

Mayuka: Yeah!!!!!!!


*After too much fun at the park*

Jataru: Mayu we have to go.

Mayuka: Ok Onni-sama (Jataru bluchs)

*Suddenly Jataru stops*

Mayuka: What is Onni-sama.

Jataru: I sense an evil soul, and his very close, too close.
Post by: Cosmic King on February 07, 2007, 08:36:30 PM
??: You r pretty good at sensing evil,but i bear no malice towards the kid,it is me,Darkdevil

Jataru:Sheesh,i almost thought u were an evil god or something like that?

Dark:Are you looking down upon me,sorcerer?

Jataru:Enough of this,lets go all together,we need 2 be at moroboshi house by 2 pm


Jataru:(thinkng) yet it wasnt Dark energy what i felt at first,we better leave quickly (they begin walking  and arrive at moroboshi house)

*at the Moon*

Cosmic: Finally,the gathering is over,now what do we do with them?


Shaft:How many were,cosmic friend?

Cosmic:Exactly 234,985 people,not counting us

Shaft:Sweet Christmas!!

Alex:That is a lot of people

Cosmic:Yep,both of you are right and we gotta find Mayuka,but some force is shielding her from my mental powers


Shaft:You think ¨her¨ may have kidnapped Mayuka?

Cosmic:Maybe,but there are others that were able of such a feat

*meanwhile on earth*



Mayuka:If my parents are going 2 school,shouldnt i go too?

Jataru:Well,u r right on dat,but u r in vacations,sweet child,look,we hav arrived home,why dont we give a surprise gift 2 yer parents?

Post by: DarkDevil on February 07, 2007, 08:52:34 PM
Dark:I can't feel anything.

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Post by: Kroptik on February 07, 2007, 11:57:37 PM
* When Jataru opens the door, they realise it doesn't lead to the Moroboshi's house, but to an alternate dimension *

Jataru: Is this one of your little jokes, Dark?

Dark: I have nothing to do with this, and you know it.

Mayuka: What going on Onni-sama?

Jataru: Don't know, but we're going to find out about this. I want you to stick close to me.

Dark: I'm coming too. I'm curious about this...

* Suddendly Kroptik, Hiro, Satomi and Keiichi appear *

Kroptik: Hi Dark. Care to introduce us?

Dark: This is Jataru, a friend of Lum and a known sorcerer.

Jataru: And this is Mayuka. She's the daughter of Lum and Ataru in a possible future. We're having some problems with alternate futures...

Kroptik: I know about it. These are my children from those alternate futures.

Dark: Why are you here anyway?

Kroptik: Hiro misses his mom. Since he can't go back to his time, I thought I'd bring him to see Lum. Is she home?

Jataru: Not yet, but we have a problem here. Check this out.
* He shows him the entrance to the other dimension *

Kroptik: Oh... You know where this leads to?

Jataru: Not yet, but we're gonna find out.

Kroptik: I'm coming too then.

Dark: And your kids?

Satomi: We can handle ourselves.

Keiichi: We're pretty powerful you know...

Hiro: Me too.

Kroptik: You three can come, but I want you to promise me you'll be careful. And no telling this to mom. She would kill me if she knew I was letting you come.

Satomi: Ok dad.

Jataru: Let's go then.
* All seven of them enter the unknown dimension *
Post by: Cosmic King on February 08, 2007, 03:17:52 AM
*When they enter dat portal they end in a 50's like japan*

Kroptik:What the hell happened in here?

Inaba:Apparently this is another timeline

Stranger resembling Michael Jackson: Guten tag,mademoiselle bunny,what r ya doing when it is curfew time?

Jataru:Curfew? u mean this is dictatorship?

"Michael Jackson":Not really,just when da boss is angry

Kroptik:Do ya know any one named Ataru or Lum?

Michael:Yes,they used 2 live on mendo mansion,but when some rainbow ninjas stormed it,they moved 2 Grahalm St. 017

Jataru:Thank you (they arrive in there)

Kroptik:Remember,we gotta find a way out,maybe oni science will help

Satomi:Ok (they enter da house)

Lum:Welcome,kroptik and co.,shall i hang yer pants in the closet


Ataru:Lum,the smelling socks tea is almost ready,be sure 2 prepare it for da guests


Mayuka:Mommy and daddy sound funny

Kroptik:Man,this alternative timeline sucks

Lum:Oh,no,u said the forbidden word,now the Master will be angry

Jataru:The master?!?

(a giant screen emerges from da floor,revealing a video of the Master)

Master:Attention,bionic hazard,attention,bionic hazard,RUN FOR YER LIVES!!! (Several cyborg pineapple eating zombies storm the house and using sleeping gas capture krop and co.)

Kroptik:Where are we?

Master:U r in my headquarter at Nokia Tower,i shall punisjh ya using the faces of doom

Inaba:Yiarrrggh,it is too much punishment

Master:Now i will turn ya into cell phones,mwahahahahaha (Jataru gets free and freeze the master:liberates the others)

Kroptik:What hell of timeline is this?

Inaba:According 2 my database,this timeline is known as the "What if Mickey Mouse killed Adolph Hitler ? World"

Kroptik:Yeah,right ( a ship descends)

Shaft:Yo,guys,we came 2 get yer asses outta here,hop on this m***** f*****g ship

Kroptik:(all enter da dimensional traveller) and what about this dimension rift?

Alex:We found a way 2 enter ataru house without danger (return 2 normal dimension)
Post by: SandStorm on February 08, 2007, 03:44:48 AM
Kurama: Kroptiiiik! You did it again in your underpants! You damn old sick man! (its seen one old version kurama)

Then one old Ataru appears

Ataru: babes, here are the babes...?

Lum: (old version) C'mere you lusty maan... (zapps him)
Post by: Cosmic King on February 08, 2007, 03:49:49 AM
Alex:Ok,i think we entered a wrong dimension (activates normal dimension coordenates)

Kroptik:Man,that vision wont get outta of my mind (pukes)

Shaft:Well,soon we will be at home,sonny-boy (arrive at correct earth)

Lum:Mayu-chan,where were you? i was so desperate and i thought u were lost (hugs her)

Mayuka:Dont cry,mom,i am in here,i just took a trip

*at night*

Mayuka:Daddy,can u tell me a bedtime tale?

Ataru:One afternoon a big wolf waited in a dark forest for a little girl to come along carrying a basket of food to her grandmother. Finally a little girl did come along and she was carrying a basket of food. "Are you carrying that basket to your grandmother?" asked the wolf. The little girl said yes, she was. So the wolf asked her where her grandmother lived and the little girl told him and he disappeared into the wood.

When the little girl opened the door of her grandmother's house she saw that there was somebody in bed with a nightcap and nightgown on. She had approached no nearer than twenty-five feet from the bed when she saw that it was not her grandmother but the wolf, for even in a nightcap a wolf does not look any more like your grandmother than the Metro-Goldwyn lion looks like Rumiko Takahashi. So the little girl took a .45 Colt out of her basket and shot the wolf dead.

Moral: It is not so easy to fool little girls nowadays as it used to be.


Ataru:Sorry,just wanted 2 see da results

Post by: DarkDevil on February 08, 2007, 06:10:45 PM
Offtopic: ...far...close...far...close...far...close...far...
Post by: Cosmic King on February 08, 2007, 08:45:51 PM
*Meanwhile at Memory Templarium,Forgotten is meditating about several facts when...*

Forgotten:I felt a disruption in the reality fabric,should that rupture continue all will enter a void of nothingness (his cell phone sounds) mochi mochi?

??: Yo,forgotten,it is me,Moroboshi (not-ataru),i have something that will amaze ya,cody-boy

Forgotten:Why does yer voice sounds weird?

Moroboshi: Blame the weather,come here as possible (hangs phone)

Forgotten: Oh well (teleports 2 Italy) what is it that u wanna say 2 me?

Moroboshi:I think i saw punk versions of you and lady belldandy destroying the Pisa Tower

Forgotten:(thinking) could it be that rupture? (normal) i will go and see,friend (arrives at the Tower)

Forgotten: I see there is one boy,but where is dat belldandy?

Punk Cody: Wat u want wit we us,homeboy? wantin' troubles,kid?

Forgotten;The resemblance is astounding,but your grammar really sucks

Punk Cody: Ya leave my grandma out of this,bastitch!!! (Summons a magical chain that melts with its touch)

Forgotten:You r good with it,but i am far better with my arsenal of might (mentally hits punk cody)

Punk Cody:Ya got guts,kid,i wil giv ya dat,but dat aint enough wit me (morphs into a giant mosnter)


now i will finish you and... (begins gasping for air) goddamn....i...forgot... this form needs...water...2 live...agggg (loses mosnter form and falls beaten)

Forgotten:Pathetic,indeed a waste of time (grabs da punk from da throat) where is yer partner?

Punk Cody: Dunno,...homeboy...she said she was....gonna...see..ygg. .drrr(faints)

Forgotten:Well,i am sure they would take care of that fake belldandy,i am off 2 see da real one
Post by: DarkDevil on February 08, 2007, 09:24:32 PM
Offtopic: not yet close. Please do not kill me for this coments, I'm only a critic
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 08, 2007, 11:42:52 PM
*forgotten teleports to his house and finds Urd*

Forgotten: hey Urd, I need to get to heaven, mind helping me

Urd: do it yourself, I know you can

Forgotten: I know but it is harder to do it myself

Urd: Fine

*Urd touches the TV and it turns into a portal*

Urd: shall we go

*Forgotten and Urd enter the portal*
Post by: Cosmic King on February 09, 2007, 05:16:24 AM
*they found belldandy on a hall of doors*

Belldandy: (dressed with tiger clothes and horns)welcome,forgotten-darling,did u had a hard day at job'tcha? (kisses him)


Urd:This looks bizarre somehow

Forgotten:But feels nice

Belldandy:Well,it is getting cold,lets enter our house,forgotten darling'tcha


Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 09, 2007, 07:00:37 AM
Forgotten: I dont think so

Urd: well i do, i didnt cause it

Forgotten: Just relax Urd

Urd: hmm

Forgotten: Anyway, so Belldandy did you figure out why the alternate futures are coming into reality

Belldandy: what are you talking about

*Forgotten stops walking and pulls away from Belldandy*

Forgotten: Dont you remember Why you came back to heaven, this isnt right

Urd: see told ya

Forgotten: Sorry Urd, now i sense the same signature as the alternate futures, check yggdrasil a figure out what is going on

Urd: sure

Belldandy: No you do...

*Belldandy collapses and is caught by Forgotten*

Forgotten: Sorry Belldandy, Urd hurry and check the system

*Urd access the yggdrasil*

Urd: what a mess, the system is in chaos, it seems that the alternate futures have merged with everything in heaven because of a overload

Forgotten: how do we fix this

Urd: I dont know, oh wait there something here

*sudden the moniter explodes, sending Urd flying into a wall*

*Forgotten runs to her side*

Forgotten: Urd are you alright

Urd: I'll live, just a little light headed

Forgotten: Thank goodness

Urd: it seems that there has been an overload in the room of destiny, i dont know anything else

Forgotten: seems I need to get to the room of destiny and figure out what is causing the overload, you gonna be okay here Urd

Urd: I guess

*Forgotten moves towards the closest door and pulls out a key*

Forgotten: I knew i would need to use this eventually

*forgotten puts the key in the door and opening it, revealling a portal to the room of destiny, Forgotten enters the portal*

*Back with Lum and Ataru*

Ataru: lum

Lum: yes darling

Ataru: I know you enjoy this but dont you think this is too soon, I mean we only just got married

Lum: Darling... I guess your right, but...but I'm so happy

Ataru: me too, but...

Lum: Dont say I know what we have to do, lets go

Ataru: how though

Lum: I kept the door to the room of destiny

*lum opens the closet revealing a door, lum inserts a key and opens the door*

*Ataru goes to Mayuka, and picks her up*

Ataru: lets go

*Ataru and Lum enter the portal*
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Offtopic: I need to say nothing
Post by: Cosmic King on February 09, 2007, 05:12:49 PM

Cosmic:Hey,guys,look,the alternatives are merging with da others,at this rate there would be a mixed universe,anything that was will die or change

Nezarr the Calculator: 3 days till the merging is complete,only safe measure is to separate them and send em bakc in artifical dream doors

Shaft:i gots a question,y'all,how come we r not merging?

Cosmic: Uatu made some anti-polymerization devices on us,we will be safe from it but i cant assure we will survive the recreation of a Big Bang,we have to find Mayuka

Alex:Any idea 2 track her? u failed at first,sire cosmic

Cosmic:Yes,but now i shall use my full power on it


finally i found her,she is with ataru and lady lum at another dimension,we gotta grab mayuka and send her 2 her real world,then automatically all return 2 its normal state

Arishem the Judge:Sire,there is a quick way 2 track them,lets use the Judgement Door,it can guide us whereever we want

Cosmic:Excellent idea

*meanwhile Forgotten has witnessed 1000 realms at da same time*
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 09, 2007, 05:27:52 PM
*upon entering the portal, Ataru, Lum and Mayuka were thrown, feeling like they were being torn apart, eventually they reach the room of destiny and ataru stars falling, being caught by Lum*

Ataru: thanks lum, look at this place

Lum: It's a mess

*suddenly Inabi and Shinobu appear*

Lum: Hi Inabi, Shinobu, what are you doing here

Shinobu well, i found Inabi in the real world again


Lum: your so clumsy

Inabi: actually, this time i was thrown out by an explsion, it seems something has overloaded the room of destiny, anyway come one lets get you your uniforms again

*They enter the changeroom and get into there uniforms*


Shinobu: I never get used to these uniforms

Mayuka: yawn...mommy

Lum: Your awake now i see

Mayuka: where are we

Inabi: Who is this

Ataru: our future daughter

Inabi: From one of the doors?

Lum: yep

*suddenly Forgotten appears*

Inabi: How did you get here?

Forgotten: wow that was a wild ride, oh hi Inabi, i used a key got awhile ago

Inabi: have we met

Forgotten: not formally, i worked here before you started, it has been a while since i came here, now to fix this problem, hmm this must be Mayuka

Lum: how do you know of her?

Forgotten: because she is the problem and the key to fixing this mess and do you really think i didnt memorize each doors future

Lum: how do you know she is the problem?

Inabi(shocked): memorized each door's future, is that even possible

Forgotten: didnt you know, when i worked here there were only 1 other person working with me, the lead rabbit, when he retired I decided to quit and we hired those braindead rabbits and you

Inabi: oh

Forgotten: Anyway lum look at Mayuka's feet

*Everyone looks at Mayuka's and notice that the floor where her feet are is warping*

Forgotten: she is the problem, actually she is apart of the problem, her reality is a duplicate

Everyone: ???

Forgotten: Let me explain, in the room of destiny there are many doors, but each has its own unique future, if by chance a doorknob was made that had the same future as another door then things end up the way they are now, it seems that the door that Mayuka came from is a duplicate of an already existant future

Ataru: and how do you know this

Forgotten: I kind of did the same thing to see what would happen

Inabi: so how do we fix this mess

Forgotten: put mayuka back into her future and destroy it


Lum: that is not going to happen

Forgotten: come on lum ataru, Mayuka may be your child, but she is from the future, there is always the chance that you will have this future, bah this is wasting time, time we dont have

*Forgotten grabs Mayuka and leaves the changeroom*

Lum and ataru: get back here

*Everyone chases after Forgotten*

Mayuka: Mommy...

Forgotten: damn i got to get away from them, ah this one will do for now

*Forgotten enters a door*

Lum: get back here

*enters the door too*

Lum: where did he go?

*suddenly lum sees something*


Lum: is this still possible

*Forgotten exits that door, only to run into ataru*

Forgotten: Uh oh

*forgotten flies off into another door*

*Ataru follows into the door, he looses sight of Forgotten, but sees something else*


Ataru: but how...

*Forgotten exits and starts looking for Mayuka's door*

*Forgotten runs into the rabbits, trying to turn the key*


Forgotten: that is not going to work now guys

Rabbits: Sir, what are you doing here

Forgotten: fixing your mistakes, as usual

*Forgotten flies off*

Forgotten: Where is that door, ah there it is


*Forgotten put Mayuka in the door*

Mayuka: no i dont want to leave mommy and daddy

Forgotten: sorry, but it has to be done

*ataru comes out of nowhere and pushes Forgotten away from the door*

Forgotten: it is too late, I already put Mayuka in the door and sealed it

Atura: I wont let you destroy this future

*Suddenly lum appears*


Lum: i wont let you destroy it either

Forgotten: didnt you guys listen to what i said, this is a duplicate door, a duplicate, which means that there is another door just like this on, so it doesnt matter if i destroy this door, there is still the possibility of you two having Mayuka as your child

Lum and Ataru: oh

Forgotten: now get out of the way, we dont have time for this

*Suddenly the other door burst open, reveal past foes*

*Lum and Ataru get out of the way*

Lum: wait, I'll do it, it's my future after all

Forgotten: hurry up then

*Lum begins to charge up, but her hands are unsteady, ataru goes to her side and holds her hand*

Lum: darling...

Ataru: there is always the possibility

Lum: yeah

*Lum charges up and blasts the door, shocking ataru as well*

*Suddenly there is a bright light and when it fades everything in the room of destiny is back to normal*

Forgotten: everything should be back to normal now, and now for my leave, no more creating doorknobs lum, ataru, okay, just remember that there is always the possibility

*Forgotten goes to another door and puts his key in the door*

Forgotten: Bye for now

Lum and Ataru: Bye

*Forgotten disappears into the door*
Post by: Cosmic King on February 09, 2007, 06:04:39 PM
Cosmic:it seems there was no need 4 more work,well only thing left is to make da others return home

*4 hours later*

Forgotten:it was succesful,back again we hav our own dimension

Ataru:Although i feel somehow sad,i am happy 2 know my future kid

Lum:We can always make it,darling'tcha

Ataru:Gupl...errr...i dunno..lets go eat something,you coming,forgotten?

Forgotten:Yeah,why not?

Kroptik/Jataru/Sand/Dark:Hey,wait for us

*Thus everythiong return 2 normal...4 now*


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Offtopic: I don't need to repeat myself.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 09, 2007, 07:53:06 PM
Offtopic: seems like my posts are getting longer everytime, but this was a good one
Post by: Cosmic King on February 09, 2007, 11:55:09 PM
Off Topic:

Jataru will open a fiction topic dealing with Lum and Ataru future

nevertheless DM2 will continue working on its fics (only difference is that we wont travel 2 future)

Coming soon...another fiction

On Topic:

Deathmatch Fic # 209

"Fire Burners"

*It is a nice winter morning in tomobiki,well not so nice because it is very cold*

Kroptik:Brrr,this looks like a new ice age,brrrr

Mendo:And according 2 my satellite,it will only get worse

Onsen:Shut up,you 2,we....have a class 2 see....

Lum:Brrr,but sensei....i think....our hands got frozen'tcha

Shinobu:We are all inda sam problem (then Sand and Dark arrive very calm)

Cosmic:brrr,why arent ya having coold?

Sand:Simple,mate,cuz we r using some "firebrands",they maintain ya warm and all u gotta do is to think in something "hot"

Mendo:as in fire?

Dark:No,mortal,u know what kind of "hot"

Forgotten:Well,and where can we buy em?

Sand:Kotatsu-neko is selling them,mate
Post by: SandStorm on February 10, 2007, 04:01:26 AM
Ataru: Where is he?

Sand: Near the 2nd corner of the city museum

The students leave the class running like crazy


Dark: Hold your horses Osen... (do black magic, and Osen mouth got glued)

Sand: Lool, this will be funny, lets check them.

Sand and Dark leave osen alone in the class
Post by: DarkDevil on February 10, 2007, 10:22:38 AM
Cherry looks at the classroom and see Professor Osen-Mark.
Osen: Hmhmhmmmhhhm (Say nothing, say nothing.)
Cherry: Nothing, only bad luk, nothing more.
Cherry goes away.
Post by: Cosmic King on February 12, 2007, 05:24:34 PM
*meanwhile da students arrive wit kotatsu*

Ataru:Yo,kotatsu,we need many firebranders from ya

Kotatsu:(translated from cat) Hehehehehe,it will be 456 yens da piece (everybody pays their own) i am pleased 4 yer boughts but be warned,the firebrands get outta control if ya think so much in 'hot'

Lum:Dont worry,kotatsu-kun,we wont think so much 'hot things'tcha

Mendo:Well,time 2 go 2 school,guyz (back at school)


Onsen:What do ya want?

Forgotten:We bought ya a firebrander

Onsen:Well,thank ya (all gets warm) let us carry on wit class then

Sand:It will be a long day

*During class Lum gets asleep and begins dreaming*

Lum:(dream talking) please not in the carpet,darling....mayu would hear l,yesssss...i lovee yooouu'tcha

All:Lum,are you ok?

Lum:(awaken) ehh,what is up'tcha..?

Ataru:It seems u were having a...fantasy dream...

Cosmic:Indeed u had a ¨hot dream¨,lady lum


Mendo:Why uh-oh?

Sand:Lum accidentally disobeyed the firebranders power

Megane:So it is gonna be like da ice coolers ? (from UY episode 169)

Dark:Those things had temporal power,the firebrands chaos doesnt come like that,observe (lum firebrander begins glowing then sends a fireball,from where it rises a mixture of ataru,mendo and rei)
Post by: DarkDevil on February 12, 2007, 08:07:03 PM
Ten: Fireworks! Yeh, Party!
Post by: SandStorm on February 12, 2007, 11:44:36 PM
Sand: OMFG... Lum, are you dreaming about a orgy???
Post by: Cosmic King on February 12, 2007, 11:54:51 PM
*Most of the students see da advantages of thinking "hotter" and thus a fantasy chaos emerges*

Forgotten:So much for a warm day *sigh*

Cosmic:Amen,forgotten brother,Lets go eat some chicken

Sand:I am friend of Colonel Sanders,he will give us free chicken


*at midnight,in one of the emporiums of Kentucky Fried Chicken,sounds of moaning and desperate chickens are heard*


*Colonel Sanders arrive*

Colonel Sanders: WTF is going on in here?!? (spots a boy trying 2 rape one chicken) hey,you!!!

??: I ve... (tries 2 grab another chicken)

Colonel:You dirty sonuva...(grabs a shotgun and shots da sick rapist that then jumps out da window)

??:Sandstorm....i am coming...4 you..(runs away)
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Offtopic: what the hell is going on?
Post by: Cosmic King on February 13, 2007, 12:53:01 AM
Off Topic:


On Topic:

*Its morning on Tomobiki,still winter reigns*

Kroptik:So,lady lum,how u dealt with dat fantasy of yours?

Lum:You mean Reitaro? he is at home,apparently these fanatsies dont fade away,i am getting worried'tcha

Kroptik:It figures,milady

Lum:Have yer firebrander overloaded an made ya yer fantasy,kroptik-kun'tcha?

Kroptik:Not yet..not yet
Post by: DarkDevil on February 13, 2007, 12:55:41 AM
Post by: Cosmic King on February 13, 2007, 01:24:26 AM
Kroptik:Damn,i thought she was hibernating,gotta run,lady lum

Lum:Ok'tcha (flies away)

Kurama:You wont get away (uses a paralyzer gun that disables kropman wings) you r now mine,"darling"

Sand:But he needs 2 be on school,lady kurama

Kurama:Then i will join it too


Kurama:Yeah,we will be together,"darling"

Sand:Crazy day

*at school most students try not 2 overload da firebranders,only a minor mistake could trigger a lot:6 hours later,sandstorm and kaede r entering 2 home when they see a murdered bunch of chickens at da door*

Sand:Oh no,it cant be...

??:Oh,yes,i am back,sand...

Kaede:Who r ya? (launches some shurikens but the guy shields himself wit a power shield)

??:Is that a way 2 treat an old partner,sandstorm?

Sand:But u died back then...Luigi

Luigi:That is what i wanted u 2 believe,i am sure u wil be glad 2 see da others..well,i gotta go,arrivederci,mon ami (leaves)

Kaede:Weird guy
Post by: SandStorm on February 13, 2007, 01:53:04 AM
Sand: you can bet, I don't even wanna think what he did... I gotta stop him.

Kaede: Better i give you a hand.

Sand: i'm so sorry Kaede, but i need to go alone, and hunt him down. Later will explain all, there's no more time to loose.

***Sand kiss Kaede cheek and leave***

20 minutes later, SS arrives at SP headquarters. He is received by one long date friend

Iver: Saaaaaaaaaaand man, you are back! we missed you dude, we've got plenty of work to do man, where have you been?

Sand: I've been checking the HQ systems in my computer, don't worry because i sent mails to our members.

Iver: Gr8. but you know, I've got bad news...

Sand: My friend, no need to say more. I know luigi is alive, and i've come to slash him down. Where is pae?

ZeeM: yo nigga! pae went to south korea to one martial arts contest.

Sand: ok, i wish him good luck. now, mate, tell me. where that bastard is?

ZeeM: Calm down nigga, i don't want more blood here!

Sand pushes away ZeeM and go directly to the 2nd office in the 3rd floor.
The windows are closed, and one strange smell is inside it. some feathers are in the air, as various marks of blood, and one dead chicked, like she had put a 20Kg egg

??: I arrived for you, and you arrived for me, right? I knew it!

Sand: Show yourself Luigi.

Luigi: Here i am! ***He's covered in chicken feathers, , with one fried kentucky chicken pack serving as underpants ***

Sand: I shall offer you proper clothes in your b-Day dude, but now, time for vengeance!

Luigi: lets have action baby!

Sand take out one shinny samurai sword

Luigi: Where you got that?

Sand: (thinking) I wonder how long kaede won't see the fault of her sword, but for this guy, slashing with blades seems to be the last option... (talking) i will make sure i put it in one place that will bring you pleasure!

Sand do one "twio dwi-hurigi" move, and slashes Luigi's arm


teh scream was loud, and Demas, one hard to understand guy is passing near, and open the door, while he see the walls with blood

Demas: buddy, no, u returned, please don't spanked us, please buddy

Sand: Oh, shut teh f**k up!

SS grabs Demas by the neck and lift him in the hair. Then, do one massive sand ball, and trow it, with Demas inside at luigi. Several walls break up!

Sand: Hehehe, time to taste the fury of earth, you biatch! Where did u got all those chikens?

Luigi: ohhhh.... Demas head is in ma A*S... it is so good...

Sand: You sir, are disgusting! SANDSTAR ATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! (one blast fills uptye place. everything near is destroyed. both Luigi and Demas are unconscious.)

Sand: You guys still weak. You show no thrill to ma rage! (Raises Kaede's katana, and pierce it in Luigi head, removing his eyes, and then, doing portkeys with them)

Sand: I am sure Dark will enjoy this gift, he like odd things.

Sand: ROCKSLICE! tons rocks fall upon the victims, smashing their heads.

Sand go away from that place, take a lift to the ground floor

Sand: ZeeM, dude, call one ambulance.

ZeeM Oh sh*t nigga, I SAID NO BLOOD!

Sand: yeah, right. Send me a mail is any of our costumers have doubts about the tunning from their phones.

SS open the main door, and leave SP headquarters

Sand: (thinking) Kaede, for sure i couldn't bring you to this... Now, i shall whip the blood this sword created...

SandStorm is whipping teh sword way back home, while the sky start to get cloudy

Post by: Cosmic King on February 13, 2007, 02:17:58 AM
*Next day at school*

Onsen:Yo,future hamburger grillers!!!

Students:What is up,sensei?

Onsen:First of all February 14th is coming so u gotta come with somethin special and also principal hanajima wanna speak wit Kroptik

Kroptik:Ok,sensei (in Onsen office) what is it u wanted 2 tell me?

Principal:*sigh* Kropman,i will be honest 2 ya,yesterday some nutgirl called me 2 enter Tomobiki High when r already on classes,she said she knew ya


Principal:Hmm,well,of course i couldnt allow her 2 enter...

Kroptik:Thank god

Principal:...unless she made a special exam that she passed,and since u r her most "close friend",i want ya 2 give her a welcome,u r dismissed

Kroptik:B..but (leaves) man,if only i wouldnt feel bad if i use da firebrand overload...*sigh*

*meanwhile at da classroom*

Ataru:Time 2 put in action operation "Harem 2007" (concentrates;the firebrander glows and the room is overfilled of babes )


Ataru:Ooops,i thought it wouldnt happen (forgotten and cosmic hav 2 destroy da door so nobody suffocates)

Lum:Hmph,all these girls r goin 2 mendo house,darling'tcha



Lum:I dont like competition,besides we r married'tcha

Ataru:How about Reitaro?

Lum:Ehhh...(blushing) he is another may see'tcha

Shinobu:I see somebody is already infected with the Moroboshi Virus

Sand:How hav u managed 2 not overload da firebrand,Miyake?

Shinobu:Lets say i dont longer hav fantasies


Onsen:Why always when i am giving classes?!?
Post by: SandStorm on February 13, 2007, 02:38:25 AM
Sand: Osen... Falling-Sensei lessons where worse, :P

Dark: Ya, rly, cool down or i'll do ya again teh same gluing black magic.
Post by: DarkDevil on February 13, 2007, 01:17:57 PM
Offtopic: don't add characters, just use those who you've got.
Post by: Cosmic King on February 13, 2007, 04:55:56 PM
*during recess,a huge Mendo car gets all da girls*



Lum.Do ya think i am getting as lusty as u r'tcha?

Ataru:You mean that cuz u havent rid of Reitaro and you want me 2 get rid of mah girls ? oh lum,i never knew u were so cold hearted ,long time i hav been loyal 2 you but i dont wanna snuff our passion flame and i have 2 sacrifice meself wit other girls.....and now u pay me back with yer lust(pretends 2 cry)

Lum:Darling,forgive me,it wasnt my intention 2 hurt you,receive my love expression'tcha (takes ataru hand)


Ataru:No,wait,luumm (lum shocks him into submission)

Lum:Hahaha,you should know by now that you neede better excuses,darling'tcha

*meanwhile at da school cafeteria*


Megane:Fellow stormtroopers,i have an announcement 2 make

Chibi:What is it,boss?

Perm:Is it about the firebranders?

Megane:Yes,i think we have endured long enough not 2 overload em

Megane:Not exactly,perm,not exactly,tomorrow we unveil Project Valentine and (suddenly a student with a gun enters da cafeteria)


Cook:But the sweet rolls already were sold

Angry Student: (cocking handgun) I SAID I DEMAND A %&#!? SWEET ROLL!!!

*meanwhile with Mendo*

Mendo:That moroboshi gnat really had imagination,almost 200 girls from one mere thought of i feel a little envy because of this,a question remains,shall i overload this gizmo and see in life my fantasies or shall i prevent meself from this? woe is me,for i dunno what 2 do...

Ryuu:Yo,Mendo,shut up,i am trying 2 study math,i didnt do well last time

Mendo:Oh,poor maiden,allow me 2 assist ya in yer study,i know some of math

Ryuu:Yeah,right,arent ya da one with the bizarre physics formulas?

Mendo:That was but a minor mistake, know what? that is a boy's name

Ryuu:(sarcastically) Oh,i didnt knew it

Mendo:I can help ya 2 get rid of that manly nightmare yer father is forcing in ya,from now on your name will be...(gets knocked out with a desk)

Shinobu:Forgive me,mendo-kun,but i cant allow ya that...

Ryuu:Shinobu,what is the meaning of that?


Shinobu:You wouldnt understand how i felt when i heard mendo saying...nevermind,i got 2 see some friends (leaves)

Ryuu:Poor girl...(continues studying)

*meanwhile with Onsen Mark*

Onsen:These kids today r really odd,dont ya think,sakura?

Sakura:Yeah,btw,i am amazed someone like ya that lives alone hasnt overloaded that gizmo Kotatsu was selling

Onsen:Nah,after dealing with Moroboshi and da others u get 2 forget about yerself,but how r things with tsubame?

Sakura:More or less,we havent spoked 4 a while since i caught him.(someone knocks on da door) Who is it?

??:It is me,niece,Cherry (sakura opens da door,Cherry grabs a camera then shoots a photograph of sakura and onsen) i am sure yer beloved Tsubame will like 2 see this (vanishes)

Sakura:Damn you,uncle

*Meanwhile the recess continues normal...except in da cafeteria*
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 13, 2007, 11:52:56 PM
Forgotten: damn these firebrands are getting out of control

Belldandy: why didnt you buy one?

Forgotten: you think I need one, I'm canadian i live for the cold, well it doesnt bug me anyway, but are you warm enough

Belldandy: yes these things work great

Megane: watch out fantasy coming through

*megane runs by with 5 girls chasing him*

*falling suddenly appears*

Falling: that's it everyone that has a firebrand is getting them confiscated and is getting detention

Forgotten: hmm even belldandy, hers hasnt overloaded

Falling: she is the only one, why is that

Belldandy: i dont know

Forgotten: she is a goddess, she doesnt have heated thoughts, well not often hehe

Falling: and what is that supposed to mean

Forgotten: nothing really, watch out sir

*Falling gets hit by a fireball and then by a girl on a bike*

Forgotten: thats got to hurt

*sudden a stampede of men on white horses trample Falling*

Belldandy: no that had to hurt

*Forgotten and Belldandy start laughing*

Falling(staggering to his feet): who's fantasy was that

Forgotten and Belldandy: not ours, bye sensei

*forgotten and belldandy fly out of the cafeteria
Post by: Cosmic King on February 14, 2007, 12:30:15 AM
Dark:(drinking some orange juice) I knew those firebrands were dangerous

Cosmic:Well,at least they r at Falling-sensei keeping

Dark:Poor guy...he really will overload em

*meanwhile at da cafeteria*

Policeman:Put the gun down,we will resolve this problem,kiddo

Angry Student:All i asked was a sweet roll and i get nothing!!!!

Policeman:Put the gun down or we will hav 2 arrest you

Angry Student:Say hello to my little friend !!! (draws out a machinegun and a shooting begins)

Perm:Note to myself,dont come 2 da cafeteria from now on


*meanwhile wit Kropman*
Post by: Kroptik on February 14, 2007, 01:03:47 AM
Kroptik: Hi sensei...

Falling: Oh, hi Kroptik. What's wrong with you?

Kroptik: I have a problem...

Falling: Which is?

* Kurama appears *

Kurama: Hi sensei.

Falling: Sensei?

Kroptik: Yup. She's a new student in our class.

Kurama: Where have you been, darling?

Kroptik: I was just looking for the sensei. I heard he was collecting back these weird devices (points at the one on his head)

Falling: I'm not taking yours yet Kroptik. Since you haven't overloaded yours you can keep it to stay warm. But don't mess up or I'll take it. Belldandy was also allowed to keep hers since she didn't overload it either.

Kurama: Darling is such a wonderful person.
* She hugs Kroptik. He fakes hurling without her noticing *

Falling: You too head to class. I'll be there in two minutes and I want everyone seated.

Kroptik: Ok, sensei.

/me and Kurama leave towards the classroom *

Falling: Poor guy...
* He heads towards the teacher's lounge. Meanwhile someone was watching the whole conversation. She even giggled when Kroptik faked the vomiting *
Post by: Cosmic King on February 14, 2007, 01:29:56 AM
Kroptik:I heard a giggling

Kurama:You r just hearing noises,time we go 2 the classroom,time you "teach" me something

Kroptik:Damn nympho

*in class*

Falling:Ok,class,since i managed 2 confiscate yer firebranders,we will hav 2 use this heater instead (turns it on)

Sand:What r u using for fuel,sensei?

Falling:Yer firebranders

Kroptik:Doesnt that overload em?

Falling:Uh-oh,well,i am sure nothing will happen...i hope

Dark:According 2 manual if they r touched by fire the firebranders become sentient and began creating twisted fantasies of people araound and...(the heater explodes revealing an energy being)

??: Time 4 some fun (using Mendo,Ataru and Falling twisted imagination creates an harem of demon girls) now i shall use yer mind (spoting kurama and kroptik) get ready!!! (suddenly falls in pain) that crow girl lust is even bigger than da monkey boy (ataru),i must use another host (escapes from classroom)

Kroptik:Phew,i was saved thanks 2 kurama,damn,that aint good

Falling:Bad thing is that now the firebrander being is gonna use da fantasies of others

Ataru:It is gonna be a hell of a day,mwahahaha

*And thus a fantasy nightmare took over Tomobiki High*
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on February 14, 2007, 05:00:43 PM
Lum: I am not gonna allow this monster to run rampant

Mendo:Miss Lum,wait...

Ataru: Hmm,it seems lum has the same potential as i do

*Lum flies away and tracks down the creature*


Lum:In case u didnt know,i am protecting myself with an electric energy layer (draws out some kind of helmet and puts it on the being head)

Being:What was that thing ?!?

Lum:It is fantasy filter,now you wont make fantasies in reality without me knowing it


Lum:So now i am your boss
Post by: DarkDevil on February 14, 2007, 05:54:26 PM
Being: I don't think so.
The being enters Lum
Lum: But how... (being in Lum) your eletric skin cannot affect me oni girl.
Post by: Kroptik on February 14, 2007, 07:52:40 PM
* Lum returns to the class, walking *

Kroptik: Where is that thing?

Lum: Don't worry. It's dead now.

Falling: You killed it??

Lum: Yeah. Why?

Falling: ... Forget it...

* Lum takes a wrong seat, three chairs away from hers *

Ataru: Are you feeling OK, Lum? you look a bit red on the cheeks.
* Ataru goes to take her temperature but gets shocked as soon as he touches Lum's forehead. With the shock, the thing comes out of Lum *

Ataru (miraculously recovered from the shock): Lum?

