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Title: RPG Storylines Rules [updated]
Post by: Lum-chan on October 27, 2004, 02:10:10 AM
Create, show and explain other readers the RPG storyline you've written and share it with others. Add new parts to already started storylines and comment on them.
If you want to contribute to a certain thread, ask one of the writers in that thread first and ask for certain rules or guidelines when contributing to a storyline.

Some stories might have some adult content. This is almost all the times mentioned just before that part of the story starts.

If you start your own new storyline and it will contain some sexual actions, please notify the readers of such content. ie. at the start of the storylien or just before that part starts.

Do not mess-up other storylines with general talking on something different, just start a new topic and discuss there. This is to prevent the storyline to be disturbed and hard to follow.

When storylines are complete they will be locked. If you want to discuss a storyline, start a new topic and mention the storyline title in the subject line.

Of course, FanFics from other Rumiko Takahashi creations are more than welcome!
Please state the creation it's based off in your startpost:
[UY] for Urusei Yatsura
[MS] for Mermaid Saga
[MI] for Maison Ikkoku
[IN] for Inuyasha
[RM] for Ranma
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