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Title: I'm planning to build a gaming PC, which graphics card should I get?
Post by: Urusei0Yatsura on June 14, 2012, 06:21:12 AM
I have decided on a setup of:

ASUSĀ® P8Z77-V motherboard
i5-2500k quad core processor
16GB DDR3 1600 MHz of RAM
Nvidia GTX Geforce 560TI (made by Asus) / Nvidia GTX Geforce 660TI

As you can see I cannot decided whether to get a 560 or a 660 graphics card. The 660TI comes out in december but the 560TI is already out. I'm not sure if the current generation card (the 660) is significantly more powerful than the previous generation of the same model. There are rumours of how powerful the card will be but they have not been confirmed.

Also I have a HDTV and two VGA monitors all of different resolutions and sizes, is the motherboard compatible with two cards? The 560 is three PCI E slots high and uses two slots. I can't afford to get two cards when I first build my PC, but I could get a more powerful power supply so I can upgrade in the future.
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