Thing: Damn. Wasn't expecting that...
Post by: DarkDevil on February 14, 2007, 09:22:22 PM
Megane: What?
Post by: Cosmic King on February 14, 2007, 10:16:57 PM
Cosmic:Some kind of short circuit of energy must hav forced it 2 leave lady lum and...

Lum:Not really,the helmet had a failsafe that activated once darling touched me'tcha
Post by: DarkDevil on February 14, 2007, 11:03:25 PM
Dark: Is that a good excuse?
Post by: Cosmic King on February 15, 2007, 07:18:01 PM
Lum:Why so angry,Dark?

Dark:Forgive me,lady,i just felt odd when u were overwhelmed by dat firebrander
Posted on: February 14, 2007, 11:10:20 PM
Cosmic:These damn firebrands got out of control the way,where did da being go?

Dark:I think i saw him approach Cherry and...


Lum:We r gonna drown in this'tcha

Megane:Worry not,lum-sama,we shall eat it 2 save ya (da stormtroopers begin eating/drinking the shiruko but is too much) damn my tummy hurts...arrrggg

Ataru:We require the services of Sakura-san,her hunger is limitless

Mendo:How about Rei?

Kroptik:Over my dead body,shutaro,over my dead body

Cherry:(flying) There is no use on it,boyz,the shiruko river wont cease to exist,enjoy yer meal

Lum:Well,it is up 2 me 2 ask Sakura 2 end this river'tcha (uses all her force 2 fly and escape da river)


Ataru:Meanwhile lets try 2 lower the river (all began eating but of course their stomaches werent made for all of this)

Post by: DarkDevil on February 15, 2007, 07:52:58 PM
/me puts a wooden doll, and the river disapears.
Dark: I've always wanted to to use this. But just to make sure...
/me moves to the broom cabine and opens the door and a cold wind comes in
Dark: Come in Miss Oyuki.
/me jumps to Oyuki's arms
Dark: If you don't mind Miss Oyuki, FREZZE THE ENTIRE CLASSROOM!
All students in the classroom: What??? :o
Oyuki: As you wish Dark.
/me  snow appears everywhere
Being (getting out of Lum): NNNNNOOOO... It's too cold.
/me  wall starts melting.
Everyone:  ??? (also shaking from the cold)
/me  is hitted by a flame that was mleting the wall.
Caroline (with a flame aurora and speaking like Ran) :(: DARK HOW CAN YOU BE IN ANOTHER WOMAN'S ARMS!!!
Dark: But Master...
Caroline (burning the clssroom with her flame aurora):DON'T "MASTER" ME YOU DAMN CAT!!!
Everyone: help, get us out of here!
/me transporting Drak by the back of his neck
Dark: I'm so happy, you've finnally learned  ho...
Caroline (getting out by the hole she made): DON'T CHANGE THE SUBJECT!!!! WE SHALL DISCUSS ABOUT THIS AT HOME!!!
Dark: Don't you mean at Moroboshi's home?
/me and Caroline leaves. Osen-Mark gets in the class room
Osen: Why did Caroline left her private class and came hhhhheeeerrr... WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPEND HERE!!!
/me sees the classroom all burned and wet.
Shnobu: Well, at the begining there was a fire Being that was created by the firebrandes and...
Megane: What did the happend to that Being? ???
Ataru: I don't know.
/me all look at the place where should be the Being, the can only se the smoke, probably from the Being
Chibi: Is he dead.
Perm: He died because of Caroline's flames.
Post by: Cosmic King on February 15, 2007, 08:16:04 PM
Lum:Hell hath no fury as a scorned woman'tcha


Kroptik:I suppose that ends da firebrand chaos,but look at this place,its a damn mess

Mendo:What really worries me is da fate of Dark on this matter,indeed he was a key part 4 our saving

Ataru:I am sure he isnt so much in troubles and... (The firebrand creature reappears)

Being:I shall burn ya with the flames of passion (shoots fire 2 a girl)

Mendo:Miss,be careful (jumps 2 get her away from the fire and then..)


Ataru:Good thing i got there quick (to lum) Disperse his atoms with one of yer electric attacks,lum

Lum:Ok,darling,here i come'tcha

(The lightning blast kills the being 4 good)

Sand:Now this place really looks messy

*meanwhile at Moroboshi's house*


Dark:(tied 2 da wall) But,master,it was necessary 2 save our friends..


Dark:This is gonna be a long day....

*meanwhile at the classroom next day*

Ataru:Yo,mendo,how was yer chocolate hunting?

Mendo:You know,the usual,moroboshi


Ataru:That is a lot,man,i didnt get fact i had ¨a problem¨ and (lum appears)

Lum:Darling,i brought ya my choco-heart'tcha

Ataru:No need 4 it,i am full


Ataru:Well,back then i was hungry

Lum:Darling no baka!!!


(lum releases Ataru from her grip)

Lum:You see it wasnt so hard,darling,time u taste my chocolate'tcha


Cosmic:Yup,just another normal day at Tomobiki High

Post by: DarkDevil on February 15, 2007, 09:30:45 PM
Special St. Valentines episode

At Tomoboki High School
Principal: I've called you two here for a serious discocion. This high school is full of couple teenagers that seems like they don't interact very well. Miss Sakura, I'm thinking in you creating a couple psichiatric office, to talk about the couple problems.
Sakura: I,I... I...
Principal: I know I can trust in you, to be a success, and all students for all students to be able to participate at this activity, they'll need to be desmissed by some classes.
Osen: But... But... That is...
Principal: Impossible, I know, but I think the students need this more then simple classes, you can give them extra classes at week-end. It's all for, you two can go now.
Sakura and Osen: Ok Mr Principal!
They both leave
Post by: SandStorm on February 16, 2007, 02:51:07 AM
Offtopic: we got late, but, lets proceed

While the classes are running out, the school speakers start one announcement in the entire school

Announcer: All tomoboki high students in couple need to mandatory leave the classes, and proceed to the couple psichiatric office, in the room C-4-7.
Students without girl\boy need to leave, as to receive special instructions.

Sand: (whispering to kroptik) Mate, this will be odd... why the heck we need it?

Kroptik: (wihispering) I hope it help screwing things between ataru and lum

Sand: (whispering) You rly don't give up, lol, you are a inspiration mate!

Kroptik: Hehe, tnx mate!

Falling: (silently appearing between the 2 boys) Well... I need to clean your ears... DIDN'T YOU GUYS HEARED THE ANNOUNCER? START MOVING!

*** falling crush the boys heads one against other ***

Kroptik\Sand: Oooouch!

Kroptik: Is that legal? D*mn!

Falling: For me, yes.

Cosmic: Think positive mates, at least yer dispensed from lessons.

Falling: I got one note from the principal, Osen, and Sakura, that you guys will have extra class in weekends.

Classroom: Nooooooooo!
Post by: DarkDevil on February 16, 2007, 10:23:50 AM
Lum: Did you hear that, Darling, we can solve about your girl hunting problem together!
Ataru: No way!
Lum charges at Ataru.
Lum: Now to Sakura's Office.
Post by: Kroptik on February 16, 2007, 01:34:46 PM
* On their way home *

Kroptik: I never thought I'd say this, but I wish I were at school right now...

Sand: Cheep up, mate. I'm sure you'll find someone, someday.

Kroptik: That's easy for you to say. You have Kaede.

Sand: Yeah, but...

Kroptik: Falling has Benten, Forgotten has Belldandy, even Dark has Caroline now... And that Ataru has my Lum. :(

Sand: And you have... Wait. Where's Kurama?

Kroptik: No idea. Guess she's still at school...

Sand: Shouldn't you be there then?

Kroptik: Do you really think I want to be there with her?

Sand: Good point.

Falling: Kroptik, wait up.

Kroptik: What is it sensei?

Falling: You're coming back to school now. Kurama's waiting for you.

Kroptik: I'm not feeling too good, sensei...

Falling: You're coming anyway.
/me is dragged back to school by Falling *

Sand: I'm starting to think he got Ataru's unluckiness...
Post by: SandStorm on February 16, 2007, 02:44:29 PM
Cosmic: Dark and Caroline for sure will need this... The poor demon did one good action and she misunderstood.

Megane: Wonder how he is...
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 16, 2007, 04:38:54 PM
*suddenly there is a massive fireball that shoots upwards from the school*

Cosmic: I'm betting that was Caroline's work

Megane: that answers my question...

*back at school, the door to Sakura's office has been cimpletely disintegrated*

Caroline: now what kitty, what next am I going to fry you for

Dark: you misunderstood the situation

Sakura: now you two stop

Dark and Caroline: ???

Sakura: there is some definite tension here, maybe we should leave the past to the past, Caroline you jump the gun far to much, how bout you discuss the situation to more detail, find everything out the fry Dark

Caroline: well...

Dark: right

Sakura: your not off the hook Dark, your the one that gets yourself into these situations, why not avoid them or think of a better  way to fix them

Dark: well...

Caroline(holding a gun to dark): right...

Dark: right

Sakura: and put away the gun Caroline, why hold a chocolate for Dark instead

Caroline: i guess

Sakura: glad that's done...NEXT
Post by: Cosmic King on February 16, 2007, 04:51:11 PM
*Meanwhile outside the Office*

Lum:Soon it will be our turn,darling'tcha

Ataru:(all his body is tied 2 prevent any escape)LEMME OUTTA HERE!!!! (the office door opens)

Onsen:Ok,you 2 loverbirds,time u enter

Lum:Finally,lets go,darling

Ataru:(to onsen) Sensei-chan,there is no need 4 this,really,i dont wanna receive more electro shocks

Onsen:Sorry,Moroboshi,rules r rules

Ataru:*sigh* Well,as long as Sakura-san attends me

Onsen:Well,she is pretty busy dealing with Kroptik and Kurama right now and i have 2 go right now,so u will be attended by Kuribayashi-sensei (leaves)

Lum:Is he still alive'tcha?

Kuribayashi:Indeed i am still alive,long time no see,Miss Lum....and Ataru Moroboshi


Kuribayashi:Well,it is time we deal wit yer problems



Ataru:This wont be usual
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Offtopic: And its never
Post by: Cosmic King on February 17, 2007, 02:19:23 AM
Kuribayashi:So,lady lum,are ya happy with this deadbeat guy u tend 2 name "Darling"?

Lum:Right,sensei-chan,i am more than happy 2 be at his side and 2 see our lives go on 2gether'tcha

Kuribayashi:And you,moroboshi-kun?

Ataru:(looking lum getting charged up) THE SAME SHE SAID!!!! seems there r no problems besides he bein a girl hunter which unfortunatley will require years of help but in case you need something,call me 2 my cell phone

Lum:Thank you,sensei'tcha (they leave but the session of the prince and the tengu girl persits till 9 pm)
Posted on: February 17, 2007, 01:49:37 AM
*Next day Kroptik awakens and doesnt detect Kurama in there,it seems she dissapeared*

Kroptik:(happily crying) Thank you,god !!!!

*meanwhile not so near*

Alex:Cosmic-sir,what will we do with Lady Kurama?

Cosmic:I dunno,man,maybe we should just freeze her or...


Cosmic:Well,she always tend 2 say she is lonely

Alex:You gonna stay wit her?




Cosmic:Well,thanks 2 da Omniscreen i found a small colony of Tengu Karasus near the tecasian moon Nuka,apparently they entered a frozen state that has ended this year,we will send her there


It will be good for her...and all of us

Alex:Good idea,sir

Cosmic:But first we require the permission of Tecas Prince 2 access Nuka,it will be simple but we gotta send her quick and erase any knowledge she has of Kroptik (dials Kroptik cell phone) Hey,kropman,we need permission 2 enter Nuka

Kroptik:I dunno why,but i dont see da harm,you can go there,i shall communicate of this to the MODOC guarding Nuka

Cosmic:Thanks,mate (hangs phone)ok,this matter is solved

*on earth*
Post by: SandStorm on February 17, 2007, 02:47:23 AM
another day of school, and again, in the middle of another class, the anoucer do the report regarding the love consulter

 Kroptik: Finally i got rid of Kurama. Well, i think i don't need to go.

Sand: Nope, it is just because yesterday they didn't had time to take care of all students.

the students go to the consulter. indeed, cosmic enter alone to the Sakura office

Sakura: Well, i see you are a single one, i may give you some advises...

Cosmic: Sakura-chan, i never told this before, but i am in love with one girl that is far from our school...

Sakura: distances always bring those feelings, but we can fight them back. Who is she? and you have some clue if the like you?

Cosmic: I don't know if she like me, she is a bit cold, but i enjoy her a lot, and she don't express her feelings.

Sakura: Don't say more, is she Oyuki?

Cosmic: Yes, how you know?

Sakura: I knew this would happen, i've got a surprise to you. (wink)

Then, Oyuki appears, slowly in one snow trail

Oyuki: Cosmic...

Cosmic: O... o... Oyuki...

they run to each other, hug and kiss. finally cosmic have in his arms his beloved, and she finally met the man of her live
Post by: Cosmic King on February 17, 2007, 03:27:02 AM
*But before it all gets too romantic...another cosmic arrives*


Sakura:Ok,what is going on?

Cosmic:Allow me,sakura-san,that romantic fellow with Oyuki is a doppelganger or alternative clone


Cosmic:Well,when i was investigating about the portal nightmare,one of the alternatives didnt enter its rightful portal,that guy as u may see has blue hair as u see


Cosmic 2:What matters if i am just an alternative,i love Oyuki

Cosmic:Please,u know u cant stay there and... (oyuki tries 2 freeze da original cosmic)

Oyuki:Quickly,lets go before he frees himself (she and cosmic 2 escape)

Cosmic:Damn,it was foolish 2 just talk,i better go after em and return him 2 his home (uses aura 2 melt da ice prison)


*finnaly tracks down the 2 lovers*

Oyuki:Leave us alone

Cosmic:Sorry,oyuki-hime,i have 2 do this,u deserve to find yer soulmate in this reality not another version of it (grabs Cosmic 2 and sends him 2 his world in a space rift...) it is done (oyuki jumps in da rift before it closes) Oyuki,dont be a fool,return!!!

Oyuki:Farewell (dissapears in the other world)

Cosmic:Hmph,well,at least ya r wit yer lover there,princess oyuki...well,they deserved each other,in my case (cell phone rings) mochi mochi?

??:Hi, did the matter in hand go?

Cosmic:Not as easy as i expected but lets say oyuki finally melted that cold heart of her,well,call ya later,i gotta send Kurama 2 Nuka,ciao


*Meanwhile with sandstorm*

Sand:Man,today is a warm...

Kaede:But is snowing

Sand:Dunno,i just feel today is warm

Kaede:Hon,you really need 2 drink yer medicines
Posted on: February 17, 2007, 03:10:10 AM

*Kurama was sent 2 da Nuka Colony where she couldnt annoy Kroptik at all,the couple sessions were a half success as most couples broke up thanks to misunderstandings done due 2 Sakura feeling very bad and cherry taking her place as is true that love hurts,but it was never meant outside of been a literal phrase as a Love War erupted that still perisist till now...Thanks for nothing,Sakurambo*
Post by: SandStorm on February 17, 2007, 03:50:43 AM
DM FANFICT Nº 5456465468468465465 STARTS


The Carnival is near, some students are preparing the carnival suit, since there will be a contest at the school, before the 1 week vacations

Osen: Ok call, start working to the Carnival contest! the winner will receive a surprise prize.

Sand: Sensei, do we all need to participate? I hate masking...

Dark: Thats because you only need the elastic, right?

Sand: Hey dark, i'm not as forgotten, you know...

Osen: both of you shut up! If some of you don't wanna participate, just fine for me, but there must be at least 90% of the class participating, and the others that don't want to go, will help the contesters!

Sand: at least that...

Dark: Ok, who will and who wont?

Sand: and who the hell should i help?

Cosmic: and what's the theme for the Carnival?

Osen: Free choice.
Post by: DarkDevil on February 18, 2007, 12:26:19 AM
Offtopic: This is almost UY normality
Post by: FallinG_StaR on February 18, 2007, 02:04:58 AM
At the teachers office...

Osen: Our students are already starting to make their costumes for the contest. Are you going to help them in your class???

Falling: Yes, I think I can delay some of the exams and help them...

Osen: Good that way they can finish the costumes in time for the contest.

Falling: Ok, I'm going to get everything they need to make costumes.

The bell rings and everybody enters the class room.

Falling: Hello students, I have good news for you.


Kroptik: It's not a surprise test is it???

Falling: No, that was what I was planning but, we are going to start making your costumes here starting today.

Sand: But we haven't even decided if we want to participate.

Falling: Well let me tell you this... The students that refuse to participate in the contest will be forced to dress up like a girl for the rest of the school year, that just includes the guys the girls can have free choice...

Forgotten: What!!! That's unfair... I do that already...

Falling: Ohh... yeah... :& (whispering) Weirdo...

Forgotten: I heard that...

Falling: Good I was hopping you did... Now then who doesnt want to participate raise your hand???
(Nobody moves) Good... Now, I have here all that you will need to make your costumes.

/me puts a big box in top of is desk

Falling: you can take anything you need.

The students rush to the box and notice the box is empty...

Cosmic: The box is empty sensei!!!

Falling: No shit Sherlock, with your faces you guys don't need costumes, so I think you are ready for the contest.

Class:  :( :( :( :(

Falling: JESUS!!!!! Don't look at me like that, you almost scared me to death... Hahahahahaha... just joking, here the stuff to make your costumes if you need anything just ask...

The class starts working on their projects until the end of the day.
Post by: DarkDevil on February 18, 2007, 01:59:05 PM
Dark (on the window): Does that means I won't be use my scythe? :'(
Ten: What a pity, you could start at Idiotic Ataru.
Post by: Cosmic King on February 19, 2007, 12:19:24 AM
Falling:Whatcha doin out,dark?

Dark:Just admiring the rotting of youth,sensei

Falling:Enough of dat,demon boy,u also gonna participate in dis,be free 2 choose yer costume

Dark:How about this one?


Falling:Too much "satanic"

Dark:This one?


Falling:Save it 4 da damn festival,ok?


*Many days later the festival is getting near*

Cosmic:Yo,lum,looking really nice

Lum:Thank you'tcha


Cosmic:And where is Ataru?

Lum:Darling went 2 finish up some of his costume details,i see u decided 2 bring yer armor'tcha


Cosmic:Yes,i had 2 bring it,lady lum,,i notice u brought Dark wit ya

Dark:The hell i came,cosmic,how about we wait 4 da other mortals costumes?

Lum:Ok,lets go watch what they brought'tcha (meanwhile wit ataru)

Ataru:Hahahaha,soon my beauty will be ready,hahahaha, Haremworld,here i come

Mrs. Moroboshi:ATARU!!! when r ya gonna go 2 school?? what a bad man u r,leaving yer wife 2 go alone,what a shame

Ataru:Mother,u wouldnt understand it at all (locks himself at his room)

Mrs. Moroboshi:Weird boy

*Meanwhile back 2 tomobiki high,3 "not-so-mysterious" men arrive in front of Lum*

(megane as a cyborg)

Megane:Howdy,lady lum

(perm as rambo)


(kakugari as evil workerman of baseball)

Kakugari:Always a pleasure 2 see ya,lady lum

Lum:Wow,u really thought of good costumes,i only could bring this kimono'tcha

Megane:Anything u wear becomes beautiful,lady lum

Cosmic:It seems u 3,lum,dark and myself are the only ones that arrived early

*meanwhile at Mendo mansion,Shutaro was getting up when suddenly...*


Shutaro:YOU ARE GONNA PAY 4 THIS,RYOKO!!!!! (she appears)

Ryoko:But dear brother,i am doin this 2 help ya with yer costume (brings a dress and make up) i am gonna make ya see good,mwahahaha


Ryoko:Now hold still,onisan

*At Tomobiki High again*

Lum:I wonder why darling is taking so much on his costume'tcha

Megane:Knowing him,i bet he has a little surprise for all of us

Cosmic:Hey,look,is Falling Star,he is reading a book over there



Falling:Hey,looking nice,lum

Lum:Thank you,sensei'tcha

Cosmic:Using yer old ninjitsu costume,falling?

Falling:Yeah,u know we need 2 come with colorful costumes 4 this festival (checks wristwatch) Hmm,it is 8:30 am already and the other students r not arriving,what a shame

Post by: Kroptik on February 19, 2007, 04:16:17 AM
* Suddenly an 8 feet tall dragon with bloody red scales appears in Tomobiki High *

Lum: What's that?

Megane: A dragon...Quick, men, protect lady Lum.

* The dragon gets closer *

Perm (shaking): It's coming this way!

Cosmic: Let's take him down.

Falling: Got it. (readies his shurikens)

Dragon: Hi guys, miss Lum.

Cosmic: Who are you?

Dragon: It's me, Kroptik...

Megane: Cool!

Lum: How can you change into a dragon?

Kroptik: My little secret. Pretty cool ain't it? (he let's out a hair-raising roar)

Lum: Da'tcha.
Post by: FallinG_StaR on February 19, 2007, 04:22:30 AM
Falling: Aho... couldn't you find anything smaller??? You won't even fit in the front door...

Kroptik: Ahh!!! I forgot about that sorry sensei.

Falling: No problem we'll just have to use the Gym instead of the classroom... Lets move out everyone... (thinking) Still there are students missing guess I'll get the girl dresses ready...
Post by: Cosmic King on February 19, 2007, 04:52:40 AM

Kroptik:Shouldnt we give da others more time,sensei?

Falling:You r right,but just in case,kroptik-oujin,btw,dont burn the gym,ok?

Kroptik:I will keep dat on mind,in fact i think i will change of form just not 2 frighten anyone (morphs)


Lum:Well,looks less scary'tcha


Lum:Look,there is shutaro...

Shutaro:how do i look?

Hired Praiser:Lemme tell ya,shuko...


Megane:WTF happned 2 you,mendo?

Mendo:Dont ask,it is ryoko fault
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 19, 2007, 05:36:03 AM
*Forgotten and belldandy suddenly appear*


Forgotten: and Falling keeps making fun of me with dressing me as his girl fantasies, so how did your sister do it this time

Falling: oh so you decided to show, should have figured you would dress like that

Forgotten: couldn't decide what theme to choose, but hey this is a nice one
Post by: FallinG_StaR on February 19, 2007, 05:59:40 AM
Falling: What the hell are you talking about??? You look a bit queer with that outfit... Is that one of Belldandy's dresses???

Kroptik: Yeah, you look like Bette Midler...

Belldandy: I like it... he looks so cute and adorable just like my little sister... I mean... Well never mind...

Forgotten: What!!! You said that this was the ceremonial clothes of the male Gods...

Belldandy: Well... You see...

Falling: Forgotten... There is only one God and I don't think he's clothes would fit you... Its more than obvious that's one of Urd or Skuld dresses...
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 19, 2007, 06:15:52 AM
Forgotten: haha, very funny sensei, they were actually a similar design to what Belldandy's teacher, Celestin wore, but anyway we kinda got off topic here, so what happened with your sis mendo

Mendo: well...umm...
Post by: DarkDevil on February 19, 2007, 04:12:51 PM
Dark: Where are the others?
Post by: Urusei Yatsura on February 19, 2007, 05:31:50 PM
Whenever I get to a Deathmatch,....I FORGET HOW TO PLAY!!!!*cry* *cry* *cry* *cry*
Post by: DarkDevil on February 19, 2007, 08:23:16 PM
It's a story match
resume a story identical to UY with you included as a character, see what we've done
Post by: Cosmic King on February 20, 2007, 09:54:45 PM
On Topic:

Kroptik:It seems most of the gang has arrived safe and sound

Lum:Yup,but i am getting worried Darling got kidnapped or somethin'tcha (suddenly ataru appears dressed as a wizard)

Ataru:Hey hey,here is the great Moroboshi

Lum:Darling,you got me sickenly worried'tcha

Ataru:I tend 2 have such effect on gals,that is why i designed this girl hunting suit

Lum:What do ya  mean by that? i am not gonna allow ya 2 girl hunt

(Lum fails 2 shock his special suit,he uses a wand 2 emit ¨loyalty¨ gas on lum,making her not 2 annoy his girl hunt)

Ataru:Who will be da first gal? (lum begans 2 approach ataru) goddamn it,i forgot da gas uses the heart stealers and some of my dna,stay way Lum

Lum:Darling...i shall show you my maximum expression of love'tcha(grabs ataru and...)


(the shockwave destroys lum and ataru costumes <but luckily they both had their uniforms on in case any event>)


Lum:Darling,i wont leave you never,we will be together 4ever'tcha

Cosmic:The loyalty gas wont wear off for a while,Ataru,enjoy it,hahahaha  >:)

*When it wears off,lum and ataru r given replicas of their costumes <and ataru is chained with some magic seal Lum can use>)

Lum:Now u wont leave,darling,u r mine'tcha



Kroptik:Now that we r all 2gether (except 4 shinobu and ryuu,dunno why  ;)) how about we make a small disco party at da Gym



*Thanks 2 a small dose of Tecasian Iced Tea lemon edition,most of the students get crazy and began thrashing the place 2 debris*

Falling:Why always on my turn?


Onsen:Believe me,friend,u will adapt 2 it

Kroptik:Friends,lets stop this non-sense and (someone launches a can 2 krop head) ok,i had enough (morphs in a dragon and begins spitting fire )

Cosmic:Now this really is a Disco Inferno

Dark:Hey,kropman,it aint fair u only spit fire,lemme show ya my style (spits hellfire 2 a huge propane tank)

All:Uh-oh (the gym is filled of explosions and it ricochets 2 benten planet)

Benten:(along some pals) Yay,a mad party,i am on

Batboy:Whee,a party!!!

Shaft:There canst be no damn party if this goddam motherf***** aint invited,i join it

Thor:(with 10 tons of asgardian beer) Aye,the son of odin has brought some fine alcoholic beverages for all of thou 2 enjoy and 2 spice up this party

Megane:*sigh* Only at Tomobiki High


Post by: Kroptik on February 21, 2007, 03:48:26 AM
Final (pos-ending) epilogue:

Sand finally appears at the party, dressed as a prince, with Kaede dressed as a princess, but when they get to the place almost everyone is drunk and the place is a wreck.

Sand: See why I hate these parties?...
Post by: FallinG_StaR on February 21, 2007, 09:19:18 PM
Offtopic: Isn't something missing here??? I'm sure there was a new Fic started... must have been my imagination...

LoL... Recycling rules...
Post by: Cosmic King on February 22, 2007, 12:09:07 AM

*It is noon at Japan,Ataru is watching the TV and lum is taking a bath*

Ataru:Man,there is nothing at TV,lets see what is on the alien televisor lum sometimes carries (connects da alien tv)

Announcer:Hey,Kids,wanna see something neat? try our new switch-a-rama wristwatch which will give ya hours of shape shifting fun wit yer friends,call 01800-98789 to buy planetary,only 3 megacredits per item

Ataru:Hmm,that looks like a nice add on 4 my girl hunting activities (dials phone,calls 2 buy da item then "borrows" some megacredits from lum wallet)boy,this will be fun (lum appears)

Lum:Whatcha doing,darling'tcha?

Ataru:(evil grin) Nothing,sweetie,nothing (1 day later at afterschool hours Ataru receives the watch) time 4 a field test before lum gets her (spots sakura) she would serve 4 now,according 2 instructions i just gotta think on been someone else and da watch does the trick (concentrates 2 become ten;lum appears)hehehe,now i have his appearance and powers

Lum:Ah,ten-chan,have you seen darling'tcha?

Ataru as Ten: Errr..he went 2 buy some flowers 4 ya,cousin,but now i am pretty busy (jumps and grabs sakura chest)


Ataru as Ten:Waaahhh,i learned it by watching Tsubame and his lovers at the porn cinema,sakura-nechan (thinking) hehehe,little brats had it easy

Sakura:Damn that bastard...i ought kill him right now (she is going 2 find tsubame when...)

Ataru as Ten:Sakura-nechan?



*Ataru pursues Sakura but she gets away and ataru instead finds...*


Mako:I knew u would come back

Ataru as Ten:Wait,little girl,this way too akward

Mako:Again trying 2 evade yer only and true love,ten-chan? i am afraid i will hav 2 make ya go wit me (ataru runs away but mako speed is almost as equal as his)

Ataru as Ten:I need to find a distraction 2 escape this nut girl (spots a huge propane tank) that would be dangerous butmaybe one fireblast will haunt mako away(spits a fireball 2 mako but she had a frypan that returns da blast to the tank,it explodes knocking out them)man,that was bizarre (due 2 da explosion he turns back 2 his former self,Lum arrives when Ataru finally wakes up)

Ataru:Just jogging

Lum:But u r all burned up'tcha

Ataru:Havent u heard about "burning calories"?

Lum:Well,that doesnt explain so much,but is time 2 get home'tcha

Ataru:True (thinking) today i had a small problem,but wait till tomorrow,mwahahahahaha
Post by: Kroptik on February 22, 2007, 02:04:53 AM
Offtopic: Something's missing in this fanfic... I think it's us. :P

Posted on: Thursday 22-February-2007, 00:32:55
* The next day, Ataru decides to take a few watches, in case he messes up *

Ataru (thinking): Hehe, this way I'll get a babe for sure.

* At school... *

Ataru as Mendo (arriving at class): Hello everyone.

Girls (except Lum): Hi, Mendo-kun.

Ataru (thinking): I knew this was gonna work. Good thing I found Mendo on the way and stashed him in a locker. He's probably crying by now.

Sand: Yo, Mendo, what's up?

Ataru as Mendo: I'll be right back, just need to talk to the ladies in private. Follow me please.

Lum: What is it, Mendo?

Ataru as Mendo: Oh, you don't need to come Lum. You can stay here?

Lum: OK.

* Ataru and all the girls leave. All the guys gather *

Sand: I think Mendo lost it. Since when does he refuse a chance with Lum?

Forgotten: Dun know. Maybe he hit his head or something.

Kroptik: That isn't Mendo guys. Didn't you notice?

Forgotten: No... I was a bit surprised...

Kroptik: That was Ataru and he's up to something. And I say we hunt him down and find out what he's up to.

Forgotten: I agree.

* Lum joins in the conversation *
Lum: What are ya all talking about'tcha?

Kroptik: Just stuff. Lum we have to go and do something, you mind telling the sensei that we'll take a moment?

Lum: I'll tell him da'tcha.

Kroptik: OK thanks. (they leave)

Kroptik: Forgotten can you check his memories to see what he's up to?

Forgotten: OK. (he meditates for a bit) He's using some kind of metamorphic device. Apparently he has some in his locker.

Kroptik: OK, let's go check it out while he's not there.
Post by: Cosmic King on February 22, 2007, 04:33:06 PM
*They open a locker,there the real mendo falls drooling*

Sand:Well,at least we found da real creep,hehehe

Cosmic:(opens ataru locker) Here is just full of porn and ¨special toys¨,but no watches,pretty strange

Kroptik:Yup,ataru normally is a jerk in planning things

(Meanwhile with ¨Mendo¨ behind da Gym)

Ataru as Mendo:You see,girls,i am getting older and soon i shall hav 2 lead my father company,so i hafta find a girl 2 be wit me,who will be? (all girls wanna be picked)woe is me,to hav 2 witness all my fangirls 2 fight 4 me,pls stop yer fight,i know how 2 choose da worthy (thinking) man,been mendo has it advantages,hehehehe

Girls:Tell us,mendo-san

Ataru as Mendo:Well,here is da deal,i need 2 admire yer beauty as Kami-sama (God) made ya,i wanna see ya in yer ¨birthday suit¨,i need 2 witness the ¨naked truth¨,thus i shall judge da worthy

Girls:(a little confused)Err,well,it sounds kinda like somethin ataru would ask but just 4 you,mendo

Ataru as Mendo:Excellent (suddenly he gets hit by a baseball sphere) who dares?

Tobimaro:Finnally i tracked ya,shu-chan,it is time 4 our annual duel

Ataru as Mendo:Cant ya see i am busy? (Lum appears) damn my luck

Lum:Shutaro,the class is gonna start soon and u know u hate 2 enter late,by the way hav you seen Darling'tcha?

Ataru as Mendo:Err,i think he went jogging around da roof then he went 2 his house,go 4 him,she-tiger

Lum:Beg yer pardon'tcha?

Ataru as Mendo:Hmm,well,gotta go, a pleasure 2 see ya (runs away and morphs into the Principal) good thing the principal got sick,it gives me some ideas,hehehe  >:)

(The girls find da real mendo wit da UY warriors)

Girls:Mendo-san,we found ya at last,we hav some unfinished business

Tobimaro:The same i say

Forgotten:It seems ataru has already began wreaking chaos

*It is 10 am,lum is called wit da principal*

Lum:Why u needed 2 see me,koucho-san'tcha?

Ataru as Prinicipal:You see,little lum,although yer intelligence is huge i hav witnessed yer little behavior wit Moroboshi-chan,i must say is pretty bad how u treat him,therefore i must put ya in probation time,during a whole week u cant get near him at school,take it as a chance 2 meet new people ;)

Lum:(breaking in tears)But darling is all i need,i wont obey that'tcha

Ataru as Principal:(thinking) yer loyalty always amaze me,lum (normal)it is 4 yer own good,u r dismissed
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 22, 2007, 05:00:19 PM
*ataru as the principal is walking the halls thinking*

Ataru(thinking): why does everyone have so many problems, ten and his girlfriend, mendo and his puncuality, at least as the principal, no one will bug me, maybe i should take advantage of this situation

*ataru as the principal enters the principal room and starts going through files*

Ataru: now where is that file...ah here it is, lets see, Ataru Moroboshi, D student, currently failing Japanese history, well we'll see about that, but cant make it too obvious, wow i cant believe i'm getting an A in chemistry and physical education

*suddenly there is a knock at the door, ataru scrambles with the file and puts it away, Forgotten enter the office*

Forgotten: hey principal

Ataru as the Principal: shouldnt you be in class

Forgotten: Dont tell me you forgot about our weekly game of go

Ataru(thinking): so that's why he isnt in class at this time of the week, uh oh if i play him i'll lose and he figure something is wrong, maybe i can get lucky

Forgotten: shall we play

Ataru as the principal: sure

*after 10 minutes of playing*

Forgotten: and thats game

Ataru(thinking): uh oh this isnt good

Forgotten: your just as bad as the real principal ataru

Ataru: what???

Forgotten: you think i cant tell its you, please i can read your mind easily, but even then you are as bad as the principal, you were acting to fast, the principal takes about 5 minutes a move, well i guess i'll go to class, try not to get into too much trouble ataru

*Forgotten exits he office and runs into lum in the hallway*

Lum: Forgotten, have you seen Darling?

Forgotten: he's not in the principal's office, that's for sure

Lum: thank you anyway

*lum flies off and Forgotten returns to class*
Post by: Cosmic King on February 22, 2007, 05:39:43 PM
Ataru:Darn it,if forgotten could easily look behind my costume,i better be careful (goes 2 da file room and alters his own file)there must be something neat 4 me 2 do,what else? what else? well,while i think about it,i better switch  2 myself (does that and encounters lum)yo,lum,whatcha doing?

Lum:Darling,i found ya at last,i need 2 tell ya something,the principal wants me 2 stop seeing ya at school 4 a week`tcha (cries)

Ataru:(faking been angry)That rotten bastard

Lum:Darling (hugs ataru and without he knowing it,puts one of her surveilance dolls as the one from eppy 67 on ataru pocket)i guess this is our good bye 4 now`tcha (gives him a kiss and flies away)

Ataru:Well,now with Lum out of the way,i can use the watch more freely,hehehe,and boy,i have an idea (spots Shinobu) yo,shinobu

Shinobu:What is up,ataru-kun?

Ataru:I heard yer parents r gonna go 2 Luxemburg,and they wanna see if ya can go wit em (shinobu goes running 2 her house),now time i pay a visit 2 ryuu (morphs into shinobu)
never i had the chance 2 get near her if i wouldnt use Miyake form,hehehe

*Ataru spots Ryuu*

Ryuu:Hey,shinobu,what you doing? werent you going 2 da library?

Ataru as Shinobu:How can i satisfy my hunger for knowledge when my hunger for love is left unattended,ryuunosuke-kun?

Ryuu:You ok?

Ataru as Shinobu:I have never as ok as i am right now,it is time both us reach that forbidden land,ryuunosuke-kun

Ryuu:You r giving me a freaky vibe,shinobu

Ataru:Cant you see the way i feel 4 ya? dont negate u feel da same (suddenly Fujinami-san arrives riding a sea wave)

Fujinami-san:Finally,the time 4 ryuu 2 act as a man has arrived,since the miyake girl accepted her feelings and ryuu is shy,i hereby say we gotta marry em immediately

Ataru as shinobu:Hey,wait

Ryuu:Damn old fart

Fujinami-san:There is no time 2 waste (sprays knockout gas on ryuu and ataru,then grab em and runs away 2 prepare da wedding) all students r invited 2 witness shinobu and ryuu wedding at da recess

Lum:This i gotta see`tcha
Post by: Kroptik on February 23, 2007, 12:56:42 AM
Kroptik: I can't believe we couldn't find those watches... I was sure he had hidden them in his locker... But maybe...maybe he's stupid enough for that.
/me goes back to the lockers

Kroptik: I feel kinda bad doing this, but it's for her own good...
/me  checks Lum's locker. There he finds a box with a watch inside *

Kroptik: I can't believe he even risked this. If Lum's found out she'd be furious. I better save Ataru while I can. :P
/me take the watch *

Kroptik: Now what am I gonna do with this??

