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Title: Anyone here played Earthbound?
Post by: Urusei0Yatsura on January 26, 2011, 07:30:15 AM
I found Earthbound after I found it on Super Smash Brothers Melee where Ness (the main protagonist in Earthbound) is a playable character, I became motivated to find the game after reading about it in the trophies section. I absolutely loved the game and spent ages listening to the music after I finished playing it.
For those who don't know its an unusual take on the rpg genre in that its set in modern day America. It was sold before RPGs were popular in America, sold poorly on its release and now has a massive cult following on the internet at ( Now it is expensive to buy with an unopened game box fetching $1,025.01 (it originally cost $25 on ebay) not that it wasn't expensive to start with a release price of $100. ( However most people just download a rom version of it. More recently the Mother 3 or Earthbound 2 was originally planned for the nintendo 64 but was too late so it was instead later released for the gameboy advance, this was released in Japan only but a fan made patch was made to turn it into English.   

These videos provide a full history and review of the game: ( (
Title: Re: Anyone here played Earthbound?
Post by: REDACTED on September 04, 2011, 04:43:02 AM
An old post but anyway. I played Eartbound when I was living overseas. Bootlegs of every game known over there. It was a great game. Too bad Nintendo will not ever bring over any more of the series to the US.
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