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Title: Urusei Yatsura Fanclub Group on Steam
Post by: Lost Shapes on June 24, 2014, 12:49:44 PM
Salutations, folks.

Today I present you toddling tinkerers of UY fanatic tenacity a care package of sorts. Noticing how all of Steam-dom was bereft of any Urusei Yatsura fan groups, I took the toilsome liberty of making one myself!

After many long minutes spent cropping the group profile picture, quoting the Urusei wiki, and tying up the laboriously loose ends, I now feel as though this handicraft is worthy of presenting to you scalawagging Lumlubbers.

Chips ahoy, mates! Avast ye futurity bright in the perpetual appreciation of the greatest thing since sliced bread: Urusei Yatsura! Go ahead and indulge in your common proclivities to the tune of the Steam community with our new group! Or not, if you aren't one of the cool kids who has Steam.

I apologize if this post violates an anti-advertising policy or something like that for the boards - I thought I read everything well enough to conclude posting this was A-OK. I came a little late to the party as a newbie, but designated drivers are unsung heroes anyway.

Cheers, America.
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