Falling: Hi Kroptik.

Kroptik: Eh.. (he puts the watch in his pocket) Oh, hi sensei. What's up?

Falling: Didn't you hear about the wedding?

Kroptik: What wedding?

Falling: Apparently Miyake is getting married to Ryuunosuke...

Kroptik: What?! You're kidding, right sensei?

Falling: No, I'm not. And the wedding is gonna start in 5 minutes, so you better get to the gym fast.

Kroptik: OK sensei. (on his way to the gym, thinking) I can't use this watch now... Oh well, I'll save it for later.
Post by: SandStorm on February 23, 2007, 05:51:35 AM
after a while, SS leaves the school without no one noticing (yes, as usual, he dispersed)

Sand: (thinking) Good to be back at home... Time for a trip outer space.

SS start loading the trunk of his PTCS-Sky_Rover Edition (yes, specially designed for space travels, without being biiiig as his own UFO, but have all the necessary stuff, just like one space auto-caravan) with all the needed stuff.

Sand: Well, lemme send a mail to the dudes i'll be out for a while. Exploring adventures, here I go!

The departure is set, the craft is heating the plasma engines and will leave shortly
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on February 23, 2007, 06:18:05 AM
Kaede:Hey,sandstorm,Shinobu is getting married,wanna see it?

Sand:I see no problem in that,lets go there,i am sure it will be an entertaining event

Kaede:Yeah,knowing 2 females are getting married is very strange
Post by: SandStorm on February 23, 2007, 06:21:03 AM
Sand: Simply weirdo. Oh well, lets pray for the best. (
Post by: Kroptik on February 25, 2007, 04:28:57 AM
* People are starting to arrive at the wedding *

Ataru as Shinobu (thinking): I'm so confused. I can have Ryuu-chan all by myself, but if I get married then I can't girl hunt anymore. Such a tough decision... I guess I better get dressed anyway... How the hell do you dress something like this???

* Ataru dresses the wedding dress that was offered to him by Mr. Fuginami *

Ataru as Shinobu (thinking): How that weird man was able to arrange all this in 5 minutes is beyond me, but I guess I might as well do the best of the situation. At least I'll be able to kiss Ryuu-chan. ;D

* By now nearly everyone is in their seats and discussing about the weird lesbian wedding. Ryuu is already in her stop, glued to the floor from what looks like nerves *

Falling: Hey, Mr. Fuginami. I gotta ask this. How did you convince Ryuu to stand there and go ahead with the wedding?

Mr. Fuginami: It wasn't hard. All that was needed was a bit of super glue to keep her from running...

Falling: :-X

* Everyone else takes their seats just as the wedding song starts playing. A friend of Mr. Fuginami was chosen as the priest. After a while, Shinobu (Ataru) starts walking down the aisle to her spot near the priest and Ryuu. *


Shinobu as Ataru: Ready, Ryuunosuke-kun?

Ryuu: Guess I can't turn back now... (thinking) I'll kill my father for this...

* The wedding is going well, nothing seems to be wrong, until... *

Priest (to Ataru): Wilt the have this Man to be thy wedded husband, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony? Wilt the love him, comfort him, honor, and keep him, in sickness and in health; and forsaking all other, keep thee only unto him, so long as ye both shall live?

Ataru as Shinobu: I do.

Priest (to Ryuu): Wilt the have this Woman to be thy wedded wife, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony? Wilt the love her, comfort her, honor, and keep her, in sickness and in health; and forsaking all other, keep thee only unto her, so long as ye both shall live?

* Before Ryuu can say a thing however, Ataru returns to normal before the whole church, though he doesn't notice *

Ryuu: Hell no.

Ataru: Why not, Ryuunosuke-kun?

Ryuu: Don't call me that!

Mr. Fuginami: What is the meaning of this? You're not the girl my man wanted.

Ryuu: Shut up dad.

Mr. Fuginami: I'm not allowing this wedding to go on.

Ataru (thinking, after noticing he changed back to normal): So close... (talking) There's a very good explanation for all this...

Ryuu: We're waiting...

Lum (so quietly no one hears her): Darling...
Post by: Cosmic King on February 26, 2007, 01:36:59 AM
*Lum spots Ataru who still is wearing the dress*


Ataru:Wait,lum,it wasnt what u r thinking and..(lum fiercely grabs him from the neck and begins choking him,her eyes show tears as she weeps and purges her wrath towards her darling) pls forgive me,it was an accident

Lum:(releasing ataru from her grip)

You are disgusting,darling'tcha

*cleans her tears*

With these tears my love 4 you dies'tcha

*with her fangs removes her wedding ring,throws it 2 ataru face*

i think i better take da advice da principal gave me but it is you who better gets far from me 4ever,Ataru Moron-boshi'tcha

*flies away in rage*

Megane:It seems lum no longer will call ataru as darling

Mendo:He had it coming

Sand:This really was too much 4 lady lum

Kroptik:I better go to lady lum before she does something she regrets (goes 4 her)

Ryuu:Only good thing today was that i am single again
Post by: Kunoichi Kaede on February 26, 2007, 03:11:52 AM

Sand:Poor guy,he is broken after losing his love

Kaede:But,sand,i noticed something wrong with Lum

Falling:What did you saw,kaede?

Kaede:Not much but i smell conspiracy

*Ataru gets running away and grabs lum feet*

Ataru:Lum,forgive me,i was just cosplaying with ryunosuke for a play

Lum:Yeah,right,i wont believe it'tcha

Ataru:Lum,see it in your heart,you know how much i need you,only you,it is hard to keep our flame on but at least we have to try...together (shows some tears then grabs her hand and puts the ring on her hand)

Post by: Kroptik on February 26, 2007, 03:01:53 PM
Ataru: Lum, please forgive me, I know what I did was wrong, but I promise you that from this day on I'll be a better person...and a much better husband.

Lum: Oh, Darling.
* Lum flies towards Ataru and hugs him. Ataru then kisses her *

Ataru: I promise, my princess.

Lum (with tears in her eyes): Thank you, Darling. Let's go home then.

Ataru: OK, but first let me go change back to my clothes. Just wait here a bit and we'll walk home together. And tomorrow we'll go on a date.

Lum (now looking cheerful): OK Darling. (she kisses him)

* Ataru returns to the school and heads for the gym, but on the way, when no one is looking, Ataru suddenly changes to Kroptik. He pockets his watch *

Kroptik (thinking): I can't believe I just saved that idiot. He didn't deserve it...

/me heads towards the gym and finds Ataru leaving *

Kroptik: There you are. I need to talk to you...ALONE. Get in here.
/me points at an empty classroom. They both get in *

Ataru: Before you start lecturing me, tell me where's Lum's wedding ring and why did you take it.

Kroptik: By now it's probably back in her finger, and you have me to thank for that.

Ataru: ???

Kroptik: Look, I used one of your watches to turn to you and apologize in your name.

Ataru: Why did you do that? I thought you wanted Lum to be with you!

Kroptik: And I do, you dimwit. But what I want above all is for her to be happy and I know that can only happen when you're the one with her. Besides, I'm the best-man of your wedding, so I need to make sure you guys don't break up...

Ataru: Oh my god! Thank you very much for what you did.

Kroptik: Yeah yeah whatever, but I'm not done yet. There's something else you need to know.

Ataru: What is it?

Kroptik (nearly yelling): If you make Lum unhappy one more time, I'll make sure it's the last thing you do. Trust me, you don't want me as your enemy.
* Ataru gulps *

Kroptik: I'll be keeping a close eye on you from now on, and the next time Lum gets angry with you, I swear I'll make my move.

Ataru: OK, OK, I got it. I'll keep it clean.

Kroptik: We'll see about that. And arrange a date for both of you tomorrow.

Ataru: Why?

Kroptik: Cos I said you two would have one.

Ataru: I'm not gonna do it. (Kroptik gives him an angry look) OK, OK, I'll do it.

Kroptik: Good. Now get out of my sight. She's waiting for you outside so you can walk home together.

Ataru: OK, see ya tomorrow then, and thanks again.

* Ataru leaves. Kroptik stays in the room thinking if what he did was a good idea... *
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 26, 2007, 03:56:41 PM
Forgotten: you did good kroptik

Kroptik: where the hell did you come from?

Forgotten: here and there, he doesnt listen does he

Kroptik: listen about what

Forgotten: I told him not to get into trouble with those watches, but does he listen, no of course not

Kroptik: you knew

Forgotten: of course, but no use ruining the fun, if only he had half a brain to just have fun and not go crazy

Kroptik: but he'll never change

Forgotten: are you really go to make your move next time

Kroptik: of course

Forgotten: whatever, oh ya, give me the watch

Kroptik: why ???

Forgotten: so there can be no more trouble caused by it

Kroptik: but ataru has some of his own

Forgotten: dont worry i have already dealt with those ones

*suddenly there is an explosion outside*

*Kroptik runs to the window and sees ataru on the ground, looking like he got struck by lightning*

Kroptik: you didnt...

Forgotten: yes I did, now the watches have been destroyed and ataru got divine judgement, oh and he now has the memory of asking lum on a date and everything you have said to lum just now

Kroptik: What, how did you...

Forgotten: dont forget who my statis, now the watch please

Kroptik: fine here you go

*kroptik throws the watch to Forgotten*

Forgotten: thanks see ya around Kroptik, oh and by the way you sound like a lum stormtrooper, maybe you should join magane and the others, i think there having a meeting right now hehehe

*Forgotten shuts the door*

Kroptik: why you, i'm nothing like those idiots

*he runs to the door and opens it*

Kroptik: you hear...huh damn i hate when you disappear like that

*outside with lum and ataru*

Lum: Darling...Darling wake up, see even you shouldnt cheat on me like that, even the forces of nature will punish you

Ataru: ow, why me

Lum: I think you know the answer to that question already

Ataru: ya I guess your right

Lum: darling

Ataru: forget tommorrow

Lum: WHAT!!!

Ataru: let's go on a date tonight

Lum: yahoo

Ataru: let's go home

*ataru and lum head home*

*when ataru and lum get home they find no one there*

Ataru: mom, dad where are you?

Lum: mom, hello where are you, hello

Ataru: doesnt seem like anyone is home

Lum: Darling look at this

*lum is holding a note*

Ataru: what does it say

Lum: dear ataru and lum, sorry for the short notice but your father and I had got a free trip curtosy of your father's work, we'll be gone for a couple days, we left enough food in the fridge for you two, love mom and dad

Ataru: nice of them to tell us, uh oh

Lum: what is it darling

Ataru: nothing, nothing, shall we go out now, my treat on dinner

Lum: so that's it, my cooking is it

Ataru: umm no no i said i would go on a date with you so

Lum: now i dont want to go, i just want to be here with you darling

Ataru: i guess, but...

Lum: lets watch some tv okay

*lum and ataru sit down infront of the tv, close together*
Post by: Cosmic King on February 26, 2007, 07:04:15 PM
Watcher:Another sentimental battle beaten,now they r alone,without restrictions many things can happen

*someone knocks at da door*

Lum:Who is it? (opens da door)

Ten:It is me,cousin,i came 2 play some war games wit moron-boshi ,i brought some of the tough thugs on space

Lum:Ten-chan,come closer


Ten:I understand,can i burn ataru anyways?

Lum:(sly face)Ten-chan,how about i call mako 2 keep ya company?



Lum:Take these megacredits and go wit yer friends somewhere far

Ten:Ok (goes away)

Lum:Thanks,i dont wanna sound rude,but i wanna spend some alone time wit darling

Ataru:Who was knocking da door,lum?

Lum:Just some hitchhiker,darling

*It gets more dark as night approaches*

Alucard:It is time for me 2 feast on blood (spots ataru house and enters as mist,meanwhile...)

Ataru:Yo,lum,taste my garlic Gyoza breath

Lum:Stop that,darling,i am choking

Ataru:Hehehe,just like a vampire,u have fangs and u hate garlic,ok,i better go wash my mouth while ya cook(goes 2 da bathroom)

Alucard:Hold it right there,buster


Ataru:Pls dont kill me (breathes garlic on alucard face)

Alucard:Yiarghh,you must be da garlic boy (puts gas-mask) anyways i sense the presense of a virgin maiden in here,her pure blood will serve 4 my thirst and perhaps i shall make her my companion (hypnotizes ataru) i want ya 2 bring da girl in here 2 me at the roof,go

Ataru:Yes,master (leaves bathroom and spots lum)lum,i think it will be more romantic if we hav dinner at the roof

Lum:Sounds cool,darling,just lemme finish cooking and 2 da roof we go

*Meanwhile at the Roof*

Alucard:Soon,my next victim will arrive and i shall enjoy her young blood,hahahaha (suddenly a comet strikes da roof) what the hell is that?

??:Where am i?

Alucard:I dunno at all,friend,but nobody disturbs me,have some fang medicine (tries 2 bite him but the being makes his body as hard as steel)yiarrggg

??:You dont have da answer i seek,begone (touches alucard and disperses his atoms far away)

Alucard:You will pay 4 this....(leaves:lum and ataru appear)

Lum:Look,darling,a stranger in the roof

??:Do not be afraid,i am just passing by (creates clothes for him from the atmosphere) tell me,is this planet earth?

Ataru:Yeah,dude,why? you an alien?

??:Not exactly,once i rode in this world freely but now i am not what i was

Lum:You have horns like mine,but yours seem like a moose has

Ataru:Lets call ya Moose,u r welcome 2 stay,there is no problem with just another special boy in town

Moose:Well,thank you
Post by: SandStorm on February 27, 2007, 12:09:25 AM
Ataru:~You look hungry moose. Wanna have dinner with us?

Moose: Well, I am starving, but i don't want to interrupt something...

Lum: No, please, stay with us'tch! Try my hand backed starts :)

Moose take one, and he seems imune to the alien effect of the food

Ataru: wow man, I can't eat that, something terrible happens by, or...

Lum zapps ataru


Moose: In my opinion they are very good. but i remember, in the experiments, i was given some alien food that had strange behaviors on me. and the last thing I remember, was a black red eyed cat.

Lum and ataru look serious to Moose. are they thinking in Dark Devil? His he the responsible for the experiments in our new friend Moose?

TV narrator: don't loose the next chapter because... we won't!

Post by: Cosmic King on February 27, 2007, 02:42:43 AM
Moose:Well,i suppose i am off 2 find that evil cat,thnx 4 yer hospitality (leaves)

Lum:Darling,somehow that stranger made me realize something


Lum:Many things,sweetie,but i forgot something really vital,darling

Ataru:Like what is vital?

Lum:(sly face)Well,to start with we r all alone and we r officially married

Ataru:*gulp and blush face* you arent meaning what i think,right?

Lum:I wont force ya if ya arent ready,but ya know my body belongs 2 ya

Ataru:*more blush*Well,u r right on all of that,but it is so sudden,lemme get ready and enter inda zone,u know i wasnt expecting it

Lum:Am i not pretty 4 ya,darling?

Ataru:Yeah,lum,u r pretty,well,i guess hiding what cant be hid is futile,long have i wanted 2 have "that special moment" with ya (armed with bravery) i want ya 2 see me at my room in 10 minutes,ok?

Lum:Ok (flies away)

Ataru:I think i need 2 lit some candles and put some Barry White music (puts cd of barry white)

Song Name : "You are the first"

We got it together
didn't we?
Nobody but you and me
we've got it together

The first
my last
my everything and the answer to all dreams
You're my sun
my moon
my guiding star

My kind of wonderful that's what you are.
I know there's only one like you
There's no way they could have made two
you're all I'm living for

Your love I'll keep for evermore.
You're the first
you're the last
my everything.

If you are buyin' so many things

a love so new only you could bring
Can't you see if you
you make me feel this way
You're like a fresh morning dew or a brand new day.

I see so many ways that I can love you
'Til the day I die you're my reality
yet I'm in a dream
You're the first
the last
my everything.

I know there's only
only one like you
There's no way 'lhey could have made two
you're my reality
but I'm lost in a dream
You're the first
you're the last
my everything.

man,i dunno what 2 do *sigh*
Post by: MooseChangerPat on February 27, 2007, 03:17:08 AM
Off topic: don't you think that's a little... uh how do I put this... harsh for every single Lum fan out there who does NOT want this to happen?
Posted on: February 27, 2007, 02:52:26 AM
Also if you do not mind I would like to add my bit to the story now :P
Posted on: February 27, 2007, 02:53:41 AM
As Lum was pulling out the futon.  The Moose man from before showed up.  With a better look at him it apeared that he was a tall man with horns and a cloak.

Ataru: Now what the hell do you want?

Moosey: Oh I'm sorry but I couldn't help but to say that I had overheard your earlier conversation and I was wanderring if you wouldn't mind me requesting something of you.

Ataru and Lum: hmmm?

Moosey:  I was curious to know if I could examine the two of you having sexual intercourse.

Ataru and Lum: WHAT!?!?!?!?

Moosey: Well you see the thing is that because of the expiriments that were perfomed on me I now have a human body and can only change myself back into my original for with extreme concentration.  So It is only natural that I shall have to search out a human mate right?  My only problem is that I only know how to do so as a Moose but if I were to watch you two I would be able to.  So please continue and don't mind me.

Ataru: Absolutley out of the question!  What on earth is wrong with you!!!!?

Moosey:  I have told you I have been changed into a-

Ataru: I heard that part!  But that doesn't give you any excuse to watch me and *starts blushing again*

Moosey:  Is it because it is your first time as well?

Unfortunately Moosey had gotten it right on the mark.  Unfortunate for Moosey that is.  Lum and Ataru completely demolished this poor Moose who was just too clueless to understand that Humans definately don't apreciate his behavior.  Thus Moosey staggered from the room saying,

Moosey: First I get bitten by a strange man in a red trench coat.  And now these humans beat on me.  I swear I am just not having any luck with humans today.  Be warned however the next time you attack me so rashly you *points to ataru* shall be turned into a Moose!

Ataru: What about Lum?  She attacked you too.

Moosey: Yes but your wife is far too cute for me to turn her into a Moose or cause any serious damage to.

Lum: Aww how sweet for a Moose who just decided to turn my husband into a Moose *ZAP*

Moosey: Oww... you sure are one surprising women my dear *falls out the window*

Lum: *gasp* I didn't kill him did I?

Ataru: who cares? *walks towards the window* nope he's crawling away.  What a strange little man.
Posted on: February 27, 2007, 03:15:42 AM
So not bad for my first post in this thread aye?
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 27, 2007, 03:21:35 AM
Ataru: well i guess this is it, all this time leading up to this point but what to do, i mean am i ready

*lum enter the room, unknown by ataru*


Ataru: thats cold

Lum: cool off darling'tcha, i might have rushed things, you dont have to if you dont


Ataru: all that and now you say no

*ataru takes a sip of his drink*


Ataru: I'm going for a bath


*ataru leaves the room*

Lum: darling...hmm


*ataru sneaks back in the room*

Ataru: LUM!!!



*lum chokes on the drink*


Ataru: lum...i'm sorry


*lum stops coughing*

Lum: darling


Ataru: ya

Lum: i'm so happy


*ten suddenly enters the room*

Ten: watcha doing

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Off topicness: oh how sad.  All that and not even a comment :(
Post by: Cosmic King on February 27, 2007, 03:30:32 AM
On Topic:

Nicely done,MooseChangerPat,sorry 2 arrive late,great post
Post by: MooseChangerPat on February 27, 2007, 03:33:39 AM
Thanks for noticing.  (said in Eyeore from Winnie the Pooh style)
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 27, 2007, 04:11:30 AM
Lum: ten what are you doing back here, i thought i told you to stay in the UFO

Ten: well i got bored and

*ataru grabs a frying pan and slams ten out the window*

Lum: i dont know if i should be mad or happy darling

Ten: well i'm mad

Lum: ten stop

Ten: but lum

Lum: no not tonight

Ten: aawwww

*ten flies away*

Ataru: but i thought we were...well, done, i mean umm

Lum: Darling



Ataru: lum i know we are married but umm...lum i want to be with you forever

Lum: darling


*both lovers gaze 2 each other and knew it had 2 happen*

*Once when both lovers reached their nest of love,Moroboshi's rigid and bloody warrior ventured into Lum temple of purity,therefore from 2 that were there,was only 1*

*the night passed and ataru and lum lay there*

Lum: darling thank you so much, i know i can trust you


*The sunlight from the morning sun enter the room*

Ataru: is it morning already, time flies when when your...umm

Lum: hehehe


Mrs. Moroboshi: ataru, you better not be here or you are in trouble

Lum and Ataru: uh oh


Mrs. Moroboshi: what the...

Ataru and Lum: ummm


Mrs. Moroboshi: what did i see...

Lum: darling, i'll go talk to her, we are married after all, she should understand


Ataru: well what have i gotten myself into, i guess i should follow it through, i just feel a little different, like i have been satisfied, like i have girl hunted with alot of success, but umm i dont know
Post by: Cosmic King on February 27, 2007, 04:50:13 AM
Watcher Still was Lum surrounded by the fragance of love when she noticed mrs. moroboshi was crying in joy,her little boy was a man,indeed she felt a little embarrased but yet...

Mrs Moroboshi:Sorry if i scared ya,lum

Lum:The same i say,mom

Mrs. Moroboshi:My ataru may be a silly boy,but he is good,i am sure u and him will make a perfect family

Lum:Well,i dunno if i will have his child soon,mom

Mrs Moroboshi:Well,lets discuss that later,you and ataru better eat breakfast and go 2 school

Lum:Ok (soon she and ataru are at school)

Mendo:Yo,miss lum


Mendo:Today is a good day,isnt it?

Lum:Yep,it is,shutaro


*After school*

Ataru:Damn,i dont feel as girl hunting 2day and i suddenly get blazing


Lum:(thinking)could that be a side effect of...?
Post by: DarkDevil on February 27, 2007, 02:10:54 PM
Offtopic: Don't forget to indicate the end and the begining of the episode.
Post by: Kroptik on February 27, 2007, 02:50:54 PM
That was hard to read... :'(
And nice post Moosey :)
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 27, 2007, 05:11:27 PM
Offtopic: it's not over yet Kroptik

Ataru: i dont know why but today i feel like i could beat mendo good

Mendo: What was that ATARU

Ataru: you heard me rich boy

*lum steps infront of ataru*

Lum: what are you doing darling

Ataru: dont worry lum, it is time mendo learned his place

*Ataru and Mendo prepare to do battle on the tennis court*


*ataru and mendo go back and forth in this game, mendo is sweatingbut ataru isnt*


Mendo: how did i lose, did you make a deal with that devil again

Ataru: ya right after last time, the devil said he would never help me again

Lum: Darling you were amazing, maybe you made a deal with a different devil hehe

Mendo: what is that supposed to mean, miss lum

Lum: that's Mrs. Lum to you

Ataru:now give up on her mendo, let's go lum


Everyone: wwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhaaaa aaaaaaaa................ ...

Shinobu: right infront of everyone too

Lum: let's go darling

Ataru: sure

*lum and ataru leave the school ground*

Kroptik: damn that ataru what happen over the past day to cause this, did i do to good of a job

Forgotten: nope he did it on his own

Kroptik: you been spying again

Forgotten: nope but i know they were alone all night, plus this

*forgotten opens his hand, revealing a  glowing ball*

Kroptik: what is that?

Cosmic: a unique mind

Forgotten: oh hi cosmic, you are correct but this one is different, it is unique

Cosmic: how is that

Forgotten: it is a new, how to put it species, last night something was put into motion

Kroptik: who lum and ataru, who

Forgotten: i'm not invading there privacy, i will only look into someone mind if i need to

Kroptik: you better tell or your dead you got it, just because i gave up on her doesnt mean i dont want to know what is happening in her life

*darkdevil appears*

Darkdevil: i dont even know, but i want to

Falling: Forgotten tell us or you fail math

Forgotten: what!!! but...but

Kroptik: so...

Forgotten: fine but with limitations k

*forgotten's eyes glow for a second, then all of sudden his face turns red*

Forgotten: no more, no more

Falling: well...

Forgotten: they truely are a couple now and it seems there is a side effect, but it will where off, unless they continue

Darkdevil: your not speaking up

Forgotten: I'm not saying anymore, except this, sorry Kroptik, just give up

*Forgotten suddenly vanishes*
Post by: Cosmic King on February 27, 2007, 11:43:34 PM
Watcher:Even though there r still some questions regarding today bizarre event,tranquility returns,then after school...

Sakura:So,lum,why ataru has that mask on him?

Lum:It is a secret,sakura-san,lets just say it keeps darling energy under control

Ataru:(Just mumbles nonsense)



Post by: SandStorm on February 28, 2007, 02:08:54 AM

Weekend arrived, and our heroes are managing to do one small trip to 'Serra de Sintra' in Portugal.
SandStorm and Kaede managed the trip organization, SS bookmarked one 4 stars hotel, Kaede did the  essential stuff list for teh trip, and the team will be traveling in the PTCS-Sky_Rover for one fast and comfortable fly over Earths sky, without being intercepted by several countries Air forces.

Sand: (ringing Kroptik) Yo, Kropman, how are you? We will departure in less than 1h, all the other dudes are ready.

Kroptik: i'm nearly there, just hang on a few minutes, i had to do some business with Mekata.

Once all the UY warriors are ready, as Lum, Ataru, Mendo, Stormtroopers, Sinobu, and why not, Sakura to heal us with her expertise and exorcism experience, all of them take their seats, and the Sky_Rover is ready for departure

Sand: (in the ship cokpit) Welcome mates, ensure all of you have your security belts well fixed, we will departure now, and we enjoy you to have one nice trip.

Kaede: (co-pilot and flight attendants) If anyone of you need something, let us know, for that, everyone have one calling beeper in the left harm from your chairs.

Computed System Assistant (CSA): To all passengers, we will leave in few seconds.

Engines, enable.
Survivor Cell, enabled
Pre Boosters, enabled
Plasma Warp engine, Enabled.
All main systems ready.

Countdown set.







The Ship leaves, with one strong push, making the passengers stuck to the chairs back, while they get up in the sky

Ataru in panic, push the flight attendants button

Kaede: Wow, we only now left, and as I can see in this computer, is ataru calling.

Sand: (grinning) I think i'll push the ship hard, to see how he react.

Kaede: Sand, then YOU will attend him.

Post by: Cosmic King on February 28, 2007, 02:51:53 AM
*Ataru is getting more hysterical*

Cosmic:Lum,give him some medicine so he stops dat

Lum:Ok'tcha (shocks ataru with a small lightning) that will make him sleep 4 a while

Kroptik:Yo,captain sand,u sure u can drive this ship,we r going in circles

Sand:Yup,well,before the flight i took some of yer iced tea

Kroptik:But that thing is pure alcohol 2 earthpeople !!!!

Sand:(so drunk he gets sleepy) zzzzzzzz (the ship is gonna crash with Eiffel Tower but kaede grabs da controls)

Post by: SandStorm on February 28, 2007, 03:29:39 AM
Kaede still controlling the ship to the destiny, but while landing, the system had a failure, and she had to do one emergency manual landing without the computed assistant.
With the impact, Ataru and SS wake up. The stormtroopers where singing, and playing guitar, those, got with the heads stuck in the roof.


Lum: Darling, we just landed.

Ataru: Yo, Captain Sand, you better explain the difference from your landings and crashing.

Sand: (with the crashing, wake up, and hit the main cockpit window, breaking teh glass.)My head... (leaves the cokpit in zig-zag.)

Kaede grabs him.

Kaede: You still dizzy, better to not drink more tecasian ice-teas, ok? We almost crashed in Paris.

Sand: ...k...

Kroptik: Lol Sand-man, i bet those worked as a lesson for you.

Sand: Ok, is everyone ok?

Mendo: Yes, except them. (points at Megane and Perm. chibi managed to release himself)

Later that day, after one relaxing bath, they went dinner at the hotel restaurant, and then, decide to explore the "Serra de Sintra" at night.

Sand: I always was very interested to see if those rumors where true...

Kaede: What rumors?

Sand: (whispering) they use to say it is haunted at night. Lets have some fun out there!

Sand: (talking to Ataru) Yo man, It will be a "romantic" night, better to think in something for you and Lum.

Ataru: Ok.

Forgotten: I dunno, but i have the impression he is preparing something fishy in this...

Kroptik: Speaking in fishing, where is  that stupid cat?

Sand: Good question... He was in the list, and inside the ship when we left tomobiki

Well, DarkDevil was sucked out by the flushing toilet system from the ship,  and is somewhere  in the pluvial treatment from Lisbon.

Mendo: (thinking) i will make it a memorable night... I'll make out with sinobu, and in the dark... hehehe, stun that bastard moroboshi, and make out with lum

Kroptik: (thinking) perfect place to hunt down that Ataru m******r

Forgotten: (thinking) something harsh will happen.



Posted on: February 28, 2007, 02:23:36 AM
Belldandy: cody, love... The air is so pure and soft... the night is white and the moon is full...

Forgotten: this is the night for us my love.

they kiss
Post by: Cosmic King on February 28, 2007, 03:44:35 AM
Off Topic:

Blank also serves as a censor sign as u may see soon

On Topic:

*Meanwhile the party is being prepared,lum,ataru,ten and sakura-san*

Sakura:Falling recomended a film called "The Snake Charmer",how about we see it?


Ataru:I see no problem

*They arrive at da cinema theater*

Lum:Look,the movie is starting'tcha


Sakura:*gulp* i guess we better go check another movie (then...)


Lum: i agree with sakura,lets go watch another one'tcha

Ataru:You girls and ten can go,i need 2 "examine" this foreign movie

Lum:Darling...(does a kawai smile,but u can see she is beginng 2 get charged up;then she speaks 2 ataru with a gentle voice) if you continue seeing that dirty movie,i am gonna get mad..

Ataru:Ok,ok,i shall go wit ya 2 another movie

*leave dat movie and they go see a portuguese movie about mutant ninja dogs,soon the party will start at da hotel*
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 28, 2007, 04:44:04 AM
Ataru: oh hi forgotten and belldandy

Forgotten: decided to join us

Lum: that other movie was a little...umm

Forgotten: adult, dont mind falling he has his desires

*everyone takes there seat and watch the movie*

Ataru: why we leave the movie lum, it's not like it's anything new to us

Lum(blushing): darling...not here

Forgotten: well this is a boring movie, care to join me for tea Belldandy

Belldandy: sure

*forgotten and belldandy get up to leave*

Forgotten(whispering): I'll leave you two alone for the night

Ataru(blushing): hey

Lum(leaning against ataru): Darling..he..he

Ataru: lets watch the movie

*the continues to play, not known to ataru and lum, kroptik has taken a seat in the far back row of the theatre*

Kroptik(thinking): he is going to die if he did what i think he did

*mendo enters the the theatre and at the end of the row behind lum and ataru*

Mendo(thinking): he is going to get it soon

*the movie is coming to an end when suddenly the movie freezes, creating a loud noise*

Lum: AAAaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*gets closer to ataru

Ataru: huh, scare ya a bit lum

Lum: yes, at least your here, i wonder what happened

Ataru: guess there is a problem with the projector

*ataru tries to stand up but lum doesnt let him*

Ataru: what is it...

*the light begin to dim and then...*


Mendo(thinking): that bastard

*then the theatre goes completely dark*

Lum: now what darling he he

Ataru: umm

???: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not hear you dont

*suddenly there is a large explosion, blasting ataru and lum out of the theatre*

Lum and ataru: ow that hurt

*they then see Kroptik in the middle of the blast radius*

Ataru: oh sorry kroptik, didnt know you were around

*Falling comes running from one way and Forgotten and belldandy came running from another*

Falling: what the hell happened here

Ataru: kroptik went bolistic, out of nowhere

*kroptik storms away*

Falling: i think we should all retire for the night

*sand then appears*

Sand: well this isnt good, oh well, everyone has your own rooms

*everyone retires to there rooms*

*in lum and ataru's room*

Lum: do you think this place is haunted, darling

Ataru: probably just a tourist attraction for this hotel, dont worry about it, lets get some sleep

*lum enter the same bed as ataru*

Ataru: umm lum

Lum: darling...

*suddenly the lights go out*
Post by: Cosmic King on February 28, 2007, 05:07:13 AM
*Meanwhile Kroptik is gonna try the hotel sauna*

Kroptik:I need 2 relax after having that bizarre encounter (enters da sauna then....)


Damn,this hotel is haunted indeed

Fantasy Demon:Name yer dream,boy,and it will be made,u know da price
Post by: Kroptik on February 28, 2007, 01:52:57 PM
Kroptik: OK, I'll choose a dream and as a price, I won't kill you.

Fantasy demon: Ha, I'm not afraid of you.

Kroptik: Maybe not, but I know someone who're afraid of...

Fantasy demon: Yeah, right, don't tell me you know some weird angel...

Kroptik: I know an angel but she's with a bastard...I was talking about a goddess though...

Fantasy demon (looking scared): know a goddess?

Kroptik: Yeah actually I do... But I don't care about any dreams you might give me, since my dreams will never come true. I rather stick to a bad reality then a good dream and a worse reality. So you better leave this place soon before I tear you apart from what you might have already done to others.

Fantasy demon: Fine, fine, I'll leave...

* He disappears. Kroptik decides to go to bed. He leaves *

Fantasy demon (thinking): Never before have I seen someone like this...I'll have to keep a closer eye on this guy...
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 28, 2007, 04:56:31 PM
Offtopic: hahahahahaha someone is in a bad mood
Post by: Kroptik on February 28, 2007, 06:55:40 PM
Actually I wasn't...
I just don't prefer reality over dreams... (though some things can't happen in reality :'()
Post by: MooseChangerPat on February 28, 2007, 07:04:07 PM
Moosey: Oh my!  I've never seen you two doing things quite like THAT before!  That's certainly something I shall have to remember.

Lum and Ataru are both shocked out of their minds and slowly turn to what they had thought was a Moose Head hanging on the wall but was in reality Moosey who was disguising himself.

Lum: How.... how long.... How long have you been watching us!
Lum asked in a growling type tone of voice and her electrical levels getting to an all time high.

Moosey: Oh I've been watching the two of you since I fell out that window.  I've been hoping to watch you two at it a second time because the first time I could tell you two were somewhat of amatures.  But WOW this time was really... WOW!

This of course made Lum even positively angrier.
Lum: The whole time!?
She said as lightning was flickering along her body.  Ataru of course saw the warning signs waaay ahead and was currently in what he hoped was the most protective spot in the room.

Moosey: Yes truly my dear you were an inspiration!  Truly I've never met a creature as lovely as you are.  Even my former mate who was shot by humans just last spring pales compared to the beauty I see before me.

Lum stopped at that for that was certainly something she had NOT expected from a Moose.
Lum: Your mate died?

Moosey: Yes.

Moosey had tears coming down his eyes as he recalled the event.

Moosey: It was just last spring and it was such a wonderful day out that I had decided to take a walk through the woods to enjoy the flowers with my mate.  Her name was Ashly.  We were so caught up in the moment that I did not hear the hunters before it was too late.  They shot me through the leg but Ashly did not make it.  Before I knew it she was lying there bleeding to death.  I would have charged the hunters but with my lame leg I could not and so I had to run as the love of my life was pulled away to become somebody's dinner.  I would have died too if it were not for the fact that I was found by a strange cat.

Lum: A cat you say?

Moosey: Yes.  I had never seen a cat before but I feared that I would become this feline's dinner.  Little did I know that what he had planned for me was far worse.  I do not remeber very much of what he did to me.  All I know is that it was blindingly horrorfying.  I had been praying for a death that would never come every day when suddenly I had found myself falling to a distant world.  It was there that I had realized what the monster had done to me.  I was neither Moose nor Human but some demonic cross breed of the two.  With highly unstable powers that even now I do not know the full potential of.  All I know is that when I find this cat he will recive heavens judgement.  Once I have dealt with him then perhaps I shall find the hunters who had killed Ashly.  But seeing you makes all the bad things in life seem to slip away.  I don't know who you are Mrs. Lum but my heart beats only for you now.

Lum was completely speechless.  This was most certainly an awkward situation.  Ataru on the other hand was not so speechless.

Ataru: You come in here, spy on me and Lum in the act of *Ataru just blushes slightly at that one*, THEN you start hitting on my wife and now are madly in love with her!!!

Ataru then charged wildly at the Moose with the table.  Moosey however just sighed and winked at Lum and then covered his entire body with his horns making them longer and turning them into a protective cage which the table then broke over.  Hearing the commotion of Ataru shouting and the table breaking foot steps can be heard out side.  Lum still being naked from being with Ataru quickly covered herself up with a blanket.

Moosey: I can see that your friends are worried about the two of you thus I shall leave until next time.  I do have some cat hunting to do.  Until next time love of my heart!

With that Moosey propmtly jumped out the window in Moose form.  He had forgotten of course that this was the third floor.  Crashing to the ground and now slightly worse for the wear Moosey slowly made his way away from the hotel right about the same time the door busted open.
Posted on: February 28, 2007, 07:03:09 PM
Tah Dah post 2!
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on February 28, 2007, 09:03:23 PM
Offtopic: you are good at this moosey, i can see a future for you


*the door to the room comes crashing down*

Falling: what is going on in here...oh my

Lum and Ataru: Sensei

Falling: umm sorry...please cover up

Forgotten: give them some privacy

*Forgotten grabs falling and belldandy fixes the door*

*after a couple minutes lum opens the door*

*everyone enters*

Falling: wow this must have been some rough...

