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on 28/03/2007 at 23:57
Score : 9/10

I love Lum! She is almost as cute as Shampoo in Ranma 1/2!
on 21/12/2006 at 09:19
Sandro Panzeri (Italy)
Score : 10/10

Ho creato un gioco per chi come me ama il mondo di Urusei Yatsura! Scaricalo gratis e se, vuoi, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi.
I have made a game about the fantastic world of Urusei Yatsura! Free download, tell me if you like it.
on 04/12/2006 at 21:59
Score : 10/10

Lum 4 ever! That's right! Lum is my fav anime! Wonderful job here, It's the best site I've seen and I hope you continue the VERY GOOD JOB! THANK YOU!!! And Congratulations for the 10th years of the website
on 01/12/2006 at 13:06
Score : 10/10

I have seen many Japanese animes and comics, but I think Urusei Yatsura is the best one, and LUM is the most attractive girl !!
too bad she's not a real person!
and I'm surprised that there are many Lum's fans from many other country!!
on 22/08/2006 at 18:09
Score : 10/10

Even if Lum was real, her heart still belongs to Ataru and Ataru only (otherwise she'll no longer be the Lum we know).
On top of that, Ataru can kick anyone's butt(males, of course) in everyway when he wants to do so, and he'll never, ever let Lum go.
on 22/08/2006 at 05:06
Score : 10/10

Lum is my favourite serie i ever seen... i wish i could obtain the entire dvd colection of lum's series, and all the movies too, i am a really fanatic of lum's series, i just love it!
All the carismatic and lovely caracters, make it one of manga/anime greats!
Lum is very cute and she is lovely
If she was real...believe me... i would try my luck with her ...i am talking serious ...too bad she is a toon
Congratulations for all your excelent work
Lum is the best there is, best where was, and the best that ever will be
Why don't make a new movie or continuing the saga? think about it bye
on 22/08/2006 at 03:32
Score : 10/10

I love Urusei Yatsura, one of the best mangas/animes ever...
Ataru and Lum are just perfect for each other. They love each other so much and are inseperatable, a great couple indeed.
Messages : 61 to 70
Page : 7
Number of messages : 80