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Title: Episodes 94+?
Post by: Muffinman on October 07, 2005, 12:12:55 PM
Since i am from Germany i never had the luxus of getting Urusei Yatsura aired on my TV and so i had to gather all the episodes via ebay and the internet. But when reaching episode 94 ( story 117 ) i found myself to be running into a wall. No DVDs of further episodes seem to be buyable anywhere and the only ones you find via sharing tools like emule seem to be in italian since i think the serie got aired there on MTV pretty recently. Was wondering if anyone had an idea where to get rest of this brilliant serie?
Title: Re: Episodes 94+?
Post by: Moroboshi on October 07, 2005, 02:16:16 PM
Heh, I'm from Italia and the only reason why I searched for episodes in the web is that Italian airing of the serie is incomplete...  :'(
The reason why you can find those italian episodes is that they have been ripped from vhs master and collected in various DVD by some fan... :&
Probably this is the reason why italian keeper of copyrights is going to produce an italian DVD complete version to sell as soon as possible, and it should be quite cheap, too!!! :*)
I think I should thank those guys for ripping and spreading the old episodes!!!  :D) :D)
Title: Re: Episodes 94+?
Post by: Delio on October 29, 2005, 01:41:29 AM
I talked to the one who made the dvd rips and he said that he was waiting for new dvds to come out.
But new dvds have till episode 140/160... i don`t get it.
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