Ataru: shut up perv

Falling: sorry just joking

Cosmic: What happened here lum

Lum: well some half moose, half human guys was watching us *lum and ataru blush* and well Darling tried to hit him with a table

Ataru: his name was moosey, he is almost as much as a perv as you sensei

Falling: hey

Forgotten: hey hey hey this isnt time to fight, lets continue explaining the situation over a cup of tea

*after an hours, lum and ataru finish explaining the moosey situation*

Cosmic: that definitely sounds like Darkdevil, but what is he planning

Falling: probably just entertaining himself

Ataru: you know i havent seen that cat for awhile, what could he be doing?
Post by: Cosmic King on March 01, 2007, 04:20:02 PM
Cosmic:Hmm,last time i saw him,he went with caroline  2 a trip in a mystical realm

Forgotten:So that means we wont find him for a while

Sand:Guys,i know dark must face justice,but we r on vacations,enjoy them pls

Mendo:He is right,now is time to relax...soon heads will roll

Sakura:Well,it is time we go 2 sleep,moosey can stay wit falling for safety

*Everybody goes 2 sleep;next day they are at da beach...*

Vendor:Eat all you can for free,come and enjoy the Crazy Carlos Buffet

Falling:Why don ya try it,sakura-san?

Sakura:Well,i am on diet,but what gives,lets try it (they arrive at da buffet) yo,crazy carlos,give yer free bufet

Carlos:Hehehehe,you will get it free only if ya manage 2 eat it all and that is mostly impossible,my dear

*some minutes later*


Carlos: I AM BROKE NOW (begins 2 cry)

Sakura:Bah,it was merely an appetizer,lets go

Falling:U never cease 2 amaze me,sakura-chan

Sakura:Why,thank ya,which reminds me that before i got 2 bed i sensed an odd energy disturbance on the hotel just as when i went 2 see dat movie u told me

Falling:My mistake,the movie i wanted ya 2 see was the Snake Chamber  :o

*Meanwhile Lum and the others went 2 play some rugby at the hotel backyard park*


Lum:Wow,this game was good`tcha
Post by: SandStorm on March 01, 2007, 08:36:03 PM
Later that night, Sand and Kaede are exploring the outdoors country life and mistery from Serra de Sintra

Sand: Finally some time for us. Crazy vacations, dark got flushed and his the responsible for the moosey stuff, moosey appeared without being in the passengers list...

Kaede: Relax, lets enjoy this night.

They walk along, with their hands together.
But then, the haunted tales from that place start to look they are true

Kaede: Sand... look near that tree. Is one fading glow from, someone! A ghost?

Sand: Oh my... It isn't lum for sure.

Sand start running in the glowing ghost, but falls in one trap

Kaede: Oh my... (runs in the direction of the trap) Sand, U all right?

Sand: Yeah, I guess. Just one hunter trap for... Oh sh*t!

Sand: This is a Moose trap! (SS lift up in the air, leaving the trap behind)

Both of them look to it, put they don't want to go in mystery adventures, they want one time alone, time to spend together with love and care.
It's a full moon night, they watch it hugged.
It was long time ago since the first date. Kaede still more beautifully than ever, her big eyes look like stars, and her hands are like silk.
When they are about to kiss each other, they listen one noise behind the trees

Sand: What was that?

Both get up

Kaede: Time to pierce someone in the hearth with my Katana.

one strange figure appears, yelling, and they see it is: Moosey


Sand: God damn you! SANDSOFTIME!

Time got stopped. only The 2 UY warriors can move

Kaede: Time to teach ya good manners, how disrespectful you was (she do one ninja attack, that blow away moosey in the air.)

Sand: Wow, nice shot! ROCKACELL! (transforms teh flying moose in rock, and once it hit the ground, blast in pieces)

Sand: Pervert. How could Ataru and Lum Handle that.

They return to the hotel, annoyed about what happened, but what they don't know, is moments later when they left, one Satanic Ritual was starting, DarkDevil appeared, and he got moosey trapped, for the ritual

DarkDevil: Time to finish my experiments... The Lisbon pluvial systems gave me a perfect idea to sacrifice yourself. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Post by: Cosmic King on March 01, 2007, 11:42:25 PM
*Meanwhile Ataru is dreaming at his suite*

Dream Ataru: Where am i ? why i am strapped 2 this chair?

??:Dont worry,the doctor will arrive soon,Mr. Moroboshi

Dream Ataru:Explain yerself

??:Nothing needs 2 be explained,my boy (someone enters da room) ah,look,here is da doctor

Doctor:(shaded face) Glad 2 see you,time we check yer teeth (brings a giant drill)

Dream Ataru:(sweating) oh,my god,i am gonna die....

Doctor:(brings a needle shot) this will stop the pain (finally reveals 2 da light) are you ready,darlig'tcha?


Dream Ataru:Nooooooo!!!!

*finally awakens from dat nightmare*

Ataru:Ahhhh,it was just a dream (looking that lum is still sleeping at his side) phew,i think i need 2 take a walk (gets out of the bed and goes 2 walk at da backyard)

*Meanwhile near the sea we find Shutaro Mendo*

Mendo:Long enough i hav endured 2 watch lady lum been at moroboshi side,the time has come 4 me 2 express my love 2 her and behead that peasant (looking at da sea) no longer will lum hav 2 shed any tear for ataru as he will hav this sea as his tomb (begins walking when suddenly a ghost spirit appear grabs his back)


How you dare 2 bite me ?!? (draws sword and the ghost leaves him),pretty strange this to happen,perhaps is one of the poltergeists that are happening nearby

*Meanwhile with Moroboshi*

Ataru:I think i left Lum alone long enough,i better return 2 her before she gets berserk (returns 2 da hotel lobby and finds Mendo) yo,shutaro

Mendo:(thinking) after the old ghost affair i lost any wish 2 kill ataru...4 now (normal) hey moroboshi,what are you doing alone?

Ataru:Just reflecting on life and girl hunting (lum arrives)

Lum:Darling,why u went out so early? i thought u were kidnapped'tcha

Ataru:Sorry,Lum,i needed 2 breathe some fresh air (suddenly a scream is heard) that was shinobu voice (they arrive and only find shinobu crying)

Mendo:What happened,miss miyake?

Shinobu:Some pervert that wasnt ataru went 2 da hot springs and i...

*Meanwhile the female ghost that bit mendo arrives 2 da hot spring *



*Obviously the result is in favor of Lum and company,soon they call Sakura 2 send those ghosts back 2 their dimension*

Lum:I think i saw another female ghost while i was electroshocking the male ghost'tcha

Sakura:Maybe it was yer imagination,lum,lets go 2 sleep

Post by: MooseChangerPat on March 02, 2007, 04:07:15 AM
Meanwhile Moosey is in peril.

Moosey:  Damn you demon Cat what do you plan to do with me now!  Kill me!?

DarkDevil: Oh no I have no intention of killing you too soon my poor little Moose.  Although I am surprised to have seen that you have survived / thrived so long.  I would have thought your body was too unstable.  You have indeed come far since that fateful day.  Your wife on the other hand has far surpassed you in my opinion.  >:)

Moosey's eyes begin to widen in shock and horror.

Moosey: What... what have you DONE!!!  I will rip your heart out you demonic feline!

DarkDevil: Ah my poor little Moose you just don't realize quite what I have done yet do you.  I intend to feed off of your fear and sorrow.  I shall sacrifice your love in front of your eyes and that is something I shall simply enjoy too much.  But I won't just sacrifice her on no.  I shall let YOU sacrfice her.

With that DarkDevil released Moosey from the binds he was in.  Moosey was incredibly confused about what Dark Devil meant by let HIM kill his mate but now that he was free he needed to find that damn cat before he could do anything to his love.  However he had not remembered this place being such a maze.  He turned through many passages until he was almost sure he was lost.  Then at long last he spotted the cat in the middle of the next room he entered.

DarkDevil: It's time to die abomination.

Moosey: Hah you think I am easy prey but I shall prove to you that I am more powerful than you could have possibly imagined I would become.

With a scream of rage Moosey elongated his horns and gorged the cat where it stood.  DarkDevil toppled to a heap with a bloody hole in his chest.  After all that it was over?  But that was easy!  Moosey thought to himself... too easy... then he knew what DarkDevil had done.  With tears streaming Moosey ran towards the body on the floor which he now knew DarkDevil had disguised but was in fact his love Ashly.  She stared with empty eyes at the ceiling.  This time she truly was dead and Moosey could here the horrid laughing above him.

DarkDevil:  My poor Moose you are too stupid.  It was an easy ploy from which I thought you would easily see through.  In which case your true love would have killed you.  She no longer had any memories of you and even if she did she wouldn't have recognized you.  But in the end I let her know everything.  All of the memories of you, all of the crimes she had commited by hunting down and killing all the Moose in your forest, and of course I had let her know in the end that it was YOU who had killed her.  And that Moosey is a more delicious tragedy than I could have originally planned for you.  I shall let you live Moosey for I know that you will only be able to think about the fact that you killed your mate.

Moosey:  You... YOU... I WILL kill you for this Dark Devil.  I...
He simply didn't know what to say he was filled with such grief for killing the only being who had ever loved him and hate for the one who had set up this terrible trap.

DarkDevil:  Now if you will pardon me Moosey I have to have my cultists finish their job with your wife.  No doubt we shall meet again but next time we meet I may decide to finish you once and for all.

With that Moosey was teleported back to the hotel where the UY crew was staying.

Moosey: Dam....... DAMN YOU DEMON CAT!!!!!
Moosey said in a cry of rage and agony loud enough to wake the dead.  The dead being woken up were not so happy with him.

Ghost 1: Hey!  We're trying to haunt this place here but everybody had to have shift you now!  let me sleep you stupid... Moose man?

With the speech from Ghost 1 the other ghosts made their way back to their respective resting places until their shifts.

Moosey went back to his room crying the entire way while occasionally bumping into the occasional person who would ask what happened but he was too depressed to talk.  He walked into his room which was actually a former stables from when the place was used by people with horses.  He then colapsed in a heap sobbing his eyes out.  Until a few hours later he had cried until he was too dehydrated to continue.

Moosey: *sigh* why do I stay here?  Nobody here understands me or likes me.  People just think I'm some sort of pervert but It's nor like anyone had ever offered to simply TEACH me how to mate with a human.  Damnit how can I think of such things when...

What Moosey was about to say next was too painful for him to say out loud.

Moosey: I just... I am so lonely.  I tried to be friendly towards humans but I was bitten by the first one I met and the second two tried to kill me too.

Moosey secretly knew in his heart why he had stayed however.  He had met someone who set his heart on fire like never before.  Thus he felt even worse if even possible about killing Ashly because the thing that distirbed him most was that he felt much less remorse than he thought he would.  The reason was because he the alien princess Lum had stolen the heart of another without even trying.  That was why in a secluded place far away DarkDevil was in a fury.

DarkDevil: Why didn't it work!  What is the meaning of this you damnable cultists!  This was suposed to create a demon from the body of this pathetic dead creature that I could then use to do my bidding and it could be my most powerful abomination yet but all it has done is turn it's body to ASH!

Cultist1:  Uh well maybe the Moose's greif wasn't enough to create the demon?

With that he killed the anoying cultist on the spot.

DarkDevil:  The Moose loved his mate with all his heart so what could possible have gone wrong!  Wait... could his heart found another after he thought he saw his mate die?  Damn him!  How could he possibly have fallen in love with another Moose!?  There are none in Japan!  Unless... Ugh me and my stupid idea to try to use this Moose as my greatest creation.  He now has the mentality of a human being and thus he may have found a human he has fallen in love with.  Oh the complications.  Hmm...

DarkDevil sat back in his throne the cultists had made for him and pondered on what he shall do about this Moose he had set out into the world.

DarkDevil: Heh.  It doesn't matter.  In the end he will make his move towards the one he newly loves and then I shall make my move.  Just wait MooseChangerPat.  Everything that you love... shall DIE!  Hahahahaha.

With that DarkDevil was content with the current situation and decided to turn his other amusments.
Posted on: March 02, 2007, 04:06:06 AM
Also I would like to say as a side note that I don't exactly know if DarkDevil is truly this evil or not. So correct me if I'm wrong.
Post by: SandStorm on March 02, 2007, 04:15:57 AM
Offtopic: he is more devil than good. only very few times he helped.
btw, put him as evil as possible.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on March 02, 2007, 05:47:09 AM
??: you know darkdevil, you going a little far, i may have agreed to help with the memory part of your little experiment,  but your being a naughty kitty

Darkdevil: shut up, you wouldnt know how hard it is too be in love with a fleshless spirit

??: ah yes miss caroline, how is she?

Darkdevil: getting madder by the minute

??: What you want may cost you more then you want and may be harder to do then previously expected, anyway here is the papers for tagging a moose kill on a hunt, lucky you it is hunting sseason, anyway mind if i take the ashes off your hands, i can reanimate the ashes, but the body wont be alive, but i hear the meat is pretty good, you know i always wanted to try some moose steaks

Darkdevil: take them, i dont need them

??: k bye for now

*meanwhile back at the hotel, the sun is rising, everyone is still sleeping except for*

Belldandy(to herself): what is this i am sensing, a being with alot of grief

*she finds moosey*

Belldandy: your that moose guy that has been bugging ataru and lum, what's wrong

Moosey: I have done something horrible

Belldandy: there there, let it out

*after an hour, belldandy has the whole story*

Belldandy: that's horrible, that damn cat, if we can get ahold of her body we can revive her

Moosey: you can*moosey wipes his eyes* let's go then

*Belldandy and Moosey head into the maze looking for darkdevil and Ashly*

*A couple hours pass and no luck*

Belldandy: this is endless

*Back at the hotel, everyone is eating breakfast*

*Forgotten enters the hall*

Forgotten: has anyone seen Belldandy

Cosmic: havent seen her, when was the last time you saw her though

Forgotten: well she was in bed when i got up last night

Falling: why were you up last night?

Forgotten: get your mind out of the gutter, i'm a very light sleeper, usually wake up 2 or 3 times a night, anyway she was gone this morning
Post by: FallinG_StaR on March 02, 2007, 02:27:18 PM
Falling: Oh, great! Now I'm being treated like some lecherous pervert! I just made an innocent question...

Forgotten: Oh, yes so innocent you are... We know how you think Falling...

Falling: It's just my youth!!! I'm curious about everything especially if it involves girls... hehe... :P (drops the napkin and gets down to pick it up)

Sakura: And just what do you think you're doing???

Falling: Err... just getting my napkin...

Sakura: GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY LEGS... YOU PERVERT... (Hits Falling with a chair and knocks him unconcious)

Mendo: (poking Falling head with is sword) Y-You killed him!!!

Lum: And I thought Darling was a girl freak... Sensei is even worst'tcha...

Cosmic: He's not dead... and... That's not even him... That's Forgotten...

Everyone: Ahn??? Forgotten??? How?... When?...

Falling: Hahaha... Fooled you all didn't I??? Hahaha... That's one of my best techniques "Kawarimi no Jutsu" (Body Replacement Technique)... You got to admit that was funny... He did say he was a light sleeper now his lights are out... ;D

Everyone:  :( :( :(

Falling: Ok...Ok... I'm sorry... So lets all go find Belldandy... leave a note for Forgotten he can join us in the search later...

Everyone leaves in search for Belldandy leaving Forgotten behind to rest and recover...

Offtopic:  For a light sleeper how the hell didn't you notice she was gone or didn't wake up when she got out of the room???  :-\ ;D
Post by: Cosmic King on March 02, 2007, 06:42:23 PM
*While they search for Belldandy,we go 2 see Darkdevil..*

Cultist:(worried and barely breathing)His unholiness

Dark:What do ya want,dog?

Cultist:Somebody has stormed da shrine and killed da others ,i barely could protect lady caroline and...aghhh(falls dead)

Dark:Who could accomplished all of this? i only think my fellow UY warriors could hav accomplished this,yet....

*Suddenly the shrine begins collapsing and begans 2 burn with hellfire*


*Dark is swallowed by an energy vortex and appears in a non sense dimension*

Dark:Damn,where am i? (a stranger arrives near Dark)


Mad Jim:Welcome aboard,demon lord

Dark:What u want from me,James? were ya da one behind that attack?

Mad Jim:Tsk tsk,it wasnt any of my doing,the other generals decided 2 overthrow yer little power,mi amigo,now you will be a pussycat (cackles insanely)

Dark:Shut up (launches hellfire but Mad Jim just grab it and launches it back 2 dark)

Mad Jim:All work and no play makes ya a dull boy,dark,lets better hurry and find da others (becomes an astral giant 2 open just another portal)


*Darkdevil and Mad Jim enter a hellish earth*

Mad Jim:I have arrived with Dark,brothers (land begins shaking)


Chthon the Sinner:Hahahahaha,long time no see,Darkdevil,it has been ages

*Suddenly darkdevil is chained with mystic anti-demon chains*

Mad Jim:Lets call da others...



















Now all the supreme Hell lords are here,hehehehehe

Dark:What do ya want from me,bastards?

Mephisto:As you may know,the hell dimension balances itself in our soul energy ,and lately yer twisted experiments are somehow breaking that balance,so we hav decided 2 make a better use of ya

Dark:What the heavens are ya saying?

Satan:I shall resume it 2 ya,you from all the hell generals have half the Key 2 start a new hell on any dimension,since yer irresponsible experiment we hav decided we shall use that key 2 start a brand new hell on yer adopted land,Earth

Seth:Yesss,and here comesss another ssurprise 2 you,Caroline is the other half,so now that we got her and you this will be a child`s play

Dormammu:Behold what will create a new hell,darkdevil,gaze those unholy eyes of yours to the Beyonder Bane


Mephisto:Powered by all the wicked souls in our realms,mademoiselle caroline and you it shall start a brand new unholy age

*Meanwhile on earth,the warriors still search for Belldandy,but cant find her,next day...*

Cherry:Yo,guys,u feeling hungry? i know how 2 prepare some ramen,if i am gonna stay with ya,i better help somehow

Ataru:I see no harm on it...or do i?


*After some moments of cooking..*


Lum:My god,this ramen is delicious,Cherry`tcha

Cherry:Why,thank you (respectful bow then kiss lum hand)

Lum:You should take some manners from him,darling`tcha

Ataru:Yeah,yeah,whatever,now u have his bacteries (the warriors arrive) how was the Belldandy-chan hunt?

Cosmic:Still missing,that is odd from Belldandy part

Forgotten:Indeed,and i feel i have da guilt for dissapearing when she needed me

Lum:Dont worry,forgotten-kun,here,have some ramen that Cherry made'tcha

Post by: SandStorm on March 03, 2007, 02:45:18 AM
moments, later Belldandy appear running in the hotel, being pursued by moosey


The team stare with the yellings


He starts running, hear she, but when he arrives...

Moosey: don't run pretty lady, i wanna study your anatomy!

Forgotten: You miserable punk, let your hands off her!

Grabs moosey, and twist his neck 2 times, while sakura hit him with a fridge

Sakura: I am tired of those king of mans! (punch him one more time)

Cosmic: Now, we solved the case of belldandy's missing.

Belldandy: (scared, crying, hugged to forgotten) In the morning I went for a walk, and then, I sensed one soul in danger, I went for help, it was him (points at moose) but then, he pursued me, i get lost from the hotel, and he was always pursuing me, trying to give a real close look at me, and, and... (bursts crying)

Forgotten: How you dare to do this with Belldandy, How, HOW? YOU, YOU...

Lum: What a mean person'tcha, you need punishment! (start charging up)

Sakura: You are worse than Moroboshi!

Forgotten, Lum and Sakura start beating thr poor moose man, one guy that just want to understand, the humans, and learn what is the so called love, but, he always try to learn by the wrong ways.
The violence is so big, that we'll skip it, and we'll just say, he got really wounded and patched up


Later that afternoon, moose is in the forest, walk along alone, crying about his fate.
But then, Sand appears behind him

Sand: Moose man, wait.

Moosey: (whit watery eyes) What? no one like me, i get always kicked out... i'll never again be able to live with humans...

Sand: Well, the way you try to force the things won't work for sure, we humans, like some privacy, you just need to learn it.
and of course, you look scare away the girls. sorry man.
But, I shall be able to find someone that can help you.
come with me.

SS opens one portal, and both enter it.

Sand: Do not fear. This place healed me when I was a bad guy, it is a long story to tell now, but, in this place, I did my regret.
Lets look for one old ancient woman, she'll have something for you.

Moosey: Will it hurt? I don't want to suffer more pain.

Sand: Relax man, relax.

They walk until one cave in the mountains. they enter it, and see the old ancient woman. she recognize Sand

Ancient Woman: Long time to see, young SandStorm, I was watching you by the sphere of earth, and was expecting you.
no need to say, Your friend need help.

Sand: Yes, All Powerful Sierra Mother, i came ask you if you can please heal him.
give him the human form so he doesn't need to be always scared from the others, and give him proper control over his powers.

Sierra Mother: so let it be! (with a movement from her old wand, one greenish light is emitted, and surround Moosey, healing him, giving one proper form and control over his powers.

Moosey: i... I have no words, beside one extremely grateful in my heart for you, thank you so much, thank you, thank you.

Sierra Mother: go in peace son (put her hand in his head). then, she looks at SS it was good to see you, young SandStorm, you did well in bringing this poor soul here.
I guess our work is nearly in the end, i liked this progress you made since thousands of years ago, while your soul was corrupted, and finally you found the light of life.

Sand: Thank you Powerful Sierra Mother, I am grateful for all you did to him, and me. Now, is my duty to teach him the way humans live, and finally manage to merge him him teh civilization.

Sierra Mother: so let it be, i'll he here for help and guide.

They leave the cave, enter again the portal that lead to the forest.

Sand: Take this man. (give him a box of books and videos, along with a house key) Read and watch it, you will learn all the aspects from human life, as now, you have one proper house waiting for you.
Farewell man.

Moosey simply have no words to Express himself
Post by: Cosmic King on March 03, 2007, 04:35:15 AM
*At bridge between Hellish earths*

Mephisto:Is the beyonder bane making the desired purpose,dormammu?

Dormammu:Yes,soon the earth and inferno will merge


*Meanwhile at da Inn*


Kroptik:Hey,Lum-chan,wanna eat something at the Inn upper restaurant? my treat

Lum:Well,why not? lets go'tcha (arrive at da elevator)

Kroptik:I guess we better go flying,miss lum,it will be better

Lum:Ok'tcha (they fly 2 da upper floor)

*Just as they leave,a family enter da elevator that suddenly turns into a demon monster that devours them,their blood drips everywhere in the floor;ataru arrives*

Ataru:Hmph,another Kool Aid accident,i better take da staircase (after a long time he arrives with Lum and Kroptik)

Kroptik:Moroboshi,what a surprise,ad here i thought lum and me will be all alone

Lum:Welcome,Darling,want something 2 eat...?

*Suddenly the food becomes sentient and tries 2 murder the trio,but is obviously killed*

Ataru:Man,calories really can kill ya

*Suddenly several demon soldiers are surrounding them*


*Meanwhile slowly da earth is merging;meanwhile at Hell*


Dark:(chained to da beyonder bane) c...caro...line

*However caroline is already in a sleep trance*

at least u were spared 2 watch this horror,my love..aggg

Chthon:Rejoice,darkdevil,soon yer dream will come 2 fruition

Dark:True,but the price is high
Posted on: March 03, 2007, 03:09:25 AM
*The earth is overflown by demon armies and its dark magic corrupts earth*


*All the UY warriors try 2 defend his friend from those unholy beings and da sentient stuff but is too much*

Cosmic:It is useless,their numbers are increasing

Falling:Yes,i guess this is our last stand since all our energy attacks just speeds up this strange merging

Sand:I suspect one cat is behind all of this

Benten:Hey,guys (grabs a demon from da neck) i heard this bastard mentioning some machine


Demon:(dying) the...beyo..nd bane.....dar..(dies)

Mendo:Ok,it is dark who is da guilty,lets go neuter him

Lum:I shall administer it (hands are getting charged up) but how we get pass these demons and enter his dimension'tcha?

Sand:Lemme try if the Odinforce i hav within can help us on this matter (concentrates and his body gets charged by asgardian magic,giving him Gungnir,the spear of heaven,with it,Sand pierces the dimension barrier)

Falling:Since i am the teacher,i shall guide ya,onward (the warriors,lum,ataru,mendo
,sakura,belldandy,moosey and da others enter 2 hell)

Sakura:Hey,look,here looks like a mansion (Mephisto arrives)


Mephisto:Welcome,i see u didnt liked da little amusement park we gave ya,hehehe

Kroptik:Spare us yer cheap talk,surrender this abomination or else

*Kroptik tries 2 hit him,but mephisto turns him into a molten man*

Mephisto:You boyz today have no respect,perhaps u and yer pals could beat Blackheart,but i am far far away that amateur level,what shall i do wit ya? what new kinds of agony shall i use on all of ya?

*Turns their worst nightmares in reality,but they shrug off da effects*

Lum:Still u wont tame us,filthy demon'tcha

*The other demons arrive*

Kierrok:Hahahaha,there is no need 4 it,oni girl,yet all of ya will be fun 2 torture 4 eternity

Cosmic:Bring it on,guys,lets give them a hell of a time

Falling:Till da end

Mad Jim:You humans and aliens love to die fighting for a dream,take this as yer last reward

*The UY warriors and the Demon Lords clash*

Belldandy:(Thinking)This blooshed will only result on far destruction,i better find a way 2 stop this once and for all (dissapears from Hell)


Lucifer:Too late,my friend,it is over,she just understood it was useless 2 continue and escaped

*The hell merging is increasing*

Lum:Well,at least we went 2 a tropical place'tcha

Ataru:I hope there was no pun intended,lum

*Demons are getting the upper hand when suddenly the land begans shaking*

Satanish:What could have been causing this?

Wrarl:It is not any of us nor these mortals

*Suddenly an UFO arrives at Hell and from it emerges...*


Kroptik:OMG,what is Galactus and his herald doing in here?

Sand:Lets wait and see...

Galactus:(to da demon lords) I have been comunicated u have tried 2 overpower earth with demons and savage magic non-sense,hmph,that will be indeed a waste,therefore i will say no to it

Lucifer:You are nothing but a giant alien,u wont stop our long planificated plot,brothers lets toast this one

*All demons attack Galactus with hellfire but he barely gets injured*


Galactus:Yet here u see the fruits of my omnipotence,demons (to silver surfer) go and destroy their machine,herald

Silver Surfer:Yes,master

Galactus:(to demons) Now taste a sample of my power,unholy ones


*Galactus energy blast destroys a vast area of Hell and knocks da demons while Silver Surfer destroys da beyond bane and rescues dark and caroline;meanwhile Galactus turns his elemental converter on hell core and drains its energy putting an end 2 da struggle as the demon lords are sealed;a gate 2 return 2 a back-to-normal earth appears*

Cosmic:Lets get the hell outta here

*The uy warriors and company go 2 safety*

Falling:Wow,that was one hell of adventure


Kroptik:Why u saved us,Galactus? (belldandy appears)

Belldandy:I can explain that,kroptik,when i dissapeared i contacted Galactus and asked him 2 save earth

Forgotten:At what price?

Galactus:I no longer have to keep my promise not 2 devour earth,but fear not,that day is still so far far away (enters his UFO) farewell for now,mortals (leaves)

Cosmic:Ok,this is very strange

Lum:I say we better try 2 enjoy the rest of our vacations'tcha

All:Very true
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Off topic: Did I miss something here?
Post by: SandStorm on March 03, 2007, 02:28:24 PM
Offtopic: if you miss, read the whole page, is way better :P
Post by: DarkDevil on March 03, 2007, 02:44:39 PM
Offtopic: right
Dark (while slaping Caroline to wake her up): or she can say she put Cherry inside his head, making a program error.
Forgotten: How do you know?
Belldandy: He has got more then one vision.
Post by: Cosmic King on March 04, 2007, 11:04:38 PM
*After a while and some help from Lum friends in interplanetal building,the earth is getting near 2 be as intact as it was before da invasion....well,except that now there r less people  :P,only thing remaining was moosey problem wit dark,yet da moose man was not found nor Ashly,still questions remain unanswered*

*Some days later,at da inn*


Lum:At least no more ghosts and demons,only some well-deserved fun'tcha

Ataru:Yo,lum,why dont we go 2 da pool?

Lum:Ok'tcha (hugs ataru)

Ataru:(thinking) hehehehe,good timing i made,there r tons of girls at da pool,once i enter,i will show them the submarine rider,hehehehe

*Once they enter da pool,but as soon as ataru tries 2 grab any girl he gets repelled by a invisible force*

Ataru:WTF is goin on here ?!?

Lum:Oh,darling,i put a nullifier force in yer chest'tcha

Ataru:So i cant get near women while i am da pool except if ya want?



now come,i wanna show ya some neat swimming tricks i learned from Kroptik-kun'tcha

Ataru:(very sad) well,ok

Post by: DarkDevil on March 05, 2007, 12:10:45 AM
Offtopic: good selection of pics
Dark (to Lum and Ataru while Lum is charging on Ataru and everyone inside the pool): Master, have you seen a human moose by here?
Post by: Cosmic King on March 05, 2007, 05:21:18 PM
Lum:Not,i think moosey went 2 explore da world on his own'tcha


*Wanting 2 get hold of some girl,ataru forces himself 2 overload da nullifier and begins 2 sink in da pool he gets trapped in the bottom,lum goes 2 his rescue*

*Lum manages 2 save him,but he swallowed a lot of water*


*so lum tries some CPR but fails as ataru (even when almost dead) reacts not 2 let his lips touch lum lips,so she decides 2 administer some shocking da pool,which indeed was a lot of pain for all swimmers and also dries all da pool water  >:))


Lum:(nervous laughing) i think i over reacted

Ataru:Love is agony 2 me...always

Sand:Good thing i didnt enter da pool  ;D

Sakura:The pool explosion was our least worry,sandstorm

Sand:What u mean,sakura-chan?

Sakura:You will see it soon (suddenly it is heard an unusual water movement and...)


Cherry: COWABUNGA!!!!

*His tsunami strikes da inn,almost flooding it*
Post by: SandStorm on March 05, 2007, 05:59:22 PM
Sand: Well, I think you was referring to this, right, Sakura-chan?

Sakura: Yes, it is.

*** But then, Cherry, the 'surfer' only stop near Mendo ***

Cherry: NI HAO!

Mendo: AAAArrrgh, stupid monk, what a scare you gave me!

Mendo is walking backwards due Cherry's action, the Stormtroopers are singing and reciting in one corner of the pool.
The girls are drying themselves, and they spend the remain time in harmony.
In the same evening, they pick up their stuffs for teh return.
Sand if fixing the damages in the ship, everything is getting again prepared.

But moments later when everyone is occupied, Lum go near Mendo

Lum: Mendo-kun, i allowed darling to girl hunt tonight, would you like to spend this night with me'cha?

Mendo: Yes lady Lum, my pleasure!

Lum: Mendo-kun... this is a small taste for my grateful to you

mendo and lum kiss each other

Mendo(totally happy, but pretending to be embarrassed): Miss lum...

But then, he only listen buzzing noises from lum's mouth, everytime teh open the mouth he hear one buzzing, until...

Mendo: Miss Lum, miss Lu, you are all right?

a distant and gradually voice is listened

??: mendo, mendo, Mendo, MENDO WAKE UP YOU BASTARD!

Mendo: What?! AAAAHHHH!

Mendo: What a bummer...

Ryoko: Yeah, your friends picked you up here, you sleeped the whole travel, and we had to put you in bed, now, get your ass outta bed, its mid-day!

Mendo wake up, Ryoko pushed him from the bed by his leg, after all, the Lum's kiss was mere dreams, mendo's dreams.

UY DM2 Fan fict Nº 28/02/2007

Post by: Cosmic King on March 06, 2007, 11:59:11 PM


Ran:Hi,everybody,here is Ran-chan,i was asked to present the newDEATHMATCH FICTION DVD BOXSET 5 in exchange 2 have rei 2 me,here r the contents plus alternative extras :

*Shocking Dreams are Scary

-Mystery of the Yellow Ribbon (Somebody nullified lum powers,who could have done it?)
-Flight of the Geese (Lum and ataru have found a new work at a dojo)
-Lightning still scares me (Lum powers are back,will she adapt  now that ataru reveals he is afraid of them)
-I Dream of Chaos (Several alternative worlds are merging,will this announce the end?)
-Mayuka the Horned Cherubin (A girl claiming to be lum daughter appears)
-End of the Dream (It is time to stop the dreamworld merging)

*Burning Fantasies

-Warming Sensation (There is winter and the gang has found a warm item that makes fantasies real)
-Kicking Fatal Chicken (Sand is being lurked by an old friend that really loves chicken)
-Burning Teaching (The firebranders overload fantasy is making all in Tomobiki to act nuts)
-Heat of Passion (The UY gang must stop a sentient and crazy fire brander)
-Sweey Hearts (Epliogue of the episode,this one regards lum and ataru chocolate exchange)

*Valentine's Frenzy

-Love Exorcism (Sakura has opened a love counseling group)
-Kuribayashi is Back (The lum loving teacher is back)
-Ice Maiden Sad Song (Oyuki and Cosmic have fallen in love,but when the real Cosmic appears between them,will they journey into strange worlds?)
-Explosive Care (The love counseling group meet a explosive surprise)

*The Carnival

(Everybody in tomobiki high have entered a quite unusual costume party)

*Spending Time Together

-Switching Nightmare (Ataru has a metamorphosis watch,this will be quite a day to him and Tomobiki)
-Chance on Hate (Ataru misbehavior is getting on Lum nerves)
-Alone in the Night (Lum and Ataru have the house for themselves,but will they have a normal night?)
-Moose in Japan (Lum and Ataru receive the visit of an unknown being named Moosey)
-Lum,you're the First One (Lum and Ataru share one of their most intime moments)
-Darling is getting Strong (Ataru's force has increased suddenly)
-Soulmates (Lum and Ataru are getting more close in their marriage,they cant live without each other)

And as always some add-ons:

No human can beat me

(Cosmic King must battle an Alien Champion 2 save earth)

Fire in the Sand

(Relive one Sandstorm early adventure as a demon searching a powerful zaphire)

Lucky Shot

(Falling Star has been hired to steal Benten chain,is he ready for it?)

A Forgotten Galactic End

(Real ending of DM1 regarding the final bout of Forgotten Lum vs. Cosmic King)

From Yggdrassil with Love

(Forgotten and Belldandy are stuck in a recreation of Romeo and Juliet)

Lost By Lum

(Kroptik reflects on the time he was with Lum)

If you r one of the lucky first buyers,you will get an extra DVD regarding the first RPG game of the UY Forum and some other games,make it yours in July 4th

Posted on: March 06, 2007, 03:25:20 AM
Deathmatch Fiction # 306

*Sometime far far away,in a yet forgotten place on the early ages of society,a birth was happening and a separation was gettin near*

Siemens the Elder:I think it is wise if we separate that girl from his family for it is a bloodstained heritage they have

Iveer the Seer:Indeed,as the child that is about 2 be born shall be a beacon of light to our people,we must dispose of the family in a hurry

??:The child is about 2 born !!!

*Once the elders arrive,the baby has born,it hasnt passed a small time when they took her away from her mother*

Mother:What is da meaning of this?

Siemens:(throwing a bag of gold coins) take it and yer family and abandon this place at once,we shall take care on the child from now on

Mother:That is unfair

Siemens:Not our problem,u know that yer family has been known for its bloodlust history,you have 1 day 2 leave or face the royal soldiers 2 hunt all of ya(they leave with the child)

*Soon,all that family leaves da place;the brother of the girl that born that day soon grew with maddening power and got himself taken to the level of a demon,naming himself Belzebuh,later on he redemmed himself but yet in his dreams he hears a llulaby and sees the face of his long sister,perhaps they wont see each other or perhaps they...will*
Posted on: March 06, 2007, 04:05:16 AM
*But that is another tale,lets go back 2 modern times where a decision is been made at classroom 2-4*

Mr. Hanawa:Students,as you may know the spring season is coming,and as a flower that blooms in the...(gets interrupted)

Ataru:Go to the chase already,sensei

Mr. Hanawa:Well,we r gonna organize a small dance event to say good bye 2 winter,so i hope all of ya give yer best effort 2 make it a neat one and also i need ya 2 cast votes for the King and Queen of the prom dance...

*Normally all students get crazy and cast their votes for such prestigious title*

Mr. Hanawa:Good,lemme count them (begins counting) ok,here r the results,in da title of King we got ourselves Shutaro Mendo

*as unusual as always,mendo dress in an old japanese suit*


Mendo:I am quite honored,sensei


Hanawa:And in the queen title,the winnah is Lum Moroboshi (yet lum was listening 2 her walkman and when she saw the stormtroopers mad <cuz mendo won>,she removes them)


Lum:What was it sensei'tcha?

Hanawa:You and mendo are gonna be the queen and king of the dance

Lum:(thinking) i wanted darling 2 be da king,but this gives me an idea 2 prove his devotion (normal) wow,thank you so much,sensei,i wont dissapoint ya'tcha


Hanawa:I know u wont,miss lum,now onward to prepare the dance room


*Sometime later,at Mendo mansion*

Mendo:Oh,glorious youth of mine,to finally hav my fate to be 2gether with miss lum,i gotta admit her wedding was a strike 2 me,but i hav never disliked challenges,heheheh

Ryoko:Big Brother?

Mendo:What do ya want,ryoko?

Ryoko:So sorry u wont dance in yer prom

Mendo:What do ya mean?

Ryoko:I made an explosive device 2 trap Tobimaro-san and u have sit on it and once that is done,it explodes in some seconds,so sorry

Mendo:Wait,what the hell are yo...?


Ryoko:Indeed a shame u will leave miss lum 2 dance alone

*Next Day...*

Hanawa:Students,i have the sad job 2 tell ya that shutaro mendo is unable 2 continue his duty as king of the dance

*Most boys cheer for it,especially the stormtroopers that cant stop laughing even at recess*

*Then at another class with Mr. Hanawa,lum stands up and..*

Lum:Sensei,i think it would serve if Darling would go as shutaro replacement

Hanawa:Well,moroboshi only got 1 vote in the class,so i dunno,he can be yer official companion during da dance if ya want (lum gets so happy that...)


Ataru:Yeeoow,that wasnt so good

Hanawa:Now to see that there r no hard feelings...


interesting how miss lum likes 2 seal any deal,i shall remember that,but anyways Mr. Moroboshi will only be yer companion,since Kroptik just lost 2 mendo by 2 votes,he shall be da king of the dance
Post by: SandStorm on March 08, 2007, 03:25:50 AM
Kroptik: YES!

Ataru: hehehe, it leaves me out of those crazy dances.

Lum: DAAAAARLIIIING! (charged up)

the bell rings, and the students leave the classroom

Lum: (thinking) I'll be with kroptik'tcha... in my deep, i still miss him, we was so more man and kind than darling is'tcha...

Kroptik: (thinking) at least one more dance with her, better that than nothing.

all leaves to their respective houses.
Lum, is speaking with ataru, and he, even if don't want to, is a bit worried, because the dance king is kroptik, previous lum's love

Lum: Darling...

Ataru: Yeah? don't bother me so much, i'm trying to read this manga.

Lum: darling, you've been very loyal to me, and i know you like to girl hunt, it is part of you, so, today i'll allow it 'tcha!

Ataru: Lum!

He speeds up, running away, for girl hunt

Lum: (thinking) darling's matter is done. I shall ring Kroptik.

then, she phones kroptik

Lum: Kroptik-kun?

Kroptik: Hello? Oh, hello Lum! how are you?

Lum: I'm ok'tcha, I need to speak with you. I allowed darling to girl hunt, so, i got time to see you.

Kroptik: You allowed him to that?! Are you ok? I believe we shall see ourselves, and help you in anything I can.

Lum: Kroptik, be at the secret place we used to go. 20:00

Kroptik: ok Lum, see ya.

At 20.00, lum arrived at the marked place for the meeting. kroptik already was there

Kroptik: Lum, is very nice to be with you, but now I am worried, It is the first time you allow him to girl hunt!

Lum: do not worry. I just... needed to stay with you... (she blushes) I missed you, even if now i am a married woman, but... i have part of you inside me...

Kroptik: (almost have no words, and put his hand over lum's hand) Lum... I am here... (then, he puts music playing)

Then, lum give the first step, and kiss kroptik. Kroptik didn't stopped her, and hugged her.
Kiss after kiss, just like old memorable times between those 2 persons.
The old passion flame is rising again, and they look each other

Lum: Just like old times'cha. Be my partner.

Kroptik: Lum... Yes.

The passion still flowing in the veins, the hours pass, and they, more and more together, the synchronism is alive, they are live the ocean waves

Lum: Kroooooptik, oooowwwwwwww that hurts! (charges up)

Kroptik: Sorry Lum, charge me, you are my needed power to charge me up!

the flame still burning more time, until they had to say goodbye, and return to their houses.
Lum returned, and ataru wasn't home yet.
Post by: Cosmic King on March 08, 2007, 04:17:49 AM
*Lum is arriving at home,it is a rainy day*


Lum: (thinking) I feel somehow a little bad 2 lie to darling,but i just went 2 practice my dance skills with kroptik-kun,nothing else happened thank god,only thing that makes me feel good about it is that kroptik still is a friend,next time i will say darling i am gonna go practicing with kroptik  :'(

*she arrives home,suddenly the door opens,it is ataru*


Ataru:Man,i had many girl hunting today,i am exhaust

Lum:(crying) Darling,pls forgive me !!!

Ataru:Why,lum? because u went 2 kropman 4 yer dance training?

Lum:How did ya know'tcha?

Ataru:Remember when u put a doll that tracked me down,i just do da same 2 ya,pls dont cry,as long as u only practiced dancing,lum,i forgive ya completely if ya let me go girl hunting some more  >:)

Lum:Dont push yer luck,darling'tcha

Ataru:Anyways,lemme sleep,i need 2 regain my strength


*Next Day*

Hanawa:Miss Lum,how is yer dancing skills going?

Lum:Pretty good,but my heart aches,sensei'tcha


Hanawa:I know that been separated from Darling hurts ya,but is a nice time 4 ya 2 shine

Lum:Ok,sensei,u r right'tcha
Post by: Kroptik on March 08, 2007, 03:34:19 PM
Hanawa: Has everyone else got their pairs for the dance? Remember that just because the King and Queen are chosen doesn't mean there can't be other couples.

Shinobu: I was thinking of going with Mendo before he was elected, but since he's not coming at all anyway...

* Ataru gets punched in the face by Shinobu *

Shinobu: OK, Ataru, I'll go with you, but don't push your luck. It's just a dance. Remember you're a married man.

Forgotten: Can I bring Belldandy, sir?

Hanawa: Sure you can. And your old teacher,Falling_Star, is also coming to the prom.

Kroptik (thinking): Let's see how far this goes between Lum and me... I don't want to force her into anything though...
Post by: Cosmic King on March 09, 2007, 01:03:29 AM
Lum : Kroptik,i think we should stop going to the hidden area and go 2 a normal dancing lessons studio'tcha

Kroptik:You r right,lum,i know the place exactly,the Flower Girl recomended me a place known as the "Disco Inferno", a dance lessons studio,i am sure they will allow us 2 try there


Kroptik:We can go after school if ya like

Lum:I see no problem,prince kroptik-kun,i will just tell darling and we can go there'tcha

*Some minutes before class is over*


Ataru:What is going on,lum?

Lum:I am going 2 sharp my dance moves with Kroptik after class,can you lemme go'tcha?

Ataru:(pretending 2 be serious) I dunno,lum,my heart hurts thinking what will happen 2 ya

Lum: Please,darling !!! (does sweet face)


Ataru:Well,ok,but dont take too long

Lum:Thank you'tcha

*After class,lum and kroptik go 2 da studio 2 practice their skills and make da prom dance a neat thing,they found a guy listening to a walkman at da studio main hall*


Kroptik:Hey,u r da guy who wanted a sweet roll and started a gun fight at da cafeteria !!!

??:Yep,that is me,mate,but u can call me Sosuke,i am da instructor here at this hour since i couldnt go 2 tomobiki high 4 dat affair,how may i help ya?

Lum:We dont need teaching at all,we just wanna improve our moves for the prom dance'tcha

Sosuke:Right,follow me to studio 4,i shall put a music you can use 2 train

*they arrive and sosuke puts a song*

Song Title: Cradle of Love
By : Billy Idol

Well rock the cradle of love
Rock the cradle of love
Yes the cradle of love don't rock easily it's true
Well rock the cradle of love
I rocked the cradle of love
Yes the cradle of love don't rock easily it's true
Well now
It burned like a ball of fire
When the rebel took a little child bride
To tease yeah so go easy yeah
Cause love cuts a million ways
Shakes the devil when he misbehaves
I aint nobody's fool
Come on shake it up
Whatever I do
Rock the cradle of love
Rock the cradle of love
Yes the cradle of love don't rock easily it's true
Sent from Heaven above that's right
To rob the cradle of love
Yes the pages of love don't talk decently it's true
Yeah flesh for your romeo
Ah yeah baby
I hear you moan
It's easy y' know how to please me yeah
This love starts my rollin train
You can't stop it
It aint in vain
I aint nobody's fool
Come on shake it up
Whatever you do
These are the wages of love
Rock the cradle of love
These are the wages of love
Ooh yeah
Rock the cradle
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Well it burned like a ball on fire
When the rebel took a little child bride
To tease yeah I know how to please you yeah
Well my love starts a rollin train
You can't stop it
It aint in vain
I aint nobody's fool
Come on shake it up
Whatever I do
Rock the cradle of love
Rock the cradle of love
Sent from Heaven above
That's right
To rock the cradle of love
Rock the cradle of love
Yeah cradle of love
That's me mama
I robbed the devil of love
All right
Cradle of love
If you teaze me tonight
If you sleaze me all right
If you appeaze me tonight
And let me ease you
Cradle of love

Lum:That songs sound a little provocative'tcha

Sosuke:Well,i leave ya da jukebox so u select da one song u like,first lemme urn it on

Lum : I think i can turn it on with efficency,sosuke,allow me (turns it on with oni tools and da jukebox makes bizarre music) i am gonna try 2 listen what is going on(begins listening da music and grabbing the music jukebox manual while fixing da jukebox with da help of a universal manual)


ooops,i think i better leave it 2 ya,sosuke,before i accidentally turn it in an atomic bomb

Sosuke:No problem (fixes it)

Kroptik:Now lemme see da titles it contain...(reading)

Sosuke:If ya want u can also use da karaoke

Kroptik:I dont think we will use it at da prom,sosuke

Lum:But it is a wonderful idea,we should also try dat'tcha  ;)

Kroptik:Well,u r right,lum-chan

Sosuke:For the prom u can use the song Ebony and Ivory,it really fits 2 ya two

Lum:Ya think so,sosuke-kun'tcha?

Sosuke:Yeah,my horned friend,i can bring ya da sound system in exchange 4 some sweet rolls

Post by: SandStorm on March 09, 2007, 09:03:49 PM
meanwhile, since lum's practicing for the dance, ataru don't loose the chance and is girl hunting

*** he see one hot blond babe with green eyes, and very pink lips ***

Ataru: (thinking) wow, what a goddess!

Ataru: Yo babe, wanna go on a date? phone number and email?

Girl: Hum... only if you show to be very gentle.

Ataru: I can rub your feet...

Girl: (kick ataru jewels) becareful, i have fast reflexes and can hurt you.

Ataru: (in pain) ooowwwww... I... can rub your hips!

Girl:: (laughing): HAHAHAHA, Stop it, hahaha, I can't take anymore, nooo.... HAHAHa

then, she stops laughing

Girl: Yes, I accept a date with you, now, you will come with me.

Ataru: Ok babe!

They go to one small, yet comfortable house

Girl: Please, enter that room, and dress this shorts.

Ataru: ok.

later, the girl arrive to the room with one big metallic stick


Oh my god, someone save ataru, she is out of control!

Girl: (to narrator) You wish pall, just imagine the pain, or I shall leave this story, and go up by your computer screen and rip you out.

Ok, ok miss, please, don't hurt me!

Anyway, she keeps torturing the poor ataru, untill she uncover herself. Yes, she is one skilled Ninja, masked as blond babe

Ataru: But... but... you are... :|

Girl: Oh damn, don't say anyone what you saw! (punch ataru and make him KO)

Post by: Kroptik on March 10, 2007, 02:55:09 AM
* Ataru wakes up in the middle of the street, with a ring of people staring at him *
Ataru: What happened??

Random guy: That's what everyone here wants to know. Apparently you just appeared here when no one was looking.

* Ataru starts remembering what happened, but before he remembers everything, his sensors start working again and he notices a babe among the staring people. Meanwhile, the crowd is dispersing *

Ataru (thinking): Hehe, maybe I can make use of this situation. (speaking) Miss, I need your help to remember what happened to me.

Woman: OK, I'll help you, but I need your help first. I'm looking for someone. His name is DarkStorm. Even heard of him?

Ataru: Maybe... I'll tell you if you go on a date with me.

Woman: Nevermind then. I'll just find him myself.(she leaves)

Ataru (thinking): Oh well, I'll just keep girl hunting.

* Meanwhile, in another part of town, Kroptik and Lum and practicing slow dances. Not thinking of anything, they are just enjoying the moment...together *
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on March 10, 2007, 08:28:06 AM
Offtopic: Kroptik i think your enjoying this a little to much, but dont worry i am staying quiet for now
Post by: Kroptik on March 10, 2007, 12:58:03 PM
Offtopic: I'll appreciate if you keep it that way.(if you're going to ruin this, that is...:P)
Post by: Cosmic King on March 10, 2007, 04:21:21 PM
Off Topic:

Ya asked for it,guys   >:)

On Topic:

*Lum and kroptik are sharpening their dance moves,it is like da whole world stopped only 4 them and they let their skills flow*



Sosuke:Sorry,guys,we r gonna close now,u were dancing from 2 pm to 10 pm,u can come tommorrow if u want


*They both leave 2 their homes*

Lum:Darling,why are ya in the corner shivering?

Ataru:I better dont say it,lum,i better dont  :@ (stands up 2 comb his hair)


Ataru:How was yer day with the prince of dance?

Lum:Ohh,how could i do justice to what happened'tcha?


Ataru:So,it was a magic moment?

Lum:Well,not so much,but i felt somehow....inspired'tcha

Ataru:I see

Lum:Feeling jealous'tcha?

Ataru:Hmph,me jealous? never

Lum:You are jealous,darling,well,i better go 2 do dinner

Ataru:(thinking) i better order some ramen before she serves me atomic food

*At the kitchen,lum is cooking while listening 2 music*

Lum:Ummm,lets see what do we have here...poprocks,horse radish,super tabasco hot sauce,sweet potatoes,baking soda,pork meat and some mentos i took from rei ship,wii
darling will be happy with his love special stew'tcha


*just then da ramen delivery guy arrives*

Guy:Here is da ramen u ordered,ma'am

Lum:I didnt ordered anything'tcha

Guy:Well,maybe i got wrong address,arrivederci (leaves exactly when ataru was going down da staircases)

Ataru:Lum,why u scared da ramen boy?

Lum:I didnt scared him,i just told him 2 go cuz i am cooking 4 ya,darling,time u taste my love stew (makes ataru eat it,suddenly he feels bizarre)


*then ataru begins 2 spit foam from his mouth and a transformation takes place as ataru body gets near a window where da moon reflects,his body begins 2 change*

Lum:Darling,what is going on'tcha?

*when ataru rises up,he resembles totally with Rei*


Lum:NOOOOOO !!!!

Lum:(crying) what have i done 2 ya,darling'tcha?

*as lum hugs ataru out of the window,he returns 2 normal,mendo and company arrive <after all,they need 2 protect lum from ataru lust> but lum knocks them out*

Lum:It seems the moon waves hav something 2 do with it,i better bring darling 2 cure him

*Grabs him*


*Just then kropman arrived<cuz it seems lum forgot her backpack at the studio> and notices the few boiling stew that remained in a bowl in the table*

Kroptik:I dont see any harm if i eat some (serves himself a whole bowl then eats it)
Post by: MooseChangerPat on March 10, 2007, 10:26:43 PM
Meanwhile on a far distand planet our hero Moosey is trying to work out his powers.  Actually it wasn't too far of a distant planet... just jupiter.

Moosey: ArrrGRRR!!!

Mysterious Women: You know that you can't become strong enough to battle Dark Devil if you can't even handle the gravitational pull of Jupiter.

Moosey: Shutup!  This is harder than it looks!!  lifting my body is hard enough but lifting these 100 pund weights!?!?!  These things are easily 10 times as heavy as normal!

Mystery Women: Look you.  Dark Devil isn't your average joe hunter!  This guy has powers beyond your wildest dreams!  Now if you want me to train you, you have to do as I say!

Moosey: I have great respect for you but you only know how to train Dragons!  I'm not a dragon!

Mystery Women: Boy.  You have more potential than any dragon I have ever trained.  But you are wrong again.  I have trained far more than just dragons even though I am best known for my Dragon taming skills.  Now as for your magical abilities I have little expertise there which is why I shall handle your physical training.

Moosey: And just who do you intend to have help me with my other... skills?

Mystery Dragon Trainer: Why tha't very simple.  For that I shall turn you over to my old friend Eldor.

Moosey: Whoa hold up a moment!  Eldor?  Isn't he just a myth?  Isn't he suposed to be some long lost god or something?

Eldor: As much as I apreicaite people remembering that I WAS a god I do not apreciate being called a myth.

Moosey just kind of sat there a moment in stunned shock with his jaw hanging open.


Eldor: Yes, yes I look nothing like you thought I would.

Moosey: Well yeah... I mean... Your a dragon.

Eldor: Well what did you expect this sorry excuse for a human being next to me doesn't really have to many friends.

Mystery Women: I resent that remark!

Eldor: Oh it was only meant as a jest.  You know that I love you anyways  ;)

Mystey Women: Argh you always do that to me!

Eldor: Of course I do.  Otherwise this relationship would be utterly dull.

Mystery Women: I really hate you sometimes... fine do what you want with the boy but I don't want you to tire him out too much because he still needs to keep up his physical prowess.

Eldor: Why of course not I... now where did he run off to?

Mystery Women: Blast that Moose!  He most likely went back to earth to find Dark Devil!  I told him he needs to finish his training first!

Eldor: Hold... I shall find him.  You stay here and guard my treasure.

Mystery Women: Why does it always end up like this?

Eldor: Hah you should have seen this coming when you fell in love with a Dragon!  Now let me think.

Eldor's mind began flowing like a river searching the surface of the earth at a billion miles a second.  When it came to the powers of the mind none could match that of a Dragon.

Eldor: THERE!

Moosey was stuck in his tracks.  He didn't know what was happening he couldn't move a muscle in his body.  Before he knew it he was flying through space and time shooting across the solar system until he was plumped on the ground right before the grumpy Silver Dragon.

Eldor: She told you not to run off boy.

Moosey: How-

Eldor: Don't even THINK about asking me.  I am much more powerful then anything you have encountered so far and I will not have someone as promising as you running off to their deaths!  Do you realize the kind of... oh... so that's why you went back to earth.  I have to tell you though you are one hell of a sick dirty minded letcher.

Moosey: I... but... how!?

Eldor: I have psionic powers boy.  I can tell every thought that's in your head like how you wish that Lum would go without her clothes more often aye?

Moosey was then blushing a deep scarlet.  He had not expected that this Dragon would look inside his head.

Eldor: Alright I think I have it straight now.  You are madly in love with this Lum girl but she has roughly as many suitors as stars in the sky... hmm... and she is married!  My poor Moose you really choose the worst people to fall in love with don't you.  Let's go into my cave and discuss this with my wife shall we?

Moosey: okay... I think... Uh sorry for running off like that... I just wanted to-

Eldor: Yes boy I know what you wanted to do but this is not the time or the place to discuss such things.  Come along and maybe I shall make you some of my fameous kobold stew.

Moosey: What's a kobold?

Eldor: *sigh* never mind Moosey it was a joke but obviously it was lost on you.

(on a side note a kobold looks like this)
Post by: Cosmic King on March 11, 2007, 08:31:46 PM
*meanwhile at citadel of marvels at the moon,cosmic king has returned from a trip when*

Cosmic:Funny thing,i sense something happened here,it seems like a tornado struck my lair,i better investigate why (enters da main hall)

*when he enters he finds all the celestials beaten as if a storm had hit em,also in the floor are John Shaft and Alex drooling like mindless people*


i only know a few guys capable of this and all of them are beaten or dead,my minions are almost dead

*suddenly an angelic voice is heard nearby*

that must be da explanation for all of this,that voice comes from the place i have da omniscreen

*cosmic opens the door to the omniscreen room,suddenly a beam of light almost hits him*


yowww,that almost vaporised me for good

??: Who are you? do you have the answer i seek of my past??

Cosmic: Look,i dunno who and what ya want but u r wreaking havoc in here

??: That is not what i desire to know,unknown being,if ya gonna attack me as the others,begone  (launches a lightning bolt 2 cosmic who barely evades it)

Cosmic:Look,i dont want any problems,but ya r asking for them (thinking) since that being is composed of electric energy,i could been battkling it all day,i shall disipate it before it strikes



*it strikes the being into the omniscreen,extinguishing the electric aura surrounding the body*

it is time we take a closer look 2 ya (gets near) oh,my god,now i see why somehow i felt something familiar...

*from where the electric being fell there was a beautiful golden haired girl,unconcious but soon she is waking up*


Cosmic:are you ok,girl....or should i call you Lum92?

Note : Lum92 became a different being during an event yet to be seen during the dm1 timeline,so she exists separately from lum invader

*lum92 recuperates conciousness,it seems the nova flash and the omniscreen restored her memory and cured of her electro-body state*

Lum92:cosmic,what have i done ? i messed up yer base in my blind rage (hugs him and cry) it is like the whole world went crazy

Cosmic:We all commit mistakes,sweetie


i thought we wouldnt see ya again after u dissapeared suddenly,i bet da others will like 2 see ya,now that they gonna do a prom dance

Lum92:Yeah,it is time i see them to check on things,especially seeing kroptik

Cosmic:Indeed,now we need to get ya more clothing,u will need it after we clean da mess and go back 2 earth


*Thanks 2 da union of cosmic and lum92 mind powers,the citadel is fixed and da injured r placed under the care of space nurses;soon cosmic and lum92 travel back 2 earth just exactly before kroptik eats the strange looking bowl*

Kroptik:Lets taste this stew,if lady lum did it,it must be good (then da sudden landing from cosmic spaceship makes krop drop da bowl) heeyy !!!

Cosmic:Kroptik,sorry for the interruption,but is good to see u were da first one i found of da warriors


Cosmic:Allow me (to lum92) u can come out of the ship (lum92 descends from it) i present 2 ya,kroptik,the return of the angelic girl named lum92

Lum92:(to kroptik,she runs and hugs him) Hello,kroptik-kun
Post by: SandStorm on March 11, 2007, 09:43:28 PM
Kroptik: finally you returned my dear (drops one tear) Come on, we have so much to talk!
I missed you sooo much!
Post by: FallinG_StaR on March 12, 2007, 01:55:12 AM
Meanwhile somewhere in the Universe... Emperor Blitz (Aka Falling Star) is returning to Earth after a meeting with Mr. Invader about Universal peace...

Falling: Man, that Oni sure is boring... all that talk about peace made me want to start a new war... against them...

Ship Commander: Mein Führer... We are entering Tecasian controled space. Should we warn them about our presence???

Falling: Hmm... No... We're taking a shortcut we'll be out of here in a second... they wont even notice us... Engage Hyper Drive...

The Destroyer starts accelerating and suddenly they hit something...

Falling: Wtf was that???

Commander: It appears we hit some kind of transport ship...

Falling: Oops... We better get out of here quickly...

After crossing half galaxy in Hyper drive in SS Space Pirate arrives at Earth solar system...

Falling: Ah... I missed this place...

Commander: Mein Führer we are detecting several Tecasian Light Fighters and they are requesting our surrender...

Falling: What!!! That's ridiculous... just because of that accident???

S.C: Yes. They say it carried a large shipment of royal tecasian Iced tea that was going to be sent to Earth to their prince...

Falling: Iced Tea for Kroptik??? All this because of that... The Tecasians are really weird... Tell them we're sorry...

Before they could send an apology the Tecasians opened fire against SS Space Pirate...


Falling: Those bastards... this was a brand new ship... Destroy them all...

After an hour of fighting SS Pirate emerges victorious with only minor damage...

Falling: Damn idiots... Well I'll go on alone from here return to Blitzkrieg for repairs I'll take the Battleship to get to Earth...

Falling arrives at Earths orbit...


Now how should I explain what happened to Kroptik??? Well lets hope that they use drones to fly those things...
Post by: Cosmic King on March 12, 2007, 11:47:39 PM
*Meanwhile at Kroptik earthly house,he is drinking some ice tea <not da one falling destroyed> with lum92*

Kroptik:So,lum92,since u have returned ,how about u join tomobiki high? it will be fun

Lum92:Ok,kroptik,mi scusa,but am i gonna still be fighting as in the old times?

Cosmic:Well lum92-sweetie,the deathmatch is already over,so i can say u can lead a normal life,sort of

Lum92:That is good 2 hear,btw,kroptik,i heard there is gonna be a dance

Kroptik:True,i am gonna go as the dance king with lum invader

Lum92: :( :( :(

Kroptik:why da anger face,lum92?

Lum92:I dont wanna sound rude,kroptik.but i was thinking perhaps i could go with all of you (sits very close to the 2 gentlemen but mostly the prince)

Cosmic:You mean by kroptik alone,right?

Lum92:Mainly,but it will be good to be da only girl with many guys,i will say the others tomorrow,u know,the more the merrier

Kroptik:(nervous laughing)errr...ok

*Meanwhile lum has finally found a temporal cure 4 ataru*

Lum:A small dosis of this health gun will help,darling'tcha


*shoots ataru*

Ataru:Did it worked?

Lum:Time for phase 2'tcha

Ataru:phase 2?

Lum:You need to kiss this ugly she-frog so the cure begins 2 roam yer body,darling,this hurts me but i want yer health'tcha

Ataru:No way i am gonna kiss it !!!


*ataru runs away*


*ataru stops,then lum arrives and with tears in her eyes forces him 2 kiss da frog,ataru collapses and vomits*

Lum:(grabs him) it is done'tcha

Ataru:Wow,what a gross way 2 be cured

Lum:Lets go home,i wanna show ya my dance moves'tcha
Post by: DarkDevil on March 13, 2007, 06:25:05 PM
/me and Caroline arrives to Tomoboki.
Caroline: look at the smoke coming from the Town.
Dark: I'm not only worried about the smoke, but also the the holes around it.
Ataru (from far away):AAAAYYYYYYYY!!!
Caroline: And you're not worried about Lum's eletricshocks?
Dark: It's not only her. As I always said " I CAN'T EVEN TURN MY BACK AND THIS TURNS INTO A MESS!!!"
Offtopic: I only turn my back for a few days and you mess everything!
Post by: Lum92 on March 13, 2007, 06:39:43 PM
wow.nice stories!!i can do drawings on this story!!!:)
Post by: Cosmic King on March 13, 2007, 06:41:25 PM
Off Topic:

Lum92 is back,gentlemen !!!

Indeed yer magic drawing will be enjoyed,lum92 !!!!
Post by: Lum92 on March 13, 2007, 06:42:02 PM
arrrrrrrrrrrrrr.good job,cosmic.
Post by: DarkDevil on March 13, 2007, 06:55:00 PM
Offtopic: welcome back Miss Lum92.
Post by: Cosmic King on March 13, 2007, 07:04:25 PM
Off Topic:

Indeed today is a lucky day

On Topic:

*After drinking some ice tea,lum92 goes 2 her house,where 2 friends are awaiting her*

Aaron Carter:Good to see ya back,lum92

Lum92:Buon giorno,Aaron,hope u still have that angelic voice i remember

Aaron:I have improved a lot 2 be at yer level

*Aaron and Lum92 practice at the karaoke some uy songs and play some games*

Lum92:wow,that was fun,u know Aaron,tomorrow i am gonna be at Tomobiki high,i want ya 2 meet some friends

Aaron:Sure,it sounds as there u hav a lot of friends,lum92


*Meanwhile the destroyed iced tea cargo arrives (or crashes) in front of krop home*

Kroptik:I recognize those kind of destruction,a SS pirate ship,damn falling,this is da 3rd cargo they destroy this week,arrggh

*Meanwhile at ataru home,lum is trying 2 teach him some of what she learned wit kroptik,she is been strict with him*


Lum:Still we need 2 improve yer moves,darling`tcha

Ataru:I cant,lum,i wasnt made 2 dance as if i had 9 feet

Lum:Maybe a shocking inspiration will help`tcha


it seems it didnt worked,darling`tcha

Ataru:(sarcasm) well,at least u gave yer best effort (falls 2 da floor)


Lum:I will help ya no matter what,my silly darling`tcha

*10 minutes later ataru awakens*

Ataru:Man,i feel my body aching and my arms tied

Lum:That is because u r tied,silly`tcha


Ataru:WHY DA GUN????

Lum:I researched on the mega-internet and found a device that gives the target supreme dance skills,i am gonna shot ya some waves from it,darling`tcha (shoots)

Ataru:Man,i feel like my body is bein powered by the gods of dance (unties himself and dress in disco suit) lets go 2 a disco,lum,let us have a piece of loving while the getting is hot

Lum:(thinking) wow,it also gave him john travolta speeches`tcha (normal) ok,darling,let me go get other clothes and away we go`tcha

*Once they go 2 da disco they dance*


*lum goes buy some drinks after dancing a lot when a man approaches*


Kenshiro:Hey,miss lum,what r ya doing here at the disco?

Lum:Just dancing and havin fun,ken-kun'tcha

Kenshiro:And yer darling?

Lum:He is dancing there

Kenshiro:Hmm,it seems he has improved his dancing...a lot

Lum:You can bet on it,ken-kun'tcha

Kenshiro:Perhaps i should test his dance skills,miss lum (kenshiro enters da dance floor) hey moroboshi,time 2 meet yer maker as nobody can beat me at this dance revolution

Ataru:Bring it on,cupcake

*kenshiro flexes his shirt with all his energy*


Kenshiro:Let's go !!!



*Ataru dodges all the fists and performs dance similar 2 john travolta,everybody cheers but then a judge arrives*

Judge:Hey you 2 cant compete just cuz ya want and...

Kenshiro:Shut up,we r in a battle of men


it seems our battle will be postponed till da prom dance,moroboshi (leaves)

Ataru:I shall be waiting gladly,my friend (then he falls at the floor,he is sleeping as it is 1 am and he didnt sleep)


*In the morning*

Lum:(putting her uniform on) Darling,it is time we go 2 school'tcha


Ataru:After da dance fever i had,i dunno if i will go'tcha

Lum:Darling,we r married and we have 2 do things like a team'tcha

Ten:U better go,ataru,i have heard she has been crazy nutjob these days

Lum:Ten-chan!!!! (sends a small lightning 2 him)



Lum:Now time we go 2 school,darling'tcha

Post by: SandStorm on March 14, 2007, 01:31:01 AM
In the school gardens, forgotten and ataru are arguing. Falling, is watching them silently, at some reasonable distance.

Forgotten: Lol moroboshi, I can beat your lust pall.

Ataru: heh, you show no worthy rival for me. I still the greatest.

Forgotten: Ready for a lusty competition?

Ataru: you bet!

Falling: (thinking) this got me the perfect idea to do something mean... hehehe

Both ataru and forgotten start pursuing teh most diverse girls, but Falling trapped Forgotten in one corner

Falling: (grabbed forgotten by his neck): hold your horses pal.

Forgotten: Arrgh, i... can't breath, what the...?

Falling: time to face your destiny man.

Falling had some improved patents from Ryoko's changing sex machine, and turns cody to one girl

Falling: Have fun dude.

Forgotten: hey! man, are you n...

but he don't had time to finish the sentence, he got under ataru's radar and now, ataru is pursuing one yuky hairy legged 'cody girl'. blergh!

Forgotten: (to narrator) Man, i'll kill you for this!

Ok man, i am in safety on this other side from internet, lol

Ataru: baaabe! (wth... yuck, look at those legs.)
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on March 14, 2007, 02:39:26 AM
Forgotten: thanks alot, guess i should fix that, i'm going to win this lust battle

*Forgotten takes out a razor from his bag*

Ataru: you carry that around with you

Forgotten: sometimes i'm out late so i bring it to keep my face looking good

*After 30 seconds, forgotten is done*

Ataru: i guy shaving his legs, eww

Forgotten: just for today, i have a cream that will make hair grow overnight, well isnt it time for gym, bye ataru

Ataru: now why didnt i think of that, sensei where are you?

*about half an hour later belldandy arrives at school and sees a female forgotten, playing baseball*

Belldandy: what...

Forgotten: uh oh, wait belldandy i can explain

Belldandy(crying): how could you and your appearance, have you been a...

Forgotten: please belldandy, you should know better then that, this is just a joke falling-sensei played on me because i was competing with ataru, let me get rid of it

*forgotten charges up and releases energy around his body*


Forgotten: there all fixed, one and two

Belldandy(blushing and giggling): ya i can see

Forgotten: oops, got to fix that too

*Forgotten changes his clothes in an instant*

Forgotten: girls gym shorts really are tight

Belldandy: but how could you forgotten, i know we havent had time recently, but am i not woman enough for you

Forgotten: belldandy, your the only woman for me, i guess my pride blinded me and i couldnt let ataru win, i'm sorry belldandy, i shouldnt have done this (yelling at ataru) yo ataru you win

*belldandy moves closer to Forgotten and whispers something in his ear, Forgotten blushes(i dont get nosebleeds)*

Forgotten: now, but school isnt done and your such a good girl

Belldandy: i'm already late and i dont think anything important will happen in class

*Forgotten and belldandy leave school and head home*

Forgotten(Telepathically to ataru): now i win

Ataru: dammit, after all that, wait

*Ataru runs to the street and yells at forgotten*

Ataru: your not the only one(running back to the school), lum where are you...
Posted on: March 14, 2007, 08:29:52 AM
Offtopic: ignore falling's post after this
Post by: FallinG_StaR on March 14, 2007, 04:36:16 AM
As Forgotten and Belldandy leave school a sinister shadow follows them...

Forgotten: We need to get some champagne, this will be a special night for us...

Belldandy: Yes, I can't wait any more... lets hurry up...

They are almost at their house when Forgotten feels that someone is following them...

Forgotten: Someone is following us...

Belldandy: Really??? Who???

Forgotten: Don't no but I'm about to find out...

Forgotten suddenly disappears and shows up behind the follower...

Forgotten: Ah ah... Wasn't expecting me to do that did you... Falli... What??? YOU???

Moosey: Hehe... Hello!!!

Forgotten: Why the hell where you following me???

Belldandy: Oh... Its that weird creature again... Kill it Forgotten before he comes after me again...

Forgotten: Easy Belldandy its all under control... Tell me Moosey why where you following us???

Moosey: I heard what you where going to do so, as always, I thought I could see it to learn how to do it...

Belldandy: Damn pervert... I'll show you something you can learn...

Belldandy starts talking in a weird language and a blue light surrounds Forgotten and Moosey...

Belldandy: Now begone you pervert I'll send you to Jupiter...

Forgotten: Wow... Wait Belldandy... He's grabbing my arm... no wait...

But it was to late in the state of rage that Belldandy was she didn't even notice that she sent Forgotten to Jupiter as well...

Belldandy: Hmm??? Where did Forgotten go???

Suddently... someone grabs Belldandy shoulder...

Belldandy: Oh... Don't scare me like that Forgo... Oh... It's you...

???: I have something to tell you... That you may not like to hear...

Belldandy: W-What is it??? Is it bad news???

???: Yes its very bad news... Its about Forgotten.

Belldandy: Where is Forgotten anyway???

???: Those are the bad news... You see... When you where sending that other guy to Jupiter, Forgotten got the chance he needed and ran away...

Belldandy: What!!! Why did he run away? Today was going to be a special day!!!

???: I don't no but he ran pass me and asked me to give you this note...

Belldandy starts reading the note and finds out that Forgotten ran away because he had another lover that was better than Belldandy...

Belldandy: This cant be right... this is a joke right... (starts screaming) Forgotten where are you... Forgotten... Come back... (starts crying)

???: (Hugs Belldandy and puts her head on his chest) Don't cry... He wasn't good enough for you... you don't need cowards like that...

Belldandy: But I loved him I really did... Why did he do this to me... Why?

???: Well... (thinking) Hehehe my plan is working perfectly...

Belldandy: I know he was acting strange doing weird things like shaving his legs, dressing up as a girl and going into the girls lokerroom... but now this... (starts crying again)

???: There there lets get you home you need to rest... and I'll make you a nice cup of tea...

At Belldandy's house...

???: Here is your tea... (thinking) specialy made of Coca Cola hehe

Belldandy: Thank you... (starts drinking and starts feeling strange) You are being very kind with me... how can I ever repay you for this...

???: You don't need to... I just like to help other people...

Belldandy: But a man like you must have wishes that have never been full filed...

???: Well... not really... (this is getting weird)

Belldandy: But I know your most deep wishes and I'm going to make one of them come true... rigth Sensei???

Falling: W-What???

Belldandy starts hugging him... Falling caught his breath for a moment and enjoying their embrace. After a few moments, she whispered, "I want you!!!" that said Falling knew what was going to happen and just lied back and enjoyed that wonderful moment...

Belldandy: So much of a man, Falling-sensei. That's what you are. A faithful hentai knight who needs a woman...

Falling: Ohhh... Belldandy...

Belldandy: Oh... yesssss...i lovee yooouu...sensei

After that all we could hear from that house was moans and stuff like that...

Meanwhile in Jupiter...

Moosey: Come over here Forgotten... I want you to show me how you do it with a girl...

Forgotten:(running away) Get the hell away from me... I'm not showing you nothing...

Edit:  Well I tryied my best... and no this isn't a dream...
Post by: Cosmic King on March 14, 2007, 05:08:09 AM
*someone knocks at belldandy house*

Falling:(getting up from floor and combing hair after playing twister wit belldandy) coming

*opens da door,a black karate guy is there*


BB Jones:Yo,falling,whatcha doin at belldandy pad?

Falling:Learning the dangerous curves of love,mein friend

BB Jones:Back 2 what i came,i wanted 2 ask miss belldandy if she could come 2 miss ryoko mendo annual martial arts tournament

Falling:I will make sure she gets it
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on March 14, 2007, 05:41:04 AM
*Falling gets back into bed and gets ready for round 2*

*Meanwhile back on jupiter, moosey is still chasing Forgotten*

??: So now you will do it with a moose, you you

Forgotten: whose that???

??: you think i would let you get away

Moosey: oh your here, now i can see you 2 at it, well get on him belldandy

Belldandy: get lost *fires a meteor at moosey and hits him* now for you, i decided to take advice  from Lum and show some disapproval

*Belldandy begins chanting some words then forgotten is struck with lightning*

Forgotten: oww

Belldandy: now lets go home

*forgotten and Belldandy teleport back to there house and finds Falling and Belldandy*

Forgotten: uh what is going on

*suddenly there are some flashes, belldandy was using a camera*

Forgotten: what is going on...

Belldandy(the one not in bed): I found this toy in a hidden room, thought i would use it

Forgotten: uh oh*begins to run away*

Belldandy: where do you think your going

Forgotten: umm i forgot something at school hehe

Belldandy: dont move and as for you sir, are teachers really allowed to do this with there students and i've got the pictures, how bout' Forgotten and I get a litte time off school and there are no worries for anyone

Falling: sure, but i was so sure

Forgotten: that's how good the X-model is, almost a copy

Falling: but she even got drunk when...

Forgotten: nope just fried a motherboard, it does say not to allow the model to drink anything

Belldandy: will the 2 of you stop and get out falling

*falling gets his clothes on and gets out of the house, just after he leaves there is a flash and a loud scream of pain*

*inside the house, forgotten is in belldandy's arms in pain and the doll is in a million pieces*

Belldandy: I'm flattered that you would make it look exactly like me, but still is it anything like the real thing

Forgotten: never*kisses her*

*Forgotten carries belldandy upto there love chamber, unkown to the outside world, but a presence is in the house*

Moosey: hehe im never gone for long

*there is a flash*

Moosey: where did they go, aww man, where are you? i want to see, damn forgotten and his dimensional portals, he probably went to his dimension where no one can get too
Post by: FallinG_StaR on March 14, 2007, 06:15:21 AM
Falling: Haha... I knew something was wrong... but never expected that they would take pictures of me and try to use them to get rid of me... Have to remember giving extra homework and harder exams for both of them... It was fun anyway... Good thing I got the camera without them knowing... This pictures are money in the bank after I blur out my face and sell them to some Porn site... Anyway I wonder where I can get one of those X-Model Robot???

While Falling walks into the sunset he gets hit by something that passes by him really fast...

Falling: What the Hell...

Benten: Hi honey... I'm back and I missed you a lot... I was looking for you all over the city...

Falling: Haha... Benten my beautiful goddess... (thinking) wow good thing she didn't found me when I was at Belldandy's place... (normal) I missed you so much...

Benten: I missed you too... that's why I came back to see you... Now lets get you home I have a special surprise for you...

Falling: (sarcastically) Great I love surprises... It doesnt involve a camera does it???

Benben: Hmm??? No... why you ask???

Falling: Oh... Never mind...

Benten: Ok... it doesn't have a camera but it does involve a lot of sake and a bed... Now lets get going that I miss being with you...
Post by: SandStorm on March 14, 2007, 02:09:00 PM
man, this his getting like the hardcore channel from cable tv.
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on March 14, 2007, 02:28:26 PM
Offtopic:  and you know this because...
Post by: FallinG_StaR on March 14, 2007, 03:06:29 PM
Offtopic:  I don't see anything like what I see on the Tv... That is, what you see in Tv... :P
Post by: Kroptik on March 14, 2007, 06:09:09 PM
* While all this is happening, school is underway *

Teacher: Now go to page 147 and do exercise 12.

Note: No one understood the name of the substitute teacher.

Sand: This sensei is more boring then Falling...

Kroptik: Yeah I know... Forgotten did the right thing in not showing up. I wonder if they're coming to the prom either.

Ataru: I know what happened to Forgotten..

Sand: Was he the reason why you were late Ataru?

Ataru: Yeah, it was.

Teacher: Anything you'd like to share with the class, Mr. Morobosh?

Ataru: No sensei, I'm sorry...

School megaphone: It is required that the prom king and queen come to the principal's office immediately.

Kroptik: Guess we better go.

Lum: Da'tcha.

/me and Lum leave the classroom. Ataru watches them leave with a blank expression *
Post by: Cosmic King on March 14, 2007, 07:55:08 PM
Megane:Interesting,i suggest one of us follow miss lum

Mendo:Ok,i will go

Megane:Over my dead body,shutaro


*When Lum and Krop arrive at the principal office*

Krop:What u wanted to tell us,principal?

Principal:2 we r gonna make a yearbook and we require photos,now since u 2 r da royal couple of the prom,we need both of ya 2 gather the groups for the photo session,u r dismissed

*Both leave and inform the school groups*


Lum:Everybody,follow me 4 da photo session,we r gonna be together`tcha

Kenshiro:(guy at da left) Hmm,interesting

Lum:You can bet it is`tcha


Megane:Finally one photo together with lum-sama

Krop:You wish,satoshi,the men are gonna be separated from women most of the session,only u could be with women at da last 3

Megane:Damn it

Kroptik:Luckily i have 2 be on more photos with lady lum  ;D ;D ;D

Lum:(to ataru) dont worry,we r gonna be together in many pics (hugs him till he is almost out of air)

Feel my maximum expression of love hug,darling`tcha (giggles)

Cosmic:Too bad forgotten,belldandy and sensei are missing this (note: this is happening at da same time as da cody/falling/belldandy affair)

Kroptik:Stop slacking,the photo session will be held at da cinema club,come wit me

*they open da cinema club and find...*


John Sorrow:(putting back his mask and stop glowing his death ray vision) Just give me some minutes and i will go take yer photos,children,or you can ask my partner Mr. Joe Kerr to start da session


*they go out 2 da backyard and find Joe Kerr*


Joe Kerr:Ok,kids,smile to da camera

Kroptik:Never anything is ok at this school *sighs* well,we better do what we must

Joe Kerr:Now we need some photos of the prom royal group,amy da king and queen come?

Lum:That is our call,kroptik'tcha

Kroptik:Ok,my dear lum

Joe Kerr:Now 2 take some pics 2 eternity
Post by: MooseChangerPat on March 15, 2007, 01:16:37 AM
Let us once again return to Jupiter for Moosey is in BIG trouble this time.

Eldor: that is the LAST STRAW!!!  You have time and time again run off to find more about human anatomy yet you had been given tapes to teach you!  Yet time and time again you run off to watch others have sex when they don't know you are there!  *sigh* what am I to do with you.

Mystery Women: Why don't you nuder him?

Moosey:   :o NO!!  :o

Eldor: As much as that is tempting there is the fact that at some point I would like to be able to train his children should he ever have some.  So you are in luck that I am more merciful than C-

Mystery Women: To put it frankly I would prefer if you did NOT say my name Eldor.  Have you forgotten so soon that you are still being hunted by my brother and that he is not so happy with this marrige as we are.

Eldor: I'm sorry.  I forgot that he can find you if your name is spoken.

Mystery Women: If you must just call me... Cate because that's your middle name  :P

Moosey: YOUR MIDDLE NAME IS CATE!!!! *Moosey then started pointing and laughing at Eldor*

Eldor: Blast it all!  It wasn't like I wanted the middle name Cate!  It's merely that the elder Dragon's at the time (they are long past dead now) had given me a second name which is a high honor among Dragons... They just didn't know I was a male because at the time they had never met me.  Now if you continue to point and laugh in such a distirbing manner I shall burn off what we had mentioned earlier.

At that Moosey was dead silent because even an idiot did not poke fun at a Silver Dragon.

Eldor: Now... I think I have come up with a way to stop your letcherous ways :*)

Moosey: Oh really?  And how do you propose to do this?

With that Moosey was engulfed in flames from the Silver Dragons mouth.


Cate: Oh calm down.  Those flames aren't even burning you.  It's just that's the only way the particular enchanment he is casting upon you can be cast.

Moosey: Uh what sort of enchantment is this?

Eldor: Oh it's very simple. (says this after he has finished breathing 'fire') From this day fourth until I say otherwise.  Whenever you see the flesh of a naked women you will be shot across the solar system and back to me.

Moosey: WHAT!!!

Eldor: I thought that you might not like that. :*)  Oh but that's not all!  It will happen so fast you won't even get to see anything!  Not to mention that I shall know each time you have tried and trust me I can come up with punishments of the mind you could never have dreamed of.

Moosey: Yeah but how will you know if your enchanment you just cast is actually working?  Who knows you may have uh... breathed fire on me in the wrong way?

Eldor: I know what you are thinking and I do not like it.  You want me to test this so that if it didn't work you could see Cate naked am I right?

Moosey: How did yo-

Cate: That DOES IT!!!

Eldor: Hold on now Cate.  Despite his perverted nature he's really quite harmless and I don't want you killing him.  He still needs to do much.  He also does have a valid point.

Cate: You can't be serious.

Eldor: Sadly yes.  I want you to take your clothes off in front of him as soon as I leave the cave so I can know if it worked.  If you have not done so in 10 minutes I shall assume the worst.

With that Eldor left the cave.

Moosey:  ;D NAKED TIME!!!

Cate dispite what Eldor told him took out her Katana and started smacking him over the head over and over until finally,

Moosey:  Okay!!  I won't think of you naked anymore but you still have to take off your clothes otherwise Eldor will think that I had sex with YOU!

Cate flinched at that comment and was thoroughly disgusted.

Cate: Fine But if this doesn't work I can garantee that you WILL die!

This time it was Moosey who did the flinching and before he knew what had happened he was shot across the planet to where Eldor was cleaning his claws.

Eldor: Ah so I see it did work exactly the way I wanted it to.  If it hadn't these claws would have torn you limb from limb.  I would then of course just keep bringing you back to life and do the same thing for a few days but I see that it worked just fine.

Moosey: How do you know that I didn't get to see a glimpse of her? (Moosey thoughts: hehehe that'll show him)

Eldor: Because my stupid Moose I can see the heavy dissapointment in your mind and you thinking hehehe that'll show him. 8) you simply can't out smart somebody who can read your every thought.

Moosey: ah man... Get out of my head!

Eldor: Come on back to the cave with you.

~Back at the cave~

Cate: Ah I see that your enchanment worked  :) I didn't even have to completely take my bra off before he was gone.

Eldor: Oh I just remebered that there was a dance that I was suposed to perform at... ah man at this rate I may be late!

Cate: And just how do you intend to perform?

Eldor: Oh like this ;)
With that Eldor began to shrink in size gradually his features becoming more and more human like until...
Eldor: So whatcha think?  This was the last male human I've seen besides Moosey.  Of course this was roughly 500 or so years ago so the style of dress may be a TAD outdated.

Moosey: A tad?  I've only seen Cherry or Sakura dress like that and they aren't the sanest people in the world.

Eldor: Keep it up and I won't take you with me!

Moosey: What you mean I get to come?

Eldor: Well... I kind of felt sorry for you and I heard that Lum is going to be prom queen so...

Moosey: LUM WILL BE THERE!??!?!?!? :o  :D  THANK YOU!!!

Eldor: Get off me!  Well actually you kind of will need to hold on to me since I will be teleporting us there.

Cate: And what about me!  You will just leave me to guard your damnable treasure agian!?

Eldor: You know you are the only treasure I could ever love Cate.  And we can't afford the risk that your brother may find you.  I don't fear him if he were just after me but I hate to think what would happen to you.

Cate: *sigh* your right of course he might find us.  But it's been a very long time since we have been able to go to a dance together!

Moosey: Uh guys I think you're forgetting something.  If Eldor is safe in his disguise couldn't we just transform Cate into a different looking girl?

Eldor: Hmm... Her brother would most likely be able to see through such a ruse but he isn't even on Earth... he just has many spies.  So Yes I guess we could go together!  Come let's show those Earthlings how to REALLY dance!  Not to mention I have to help be one of the singers.

Moosey: You can sing?

Eldor: Of course I can.  I was one of the best singers in the world until my disguise was uncovered and I had to go into hiding before all of japan's armies joined against me.  But that's a different story.  Come on Cate!

With Cate in Eldor's arms and Moosey holding onto Eldor's back they teleported to tomobiki high where the dance of a life time was about to take place.

(I hope people don't mind me using Sango and Miroku from Inuyasha for Cate and Eldor)
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*The photo session was over,next day at ataru house*


Ataru:Which class?

Lum:After yer last disco fever night,u fell asleep at 6 classes,i am gonna go accompany ya'tcha

Ataru:Oh,man,just 1 day before da prom dance

*at a near ramen store*


Megane:Gentlemen,in 1 day we r gonna rock the planet,tomorrow we shall hav our first taste of a dance wit lum


*and in a far far away place <tomobiki high gym>*


*Indeed some people hav plans 4 tomorrow,some hours pass and while da uy gang is having their usual english class..*

Ataru:Man,i dont feel good  :r :r

Onsen:Moroboshi,u r faking that sick face

Ataru:I am not,chubby

*both of them grab some wood pieces and battle*


*but ataru collapses and pukes a lot*

Lum:Darling needs medical help,sensei'tcha

Onsen:U r right,lets bring him 2 sakura

*they arrive at the nurse office*

Lum:Sakura,darling is getting sick'tcha

Sakura:When he doesnt?

Lum:That is not funny,sakura'tcha

Sakura:Sorry,well,moroboshi,what seems 2 be da problem?

Ataru:The problem is that i cant move enough 2 rest in yer bosom (gets smacked in da head by lum and sakura) well,i feel like of my body was possesed and a lot of vomit,nurse


Sakura:Hmm,that would be pretty "yer style",moroboshi

Lum:Darling,u r very susceptible 2 possession'tcha


Sakura:Hmm,i sense some kind of alien energy on him,he needs exorcise all right,but before that,anything odd happened 2 him,lum?

Lum:I shot him wit a magic dance gun,sakura'tcha

Sakura:Perhaps humans are not able 2 tolerate its effect,anyway i feel a possession,i shall start da rites (goes 2 change clothes for her shinto priestess suit)

Lum:Please cure Darling,sakura,that magic gun really screwed him up'tcha

Sakura:I will try my best,lum,this guy has been so many times at the face of peril,i think he already likes it,ok,time 2 start da exorcise


*suddenly ataru is glowing wit an orange aura*

Ataru:Time we have a close up,sakura-san

*his eyes glow and suddenly sakura shirt opens a lot*


Sakura:Ahhh,amazing,that abnormality has inmense power,i have 2 destroy it

Ataru:There is no need to fight,i know what makes you go soft,what makes you tickle at night,what makes ya giggle and blush in the darkness,hehehe,want a piece of loving while the getting is hotter,sakura-san?

*apparently gains mental powers and overflows sakura mind with sordid fantasies,she really is ashamed after that*


Sakura:You have invaded my private fantasies,moroboshi,that is it,DIE !!!

*punches him with all her strength,knocking out ataru*


Sakura:Ah,ah,god damn pervo....?!? (from ataru body emerges some kind of energy)

??:Hahhahaha,yer punch freed me from my mortal vessel,human,i am the living embodiment of ataru Lust,that magic gun just enhanced my power,i just needed a way out,now i shall make this world my harem,hahahaha(flies away)

Lum:Ok,that wasnt any good'tcha (grabs ataru)

Sakura:Luckily i put some talismans at da school,which means he cant escape,but the school is now his prey

*True were sakura words as the Lust being began twisting reality at Tomobiki High as well as preying on the students private inner ideas,lum and sakura go 2 classroom 2-4*

Kroptik:What is up,lum?

Lum:Big problems,darling lust is now a living creature and we r stuck against it'tcha

Mendo:What a way 2 spend last days of winter

Cosmic:We gotta strike before it get us (they leave da classroom and go near da gym)

Sakura:Knowing ataru lust,he will be near some girsl lockers and changing rooms

Ryuu:Very likely from him

*Megane leaves the group without anyone noticing*

Mendo:I can call my army 2 deal with this matter at hand

Sand:Dude,we dont want any catastrophe in here


*Meanwhile Megane wearing an armor <almost thinking like ataru> tracks da lust being at the gym near the girls showers that now resembles a harem*


Megane:Time you say good bye,bastard,i have come 2 deal with you

Lust:I sense the infatuation in yer soul,u shall be crushed (metamorphosis into a demonic being)


let da heat of passion incinerate you

*it destroys megane armor and megane is feeling overpowered by the lust power*

Megane:I...must...fight....back,i...dont....wanna...see..miss lum...sad (shrugs off da effects)

Lust:You cant fight against what u feel towards lum,i can see the burning desire u have,leave me alone and u can have her as i know u want her

Megane:Shut up,i may like lum to an obsesive level,but what i most desire of her is to see her gentle smile and nice character,that is the love i feel...

Lust:You are pathetic,megane

Megane:I wouldnt bet on dat


(grabs the creature with all his love indunced strength and runs 2 present it 2 sakura so she exorcises it)

Sakura:Ok,i dunno how u trapped it,satoshi,but here comes nothing (procedes 2 finish the rite before the creature recovers his power,sakura seals it back in ataru body,nullifying his powers) phew,that was close

Ataru:Man,what a day

Lum:Darling,u r back again 2 yer old self'tcha

Ataru:no need 2 overreact



Lum:Thank ya for saving the school'tcha


Ataru:Everything 2 make ya smile,lum-sama

Cosmic:Btw,guys,it seems the lust little magic messed up the gym,and that is where da dance was gonne be held,now where we will have da prom dance?

Forgotten:We can always make it at Mendo house


All:Yay,we r gonna do it there
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The Principal arrives

Principal: I've heard what you said, Mendo, I am very grateful for you to host school's prom dance.

Mendo: (thinking) I'm doomed now, he misunderstood. (talking) Yes Principal, I'll do my best to host the dance.
Will contact now the decorative staff.

All: YAY!!!!

Later, at mendo house, one big dance floor is done, as one stage.

Principal: (whit a microphone) Congratulations to all students, its time to our prom dance, i want to thank Mendo for offering his house to this event.

Mendo: (thinking) As always i am doomed by them. (looks at the school partners)

Principal: Music Maestro, shall now the Queen and King of the Dance arrive! Applause to them please!
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My Turn   :P
Posted on: March 15, 2007, 09:50:12 PM
Maestro: Well I think I have the perfect song for our king and queen aye?  This song is dedicated to the love the two once had for each other.

Lum: Now wait a minute how did he-

Kroptik: Oh let it be Lum he most likely just asked around town.  But now it is time for our dance.

There were nights when the wind was so cold
That my body froze in bed
If I just listened to it
Right outside the window

There were days when the sun was so cruel
That all the tears turned to dust
And I just knew my eyes were
Drying up forever

I finished crying in the instant that you left
And I can't remember where or when or how
And I banished every memory you and Ia had ever made

But when you touch me like this
And you hold me like that
I just have to admit
That it's all coming back to me
When I touch you like this
And I hold you like that
It's so hard to believe but
It's all coming back to me
(It's all coming back, it's all coming back to me now)

There were moments of gold
And there were flashes of light
There were things I'd never do again
But then they'd always seemed right
There were nights of endless pleasure
It was more than any laws allow
Baby Baby

If I kiss you like this
And if you whisper like that
It was lost long ago
But it's all coming back to me
If you want me like this
And if you need me like that
It was dead long ago
But it's all coming back to me
It's so hard to resist
And it's all coming back to me
I can barely recall
But it's all coming back to me now
But it's all coming back

There were those empty threats and hollow lies
And whenever you tried to hurt me
I just hurt you even worse
And so much deeper

There were hours that just went on for days
When alone at last we'd count up all the chances
That were lost to us forever

But you were history with the slamming of the door
And I made myself so strong again somehow
And I never wasted any of my time on you since then

But if I touch you like this
And if you kiss me like that
It was so long ago
But it's all coming back to me
If you touch me like this
And if I kiss you like that
It was gone with the wind
But it's all coming back to me
(It's all coming back, it's all coming back to me now)

There were moments of gold
And there were flashes of light
There were things we'd never do again
But then they'd always seemed right
There were nights of endless pleasure
It was more than all your laws allow
Baby, Baby, Baby

When you touch me like this
And when you hold me like that
It was gone with the wind
But it's all coming back to me
When you see me like this
And when I see you like that
Then we see what we want to see
All coming back to me
The flesh and the fantasies
All coming back to me
I can barely recall
But it's all coming back to me now

If you forgive me all this
If I forgive you all that
We forgive and forget
And it's all coming back to me
When you see me like this
And when I see you like that
We see just what we want to see
All coming back to me
The flesh and the fantasies
All coming back to me
I can barely recall but it's all coming back to me now

(It's all coming back to me now)
And when you kiss me like this
(It's all coming back to me now)
And when I touch you like that
(It's all coming back to me now)
If you do it like this
(It's all coming back to me now)
And if we, , ,

At the end of the song and Dance there were tears in both Lum and Kroptik's eyes for a love once had but could never be again.

Kroptik: Lum... I...

Lum: I know what you are trying to say Kroptik but...

Kroptik: Please don't say it Lum... Just tonight, please just let me enjoy tonight... together with you.

Maestro (Eldor): Ah so much love and grief.  But as they say the show must go on.

Moosey talking to Eldor psionicly: Hey!  What are you trying to pull!  You know I'm madly in love with her so why the song!

Eldor talking back psionicly: Because you IDOT, Lum is also in love with Ataru.  The only way you could possibly stand a chance is if I reintroduced her old love back into the picture.  You have to trust me on this Moosey and not do anything brash.  Besides I can see the sorrow in his heart and it hurts me deep down inside that such a thing would happen to him.

Moosey psionicly: And just what had happened to him?

Eldor psionicly: isn't it obvious?  He and Lum were to be married but she ran off with Ataru.

Moosey: Ouch!

Guitar player: Wha?

Moosey: Uh nothing... a bug bit my leg...

Moosey psionicly: hehe sorry about that.  But she walked out on him!

Eldor psionicly: It's not unheard of among humans or in their case huminoids.  I could tell he-
Eldor then let out an involentary gasp.

Moosey: What's wrong El... er Maestro?

Eldor: It's him!  Her brother is nearby I can sense it.  He could sense my psionic power levels and knew I was here... If I don't leave as soon as possible this entire city, no the entire country... Oh dear god his power has increased tenfold!  The entire world will be in grave danger if I stay here.  Moosey I know that you are a good singer amongst other things... I've heard you singing at the stars when you thought you were alone.  You must take my place or others will pay dearly for it.

Then in a flash nobody seemed to notice Eldor transformed Moosey into the form he currently was using and dissapeared.

Guitar player: Uh Maestro?  You have to start the next song.

Moosey: hmm?  Oh yes right... (Moosey thoughts: who is this mysterious brother...)

A tall man with a cape then entered the back of the room.  He looked kind of odd being at a dance and all but then Moosey felt the weight on his mind locking him in place but at the same time stopping time itself.

Mysterious Brother Psionicly: Where is the Silver Dragon Moose!  I can see through your pety illisions down to the very fiber of your Moose Soul now where is he!

Moosey psionicly: I know not of where he has gone nor would I help you if I did.

Mystery Brother (do I even have to say it anymore?):  Hmm... I can see in your mind you do not know where he has gone nor my sister Clair.

Moosey (we are just going to assume I have said psionicly for the conversation between the two): Ah so a name for your sister at last.

Mystery Brother: Eldor was wise not to say her true name for from his lips I could have tracked him down to the ends of the Earth.  Stay out of this and I shall not have to hurt you for I truly have no desire to.  I just have to bring Eldor home to face justice.

Moosey: Might I know your name sir?

Mystery Brother: My name?  If you must... I am Lance the Dragon Master.  We shall meet again.
And just as abruptly as he entered, he left leaving Moosey with the responsability of Maestro as he watched Lum and Kroptik get a little to close back together again.
Posted on: March 15, 2007, 10:31:08 PM
The song is It's all coming back to me, Sung by Meatloaf in Bat Out of Hell III
Post by: SandStorm on March 15, 2007, 10:53:36 PM
Moosey Maestro start to play another music, Alex, the waiter brings the drinks for the persons that aren't dancing.
Lum and Kroptik are really enjoying the dance, but ataru is really annoyed. Jealous, I dare to say.

Can't explain all the feelings that you're making me feel
My heart's in overdrive and you're behind the steering wheel.

Touching you, touching me
Touching you, cause you're touching me

I believe in a thing called love
Just listen to the rhythm of my heart
There's a chance we could make it now
We'll be rocking 'til the sun goes down
I believe in a thing called love
Ooh! Huh!

I wanna kiss you every minute, every hour, every day
You got me in a spin but everything is "A" O.K!

Touching you, touching me
Touching you cause you're touching me

I believe in a thing called love
Just listen to the rhythm of my heart
There's a chance we could make it now
We'll be rocking 'til the sun goes down
I believe in a thing called love
Ooh! Guitar!

Touching you, touching me
Touching you, cause you're touching me, ooow

I believe in a thing called love
Just listen to the rhythm of my heart
There's a chance we could make it now
We'll be rocking 'til the sun goes down
I believe in a thing called love

Kroptik: Lum, you dance like angels

Lum: Thank's Kroptik'tcha! you are a good teacher!

Alex, get near ataru

Alex, the waiter: Go one drink, buddy?

ataru: Yes, poison for the dancing man.
Post by: Cosmic King on March 15, 2007, 11:17:25 PM
*Alex brings da poison 2 kroptik*


Alex:Mr. Moroboshi ordered some Le Poisoné for ya

Kroptik:Yo,alex,i dont really like any french wine,bring me some ice tea

Alex:So be it,kroptik-sir,(to other man-servants)go bring some iced tea from the cellar

Servants:On our way (go bring da iced tea)


*While this happens,lum gets near ataru*


Ataru:What u want lum? after sakura exorcised the lust demon i am no longer a dance god

Lum:That doesnt matter,silly billy,what matters is to enjoy it,come and dance with me'tch (giggles)

Ataru:I am afraid i have 2 left feet

Lum:Come on,that tale wouldnt work on a child,lets give it a chance,darling'tcha(grabs him)


*A new music starts playing*

First I was afraid
I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never live
without you by my side
But then I spent so many nights
thinking how you did me wrong
I grew strong
I learned how to get along
and so you're back
from outer space
I just walked in to find you here
with that sad look upon your face
I should have changed that stupid lock
I should have made you leave your key
If I had known for just one second
you'd be back to bother me

Go on now go walk out the door
just turn around now
'cause you're not welcome anymore
weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye
you think I'd crumble
you think I'd lay down and die
Oh no, not I
I will survive
as long as i know how to love
I know I will stay alive
I've got all my life to live
I've got all my love to give
and I'll survive
I will survive (hey hey)

It took all the strength I had
not to fall apart
kept trying hard to mend
the pieces of my broken heart
and I spent oh so many nights
just feeling sorry for myself
I used to cry
Now I hold my head up high
and you see me
somebody new
I'm not that chained up little girl
who fell in love with you
and so you felt like dropping in
and just expect me to be free
now I'm saving all my loving
for someone who's loving me

Go on now go walk out the door
just turn around now
'cause you're not welcome anymore
weren't you the one who tried to break me with goodbye
you think I'd crumble
you think I'd lay down and die
Oh no, not I
I will survive
as long as i know how to love
I know I will stay alive
I've got all my life to live
I've got all my love to give
and I'll survive
I will survive (oh)

Go on now go walk out the door
just turn around now
'cause you're not welcome anymore
weren't you the one who tried to break me with goodbye
you think I'd crumble
you think I'd lay down and die
Oh no, not I
I will survive
as long as i know how to love
I know I will stay alive
I've got all my life to live
I've got all my love to give
and I'll survive
I will survive
I will survive...!  

Lum:(dancing with all her might) Are you liking it,darling'tcha?

Ataru:I dunno if i am dancing or at a wrestling match

Lum:Now for the final part of the dance,wheeee (grabs ataru for a last pose before da song ends at all)

Post by: Kroptik on March 16, 2007, 01:08:26 AM
Maestro (Moosey): We have now the last song of the evening. A special for only the Prom King and Queen. Please step forward.

/me and Lum go to the dance floor. Everyone else takes a seat to watch *

Moosey: The song is "Remember my Love".

Kroptik (so quietly only Lum can hear): Nervous?

Lum: Not at all'tcha.

Kroptik: Me neither. We practiced this song so many times.

* The song starts... *

I wanna thank you for
all the trust and devotion
Thank you for the good times
For your love
Love as deep as any ocean
Though for a while we may go separate ways
I know nothing can come between us
Oh, No matter what people say

Say you will remember my love
Say you never will lose sight of
the light we found to guide us
Say you will remember my love
Call me any lonely night, love
You know I'm on your side

Well all around the world
people looking for someone
to have and belong to
needs a love to hold on to
And when you find someone, you'll open your eyes
to the beauty that's all around you
Oh, and I'm So happy I found you, love

Say you will remember my love
Say you never will lose sight of
the light we found to guide us
Say you will remember my love
Call me any lonely night, love
You know I'm on your side

* As the song fades away, everyone starts applauding the dancers. When it finally ends, Kroptik, unable to resist and not thinking that the whole school is watching, kisses Lum. They break apart almost at once and only look at each other, blushing. The applause dies right away. Ataru looks like he chocked on something.
Post by: SandStorm on March 16, 2007, 01:33:22 AM
Then, Ataru goes outside.
Kroptik and lum go behind him, and both of 3 are alone outside, while some persons watch out by the windows. Lum notices it, and order the watchers to go inside

Kroptik: Ataru, look, I'm sorry, that wasn't supposed to happen man, just...

Ataru: I don't want to speak with you, 'prince', leave me and Lum speak alone!

Kroptik: Man, no hard feelings?


Kroptik go away, and return to the now ended dance party. He finds Alex, and ask for Ice-Tea.
Meanwhile, with ataru and lum:

Lum: Darling... i am so sorry 'tcha.

Ataru: Who am I to blame you Lum. I've been worse and you always forgived me. I'll firgive you too Lum. I just wanted to make kroptik think twice.

Lum: Darling, Kroptik is just a friend...

Ataru: Yet, he was your previous love, and sometimes old feeling came up again.

Lum: Darling, i'll not betray you...

Ataru: I know Lum. Come home.

Ataru and Lum hug, the full moon is big and brign. Lum have one small tear in her eyes, and the moonlight make her tear bright as one diamond.
Ataru have his eyes closed, and kiss Lum's forehead.

Still, in the same night, far away from the party, one woman pass near Sand's house.

Woman: One day, I shall find you my brother, one day I will.

opens one small golden heart that have sand's photo when he was just a baby child.


Post by: Cosmic King on March 16, 2007, 02:41:44 AM


*It is midnight at Falling Star chateau (castle),he like the ones of his kind is ready to grab the bulll by the horns and is always ready 4 anything,he goes 2 da roof where lady benten is waiting for him,their eyes meet each other like glowing auroras,benten looks radiant that night and also her beauty is better seen now athat her hair has grown and cuz she left her battle gear at home,indeed a batlle will happen but not the one where people injure themselves but one regarding love,he took her hand gently and began exploring that forbidden fruit that was benten body,Benten felt tears of joy come to her eyes, embracing him tightly. Falling responded in kind, kissing her hair, now there was just the warmth of their love for each other,they were gonna seal their love with a simple kiss,his lips against hers,the world seemed as if it stopped just for them when....*


Ravagers of Creation:Benten,goddess of luck,you must come with us before ya get tainted by this infidel (the rock creature grabs benten while the wind one blows a tornado to them 2 escape from falling wrath,that suddenly stops as he is captured by 3000 alien ships)

*Next day the gang went 2 da beach as spring vacations came*

Krop:Man,this sunny atmosphere is what we needed after all that study term,lets have some fun inda beach

Dark:You can count on it,prince

Cosmic:How about we play that slice the watermelon game?

Lum:Yay,i wanna try first'tcha (she puts a bandage on her eyes,grabs da wood bat and accidentally hits sand rear side)

Sand:Oh,yesss,that is the stuff me like,give it harder,lady lum

Kaede:Sand,i thought u received enough "tough love" at home



*Suddenly a flaming chariot rides on the skies and descends in front of the uy warriors and uy gang,from it emerges none other than Odin*

Ataru:Odin,you old dog,how are you?

Odin:Although it makes good to my heart to see all of thee are well,i have the terrible burden to tell ye that thy friend and teacher,Falling,has been captured by the celestial order and will be judged by charges like space piracy and other heinous things only a base villain could do yet i feel this is but a conspiracy,his trial will be held at a planetoid near the Source Wall where u trapped Ares

Lum:That is no fair,we gotta go help sensei-chan'tcha

Dark:Although i dont like da guy,je needs our help,we r going too 2 dat planetoid

Shinobu:By the way,where is forgotten? he never came wit us 2 da beach

Megane:Pretty suspicious

Odin:Well,brave friends,we shall go now 2 da trial,my son thor went 2 fetch the rest of yer friends,hop on my celestial chariot

Kaede:But,highfather of asgard,we r not dressed 2 da ocassion

*odin magically turns their beach clothes into their normal clothing*

Ataru:I am never gettin used 2 asgardian magic

Lum:What r we waiting for? lets go save falling-sensei'tcha

*They arrive at the planetoid,they see many alien familiar faces as well as friends from earth*

Cosmic:Look,there is sensei (falling has some energy shackles so he doesnt use his ninjitsu or skills)

Falling:Hi,guys,what a crappy way 2 spend spring,right?

Shinobu:We will get you out of this,no matter what,if they do something 2 ya,i..i...

Sakura:No need 2 say it,miyake

Kroptik:(thinking) hmm,just some time ago i was judged,now is sensei turn,somehow i feel empty about this

*suddenly 3 guards bring a special closed cage 2 da court hall*

Lum:Is it my imagination or i saw forgotten on it'tcha?

Thor:Aye i say to thee,horned friend,verily our friend,the one named Forgotten was also captured andwill be judged by goddess corruption

Kaede:But forgotten isnt that kind of man....i guess

*she turns her back and spots Moosey and Eldor*

wow,it seems all the party is set 4 this

Hyperion the Guard:The trial 4 falling star of Blitzkrieg and Forgotten of the Earth will begin in 1 hour

Cosmic:My apologies,what will be da penalty if they are found guilty ?

*suddenly a woman pass near cosmic and hyperion*


Hyperion:Saw that woman?


Hyperion:Her name is Lady Death,she is the ultimate embodiment of death and destruction,if yer friends are found guilty,she will reap their souls without they being able 2 come back,I pity them if hope is lost 2 them

Cosmic:Indeed it will be an interesting trial
Post by: FallinG_StaR on March 16, 2007, 05:08:50 AM
30 minutes before the trial starts...

Hyperion(to Falling and Forgotten): You will now chose your lawyer. Chose well because you wont be able to change your minds after...

A few minutes later Falling and Forgotten finally agree in who will be their lawyers...

Hyperion: So, are you ready to tell us the names of your defenders?

Falling: Yes, I chose Cosmic King to be my lawyer...

Everyone: Awh...

Cosmic: Me why me? Why couldn't be someone else?

Falling: Well who better than you, the one that controls the Omniscreen and ruler of the Citadel of Marvels...

Cosmic: Oh yeah good point...

Hyperion: Now for the other one, who will be your lawyer?

Forgotten: I chose DarkDevil ruler of Hell and Underground Cat King...

Everyone: Awh...

Dark: Well, now isn't this a surprise... you-re willing to sell your soul to the devil?

Forgotten: I'm not selling nothing but if you save my soul from her (points to Lady Death) I'll see what I can do...

Dark: Very well... I accept.

Hyperion: Now that we got the defense lawyers its time we meet the accusation...

The main door opens and a bright light invades the court room...

Hyperion: In the case Heaven against Forgotten we have God... and for the case UOTT (Universal Organization for Trade and Transports) Vs. Emperor Blitz (AkA Falling Star) the King of Tecas and several other planets representatives...

Falling: God damn UOTT I knew they would do this... just because I control most of the universe space trade portals...

Forgotten: What... I can't believe this... I'm doomed I never thought God would come...

Dark: Don't worry I know my brother I'll save you from this...

Cosmic: Yes, you guys don't need to worry about nothing we will get you free in a giffy...

1 minute for the trial to begin they are ready to announce the judge name...

Hyperion: All rise for your Honor Judge Fudge...

Everyone(from the UY gang): WHAT!!!!! Not him again...

J. Fudge: You may all sit down... Ohh... What's this I see a lot of familiar faces here, this will be fun...

An the terror of trial begins...
Post by: DarkDevil on March 16, 2007, 05:50:12 PM
Offtopic: Don't complicate, just make it funny, simple and UY traditional.
And don't do it so dramatical.
Post by: Cosmic King on March 18, 2007, 02:37:05 AM
Judge Fudge:Lets start right now,bring first the one at da nullifier cage

*they bring forgotten in front of the hall*

state yer complete name for the record

Forgotten:I am afraid my real name once pronounced could trigger a small nuclear holocaust,so lets leave it like Forgotten,yer honor

Fudge:Ok,do ya know da exact charges u r being prosecuted for?

Forgotten:I ignore them except 4 dat "goddess corruption" nonsense,yer honor (as forgotten said that,he saw belldandy,a sad sight could be seen,thus goddess tears were shed)

*a guy enters da court room*

??:Yer honor,doesnt it sound to silly that a memory god doesnt remember his own sins?

Fudge:You have arrived a bit late,celestine

Eldor:(thinking) interesting

Forgotten:What r ya doin here,celestine?

Celestine:Of course i didnt came 4 a merry reunion,i was asked 2 prosecute against yer crimes,my forgotten friend

Dark:(stands up) objection,yer honor,that guy has personal problems against (spots a cat girl and gets distracted that goes near her) well,well,well,any plans today,neko girl?

Celestine:Cat got yer tongue,demon?(to cody)well back 2 this trial,lemme tell ya yer crimes since u forgot them ,besides the corruption u r charged with letting the elder gods went berserk at da universe start plus others many of the members of da jury have against yer person,let us begin then,how was the situation that brought ya directly with my pupil belldandy?
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on March 18, 2007, 04:05:50 AM
Forgotten: bah this trial is a joke, everyone thinks i do bad things

Judge: Forgotten please stay on topic and answer Celestine's question

Forgotten: fine, i first met Belldandy in my canadian house, i was in a bit of a depression and heaven decided to send me a goddess to grant a wish

Celestine: hold it and didnt you wish to corrupt belldandy

Forgotten: of course not, i may have been in a depression but defiling belldandy would solve my problem, anyway i couldnt do that to a beautiful goddess

Celestine: hold it, you say you wouldnt defile belldandy, but you have done it

Forgotten: umm...(thinking) damn he's got me there, but maybe i can turn this around, darkdevil isnt helping me(normal) i dont like your wording, its a beautiful thing, making love to her

Celestine: a straight answer please, it doesnt matter what you call it, did you make love to her?

Forgotten: yes...

*whispering breaks out in the court*

Celestine: as you can clearly see he has made love or should i say defiled her, thus corrupting her, the defendant has clearly admitted it, now for the sentence

Darkdevil: objection, your honor is there really a law against doing it with a goddess

Judge: the law of goddess says that you can not take the virginity of a goddess before marriage

Celestine: Forgotten, are you married to belldandy

Forgotten: not yet, hold on, darkdevil get over here, being that i cant move

*forgotten whispers in dark's ear and dark whispers something back*

Celestine: what more is there to say, you clearly admitted to the crime

Forgotten: wrong there, there is a loop hole in that law, i can still have made love to belldandy if she had lost her virginity to someone else

*Celestine looks nervous*

Forgotten: regrettably, belldandy was not a virgin when he first made love, she was too loose...but past that point it didnt feel like she was fresh and as far as i can tell there has only been one other man that has spent time with her in her life and that would be the prosecutor himself

Celestine: got to be kidding, this is outrageous, now your pointing fingers

Darkdevil: seems that we have hit a nerve, your honor if there is no more evidence against my client then i would demand the release of forgotten

Judge: on what grounds

Darkdevil: on the fact that there is no sure evidence against forgotten, it is clear that celestine is the true culprit of this mess, i demand he be placed under the charges
Post by: Kroptik on March 18, 2007, 05:16:49 AM
Celestine: Objection, your honor. As Kami-sama can clearly say, I stopped tutoring Belldandy since she was 10 years old and I have never seen her since then, not counting today.

Dark: That is off the topic anyway. We're discussing Forgotten's inocense here.

Celestine: But the fact remains that you must now marry her. I assume you are aware of that?

Forgotten: I didn't know I had to do it, though I planned on doing it anyway.
* Belldandy, who is looking more relieved, smiles when she hears this *

Celestine: We shall see about that. But there's something else to discuss before you're declared innocent. The wish you made to Belldandy.

Forgotten: What about it?

Celestine: Your wish has given a lot of trouble to heaven.

Forgotten: But the wish was accepted.

Celestine: Yes it was, but...

Forgotten: Then I guess it isn't my problem. And you better fix the "trouble" you're getting, because I plan on staying a long time with Belldandy, if she agrees of course.

Celestine: But...

Kami-sama: He's right, Celestine. As soon as the wish was accepted, it became our responsibility to keep it working.

Celestine: But, Kami-sama...

Kami-sama: Silence, Celestine. You are trying to blame a god for something that isn't his fault.

Forgotten: Exactly. Now can I leave? I'm getting bored of being alone inside this cage.
Post by: SandStorm on March 18, 2007, 07:07:01 PM
Celestine: Objection! He made up Belldandy's mind, he is teh god of Memory and can control the target mind!
He used her to have divine protection!
Post by: Cosmic King on March 18, 2007, 07:21:13 PM
Forgotten:That is bullcrap.celestine

Judge:Silence you 2,where is miss belldandy?

Odin:I think the judge wants thee to go in front of court,belldandy

Belldandy:Here i am,yer honor (goes in da fron area)

Judge:Sit please,we r gonna make a small test 2 check yer brain waves,bring the Etereal Helmet(they put it on  belldandy head,her eyes go pale and enters a trance)

Forgotten:U killed her !!!!

Celestine:To be a memory god,u seem 2 forget da EB checks by any mental control,revealing several hidden things (the helmet is removed)

Hyperion:Yer honor,it seems her mind was warped and had a loophole apparently after she emulated da age of 10 years

Celestine:That means somebody could hav erased her memory or implanted fake memories 2 cover something (spoting forgotten) does it look familiar 2 ya? (to judge) i want this evidence 2 be taken part of the charges,yer honor
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on March 18, 2007, 10:55:05 PM
Darkdevil: objection your honor, the defendant hadn't even met Belldandy when she was ten...

Forgotten: hold darkdevil, i must admit this, it will help with the case, its true that this is my handywork, but at the time I didnt know belldandy, i was asked by Kami-sama to do it, at the time it was my job, i would erase or restore peoples memory for a price, this was to just hide the truth of celestine from belldandy

Kami-sama: This is true, Celestine, you committed some crimes at that time and heaven took action

Darkdevil: I would like to have the court that celestine have this added to his record

Judge: done, is there anything else the prosecution, if not i will find the defendant innocent and be aquitted of all charges, if he marries belldandy within the next 30 days

Belldandy and Forgotten(blushing): what so soon

Forgotten: i mean we need to prepare the hall and all the arrangements

Belldandy: and send out all the invitations

Celestine: umm...uh

Judge: I will take that as a no Celestine, very well, i here by find the defendant, Forgotten, innocent

Forgotten: now can someone release me i'm feeling a bit light headed

*Forgotten is released and falls to the floor, something falls out of his pocket*

*belldandy rushes to his side*

Belldandy: Are you alright?

Forgotten: ya just a little light headed

Darkdevil: hmm what is this, i think this belongs to you Forgotten


Forgotten(blushing): umm ya i guess

Celestine: it couldnt be

*Belldandy is shocked and is blushing*

Forgotten: belldandy, this is what i went out for today

*both forgotten and belldandy stand up*

Forgotten: and then this mess happens, why does this always happen to me

Belldandy: no to us

Forgotten(kneeling on one knee): Belldandy, i wanted to say this for a long time, Will you marry me?

Belldandy: Yes

*forgotten puts the ring on her finger*

Everyone in the courtroom: awwwwwwww

Forgotten: although i wanted to do this somewhere more private

Belldandy: your always the shy one

Forgotten: shall we go, i think we got some planning to do because of this court

*forgotten and belldandy teleport away*

Judge: its always good to have a sappy ending like that, now to the next, Will the defendat, Falling, enter the courtroom.
Post by: Cosmic King on March 19, 2007, 01:11:09 AM
Falling:Man,i thought i was gonna be pardoned or forgotten of this trial

Judge:Come 2 da front,falling star,yer part of da trial will commence now,i guess u already know yer crimes

Falling:Besides space piracy,i dont think in anothers,yer honor

Judge:Well,besides the destruction of 1,000,000 mega liters of iced tea and looting of those cargo ships,u r charged wit genocide of several micro-planets,sabotage and spy,escape of at least 45 weddings,kidnapping of Andromeda Galaxy,making ugly faces 2 a dog in california plus others

Falling:The dog i can explain,i was kinda drunk that day and....

Judge:That is besides da point,mr. blitzkrieg

Falling:Well,da others look as if i were a cold blooded assasin....and wedding escapist

*a wheezing breath is heard*

Cosmic:Hmm,that sounds like...

*a darth vader look-a-like appears*


Damn Wader:(heavy breathing) Lucas,i am yer uncle

*everybody looks at him very confused*

Damn Wader:U gotta blame copyright,my friends (to falling) now,the circle is finally complete (turns on lightsaber) now i am da master



Judge:You dont need 2 do yer darth vader impersonation,just do what u r been paid for,pls

Wader:Ok,sith lord fudge

Judge:*sigh* i should have obeyed mother and became a chef (to wader) proceed,mr. wader
Post by: Kroptik on March 19, 2007, 01:50:23 AM
Cosmic: Your honor, is there any proof of any of these acts?

Judge: Apparently there's a videotape of Falling Star doing the bad face to the dog. As for the Tecasian ice tea, we have the prince of planet Tecas here just for that reason. Prince Kroptik, please come forward.

Kroptik: Very well, your honor.
/me goes to the front *

Judge: Now, is it true that Falling Star is the one who ruined the shipments of Tecasian Ice Tea from your planet to planet Earth?

Kroptik: It is true, your honor, but there's something I need to add...

Judge: And that is?

Kroptik: Only 4 shipments we're damaged by Falling, but we have already agreed on a way to solve that problem that issue. I have never pressed charge against Falling, so I don't see why he's being charged for it.

Judge: But we received a letter from you stating that...

Kroptik: I'm sure I never wrote any letter of that sort, your honor.

Judge: Very well. I guess Falling Star is released of that charge. You may return to your seat, prince Kroptik.

Kroptik: Thank you, your honor. (he returns to his seat, next to Lum)

Judge: There are still other charges to be solved though...
Post by: FallinG_StaR on March 19, 2007, 03:59:31 AM
Cosmic: Your honor with all respect for this court the other charges are all lies... We all know that because of my client position in the Universe as a Great Emperor and business man he gained a lot of enemies that are willing to do anything they can to destroy he's reputation...

Wader: Objection your honor, its obvious that Mr. Cosmic is trying to influence the jury...

Cosmic: I'm not doing nothing wrong... I'm just explaining to the jury my point of view about all this...

J.Fudge: Indeed you're not... Objection overruled...

Wader: But... But...

J.Fudge: No buts Mr. Wader... You may proceed Mr. Cosmic...

Cosmic: Thank you... Continuing what I was saying, the accusations against my client are all a devious way of putting him out of the way so that his enemies, and I'm not pointing fingers, can control the trade routes, transportation fleets and portals around the Universe...

After an hour of factual allegations Cosmic King steps down and lets the prosecution work...

J.Fudge: That was some big allegations... now continuing with the trial does the prosecution got anything to say or ask???

Wader: Yes, I would like to call Mr. Falling to the stand.

Fudge: Mr. Falling if you please... (takes the bible) Are you going to tell the truth???

Falling: Probably... Yes

Wader: Mr. Falling did you or did you not practiced acts of piracy in the east quadrant of the Cromwell Galaxy???

Falling: No.

Wader: Are you sure... I have proofs that you attacked several cargo ships there...

Falling: No way... That's a lie... I don't even know that galaxy coordinates...

Wader: Are you sure? Because this spy probe photo proves that your Flag ship SS Space Pirate was there attacking cargo ships.

Falling: Wait a minute... I remember now... SS Pirate was sent there because there was illegal trading going on there and with orders from the Intergalactic Trading Police they where sent there to intercept and capture the criminals... You can contact the ITP they will show you the warrant...

Wader: Ok... What about the genocide of several micro-planets, sabotage and spy other countries ships and senators, escaping of at least 45 weddings and kidnapping the Andromeda Galaxy...

Falling: That is Bull Sh*t...

Fudge: Order... refrain your language Mr. Falling, Blitz... Whatever yor name is...

Falling: Sorry, it wont happen again... Can I speak with my lawyer...

Fudge: Sure you have 1 min.

1 min. passes...

Cosmic: Your Honor if Mr. Wader doesn't mind can we use the Ethereal Helmet on my client?

Fudge and Wader agree... Hyperion brings the machine...

Cosmic: Ok... Lets put this on my client head... and press the on button... There all done...

Falling eyes go pale and enters a trance... A report shows on a screen with all the answers to the crimes... and for everyone's surprise Falling is only guilty in one... They turn the machine off... Falling gets out of the trance 

Cosmic: As you can see my client only crime was the one he was already pardoned by the Prince of Tecas... I demand that justice be made and that the jury be just...

After a few minutes the jury gives a paper to Hyperion with the judgment...

Hyperion: We declare that Mr. Blitz Also known as Falling Star Emperor of Blitzkrieg is considered Innocent from all charges... and there for will be released immediately...

Fudge: Then it shall be done... this case is closed...

The UY Gang: yippee... Hurray for Falling Sensei...

Falling: Thanks guys for all the support... but this we owe this all to this man over here... Mr. Cosmic...  ;D

Everyone picks up Cosmic and Falling and takes them out of the court into a bar to celebrate...

Post by: MooseChangerPat on March 19, 2007, 04:06:43 AM
Or is it?  Dun dun dun!
Post by: FallinG_StaR on March 19, 2007, 04:14:38 AM
Offtopic:  The THE END is just the end of my post and trial... be free to continue... the Fiction... not my trial...  ;D
Post by: MooseChangerPat on March 19, 2007, 04:19:39 AM
Guard: Hold it!  All members of the courts must stay here to witness the next trial.

Judge: Next trial Eldor VS. Lance.

Eldor: No just a moment your honor!  No one said I was to be on trial!

Lance: Of course not my old friend.  Otherwise you would have never come.

Eldor: So it has finally come down to this has it.  You made sure that some crack pot charges would be made so that I could be on the jury and thus unable to escape.

Lance:  You have been a very naughty Dragon Eldor.  Running off with my sister behind my back.  You are just too much Eldor.

Judge: Enough!  Let the prosocution state the charges.

Lance: Oh it's very simple your honor.  Eldor has overcome my sister with his powerful mind and made her his little slave.

Eldor: I OBJECT!  There is no such evidence of such a thing ever occuring.  I love Clair and for you to think otherwise is-

Lance: ENOUGH!  I will no longer listen to the babbling of a doomed Dragon.  By our laws Eldor, you have went far above your status.  Dragon's may be sacred to us but you have overstepped your boundaries.  Thus there is only one suituble punishment for your crime.  Eldor in the name of justice you will be sentenced to DEATH!

The crowd instantly started breaking out into whispers.

Judge: Order!  Mr..... Lance?  You are in MY courtroom and I will decide the verdict here not you.

Lance: Of course your honor.  I would like to call fourth the first witness.

Eldor: No wait a minute don't I get a lawyer?  And doesn't there need to be a set court date?

Lance: Your honor as for the laws of our people a dragon must defend himself!  Also if there is to be a set court date I demand that Eldor be placed under custody because he is most definately a... "flight risk" seeing as how he has fled before and can teleport to any part of the universe he wants.

Judge: Very well.  Eldor will be held without Bail.  The trial shall be in three weeks.  Everybody involved should come there.  And you better hope that Clair will be here to testify on your Behalf Eldor or things could be very bad for you.

NOW it's The End of celestial trial.
Post by: Cosmic King on March 19, 2007, 08:23:02 PM
No,it hasnt ended at all...

Hyperion:Everybody remain at da court room,there has been a mistake,bring again the ones called falling and forgotten,it seems the etereal helmet was hacked so some memories it showed were pre-programed

Forgotten/Falling: say WHAT?!?

Judge:Hmm,this may be seen as way 2 nullify yer former statements,i suppose that after all the time u spent in here,it would be kinda useless 4 more trial,so u have 3 minutes each to state why u r innocent,u may start,mr. forgotten
Post by: Kroptik on March 19, 2007, 08:49:27 PM
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Count on Cosmic to expand the fics. xD
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on March 19, 2007, 09:01:21 PM
Forgotten: uh how did i get back here

Belldandy: oops sorry you blacked out when i punished you

Forgotten: uh sorry belldandy

Judge: Mr. Forgotten, your statement please

Forgotten: uh sorry, i would never do anything to belldandy without her consent, i would never trick or deceive her and especially never use my powers on her, i love her and have already proven that in this very court, what more must i prove
Post by: Cosmic King on March 19, 2007, 09:20:38 PM
Judge:Hmm,yer statement lacks many fundamental basis,forgotten,yet it shows a essense of truth on it,i shall put ya under probation time for a 1 month,u r free 2 go but i ya come with any scandal by then,i will hav 2 imprison ya 4 3 miilion of years,u may go

*Forgotten and Belldandy hug each other*

Lum:It is yer turn,sensei'tcha

Falling:Ok (to judge) yer majesty,there are times where a man has 2 do what his heart says,some of those things r despicable,others no,wheter i attacked those ships and held planets at ransom may not be a lie at all,but i assure ya that it wasnt my doing,i have many bastards at my crew so perhaps it was their ideas and...

Judge:Go 2 da main point

Falling:Well,what i wanna say is that i am trying 2 be better person everyday,i finally found happiness along benten-sama,she is my good luck and i want her 2 be wit me,please yer honor,believe me

Judge:Probation for 2 months and you should pay a $ 10000 fine by making faces 2 a dog,u r dismissed
Post by: Kroptik on March 20, 2007, 12:13:11 AM
Falling: 10000 dollars? I thought that offense had a 100 dollar fine.

J. Fudge (checking his papers): Indeed you are right. Forgive my error. You may go now.
Post by: MooseChangerPat on March 20, 2007, 03:19:20 AM
Moosey: But what about Eldor sir he's done nothing wrong!  He fallowed his heart and that's not something you should be executed for!

Judge: Be quiet Mister...

Moosey: My Name is MooseChangerPat sir.

Judge: MooseChangerPat?

Moosey: Yes your honor.

Judge: I guess I won't question it.  MooseChangerPat, this is not YOUR concern.  Eldor is being tried by the laws of HIS people not the galactical or even the universal laws.  For his people, running off with a Dragon Tamer is highly illegal especially if they are in love with each other as you say.  I have no choice in the matter because we have to recognize their people's laws and since this was a crime against his people he shall be tried under the laws of his people.

Moosey: Then take me instead.

Whole Court Room: WHAT?!

Lance: Now hold up judge.  It is also written in our laws that an individual not involved in the crimes may take their place.  Although I hate the thought of Eldor potentially escaping I have little choice in the matter.

Eldor: What are you thinking you idiot!

Moosey: Then you shall let Eldor go?

Judge: Well I don't like my authority being undermined this way but... yes Eldor is free to go.  Guards, please take.... MooseChangerPat into custody.

Eldor: No!  I refuse to-

Lance: You can't refuse his help Eldor.  He has already decided and this type of sacrfice is sacred to our laws.  I guess now you can go fetch Clair for the Trial hmmm?

Eldor: You dispicable wretch!  Rest asured this isn't over between you and I.

Lance: Enjoy your last month of life Eldor.  While your apprentice rotts behind bars.

After the court session the UY gang meet out in the hallway.  Lum zooms up to Ataru and asks him,
Lum: Darling why do you suppose Moosey went to jail for Eldor?

Ataru: How the hell should I know?  The guys a nutcase in the first place so why should I care?

Lum: Darling we should visit him in Jail.  I bet he'll be very lonely and we are just about the only other people he knows.

Ataru: What!?  But he's the same guy that... Why the hell would we want to visit him unless we were to point and laugh at him!?

Lum: Moosey may be a psychopath but he did a noble thing in taking Eldor's place so he could find Clair.  Not only that but it gives Eldor time to prepare his defence.

Ataru: *sigh* Fine we'll go visit him sometime, but for now let's go home?  All this court business is getting me ticked off.  Although why Moosey didn't just go get Clair himself is beyond me.

Lum: Hmm... that is a good question.

Eldor: It was because he's an idiot.

Both Lum and Ataru jumped up in surprise that a colossal Silver Dragon had snuck up on them.  But to their surprise he was in a human form with Clair.


Eldor: What did you really expect me to be able to fit through more than half of the doors here in my dragon form?  And as I said I'm almost positive he thought he would just be able to break out of prison.  That of course is foolish because how would HE escape prison if he thought I could not.

Ataru: As I have said before, he's an idiot.

Clair: Wait there might be a way... But I think he needs to stay there a few days to think about the seriousness of his actions.

And so the court room went back to their respective planets and await the Trial of Eldor when they would all be called back.
Posted on: March 20, 2007, 03:12:04 AM
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Post by: FallinG_StaR on March 20, 2007, 03:47:16 AM
Offtopic:  Nice post as always... I think I know how you (or someone else) will free Mosey... I'm thinking in two words, Women and Naked... but not in that order... LoL  ;D
Post by: MooseChangerPat on March 20, 2007, 03:52:40 AM
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 ;D You know me too well
Post by: Cosmic King on March 21, 2007, 01:46:38 AM
Since eldor trial will take some months,we go now with tecas prince,who is near the sea of Mimir at asgard as  odin had all da ice tea (it seems he saved it)


Kroptik:What do thee needs from me?

Cosmic:(Throws a super computer) u know what that is?

Kroptik:Yer omniscreen

Cosmic:Yeah,u can keep it,it seems it is showing "disturbing things" human eyes cant bear 2 see,so i suppose u can give it a good use,next time i need vital info,i ask Uatu

Kroptik:Boy,it will be handy (krop starts it and it explodes)

Cosmic:Damn shaft,he was playing with my things,now there is no screen,it is better,i am pretty sure nobody will give it a good use anyway,i have another at home but is less powerful,well gotta go (leaves)

Kroptik:Arrr,i wanted 2 give it as a wedding gift 2 forgotten*sigh* that reminds me of my failed wedding and (thor approaches)

Thor:I see you hasnt forgotten that horned valkyrie,friend kroptik,look far far away,there lies one of the greatest poets in the universe,tell him yer sad ballad and he will immortalize it,a shame u couldnt get her,prince,want me 2 bring you back 2 midgard?


Thor:U know,the earth

Kroptik:I will never get used 2 ya asgardians,just leave me with the others at Sand castle at Lisboa

*thor sends krop 2 lisboa,where a celebration 4 forgotten and falling release was been held;eldor trial still will be done in time*


Post by: FallinG_StaR on March 21, 2007, 04:30:06 AM
Offtopic:  Damn... finally its over... I was starting to think I would never leave the court I was thinking that I was going to be trialled again and again for all eternity... LoL
Post by: Cosmic King on March 21, 2007, 05:33:06 AM


*Lum is buying some groceries after da huge party,while she is comparing poprocks prices,she remembers she and ataru had been having insomnia lately,some medicine she will need so she went 2 da drug store*

Lum:Excuse me,do ya have sleeping pills?

Seller:Why,yes,my dear child,i have received this new brand called Hypnoz,u now,using da greek god of sleep name

Lum:Please give me the 12 pills box

Seller:10 dollars,ma'am

*after lum pays,she encounters falling sensei "harvesting wisdom"*

Lum:What ya reading,sensei-chan?

Falling:(no realizin is lum) Maxum,Playdude,the usual

Lum:Benten wont like it


Lum:I wont,sensei,u hav been so good at me,i wouldnt betray ya

Falling:Phew,thanks,coming from shopping?

Lum:Yes,i needed some things since the fridge is empty,darling went 2 find a job

Falling:Didnt he worked wit geese howard?

Lum:darling quit after he got his ass literally broken in 4 parts,gotta go,sayonara

*that day at night,before lum gets 2 her bed she takes a pill*


Lum:Time 2 sleep,good night,darling

Ataru:Good night

*and thus lady lum falls in a blissful dream,next day at school*

Onsen:Well,kids,spring vacations r getting near,and so r exams,u r lucky that at my case it will only a performance,u can choose any short tale 2 interpretate

Lum:Like Marc Antony and Cleopatra?

Onsen:That one is ok,but do something less romantic,any sketch performance can work,only rule is that no team superior to 7 members

Kroptik:I see,sensei



Ataru:How about we make a "Jerry Springer" parody for onsen test?

Lum:Splendid,we can ask mendo and da stormtroopers 4 help

Ataru:Yeah,tell them 2 meet us at the school gym 2 practice


*Soon she informs them,they go there but lum arrives late cuz she needed 2 buy something,once she arrives,her sense of reality gets crazy and suddenly she sees ataru,mendo and da stormtroopers as a bunch of eerie monsters*

Lum:MONSTERS !!!! (begins sending lightnings 2 them)

Ataru:(as a skeleton) what r ya talking about? u crazy?

Lum:Dont get near myself (grabs him and begins 2 slowly choke him,yet she releases him out of fear)

Megane:(as a fat monster) miss lum,u need 2 calm down

*lum flies away,her sense of reality is still worst as she hallucinates all is underwater,she tries 2 find refuge at her ufo,but she finds belldandy,caroline,kaede and benten inda way,lum vision get nuts as she sees them as a more menacing gang of ghouls and creatures*

Lum:Vile creatures,u pretended 2 be my friends,but u r hellspawns

Benten:(as a demon knight) lum,again u drank that ice tea,it is not good (tries 2 calm her,but lum thinks she is gonna impale her and flies with all might)

Lum:I gotta find darling,i am so afraid (gets past cherry and ten)


am i already dead,angelic cherry?

Cherry:(exploiting this chance) Only if ya dont buy my luck scrolls,my dear lum,but a kiss from yer ginger lips could save ya from damnation (suddenly lum vision gets far worse and thinks cherry is rei)

Lum:Kyaaa (kicks him far far away,she runs and apparently finds ataru,she hugs him)


darling,i was so afraid,this world has gone crazy (sobs)

*lum didnt realized that she wasnt hugging ataru,not so far from her,a girl with red hair was looking lum mistake with a smile in her face,indeed lum was with da man called...*
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on March 21, 2007, 03:21:20 PM
Offtopic: wow what a tale, to bad falling throws some weird guy in, oh well, lets make it work
Post by: Kroptik on March 21, 2007, 03:40:07 PM
Let's not...
Ignoring Falling's last post...

Kroptik: Lum, are you feeling OK?

Lum: I am now that I'm with you Darling'tcha.

Kroptik: Darling? Lum, I'm Kroptik, not Ataru.

Lum (confused): What are you talking about, Darling?

Kroptik: Sorry about this Lum.
/me puts his hand on Lum's head. She falls asleep. Kroptik grabs her *

Ataru (appearing): Kroptik. Have ya seen... Oh, there she is. What did you do to her?

Kroptik: Don't worry Ataru. She's only sleeping. She thought I was you.

Ataru: She thought I was a monster... But forget that now. I'll take her home. Thanks Kropman.

Kroptik: No problem.
* Ataru leaves, carrying Lum. The red haired girl appears behind Kroptik *

??: Hi Kroptik.

Kroptik: Who...??
/me turns around and the girl hugs him *

Kroptik: Iridia? What are you doing here? * He hugs her too *

Iridia: I missed you. You left Tecas so long ago...

Kroptik: Yeah I know. I missed you too...

* Cosmic appears *

Cosmic: Shouldn't you be in school Kroptik?

Kroptik: School's over already.

Cosmic: And who's this lady?

Kroptik: Oh. This is Iridia, my sister. Iridia, this is Cosmic King, a friend of mine.

Iridia: Pleased to meet you.

Cosmic: Please's all mine.

Kroptik: Well, I'll see ya later Cosmic. I wanna go home. You want to stay at my house today, sis?

Iridia: Don't mind if I do, big brother.

/me and Iridia leave. Cosmic heads towards the school *
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on March 21, 2007, 04:38:11 PM
*ataru takes lum home and places her in bed*

Ataru: now what could have done this

*he notices some medication on the table, he reads the label*

The perfect sleep in a single pill, take one pill for a well rested 8 hour sleep

Warning: may have some serious side effects

Some side effects include: headaches, dizziness, vomiting, diarrea, bed-wetting, mood-swings, short-term memory loss, halucinations and in some serious cases sleep for 72 hours and even death

Please dont sleep alone when taking this medication, dont not operate any form of machinery until you are aware of what Hypnoz does to you, some risk of dependancy, if serious problems occur, talk to your physician

Ataru: how can they sell this, poor lum, so this is what happened, so much for medication to solve our problems

*ataru throws the medication into the garbage*

Ataru: now what is going top help us

*Meanwhile, Forgotten is on his way to school, wearing a full winter coat and medical mask*

Forgotten: damn this cold, i blame that damn contraption they put me in for court achooo...

Belldandy: bless you

Forgotten: thank you, hey when did you get back?

Belldandy: just now, I was worried about you, are you sure you should go to school in your condition

Forgotten: i need to, exam are coming up

Belldandy(giggling): well maybe you should look at the time

Forgotten: ugh...achoo

Belldandy: school ended a while ago, you overslept

Forgotten: cough...cough...oh maybe i should have looked at the time...cough

Belldandy: lets go home, you need your sleep

Forgotten: but i cant even sleep

Belldandy: insomnia...

Forgotten: yep, wait, i've got an idea, i think its time to visit an old friend, the sand man(not to be confused with sandstorm), he can help

Belldandy: you sure

Forgotten: no worries, just a quick teleportation...achoo

*Forgotten and Belldandy get transported to pluto*

Belldandy: is this where the sand man lives


*Forgotten and belldandy get teleported to mercury*

Belldandy: is this ???

Forgotten: hot hot hot hot hot

*forgotten snaps his fingers and they are teleported to a room full of clocks*

Belldandy: is this...

Forgotten: yes, yo sandman...achooo

*an old man appears*

Sand man: oh hi forgotten, long time no see, you dont look to well

Forgotten: ya i'm sick, i need a favor

Sand man: let me guess, you want me to put you to sleep, insomnia right

Belldandy: how did you know?

Sand man: because a quarter of earth has it

Belldandy: oh my

Forgotten: what's causing it...achoo

Sand man: kind of embarrassing, but i tripped and broke my hourglass, i just need to get a new one, then i'll fix the damage

Forgotten: then get a new hoo

*forgotten collapses to the floor, still awake though*

Sand man: my bad i kinda fell asleep, all i need is to find a young girl that is sleeping now

Belldandy: try lum, kroptik forced her to sleep when she was going crazy

Sand man: i think i'll do that, now can you guys give me a teleportation

Forgotten: I cant

Belldandy: i can, just going to borrow some power and...

*the three of them teleport to ataru's house*
Post by: Cosmic King on March 21, 2007, 04:59:00 PM
Sand Man:Where is the insomnia girl?

Belldandy:Over there,the green haired girl

Ataru:What do ya want,guys?

Forgotten:We have come 2 cure lum from her berserk hallucination

Sand Man:(putting some of his magic sand over lum eyes) now by the power given 2 me,i release ya from that toxic nightmare (lum body begins 2 glow) and now 4 da last rite to guarantee this girl normal sleep

*he is about 2 send another dose of magic sand when somebody breaks into ataru house,kicking sandman*

Morpheus:Hey hey hey,little mother-truckers,i is back from my funky mission.why the horned mamacita is glowing?

Forgotten:Just leave before u mess her sleeping

Morpheus:Zat so? remember that i is the mastah rapper and dream master,u know i was banished from mt. olympus by my father Odin after i created australia and because i spent all the time spying girls bathrooms,yo

Belldandy:With most courtesy,can you please leave here,mr. morpheus,we were trying 2 cure miss lum

Morpheus:No problem,i is gonna cure this gangsta girl,mother-truckers (sends a ball of energy into miss lum brain,making her wake up,but her look changed a lot,a bird gets near lum)

*lum grabs the bird and crushes wth her hand as a sly smile is on her face*

there u have it a brand new look and attitude 4 miss lum,irreversible as always,i is gonna watch some of the porn ataru has,so peace out (vanishes)
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on March 21, 2007, 05:08:17 PM
Forgotten: i have a bad feeling about this...achoo

*forgotten disappears*

Belldandy: Forgotten-kun, Forgotten-kun, oh where could he have gone, i think i should check mars now

*belldandy teleports away*

Lum: so what was that i heard about porn, darling

Ataru: its nothing but lies i swear

Lum: awww too bad, i wanted to watch

Sand man: what about my hourglass

*Sand man storms out of the house*

Ataru(in shock): what did you say...
Post by: Cosmic King on March 21, 2007, 07:25:17 PM
Lum:U know,all this fuss made me watch some yaoi porn or whatever u r hiding.i expect it is hardcore,damn darling (flies 2 da kitchen and finds beer,she opens it with her fangs and chugs the whole bottle) man,this is not strong enough

Ataru:Well,u r immune 2 alcohol,lum

Lum:that name sounds too short,darling,from now on call me Lightning Lum

Ataru:Lum,u r scaring me

Lum:(belches) that aint my problem,darling,now git the porn cuz i am too tired and need relaxation (goes 2 ataru room and grabs all da porn,she then goes nuts) you call this porn,darling ?!? this is barely ecchi-content wit these titles as 'Ho Ho Whore'.'The Lord of the G-Strings' and 'Vengeance of the Monster from Uranus',this is trash (burns them)

Ataru:Are you out of yer mind,lum? those were art masterpieces

Lum:I am gonna bring ya 2 a place where they sell the best hardcore videos ever (grabs ataru and they arrive at a clandestine adult movies center) yo,bastard !!!

Gay Watson:Yesss,how may i help the fiery lust in yer soul,fraulein?

Lum:Git me the best god-damn porno movies u have,only da best,dog

Ataru:(thinkin) man,this would be an eden 2 me *sigh*

Gay Watson:Oh,dear,finally someone with taste,any special requirements?

Lum:Hardcore imports if ya have,me man (gay watson brings her 7 dvds)

Gay:I hope u like these,i call them 'The 7 deadly sexy sins'

Lum:Hmm,me like it,the monkey boy will pay for 'em (grabs them)

Ataru:How much?

Gay:Since those r da best porn ever made,i say....700 dollars

Ataru:(thinkin)man,lum lust is even more expensive than mine
Post by: SandStorm on March 21, 2007, 07:50:01 PM
Ataru: but Lum, i'm broke...

Lum: Damnit darling, find a way to pay!

Ataru spots a lost Visa card in the ground, and takes it

Ataru: do you accept Visa?

Gay Watson: Yesss.

They pass the card and the movies are paid.
Thne, they go to home see the movies.

Lum: Is better now, but i guess we can do it better.

Ataru: What? O-o

Lum: Yeah, you are not a d*ckless man, you are well advantaged, you need to use it properly!

Then, with the movie as background, they do their own movie

Lum: We need Falling camera, that damn perverted man never appears when we need him!

But what they don't know, is that Moosey is outside recording it all with the new model from SanSung, that regords directly to DVD.
Once is all done, moosey put a DVD copy in the house mailbox, and go away with the biggest grin he ever had

Then, the door bell rings, and SandStorm appears

Sand: Dudes, BIONIC HAZZARD! MC Morpheus left again the mental asilum!

Ataru: Too late dude, he already did mess and left. Lum's lust is even bigger than mine now, and we, well, we where watching some good damn porn movies.

Sand: Oh, did it over, or can I join ya to see them?

Lum: Yeah biatch you can watch them with us, but i am not in the mood for "menáge a trois"

Sand: (to ataru) well, lets enjoy when it last, and then, we'll solve it in my way.

They spent the entire afternoon watching the movies

Sand: Well, time to some 'bug fixes'... SANDSOFTIME REGRESSION!

Time go backwards to the time when MC Morpheus is entering the house

Morpheus:Hey hey hey,little mother-truckers,i is back from my funky mission.why the horned mamacita is glowing?

Forgotten:Just leave before u mess her sleeping

Morpheus:Zat so? remember that i is the mastah rapper and dream master,u know i was banished from mt. olympus by my father Odin after i created australia and because i spent all the time spying girls bathrooms,yo

Sand: Bad luck for you dude. TERRACUORE!

Transforms Morpheus in one rock statue

I believe you shall proceed Sand Man. See ya and good luck.

SandStorm leaves the house, dissipating in particles and carrying away the rocked morpheus

Sand Man: Very well...

Hey, did anyone saw my Visa card?
Post by: Kroptik on March 21, 2007, 09:00:45 PM
So I guess none of those things happened, since the future was changed?
Post by: Forgotten_Lum on March 22, 2007, 12:11:48 AM
Offtopic: bummer and just when it was getting interesting, anyway time for me to have some fun

Forgotten: well best get to work sand man...achoo

*forgotten disappears*

Belldandy: Forgotten-kun, Forgotten-kun, oh where could he have gone, i think i should check mars now

*belldandy teleports away*

Sand man: okay now just this and that and here we go

*there is a flash of light*

Sand man: now i can fix the sleep problems starting with you 2

Ataru and lum: huh

Sand man: good night

*sand man disappears in a cloud of sand, and ataru and lum fall asleep*

*suddenly forgotten reappears*

Forgotten: wha...wha...what happened, and what is this dvd in my hand, hmm it says, to lum and ataru, thanks for letting me watch, moosey, oh my

*suddenly Belldandy appears*

Forgotten: ah *puts the dvd in his pocket* dont scare me like that

Belldandy: you dont scare me like that, where did you go anyway

Forgotten: hmm it seems that lastt burst of energy sent me into a templar flux, i litterly went forward and back in time, i remember seeing sandstorm but he was heading back, ah my head hurts

Belldandy: then lets get you home sick boy

Forgotten: seems as though sand man is fixing the earth

Belldandy: how do you know

Forgotten: because...*forgotten falls forward* ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz

Belldandy: hehe he's so cute like this

*Belldandy teleports them back to their house*

*ataru and lum just lay there sleeping, so contently*

END OF FIC(finally i end one)

Post by: Cosmic King on March 22, 2007, 01:45:35 AM
Deathmatch Fiction # 2103

Spring Heat

*Lum,ataru and falling are walking the street,she is rehearsing her part 4 da play,it is beginning 2 snow*

Ataru:Pretty odd now in spring,dont ya think,lum?

Lum:Yes,only capable of that was oyuki (cosmic arrives)

Cosmic:Lady lum,ataru,get yerselves on protection !!! (grabs them and enter into a building while a snow meteor strikes)

Ataru:WTF was that??

Cosmic:Long ago,i sent miss oyuki and a clone of myself 2 limbo so they would be happy,but it seems limbo magic enviroment is overloading oyuki power and now snow and ice r been sent 2 our dimension

Falling:Well,fix it,cosmic

Cosmic:That is what i am trying 2 do,but that damn snow is blocking the rift between da worlds,i have 2 send that couple 2 another safe dimension,only there is a way 2 block it,i sent shaft and alex 2 bring some gizmos to amplify da rift,i just need something  as source 4 da machine

Lum:And that is?

Cosmic:I need a tecasian bio-gem,since i am gonna try 2 open it,can you falling go 2 krop house and ask him 4 it?

Falling:Why me?

Cosmic:You and kroptik really get along each other,now go

*Falling flies away 2 krop house,easily uses ninjitsu 2 pass over da traps and enter kroptik trophy room*

Falling:Hmm,i am tempted 2 grab some valuable things in here as in my old hired assasin days,but i better grab da gem before that prince gets here (before he grabs it,2 hands grab falling from the neck) ?!?

?? Girl:Get your filthy thief hands off that gem,burglar

Falling:(kicks her 2 release himself) Girl,u asked for problems,but i have 2 get that gem before we hav a long winter

?? Girl:In yer dreams,thief,u wont leave this house with such valuable item,Iridia the princess of Tecas swears it

Falling:You r sister of that kroptik-creep??

Iridia:Dont speak like dat 2 my brother,vile evil doer !!!!

Falling:Look,i am in a hurry,so please be a sweet girl and sleep (sprays sleep gas on her) such a young girl,i am amazed (krop enters da room)

Kroptik:Sensei,were ya trying 2 rape my sister?!?!?

Falling:Look,this is a big misunderstanding,mein friend,so gotta go (grabs da gem and evades kroptik;arrives wit cosmic) now i am on problems,dude

Cosmic:Yeah,but wit yer experience it had 2 be a piece of cake (puts da gem inda machine,opening da rift,thus the snow stopped and oyuki and alternative cosmic r free,the rift is closed again) while these 2 r unconcious,i shall send them 2 neptune (grabs them and heads 2 neptune in a ship)

Falling:Whatta crazy day

Lum:U look pale,sensei

Falling:Of course,now krop think i raped his sister

Lum/Ataru:You what ?!?

Falling:Long tale,lets go 2 school

*but once they arrive,a small tecasian strike force is awaiting falling*

Ataru:You got served,sensei

Lum:First his tea,now his sister

Falling:Today is gonna be a long day

Post by: FallinG_StaR on March 22, 2007, 02:35:42 AM
Falling: Wtf... is the meaning of this?

Kroptik: You shall pay for what you did to my sister... you... you... rapist...

Students: WHAT!!!!!!

Falling:  :@ Keep your voice down you idiot... I didn't rape anyone. That's all a big misunderstanding! Where is your sister she will tell you the truth... (I hope)

Kroptik: My sister is in recovering from your attack... she hasn't woke up yet... And also you will return the Tecasian national treasure that is the Tea Bio Gem used to make a desert transform into a beautiful green tea bush land... that we use to make the Tecasian tea...

Falling: The Bio Gem yes I have it...

Ataru: No you don't... Cos...(gets interrupted by Falling) What's wrong sensei?

Falling: Don't tell him nothing... we don't need to drag Cosmic into this...

Lum/Ataru: Ok Sensei...

Falling: Like I was saying... I have the Gem but you can have it back the rock is useless for me...

Kroptik: Rock!!! That's more than a rock, its the foundation of all tecasian economy... but never mind just give it back...

Falling: Ok... Just wait one moment... **Disappears**

Kroptik: That bastard run away...

Lum: Don't call that to Sensei'tcha... he was only helping... Cos... (gets interrupted as Falling returns)

But he didn't returned alone... he brought with him a division of the Blitzkrieg Army...

Falling: Who's the bastard you where talking about?

Kroptik: No... no one I was just... joking that's all... we will leave now... it was all just a joke...

Falling: Wait... Here take your damn rock... and about the thing with your sister we will talk later... Now leave... and be sure to be here at 3pm I have some extra exams for you...

Kroptik: Ok Sir... as you wish master Falling... _/-\o_

Ataru: Haha... Kroptik got served...
Post by: SandStorm on March 22, 2007, 03:26:25 AM
Falling: Ok, now all of you, enter the classroom!

Falling gives the exams. After nearly 30 minutes, he call kroptik

Kroptik: Sir, yes Sir!

Falling: Clean my boots, they got dirty.

Kroptik: sir, yes sir!

kroptik clean falling boots

Kroptik: Done, my master.

Falling: Ok, now, do the royal compliment.

Kroptik: Sir, yes sir!

kroptik kiss the royal ring from falling star

Falling: You shall go to your place and finish your exam.

Sand: (whispering to ataru) Lol man, krop's in transe or something.

Ataru: at this stage, we might try our luck to full fill our desires, telling him Falling demanded.

Sand: hehehe, YAY!

Both do one evil laugh


the classroom remain in silence, only the noises from pen in the paper are heard

Falling: Kroptik...

Kroptik: sir, yes sir!

Falling: bring me a coffe.

Kroptik: sir, yes Sir!

kroptig goes away and bring one mocaccinno to Falling

Falling: kroptik...

Kroptik: Sir, yes sir!

Falling: I asked for coffee and not mocaccino. indeed, I like it.

Falling drinks teh moca, and spill up the remaining liquid upon Kroptik head

Kroptik: sir, thats burning sir!

Falling: Ok you sissy boy, now bring me a proper coffee!

Kroptik: Sir, yes Sir!

Kroptik oes away, and this time brings a glass of water. Falling notes kroptik mistaken again, and spill the watter on him

Kroptik: Sir, its wetting, Sir.

Falling: Ok, take out your clothes, and dress that pink short skirt, in the changing room.

Kroptik: sir yes sir!

Moments later, kroptik appears

Kroptik: do i look sexy?


Kroptik: but i think i am so cuuute and sexy... :'(

Falling: indeed, you are, for the gays.

Kroptik: Sir, thank you sir!

Falling: Ok, go to your desk and finish your exam.

Kroptik: sir, yes sir!

Another hour pass. everyone finished their exams, and falling is collecting them

Falling: Ok class, I hope you have good results. I'll mark one recuperation exam in 2 weeks to everyone i see that need it.
Btw, kroptik.

Kroptik: Sir, yes sir!

Falling: are you a weirdo robot or something?

Kroptik: no, sir no!

Falling: good. carry for me that bag.

Kroptik: sir, yes sir!

Kroptik carry the bag to the teachers office. everyone is laughing at him.

Falling: good job boy, ok, take this yellow sports bra, it will accommodate very well your fatty boobs.

Kroptik: sir, thank you sir!

Kroptik put the bra, and go away, singing and jumping very happy like one bird in spring season

Posted on: March 22, 2007, 02:02:43 AM
moments later, he finds mendo

Kroptik: Mendo-kun, i feel so lonelly,,,


Take out the sword, and cut kroptik hear

Kroptik: ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, me gusta mucho, hombre!!!

Mendo: sorry... Kroptik, I just got scared, man, how can I help you? you look creeppy and, yuck!

Kroptik: Mendo... kiss me!

kroptik strongly grabs mendo and kiss him. then, he run away

Kroptik: wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I did it! wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! i am so happy!

Sand: hey, ataru, he's there!

Ataru: ok, lets try out luck.

Ataru: (grabbing Kroptik): yo man, Falling sensei ordered you one thing.

Kroptik: What my beloved master want from me?

Ataru: he asked a loan of 800 dollars.

Kroptik: Okay, I give 900. :D

Sand: Hey, he wants your to give us your iced teas, and the place wre your sister his.

Kroptik: Okay, everything!

Ataru: Is she hot?

Kroptik: my sis have a perfect A55!

Sand: hehehe, cute A55 for spanky, spanky! :D

Ataru: (whispering) We are in heaven!

Sand: (whispering) and thanks to you, i'm getting a pervert.

Both laugh in insane way.
Post by: Cosmic King on March 22, 2007, 04:27:41 AM
*but before they leave,it begins 2 rain,suddenly kroptik begins 2 show smoke then falls inert as if life wasnt on himself*

Ataru:Shit,the punk is dead

Sand:Maybe a sword poke will revive him

Ataru:Dont ya have a honor code for this moment?

Sand:True,lets bring our fallen friend 2 a doctor

Ataru:Good grief,sand,look,this aint kroptik,but a tecasian robot

Sand:So that means krop was a robot?

Ataru:dunno,but what will da real kroptik be doing right now? (a ufo descends)

Kroptik:(the real one) guys,i need yer help,i have 2 big problems

Ataru:If it is regarding a homosexual robot,it is solved already

Kroptik:Thank god,i was on a business trip and left it at my home,but i received a call that it was re-programed somehow,hope it didnt ruined my reputation

Sand:If ya only knew,kropman

Ataru:What is the other problem,kroptik-oujin?

Kroptik:After attending my father business,i made a deal wit Queen Elle,but i misunderstood the points on it,it seems i made Earth in her own personal Harem Planet

Sand/Ataru:YOU WHAT?!? (In that moment cosmic king ship arrives)

Cosmic:Hey,guys,took a lot of time 2 send oyuki 2 neptune but here i am,why da odd faces?

Ataru:Lets say my dream was twisted (suddenly the royal ufo of elle descends...destroyed)

Kroptik:Well,at least we dont got 2 worry 4 her,i can erase her memory easily (they get near her,sand grabs elle)

Sand:What happened 2 ya,mein friend?


Cosmic:What does Kaios means?

Kroptik:No idea

*falling arrives*

Falling:Yo,kroptik-hime,why r ya not wearing the dress?

Kroptik:U were deceived by a robot,sensei

Falling:Darn it

Sand:Well,da harem planet chaos is undone, and....(yet another UFO descends)

Cosmic:Now what ?!?

*from the UFO emerges a guy wearing a silver and blue battlesuit*

??:Greetings,beings from the yester-year,my name is Kaios the Conqueror

Falling:Whatcha want,punk?

Kaios:I am from a distant future still ahead od yours,it is time i check if the oxygen here is breathable (removes mask)

Cosmic/Sand/Kroptik/Ataru: It cant be !!!

*Kaios has brunette hair but he has fangs and small horns coming from his head*

Kaios:If ya knew where i could find a girl named Benten and one named Lum,please inform me,i need 2 speak with my grandmothers immediately

Falling:Whoa whoa,benten is yer grandma?!?

Kaios:Yes,u r correct,mister...what was yer name?

Falling:Samuel "Falling Star" Blitzkrieg at yer service

Kaios:According 2 my computer u know both my grandmothers,especially benten,can ya lead da way,grandpa?

Ataru:So that means falling and benten....
Post by: FallinG_StaR on March 22, 2007, 07:03:29 AM
Falling: What did you just called me?

Kaios: Grandpa! Why is there a problem? I can call you Falling if you want?

Falling: No, no it's ok... (thinking) Hahaha... grandpa... That means I... with Benten...

After a few seconds Falling faints... When he wakes up again he's at Kaios ship resting in the guest room.

Falling: Where am I? Who the hell are you?

Kaios: It's me remember? Your grandson?

Falling: Yeah, I know that... Your name is what I can't remember...

Kaios: Oh... Ok, My name is Kaios Maximus aka The Conqueror son of Luck Starwalker and Mayuka.

Falling: My son name is Luck Starwalker?

Kaios: Yes, the son of the Great Emperor of Blitzkrieg that is you...

Falling: Btw, where are the other 3?

Kaios: I asked them to search for my grandmothers... Now come with me I want to show you something...

They leave the room and enter a huge cold room full of Cryo pods...

Falling: Wow... What the hell is this? Is this your fridge? Are you cannibals?

Kaios: No... none of those... This is what remains of the universe population...

Falling: What!!! How can that be? Was it the Americans?

Kaios: No, they don't exist in my future well to tell you the truth Earth doesn't exist...

Falling: Why what happen... Tell me god dammit!!!

Kaios: It was... Her. (A light points at a cage where Elle is in) She's the cause of all this... And thank the stars I got here in time to stop her...

Falling: And we thought she wouldn't cause anymore trouble... that bitch... But wait a minute how can she still be alive in your time???

Kaios: As you probably know her goal is to create the ultimate harem to satisfy her lust... that's why she started  wars just to steal all the men in other planets and creating a shortage of workers and because of the lack of men planets soon became empty and the population decreased due to lack of reproduction... and Earth was one of them...

Falling: Wow... Now that's what I call genocide...

Kaios: Wait there's more... as she got older she started to take the women as well...

Falling: She became a lesbian???

Kaios: No, let me finish OK?

Falling: Sorry...

Kaios: Ok... Where was I... O right... As she got older she used the women as part of her youth machine where the machine took all the beauty and youth away from the women and only remaining a big pile of dust... and thus extincting a planet in only one day...

Falling: But why didn't anyone stop her?

Kaios: Because she used her seduction powers against the planet leaders and military... that way they all surrendered to her beauty...

Falling: And that is what you're doing here right, you are stopping her from destroying Earth?

Kaios: Obviously if The universe became an harem for Elle, that would nullify my birth... and I wanted to get to know my Grandparents... before that would happen. But luckily I stopped her right before she started destroying Earth...

Falling: Well you already meet your grandpa... now you just need to wait for the others to arrive...

Kaios: Indeed...

Falling: Btw, who is your grandfather from your mother side?

Kaios: Well my grandfather is from my mother side is Cosmic...

Falling: What!!! Your joking right?

Kaios: No, its true Cosmic King is my other grandfather.

Falling: Ok... I think I need to rest for a while... that's to much info for one day lets just wait for the others...

Post by: MooseChangerPat on March 22, 2007, 09:16:49 AM
Kaios: Well don't take too long I still wanted to introduce you to the resistant force leaders.

Falling: Uh... okay... why don't you wait for your grandmothers as well... (thoughts: oh man is this one hell of a weird day)

Within an hour Lum, Benten, Ataru, Kroptik, Cosmic, Sand, and for some reason that nobody can fathom MooseChangerPat arrive.

Kaios: Ah I'm glad that you are all here.  This has been a very hard day for me... I've been wondering if I'd ever actually catch up to elle but I'm glad to see my grandparents as well.

Benten: Whoa wait one moment little guy!  Grandparents?  I think you are just a... tad mistaken?

Kaios: Yes I thought you may think that.  That's why I had these blood tests made out.  Without a doubt you are my Grandparents.

Benten snatched the papers from his hands with a grumpy expression on her face.  She then looked at the papers in shock.

Benten: But... But that's impossible!  It says here that I had your mother with well... I guess that is... slightly... possible... but... Lum and Cosmic?

Lum and Ataru: WHAT!?!?

Ataru: Lum you cheated on me?!

Lum: NO!!  I would never do such a thing!

Kaios: Ooooh.  I  guess this is a complicated situation.  Who is the man who is with Lum at the moment?

Moosey: Why me of course!

At which point he was clobbered by a bunch of people with wooden mallets.

Ataru: Wait a minute... aren't you in prison?

Moosey: Ah Lum the magnificent sprung me free of my cage with her glorious breasts!

Lum: I... I did no such thing!!!

Moosey: Ah but you did lady Lum.

Lum: *sigh* No I didn't.  You vanished.

Moosey: Ah but your bikini exposed enough of you when I looked down it for me to escape!  Thanks to Eldor's BLASTED CURSE!!!

Lum: Why you! * ZAP *

Kaios: Uh so you Mr....

Ataru: I am with Lum!  Although for how long is another matter!

Lum: Darling!  How can you think such things!

Cosmic: I do agree the idea is somewhat... out there...

Kaios:  Hmm... Ataru... Ataru... according to my records no such person ever exsisted.

All: WHAT?!

Eldor: I can explain that!

Kaios: Ah general Eldor so good of you to join us.

Moosey: General?  Okay now how did YOU end up as general?

Eldor: Moosey?  Aren't you dead?

Moosey: I'm right here aren't I?

Eldor: Yes I can see that but... even in an alternate universe I thought that Dark Devil had killed yo-

Moosey: WHOA hold on there!  Dark Devil killed me!?

Eldor: Yes it was on your wedding day to Lum.

All: WHAT?!

Moosey: Now I can die a happy man.

Eldor: Ironic that those were your last words when Dark Devil's assassin shot you.  Okay.  Let me explain a few things to you people.  You may all want to sit down this could take a while.

Everybody took there respective seats when Lance walked in the room.

Moosey: AAAAAAH!!!  YOU!!!! *points and hops up and down*

Eldor: Ah Emperor Lance so good of you to join us I was just explaining things to them.

Lance: Well you had best try to make it short.  This blasted war won't wait forever.

Eldor: Hmm... Kaios would you be so kind as to go fly the ship to our bace of opperations?

Kaios: Of course general.

Sand: But I thought you guys hated each other?  You know worst enemies taken to court and all?

Lance and Eldor then start burst out laughing.

Eldor: Worst enemies?  We've been friends long before your precious Earth was even made!

Moosey: But didn't you run off with Clair and that's what made Lance super pissed off?

Eldor: Run off with his sister?  Now THAT might have made him pissed off enough to try to kill me but I have actually asked for her hand in marriage with permission.

Lance: Indeed.  He's been in love with her for so long that when he asked I couldn't refuse.  Of course if he hadn't asked me I most likely would have hunted him to the edge of... you know that may be what caused all this planer rift and thus an alternate reality.

Eldor: You know I haven't thought about it at first but that may be what made us attack Elle in this reality instead of ours.  Instead of falling in love with Moose at first sight there is this Ataru person... so that would might mean that his existence was enough to throw off the natural order of everything

Ataru: Whoa wait a minute... you're saying that if I didn't exist then... your reality would have happened?  And if Eldor hadn't pissed of Lance I never would have existed!?

Eldor: Yes... Kind of ironic isn't it?  See... What happened was that since you didn't exsist for the game of tag I assume that's what happened in your world yes?

Atraru: Yes now get on with it.

Eldor: Oh right... anyhow, Moose who was transformed into... somewhat of a human being on that same day the game of tag was to be held so he was the randomly selected person.  He instantly fell in love with Lum and agreed to play the game of tag.  He at the end flat out asked Lum to marry him.  Lum said yes and so they were to be married.  So in a short 6 months on their wedding day Moose was making a toast to Lum at the end of it saying he could die a happy man.  With a sad twist of fate he was shot but nobody ever saw the shooter.  But we all well knew who it was.  Dark Devil had finished Moose off and so the oni sought him out in the name of justice.  In our state of reality they are still torturing him for what he had done.  Lum went into a depression but then Cosmic tried to fill the hole in her heart.  And thus that is why you have Kaios back there. * points to cockpit are of the ship *  Of course that's the super shortened version of it.

Moosey:  That makes me want to cry.  Even in an alternate universe where Ataru never existed I still don't get to be with Lum because of Dark Devil.

Eldor: Oh quit your whining boy.  It was you after all in our alternate universe who had decided not to continue your training because you were going to marry Lum.  Other wise you may have lived as they say happily ever after!

Lum:  I still find this whole Moose buisness distirbing.  He's such a pervert.

Moosey: And Ataru isn't!!!  At least I stopped once I finally figured a few things out.  Like how much people do not apeciate such things.

Lum: Well you do have a bit of a point...
Ataru: HEY!

Lum: Darling you know that you're the only man for me.  Besides look at how happier I am then how I would have been.  I would have ended up a widdow.

Ataru: Well there is that.

Moosey: That still doesn't explain how YOU became a general.

Eldor: I think you forget that I have one of the most powerful minds in the world besides the fact that I'm Emporer Lance's best friend.

Cosmic: Typical.  The one in charge chooses it's officers.

Eldor: Hah.  You don't realize that I was one of the only men of poweful thinking they had left.  It was a simple decision really. I was the only one who could even think of challenging Elle.  And when I think about things they happen.

Lance: Wait Eldor there is something wrong here... if we just destroyed her before she could conquer everything here...

Eldor: That means that because in one alternate reality I didn't ask permission to marry Clair you fallowed me through space and time causing the planes to rift which means that we need to go back to OUR plane of existence to stop Elle there!  That also means that something has to be done about that planer rift before everything becomes chaos!

Moosey singing: Let's put the weird and weird together and make it even weir-

Eldor: STOP THAT!! Ugh... KAIOS!!!

Kaios: Came rushing into the room knocking over a few bookshelves on the way.

Kaios: Yes general!

Eldor: We're moving out!  We've dealt with the crisis here and we have a job to do elsewhere.  Moosey... this is very important so remember this.

Moosey: Hmm?

Eldor: If in your reality I have indeed run off with Clair and Lance has fallowed me to cause havoc.  Make sure that you tell the alternate me to say to Lance... Ahmenal Domeidas.

Moose: Ahmenal Domeidas? * Looks towards Cosmic * Do you know what that means?

Cosmic: How the hell should I konw!?

Moose: Well I figured since you have been speaking human longer than I have...

Eldor: It's not Human it's Dragon.  Lance should know what it means.
Lance: Of course I know what it means!

Eldor: I meant the other reality Lance.

Lance: Oh... right.

Kaios: Well then gang... It's been a pleasure to meet all of you.  Hopefully I'll meet my Grandparents when they aren't seeing somebody else.

With that the gang was teleported to the ground where the smoldering ship lay as Kaios and the alternate reality Lance and Eldor's ship flew off.

Ataru: Well... that was odd.

Moosey: Oh well... anybody for beefbowl?

Kroptik: How did you get any money?

Moosey then replied with a broad grin on his face.

Moosey: Oh I just HAPPENED to steal this!

Off of the alternate reality Eldor.  He was always fond of bringing some of his treasure around with him.

Ataru: To the beefbowl place!

The gang then headed to the finest beefbowl restarant in Japan thanks to a little bit of time and teleportation.  After of course they had Elle's memory erased.  Thus the balance of space and time was kept in place... For now.

Posted on: March 22, 2007, 09:07:24 AM
And falling?  Thanks for the offer of letting me E-Mail it to you so that It could be posted but it's almost easier to just get off my laptop and use a computer I can send it on :P  But thanks for the offer.
Posted on: March 22, 2007, 09:14:23 AM
Even MORE off topic
Hmm... I wonder if this is the longest post made on this website...
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Offtopic:  Nice post MooseChangerPat...
LoL I'm always here to help... or not... ;D
Post by: Cosmic King on March 23, 2007, 04:08:11 AM
Deathmatch Fiction # 2203

Mystery at Mizukonoji Mansion

*It is past 6 pm at Tobimaro house,he is trying 2 train for his annual baseball battle against his sworn enemy,shutaro mendo,after a long heavy duty and swallowing 10 balls,tobimaro proceeds 2 take a bath,however the fatigue makes him enter da wrong room and asuka catches him...*


*tobimaro instictively escapes but he trips over what seems 2 be an inert body*

Tobimaro:What the hell is this? (examines it and it appears 2 be a dead female guard serving his family,before he could turn around he was knoccked out by a shadow-like being,he remains unconcious during 3 hours,next day at tomobiki high backyard,the boyz are practicing some baseball)

Forgotten:Try 2 catch this quick ball,lum (throws one ball 2 the air,lum flies and catches it)


Ataru:Wow,lum has the ball at her hands

Mendo:Stop using those puns,moroboshi,by the way,is getting late,ton-chan doesnt usually arrive so late,yet again,what can i expect from him anyways?

Cosmic:Maybe he had 2 bring her sister 2 school

*suddenly a frail boy arrives tripping all da way*

Lum:Look,tobimaro-kun has arrived finally,now we can play

*but he seems as he had a violent intent and tries 2 beat lum wit a big baseball bat*


Lum:You never learn,do ya?

Mendo:(grabbing tobimaro from his neck) why were u trying 2 hit miss lum,ton-chan?

Tobimaro:(waking from da shock) ??

Sand:Dont play fool,my man,u were about 2 harm lum

Tobimaro:Wait....i wasnt myself....back then....u gotta believe me

Forgotten:It is true,friends,i scanned his mind,he is sayin da truth

Lum:But that doesnt explain that bizarre behavior

*that moment rain emerges and cherry arrives <to watch da game and spy on da girls "wet shirts">,he sees tobimaro then...*

Cherry:Yo dude,can you loan me some bucks? my niece won all my money on a bet we did

Mendo:Cant ya think in another thing,priest?

Cherry:It is fate,mendo,i better prove my luck over that lusty moroboshi (dress like a girl and imitates horrible girly voice 2 ataru) hey handsome,how about u lend me some bucks?


Ataru: NEVER !!!   :r :r :r (cherry removes the girl suit)

Sand:By the way,sakurambo,do ya feel anything unusual on tobimaro body?

Cherry:As a matter of fact,yes,he has a small spirit of violence near his ear (since he has mystic powers,he grabs da demon and throws it away) that will be 30 dollars

Lum:Yeah right

Cherry:Now seriously,those kinds of things never go alone,perhaps tobimaro house is haunted or been manipulated,whatever it is i can make some money out of it,anyone want 2 come?

Forgotten:Yeah,why not,better than staying at school anyways,count on us

Ataru:Yeah,time i see my beloved asuka-chan,hehehehehe

Lum:Darling !!!

Cherry:Quiet you 2,time we go

*while they r on their merry way*


Lum:Cherry,u sure it is an spirit? i really doubt it

Cherry:Spirit or not,imagine all the money i can harvest from da mizukonojis,my dear

*finally they arrive at da mansion*

Forgotten:Darn it,it is closed,electrically locked,lum do the honors

Lum:Ok (sends a electric shockwave,but because it is raining and most of the guys r wet,well they had an electric encounter,yet da door falls unlocked)

Cosmic:(still dizzy from da shockwave) tayme we entah da house,owww

*once they enter,obviously they r attacked by tobimaro guards as they thought they had kidnapped him,soon,the warrios defeat da guards and enter da mansion,was there any mystery on it?*
Post by: SandStorm on March 24, 2007, 02:52:50 AM
Ataru: so, cherry do you sense something?

Cherry: hum... evil source is here... (disappears)

Mendo: Damn, where he gone?

Cosmic: We shall proceed without him, me friendz.

***They keep walking along, but ataru steps in one trap. Everyone falls on it, its like one hideous slipping labyrinth, they are going down faster and faster, until they: ***

Cherry: Is enough for everyone! (mouth full of food)

Mendo: No one teach you to not speak with your mouth full? (hit cherry with a hammer)

Cherry: This fate...

ataru: it looks like the troops kitchen...
Post by: Cosmic King on March 25, 2007, 01:13:17 AM
Ataru:Man,this i call special delivery

Forgotten:Still u have that lame humor,moroboshi

Mendo:Quiet you two,it is kinda odd the whole zone is empty

Tobimaro:Well,it is 11 am,my troops are always guarding the house,so u r safe in here

Sand:Which reminds me,we need 2 find a cover so yer guards dont annoy us,i am pretty sure u could give us a hand on da matter

Tobimaro:Well,there is a closet with clothing u could use (they found a several clothing,and proceed 2 dress)

Mendo:Hey,it is unfair,all men got costumes and i have 2 wear a kimono?!?

Ataru:Life is a mystery,shutaro

*once they r ready,suddenly the path splits in several ways,so the warriors r lost inda mansion,only lum,ataru and tobimaro remained together *

Tobimaro:Never knew that my house had hidden passages or splitted paths

Ataru:And i never knew people could walk with these damn pants,it is very hard,please dont step on them or i will fall



*Several voices r heard not so far*

Tobimaro:Maybe they are yer friends,lets go 2 them

*but once they arrive,they just find what appears to be an empty guest room*

Lum:Nothing in here,looks like a party that ended long ago

Ataru:Lets ditch this place (but before they leave,the door closes violently and some ghost-likes appear at da room,they seem 2 be at a party)


Tobimaro:Ghosts!!! (faints)

Lum:Lets get outta here (a ghost man appears in front of them)


Ghost Man:Why leave so soon,lads? why dont ya join us 4 a small dinner? i assure ya we meant no harm 2 ya(creates food and drinks from nothingness)

Ataru:Well,i dont see any problem if we have some munchies (lum and tobimaro eat the food <that apparently was real>)

Lum:(drinking) Wow,this beverage really is good,what do ya say this is? (drinks again)

Ghost Man:I see you love our finest Pickled Plum Wine,my dear

Ataru:WHAT?!? (lum begans 2 do funny faces)


Lum:(completely drunk) Letzzzz Parrtyyyy *hiccup* all niiiighttt,daaarling!!!!
Post by: FallinG_StaR on March 25, 2007, 04:23:57 AM
Somewhere at the other side of the mansion... Sand, Forgotten and Mendo are trying to find their way out of that weird maze of corridors and rooms...

Sand: Man... why did I end up following you guys... We're lost... If I knew I would of stayed with Miss Lum...

Mendo: Hey... Don't blame me... I just followed Forgotten...

Forgotten: What?!? Can't a guy make a mistake? And btw, I didn't ask you to follow me.

Sand: Oh... Yeah, right... you the one that said and I quote, "This will be a piece of cake, I'll find a way out of this before you can say Canada sucks" end of quote...

Forgotten: Ok... Ok, you're right... anyway I don't see you trying to find a way out of here...

Mendo: Can you stop behaving like little kids? We gotta get out of this crappy place Miss Lum could be in danger... Lets go this way...

After walking for 15 min they end up in what looks to be a dinning room... as they enter the door closes and locks them inside...

Mendo: Uh Oh...

Forgotten: Uh Oh??? What should we do now fearless leader??

Mendo: Just calm down I'll think a way out of this... just give me a minute...

Sand: Wow... this room is huge... Hmm? What's all this buttons here... (presses one)

As Sand presses the button the room... goes dark  :P

Mendo: Waan!...Kurai yo! Semai yo! Kowai yo!! (Waa!...It's dark! It's cramped! I'm scared!!)

Forgotten: What the hell did you do? Get off of me Mendo... stop acting like a little girl...

Sand: Oops... that must have been the lights switch...  :P I'll turn it back on... (Presses the button again)

Forgotten/Mendo: NOOOOOOoooooooooooo..... .....

Sand: Oops... Must have been the wrong button... Must be this one... (presses again)

A door opens under Sand and he falls into what looks to be a torture chair... a bright light is pointed to is face... and he hears some footsteps...

??? : What do we have here? Looks like new friends are falling from the sky...

The light points to another side of the room... where Cosmic, Forgotten, Mendo and the Stormtroopers are in some kind of weird torture machine...

Sand: Who are you??? What the hell is this all about?

??? : Well, You like spanking Sand??? I'll give you the spanking of your life... Meet the Cat Carrier... (points to a weird machine)

Sand: No... anything but that...

All we hear from that room is screams...

Meanwhile outside Tobimaro Mansion...

Falling: Well... Are you sure this is the place???

Belldandy: Yes, I'm sure I can feel Forgotten-san presence in there... and he looks to be in pain...

Kroptik: And what about the others??? Are they there too???

Belldandy: Yes they are all there... no... wait... I cant feel the presence of Lum and Ataru they are not with the others...

Kroptik: We got to hurry up Lum-sama could be in danger... (thinking) especially if she's with Moroboshi...

Falling/Kaede/Kroptik: Lets go...

Kaede: I have a strange feeling something bad is happening to our friends...
Post by: Cosmic King on March 25, 2007, 05:02:57 AM
*a guy gets near da 2 safe warriors and goddess*

Guard:U also came wit da traspassers?

Kroptik:Of course not,we r just watching

Guard:Unfortunately u r wearing those guys uniform,u have 2 come with me

*several guards point with guns kroptik and belldandy,falling evades capture as he uses his ninjitsu 2 become invisible;kroptik is sent 2 a small prison cell,while belldandy goes 2 another cell*

Kroptik:What a crappy way 2 spend spring weekend (suddeny the wall melts,revealing a glowing light,krop goes there and finds cosmic king tied 2 a mechano-chair while a robot was trying to remove his teeth,kroptik sends an energy bolt 2 da bot,releases cosmic) ya okay,man?

Cosmic:If ya can revive the 4 teeth he removed,i will be ok

Kroptik:No problem (uses his magic 2 put em back 2 cosmic mouth)

Cosmic:Thanks,oujin,i doubt where da others are anyway,lemme ask our metal friend (grabs da robot) where r da others?


*cosmic punches da robot*

Cosmic:Again,where r they? i know they were separated (robot deactivates itself)

Kroptik:It wont talk anyways,i am outta here

Cosmic:U gonna chicken out?!?

Kroptik:No,i will go find miss lum,my way,au revoir (leaves)

Cosmic:He wont survive there alone in this haunted mansion,poor boy,lets see if i can find a way out

*meanwhile wit forgotten*

Demon:So u like beer,mein friend?how about you chug all da beer inda world?( magically several cars full of beer,the demon connects a hose 2 forgotten mouth) mwahahahahahahahahahahah haha

Forgotten:  :B :Y :D)

*12 minutes later*

Demon:Impossible,nothing human could endure that quantity of beer,he chugged almost 3 oceans of beer (forgotten is still chugging the beer,till his mouth finally gets tired )

Forgotten:Man,i am getting very weak at chug beers,must be da age hehehheehe
Post by: Kroptik on March 25, 2007, 05:37:07 AM
* Meanwhile, in the wild party, Lum is dancing around in midair, throwing lightnings everywhere. The ghosts are cheering Lum, Ataru is still eating while avoiding the lightning and Tobimaro is still unconscious on the floor *

Ataru: Hhmm This food is great.

Lum: Darling, come dance up here too.

Ataru: No thanks Lum. I'm eating and besides, you know I don't like dancing.

Lum: C'mon Darling...

* She starts chasing Ataru all around the room. Ataru is running away from her while eating a bowl of ramen. Suddendly the door opens and Belldandy comes in *

Ghost Man: Ah, miss Belldandy. So glad you could join us...

Belldandy: I was told that Forgotten was here...?

Ghost Man: There's no one here with that name, but feel free to join the party.

Belldandy: Don't mind if I do, since I can't find him anywhere...

* Belldandy heads to the table and decides to have a drink. She picks the can next to the Cola. Lum is dancing again in the air. Ataru is back near the table and eyeing Belldandy. One of Lum's shocks hits Tobimaro, then he sees the ghosts again *

Tobimaro: GHOSTS! (he faints again)
Post by: FallinG_StaR on March 25, 2007, 06:53:46 AM
Meanwhile Falling ( the sexy teacher), Benten ( the sexy warrior) and Kaede (the sexy Ninja) are walking in the park chatting about wars they frighted in the past... Suddenly, Falling notices something...

Falling: Ohh... Look there a Mixed Hot Springs house... Do you girls want to go???

Benten/Kaede: Ohh... yes we would love to...

Falling: Ok, then... we go get our towels and we meet back at the entrance...

Benten/Kaede: Ok... my love

After getting his stuff Falling hurry back to the Springs... and manages to get a private hot spring pool...
Meanwhile Benten and Kaede arrive...

Falling: Well ladies its all ready for us... we got champagne and fruit and a private spring pool just for us...

Benten: Oh... baby that's great... as a reward I will show you my new tattoo that I got yesterday...

Kaede: Oh... and I will show you the birth mark that looks like a Shuriken...

Falling: Oh yeah... I hit the jackpot... I'm in heaven now...

Good old times  ;D ;D ;D ;D
In the beginning of DM 2 the posts where small now they are almost a page long  :D) :D) :D) :D)
Post by: SandStorm on March 25, 2007, 05:29:02 PM
Post by: Cosmic King on March 26, 2007, 02:07:08 AM
*as sand falls in a trap door*

Sand:Damn,that was a huge drop,i wonder where am i

*suddenly a huge monster appears in front of sand*


Pluto the Cerberus:Mortal,u hav entered Nightmare-Topia,i shall savor thy flesh as i devour thee,mwahahahaha

Sand:My god,u have a dreadful breath,doggie,have some mentos (throws them at its mouth) and here is some coca cola by the way (sprays it in its mouth,a chain reaction occurs,murdering the monster dog) that takes care of the frigging monster,now 2 find a way out of here

*sand is minding his won way 2 escape when a pig humanoid emerges from the bushes*


Pig Monster:I have heard u r spank master,bullcrap,i am the master at such thechinique,for i am Gullin the Spanker (draws out a huge spiked spank hammer)

Sand:Bring it on,sissy (draws out da asgardian spank sticks)
Post by: SandStorm on March 26, 2007, 02:27:33 AM

Sand: and now... Its time... to spank out!

Pig moster: Ha Ha Ha, do you think that little piece of metal can beat my hammer?

Bring one girl, and then, start spanking her.

Pig monster: Try to do better than me.

Sand: Hunf, thats nothing, i'll spank her, and rip out yer fatty A55 with my sticks. SPANK, SPANK, SPAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNNNK!


The spanking id hard, and several spanking sounds, and beatings ( are heard in the entire building.


Sand: hey assy was cuttie cuttie. Bring me more!

Pig monster: Okay, try those!


Again, several spanking sounds, and beatings ( are heard in the entire building, the walls start to ruin, the building is collapsing.
The roof falls under the Pic, smashing his head, and spilling bloody brain parts everywhere.

Sand: Hunf, this wasn't even one proper warm up...

Sand goes away from that place, singing 'private spanker' ( and thinking in the last night he had with his beloved girl.


Sand: nothing can beat her, oh yeah, baby!